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Katie Holmes & Suri: Snowy Visiting Duo!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Snowy Visiting Duo!

Katie Holmes carries her daughter Suri out of a car while arriving at a friend’s house on Friday (March 8) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 34-year-old actress was spotted battling the snow while taking a stroll in Tribeca.

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On the same day, Katie was seen holding a cup of coffee while dropping off Suri at school in the Big Apple.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri heading to friend’s house in New York…

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Credit: Jayme Oak; Photos: INF Daily
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  • Raquel C

    I think this is the first time Suri is wearing a watch. See picture #4 which means she is growing and learning only she needs to walk more on her own but she’s made progress, she still carries her stuffed animal but the blankets are gone. Good for you Suri. You’ll soon be 7 years old. I think I began to “notice” Suri around 2007 after Katie and Cruise got married and so she’s grown up in the public eye even though she is not an actor or entertainer.

  • Raquel C

    I hope the next job Katie gets is in New York City so she can stay close to Suri and not move her around like the first years of her life where she was traveling with Cruise and Katie to their movie sets or projects. I think this time in New York after the divorce is the first time in Suri’s almost 7 years of life that she has to accamate to a schedule and live in the same envirorment and attend a school with children her age. Yes, progress even though Suri sometimes shows signs of delayed emotional development she is making progress.

  • Cha-Cha

    Katie needs to move out of the city.
    To the suburbs, maybe Westchester or lower Connecticut. For Suri’s sake.

  • karl

    why is she carrying the kid, isnt she 6 or something?

  • Raquel C

    Here is a video of Suri and Katie walking to the theater for the play Dead Accounts and unbeknown to Katie, Suri drops her stuffed animal but one of the paparrazi picks it up and tries to give it to her and the theater guard gets it and Suri starts SCREAMING “Mom, give it to me.” Katie is just playing it cool while the stuffed animal is returned to Suri who is having a fit. This must have been nerve racking for Katie who was walking into the theater to give a live performance. Gone were Tom Cruise’s bodyguards and staff of nannies. Hopefully Suri calmed down once they got inside.

  • eve

    A 7 year-old wearing a fur coat…

  • sea

    @eve: it’s clearly fake

  • Kylie

    Even if it’s a fake fur, I find it gross. I’ve never been a fan of little girls looking like young women – the juxtaposition of her wearing a a fur with her being carried like a baby is icky.

    Surely there are back entrances to these places, and surely Katie realizes that her kid can’t hack the pap walk. It seems bizarre to me to that Katie can’t make that adjustment.

  • lr

    No talent Katie should take her daughter home, to Ohio, and raise her out of the limelight.

  • Suri the meal ticket


    That’s exactly this KHo will never do.
    Look, it’s all fair. Suri is her meal ticket, her main source of income, what not to like to carry the meal ticket? It’s KHo only real job so far.
    Don’t think Suri reunited with her former employer Tommygirl without seeing the pictures.
    Tommy doesn’t want to have pictures of him and Suri out, for they don’t look alike..

  • Sincerely concerned

    So what’s her next gig??????

  • Raquel C

    Here’s the video that goes with these pictures and clearly Suri is distressed. You can hear she is crying when she gets off the car and that is probably why she wants Katie to carry her. As they are walking towards the building you can hear Suri scream at the few paparrazi that are taking their picture “STOP IT.” Wonder what makes Suri get into this very emotional state? And how this affects her afterwards? I don’t recall any of the other celebrity children reacting this emotional towards the paparrazi but every one is different. Suri has a very sensitive side and has days when she hates the paparrazi. Other days she has no reaction and its part of her life.

    A video also gives you a different perspective. Suri was clearly upset on this day. Here’s the video to these pictures. Be happy Suri. You are too young to be this upset.

