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Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt grabs his luggage as he heads out of LAX Airport on Sunday afternoon (March 10) in Los Angeles.

The 49-year-old actor was returning from a trip abroad to Paris, France.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The day before, Brad was spotted stepping out of a car for a solo stroll in the city.

Brad‘s upcoming drama film World War Z hits theaters June 21st! We can’t wait to check it out!

25+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt arriving back home in LA…

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366 Responses to “Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!”

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  1. 51
    CLINIQUA Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:
    LTJP, I believe all of what you said, except for the part about getting Brad to come back to her, as dumb as Maniston is, she knows dammmn well once Brad Pitt leaves he is GONE like the wind, never to look back…getting back with her, would have been as likely as getting back with Robin Givens, maybe more so. Maniston knew that. I also believe she knows Brad wasn’t truly ever ‘in love’ with her, she knows she was rebound, she knew he wasn’t happy and was ready to turn a page, she knew he didn’t want kids with her, and even implied in the VF piece (seeking sympathy for sure, but also keeping it real):“I wonder if he ever loved me at all.” Uh, that would be no, Manny.
    Don’t get me wrong. Brad’s a good guy, I think he loved her at the outset. Not ‘in love,’ but love, he probably thought they were a team, and could ‘heal’ together as she said in her VF whinefest tell-all (<- passive aggressively alluding to the Paltrow debacle he suffered thru just to irritate Brad I'm sure)
    I think when he married her, he was still rebounding and angry and upset over Paltrow still and that framed everything he did at that moment in time…if there had been no Paltrow, there would have been no broken engagement, and no Maniston. He was still burnt and hurt and he wanted to make a go of something and immerse himself in another circle of people out of his circle, out of his 'film' industry (rat faced tv people, as Amy Poehler says,lol, but another circle nontheless – especially when the Weinsteins and Paltrow decided to strategically build up and reinforce Paltrow's 'image,' after the breakup by slamming Brad — remember, Weinstein planted headlines like: 'Ben Affleck, the Thinking Man's Brad Pitt' <- Affleck, who was brought in to rehab Paltrow, and start a new power couple was Weinstein approved.)
    I believe because of Brad being so messed up, there was probably a small window IN THE VERY BEGINNING had Maniston not been an insecure tv hack who wanted to climb up to his level and try to be a 'movie star,' perhaps she could have had a kid, and Brad being the gentleman may not have walked away, no matter how miserable he was.
    But you know what? Maniston was deaf, dumb and blind. She didn't realize Brad's niceness only goes so far, and it goes only a very short way, when the other person is a selfish stupid narcissistic twahtShe . Which Brad found out very early on IMO.
    She knew he would NOT be back, ever. I think she knew when Brad told her his feelings for Angie, and gah knows when that was, way before Angie knew his intentions probably. But the kind of man Brad is?? If he's standing in a room telling his then-wife, he can't get another woman out of his head, the man is leaving. Brad doesn't tell a woman he's enchanted with another woman, and then want to 'work' thru that (Affleck style) – NO — see, that was Brad telling the bish, he was outta there! LOL Then add to that, the pics that 'shocked her and the world,' (bahaha) seeing Brad playing with Mad on the beach…if that bish knows anything at all about that man, she knew then and there she was looking at his future family. Angie is not one to 'play,' with, and certainly not when her toddler son is involved… if Brad Pitt was with them…he. was. the. one.
    That's why the broad said she was 'shocked,' she wasn't shocked Brad wanted Angelina, he had already told her that months before, she was 'shocked,' he didn't her bidding to not publicly get together with Angelina, before she could rentadate herself. Hahahaha.
    Power of the Ange.

  2. 52
    Passing Through Says:

    # 32 QQQQ @ 03/10/2013 at 7:00 pm
    4Q -
    I watched it. That was an ugly ending but otherwise he played a great. That’s 2 wins out of the 4 tourneys he’s played this year. Maybe the people ragging on his swing changes will STFU now. Or at least I can dream they will.
    BTW – Did you notice that BDB JUST HAPPENS to conveniently be in Roger’s half of the draw? But at least Murray is in NOle’s half this time like he should be. Plus DelPo is in that half. Berdych is in in BDB’s quarter so Roger wouldn’t have to play him until the semis if he beats BDB. For once Roger didn’t get the shitttest draw of the top 4. My Boo is cute, but let’s get real – he’s #5 now that BDB’s back.

  3. 53
    JEN THE HAG Says:

    Sweet Brad @ 03/10/2013 at 8:05 pm

    I guess Brad and Angelina already got married that’s why he’s wearing a wedding ring. In the meantime TICKY is googling in the internet to get info about Brad’s and Angelelina’s wedding and whinning to HUVANE about it… saying..NO, NO it can’t be why did they married before me….. NO, NO, i won’t allow it NOOOO…bwahahhahahh!!!
    Meanwhile Toyboy is having a second thought marrying THE TICK… maybe he’d end up like Brad who went into theraphy for 2 years after marrying the blood sucking FAT TICK ANUSTON ..bwahahhahah!!

