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Brad Pitt: Furniture Shopping in Paris!

Brad Pitt: Furniture Shopping in Paris!

Brad Pitt heads out on a rainy day to shop for some furniture on Friday (March 8) in Paris, France.

The 49-year-old actor was joined by a female who was spotted pointing out some pieces in a store window.

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It was just announced that Brad and his fiancee Angelina Jolie‘s wine making venture, Miraval Rose 2012, sold out within five hours of going on sale! The 6,000 bottle stock was gone by 2pm yesterday.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt shopping for furniture in rainy Paris…

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brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 01
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 02
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 03
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 04
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 05
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 06
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 07
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 08
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 09
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 10
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 11

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  • QQQQ

    The View needs to end.

  • Ⱦamsin

    Are loons lapping this shht up about the wine selling in 5 hours? LOL. What loons are conveniently forgetting is that this comes straight from a Perrin family spokesperson, in other words, a paid lackey who only has but positive things to say about their clients. Why won’t they release actual figures? This was pre-sold over internet yet only one critic had access to taste it?

    Also, loons are ignoring that this wine is a rebranding of the already established Pink Floyd wine, so there is no reason to act surprised. But of course the drug addict’s PR camp would have you believe that it’s a totally different thing! :D

    Oh and by the way, did you knuckle dragging horshippers see the high heels your idol is wearing in those pics??? He totally outdid Tommy and Justin, let’s just say that somebody is not being too subtle about being vertically challenged! Bwahahahaha.

  • Linda

    Brad is a genius.

  • fyi12


    I honestly haven’t watched for years, as far as I can recall Whoopi & occasionally BW had good points, but I seriously doubt BW will be back, if she does it will be to turn her baby The View to someone else.

    Maybe if Whoppi takes over & hires reasonably rational co-hosts minus Sherri; she might actually create a good morning show?

  • The ring

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww our Jen

    we go with Jen’s wedding
    Chelsea Handler: Jennifer Aniston Hasn’t Told Me Anything About Her Wedding
    Even Jennifer Aniston’s closest friends are being kept in the dark about her upcoming wedding plans.
    “I know she’s engaged but that’s all I know,” Chelsea Handler told talk show host Katie Couric. “I’m sure I’ll find out about it when it’s about to happen … for privacy issues.”
    Handler co-hosts Friday’s episode of Couric’s syndicated talk show Katie but had very little to share about her pal Aniston’s pending nuptials to Justin Theroux.
    “I honestly don’t know anything about it,” Handler said. “She doesn’t consult me on her plans.”
    Stay in the know about Jennifer Aniston by subscribing now.
    The Chelsea Lately host also implied she has not been asked to be a bridesmaid (or a flower girl) by Aniston, who announced her engagement to Theroux last fall.
    “Would you ask me to be a flower girl? I mean seriously,” she told Couric, who answered politely, “I’m not getting married but I would ask you to be a bridesmaid.”
    “Bridesmaids are tricky,” Handler continued. “If I got married I wouldn’t even have a bridesmaid. [My talk show sidekick Chuy Bravo] would be my flower girl – or no, ring bearer. See! I don’t even know what happens at weddings.”
    There is one thing Handler can confirm about Aniston’s engagement to Theroux: “She’s happy, of course,” Handler said. “He’s a great guy.

    Pitty the bachelor in the city of the light, with bambi?

  • Ⱦamsin

    Oh but I thought the druggie fancied himself a furniture designer. Why would think of buying anything when he can have a team of workers turn his doodles into reality? Could it be that his creations aren’t really comfortable? LOLOLOLOL…

    What a shameless stunt. The druggie simply wanted publicity so he set up a photo op to remind everyone of his business are in Europe. Why are loons not addressing the elephant in the room and ask where his kids are? Oh I know, dumb question. We already know he’s an absent father and he’s no longer involved with his mistress.

    Why can this mouf-breather ever keep it shut though? He looks “speshul” in every photo. Hehehe.

  • funny witch

    Keep dreaming about wedding, you are sooner become grandparents than these happens.
    And now I know why brangeloonis called delusional – you are rude, agressive, angry psychopaths, who will be attacking and humiliate everyone. Good luck, idiots, for me no reason talk to blind stans

  • Eva

    Thanks Jared for new pixes. Brad looks amazing.

