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Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' New York Screening!

Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' New York Screening!

Gerard Butler suits up while attending a screening of his upcoming film Olympus Has Fallen held at Tribeca Grand Hotel Screening Room on Monday (March 11) in New York City.

The 43-year-old actor was seen posing with his co-star Angela Bassett, director Antoine Fuqua, and producer Alan Siegel.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, Gerard‘s co-star Aaron Eckhart attended an advance screening of the film at Regal Union Square in the Big Apple.

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Z Zegna suit. The Cinema Society & Roger Dubuis hosted the screening and after party at The Darby.

25+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler attending a screening of Olympus Has Fallen

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gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 01
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 02
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 03
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 04
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 05
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 06
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 07
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 08
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 09
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 10
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 11
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 12
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 13
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 14
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 15
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 16
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 17
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 18
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 19
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 20
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 21
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 22
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 23
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 24
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 25
gerard butler olympus has fallen new york screening 26

Credit: Marion Curtis/Dave Allocca; Photos: Starpix/JustJared
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  • Alina

    Good luck with your new movie Gerry!

  • Hubba Hubba

    Dang, Aaron Eckhart looks gooooooooood!!!!!

  • ash

    Loved you on Howard today!

  • Lord Love a Duck

    I am sorry gals, but I find this whole thing so funny. I caught up with the thread and can’t stop laughing. Good grief the BG thing happened a couple of years ago didn’t it. Well, if not it sure seems that way. I can’t even comment on it thinking everything that could be said has been said in so many different ways. Gotta hand it to him, he may have fallen in the manure pile, but he will come out smelling like a rose. Life goes on Lolita and he will be just fine. At least he sung happy birthday to mum. See, it’s looking better already. Sorry, bordering on hysterics….all to surreal. Oh btw, mel gibson and 11 other celebrities have been hacked.
    What’s this about mg being upset? Tears are flowing.

  • http://deleted question

    Where can you see the entire interview?

  • So obvious

    Ash=PR person.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @question: I don’t think it is up yet, maybe tomorrow ytube.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @ash: I liked it too ash.
    Overheard: Harvey Weinstein tells Antoine Fuqua (dir Olympus Has Fallen) “he made a big effing commercial movie and killed it”

  • kelly

    wow gerry is looking good nice suit and angela is looking great i luvs her cant wait to see more threads hi to all the regular posters luvs yall to woot woot let the post go to 700 lol but can we not talk about the gf? enought allready!!!!!!!!

  • just me

    Wow….they actually make a cute couple! :)

  • Victor

    looks like it’s going to be very good can’t wait to see it

  • WTF

    @just me:
    I know, him and Angela Bassett make such an adorable couple!!!!!!!!

  • Gerard Butler da Cliche Douche

    So gerard butler lies in his men’s journal interview saying that he met Madalina Ghenea when she was booked for the Super-Max commercial, invited her to iceland right away and now says that they met in NYC and he went to Milan to meet her right away, which was what – right before Cannes?
    Is he lying so much to cover up for the fact that Madalina Ghenea got the Super-Max job BECAUSE she started banging Gerard Butler? I mean duh. The casting call was posted after they already started banging each other, so everyone already knew that his story about being meeting her when she was booked for the spot was a lie and lame cover up. I wish he’d just say, “yeah, I got a girl a job right after she started banging me because she was banging me.”
    It’s not like he’s above doing such a thing. I mean he’s out there saying that he banged Brandi Glanville at some party without even knowing her last name, like THAT’s a cool thing to do, and that’s why he claimed not to know her when asked by the paps. Which of course is BS because Brandi Glanville said it was like a week of fun, and if everything else she said it true, that’s probably true too. If Gerard Butler was banging a girl for a week and didn’t bother to learn her last name, then he’s a real douchebag.
    Oh and hey Gerry, check this out –
    ONLY TWO YEARS TILL SHE’S LEGAL! She’ll only be 5 years younger than Madalina Ghenea was when you started banging her, and less than 5 years younger than Martina Rajic was when you hit it. So in two years, Abi will be just about at your speed! Besides, Maddie will be 26 and over-the-hill by your standards by then, so it will be time for you’ll be looking to move on anyway.
    What a cliche douche Gerard Butler has turned out to be. Guess the guy never figured out that no one is going to take his films seriously if he acts in a way that makes it impossible for people to take him seriously. What an idiot.

