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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Wine Sells Out in Five Hours!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Wine Sells Out in Five Hours!

If you were still thinking about buying a bottle of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s just released wine, you are out of luck.

The superstar couple managed to sell out all 6,000 bottles of their new wine Miraval Rose 2012 within five hours of its on-sale time on Thursday (March 7)!

“The sale started at 9 a.m., and all the bottles were sold out by 2 p.m.,” a rep for the wine brand told E! News.

Cases of six bottles of the wine were priced at the affordable price of $139.

DID YOU PURCHASE a bottle of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s wine?

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • James B

    @Hayley: lol

  • http://computer Susan

    @Rose: Good morning J-P fans.
    2 inches and counting.
    I’m so happy for their successful new venture.
    Brad is firing on all cylinders, for such a laid back guy, he is front and center of all these undertakings. Just proving the saying, when there is a good woman behind a man. He did say he covered his Bucket List.
    Angie and his children must make him so happy, you can have all the money, but love with it makes it so much better.

  • http://computer Susan

    With you for a friend, why would your friends be any smarter.
    Pick a name and stick to it.

  • Go Figure!

    @Rose: Saw that. So glad Juan got a chance to cross-examine. Now this lady is a ho. All I know is I’m so sick of her, I’m ready to give her a good slap myself. All her lies came back to bite her. Let’s hurry and find her guilty.

  • bermy girl

    Congratulations to Brad and Angelina on their most recent success.

    Their combined creativity and energy is awesome!

  • lOl

    @Hayley: Well the maniston vicimthood set up deep in to all foolish ones. It won’t shake that easy. Since the media also supporting her though they never called her hypocirte for doing the same thing she whine about Angie for years. It was and still is unbelievable.
    Brad is considerd not hot becasue he lost his love touch and freedom and fun like happy existance over the years not only that he is with Angie and they have to make him certain way.
    Brad and Angie are still super couple in hollywood and that is not exagrating. Who above? seriously non.

  • chachita

    Way to go Brad and Angie. The world need more people like you not brainless noise makers like Chelsea HO. Chelsea HO can make all her big noise but will never bring down Brangelina. Wander how much chinnistons is paying her for the big hatred towards Angie! Chelsea HO is a Z – Lister! no where close to Angie!

  • nina

    Chelsea H. use Angie’s name to draw attention to her lousy show. Grow up hater-no place for people like you on the planet

  • nasra

    @lOl: Totally agree they are the ones and always SUPER COUPLE – Brad and Angie.

  • Phool

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Debut Wine Sells Out Within Hours, Receives First Tasting Review
    By Julie Miller

    If you forgot to check your celebrity-wine-release calendar on Wednesday, some disappointing news: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s new-old rosé, Miraval, debuted online yesterday, and within five hours, all 6,000 bottles had sold out. (For comparison’s sake: while Miraval is slightly less popular than Taylor Swift–concert tickets, it is as popular as Book of Mormon tickets in Denver.) The wine, which is produced on the couple’s 1,000-acre estate in Southern France, was previously released by the property’s original owners under the name “Pink Floyd,” after the iconic band that recorded The Wall in Miraval’s recording studio. Although the idea of celebrities releasing wine sounds a little iffy—akin to something a Pinot Grigio–loving cast member of The Real Housewives might do after Season One—the endeavor seems legitimate. Pitt and Jolie teamed with Famille Perrin, which owns Château Beaucastel, a winery famous for its Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and actively participated in the wine-making process by attending rosé-blending sessions, switching to steel tanks, and helping to develop a new shape and label for the bottle. And as of yet, neither has shamelessly plugged the brand on Twitter or an Andy Cohen–moderated reunion special.

    Since we can no longer purchase Miraval (or, as our budget and restraining orders suggest, visit the estate), we must live vicariously through the select few who have already sampled the celebrity rosé. Such as Thierry Desseauve, the first wine critic in the world to taste Miraval, who tells Reuters:
    This one was very fresh, very fruity, very exuberant on the aroma side, but also round, supple and fresh and energetic so for my standard of tasting wine, it was a very good wine. I gave it a 91 point out of a one hundred scale. . . It was also a good vineyard for years and maybe for more than one century so it was possible to do a good wine, to do a better wine than before because the owners before weren’t very focussed on wine producing.
    So it earned an A on its first effort. Congratulations, to the Perrins and Pitt-Jolies. And for the rest of us who were not lucky enough to get in on the $140/case first sale, we will have to wait until summer, when the wine-makers are expected to introduce their sophomore effort, a white wine. Salut!

