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Alessandra Ambrosio & Adriana Lima: Bright 'VS' Photo Shoot!

Alessandra Ambrosio & Adriana Lima: Bright 'VS' Photo Shoot!

Alessandra Ambrosio rocks a cute pair of sunglasses during a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot on Friday (March 8) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 31-year-old supermodel was spotted posing for pics with fellow Angel Adriana Lima, who was also seen heating things up with a bike.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alessandra Ambrosio

On the same day, Alessandra tweeted, “Don’t be afraid to be amazing! Happy International Women’s day to all of us!”

The day before, Ale and Adriana hit the beach together for a photo shoot.

FYI: Ale is wearing Shashi bracelets and Ash ‘Bowie’ wedge sneakers.

35+ pictures inside of Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima striking a pose for a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot…

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alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 01
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 02
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 03
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 04
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 05
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 06
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 07
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 08
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 09
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 10
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 11
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 12
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 13
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 14
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 15
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 16
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 17
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 18
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 19
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 20
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 21
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 22
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 23
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 24
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 25
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 26
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 27
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 28
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 29
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 30
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 31
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 32
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 33
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 34
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 35
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 36
alessandra ambrosio adriana lima bright vs photo shoot 37

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63 Responses to “Alessandra Ambrosio & Adriana Lima: Bright 'VS' Photo Shoot!”

  1. 1
    Emma Says:

    Adriana is just soooo beautiful…but gosh,look at the hole between Alesandra’s upper thighs in the first picture…damn, you can drive a truck through that hole…scary…

  2. 2
    smooth Says:

    Does Adriana Lima ever age?!!!

  3. 3
    Gil Says:

    Alessandra is very, very sexy! Adriana is beautiful.

  4. 4
    Chahah Says:

    These two Brazilian bombshells. Adriana is still my favorite tho. No competition

  5. 5
    Cutie P Says:

    Thank heavens Adriana is back in the scene. A famewhore needed to disappear.

  6. 6
    fgr Says:

    @smooth: um yes. have you seen her deep forehead wrinkles?

  7. 7
    hmmm Says:

    I would like to see their careers without VS….

  8. 8
    lexy Says:

    IN Argentina , venezuela , Puerto Rico , chile there are 1000 like these two . They are beautiful but nothing spectacular to me …

  9. 9
    no Says:

    Still calling the paps?
    Famewh*res, the both of them.

  10. 10
    yuk Says:

    These two old women need to retire.
    Let young girls like Candice move up. She’s more beautiful than either one of these desperate famewh/ores

  11. 11
    Madrid Says:

    They may have women like these two in Argentina because the population is half Italian and half European Spanish (white). Ambrosio is Italian and Polish Adriana is mixed European African and Japanese. PuertoRican women can only wish to look this beautiful. I’v been to Puerto Rico many times and the pretty women there are immigrants from Europe.

  12. 12
    1/2/3 Says:

    Someone said Adriana is a bt*tch to be aroud in the last thread. I don’t want to believe, but there’s a possibility after all she’s human. But I’d still be disappointed if it’s true.

  13. 13
    smooth Says:

    @fgr: What wrinkles? Her skin is clear. I looked at every single picture up there and she has flawless skin She’s almost 32 but could pass for a 27 year old

  14. 14
    The Pooh Says:

    Comments #6-#13, all from the same person… sigh

  15. 15
    Here and Now Says:

    Alessand@no: Alessandra ambrosio seems to be a semi-famewhore. Adriana is as cleans as a whistle. She’s very reserved. You must be mad about something

  16. 16
    Patty Says:

    Very few women in Veneuela look this good, only a few. and they are the ones who enter and win the beauty pageants but they are not a true representation of the women of that country.

  17. 17
    @15 Says:

    You’re just in denial.
    Didn’t you see her latest embarassing pap shoot in Miami?
    Not only did she call them so that they could pap her walking to the gym, she also made sure to exercise were they could see her clearly.
    And that’s just the latest of her numerous pap calls.
    Open your eyes.

  18. 18
    @14 Says:

    Why? Because not everyone thinks that she is perfect? In your dreams, sweetie.
    Lots of people are tired of this fake b*tch.

  19. 19
    @12 Says:

    Then I guess that you will be disappointed. Because that report is true.

