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Justin Theroux is a Great Guy, Raves Chelsea Handler!

Justin Theroux is a Great Guy, Raves Chelsea Handler!

Justin Theroux carries a bag of goodies while taking a stroll on Saturday (March 9) in New York City’s West Village.

Last weekend, the 41-year-old actor’s fiancee Jennifer Aniston was spotted on the set of her new film The Untitled Elmore Leonard Project in Connecticut.

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“I honestly don’t know anything about it,” Jennifer‘s gal pal Chelsea Handler recently shared about her upcoming wedding to Justin. “She doesn’t consult me on her plans.”

Chelsea added, “She [Jennifer]‘s happy, of course. He [Justin]‘s a great guy.” Check out the video below!

Chelsea Handler – ‘Katie’ Interview

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    ew. enough of this hobo. show us more of his hot younger brother!

  • Mel

    Lol Justin is trying to clone him into Brad Pitt. Won’t work mate you don’t have the looks, the sex appeal nor the charisma to become the sexiest man alive also known as Brad Pitt..

  • Mel

    What will Chelsea say about Justin after Jennifer’s relationship with him ends? We all know Jennifer is a vain and selfish woman so ultimately Justin will leave her…

  • Love The Shoes

    I think Jennifer & Justin make a great couple and he DOES seem like a nice guy who has his own successful career BUT, it seems like everytime one of Jen’s friends mentions how great her fiancé is, it’s like it’s code for “he may not be Brad and that’s ok, he’s still good enough.”

  • Moreen

    So Chelsea Handler is Jennifer’s publicist or something??Who cares about her wedding anyway?

  • dani

    Although I like JA and JT as a couple, Chelsea goes off on Jolie and Pitt yet says absolutely nothing about Jennifer A breaking up a 14 year relationship between Justin and Heidi. I see people constantly saying “but they weren’t married so it was okay.” No it wasn’t okay for Heidi. If she is going to rag on the Jolie Pitts for being horrible to Jen then she should rag on Justin and Jen for being horrible to Heidi.

  • Roadhouse

    I see all the jolie-pitt peeps are at it again. Go spew your garbage on the Jolie witches site. She must pay these people a lot of money to bash these two. I am a fan of neither of these people but the garbage that are jolie-pitts fans are pitifull.

  • Verity

    Are Chelsea’s lips firmly planted on Jennifer Anistons backside? She never misses an opportunity to talk about her. The only time she is in anyway ‘relevant’ is when she is talking about her or Angelina Jolie. Good grief, get a life!

  • just curious


    STFU.. if you were not a fan of anyone you wouldn’t give a shite about what is said about eithe. Own it and stop passing judgement. TELL the Aniston fans to keep their ass* here and read the nasty stuff they post then come back and talk about garbage. Such a fake. But funny how even Jennifer’s fans can’t muster up the strength of will to admit they are her fans.. Yeah.

    By the way… Does he have a job yet.

  • sandra

    handler is crazy
    she laughs about her abortion, but abortion is not a joke
    she kills her baby and she laughs
    she’s the real devil, arrogant butt kisser

  • Next!

    Who cares about this hair plug, shoe dye polish, undercover, pr paid guppy!? NOBODY! He just along for the riches he can swindle on desperado Aniston who has to sell everybody,every year, in every magazine she & her pr guru paid for that she is happy and in a good place! If you are happy and in a good place it will show. You don’t have to try and sell to everyone like some snake oil salesman!

  • jenna

    Chelsea is the best. Love her show.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Jen’s wedding reports are about as real as Obama’s born again birth certificate from Hawaii.

  • rachel

    maniston is a vain obnoixous dbag of a human being and no man is going to stick with her. plus she has dried up womb. this guy will see a real beauty with brains and leave old granny and take all her money.