  • Phool

    #Rose@03/07/13 at 02:03pm
    Good Morning Rose how are you my dear? Yes in regards to your post CB most definitely have posters coming out with calling out the Maniston & handjob being in cahoots in the spiteful vendetta. Handjob calling Angie demon that’s pot calling kettle black has she had a good look at her self in the mirror. Oh no sorry these ugly hags don’t see ugly do they, think they are 20 something girly girls what jokes huavanes clients are turning out to be. By the way Rose from today I’ll be calling Ticky maniston as ticky sounds too nice the gloves are off as far as I’m concerned she is the vindictive women the puppeteer behind her vile friends she would be named & shamed for it.

  • Phool

    #Susan@03/07/03 at 02:31pm
    Good Morning Susan how are you my dear?, yes I agree with you Maniston is a joke yes with Brad & Angie keeping their silence & ignoring this b.ich & her dog handlers that’s what gets to her she has been baiting & baiting them to trip up stoop to her low level but NO they are rising above her vindictiveness vile thrown at them. This 44 year old therapy hag will remain in therapy it won’t make a difference if you are born evil & mentally unbalanced.

  • Phool

    # Passing Through 03/07/13 at 03:11pm
    Good Morning PT know how did I guess Naomi Campbell would have tickled your funny bone with that aiming the cell phone at her assistants head lol yes I agree Naomi can give Rusty run for his money how to aim a phone an a minor employee. Don’t you think she’s calmed down since she’s been with her Russian spy?
    I agree Beyoncey is the queen of overdoing her vocal capabilities to the point of overdoing it maybe she is still in competition with Whitney & Aretha F, Mimi if I’m honest most of the time I cant even understand what she’s singing let alone her high pitch killing of a mocking bird, Know Xtins deep sounds some times do remind me of if there is a brother in there just screaming to get out of that body of hers.

  • Phool

    #Busted @03/07/13 at 07:56pm
    ITA that’s the difference between genuine couple of A++++++++ Listers and a D—- Lister Maniston lol. Brad & Angelina’s name only creates headlines & Success may it be in business considering they have no PR working over time on their behalf no pre interview of every minute detail of their lives, nor do they attend late night chat shows, but still they are on the top. Like you said Brads & Angies threads they may not be New like every other Celebes but they easily surpass the 3000 + and 2000 + marks of comments.
    Whereas Maniston PR has been working overtime non stop to keep her relevant, daily accounts are paid to be reported in magazines that no one would buy and that’s been proven a fact from poor sales of People magazine had lol,, appearing in chat shows that no one would see, products that no one would buy even from the bargain buckets of Wall Mart, getting friends to do the public bashing of a partner of your EX but alas all is failing left right & centre around her. She is that relevant the is it any wonder a thread barely has – 300 comments
    It goes to show no matter how hard you work to blacken ones name & cast stones at their good character it comes and bites back in a way that you are blindsided and that’s what’s happening to Maniston & her hags they have been yet again been Blindsided by the Jolie Pitts Winning Streak LOL. . In the words of Charlie Sheen I guess this is what they call “WINNING”. Busted bearing in mind with out ANY advertisement Campaign “Miraval” their first wine has Broken records already with out any expenditure apart from producing that is they are very perceptive business people 75 Countries and counting have covered this news. I wonder how many records the upcoming “Red & White Wine” will do.
    I wonder how many countries have heard of living proof, Aveeno & Smart water hmm.

  • Phool

    #Susan @03/07/13 at 02:31pm
    Italy. Spain, morocco is on my list with Costa Rica
    Great list of destinations to visit each and every one of them has abundance of good things to offer but mainly as the common denominator is great warm weather & great cuisine. Enjoy Susan you’ve put me in holiday mood know lol.