  • NAN

    Wow,Mr.Brad so sexy and Ms.Angelina is so lucky that Brad Pitt choosing her to be the Mother of his children.
    8+ years + 6 lovely children and they are still TOGETHER.
    Someone banging her head on the walls for 10000 times and crying with her Dogs, Karma is so sweet for The Sinkable Anuston,ha ha ha

  • Ⱦamsin

    @funny witch:

    You are more than welcome to continue to post. Don’t mind the JP trolls. Pitt and Jolie are embarrassed to count them as fans and in fact won’t even acknowledge them. It’s actually commendable that you’re trying to show them the light.

  • umm

    Maniston’s gigolo is wandering around NYC.

  • fyi12

    Troll talking to herself again! LOL

    What a great way to start the weekend with the resident troll having a meltdown! LMAO

  • Patty AM

    OMG~! He’s wearing even higher lifts in his shoes. Does he buy them from Beyonce’? She’s got some hawt wedge high heeled tennys out Brad. He’s so phony, and OLD.

  • The Incredible Mr.& Mrs. Smith

    Humanitarians, Director, Writers, Producer, actors, designing their own furniture, jewelry, and now a successful vineyard!!

    Anyone know their networth? None of my business just curious…

    Anyway I just wish the couple would do a No. 2 on Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you know, maybe put a couple of their kids in it…

    Love you Brad but love Love love Angelina Jolie more!

  • valis202

    LOL. Our resident high priestess/ priest (whichever) of trolls has started having a conversation with itself again.

  • Let’s see

    When mommy Angie is working, daddy Brad is still making money via producing, house/furniture designing and wine making. On the other hand, the gigolo hasn’t worked for 3 years, and he hasn’t made much money in his entire life either. Now he depends on allowance from sugar mommy Maniston.

  • valis202

    Hey troll. We’re still waiting for you to show us all of the facts from your research proving a split.

  • valis202

    @Patty AM:

    LOL. Now it’s a pointless dig at Brad’s height. Trolls your desperation, jealousy and demoralization is so utterly apparent, it’s hilarious to see.

  • fyi12


    Especially when Squiggy is one really short dude with amazingly short legs & disproportionate body! LOL

  • Cassi

    Let’s see @ 03/08/2013 at 4:36 pm

    When mommy Angie is working, daddy Brad is still making money via producing, house/furniture designing and wine making. On the other hand, the gigolo hasn’t worked for 3 years, and he hasn’t made much money in his entire life either. Now he depends on allowance from sugar mommy Maniston.
    Brad also does commercials. The man will never stop making money.

  • lucy

    Notice how the Trolls never mentioned Brad’s height or hair until Ticky attached herself to a balding dwarf, pitifully transparent.

  • fyi12

    Cinderella’s wicked & ugly stepsisters—Lenny & Handler! LOL

  • QQQQ

    fyi12 @ 03/08/2013 at 4:14 pm
    Me either. I really think they did a dis-service to women. The only type of women they champion are weak one. Of all the black women out there, the only one they could find was Sherry? Really!
    Barbara Walters is such a b!tch. Star had a lot of faults, but the way she went about letting her go, was just so f’ed up. Then she brought in that obnoxious Rosie who turned around and deservedly bite her in the ass.

  • valis202


    When you look at Aniston and Handler, you just see two very ordinary looking women. Nothing special there at all.

  • http://computer Susan

    There is a difference between slim leg jeans and jeggings, especially when worn by a midget with a widow’s peak, you just don’t know where to look.
    It is rotten I know, but I’m loving the troll melt down.

  • groundcontrol

    . . . With (Gorilla) Lady I’m sure it was one of the houses on the compound.
    Gorilla Lady? LOL! Jane Goodell. I wondered about that house featured in the film as well. You can see that there is water outside – and a coastline with houses set into the cliffs/heights (looks like it could be California coast) so I wondered if it could be the Santa Barbara property in Goleta. Though that’s a lot nicer than I expected that vacation place to be. Actually it could have been any place like a hotel or resort bungalow on the water.
    I also thought it might be the guest house at their rental property on Long Island they rented from Ruoert Murdoch because they were also on the water there and that area of the Long Island shore has some elevation that might have been part of their view. I loved that house and property.
    The mystery continues.

  • QQQQ

    Is the talking point for every story written about her is “she is very happy”. Every ‘friend/hen” who says something about have to drop the word happy. Trying way too hard. The more you idiots repeat it, the less folks are convinced, not when the “wicked & ugly stepsister” is ranting about how she hates your ex’s fiancee.

  • QQQQ

    fyi12 @ 03/08/2013 at 4:57 pm
    Yikes! LOL!