  20. 20
    V Says:

    I love Adriana. She’s wonderful and down to earth

  21. 21
    Victor L. Hitchcock Says:

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  22. 22
    Why? Says:

    @yuk: Why do they need to retire? As you can see they still got it. And don’t blame them, it’s not their fault VS is clinging on to them because their new girls are virtual unknowns (what are their names?). And yes, they are desperate and famewhores…not

  23. 23
    LOLing Says:

    @no: Whenever are these two famewhores? This calling the paps you are talking about, logic tells me Victoria’s Secret called them.
    And I’m 100% certain that, that Miranda girl (whose always on here) is the nastiest famewhore at Victoria’s Secret (she too works for Victoria’s Secret right?)

  24. 24
    teekeeecee Says:

    Panty models are so overrated. I dont care how popular they are with overweight balding fapping men who never leave their computers; These two have the most boring model portfolios known to man. One expression, open mouth ALWAYS, and bad posing. I guess nothing but cheap catalog work got the best of their non existent modeling abilities.

  25. 25
    @23 Says:

    Sooooo, VS called them in Miami, too?
    De-nial ain’t just a river in Egypt.
    Adriana fans are the worst.

  26. 26
    vivi Says:

    @teekeeecee: Can youexplain what’s wrong with their portfolio? Because as far as I know, they’d done it all. Runway, print, commercial, covers, even acting. And I saw not long a that Alessandra Ambrosio also designs for other companies too. So what’s wrong with their portfolios? Please Explain.!

  27. 27
    Diliana von Bork Says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Why JJ is doing it again?
    @teekeeecee: I agree.
    @Here and Now: Yes, VS called the paps, but AA is a famewhore. I left a link, but I bet JJ will not post my comment.

  28. 28
    LOLing Says:

    What are you forcing to construct here? Whether you like it or not, VS call the paps when they are doing a location photo shoot. I’ve seen pap pictures of models that don’t have names shooting for them in swim wear. So pleas, drop whatever you’re getting at. And how am I in denial? Which Miami photos are you talking about? the paps photographing her at Miami means she call them? She is possibly the most famous Victoria’s Secret model. What would be strange about that? And she’s not known for calling the paps.

  29. 29
    maya Says:


    baby Adriana does not call the paps. Thats one thing she never has done and isn’t into. WHY do you think you barely see her? Her own husband said she isn’t trying to be hollywood. So don’t Adriana fans delusional, we know our ****. We aren’t big fans for nothing.

    ALSO did you forget she with alessandra ambrosio? The model who does call her own paps. If anything it was her paps that came.

    But anyways regular people and on lookers were sneakily instagram this shoot while they were shooting, they naturally draw attention. Stop hating

  30. 30
    And Says:

    @maya: And I saw a few people on twitter talking about seeing them and some even took photos with them and they sighed autographs for others… So no need to defend them, especially Adriana.

  31. 31
    @maya Says:

    Ale wasn’t in Miami, was she.
    That was Adriana making that call to the paps.
    And weren’t you the one that thought that just because she called the paps didn’t mean that she was a f*mewhore? So you can’t call anyone else that name. Unless you want to prove that you are a big hypocrite.

  32. 32
    LOLing Says:

    @@maya: Can you just give it a rest? You’re not going to convince anyone anything here. Keep singing it but EVERYONE knows Adriana isn’t an attention seeker

  33. 33
    wally Says:

    bish is worn out

  34. 34
    @32 Says:

    You can lie to yourself all you want. Ignore pap pics and reports of her treating people like dirt. But that won’t change the truth. You’re fooling yourself. And Adriana is making a fool of you, too.

  35. 35
    just me Says:

    Adriana is absolutely stunning…as usual!

  36. 36
    LOLing Says:

    @@32: lmao. dream on babe

  37. 37
    pantymodels Says:

    I’d love to see their careers without VS. frankly I don’t think we would hardly even see them…

  38. 38
    clueless Says:

    @vivi: LOL you’re one of those clueless people who know nothing about fashion I see. Let me guess you think VS is the end all and be all of modeling dont you? lmao. They have been modeling for over 10 years and you can count their A list jobs on one hand….nuff said.