  • Phool

    Coming from Top French Critics its high praise indeed I know from experience when I say the French most defiantly know their wines. Top French Wine Critics are giving their first wine apart from already existing brand “Pink Floyd” “Miraval” 95 out of 100 marks 75 plus countries covered this news, 106,000 bottles sold with in 5 hours, also “red & White Wines” are about to come next all this achieved with out any investment for a high end advertising Campaign no wonder its been called a “real Phenomenon” a historical success with media coverage ever seen in the wine world.
    Let me close the windows I hear screaming in the ocean

  • Phool

    Thinking what poor Porgie had to do in selling his tequila getting in bed with Randy, Cindy & Stacy. Oh what one has to shell their booze all that money spends on advertising still didn’t make major news around the world.

  • Phool

    Hi Anustin how are you sorry I missed your post yesterday, Great News about Brad & Angie care to join in with me for a happy dance?

  • Phool

    Good Morning Jaye I hope you’re ok I know you must be busy doing your 100/1 things that you have lined up, but I have to say god I’m missing your posts. Just mail when you get time ok, take care. ( does that come across as too needy) lol

  • Phool

    #Rose @ 03/08/2013 at 6:05 am
    Hi Rose yes this my dear is whats called “Karma” karam always rewards good people (Brad & Angleina in thier 2nd secessful business venture first furniture know wines) and karma is a B.itch to MANiston & her hags with no products selling, rantings of a loon via her doghandler, carer going down the gutter and left with supporting an un-employed homless guy Squiggy yes thats “Karma”my friend lol.
    Not a penny spent on advertising and a product sells with in 5 hours. how many hours & Money was spend after major advertising did it take for Aveeno to be out of stock or living proof .LOL.

  • http://computer Susan

    @Phool: A Tick sucks blood from living things, and she has been sucking theirs, for the last eight years and it work so well for her, that she turned her friends onto them.
    Sure she looks like a man in drag, but she is a Tick.

  • just me

    @Hayley…only YOU and your friends think that they’re not “BIG “ go to other countries and as remote as they go…they know Brad and Angelina. They are big in all continents I was recently in Morocco and they don’t even know who Jennifer Aniston is..haha. I have to only mention Brad and Angelina and they say…oh, yes…of course they know them…I’ve been to Philippines and they are loved..even in Japan….I’ve seen them personally during their premiers and people go gaga on them…thousands…!! Sorry to break your bubbles !! You’re clueless !!!

  • Can’t believe it!

    Funny, I can see Aniston having and yelling explicits at Huvane over this news. “How could you let me pull up the vineyard at make a pool!!” “Once again they win!” “My shampoo crap is a bust because come on everyone sees it’s fake and fried yet you told me my followers would buy ut because I’m Rachel Green!” “Aveeno failed miserably I was made a laughing stock and pulled the ad!” “You said regardless of my drinking, smoking and tanning they would buy and that I would win!” “Here I am 8 years later and once again she don’t pay millions to a pr person and she gets free publicity and everything she does with my Brad is hit!!” “You promised me and said you would make me better than Angelina!” “Why is this not happening Huvane I can’t even get them interested in this dude you paid for for me!”

    HUVANE: “Well honey sometimes money can’t buy you everything.”

  • dawne

    @just me:

    they are hoping for the power of ‘three’ ………three lonely trolls who think they can change hearts and minds based on their ugly hate based on some boozed up narcissist sitcom hack getting dumped a decade ago. Be easier to make a dent in a brick wall with their square heads, but hey, have at it. Fruitless is their fave word…………they live it and breathe it……….the horse has already left the barn……….the JP global fame is based on so many factors they couldn’t begin to understand because they live in a toxic bubble and will never breathe the rarified air of the JP’s.

    Bet they are hoping Jodi gets off as well………….Travis dumped her….that would be motivation for her heinous acts for this sick gaggle of fuglies.

  • lOl

    oh sci fi freak skeltrout…
    Some with no children or less children start other business out side of acting as well .
    It is about your passion and putting roots this one is more since it is packaged with the family name and the purrin family name.

  • villedeville

    “when I chat with my friends,or whoever,about them; about Angelina”
    Of course, when you chat with your “Friends”, what could anyone expect but rehash the stale and almost 10 years of tabloid fabricated lies that you and your friends swallow.

