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Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt grabs his luggage as he heads out of LAX Airport on Sunday afternoon (March 10) in Los Angeles.

The 49-year-old actor was returning from a trip abroad to Paris, France.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The day before, Brad was spotted stepping out of a car for a solo stroll in the city.

Brad‘s upcoming drama film World War Z hits theaters June 21st! We can’t wait to check it out!

25+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt arriving back home in LA…

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brad pitt lax arrival 01
brad pitt lax arrival 02
brad pitt lax arrival 03
brad pitt lax arrival 04
brad pitt lax arrival 05
brad pitt lax arrival 06
brad pitt lax arrival 07
brad pitt lax arrival 08
brad pitt lax arrival 09
brad pitt lax arrival 10
brad pitt lax arrival 11
brad pitt lax arrival 12
brad pitt lax arrival 13
brad pitt lax arrival 14
brad pitt lax arrival 15
brad pitt lax arrival 16
brad pitt lax arrival 17
brad pitt lax arrival 18
brad pitt lax arrival 19
brad pitt lax arrival 20
brad pitt lax arrival 21
brad pitt lax arrival 22
brad pitt lax arrival 23
brad pitt lax arrival 24
brad pitt lax arrival 25

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • ITA

    CLINIQUA @ 03/11/2013 at 9:35 am
    The fact that Maniston seemingly has given People rag leaks on her supposed nuptials (upcoming) to the bald shrimp ted bundeoux, and people rag has been scking up to her, putting her boring azz on covers despite her having no horrible crap coms to promote,tells me they probably have an inkling Brad and Angie have already done the deed (courtesy of Huvane, who gets inside infor from his brother Kevin on the Jolie Pitts) — they know, they’ll be getting nada from Brad and Angie, and any covers on them they’ll have to ‘create,’ based on their own speculation after the fact. Hence People rag is focusing on Maniston, hoping to get an ‘Exclusive,’ for her wedding deets with the bald shrimp. They know Brangelina have done their thing IN SECRET, most likely.
    Thanks! Good to see someone else getting the same feeling about all the promotion of the X’s upcoming wedding. Seeing Brad wear that big gold band on his left hand only reinforces my belief Brad and Angie secretly tied the knot, and People and X got wind of it. Too late for the big “Brangelina” wedding cover story so they have put all their eggs in the X basket. BTW – My aunt thinks X is stuck with manho forever. With all the money that the X has he has it too good to ever leave. Unless he empties the bank.

  • Cassi

    I wonder if Brad brought back some JP rose wine for Angie. I remember he arrived in France with one bag and came back with one bag and a suitcase.

  • huh

    Some sites say Brad wears leather pants. I don’t think so.

  • Rose

    @Susan:#148, Susan, I love how the trolls hate Brad yet they can’t stop following him on every thread he’s on. Why are trolls wasting their time leaving comments and posting links for fans. I’ve never posted a comment on his squigs thread because he’s not important enough for me to follow his movements, who wants to follow a unemployed gigalo. Brad is the man making 35 m$ for four months work, winning!!!

  • QQQQ

    Did you all see Matt Lier (Today Show) trying to do damage control re Ann Curry leaving. Please, you wanted her gone, stop trying to re-write history. And your show still s.ucked with her gone.

  • Erica

    All Jolie Pitt kids have Brad’s swagger. I can’t get over how big Maddox is now.

  • Lmao

    Lainey is slowly turning on Brad. She knows he’s a losa.

  • were the loserssss

    Brad Pitt was solo last night when he arrived at LAX. He’s home in LA following a stint in France, where he kept busy overseeing the launch of his and Angelina Jolie’s latest collaboration. The grapes grown at their Château Miraval in the south of France have been harvested and turned into a rosé, known as Miraval rosé, and the first release sold out in a matter of hours last week. Brad celebrated the success of the wine by heading into Paris, where he was photographed shopping for furniture.

  • Shreya
  • Lmao

    @were the loserssss: you know what’s funny? I had no idea about Brad stroling in Paris for a photo-op until I came here. photo-ops don’t get any more obvious than that of Brad Pitt exiting a car and walking directly towards a camera. Ha! He is trying to build steam for WWZ but guess what? nobody cares. Like I said this is the only site that talks Pitt. I bet my ipad that Pitt wore a giant gold band on his left hand because he wants to start rumors. it didn’t work because I haven’t read one article about Pitts bling. Maddox wearing a wwz shirt might help get publicity doubt it, brad Jolie-Pitt. when you compare brad Jolie-Pitt to Ben Affleck you can see 100% that Brad Jolie-pitt’s game is slipping

  • Yap

    Cassi @ 03/11/2013 at 1:45 pm

    I wonder if Brad brought back some JP rose wine for Angie. I remember he arrived in France with one bag and came back with one bag and a suitcase.
    I wonder what’s in the suitcase too. I think you are is the wine.