  39. 39
    jelly Says:

    @clueless: Count their A list jobs and I’ll make a mockery.
    My girls look gorge together! The Bosses!

  40. 40
    Karrfy Says:

    Some of you are just hating because you can. Adriana and Alessandra a flawless girls with excellent careers. Keep talking but you know what’s true and what’s not.

  41. 41
    @36 Says:

    Sooooo, you’re saying that the pap set up in Miami didn’t happen?
    Wow. So sad. You think that by denying the truth you can protect your little fantasy world??
    Pathetic loon.
    Adriana posed for the paps…….again. Get over it.

  42. 42
    Jelly Says:

    Lol. She calls the paps not. As you can see, your efforts to convince people that she does is wasted. Everyone knows she’s private.↲
    And did those recent Miami photos look like someone that called the paps? Did she pose in any of the pictures? She wasn’t even wearing make up and her hair and clothes were too casual. Does that look like someone who would call the paps? She’s not a vain woman.↲
    We all know which VS model calls the paps like she needs them for air to breathe. Fame hungry attention *****. And it’s not even Alessandra.

  43. 43
    @pantymodels Says:

    You’d like to see their careers without? Victoria’s Secret. Without VS they’d be doing something else. And they’ve been doing other things that isn’t VS. They’d still be working models. VS isn’t the end of modeling. They been strongly doing high fashion before VS. Showing they would have continued in the path if VS didn’t scout them. Anyway, you would never have seen them without VS because that’s what they were meant to do. They are famous multi-millionaires and that can’t be changed. Even if they stopped working now.

  44. 44
    @jelly Says:

    Thanks for proving our theory for us. That Adriana’s fans are so insecure that they go to the other model’s threads to try to bring them down.
    And if Adriana didn’t want the paps there, why did she exercise in full view? And how did they find her in Miami?
    You’re hypocrisy is astounding. Right up there with your ignorance and stupidity. We proved that to you on the last thread that you invaded with your sockpuppets, and in the thread before that one. You had no answers to combat the truth then, and you don’t have any now. Denial is not an answer.

  45. 45
    Oh dear.... Says:

    Poor old Adriana only gets to model the loose type of clothes for VS now as she doesn’t have the body for bikinis anymore.

    Candice & Doutzen are shooting ads for lingerie & bikinis at the moment.

  46. 46
    lmao Says:

    Those pictures of Adriana you’re talking about, I looked them up and that my friend doesn’t look like someone that called the paps. The shots are faraway and look grainy, she was not put together, with no make up and all. Add up everything and that’s a far cry of someone that would call the paps. I didn’t even know there are imbeciles out there that call Adriana an attention *****. It goes against everything she stands for. A certified fame ***** is Miranda Kerr. Calling the paps 5 times a day. And attracting attention in every other imaginable. That is what’s attention whoring. But adriana!? YOU must be trolling.

  47. 47
    @46 Says:

    Oh, there’s that famous double standard. And your continued attacks on Miranda prove how insecure you are about her.
    You call a popular model married to a hollywood celeb a famewh*re because she gets papped. Usually from long distance, or in NY and LA where they camp out for her. Even calling her a famewh*re for getting papped in LAX, even though you are well aware that the paps live at LAX, Miranda doesn’t fly private like Adriana does.
    But poor sweet Adriana, who is ON RECORD for calling the paps to watch her work out, is just an innocent victim? And those pics were not grainy. They were as clear as day. Especially the ones where she is posing while exercising in front of them.
    You would do yourself a huge favor if you stopped insulting other models while holding Adriana to a different standard.
    You sound pathetic and ridiculous.
    And your trolling the threads of other models just means that their fans will come here. Fair is fair, right.

  48. 48
    lmao Says:

    Ah, you’re a Miranda fan. That explains it. You’re mad people call her a fame ***** and you make it your mission to call every other model one as well? Correct? And what are you talking about insecurity and double standards? You mean to say just because I mention Miranda, who btw is a universally accepted attention seeker, I have to be insecure and Adriana’s no.1 fan? Seriously? Tell, since when is her husband relevant these days? On top of that, why doesn’t he get the attention she get? And her pap pictures are taken from afar? You gotta be kidding me. Some of them are taken so upclose that, you’d think she or her assistant took them. It’s not just calling the paps, her whole life is centred on how she can get more attention in an way. She’d go to a tearing of a paper event. And don’t get me started about how she post nude pictures of herself on twitter. And before you say anything about how I knew that, i knew it because it was post here on jj, no doubt her and her pr team made sure of it.