  • Julie

    Great guy?He barely smiles,Jennifer and Justin’s last vacation was a fiasco and boring as h*ll,they don’t match and they clearly don’t seem to like each other.And about this rumor of a wedding,i doubt it’s real.If they were really going to marry,she wouldn’t be filming her latest floppy movie right now.And there is no sign of a wedding dress,party or anything related to a wedding.And even if they decided to marry one day,they wouldn’t last.There is no chemistry between them,and Aniston is too selfish to share her life with a man and kids.She only cares about herself.Justin is only a fake fiance paid to pretend to be with her.She will dump him anyway.

  • waggles

    chelsea who?

  • wow, look at that

    A real man with balls who doesn’t have to ask permission to ride his cycle and thinks furniture shopping is fruity.

  • kila

    well, Jennifer is no Angelina Jolie either:

  • Sari

    @Verity: the answer to your question … Yes!

  • Sweetness

    @Love The Shoes:
    “it seems like everytime one of Jen’s friends mentions how great her fiancé is, it’s like it’s code for “he may not be Brad and that’s ok, he’s still good enough.”

    Exactly…it’s become a catch phrase everyone has to say to convince the public Jennifer is FINALLY over being dumped by Brad Pitt..which makes it all the more OBVIOUS that she still isn’t.
    and Chelsea as Jennifer’s spoke person makes Jennifer look low class. Can’t she get a life and cease bottom feeding off of Jolie Pitt?

  • Jojo

    We all know this ‘great guy’ is being paid to stay with Aniston. Imagine if he dumps her? Lol that would be epic. She needs him more than he needs her. I mean he’s famous now so he doesn’t need her but Jen will go back to be the serial dumpee. Oh Joan River would so love that.

  • she’s no good

    Handler has a reputation of being a backstabbing person. I would warn all who call her a “friend”. I would also tell them to go get their head examined if they do have her as one.

  • Tin

    Something about this guy grosses me out.. Jen, please go to cabo with this guy and never come back, and take Hagler with you!!

  • Ginger

    I’m sure she won’t be saying the same thing about Justin once he and Jennifer divorce!! hahaahha

  • http://! hag

    of course manistons’ pocket purse ‘man’ is now trying to make his brother ‘happen’…..all on maniston’s dime

  • Canuck

    @Love The Shoes: Or maybe they just mean they like the guy and are happy for their friend. Only in Loon-land does the world revolve around Pitt. No one else holds Pitt up as a some sort of be all and end all that all else must be compared to.

    @Sweetness: What’s not to get over? Dude hit his mid-life crisis, cheated on his wife with a younger woman, left her and then proceeded to amass a rainbow family of six kids without having the decency to put a ring on it. If that’s not the very definition of “loser”, I don’t know what it. Aniston has no doubt been over the guy for years, he’s not exactly a prize.

  • Sweetness


    Uhmm, she may not still be in love with Brad Pitt, but in trying to convince the media that she finally found a great guy + her BFF’s catty comments about AJ make it appear she hasn’t gotten over her husband who cheated on her left her and proceeded to amass a rainbow family of six…people hold grudges forever and it seems loud and clear via Chelsea she is holding one..otherwise she would let her best friend know to quite mentioning Jolie, it makes it look likes she’s giving her talking points.

  • http://! hag

    all this ‘cheater’ chatter should have dried up 8 years ago, hags just keep wishin and hopn and dreamin and prayin and plannin and………………………..

  • http://! hag

    poor skinny girl jeans hair club member..not hot

  • Canuck

    @Sweetness: Handler has been on about Jolie well before she and Aniston were friends. In fact, she used to go off about Aniston herself before they met too. So mouthpiece… I don’t think so. Not unless she’s capable of time travel. What I do think is that Handler was and still is choosing targets who will get her own name in the press when she says outrageous things about them. And obviously it works, every single time… Btw, do you give your friends a list of things they’re not allowed to talk about? That seems a bit weird to me.

    And mentioning that your friend’s fiance is a great guy is hardly “trying to convince the media” that it’s ok the guy isn’t Pitt. I’m sure her friends thought Pitt was a great guy too as some point. Some of them probably still do. There’s no implied comparison going on unless you’re so invested in Pitt being some sort of “prize” that you imagine the guy being an example of perfect manhood. Pfffffft.