  • A comment

    Don’t know if Suri was upset because she wanted to go somewhere else and Katie said ‘No” or she was asleep and was awoken to get off the car. Another post has these pictures and says they were visiting a friend in Tribeca. This looks like its a side entrance to their apartment building but not sure. One thing I know is that Katie was smart to lease or buy this building because it has underground parking and they are able to leave the building without anyone seeing them. Now the times you get pictures of them is when Suri is being dropped off or picked up at school or when they are taking a stroll in the neighborhood. But gone are the late night trips to Splendipity or other ice cream or pizza eatery. Suri goes to sleep earlier because she goes to school. However this divorce has affected Suri a lot of good things came out of it too. If in fact Suri has a development problem, surely she is getting treatment for it now in a more mainstream acceptable manner, Suri is going to school with children her age, socializing with other kids, no longer out late at night, her life has changed in so many ways. Good luck to Suri. I think if Katie had stayed longer with Cruise, the damage would have been greater to Suri. She might have lost Suri to Scientology forever.

  • A comment

    On another website you see Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda walking out of a store and getting into a car. Clearly Matilda does not like the paparrazi but she handles the situation differenty than Suri. Its interesting how Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes both stars from the show Dawson Creek live in New York, both have daughters almost the same age, both Michelle and Katie are in the same age range, but they are never seen pubicly together. You can almost measure their career from the same starting point, Dawson Creek but both went on to have different careers. Michelle Williams has been nominated several times for an Academy Award and is considered an A list actress. She has also suffered recent trama, the loss of her child’s father, Heath Ledger but she gracefully moved on. I think Suri is very emotional and so is Katie. When Katie is having a bad day she dresses that way and goes out in public. When Suri is upset she will scream in public and doesn’t care who sees her. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • MAria

    She looks like a devil child…I do not think she is cute at all. Her mother is a spoiled brat and she is raising her kid to be the same. K-Flop has lots of “mommy time” herself flying her mother into New York to ease her fragile ego, LOL. I do not see any other celebrity children being carried and coddled to like this woman coddles and fawns over this stupid kid. There is definitely something amiss with K-Flop psychologically. Suri is her meal ticket and her security blanket. She knew this from the day she found out she got pregnant, LOL….she is dumb like a Fox.

  • MAria

    @Raquel C: I think this kid has a learning deficit…..she doesn’t sound like her vocabulary is appropriate at all for a 7 year old. Listen to the video posted….she sounds like a 3 or 4 year old “stop it!!!!”…….She also has facial expressions sometimes that remind me of Downs Syndrome.

  • MAria

    @Raquel C: I think she has some type of mental problem…she sounds like a 3 or 4 year old, not a 7 year old in school. Being a less than perfect child mentally would explain a lot why her father isn’t around and why her mother coddles her to the extreme that she does. Geez…..KH is a nut case. Also the grandmother visits A LOT….I have a feeling this kid may be autistic or something isn’t right with her and KH cannot deal with her alone.

  • Raquel C

    Time will tell.

  • A Suri Fan

    Katie’s big mistake was getting involved with Cruise.

  • A Suri Fan

    There are other celebrities kids Suri’s age and younger that face the paparazzi and just deal with it: Nahla (Halle Berry’s child), Violet and Seraphina, Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor Marie, Gwen Stephanie’s boys, Matilda Ledger, Salma Hayek’s daughter Valentina who’s four years old, etc to name a few. I do NOT condone the paparrazi’s behavior but I have not seen any of these kids have a meltdown in public like Suri. This is the age of the Internet and you have to teach your child coping skills or figure out another way to get them around town. When Katie doesn’t want to be seen she’s not. The same goes for Tom Cruise. They use the press the same way the press uses them, to make $$$ or sell a project.