  49. 49
    @48 Says:

    Funny how you try to deflect the questions about your double standards by further insulting other models.
    If you are so confident about Adriana’s perfection you wouldn’t feel the need to attack other models. But you do. Constantly.
    That says more than any of your lies.

  50. 50
    diliiiii Says:


  51. 51
    diliiiii Says:

    ***** = miranda

  52. 52
    jelly Says:

    @Oh dear….: lmao… Adriana shot for VS lingerie before going to Santa Monica to shoot for two whole days. Where is Miranda? Haha, there’s no standing a chance against Adriana so VS will start under using her. Once again.
    Why do you think everyone is against Miranda and with Adriana when they write the truth about her? Gosh, talk about paranoid. Son’t blame them, blame the truth because it’s ugly.Trying to make a famewhore out of Adriana won’t change Miranda being a professional attention seeker.
    Since it’s Adriana fans who go in other models’ threads, what are you doing here? You idiot. Stupid fool.

  53. 53
    lmao Says:

    What double standards are you talking about? Hey be serious, Miranda and Adriana have nothing in common behavior wise.
    And you’ve been here since yesterday attacking and insulting people. That’s what’s double standard Why are you implying I ever claimed Adriana’s perfect? Lawd. I don’t even post in her threads often… It’s only because it’s up the website as one of the top stories I entered. And some of the things you’re saying about me like “that famous double standard”, “your trolling the threads of other models…” Seriously, you might be a model obsessed nutjob, but I don’t have time for that. And I don’t have time for give you crazy bi*tch… So ta

  54. 54
    @52 Says:

    Where’s Miranda? On the cover of yet another Vogue, that’s where she is.
    Your continued denial of Adriana’s attention wh*ring is laughable.
    LOL !

  55. 55
    jelly Says:

    Alessandra is on the cover of yet another Vogue. Adriana did Prada this season. Yet still here they are conquering VS as always. While Miranda was just filling for Adriana when she was pregnant. Your desperate attempt of labelling Adriana a famewhore is such a desperate act. Sad really. And did you say the paps camp outside and wait for her? BAHAHA. After she invited them. Some of them don’t even know her name. IT WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE. What kind of popularity is that? One of them even called her ADRIANA.

  56. 56
    @jo-jelly-lmao-sock Says:

    You’re still at it, huh? Still going on and on with your delusions of perfection.
    Still desperately defending someone as fame hungry as Adriana.
    Someone who posts pics of her children on the Internet, and call the paps to watch her work out. Someone who is such a bad role model that she brags about going without food and water before a runway show. Someone who showed up on the runway when she was still carrying baby weight, just to get the publicity that it brings. Someone who is so unprofessional that she refused to leave the runway, and stood there looking like an idiot, waving and blowing kisses.
    Adriana is gorgeous and a very successfull, but she isn’t some sweet innocent girl. She’s a vain, fame hungry fraud who treats her fans like sh!t.
    So keep on supporting her. She’ll keep on laughing at your gullibility. As will we.

  57. 57
    @55 Says:

    I don’t know why you keep putting these girls up against each other. And I don’t know why you bring up other modeld in the first place.
    Miranda has been all over television in the new VS commercial.
    And when they made their first in store appearance, she was all over all of the entertainment shows. Just like she was for the Vanity Fair party.
    She looked amazing in the commercial, btw.

  58. 58
    jelly Says:

    what is that fairy tale you posted about Adriana? Lol… Yea… She totally refused to leave it runway not. And putting pictures of her kid on the internet and doing a photo shoot with them once. And it was called for because she’s a fan favorite. The rest is just your imagination. Haha. Miranda on the other hand have been selling her son ever since she was an infant when she posted of her breast feeding him. After that, she’s used him for his meetings with the paps time and time again and doing photo shoots with him. That poor boy. She calls the paps like it is a necessity in life. As some pointed out, she’d go to even a tearing of a paper event. This a woman who would post naked pictures of herself on the internet just to satisfy her crave for attention. And she’s so professional that she called her pap friends to photograph her using a product from her skincare line on her face WHILE SHE WAS SHOOTING A COMMERCIAL FOR SOME BRAND. what kind of sicko does that? And going against her phony lifestyle about being organic but totally feel ok promoting Clear shampoo. I guess it’s anything for attention. That must be the motto her and the like of Kim K leave by. The life of the fame ***** is full of disgust. She must be proudly holding a degree in famewhoring