  • were the loserssss

    @Shreya: AWEEE, Maddox and Pax have grown up so fast! They are really growing up into young, handsome boys :)

    God Bless the JP’s.

  • Lmao

    Brad Jolie-Pitt should do what other celeb parents who are trapped together for kids and media. Pay each other for promotional duties. Brad Jolie-Pitt knows he needs angelina Jolie’s help selling his movie. His wine sold because of the Jolie. Did his furniture or chanel sell that good with just Pitt? Didnt think so. Brad jolie -pitt is going to have to pay top dollar to Angie’s fav charity to get her at his premieres for wwz.

  • funny

    It is so funny Brad and Angie haven’t said anything about wedding. The tabs have all kinds of stories re. their wedding. Maniston has told People about her wedding plan, no one cares. Everyone cares about Brangelina wedding. UK sun’s story is everywhere.

  • Angely

    Brad looks hooott. hotsy hotsy. I like this look. i love those rose gold sunglasses.

    I’m happy he is home again with the kiddos and that he spended some time in France working and relaxing a bit I guess.

    Maddox is so biiiiiiggg. i love his shirt. Mad & Pax really rock the rock & roll style lol.

  • CK

    Brad is still the hottest man alive.

  • Angie, Beautiful Queen

    i foud this post in USmag, about “Chelsea Cry-Cry jealous -stupid girl” from the time she used to joke with Dirty-x and Angie.

    If this type of sketch is real, she is a disgusting jealous bad woman without class and the real Demon searching for attention.

    take a look….

    Diss Infectant

    Handjob NEVER used to character assassinate Angelina Jolie, and slur her name, THAT is a lie. I used to watch Handler’s show occasionally back in the day when she had better sketch comedy writers. She did bits on BOTH Aniston and Jolie (the tabloid triangle narrative), and frankly, guess who came out looking the worst? ANISTON. I recall one brutal skit Handler did on Aniston, where she had her on a ‘Dating Game’ type show, the contestants were men who were basically losers (ex-cons, 40 yr olds who live in their parent’s basements, homeless guys, etc.) while Aniston had to select ‘a date.’ Cut to the chase…at the skit’s end, all of the loser guys rejected Aniston, leaving her alone and heartbroken. Get it? Aniston’s a loser who even homeless people don’t want to date. Another sketch had Jolie and Aniston fighting and Jolie giving birth during the fight, with desperate loser Jen stealing Brad’s baby. So THAT was the kind of ‘slamming,’ Handler did prior to 2009, when she signed on the dotted line with Aniston’s PR guy, Stephen Huvane, and became her dedicated attack dog. She was to STOP slamming Jen, and to go HARD on Jolie, because Aniston could not. Aniston would make sure the press knew Handler and she were newfound sudden friends, and that way, Handler’s attacks would seem to get the sign of APPROVAL from Aniston. It would be just like Jen was right there nodding her head, and afterall if the patron saint of 90s tv hairdos, America’s TV sweetheart approves, it MUST be true. That’s why Aniston IMO, is as lousy a female role model as she is a daughter, ask her ostracized poor Mother. She’s a deceptive, manipulative ugly person. I don’t blame men for dumping her. BOTTOMLINE: Aniston and her PR flack are fully complicit with Handlers attacks, they are encouraged and agreed upon – it’s why she was brought in to Aniston’s PR guy’s stable – she’d attack Angelina’s character and slur her name, while Aniston preened and smurked behind the scenes, keeping her hands clean. That’s the story US rag needs to write, and expose. But they’re in the pockets of PR agents just like Handjob.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @usweekly on Twitter | usweekly on Facebook

  • lOl

    Why you copy that bittch laammy in here. She put him/her either to say some shiit or to attach that maniston or ex. She can’t just talk . Brad looks good and no one believe he is 50 in like 9-10 months. He is the man.

  • lOl :D

    Do you really think they married and they are playing us and say when they ready? You never know with them. But a part of me say no later this year. If they do where is the photos ? I love JPS. :D

  • lOl :D

    Forget about cuntia nasty pls I hope neither Brad or Angie address her directly. As they have been doing. If they do they must find someone like her she can answer by telling it how cun*t and cheap they are and exposing what they do and all their hypocracy for Angie not her.
    That actually would be fun.hahahha but just ignore let them flame out. Their predicgtable attack when Angie getting great news is predictable.
    This attack Bring attention to them sharing Angie’s spotlight and that is the only way for them.Try to ignore all together.

  • QQQQ

    Angie, Beautiful Queen @ 03/11/2013 at 2:52 pm
    It’s true… She used to call her a loser in love. I remember one of the dates being a plumber. The video was posted on Jared.

  • Premalee

    @ CLINIQUA – #51

    Thanks for the great post Clini. All the best.