  • dani

    I don’t know Suri and probably never will meet her, but she reminds me of a child I know who has Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Kids with this are sensitive to noise, lights, touch like a tag left in a dress. Some have it so bad they cannot function well, others like this child I know–they melt down when it gets too noisy or say the flashes from cameras etc. I’m not gonna make a diagnosis, but Suri does seem, compared to other HWood kids, overly sensitive to the flashes, the yelling and the mob pressing in on her.
    Unfortunately for her and her sensitivity she is never going to have a normal life. Even if KH moves back to Toledo. When you are famous like this your so called friends will call the rags and the paps if they think they can make money. If a big event happens (marriage, divorce, rehab, whatever) the paps descend.
    And it is a shame that the paps surround this child. Her pictures and pictures of Katie command a very low amount of money. But like vultures they are waiting for that “BIG MONEY” shot.
    And as poster #20 said–when Katie doesn’t want to be seen she’s not same goes for Cruise and any other A-Lister. You can hate on the Jolie Pitts all you want, but over the scope of a year their kids are the least papped/photographed kids of any A+ lister. And I admire them for keeping their kids out of the limelight for the most part. I admire how Jen Garner-Affleck and the Stefani-Rossdales have managed to lead every day lives with their kids in the glare of fame. Each to his own I guess.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Why hate on the paps? They are just some working poor, from paycheck to paycheck. Some of them may take and sell the pix to help pay down their tuition\student loans.
    No everybody has a rich lawyer dad and a super rich gay employer to beard for.
    Without the paps, this no talent fameho of Katie Holmes would have returned to obscurity long time ago. The paps answer her calls to take pictures to keep her face on the gossip blog and tabloids, otherwise, where and what is her next gig?
    Nothing. Crickets.
    As this meal ticket, hmmm, one comment makes sense. Perhaps Suri’s treatment is why her child support is that expensive. I wish they pay her nanny well. The kid can wail and scream like from another planet.

  • A Suri Fan

    #22 – I agree with your comment. Suri yelling out “Stop it” is trying to defend herself from what is ailing her, noise and flashes of cameras and traffic. The dynamic that changed here is that she’s wearing a coat and stocking.

  • A Suri Fan

    And if you look at the end of the video, there are NOT a lot of paparrazi surrounding them but the noise of their cameras bother her and the car horns of cars driving by.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Notoriety doesn’t cash in. No talent is no talent. Very soon, even fewer paps will answer KHo’s calls.Hopefully that will give this **special** meal ticket a break.

  • don

    so much focus on a 7 year old wait unitl she’s 17 one of the most over exposed child in the world no privacy. but it does help katies career.

  • Marybel

    Eh, she’s just a brat who screams to get her way. Katie has those same turned down eyes. Whoever Suri’s biodad is, it’s too bad he can’t step in and give ragdoll Katie some help with discipline. Suri’s going to be a very big head case when she’s in her teens.

  • Hamlet

    Quit psychoanalyzing children you’ve never met, #2.

    Because she feels like it, #4.

    She was never developmentally delayed and already socialized with kids her own age, #13.

    Quit making dumb comparisons, #14.

    Suri Cruise isn’t suffering from any disorder and celebrity children don’t live normal lives, #21.

    You don’t know how this kid is like or how she’s being raised, #27.

  • Raquel C

    You can go to any search engine and type in the phrase Suri crying or Suri tantrum and a list of videos and pictures will appear of that happening. No other celebrity child has that distinction but Suri.

  • Nicole Kidman

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    I do not understand what you meant. Resemble what?

  • sassy

    Tom Cruise is PAYING THE photographers to STALK Katie Holmes.

  • Meg

    I think the only person to blame here is Katie because she knows that Suri is not comfortable with paparazzi stalking them or taking pictures of them everywhere they go and yet Katie does not do anything to protect her like perhaps using the back entrance when going in and out of their hotel or have someone do the buying for ice cream, pizza, coffee, etc…But then again, she calls the paps out whenever she needed exposure so protecting Suri is not really her main priority but staying on the limelight is what she is most concerned about.

  • MAria

    Carrying this big kid into the building is psychotic. This kid has some type of emotional development problems. She looks to me slightly Downs Syndrome or autistic. Something isn’t right with her.

  • annie

    The only people who have developmental problems, like being slightly insane , are you lot here.
    Can never believe the silly childish things you people say.
    Make you feel better.?
    Hope so, because you’re all sick and bitter.
    By the way there is a pic of Suri and Katie walking very peacefully together down the street, on Loving Katie Holmes , a pic taken by mobile phone , as opposed to a pap.
    I’m sure there is noise of traffic and everything else on a busy NY street, and Suri looks like any other little girl walking next to her mother.
    And by the way , since you all spend so much time hunting for videos,
    on Youtube you’ll come across a few , of Suri entering the foyer of her apartment building after a run in with paps.
    As soon as they are in the front door, she’s put down, and she’s laughing and running around, and being playful.

