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Brad Pitt: Furniture Shopping in Paris!

Brad Pitt: Furniture Shopping in Paris!

Brad Pitt heads out on a rainy day to shop for some furniture on Friday (March 8) in Paris, France.

The 49-year-old actor was joined by a female who was spotted pointing out some pieces in a store window.

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It was just announced that Brad and his fiancee Angelina Jolie‘s wine making venture, Miraval Rose 2012, sold out within five hours of going on sale! The 6,000 bottle stock was gone by 2pm yesterday.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt shopping for furniture in rainy Paris…

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  • Zenith

    Forever hot Mr. Brad Pitt.

  • William Bradley&The Jolie

    Afternoon folks. Popped in for a minute. Just wanted to note, everywhere you go on the ‘net, the henhags are coming OFF THE SPOOL. They either try to come up with the most pathetic attempts to explain away this success, or they just resort to attacking, esp. The Jolie. That SHE is his partner in all of this is killing them.

    With more to come. Good Times.

    By, the way, does anyone else find interesting, the second gold ring on his right hand?

  • annon
    Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s First Batch Of Wine Sells In Five Hours
    Author: Jessica Rawden
    published: 2013-03-07 17:47:28
    A few weeks ago, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt officially announced they were getting into the wine business, with the help of the Perrin family, a French family known for wine. The rose wine, known as Miraval, went on sale this morning at 9 a.m. and had already sold out by 2 p.m.

    This would be an impressive feat for some newbies in the wine business even if the couple had only produced a few hundred bottles. However, according to Wine-Searcher, Mirival’s first batch included 6,000 bottles of the stuff. To further prove the wine’s popularity, the French vineyard’s website is no longer even taking pre-orders for the 2012 batch. I guess being a celebrity really does go a long way.

    There are several reasons besides celebrity that the wine may have sold out, though. The first is that the bottle for the wine is simply extraordinary. If I had seen it on a shelf, I probably would have picked it out, too. That’s not even a joke, since the wine costs a reasonable 105 euros (or $138) for a case of six bottles on the Internet. Adding the celebrity names to the bottle just makes things a little more interesting and obviously I’m not the only person to believe this.

    If you would still like to try Pitt and Jolie’s first wine endeavor, you are not out of luck, yet. Roughly 100,000 bottles have been made available to wine sellers and restaurants alike. So, if you get the chance, you can give it a shot, or wait around for some of the different types of wine the power couple are expected to produce in the coming years.

  • http://iPad Susan

    Attention, troll headed to padded room, too much Jolie-Pitt news to process. One more sighting of the Jolie-Pitts this week should do it.
    One troll posting under different names, because it is posting the same shite on every thread.

  • QQQQ

    The hens are so amusing. I swear they live in an alternate universe. Rent a Midget, who had/has a bald which is filled with plugs, a widow’s peak that reaches half way up, has a great head of hair and looks hot with it. But BP who has a full healthy head of hair, who can rock any style he wants, has a receding hairline and is balding, even though there is no evidence of it. Gotta love it.
    Its like at Oscar, they are the IT couple even though NO ONE paid any attention to them, all the fashion people thought her hair and dress was boring and overall she looked awful. But in people tab and hen world, they conquered the Oscar and the whole was talking about them. Mean while in the real world, every one was carrying on about Annoying Ann, JennLaw and Assffleck.

  • umm

    Maniston hags, the bald is your idol’s gigolo.

  • Lmao

    The dailymail only has pix of pitt and the write up has absolutely none of the normal catty dm scandaloso….can only mean one thing….. Pitt’s team wrote the article. Ha! What a losa!

  • That’s not grey in his beard!

    The man is delicious. But then again so is Angelina Jolie!!

    Some people like fat tick do nothing but sit around and continue to whine while my favorite celebrity couple so geniuses like, make $$$ from their wine. Sweet!

  • severed thumbs

    no jobs & no thumbs

  • Lily

    I love the bottle, it stands out from all regular wine bottles.

  • mrst

    He’s still the man…=)

  • Cassi

    William Bradley&The Jolie @ 03/08/2013 at 2:17 pm
    You meant the second gold ring on his left hand, right?

  • Tina

    As Mr. Perrin said, when Brad and Angie planned for the wine business, they were thinking of long time business especially they have a vineyard in their mansion,why not make great use of it.

  • glug glug glug

    Brad Loves The Bottle Too!

  • Frenchy

    Waving to all fans!!!!!!!

    I hope this and everything about Chateau Miraval end up in a top flight shelter magazine like Architectural Digest.

  • jaliah

    Brad going about his business sets off all kinds of crazy, jealousy. It’s hilarious. He looks great, his hair looks great, no boot polish needed. He has fabulously long legs, wearing grown ups trousers not his old school pants like some. To top it all he is free to do whatever without having to listen to a whiny mosquito going meh meh meh but Brad meh meh meh. Freedom comes with the territory when you are with a grown up, independent woman instead of a game playing, whiny little creature from the mongoose family whose whole life is geared to remaining famous by any means other than talent. Brad Pitt the gold standard, top of the tree for the trolls. If they weren’t bothered they wouldn’t be here.

  • Busted

    We couldn’t make head or tail of the bizarre photo showing Angelina Jolie’s fiancé Brad Pitt leaving a shop with interior designer and design coach Sara Guinta. The two enjoyed a romantic day shopping where fellow shoppers saw them “all over each other—and they even kissed!” The married mother and engaged man met for a quit day in Paris and to hang out at shopping where “they had some hot chemistry” at the store before “Brad got Her [designers] coat and helped her put it on.” But that’s just gentlemanly behavior—right? Not so fast. “They made sure to leave a few seconds apart, so they wouldn’t attract too much attention. Brad waved to fans then jumped into a waiting car and took off,” a source told Star Magazine, print edition March 2013. Was it a date? If so, Brad is about as good at secret affairs as Kristen Stewart!