  59. 59
    @58 Says:

    I love how you keep making excuses for Adriana.
    She calls the paps? Well that’s ok. On one of the threads that you were trolling, you said that even if she did call the paps, that doesn’t make her a famewh*re. Yet you use that as a reason to call Miranda names.
    It’s ok for Adriana to post pictures of her children because her fans wanted them. Yet you insult Miranda for posting pics on her Facebook. You know, for fans.
    And “the tearing of a paper”? I guess that you mean the ‘opening of an envelope’? LOL!
    I guess that you think that the Golden Globes, and the Vanity Fair party is nothing???? LOL!
    You twist yourself into knots trying to make your pathetic double standards work. It just makes you look desperate. And just gives us more and more reasons to point out not only your hypocrisy but also Adriana’s flaws.
    So delusional!!

  60. 60
    Jelly Says:

    Hahaha, Adriana doesn’t call the paps, so I couldn’t have said her calling them was ok
    And I don’t make the rules, if anyone calls the paps by the rate of Miranda, and resort to all the other pathetic things for attention like Kerr and Kim do, that’s famewhoring.
    Adriana herself posted this a few hours ago “@AdrianaLima: At the Airport getting stocked by some Italian guy who called paparazzi. Wow. People would do anything to become famous!” She was STALKED by the paps yet AGAIN! Haha, you must be stuffed with hate right now. So you see you keep on making a fool of yourself with your pointless and baseless accusations out of contempt. You desperate, desperate Miranda fan. Adriana won’t be like her even if it’s the end of the world.
    And I know the phrase, “the opening of an envelope”, it’s formal compared to the tearing of a paper (which she would attend in a heart beat)… Haha she attended the VF party and GG as if those are the kind of events she attend. That’s like two important events out of the 212252353 irrelevant events she’s attended. She’s a grasping, ruthlessly ambitious famewhore of a woman . Like I told you, accept her for who she is. haha
    Later darling, continue your denial kay? Have fun enjoying a party of one.

  61. 61
    @60 Says:

    If Adriana doesn’t call the paps, then how did they find her in Miami? I’ll tell you. The same reason that they found her at the gym before. She called them. LOL!
    And yes, one of your many socks said that even if she did calm them, it would be alright because you hold Adriana to a different standard.
    And Adriana blaming paps on some random guy is HILARIOUS! She must have got wind of our accusations. LOL
    And I love the ‘she attended those parties as if those are the types of parties that she attends’. Uhmmmm, dearie, I know that you aren’t the brightest bulb in the box, but if she attended those parties, then yes, those are the types of parties that she attends. DOH!
    You really are delusional. Sad. Pathetic. And in denial.
    BTW…… I’m more of a Doutzen fan than a Miranda fan. But I think that Miranda is more real and down to earth than that fake b!tch Adriana could ever be. I had the misfortune of meeting her once. Lets just say that while other models that I have met have been kind and friendly. Adriana. Not so much. Not even close.
    So keep up your delusions. The only one that will be hurt is you.

  62. 62
    @Jelly Says:

    Miranda will be on the cover of next months Vogue Australia.

    Is all over the tv in the VS ad looking absolutely gorgeous. Appeared on GMA & instore promoting the Fabulouse bra.

    Getting paid mega bucks for filming an ad for Japanese soap like Hollywood A listers, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt who have all promoted products from coffee in a can to styling mousse.

    Just been on the cover of High Fashion Jalouse magazine. On billboards all over Europe for Mango.

    Featured on tv & magazines all over the world for the GG’s & Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

    Mmmmm what has Adriana been doing??? Oh yes, calling the paps for her Gym workout!!!

  63. 63
    @60 Says:

    Why would some random guy, even if he was “stocking” her, call the paps?
    And how would she know if he did?
    Smells pretty fishy to me.
    Is she trying to cover up her famewh*ring?

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