  • dani


    Hammie, you are also the poster that swore up and down that the Cruise-Holmes marriage was intact and strong and they were not getting a divorce and we were all stupid to think so…and then a few days later voila–divorce city.

    You dont know and I don’t know if there is anything wrong with this child. As I said I’m not diagnosing her, just pointing out some similarities with another child I know that has SID. And neither Katie nor Tom are going to release her records are they? Tom is trying to settle with Life and Style after he went after them to sue them saying he was an absentee father. Gee, what a smart move since they went to subpoena Suri’s medical records. It was very stupid of him to open that particular can of worms wouldn’t you say?

  • Freddie

    What a huge brat thanks to a airhead of a mother and dad. Suri has huge issues in addition to her other problems.

  • Suri Is Stimming
  • Silvana

    What danger! … Could both be over on the floor with a good shot for carrying Suri in her arms, and Katie with the most inappropriate shoes for walking on snow.

  • Raquel C

    # 38 – I agree that Suri is stimming and that isn’t the only picture of her doing this. You can go to any search engine and find Suri in odd pictures of her fingers and hands. And when one makes these types of comments the next thing you know, your comments go into moderation or are censored. I don’t feel sorry for Katie or Cruise. The one that will pay the price is Suri. I hope Katie is getting her the treatment she needs if that is the case. No other celebrity child is photographed stimming. That parent wouldn’t expose the child to this but Katie cares about being in the public eye. It keeps her in the news.

  • Raquel C

    Yes, there are pictures of Suri and Katie walking down the street looking calm and collective and then there are other pictures of Suri very looking and activing VERY sensitive and behaving like a 2-3 year old (you can hear her voice in the video). I take it back when I say she’s acting like a 2 year old because Harper Beckman is younger than a 2-3 year old and I don’t believe there is one picture of her crying and she is really exposed to the media when they are walking into the airport or leaving a restaurant but Harper just takes it in stride. Either Victoria Beckman is a very good mother and prepares her children for the on slaught of the press OR she has hired very good help to prepare her children on how to behave. Whatever the case, all her children (VB’s) are well behaved and well groomed.

  • Raquel C

    The picture of Katie chasing Suri and Suri’s hand stimming reminds me of Ronald Reagan getting off an airplane and Nancy Reagan standing behind him horrified that his wig was coming off because the air was blowing and she tried to stop it with her hand. Surely Katie advised Suri to hold the little girl’s hand as they were leaving the building (there is always something in Suri’s hand to detain her from stimming) and Suri obeys and walks out holding her friend’s hand and then BOLTS and lets go of her little friend’s hand and begins to run and stim freely, carefree. Good luck to Suri.

  • annie

    Pack of crazies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And what’s more you’re all a pack of old biddies, thought that for a long time, now Raquel C has comfirmed it…. Ronald Reagan?
    Just be happy you lot, what is so miserable in your lives, that makes you have such miserable attitudes.
    I feel sorry for you!

  • Womb For Sale

    @Suri Is Stimming: Thanks for posting that photo. Google Suri Stimming and there are many more photos. It sure explains why Suri is constantly holding something in her hands, and KH always has that pinched look on her face when they are out together……and KH is ALWAYS hovering right next to her… her hands are going to break free and everyone will see her stimming. Something through her eyes also is not right…..that is very apparent in her baby photos…..especially the Vanity Fair Cover. She looks Asian on that cover.

  • Never See Suri Reading

    Also….in all the photos and videos….why does she not appear to EVER be talking to anyone??? Except when she is crying or carrying on a fuss??? She is 7 now. Her toys and blankets always look new….not “favorites”. And Grandma Holmes visits A LOT. Never any photos of her playing with other kids really except running down the sidewalks of New York….not really playing. Her facial expresssions are pretty….blank…. most of the time. Not always….but mostly.

    Never see her with children’s books…

    Somethin’ ain’t right in WhoVille…….