  • Passing Through

    Whoa…I didn’t realize there was a new thread last night. I saw the other one was closed and thought Jared had closed comments to fix his server problem. Now I see a knew thread…and the same server problems. I guess 2 out ot 2 was too much to hope for..

  • dawne

    BRAD PITT FELL OUT OF LOVE WITH ANISTON. IT HAPPENS. Get the fcuk over it. You cannot mandate someone’s feelings and perception of living a purposeful and enriched life. Stars of real substance live a life outside of HW……some are happy to live that superficial, self absorbed existence…….Ticky is one……..Brad is not….nor is Angie……….so he found someone with the same life goals and moved on.

    Ticky ‘stole’ her gigilo on a movie set. You don’t seem to be calling her a ‘cheater’…………what a double effing standard you fuglies live. Lovely Heidi got blindsided with lies,…….at least Brad told her about his feelings and wishes to move on.

    But in your twisted world it is only Angie who cheated……..not Brad, not Ticky inside the marriage, not Ticky who stole Mr. Skinny Jeans and not Skinny Jeans himself………..why aren’t you outraged at him for sneaking around and lying to his mate of 14 years who appears to be a lovely gal??? Huh?

  • Rose

    @dawne: Hi Dawne, are you enjoying the trial. I just love bulldog Juan Martinez. In ten minutes he catches her in three lies. Can’t wait for Wednesday. Dawne, if you want to laugh out real loud, go over to Radar on line to the Jodi Aries page. Those comments are the best, you’ll die laughing, seriously lol.

    Dawne, props to Brad and Angelina for the successful presentation of the Jolie-Pitt and Perrin wine. Want to bet Ticky will be serving Jolie-Pitt and Perrin wine at her adding reception. :-)

  • dawne


    Ticky and the wine bottle……….ewww……….I can confure up some naughty images…….Jodi style. She`ll then throw a pahty for her lush bag buds and they`ll sit in a circle and put a curse on any further productions………after draining a case first of course………….she may use it as KY Jodi style ………so many possibilities……

    Arias knows the gig is up…….note the Herpes 11 simplex on her lip……she was so damn cocky with her contrived story to save her sorry azz at the expense of the dignity of the person she slaughtered in her `fog`………the jurors have her number and then some…… she`s got five days to think about it……….the gas can lie ystda re returning it to Walmart………ewww, was it the wrong colour and didn`t match the gun and knife……..who returns a gas can for gawd`s sake…..she has been on the stand tooooooo long; long enough for the contradictions and changing demeanors to show her true self. She likely convinced her defense team she could `talk`her way through anything…….but, guess what, even the best liars can`t sustain every detail for two weeks of straight cross or direct examination…plus the jurors 200 questions….as arrogant a bish as she is, she now realizes that snow is something that falls from the sky……not something you bury a jury in.

    She used s*x as her `come hither`and when it stopped working and Travis couldn`t take the smothering anymore……….he started looking for a real woman…..she showed him the ultimate wrath of the woman scorned. Funny how it happened literally the `day`before he went on vaycay with his new lady…..she arrived unannounced prepared to kill him if the s*x didn`t change his mind. So as he showered and was readying to leave……..she killed him. If he had cancelled the trip, he`d still be alive.

    I am not a death penalty proponent, we outlawed it decades ago, but in this case I`m okay with it. The horror of the crime trumps my moral issue with it. And there is zero doubt she did it. I am enjoying her cockiness waning and ebbing like a moving tide……..her lawyer is awful to boot………that dude and his monotone and slow delivery almost drove me to throw something at the t.v. screen. The jury loves the prosecutor because they feel the same way.

    Stay tuned. Bet she was tossing and turning last night. And Travis supposedly `threatening`her life after she put a slug in his brain……..oh, pooor Jodi………..what an evil, sick witch…..his poor family having to be dragged through not only his slaughter at age 30 but the pedo stuff on top of it. She should fry for that alone.

