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Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt grabs his luggage as he heads out of LAX Airport on Sunday afternoon (March 10) in Los Angeles.

The 49-year-old actor was returning from a trip abroad to Paris, France.

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The day before, Brad was spotted stepping out of a car for a solo stroll in the city.

Brad‘s upcoming drama film World War Z hits theaters June 21st! We can’t wait to check it out!

25+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt arriving back home in LA…

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366 Responses to “Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!”

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  1. 351
    jaliah Says:

    I was having my hair done at home and my friend switched on the tv…horror upon horror on came Ticky in **** Happens. To say that it was unbearably bad is an understatement. Ticky is so empty on the screen, it’s as if she has no personality at all. It was like watching a cardboard cut out. That and the film was generally really bad in its delivery and storyline. How on earth she gets any roles in films is amazing in itself. I remember an article in an online magazine called the Interviw, and I wish I’d copied it, where the journalist virtually called her a liar and showed her to be a manipulative person when she didn’t get her own way. I think any article of that type will have been removed by her PR. It was when she was still with Tate Donovan and they had just returned from a biking holiday with TD saying that she preferred 5 star luxury and he preferred a little B&B. Ticky was giving an interview to a number of journalists and when she entered the room she pretended she knew some of them by saying something to effect of “I remember you” with each one saying no. She was also asked if she felt she had the screen presence or something to that effect and she almost cried and said something like “do you think I don’t” with tears in her eyes. As a result she got the sympathy vote. Something she has been using for nearly 8 years now!! The other interesting thing was that Angelina had an article on the same mag and hers was incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and honest, no begging for sympathy from her. If anyone know which one I’m referring to and has a copy could you post it? I’ve searched the internet but can’t find it.

  2. 352
    Passing Through Says:

    # 341 QQQQ @ 03/12/2013 at 7:22 pm
    I replied. I also sent you something.

  3. 353
    groundcontrol Says:

    But I also think it is interesting that Jenny poo has not given him money to produce his own projects. I mean she has the money. he could get movie made for less ten 10 million. Many do
    My thoughts exactly. See, this is why I think she doesn’t have the money she wants people to believe she has.
    If she really had the kind of green that is talked about in gossip media then a simple investment of $10 mil or $5 mill or hell even much, much less could get a great indie movie made.
    So what’s the hold up? Buy a great script – there are tons of hungry writers or have Edgy Boy write one and finance it. Or better still Edgy Boy can write it and Ticky can direct it. Anf then they can both get Oscar nominations the same year. LMAO!! Oh, I have to stop I have a side stitch from laughing so hard.

  4. 354
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    @The ring:

    I don’t know why loons are losing it when you’re simply stating the facts. Fans of the venomous snake known as Jolie and her stolen brain-dead eunuch are really beside themselves with the news about JA’s impending nuptials. Why do they care so much and are so dedicated to finding out about someone they claim to loathe though?

    They know that they only way for their idols to stay relevant, Jen must be in the picture, so that they continue to feed from her success, as they have done so for the past 8 years. The Brand’s desperation is such that they’re pimping out that kid that they kept hidden for over a year, and now all they have left is schedule their WEEDDDDINNNNG around Aniston’s as last resort to be on the news.

    Poor loons, if they were so certain about their hasbeen adulterous idols not living miserable, separate lives or that they are successful on their own, they wouldn’t need to harp on other celebrities or continue to associate them to the exwife that they betrayed.

    Without Jen, neither the Brand or its loons could ever exist, that’s why they fear the day when she gets married. It’s coming loons. It’s inevitable. Bwahaha.

  5. 355
    William Bradley&The Jolie Says:

    Good Evening Folks,

    I don’t know if this has been posted. but for those of you who may be in LA area, here’s an article about how well the wine is selling and where you can order it.

