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Justin Bieber Yells at Photographers After Confrontation, Explains 'I'm Human'

Justin Bieber Yells at Photographers After Confrontation, Explains 'I'm Human'

Justin Bieber gets held back by his bodyguard after a scuffle with a photographer while leaving his hotel on Friday (March 8) in London, England.

The 19-year-old entertainer got upset at the photog after a series of words were exchanged, and took to Twitter to explain to his fans.

“Ahhhhh! Rough morning. Trying to feel better for this show tonight but let the paps get the best of me…Sometimes when people r shoving cameras in your face all day and yelling the worst thing possible at u…well I’m human. Rough week,” Justin tweeted.

“Not gonna let them get the best of me again. Gonna get focused on this show tonight. Adrenaline is high now. Gonna put it on the stage. Only way someone can break u is if u let them,” Justin added.

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  • lance

    he is totally melting down

    he needs a reality check and some new friends before things get a whole lot worse

  • funny witch

    Did he forgot to take his meds?

  • ha ha

    How would this dumb t.wat ever survive the real world? So clueless

  • J. Taylor

    A Human D Bag. Entitled, spoiled, out of control baby —

  • http://racoondancinginthesnow GFW

    Just stop. Take a break and stop, please?

  • hum

    Go away then. It’s not like he needs money.

  • vinha

    This kid is pissing me off!

  • dani

    Yes the paps yell horrible things to actors, singers, sports stars etc in order to try and get them to react, but Biebs you’ve been in the business long enough to know how it works, so how about taking it on the chin since you are always trying to tell us you are grown up. You supposedly, rumor has it, sampling various substances, having s-e-x with your girlfriends, and you own a lot of expensive sports cars that you stupidly lend out to idiots that keep crashing them. Maybe you need to chill. For the majority of us you are not the be-all and end-all of the world. Just your rampant fans.

  • Finn

    You didn’t print the best shot of the Baby being picked up under his arms by his babysitter!

  • Yu Lee

    Why u dont have the guts to quote the nasty swear words and personal attacks of the paparazzi that caused the incident ??? Would that spoil your bias intentions to discredit Justin no matter what ???

  • Marie

    Leave this kid alone. People just pick on him because they have nothing better to do with their miserable lives.

  • Me


    He means a lot more to you then you care to admit if you’re giving him so much of your time.

  • Thea

    Bieber should go away forever. What a douche !

  • Julie

    Justin is lost.He’ll have a meltdown soon if he doesn’t start to behave and doesn’t stop doing drugs,drinking and being irresponsible.While he’s in London drinking,yelling at paps,smoking pot,faking faints and getting late to gigs,in Los Angeles his rapper friend crashed his car again…Justin’s getting out of control and not even his PR team will save him and his 12 minutes of fame.In few years his “fans” will be teens and adults and will follow another singer and will forget him.His 15 minutes are fading away fast,and so is his reputation.

  • Gigi

    He’s right…people put celebrities on a pedestal, like they’re not allowed to be sick or make mistakes or have problems like the rest of the population. He does look a little gaunt, definitely seems like he could use a break from the industry for a bit.

  • biker mike

    with all the drugs he is doing, surprised he is still alive, 19 yr olds dont run out of breath for nothing,, its drugs

  • mimi

    He’s a whiney spoiled self important little twerp. Enough of him.

  • Susan

    I’m sorry but anyone that dresses with their ass hanging out I just can’t take seriously. Big tough guy at a buck twenty five! Ha!!!

  • Ed

    reminds me of my neighbor´s chihuahua when the pizza boy comes by.— jumps out of nowhere

  • xax

    what a f-king idiot, he’s starting to piss me off and I never even cared about this guy, but lately…

  • Mary

    he’s heading for a meltdown
    yes paps are awful but some celebrities manage to avoid them and stay out of the spotlight… just try

  • Paulie

    I think his diaper needs to be changed.

  • MxGirl

    he is broken record and again and again he has to apologize for his immature and bad behavior . just another day ! I think he needs anger management as it’s quite clear he hates and has issues with people , if you are not a 10 year old girl screaming like a lunatic at an EVENT he will hate on you in public , it’s well documented ! !

  • Maddy

    I feel really bad for him. This isn’t a healthy way to live. Unfortunately he still has a year of tours to do but he needs a break. Maybe he should travel and relax or even go to college! Do something normal before he spirals WAAY out of control and unable to get himself back on track.

