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Alexander Skarsgard: Bruised Eye in Los Angeles

Alexander Skarsgard: Bruised Eye in Los Angeles

Alexander Skarsgard steps out to fill up his car with a tank of gas on Thursday (March 7) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor sported a bruised eye and tried to keep a low profile under his favorite black hat.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alex was also seen dropping off some of his rugs to be cleaned that afternoon.

In case you missed them, check out the trailers for Alex‘s new films What Maisie Knew and Disconnect.

25+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard at the gas station and the cleaners…

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alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 01
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 02
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 03
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 04
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 05
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 06
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 07
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 08
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 09
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 10
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 11
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 12
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 13
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 14
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 15
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 16
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 17
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 18
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 19
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 20
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 21
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 22
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 23
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 24
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 25
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 26
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 27
alexander skarsgard bruised eye in los angeles 28

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  • Warped

    Either he threw one hell of a party and had to get the rugs cleaned or he may have gotten hurt on set. He looks exhausted.

  • Lilla

    Oh my, he looks exhausted. Still pretty hot though :)

  • Charlene

    @Warped: Agreed. He looks very haggard and tired. Eyes are really red too. Maybe he has this head/chest cold (flu) that everyone in the country seems to have now. Still, I’d climb him… :) You Tarzan me Jane… ok, never hurts to wish…

  • just me

    Somebody punched that sucker square in his eye. lol

  • Keiko

    Wow, those photos are intense–the bruising, the look of exhaustion. And a couple of them punched me in the sad feels. :(

  • Keiko


    If I was as exhausted as he looks, the last thing on my mind would be rugs. Or I’d hire someone to take care of that for me.

  • dweeb

    sorry ladies, but i have a very strong gaydar of a feeling, dude’s gay.

  • Warped

    Well obviously tired or not, he took care of the rugs and other errands himself. He seems to be a very self sufficient person.

  • wiz

    what?????? he is always wearing sunglasses! all the stars wear sunglasses, even if it’s not sunny……… and now, with a bruised eye he is not wearing sunglasses?!?! WTF?!? FAMEWH*RE!

  • porquenon

    It’s allergy season in California. Looks like a lot of eye rubbing with some sinus thing going on.

  • Whycantipost

    I must be blind because I don’t see bruising; just very puffy eyes. Maybe he is ill, because he looks exhausted, poor guy.
    Get better Skarsie

  • Canuck

    @dweeb: sorry Dweeb, but your gaydar is culturally flawed.

  • Canuck

    He does look exhausted. Night shoots? Can someone drop a tube of Arnica cream off for the guy?

  • Canuck

    Someone looks to be a fan of Turkish kilims…

  • Strange

    Oh no i hope no one punched that gorgeous face of his . Where are his shades? He doesn’t have his angry face on . He looks tired . Still love him though .

  • Seguro de Hogar

    He looks so tired…

  • Michael C. Butts

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  • Krista

    Holy Christ not the best looking snaps I have no sympathy if he was hungover an threw a bad ass party and hurt himself that his fault
    but I have sympathy if he was either injured on set, bag allergies or tb makeup reaction. Guess we will never know unless someone out there knows.

  • Cookie

    I hope he finds someone to take care of him…I love him..he doesn’t look good here….:(

  • ladybug

    @Whycantipost: Under the eyes looks like a bad case of allergy shiners, the the right side just looks scraped/irritated, not bruised.

    @Canuck, the rug could be US Southwestern style as well. I wonder if he can get Hammarby area rugs? :)

    And is he using a cell phone while at the gas station?

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: If he can’t find one, I could refer him to a place in Istanbul who hand weaves. :)
    I know nothing about the Southwestern motifs in kilims, but that one is the same as the Anatolian motif for the “Nazar” (protection against the evil eye) used in their weaving.

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: Could be that, could be this style as well:

    Not that he’s going to tell us or anything.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Heh, yeah… But which kind do they sell at Ikea? Lol

  • Poor baby

    he looks real tired, I hope he gets some rest this weekend. I still would though

  • DailyNightly

    Doubt he is throwing a wild party in the middle of the week.

  • glitter

    I doubt, he is quite freshly shaved and he has a very short haircut, so he recently worked on the set of TB.

  • Sara

    He is horrible.

  • Keiko


    Oh boy. Here we go with the defensive commentary.

    It wasn’t a criticism, for f*ck’s sake.

  • Keiko

    That definitely looks like a Southwestern motif rug. I suppose that is common in the western part of the U.S.

  • Flo

    My god I love him.

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: I think this is definitely something he’d have in his house! :)

  • Junie

    I read somewhere that he is a heavy drinker. Too bad, cause that can ruin his looks over time.

  • Macy

    It could be a number of things. Allergies, fight, party, fell and hurt himself, hurt on the job, etc. The guy looks super tired though. I hope he gets some rest soon.