    Btw, I’m sure that if she really did hold a grudge, she’d contact a writer and spill the beans on her marriage in the guise of an unauthorized biography. Sell stories to the tabs about how he spent their marriage sitting on a couch, smoking pot. There are thousands of ways she could have damaged Pitt’s reputation if she had really wanted to. Imagining that she would have to go through Handler to exact “revenge” is just a little bit ridiculous.

  • Selene

    Handler is a shameless kiss ass. She’s Jennifer Aniston’s personal bootlicker.

  • ana

    The brangelina maniacs must really miss the up and down thumbs! Ha ha ha!!

  • ana

    Chelsea is not Jennifer’s best friend. Why do the loons keep trying to insist they are bffs? They’re more likely social friends, given that Chelsea doesn’t even know about the wedding.

  • Tin

    Wow, not even 35 comments for jens creepy fiancé. Proof that nobody cares! All of he Jen fans are on Pitts thread like stackers

  • Tin


  • Albert E. Stevenson

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  • http://Justjarde Jp

    Love him

  • Ann

    He is so cool!

  • http://Justjarde Jp


  • http://Justjarde Jp

    I can’t wait to the wedding

  • oksky

    Katie Couric are you a serious journalist or just one of those tabloid reporter. My question to CH would be why the “vitroil jokes” against center personalities she thinks are a treat to her “friends”.

  • oksky


  • C Cox

    Joe Blow is a great guy, jobless JT is a no body just like Joe Blow so
    what, STFU Handjob.

  • cam

    @ Selene
    No I don’t think they miss the thumbs down.. They’re making a good point that the Jen Hags can’t combat. Every Man that she’s been with.. some friend or kneepads (People Magazine) tries to convince the public this one is the “love her her life”. However, she continued to give interviews about Brad, “5 years after Brad”, I still keep Brad Voicemails, her Pitball still talking shite about Angie. Didn’t Jason Bateman recently say something that Brad shouldn’t have left JA? Yea, she’s really moved on. She’s a stalker. They know she’ll never a land an A lister Actor, so let’s elevate this unemployed, gigolo. A man whom only two years ago lived in NYC walk-up with his girlfriend of 14 years. A man who pretended to both and her mother that he was nothing but friends with JA. Now, all of her sudden he’s traveling to Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, driving a mercedes, money for hair plugs, brand new motorcycle, living in a $23 million mansion, making People’s sexiest men list, Interviews on Ellen.. Yea. he’s a Winner!! He’s a user.. At least John Mayer was rich and well-known before he met JA.. You almost feel sorry for her, I can see why the JP’s have bodyguards. She’s a nutcase..

  • Jo

    She is marrying a nobody, lol.


    Here’s the kind of guy you nab, when you actually have a PRETTY face, and are not fug Maniston. Congrats Elle!
    Elle Macpherson is Engaged to a Billionaire: The 49-year-old is reportedly s…

  • Sweetness


    Handler was not talking about Jolie until after her riendship with Aniston..what for would she be harping on AJ ,,the Aniston Pitt split “because he left her for somebody younger” was and has been Handlers marching tune. And no Aniston is not going to directly call tabloids because be realistic why would she be openly bitter when she has her friends as sources to do her pr battles…
    the point is it’s great Aniston found somebody but her friend berating AJ makes it look like Aniston is saying keep mentioning AJ ..or worse it looks like Handler is a vulture using her friends past busted up marriage as a means to remain vital in the media.

  • all

    he’s hot!

  • YUCK


    No, he’s not!!

  • Canuck

    @Sweetness: Sorry, but yes she was. Denying that doesn’t make it any less true. She goes after anyone who’s name will get her press.

    As for openly calling the tabs… Please… “a source close to Aniston”, “an unnamed friend”, “a disgruntled former employee” or any other such euphemism would have been used. Remember the “unauthorized biography” of Lady Di? The one in which she was actively involved? Feeding the author with info, letters etc? Had Aniston really wanted to trash her ex, she could have done exactly the same thing.