  • Passing Through

    # 178 dawne @ 03/08/2013 at 9:38 am
    Reading backwards…the trolls are STILL crying over that rancid spilt milk? New thread, some whining. Why aren’t they happy for Ticky instead of whining about her dumping from 8 years ago? Isn’t Squig’s supposed to the bag of potato chips? You know…that one extra thing that puts Ticky over the top, head and shoulders above mere mortals – especial Jolie-Pitt mortals? Man, these crachoes must think Brad’s d!ck is made of 24 ct. solid gold and platinum with a 500 ct. diamond tip because these biithces just will not let it go. Poor Ticky…she steals a man and still her hens are yapping a Brad. No wonder she said her fans make her skin crawl.

  • Passing Through

    # 22 Jones @ 03/07/2013 at 7:21 pm S
    topped by my local Safeway (grocery store) on the way home from work and noticed that they’ve stuffed a ton of the Peeps issue with ticky on the cover in front of the current issue with Valerie Harper announcing her terminal cancer diagnosis. So apparently ticky’s cover didn’t sell that well, at least here in the DC region.
    I think it’s all over. I’ve been in 2 grocery stores and Walmart so far this week – and they ALL still had tons of the Ticky Peeps issue. There were fewer leftover issues of US & Star than there were of Peeps. I hope that issue was a colossal bomb for them. Not that it would teach them a lesson about shoving Ticky down people’s throats because we all know they’ll do it again as soon as Huvsy asks them to. It’s a claer case of Chicken Little/The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Ticky’s stalked marriage and babies for so long now that she actually has a man who pit a ring on it people are going, “Yeah…whatevs, Jen. Whatevs. I’m going to wait for the divorce issue.” LOL! NOBODY thinks the relationship going to last. I’d bet even Ticky doesn’t think it’ll last…