  6. 356
    first and last post Says:

    re: 353 groundcontrol @ 03/12/2013 at 8:38 pm
    re: “a simple investment of $10 mil or $5 mill or hell even much, much less could get a great indie movie made.”

    the issues could be more than that…1. she envisions her money going down the tubes with a failure and therefore her money and reputation along with his…don’t forget she is very controlling …”a control freak”…by her words alone (InStyle 2004). Control freaks cannot lose or look bad without blame…is she going to blame him…wouldn’t look too good in the public eye on her part. 2. The other thought is she is very tight with her money…preferring to give away handbags and clothes that were given to her. She likes to “purchase” a sure commodity like real estate, Huvane’s media PR, friendships and fiances LOL. Is the most in cash she has ever donated $5,000 for one of those charitable Oprah events? . I can’t remember the details but it was a pittance compared to her supposed personal wealth. JT’s proven writing disappointments are not reassurance for a sure reward…not even for “love” would she do it and I’m sure he knows it by now and doesn’t dare ask aka tempers will flare with a “how dare you.”
    Now that she is in the “top dog” position in this relationship, she is not dumb enough to give favors like she asked from Pitt and got. She is not as “lovingly” unconditionally nice and secure as BP. Some single women have the “bag lady” syndrome and are consequently stingy.

  7. 357
    Gorgeous JPs Says:

    @nice: Thanks for the Wally Wine link.  We ordered a case-  can hardly wait to taste it!  PT- you  are so right- it qill be on ebay with a $$$ markup asap. Wally tweeted that the pre-orders are amazing.  Here’s a funny gif that has a little pony (Shetland?)- reminded my of the silly tab story that the JPs would be having elephants & leaping Shetland ponies at the wedding!

  8. 358
    anon Says:

    1} Girlfriend give it up whoever or whatever you are The Ring/Tasmin who gives a F**k..

    2] No one cares about ticky’s wedding or her dress. If they did, there would’ve been Fashion Designers sketching/highlighting their wedding gowns on every major Entertainment show. Like Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier and other top designers did when they heard Angie and Brad were engaged.

    3} Ticky is C-D list, we all are hoping she marries the gigolo so that she moves to Z list status. They look so out of place at the Oscars. She’s dressed like some old woman going to her prom for the first time with that dated hairstyle and Taffetta . Every time he smiles, he reminds me of a creepy pedo.

    4}. It’s obvious he’s out for the money. His lifestyle changed from living in a walk-up to a mansion. I don’t care how much the hens want to say the man did this and that. It doesn’t add up to a $23 mil mansion, travel to Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Brand new motorcycle, Benz. That’s Jay-Z and Beyonce, Brad and Angelina, Tom and Gisele type money. If you noticed hens, each one them are rich regardless of their partner. Beyonce, Angie and Gisele doesn’t need Tom, Jay and Brad to have wealth and vice versa. Those are the powerful couples darling… They are same couples that make Forbes most powerful couple list every year. #1, 2, and 3..

    5} As Brandi G would say ” Suck it” ..

  9. 359
    were the loserssss Says:


  10. 360
    Wonderbust Says:

    Yes! this post is so true and hilarious. Im lol because i remember when the duh-listed trolls claimed squigs makes $1mil a month. Still waiting on them to provide info or sources on that one. Most people including the hens didnt know who the eff squigs was before he hooked up with ticky.

  11. 361
    Passing Through Says:

    # 347 busted @ 03/12/2013 at 7:59 pm
    Busted -
    Why is it surprising that Ticky hasn’t given Squiggy any of her money to make a movie of one of his scripts? She won’t even finance a movie for herself. She’s an idiot but even she knows that’s bad investment. It’s what we’ve been challenging her to do for the last 5 years – put her money where her fish-lipped moouth is – and she never does. Zoolander 2, the Weintraub project and anything else he’s “written” off-spec are going to be destroyed his IBM PS/2 finally buys the farm.

  12. 362
    blondie Says:

    Love Song dedication for The Jolie-Pitts:

    L.T.D. – ” April Love”


  13. 363
    blondie Says:

    Well, here is another love song for Brad and Angelina:

    “Make It Last”

    by Con Funk Shun


  14. 364
    blondie Says:

    Someone commented earlier about Aniston:

    “her pores are bigger then most worm holes.
    I’m talking deep space worm holes,
    not earthworms.”


  15. 365
    Gia Says:

    Love my Jolie Pitt’s!!

  16. 366
    Guestttttttt Says:

    @anon: p
    LOLS! Valentino AW13 is “dated taffeta”?! Clearly you’re as knowledgable and familiar with fashion as Jolie’s child army is with the golden Arches.

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