    He has a red mark across his nose where sunglasses would fit. Maybe too sore to wear them right now. Maybe he was wearing them when injury occurred?

  • danielik

    I think he is after night shoot True blood.

  • A



  • dream on!


    since when stephen moyer fan’s gaydar has been “strong” lmao

  • Slinky the Cat

    Poor bb looks exhausted. He’s still beautiful, and yep, I still would.

  • Rachel

    I’m voting it was a sex injury…on the rug. He’s a cutie, he deserves some hot bedroom action! =)

  • Poor baby

    If that’s his face after sex then I am guessing it wasn’t successful and he wouldn’t call back for more. I’ll kiss it better and I will be gentle.

  • Disney Villainess

    Initial reaction: Looks like homeboy got clocked……

    He does look depleted and the eye luggages are definitely on swole but he still looks very good. Whatever happened hasn’t stopped him from doing his errands and stuff. He’ll be ai’ight.:)
    @Slinky the Cat: Don’t play. You’d have to wait till we’re finished first. And even then, you’d have to return him, CLEANED.;P:)))

  • some rough sex

    Late night house party, drunk and very rough sex, having to clean his rug ? .
    girl was probably some trashy tramp hooker type like comic con con 2011 short skirted brunette girl .
    What else would you expect from Alex Low life girlfriends/dates.KATE BOS-TART ETC ETC ETC

  • Never took off as an actor

    I must be the only one who thinks he never really made it big in the profession when he got tru blood , surprised! Straw dogs was crap bad choice bad casting, flopped in theatres, his movies don’t make $$$$$$$$ at box office he lost Thor to Hemsworth strung along and lost out on kon tiki possible role as tarzen with that god awfuk jessica chastain nothing comfirmed
    he just hasnt gotten any other notable massive movie roles small ones are ok that gets you noticed in limited theatres like WMK, disconnect, hidden ,east , battleship was big budget but what has it done for him ??? nothing world wide massive boom oscar nomination huge bucks $$$$$$ been in the biz for how many years ?! Nothing exciting no Emmy, golden globe, Oscar noms for best actor not intrested in stupid scream awards or I keep hearing is the next rumored girlfriend he is standing next too etcWith tru blood sliding down I wonder if his time is sliding
    in HW there are always younger up and coming movie stars who can take his place.

  • karl

    @Never took off as an actor:

    you dont know much about viking i see…

  • Keiko

    @Never took off as an actor:

    There are plenty of actors who are considered great, continue getting work for years, are well-respected, and never got Oscar or Emmy noms. It’s really not a measure of talent. Money isn’t either. Or box office receipts. Think about how many movie make tons of movie but are crap. Movies that people don’t respect from an artistic point of view but are “fun” movies for a Friday night and make millions.

    Conversely, think of all the actors who HAVE gotten Oscars and their careers slid right down into the sh*tter afterwards: Benicio del Toro, Halle Berry, Cuba Gooding, Jr. What great movies have those three made since winning an Oscar? BDT did Che in 3 parts and it took 10 years to get the movies made but then no one wanted to see a movie that glorified a mass murderer. Halle did…what? Cuba…does he even work anymore?

    I’m not knocking these folks. I’m just saying…to be fair…awards aren’t a measure of talent. Alex is very, very talented. I don’t understand his career…I’ve been open about that…but he will not be short on work–whether he gets awards or not.

  • Bit confused

    @Never took off as an actor:

    Alexander has had to turn down many projects because of scheduling he said so himself. He films six months out of the year very difficult to stable film projects that don’t clash with Tblood whilst shooting for so long.

    He also choosing projects not just for the cash but for the quality of the scripts and character that appeal to him he doesn’t take anything just for the sake of it, his most recent smaller films like Maisie , disconnect have gotten him some good buzz and the east had good reviews from screenings that’s good enough,and producers and industry people sure do notice him he got CKELINE campaign so Alexander has enough pull in the industry

    As for straw dogs it must have been the best offer he had in a long time and I don’t blame him for taking it since being in LA shooting tblood whilst the film was not well received they noted Alexander good performance, as for battleship it was an experience to work on a big budget film and not to mention possibly a nice fat pay check, Alexander was only a supporting cast member who didn’t have to carry the film like Taylor keische where the stakes were much higher even though it was a pop corn flick.

  • Slinky the Cat

    @DV We’re gonna have to work out shared custody, I see, cuz…all the legs. My standard response to anything Alex-related! :))) On a serious note, who’re we gonna shank for clocking our baby boy? I got the grease and razor blades.

  • wut

    got dick slapped by his ex-boyfriend keith

  • wut

    but seriously is just lightening, he looks as awful as always

  • hmmmmmmm

    I don’t know sometimes pics are misleading and we project things that aren’t really happening, that being said he sure does look worried and lost in thoughts to me. Sometimes he can look so squirrely.

    Still love ya AS. Get some rest. :)