  4. 54
    guess what Says:

    Brad and Angelina have a wine now. Because why not? It’s called the Miraval Rose 2012, it sells for $139 for six bottles, and I hear it tastes like sacrificial pony blood with traces of greasy beard and afternotes of *****. It’s not for everyone.

  5. 55
    guess what Says:

    Brad and Angelina have a wine now, I guess. Because why not? It’s called the Miraval Rose 2012, it sells for $139 for six bottles, and I hear it tastes like sacrificial pony blood with traces of greasy beard and afternotes of skkankk. It’s not for everyone.

  6. 56
    susan 12 Says:

    It’s a miracle he is carrying his own luggage

  7. 57
    rj Says:

    to guess what,
    and your point is?

  8. 58
    anustin Says:

    her point????she can’t end.

  9. 59
    hopeso Says:

    Welcome back Mr. Pitt Mr. successful wine maker Mr. Man.

  10. 60
    reeven Says:



    LOVE U BRAD!!!!

  11. 61
    naturegirl Says:

    Looking good my fave. Cant wait for World War Z

  12. 62
    busted Says:

    The best quote about Brad and Angie’s relationship for me was when Angie said they both went on faith. That they could have been so wrong.

    That quote says it all. And the hags feel it too. It says that the possibility of what he could have with Angie was more of a pull and draw then what he actually had with Aniston. They did go on faith. they had no idea if things would work out. If the reality of being together would live up to the dream or thoughts they had about each other.

    Brad didn’t know if things would work out with Angie. They could have crashed and burned the way the hags predicted. But the thing was he was willing to walk away and take the chance with Angie and what they could be together. HE GAVE IT ALL UP for a CHANCE with her. And that is what makes the troll so made. And she did the same. Gave up so much for what she could have with him. That is just beyond romantic.

    suck it haters.

  13. 63
    African Girl Says:

    Awww, Jared you are such a meanie….Lol.
    It’s so unfair to place whatshisname’s picture next to BP’s. Juxtaposed like that just makes it really obvious how soooooo not good looking and stunted looking you know who is.

  14. 64
    Ellen Says:

    They look like twins!
    Brad getting the best of it, the good looking twin of course

  15. 65
    MIMI Says:

    Brad has a face of Angel. No one can compare to him.

  16. 66
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Comparing Theroux to Pothead is like comparing a fresh-looking grape to an old, wrinkled, sun-dried raisin. The media reports on how looking JT is, whereas everybody talk about how Pothead and Heroina sucked the hot out of each other. The drug addict is really showing his age and has never looked worse, even when Clooney and Deep are in the same range and they look ten years younger.

    And why is this tool smiling at the paps? Why complaining about the loss of privacy then? He should pretend he doesn’t like the attention but he’s such a bad actor that he can’t even conceal that. XD

  17. 67
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Comparing Theroux to Pothead is like comparing a fresh-looking grape to an old, wrinkled, sun-dried raisin. Ever since he started dating JA, media reports on how good looking JT is, whereas everybody talk about how Pothead and Heroina sucked the hot out of each other. The drug addict is really showing his age and has never looked worse, even when Clooney and Deep are in the same range and they look ten years younger.

    And why is this tool smiling at the paps? Why complaining about the loss of privacy then? He should pretend he doesn’t like the attention but he’s such a bad actor that he can’t even conceal that. XD

  18. 68
    umm Says:

    Take it with a grain of salt.
    According to UK Sun, Brad and Angie got marriage license at the end of last month.

  19. 69
    Just Sayin Says:

    Maniston’s gigolo looks like a criminal.

  20. 70
    Dragonfly2 Says:

    #2 you are so right ever since he’s been woman of darkness he looks awful and dirty all the time. Cut your hair.

  21. 71
    Jaye Says:

    Sweet Brad @ 03/10/2013 at 8:05 pm
    I thought about that after I made the post, but couldn’t see his left hand until the last pic. The rings, as far as I could tell, look a lot alike. Anyway, we’ll find out about a wedding when they’re ready to let the world know.

  22. 72
    William Bradley&The Jolie Says:

    Hello All. I am glad to know that I am not the only one wondering about the too rings, and both of them gold. I think the real test as to whether something is up is if we see continue to see Brad wearing both rings on both hands. Although I am more inclined to think they haven’t married yet and probably won’t until school is out for both Brad and Angelina’s children as well as all of the school age nieces and nephews.

  23. 73
    paige Says:

    I think they will have a have a late-May or June maybe when all their family are able to attend.I would love for them to marry June 15th, two days after my birthday.