  • Shreya

    It seems to be that losers are trying to create split between the JPs fans – they are trying to divide us fans into Angelina fans and Brad fans.

    DONT fall for these losers because we are all Jolie Pitt fans.

  • cee

    If hens go bsck to 2007 they will see that handler was vefy unkind about aAniston and thenmthe so called hen cifcle formed snd it became all about hating on Angie and her kids. Handler is a losrr and onky has friends that sre afraid of her mouth.

  • ellie’

    You may rich, but u always look help for you…

  • lOl

    @Lmao: I know you and lucian guy are from the same place probably the OLIO that is no more at FF. Tell assfelck and wodden matty off here. bye bye… And this is me being nice I hear one more you will sorry….

  • vickifromtexas

    thank you for including me in your shout out. i hope you are having a great day.
    so many lovely jolie-pitt fans.

  • lOl

    What actor everyday outing is reporting everywhere? What actor unless some story happen. dumb .

  • Premalee



    I don’t know I just feel a hunch that they are married very recently and may have the function at Chteau Miraval again. Well I think I can dream on about it even if I’m wrong. Very happy for them if they have got married secretly.

  • Passing Through

    # 123 were the moronsss @ 03/11/2013 at 10:39 am
    Well shiver me timbers, bucko! US made it through an entire article about the Jolie-Pitts without taking nasty swipes at Angie. As Ticky would say, “I’m shocked…and the WORLD is shocked!”

  • Roberto

    He looks really old…way beyond his 49 years. Not appealing at all anymore.

  • Rose

    @Premalee: Hi Premelee, how are you. Premelee, I took a good look at that new ring on the left finger, it would appears it’s two ring, one is wider than the other, or it could be the style of the ring. Perm, I want to believe they did their thing already or it’s wishful thinking on my part. Whatever it is we will soon find out :-). It would be cool if they did get married and no one knew when it happened, just like the engagement, no one knows the date they got engaged. I believe we know they got engaged in the month of April. Also, April will be one year so, maybe the wedding will be in April. I love this guessing game!

  • were the loserssss

    @Roberto: said no one ever!

  • hmmm

    Last time when Brad came back from France, one month later, they got engagement. Hopefully the jolie Pitt wedding is very soon.

  • were the loserssss

    @Passing Through: They are finally realizing that Angie is perfection.

  • Joanne

    Perfection???? What a simpleton…

  • Passing Through

    OK…that’s it! Jared has screwed me over for the last time! How in the name of Ticky Bad Movie Hell am I supposed to make fun of Squiggy if Jared doesn’t post the best pix when he’s shoving Squiggy-doing-nothing-but-walking-around-NYC-again pix? I get really irked when I accidentally find this stuff on my own. Jared is supposed to post it all so I don’t have to any work – kinda like Squiggy living on Ticky’s dime so he doesn’t have to do any work…
    Anyway…if that was posted earlier and I missed it, then excuse my ass…I know give you Squiggy x 2…and an explanation for why Suiggy’s always dressed like a 22 y.o. hipster-wannabe…cuz he thinks he’s his 20 years younger half brother…
    Hair plugs question – can they do donor grafting? You know…like you’d do a kidney transplant with a blood-type match? Maybe Squiggs didn’t have hair from back transferred to his bald spot. Maybe he got a donation from his brother? After all – Ticky paid for it so it’s not like he was worried about the cost…

  • fyi

    New video: Brad drives Cadillac XTC commercial

  • Passing Through

    I’m LMAO at Porgie trying to rock a thin mustache like Brad did for IB. Can’t he even do a ’40s look witout bitin’ on Brad’s previous look? I think he thinks he looks like Clark Gable with that thing but it gives him a creepy child-toucher look. And it looks like he’s been using that Just For Men anti-gray hair dye, too, because his hair is darker is except on the sides, which is another reason it reminds me of Clark Gable. And watch the movie come out next Oscar season and people babble on about how original Porgie’s look is. Rolling my eyes in advance…by the time the movie comes out they’re gonna be stuck in the back of my head…

  • groundcontrol

    @Passing Through:

    ., PT, Matt looks dreadful there. That damn Porgie making Matt overeat so he can look better by comparison. What an insecure narcissist Porgie is – though this may be Matt’s ticket to an Oscar.

  • a lurker

    fyi @ 03/11/2013 at 4:44 pm
    Thank you. Brad looks so gorgeous in the commercial.

  • Rose

    @fyi:#188, Thanks for the link to the video of the Cadillac commercial. omg, Brad really looks sooo handsome, beautiful photo.

  • awwww

    Swoon, Brad is delicious.