  • Phool

    As today being International Women’s Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women’s Day, is marked on March 8 every year. The political and human rights theme designated by the United Nations runs strong, and political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide are brought out and examined in a hopeful manner. Lessons have to be learnt on how hard women have worked to be in this privladged postions due to sacrafices from unnamed women to give us a voice.
    Unfortunatiley there do exist women who have no idea what this means and those are the ones that are are a stain on the name of womenhood with the likes of Maniston & Handler who don’t know the meaning of it .These women do not speak for us but only themselves. These women are working so hard for people to buy into their own prognostication of Angie, a bad girl, the sexual predator the man eater but what they haven’t accounted the fact that people are not gullible. People have the ability to assess for them selves what you see is not necessarily what you get in most cases but in Angie IT IS what you see is what you get. You see before you a confident, self assured young woman who would walk on fire to get the required attention to the defenseless.
    A so called women like Mnaiston’s & handlers going after a women are not representing the whole population of women out there in any way or form, trying to destroy another women’s image for their own ramification. Only the Irony is it tends to destroy them instead. These so called women Aniston & handler are acting like tyrants gathering their pack of wolves to set upon a women that in their eyes is not worthy as she doesn’t agree or live by THEIR set rules.
    Just because Angelina chooses to rise above it and show that there is no need to stoop as low to the levels of callousness, no need to be a satin on humanity. Is this what today’s women stand for “girly girl” how old are these women this isn’t recruitment for the “step ford wives club” or the “Barbie girls “even teenagers don’t use those terms nor do they believe in it .
    How come a woman like these have as free reign to publicly slandering an Innocent women’s character but no one bats an eyelash but when a woman goes after a man she is blamed as women scorned. How far can vindictiveness go when you have a modern-day which hunts goaded by a PR hacks & Studio heads for mere publicity or rating? How can this be accepted as model behavior. Yes it’s got the required headlines but did it actually get the required response? Are these women that shallow that society should be looking upon them as role models?
    One side you have a young beautiful women and mother Angelina Jolie who with out any pier pressure chooses to walk the walk on her own terms, its was her as an individual to chose which path to be lead at. It was her choice to give third of her earnings to charity she may be 37 know but she made this choice decision when she was in her early 20’s that’s shows us, a girl as young as that wasn’t possessed by materialistic things had chosen to make a decision that made her happy & content.
    Angelina Jolie is in the minority of few when the likes of high powered women like Hillary Clinton or may it be he young and innocents like Milala who want her to be in their company (let me be down right and use the word that’s branded out from people who have no clue or meaning of it “sisterhood” yes the Clintons, Milalas … will chose to have Angelina in their group of sisterhoods and not the likes of Manistions that’s a fact of life.
    Instead of looking up to a blood hound the likes of Chelsea hand job whose social climbing ladder was achieved not by hard work but by going down on married executives to get where she is know, she might thinks she’s having the pleasure of giving the shock factor but reality is “less shocking” and more of a personal vendetta. Tell me one women out there agreeing to the likes of handler’s behavior apart from the emotionally rejected women who’d rather blame everyone apart from them selves. For those women who don’t follow in the foot steps of Aniston & handlers and who are not being “Socially a Loose Women” or a boozehound party girls doesn’t define you being part of the highly esteemed “girly girl group” so behaving like a ladette you are not defined as a”girly girl” but a demon remember that women.
    These attacks are so premeditatedly timed when the JP’s are doing something example when “The Tourist” promo time comes to mind I’m not saying it dented the box office, far from it, but what it managed to do was deflect some attention away from it. Correct me right as this is a mere assessment on my part. Every thing is so meticulously timed a women going after a women that chooses to ignore & keep a dignified silence and dismisses the whole shebang as mere jealously on others behalf. How much more of this vilifying of an innocent individual will continue? When will the line be drawn?
    Angelina who stands for in my eyes all things that women should strive for, having a great career, being a great mother, beaming a shining light in their causes in humanitarian work by fighting the causes with purity in their heart, helping giving the helpless a voice, a voice to fellow women who have fallen victim of rape, genocide, homelessness, right to have a decent education. A woman that is a patron of these causes who has power to make her voice heard by presidents and foreign dignitaries should not be dragged down to be vilified in other peoples personal vendettas.
    I guess we know which women sleeps at night knowing she made a difference and which women sleeps at night with a hangover and not knowing who she woke up with. Are we going to stand in this society and let this happen? No we are not letting an uneducated hag speak on behalf of other women out there we don’t agree with behavior like this
    Is it wrong for us as women to progress? we are living in an educated society that women have fought to have equal rights there still are avenues that needs to be crossed but there are many that have been knocked down please don’t go down the route of putting our faith in who are trying to destroy it.
    Last but not least When on crosses the line of teasing to laughing to making fun to manifesting down right into bullying is this the lesson the likes of women like handler & maniston teaching young girls to pursue just to remain relevant in society . handjob may be following the motto “ Hell hath no Fury as a Friend Scorned” so the constant motivation of dragging ones name down working like a prized dog picking fights but no one is biting back are they that’s what’s frustrating the hell out of these women no counter attack for them to say “I told you so” they’ve been goading & goading for the past 5 years or so regardless not getting no attention from the required party , I know there’s insanity but at least the mentally I’ll have a genuine reason what’s their excuse. I guess this will keep on going till Knox is graduating no doubt.
    Celebrate international women’s day by being kind not spreading hate.

  • anustin

    bahahaha…. rose,brad will make some wine thats made of Maniston’s tears.hehehe

  • Phool

    Sorry didnt realise how long my post was chose to ignore & move on ok

  • dawne

    @Passing Through:

    These Hag Ho`s are so tunnel visioned they should have their driver`s licenses pulled. What sort of `mind`and I use the term loosely, carries on like this in a steady losing mode for a decade and has the same level of vitriol……….it`s definitely a pathology. And the shite is all recycled and b o r i n g. I`m sure the Tampon types are just getting madder and more desperate as the years and the JP successes pile up….talk about chronic impotency. Oh, the power of Angie.

    Cuntler better never run into Brad………A c*unt and a demon………don`t think so……..there is gossip and opinion and judgment; that is part of the biz, but talk about stepping over the fine line and using this type of commentary on someone you have never even met……she`s trying to be another Joan Rivers………shock and awe type shite……but she can`t pull it off……..I hope it invokes all kinds of permanent disgust for her and her èncourager` in the community……….she and Ian the Pig are a match made in hell……..and someone should light it.

