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Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital After Collapsing on Stage

Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital After Collapsing on Stage

Justin Bieber is recovering after a rocky show tonight (March 7) in which he collapsed on stage and had to be rushed to the hospital after he finished the concert at London’s O2 arena.

The 19-year-old singer took a ten minute break during the show to get some oxygen after collapsing during his performance of “Beauty and a Beat” due to shortness of breath. His manager Scooter Braun appeared on stage to tell the crowd why the show had stopped.

“He got oxygen from emergency personnel. He insisted on finishing the show. He is on the way to the hospital right now,” his rep told E! News.

We hope you feel better soon, Justin!

Scooter Braun Explains Justin Bieber Concert Situation
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26 Responses to “Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital After Collapsing on Stage”

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  1. 1
    Steph Says:

    Lay back on the marijuana kid

  2. 2
    sarah Says:


  3. 3
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:

    LOL ..His fall from grace will be so ugly.

  4. 4
    Elle Says:

    Collapsed from a swag overload

  5. 5
    Sammy Says:

    Watch him somehow turn this into how he was doing it all for his fans and he “overworked” himself. We all know this is drugs…

  6. 6
    toriiw Says:

    I’d give anything to see a face plant!

  7. 7
    Grace Says:

    At least he finished the show, most of these hollywood “divas” wouldnt

  8. 8
    Joy McBride Says:

    Just a way to get more attention! Really sick of this kid. He is such a smart ass.

  9. 9
    ha ha Says:

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  10. 10
    Julie Says:

    Two options:or it’s a PR stunt(he faked to get sympathy),or his body is showing what booze and drugs are doing to his health.Since he arrived in London,he’s almost every night on clubs.After the first show fiasco,he’s trying to give lame excuses to his irresponsible behaviors,but it isn’t working anyway.
    @Grace: He only finished the show to avoid another fiasco and harm to his already bad reputation.And he’s a

  11. 11
    kiki Says:

    I think selena kept him stable, he’s going to be the britney(meltdown) in this break up.

  12. 12
    claire Says:


  13. 13
    DRUGS?? Says:


  14. 14
    JH Says:

    So many hateful people on this site!!! It is ashame you get so much pleasure out of tearing others down!

  15. 15
    wren Says:

    He’s a kid…. acting out….if he’s smart and lucky, it’s a phase…if not…well life is hard.

  16. 16
    fiona Says:

    Probably because he was wearing that gas mask earlier. It cut off his oxygen, lol

  17. 17
    Devynn Says:

    It’s amazing how rude and hateful people are. For a society so focused on the ‘anti-bullying’ movement, you all sure have a lot of negative things to say. Someone’s having health problems and the first thing you think is to criticize. No one said crap like that when Kelly Osbourne was rushed to the hospital…

  18. 18
    Mkiujingu Says:

    Actually if you check kelly’s, there are a lot of hateful comments too. Just shows how many people are so disgusting. Whether its actually PR or drugs or fatigue from being overworked, let’s just hope everything is fine. He’s a kid for Christ’s sake! Why are so people so mad at him when he didn’t even do anything to you? By the way, the “swag overload” comment kills me hahahaahah

  19. 19
    Mkiujingu Says:

    Wow okay after seeing the shirtless photo that was just uploaded, i can now understand why a lot of people can’t stand him. Lol but still people, lay off with the harsh comments. Peace haha

  20. 20
    Steph Says:

    @fiona: HAHAHA

  21. 21
    Colleen Says:

    screw him and his homophobia…little ***** can die of an overdose for all i care. i’m a parent to a 14 yr old girl who cried her eyes out when she read his stance on gays and lesbians. i’m a lesbian MARRIED to the same woman since it became legal in MA.

  22. 22
    Cesar L. Flores Says:

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  23. 23
    Venta Colchones Says:

    Lets see how to destroy a life!!! so sad…

  24. 24
    justme Says:

    People who say “he is a kid” they do know that he is 19 right? And that in many countries 18 is considered an adult. 19 is NOT a kid!!! It is a young adult, but NOT a kid idiots.

  25. 25
    maddy Says:

    wat he didnt collapse wen i was there he was fab

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