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Taylor Handley: 'Vegas' Exclusive Interview!

Taylor Handley: 'Vegas' Exclusive Interview!

Check out our new interview with Taylor Handley from one of our favorite new shows Vegas!

The 28-year-old handsome actor plays Dixon Lamb, whose father Ralph (Dennis Quaid), a former MP for the US Army, has become a sheriff, which leads his son to become a deputy.

JJ recently chatted with Taylor to get the scoop on his character Dixon, hanging out with Gerard Butler, and what his ideal date would be!

Click inside to find out what Taylor spilled to us about his show Vegas

Taylor Handley- Interview

JJ: Tell me about your show Vegas and about your character Dixon.

TH: Vegas is my new favorite show on TV and it should be everyone’s else new favorite show on TV. I’ll tell you what, the caliber of actors that are involved as well as the producers and everyone involved, the writing is impeccable, the story keeps getting better and better. I love it because I get to play one of the best characters that I’ve ever gotten to play. Young man in an emerging Vegas during the 60s.

JJ: Are you similar to your character in any way?

TH: Sure, my character loves to have fun, as well as do I.

JJ: Since we can’t see the next episode for a few weeks, can you tell us about it without giving too much away?

TH: It’s going to be great because in my story arc, I fall in love with Anna Camp‘s character, who is a Hollywood starlet. I end up chasing her all the way to Hollywood, so you are going to get to see Hollywood in the 1960s as well. We’ve opened up the world so you’ll get to see all aspects of Vegas and Hollywood in that day and age. We were filming in Paramount for a day or two and everyone was dressed up in old 60s gear and the cars are amazing. The set dressing is amazing. It’s just a lot of fun. If you want to be entertained, people have to tune into Vegas because it’s alot of fun and I guarantee they won’t be disappointed.

JJ: If the show is picked up for a second season, what do you want to see happen to your character?

TH: Gosh, it’s a great question. You know the way that things have been going and the way my story line is going and the way that the writers have been writing my character, I’m just open for anything. I put my full trust into them because they really understand my character. It’s a win for both of us because they get to write so many fun things and I get to bring them to life. They have really done a great job with the story, so I’m just going to put my trust in them.

JJ: Since the show takes place in the 1960s, what kind of research did you have to do?

TH: Well, I’ve been asked this question before, there weren’t too much research that went into it. I tell ya, when I get to work and I put on a pair of cowboy boots and I put on the jeans and I put on the jean jacket and i start talking, it just kinda flows. The set dressing is 60s, and you know human nature hasn’t changed that much. As an actor, you just deal with the situation at hand. Any human would deal with them especially with your back story as a character. It’s mostly the setting, 60s. We’re still dealing with issues that people are still dealing with today, not far off at all.

JJ: How was it working with Dennis Quaid? What’s the best advice he’s given you?

TH: I’ve started acting when I was thirteen, so I’ve been doing this for 15 years and Dennis has always been someone that I’ve wanted to work with. When this opportunity came up, it was a dream come true. I really respect him and the best kind of advice he’s given me that I’ve been following is you just do the best work you can and you just take care of your side of the street and you just make it the best you can and I think it goes for everybody.

JJ: How was your auditioning process?

TH: I remember when I first went in, there was a stipulation where I was coming off too young. Originally, it was written as three Lamb brothers (Dennis, Jason, and my character) and we were originally all brothers. Then, they changed the character to Dennis’ son, so they called me back in and I got to read for James Mangold, Cathy Konrad, and Arthur M. Sarkissian and the vibe was just great. I got along with them right off the bat. After that producer’s session, I was filming a movie at the time, so I got to bypass the studio audition and went straight to network and the rest is history!

JJ: What do you like to do on set during break?

TH: Well, we have one of the best craft service guys in the industry working with us and we literally formed our own community at his truck. We like to hang out at what we call “The Stoop” and we talk about all aspects of life. During break, I like to go hang out at “The Stoop” to hear what is going on with everybody’s life because we’ve really grown as a Hollywood family there.

JJ: We know you worked with Gerard Butler during the filming of Chasing Mavericks, what fun things did you guys do together?

TH: I only had to work a couple days at a time so I’d be flying back and forth from Los Angeles during filming, so I didn’t get to spend too much time with Gerry. When we did hang out, it was just cool, go out to dinner and I was hanging out with Jonny Weston. We were surfing on our off days and just enjoying the Central Coast.

JJ: What are your thoughts on Twitter?

TH: It’s fun, I like to inform the Twitter people when the show’s going to be on and if they have any questions about the show, they can ask questions and I’ll get back to them. So far, the response has been great by everybody.

JJ: What’s the most challenging role you’ve had so far?

TH: You know, that’s the fun part about acting is seeing the challenge and facing it head on and figuring out the questions, figuring out the moments in-between when you are talking. No character is easy because you have to do the right amount of work so you’re doing the best job you can. I would say the most challenging role I’ve had to deal with is about 10 years ago for a Hallmark movie. I had to play this kid, who had post-traumatic stress and sleep apnea, he had to deal with his demons. It was called In From the Night and that was pretty challenging. I think I was in some really dark places but it was a lot of fun because like I say, I like a challenge.

JJ: Where do you see your career in 5-10 years?

TH: I’d like to be on top, no doubt about it. I mean there is no back up plan when it comes to me and my relationship with this industry, I’m all in at this point. I’m just going to keep doing the best work possible and keep making the connections that I’m making, do projects that benefit everybody involved. I’d like to step into producing and writing.

JJ: Tell us something interesting that the public doesn’t actually know about you?

TH: I’m really just a normal guy that is blessed enough to get to do what I love for a living, so there is nothing too extreme or out of the ordinary that I do. I just love to hang out with friends and family, have BBQs, love to travel, and I always stop at lemonade stands.

JJ: What would your ideal date consist of?
TH: I’m going to keep it simple, my ideal date with my girl: we get ready, we go out, get a little fancied up, we go to a great dinner, go see a movie, and after that go hang out with some friends at a lounge or a bar and just have a good time. Keep it really mellow and be happy. It may sound a little corny but that’s what I love to do.

Vegas airs Tuesdays @ 10PM ET on CBS!

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