  • cp

    …jared, que pasa mi amigo?…

  • Rose

    @dawne: 180, Dawne, I lve your analogy linking Ticky with Jodi and the Jolie Pitt and Perrin wine bottle. We know Jodi could do some freaky things with that bottle, lol. However, Ticky is too boring to keep up with Jodi in the freak dept, lol. Ticky has to be the bi.CH that stayed in the background and get her and pretend she is above the bitcheness.
    Dawn, Jodi knows the messed up big time yesterday. Did you see the look on her lawyers face when she practically admitted to murder! That was priceless…this is Jodi, if I’m found guilty it will be my own fault… That cold sore on her top lip is kicking her ass’s, you know that’s because of the stress from keeping all her lies straight.
    I always say that skank talks too much. She believes she is smarter than everyone her loose lips are sinking her ship.
    I love when bull dog Mr Martinez cornered her With the gas can lies, you know she must have pee herself and her lawyer must have crap himself, another priceless moment.
    I hope while she tossing and turning in her bed at nights Travis is hovering over her going, boo! Boo! Can’t wait until Wednesday. Hopefully the jurors get the case by next Thursday, so they can say, guilty in the first degree. By the next Monday, :-)

  • cp

    …I only said la jolie bought ALL the bottles herself, amigo…

  • Go Figure!

    @Rose: Doesn’t Ticky sorta remind you of Jodi? How it’s always about me, me, me? I’m thinking Jodi loves her time on the stand because she’s the center of attention and everyone is paying attention to her (especially Juan so he can catch her in more lies). To bad Jodi can’t take Ticky with her to jail.


    I remember when they say that the tourist tanked it came in 2nd place at 17 mill i never thought it did a couple months ago Le Mis was 1st place at 18 mill while on the other hand twice, twice jen’s garbage because they cant be called movies they are never nominated they never showed at cannes their names are un-remembered came in at 8th place below si-fi standards..

  • Rose

    @anustin:#184, Brad will make some wine using mansion tears and grapes, lol. Anus tin, you know Ticky and her PR are in meetings as we speak trying to brainstorm as to what should be their next move. The hag CH little diss on Angie did not worked, it backfired, so on to the next plan, I love it. Angle and Brad are blessed.

  • Were the losers

    Brad Pitt visited furniture stores in Paris today. He walked around the City of Light in an all-black outfit and stopped by shops with a female companion. The pair examined one store intently before making their way down the street. Brad is an avid fan of furniture design and even released his own line of luxury pieces with Frank Pollaro back in 2012.

    His shopping excursion comes less than a day after the launch of his new wine with Angelina Jolie, Miraval. The rose was produced on Chateau Miraval, Angie and Brad’s estate in the south of France, and bears the Jolie-Pitt name on the back of the bottle. The first 6,000 bottles of the new beverage were put on sale online yesterday and, according to reports, they were snapped up within five hours. The wine will go on sale to restaurants and wholesalers later this month.


    Handler is the demon her mother was once her father’s daughter

  • cp

    …ok, no thumbs…let’s moderate…

  • Rose

    @Go Figure!:#190, GF, we are on the same page. Yes, Ticky reminds me of Jodi. I believe I even said so last week. They are both two narcissist Bs. It’s all about them, me, me, me. There was this lady who reads body language said Jodi is loving all the attention she’s getting on the stand. Look how she disrespected mr Martinez, B don’t even know she can’t disrespect Mr Martinez who is smarter than she is and has been doing this job for years. That’s a great idea, when the judge sentence Jodi, take Ticky and her fans with her lol,

  • meMeME

    #Angelina Quote

    I want to be outspoken. I want to say my opinions and I hope they’re taken in the right way. I don’t want to stop being free. And i won’t…..

    With no apology!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go Figure!

    @Rose: My thoughts exactly. Although they’ll have to come up with something really spectacular to steal the wine thunder. But have no fear, they’re working on it! And what about Squiggy? If I were the “supposed fiance”, wonder if it would bother me as much that no one seems to be giving me respect as the fiance, instead of always talking about Brad. I stil think they’ll never make it to the altar. Once married, and with the life Squiggy is living, he’d probably fight her tooth and nail to keep all of “her” money while enjoying the lifestyle he’s become accustomed to living. Serves her right!

  • Rose

    OT: what’s going on with Justin Bieber? It would appears this very young man is spinning out of control. Let’s hope his parents step in and calm down the madness. Too much money too fast?

  • Rose

    @ # 192, Anus tin, my I pad is screwing up. it should have read, Brad will make wine using Maniston tears and sour grapes. #192,

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