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Justin Bieber: Shirtless Hospital Photo After Collapsing!

Justin Bieber: Shirtless Hospital Photo After Collapsing!

Justin Bieber goes shirtless in his hospital bed after collapsing on stage during his concert earlier that evening on Thursday (March 7) in London, England.

“Gettin better listening to Janice Joplin,” the 19-year-old entertainer wrote on his Instagram account.

“getting better. thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. best fans in the world. figuring out what happened. thanks for the love,” Justin added on Twitter.

Justin had to stop his concert that night for ten minutes after collapsing on stage due to shortness of breath. He continued the show shortly after receiving some oxygen.

Make sure to check out video of Justin‘s manager Scooter Braun explaining the situation on stage.

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
justin bieber shirtless hospital photo

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  • amika

    what a tool.

  • Kiddie

    Another topless pic. So lame!

  • Trina

    Can anyone say publicity stunt? Trying to win over the fans after all the negative press this week. Oh look, I nearly died but I still went on with the show!! And of course, another chance for him to go shirtless again. I used to like him but he’s turning into the biggest douche

  • Julie

    Ah,not that “i’m cool” face again..and shirtless again.Now i’m sure he faked the whole thing.He’s an idiot.If he had no problem in taking a pic in the hospital bed,he faked.He’s a spoiled brat.

  • Dazzle

    I just threw up in my mouth after seeing this

  • ha ha

    i’m having a laughing fit right now, this kid is just a glorified rich circus clown, he sure can make peeps laugh

  • barb

    nice pose for a “sick” kid!

  • alexandrina

    hahahaha thanks for the joke of the day

  • Rupert Sanders

    don’t die like Michael Jackson….LEGEND

  • Looselipz

    Stop smoking weed you dweeb.

  • Matthew Edwards

    Fake or not, i think it’s hilarious. Nice photo by the way JB, you do look extremely hot. ; D

  • kami

    where is his hospital gown?

  • robbie


  • boymike

    He’d be doing porn if his dick wasn’t so tiny.

  • cali

    You know, adolescence is tough and probably much tougher when you are living it in public. All teens go through awkward phases, they fail at trying to look cool, start wearing weird fashions etc.

    If they didn’t do that then they would have nothing to look back on later and be embarrassed about.

    I am not a fan of JB, but the kid is going through one of the toughest times in childhood development in a public way and he probably gets a lot of bad advice and over indulgence by his handlers.

    Hopefully he has a few steady people in his life who remain unimpressed by his fame and money, and will help keep him grounded. If not, then the next best thing for him would be for his fame to pass quickly and he can live a life in obscurity, quite content with his money. Otherwise, he is very likely to fall victim to the troubles so many child stars have had.

    As a parent, the lesson from all this is keep your kids out of the entertainment business. It messes you up.

  • hum

    This idiot CHOSE to be in the public eye. I can’t wait until he goes away.

  • Faker Faker

    This little he/she needs to go away!!!! Publicity stunt people!!!!!!!

  • janabanana

    how convenient that he collapses just one day after pissing every girl off in england?
    he has pulled pranks before (i.e. his laptop being stolen) and this is just another. I call bs!

  • Gia

    There’s no way he actually listens to JANIS Joplin

  • DailyNightly

    Did he have the gas mask on at the time?

  • NICK


  • Paulie


  • fake collapse



  • http://ETERNALOZZIE.COM eternalozzie

    sometimes when I think there is a glimmer of hope for humanity I read comments on a Bieber post here and realize humanity is doomed … Cali was the one diamond in the rough.

  • Me


    you’re the douche. he’s continued with his shows in the past when he was not well.

  • RyanCope

    Must of been an act to get some sympothy.

  • Troy

    So he posted a photo of himself shirtless, in his underwear?

  • Lucy

    HOT! Love you, JB. Get well soon.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    He’s Bottom GAY

  • lila

    This past month has been a disaster for JB. He is clearly not hanging with people who really care about his mental and physical health and willing to give up a paycheck to tell him what he needs to hear. It’s time to step out of the spotlight and get right.

  • Camden

    Shirtless….AGAIN. Pretty soon he’s going to start making news because he’s been spotted with a shirt ON.

    Douche with a capital “D”.

  • souless wanderer

    he probably just needed a midol

  • anna

    He is revolting!

  • Philipp

    Looks like he’s the new Matthew McConaughey.

  • chuck schick

    someone stick this faggot with a lethal dose of morphine!

  • ryleemurphy daniyel

    justin i am a very big fan of you plz tel me why are you walk naked here and there for some chipp pubilicity .

  • MxGirl

    he say he is all about his music so why he always posin with his damn shirt off and his hand at his crotch ? what that got to do with music, everything come out his mouth now is bulls sheets … he getting desperate

  • Michael C. Butts

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  • Fruitfly

    I hope they feed him some humble pie while he’s there.

  • http://rorobieber7 roro ind justin bieber marry

    justin I’m sad you will go now will not leave me alone in my hospital alone will go to Lake only love of my life Justin

  • kim ora

    justin get better doll and i love u…and i just wanted to say if lil twist is truely your friend i think its good for u…iam getting a tatoo on your behalf writen bieliber for life.even though i hate purple im doing it for u and im gonna write ur bday..thank god u made it.if u died i was also gonna commit suicide,i swear i was gonna just kill myself.i cnt live without u

    love your biggest bieliber

  • Flo


  • nm

    sure….let’s show how cultured I am by listening to Janis Joplin,whose name I can’t even spell correctly,but still..and of course let;s be shirtless because…well because I’m full of myself and I like to make 13year-olds drool all over me. YAY, so smart.


  • Danielle

    soooo gayyyyyyyy!

  • Jen

    I mean maybe try not hanging out with a bunch of pot heads and eating once in awhile….I dunno. Seems to work for normal people, but then what do I know. I’m not a cocky 19 year old pain in the ass that thinks the world revolves around me.

  • Jen

    @kim ora: You are whats wrong with this world

  • dawne

    Raise èm up and bring him down…….I feel sorry for this kid………and just a kid he is. Cut him some slack……..

  • YourDailyFrustration

    my god, i just can’t look at this anymore. There is no way this teenager can grow up into a normal, meantally healthy adult. Why are you all making it so hard for him? Everyone knows he’s not gay. He’s still just a kid. He has made a huge mistake..he chose to become famous – especially in this era it’s very very difficult to be world-known. People are judging you literally for everything. I don’t like his music, but I just can’t stand this unjustified madness!

  • http://racoondancinginthesnow GFW

    Stop this. You’re young, that’s not your fault. But your anger is starting to manifest and this has to cease… now. Take a break. Do yourself, your family and your fans a favor.

  • Joanne

    Poor people in London who paid so much money to see this kid and the first night had to wait two whole hours for him and then he colapses. This kid needs help. Momma Bieber, help your son, please.