  • LJ

    @Maddy: I agree he needs a break. A responsible adult (parent) needs to step in and help him out before things get more out of control.

  • Leon S. Vinson

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  • Jo

    OH SHUT UP, sick of reading about him already, jeez

  • who

    I think Bieber is full of himself walking around shirtless all the time and I’ve said as much, but thiis isn’t funny. I think he’s starting to feel the pressure and his parents need to step in. He’s clearly starting a downward spiral and he needs to be pulled away from all his “people” and “friends” who see him as nothing but their cash cow. Step away for a while Bieber, for your own good.

  • Rebecca

    I am not a fan of his but lets me serious. He was feeling bad and he was sick. Who in their right mind wants to deal with irritating people when they are sick.

  • florence2

    Why when he exits places is he always bent over it looks ridiculous.

  • jj

    I can’t wait till his fame is done with. Sick of seeing/hearing stories about this annoying little drug addict.

  • Warren

    Why can’t these celebs ignore the paps when they are trying to egg them on? When they respond it always turns out bad. It’s easy to smart off when you have bodyguards. He’d shut his hole if he were alone.

  • K

    Bieber is a hot ass mess these days. He’s about to turn into the next Lohan or Mischa Barton.

  • Warren

    You can see the video at TMZ. Beaver should have just ignored it and drove away. So brave when his bodyguards are around. He is melting down.

  • http://N/A Kelly

    He needs serious psychotherapy, a firm and tough manager, better judgment and tough love before he reaches the point of no return.

  • pakosh

    he grew on me. i like him lately

  • Camden

    You know what, I’ve never been a JB fan. But back when he was a floppy haired kid I thought to myself “Good on him, he looks like he’s got his head on straight” and seemed down to earth.
    Now I’m thinking… “I’ve never seen such an arrogant, entitled, spoilt brat in my life”
    Someone needs to tell Bieber that the world doesn’t revolve around him.

  • Siya

    Okay, he is human. What does that excuse you from? The paparazzi are incredibly annoying and violates peoples life everyday, but that is how they make their living. You brought yourself into a business where you are targeted. Seriously, if your problem with the paps are that serious go live in the bush somewhere, go lock yourself up in your room. Better yet go jump off a damn cliff. If your going to act like a self absorbed douche the entire time there is no point especially when your only talent is swooning little girls. Now, disburse child. You have no purpose in life.

  • Just Curious

    There’s being human, and then there is being a big snot. He is a big snot. He can kiss his “career” “bye-bye”.

  • Juicy Lucy

    There will come a time when he fades into oblivion like the Jonas Brothers and the paps will have no interest in him. He then can have all the meltdowns he wants and no one will care. Until then, he needs to handle them with more maturity.

  • angela


  • Liverwurst

    BUt you felt good enough t swag your pants down like an idiot. This look is so unsexy… looks like your diaper needs changed.

  • haileys

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  • Martina

    He looks like he is high on coke.

  • minks

    This is horrible. Those paps are just crazy and annoying. Why can’t this famous stars get a big group of security, they can afford it, so why not. I saw this on E the other day. That pap was shoving himself all onto him… annoying garbage aren’t they.

    Famous people/kids, you can afford it. If you ever read this, higher at least a team of 6 that can surround you and block those dumbasses out of your way. I know they want to leave the normal life without as much security. But you can’t be normal for now, so if you wanna go outside why not higher a team that can surround you?

  • BrandieVictoria

    I don’t personally care for this artist, but give the guy a break. He’s a teenager. Teenagers do bad things and make stupid decisions all the time. It’s all a part of growing up and experiencing life. So what if he smoked pot?! Do you know how many kids atleast try it?! Lots of people do it. JB just happens to be famous so what he does gets published in magazines and exploited. Too bad so sad get the f-k over it. And so what if he has sex with his girlfriends?! He’s a famous 19 YEAR OLD MALE!!! He’s a membrane of raging hormones. What 19 year old male isn’t out there getting theirs? And it’s not just guys anymore either! And yeah he should be used to all the paparazzi but I’m sure that crap gets super f’n annoying to have someone shove a camera in your face 24/7 and try to get a rise out of you just so they can further their own career but putting people down! It’s so stupid! But it comes with the territory.