  • Totally Useless Information

    I’m giggling. I knew Brandi was telling the truth when she first talked about GB. People generally don’t name names unless there’s a spark of truth in what they are saying. And now GB is fessing up like a good little boy who needs PR for his movie. And notice he keeps calling Little Maddie a girl, she’s a great girl he said. He’s got that right at least.

  • Jeremy

    Angela Bassett is STUNNING. The woman literally hasn’t aged a day. Her skin is utterly flawless. I’m just in complete awe here, staring at her. haha. And she doesn’t look overworked or stiff in the slightest. Cray cray, man.

  • Haha

    The question is not who he slept with and whether he remembers her name or not. The real question is what happened to Gerard’s career?

  • Haha

    Gerard’s career is a JOKE.

  • WTF

    Someone as beautiful and as accomplished as Angela Bassett wouldn’t even give a scan/k like GB the time of day.

  • Blandville

    Looks like old lady dried up leather

  • Blandville

    Brandi does, that is. She looks like an 80 year old in that bukni

  • Gerard’s Career

    …is a joke in Hollywood. This is his ‘last chance saloon.’ He is considered a ‘has been’ and ‘washed up.’

  • jerk or drugs?

    Is Gerard Butler a jerk or in some kind of drug meltdown like Charlie Sheen? Why would he say the things he said on Howard Stern on purpose? Talking about telling Brandi Glanville that there are some things he wants to keep private in the same breath that he tells Howard Stern’s entire audience that he’s spreading his junk to girls whose names he doesn’t even know at parties? While dating a girl like Madalina Ghenea who’s made a name for herself by sleeping with Leo DiCaprio, and now him, and tipped off the tabloids to her relationship with Gerard Butler by posting pictures of herself on Facebook everywhere he was reported to be, including a visit to his family in Scotland? Why does GB think Madalina’s spilling the beans is okay but Brandi’s wasn’t? Because Madalina is a hot young young and did I say young bikini model? Is he agist, like he’s okay with everyone knowing his sex life so long as it’s with a hot young piece?
    And why does he think it’s okay to shag girls without even knowing their names and then bitch about them not protecting his privacy?
    Gerard Butler should be forced to keep his nose in his toilet until he’s reminded that his s++t stinks. Unless he’s in full on Charlie Sheen meltdown mode in the which case someone should get him help. When someone can’t keep track of their stories about their personal lives the way GB obviously is struggling to, there’s most def something fishy up.

  • The Howard Stern Show
  • TeaCakes

    You guys are forgetting that Gerry was banging Brandi when he was using and drinking. He was a wreck that summer of 2011 and into the fall. Superskinny, anyone remember? Then he lied again in interviews saying he “only wanted to go to rehab BEFORE it got to be a problem”.

    Sorry, not buying that. His using was already a problem evidenced by his wasting away and being superskinny. It was just like what happened to Matthew Perry during the Friends years. They are so high they forget to eat and lose interest in food.

    He’s so FOS no one except deluded hardcore phannies would buy anything he says. After a couple more weeks, he’ll slip into obscurity since he has nothing ahead to film and no new films coming out after OHF. Some of you will have to mentally prepare for a long dead dry spell with virtually no news. Deal with it, LOL.

  • http://deleted question
  • Lick

    It is completely obvious after that interview how crazy he is about MG. It sounds as though they have a wonderful relationship.

  • cupcake

    Hi ladies. How was every one’s weekend. Well gerry looks good. Can’t wait to see OHF. The Howard Stern interview was interesting. That’s the most he has revealed about his gf. Let’s hope their relationship lasts.

  • stop

    Really lovely. Just missed speak of love. When he has truly loving a woman of respect, he will not do that sort of thing … BG. Because a woman decent and respectable, no subject yourself to this exhibition about another, for the simple reason that he would lose her forever. Let the guy promoting his movie without bringing that barnacle to the site.

  • http://deleted question

    best wishes to them!
    Stern has such a talent to get the essence.
    good interview.

  • Jean

    Angela is so gorgeous.

  • Gerard Butler’s Career

    He will marry Madaline and have children.

  • Can I just ask?