  • an oldie

    Is that Bambi? Damn, she is much older than I thought, if you know what I mean. LOL.

  • fyi12



    BW is a hypocrite & a royal b!tch. I was giving her some slack because she did have amazing interviews during her prime eons ago & due to her age right now,. But as she got older she actually erased her sort of journalistic approach & turned b!tchy & tabloidish (is that a word?).

    Maybe you right, The View should be canceled & then they can start fresh with a new show.
    I actually do not care since I am never home to watch these shows, but I do see snippets at some sites enough to make my blood boil occasionally. LOL

  • huh

    No one believes you are over the divorce while your friend still trashed Angelina. Get over it and move on already Aniston.

  • Passing Through

    # 79 QQQQ @ 03/08/2013 at 1:32 pm
    Ouch. Are you trying to say there’s something wrong with Laura Ashley and chintz?

  • http://computer Susan

    @groundcontrol: I’m sorry, could not remember her name, LOL..

  • Jones

    I could be wrong, but I’m thinking Elizabeth and Joy’s contracts were not renewed because show producers would really like to improve the quality of guests that come on the show….like Brad and/or Angie maybe? I don’t think it’s ever going to happen, but producers seem to be making a concerted effort to clear the show of hens which leads me to believe they would like to see Brad and/or Angie as guests. While I’m happy Joy and Elizabeth are out, I hope Brad and Angie never go on that show. I can’t stand it. It’s television for hens, in my opinion.

  • QQQQ

    Angelina Jolie
    As we all know, Angelina Jolie is the mother of celebrity activism and has fought hard and has traveled to countries all around the world to help give a voice to those that are in need. And I so LOVE this quote from her. “In my early 20s, I was fighting with myself,” she told Forbes back in June. (See ” Bad Girl Interrupted.”) “Now, I take that punk in me to Washington, and I fight for something important.” Bam!

  • QQQQ

    Jeeze Jared, fix the darn site. I am trying to post an article about int’l women’s day but it just wont go thru. Any way here is the link.

  • William Bradley&The Jolie

    So, according to Parade, Le Bradley made 35 million last year. 35 million. And he barely worked. 35 million for his wife and children while rented boy spent somebody else’s money.

    Take note hags:

    Justin Theroux Gives Up Screenwriting to Focus on Writing Checks From Jennifer Aniston’s Bank Account
    Justin Theroux announced today he is officially giving up screenwriting in order to devote his full attention to his new passion, writing checks from fiancée Jennifer Aniston’s bank account. According to sources close to the recently engaged couple, the “Iron Man 2″ scribe threw away his copy of Final Draft, the popular screenwriting software, moments after Aniston accepted his marriage proposal.

    After rummaging through fiancee Jennifer Aniston’s purse, Justin Theroux writes himself several checks drawn on the Bank of Aniston.

    “After reading the latest Writers Guild report on the horrible working conditions for screenwriters in Hollywood (Hollywood & Swine, July 25, 2012), I decided it was time to quit my day job and marry Jen,” Theroux told Hollywood & Swine. “According to my prenup, I’ll make more in my first year of marriage than most screenwriters earn in a lifetime. And I won’t even have to pay ten percent to my agent.”

    Aniston, who has been unlucky at love since her divorce from Brad Pitt, having dated several famous men, including Vince Vaughn, Gerard Butler and John Mayer, decided that with her biological clock ticking it was time to lower her standards and marry a screenwriter. After an extensive search through the Writers Guild of America membership list, she settled on screenwriter and her “Wanderlust” co-star Theroux, who was the only WGA member with the same caliber ab muscles as Brad Pitt.
    “Justin and I made an agreement in which he can write all the checks he wants from my bank account,” said Aniston. “All I ask in return is that he promises never to work with Angelina Jolie.”

  • William Bradley&The Jolie

    and regarding the above, came from the HollywoodandSwine site, but Jared wouldn’t let me post the link. But I thought the writeup was a hoot, esp. with the photo they used.

  • Wonderbust

    random question but did Brad or Angie’s rep ever deny that they got married in the Carribean, I recall major publications like LA Times, USA today reporting on the story and saying they reached out to Brads rep but got no response. I would laugh my ass of if they pulled a Janet and are already married. trolls would be screaming at the ocean for days. i wish someone would ask them lol

  • me


  • The ring

    awwwwwwwwwww our Jen marries ¡ I cannot wait
    we want pics of pitty and bambi in Paris

  • Jones

    Wonderbust @ 03/08/2013 at 6:48 pm – I would actually love for this story to be true for the mere fact that all this competing wedding bullshite can finally be put to rest. But also because it would make ticky’s wedding feature in Peeps look exactly like what it is….a desperate cry for attention for someone who’s supposedly so “private.”