  • Passing Through

    # 147 Lainey @ 03/11/2013 at 1:33 pm
    I’m pretty sure that these long-winded posts about nothing is Lamey’s way of acknowledging that she’s got squat on the J-Ps. Lamey is just flapping her fingers over her keyboard in a random pattern and this is the bullshite that emerges after 10 minutes.
    I know Lamey is pretty dense these days but if she thinks this is the first time that Brad’s looked a little “carb faced” then she obviously missed most of 2008 when he gained weight for TOL – “for that corn-fed look” as Brad put it – and didn’t bother to lose it until AFTER Angie gave birth to the twins and he signed on to do IB. When he’s not working Brad puts on weight just like every other actor out there. See: Denzel, Leo, Porgie, Johnny Depp, etc.

  • Passing Through

    # 155 QQQQ @ 03/11/2013 at 2:18 pm
    I saw that. It happened almost a year ago and he’d have served himself better by keeping his mouth shut. Damage control after 9 months is pointless. He was just hoping that people forgot how it really went down and he could put his spin on it without being challenged. Getting the producer to lie on his behalf is just stoopid. Why can’t he just admit that he wanted her gone? Take the blame like a man. But, this is a guy who cheats on his wife as regularly as e breaths so obviously honor is not part of his vocabularly.

  • Passing Through

    # 167 Angie, Beautiful Queen @ 03/11/2013 at 2:52 pm
    For the record – I DID NOT write this…but I wish I had. If I’d ever been able to stand more than 60 seconds of Handjob I’d have known the deets of those skits. When I channel surfed and her show was on I’d see her and her panel of comedians making fun of Ticky – and Angie to a lesser degree – but I never stuck around for the skits. We’ve said all along that Handjob was a hypocrite sold her soul to Huvsy for access to his clients for her talk show. She was hired to do Ticky’s dirty work and nearly 4 years later she’s still acting like she never used to make fun of Ticky. What’s really hilarious now is that Ticky has distanced herself from Handjob and doesn’t hang out with her as much as she used to. These days, by her own admission (and Ticky’s too), she sees Ticky ever few months instead of 3 times a week. But she signed the contract and she’ll maintain the charade for as long as she has to. Handjob got played by Huvsy and she knows it. Now she looks around and sees Ticky hanging out and doing Jimmy Kimmel’s show when that used to be her. Serves Handjob right. I’m guess she’s never heard of Dante’s Inferno. Being Huvsy’s biitch has GOT to qualify as one of the 9 circles of hell, doesn’t it? Acutally…I found the list at Wikipedia. Turns out it qualifies for all 9 of the circles. That’s just how good Huvsy is…
    - First Circle (Limbo)
    - Second Circle (Lust)
    - Third Circle (Gluttony)
    - Fourth Circle (Greed)
    - Fifth Circle (Anger)
    - Sixth Circle (Heresy)
    - Seventh Circle (Violence)
    - Eighth Circle (Fraud)
    - Ninth Circle (Treachery)

  • Jaye

    Hi Fans!
    I saw Aniston’s Aveeno commercial last night for the first time. I just about fell off my chair laughing when I heard, ‘The beautiful Jennifer Aniston’. There are tons of beautiful women making commercials and I’ve never heard them called beautiful. It would be about their beautiful skin is beautiful or hair, depending on the product they’re promoting.
    So, we’re suppose to go out and buy Aveeno just because Aniston is using it? I bet she ran home took a shower and put on her own high priced skin product. Is anyone stupid enough to think she use Aveeno in her private life?
    She was never beautiful, even in her prime. I guess she got beautiful with age. lmao! Yeah, right. Anyway, leave it to the narcissism queen to make a product endorsement all about her. I don’t even think they said anything about what the product does that would make you want to use it..This woman is truly sad and her agent is laughing all the way to the bank.
    She’d better hurry up and marry her unemployed man before her face starts melting, melting, melting. Aniston is indeed the gift that just keeps on giving.

  • Passing Through

    # 190 groundcontrol @ 03/11/2013 at 4:55 pm
    LOL, GC. I think Matt Damon’s been looking a little chunky for a while now. Considering Porgie’s history with WWII era dramas he may want to slow his roll on the old Oscar homefront.

  • guest

    @ premalee
    ITA, I think they are pulling a Janet Jackson. They are already married and will tell the public when they are good and ready. What is your take on this Ms. Rose? you were the first to spot the engagement ring. I don’t comment as much as before but I do Love Ms. Rose..

  • groundcontrol

    leave it to the narcissism queen to make a product endorsement all about her. I don’t even think they said anything about what the product does that would make you want to use it
    That’s the first thing that struck me about the commercial, too. Well that and the untterly laughable pronouncement that the endorser is “beautiful.”
    The ad says nothing about the product. For all the viewer knows It could have been a vat of lard to attract rats to your arms and legs to chew off the hair. I read that Aniston gets rid of the hair on her arms which seems completely weird and body obsessed to me.
    But, yea, no one believes she uses it personally.