  24. 74
    IMO Says:

    I think they aren’t married yet, but left hand ring signals they will marry soon.

  25. 75
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Cliniqua ……..Thank you for explaining Why Handler was Hired by Huvane.
    Excellent Post! I repost it hopefully with your permission. I hope every fan will read it.
    Don’t get it twisted. Drunk Trashy Handjob was hired and signed by Huvane to basically be Maniston’s on-call pittbull to attack Angelina on a consistent basis, so Traniston wouldn’t have to get her old man hand’s dirty. PERIOD. I bet she was made an offer to get one last public dig in on Angelina pre marriage to the tiny bald human grease spot, and Maniston just might make Handjob her Dog of Honor. LOL
    Background on the hoooure, all 3 of them (Man, Trashy and Huvsy): FACT: For 3 years after the split with Brad, Maniston whined, and moaned, and cried and was bitter and gave the cold shoulder, ONLY TO BRAD, never Angie. In fact, a) Maniston nor Handjob even KNOWS Angelina and b)Handjob never said one bad word against Angelina pre signing on Huvane’s dotted line. Also c) Handjob claims that Maniston never ever never never even talks about Angelina, EVER!
    So why the beef??
    Huvane decided, long about 2008-2009, to change strategies. The whole ‘Brad is mean, give him the cold shoulder and hate him forever like dear old Moms,’ strategy, just. wasn’t. working. No one hates Brad Pitt.
    THAT presented a problem because Maniston will indeed hate Brad Pitt for life, but hating on him in public (in print mags and on Oprah, etc), just made her look the whiny pathetic sore loser.
    In 2008-2009, the Huvane inspired one-sided CATFIGHT with Angelina was born: it debuted in Vogue, and on Oprah and the pages of GQ. in late 2008/early 2009 Designed to get back at Brad by attacking his true love, and tearing HER down, was born. Back to back to back Time Most Influential, Most Admired Top 10 Woman in the World (the only actress), Forbes Most Powerful (a dozen times at least), awards for her philanthropy left and right.
    Huvane’s goal was to deconstruct and dissassemble Angelina Jolie – to change the perception of who she is, in the eyes of the public, only THEN are you truly getting back at Brad Pitt. …and believe me Steffie Huvane misses Brad as much as Maniston does…he was all for it…and so, it began: .
    * (STOP THE PRESSES!! Maniston is…(gasp!!) saying something not nice about Angelina!!! First black President?? Who cares??!! Did you hear Aniston mention the name that was never to be spoken from her paper thin lips ever?? What’d she say…what’d she saaaaaay about Angelinaaaaaa??!!! Er, she said she was uncool. OH SNAP!!! NO she Di’INT! What else, oh she snipes some more in GQ!! CATFIGHT IS ON!! )
    A LOT of people everywhere cried in unison to Maniston: GET OVER IT BISH!!
    Not the desired effect she wanted…the LAST thing Maniston wanted, is to have people laughing at how bitter and snarky and not over it she is. Maniston couldn’t continue to snipe, as that very definitely put her in the still bitter bish camp. So a SURROGATE attack dog was needed: Huvane signed Chelsea Handjob, mean drunk bish for hire, in 2009. It was made clear, that any attacks had to seemingly spring organic from Handjob’s diseased cesspool of a mouth. Maniston could not be attached. However, her SILENCE would speak volumes. …and so it does, when Handler goes on and on railing against Angelina’s character, a person she’s never met. Some portion of the public goes:…hmmm….Angie must have done a number on Maniston…and stole Brad like they say….
    …and people wonder why I loathe those ugly rancid deceptive old cows.
    So yeah, Huvane signs the mean drunkard from latenight cable to be Maniston’s attack dog for her. Afterall, if Jen’s new bestie is slamming Angelina, that MUST mean, that Chelsea Handjob knows all the Pitt secrets straight from the Jen horse’s mouth. There must be things that Angie did, that Jen can’t say…well, you know…because she’s a “lady,” and “classy.” (Member those two words Huvane paid trolls to plant circa 2008 forward) The objective was always to get you to believe that by since Handler was constantly smearing Angelina and her bestie Jen silently acquiesced, then Handler must KNOW something we don’t…and Angie must be deserving of the drunkard’s VENOM!
    OR NOT. Make that definitely NOT. Handler is simply a hired pitbull insult dog, assigned to rip up Angelina, at very strategic times, to achieve one goal: malign Angelina, Brad’s angel, mother of 6, UN Special Envoy, celebrated philanthropist and humanitarian, and destroy her character – as that aids in narcissistic shaky fellow insecureloser boozehound TV hack Chin Anuston, feeling better about herself.
    Because the goal is thus: if you malign, and destroy Angelina in the eyes of the world, you get your revenge on the person you have sworn to hate for life, even WORSE than dear old Mom’s, BRAD PITT.

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