  • geez

    Maniston hens stop writing bad fiction.

  • Passing Through

    # 163 Phool @ 03/08/2013 at 8:04 am
    Phool -
    Yeah, I find Naomi to be hilarious. She reminds me fo Grace Slick. Neither of their elevators goes to the top floor.
    As for Bey’s singing? No way, no how is she in the vocal class of Aretha, Whitney, Mimi – even Xtina. Those are 4 extraordinary foices and I don’t even care for 3 of the 4. But Bey is NOT in their class. Mimi would hit one of her screechy notes and all the hair would fall off Bey’s wig collection. Heck, I’m even going to throw Celine Dion in with those other 4. And Leona Lewis, too. They can “sang”.
    Speaking of Bey – did you see what Aretha said when everybody accused Bey of lip-syncing at the inauguration? It was like, “Ouch, ‘Reet Whattaya REALLY theink?” Aretha said, “I laughed. I thought it was comical.” I think we now all know where ‘Retha stands on the question of Bey’s vocal abilities.

  • guinta

    Brad has a thing for saggy old hangers

  • William Bradley&The Jolie


    Yes, sorry, got the hands switched.

  • groundcontrol

    It’s a fabric shop. Besides the grown up furnishings Brad probably has marching orders from all 6 munchkins as to what they prefer.

  • funny witch

    The reason why these two covering their split – because they know that all of you, brangeloonis, will turn into major MELTDOWN if truth came up. Keep going belive in these fairy tale illusions until you can, wake up gonna be rough

  • oh boy

    I want to see Brad dress like this every day. so hot.

  • Leon S. Vinson

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  • jaliah

    @Passing Through 120

    Mimi would hit one of her screechy notes and all the hair would fall off Bey’s wig collection.

  • plez

    @Frenchy: I too would love to see before and after of the home. I think Angelina said the home did not have air conditioning and from the old website of the place had really aged.

  • funny witch

    And NO!!!! Im not! Anistons fan! Loathe this talentless boring hypocrite.

  • oh boy

    Brad always looks so hot in a coat.

  • William Bradley&The Jolie

    Heh. Like I said, coming off the spool.

  • jaliah

    I like them both as people…separate or together so no probs. no fairy tales accepted. Oh you mean the golden couple fairy tale yeah that one hit the witches coven of Ticky hags so hard they are still here crying about it.

  • William Bradley&The Jolie


    Maybe that is the real reason for the binder. You know his little divas have exacting specifications and requirements. And Daddy needs to get that right. Ha!

  • fyi12

    @William Bradley&The Jolie:

    What I find so amusing is for several years the 44 year old, boring, ugly, talentless teevee girl from the 90′s (now a middle aged woman)—they always deny being her fan! They, aka Jen fans are embarrassed to admit it! LMAO

  • funny witch

    By the way, i like them as artists and persons, so stop calling me *troll* or *hater*, im kinda even fan, but after doing some research and looking at facts concluded that they are not couple anymore, but keeping legend because offitial split gonna be fiasco

  • what’s in the binder?

    Brad’s balls—they’re on loan for shopping purposes only — soon as he comes in the door he’ll have to deposit them with skel

  • a lurker

    Keep waiting for the split, dumbazz troll.

  • Not funny Hagwitch

    I’m Not Anuston’s fan,but I’m FatFvcker a paid Dog from UK !

    Must be here for Anuston’s ££$$€€,a TV Shitecom DeadEnd.

    Easy Job & Easy Pay,Just B@rking.

  • well

    I swear I can stare at this man all day long. What a delicious man.

  • Etta

    O.M.G happy days. ELIZABETTA HASSELBECK IS LEAVING THE VIEW!!!! Her and J. Behar, two hens in a row!! Now get rid of Baba Wawa and Sherrie!!

  • umm

    I hope they completely cancel The View.

  • fyi12

    Aniston Fans doing research & going over facts is the most hilarious OXYMORON I heard of lately! LMAO

    Fact— Brad left LA on Sunday night & he is already back in LA!
    Fact— JOLIE-PITT wine is a huge success!
    Fact— Two weeks ago we got lots of pictures of Brad & Angie & their kids!

    So please pray tell what FACTS you are talking about?
    Yep, blogs or tabloids hating on JP’s is your research & FACTS! Thanks for the Friday laugh! LOL

  • Tin


  • http://computer Susan

    @plez I know fans would like to see a before and after picture, but I like their policy of not showing much of their homes.
    The twins pictures were so funny, the family, the bed, white wall and two lamps. With (Gorilla) Lady I’m sure it was one of the houses on the compound. Marianne Pearl picture with Angie was in a wall in patio.
    There was a Security Expert on TV, and he said any one that he is working for, he would advised them very strongly not to show their homes in magazines or TV, it is a security risk.
    We’ll probably see pictures of the wine cellar before inside the chateau.

  • fyi12


    Best news I heard today other than watching the trolls having a meltdown LOL.

  • valis202

    ‘but after doing some research and looking at facts concluded that they are not couple anymore’

    LOL. Who are you Columbo. OK then hag, inform us about all all of these facts that you have unearthed to prove your theory of a split.

  • http://computer Susan

    Hassleblank is going to be on Fox with the other Rabid group.

  • fyi12
  • Chelsea, Be mad at this…

    And this is how you do “all black” people…no lame leather, chain wallet, rocker t shirts that make you look like a Hot Topic douche. Justin Theroux I’m talking about you!

  • cp

    …good riddance angie…

  • fyi12


    Where she always belonged! Elizabitch is finally home at Fox!
    Great, since I avoid Fox as a plague LMAO