  • B&A Wine goes VIRAL

    Brad and Angelina’s first Wine Goes Viral Selling out in 5 Hours!!!

    Gadz, Remember when that stoopid Dumbwater Youtube video tried to get the same results as the blogs working overtime for the Putzy Relations LIED, trying to say dumbwater video was so viral on youtube? It wasn’t at all viral less than a million hits. Now they can’t give that sh!t away, I see it 3 for 1 all over the place.

    You know it was almost genius for the PutzR guy to buy shares up in rags like HusslingPutz so they can promote their has been t.v. sickcom actress. You know when this wine story doesn’t make their headlines, they are owned by Huvaniston.

  • B&A Wine goes VIRAL


    You almost made me PEEEE myself laughing so hard, but unlike urinator I can contain myself although if I had Manly next to me, I might be tempted to try to hose out the ugly.

  • he’s off the sofa and lookin..

    ….to buy one. but does he really pay for anything? getting fotogged in front of that store…i bet hippos are googling and trying to order the chintziest pillow off their website. he’s as cheap as star jones.

    instead of shilling pink floyd’s sloppy seconds wine to the hippoloons, why didn’t they save all that aptly named plonk for their weddiiiiinnnngggg???

    yeah…while he’s trying to keep 6 mouths full of breakfast cocacola and cheetos, doesn’t pittley remember he is supposed to be playing daddy and not be just a paying one? where is maddvayne, paxamillion, lola falana, shijoe, red skelton and vivarin? maybe they would like to have a say in the furniture like they have a say in the promise for the very very distant future.

  • MIMI

    Brad is really so hot.

  • annon

    10 Most Charitable Celebrities

    Brad Pitt: Brad is becoming equally known for his charity work as he is for being a hugely famous actor. He has founded a number of charities like the Make It Right Nola Foundation which helps to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In addition, he is one of the founders of Not On Our Watch and the Jolie-Pitt Foundation with Angelina Jolie which is “dedicated to eradicating extreme rural poverty, protecting natural resources and conserving wildlife.” Other charities Pitt has worked with includes: African Children’s Choir, Alliance For The Lost Boys Of Sudan, American Foundation for Equal Rights, Ante Up For Africa, Care to Learn, Child Find Ontario, Cure Autism Now, Daniel Pearl Foundation, DATA, Direct Change, Donate Life America, EB Medical Research Foundation, ENOUGH Project, Global Action for Children, Global Green, HALO Trust, Human Rights Watch, Live 8, Make Poverty History, Millennium Promise, Millennium Villages, Mineseeker Foundation, Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation, ONE Campaign, ONEXONE, Project A.L.S., Right To Play, Satellite Sentinel Project, Solar Neighbors Program, Sophie’s Gift, UNHCR, UNICEF, UN Millennium Project, World Food Programme.

    Angelina Jolie: The UN says of Jolie that she “uses her status as a superstar to generate media coverage about the plight of refugees and the conditions under which they live. She has traveled widely to remote refugee camps and receiving centers in countries including Tanzania, Namibia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand and Ecuador. To further raise awareness, she has released her personal journals for select field visits that can be accessed at USA for UNHCR. For her efforts, Angelina has been honored with the Church World Service Immigration and Refugee Program Humanitarian Award.”” Angelina also works with: Afghanistan Relief Organization, Direct Change, Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation, Alliance For The Lost Boys Of Sudan, Cancer Schmancer Movement, Care to Learn, Cinema For Peace, Clinton Global Initiative, Daniel Pearl Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, Global Action for Children, HALO Trust, Human Rights Watch, Jolie-Pitt Foundation, Kids in Need of Defense, Millennium Promise, Millennium Villages, Muhammad Ali Center, Not On Our Watch, ONE Campaign, Peace One Day, Project A.L.S., Reporters Without Borders, Sophie’s Gift, SOS Children’s Villages, UNHCR, UNICEF, UN Millennium Project, World Food Programme

  • Passing Poo

    They must be buying a load of shit to furnish Shiteau Miraval.

    Mister Hankey says ‘Howdy Ho’ to BAMPZSKVille!

  • Passing Poo

    Did all the old trolls dump their poop elsewhere?

  • tweet

    Katie St. John ‏@katiestjew

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s children are going to be so beautiful