    @Gerard Butler’s Career:

    But who will have the children for them as transsexuals like MG cannot have children.

  • Good girl

    From twitter 2 h ago
    i can’t believe im next to Gerard butler at avenue
    I love new york

    @Gerardbutler im the bitch that poked you while you were coming out of bathroom at avenue and you gave me adirty look.

  • smile madalina, smile

    I may be wrong but wasnt the timeline Gerry bangs Brandi, brandi blabs to the press, Gerry happens to have her number or knows her well enough to look her up and phones her to say how upset he is as he is a private person, Gerry says who’s brandi to the press? In which case his Stem denial of knowing who she was at that time is a blatant lie, albeit sugar coated with a return 11/10.
    I go back to an esquire? interview of the early noughties. They sent a reporter who didn’t know who Gerry was. His ego was so bruised he put on a phantom cd and sang along to it to prove he was famous. He was fascinted by the guy, who had met his wife and mother of his kids on a bus while travelling in south America. Gerry asked how he picked her up and remarked how hot available Brazilian women were. He seemed to admire the guy in a rather sleazy way.
    That’s the real gb-needy for fame and attention due to youthful insecurity, user and viewer of women in the base sense, eternally immature , not genuine in what he says to get what he wants.
    Gerrys behaviour has improved since he met maddie, but he still falls well short of where a decent, nice, hardworking mature man of 43 should be. I think he’s even belatedly realised what a hash he’s made of his career, and fb/Twitter is his attempt at self publicity now he’s almost persona non grata in HW. I love the self deception that he thinks news if more travelling and no real work will be exciting for us to read about? Either that, or the picture of some lackey posting the only thing they can guarantee he will do-have another holiday or jaunty shop opening-makes me chuckle. Kudos Amy for the sarcastic humour!

  • Good girl

    Very interesting Gerry have FUN with Brandi
    then he have FUN with the amazing gf!
    FUN according to Gerry means SEX. That all what matteres for him SEX.
    That kind of love wont last because there is always awoman better in bed and he wanna have fun. Good for you MG.
    Forget about the wedding.

  • Roobee

    Just listened to Howard Stern, I do not get this relationship at all after 10 months he still can’t say he loves her! I listened expecting to hear something sincere but all I heard was a joker making light of anything committal! A lot of his fans don’t like her but I think he would start gaining a bit more respect from them if he just put an end to this, is it real/is it fake stuff right now! 3 options dump her/declare you love her or admit she a FWB, none of these options will make your film go down any better or get you better acting roles but it will make you look less of a jerk for playing stupid games!
    I’m Mad that I even care and every day I think I’m not looking on here anymore cause its madness, but I can’t help myself the whole thing is an addictive mystery!

  • TJ


    Yes he’s so crazy about her that when he was never once said he loved her and when he mentioned having a family one day he didn’t say it was with her. He doesn’t see a future with her at all.

  • http://miaestefania milagros

    HAPPY BRITHDAY AARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 45

  • http://JJ Bonnie

    He said on HS interview she was not talking marriage ,he best look on her FB page .Her fans are going to be so p/issed of with her when this all goes pear shaped.
    Also he has just lost more fans with her poster “I don’t give a F… What you think” .Because she is obviously aiming it at fans.As he tries to build fans on his FB to get more fans to go see his Film she is doing the opposite on hers,silly wee lassie.
    Fans on his Facebook are only on it so they can brag about having him as a friend on Facebook,very few of them will go see his film.
    It’s all one big farce and so funny,can’t wait to see how it all turns out…..

  • Lick

    @Roobee: What I heard was a guy gushing about how wonderful his girlfriend is, how smart she is, how they’ve had their “moments” indicating that they have normal spats, while trying to maintain just a bit of privacy with Howard hammering him. He also made it clear that he pursued her at first. This is a guy in love.

  • Ladiesfashionsense

    Gerard looks good. Angela Bassett is stunning as usual. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Get Real

    @Lick: Actually no. He isn’t in love. He’s only in “deep like”. After almost a year, he only deeply LIKES her. He also has no intention of marrying her. The man isn’t as stupid as some people think.

  • I’m prepared for the brickbats

    @Gerard’s Career:

    “…is a joke in Hollywood. This is his ‘last chance saloon.’ He is considered a ‘has been’ and ‘washed up.’”

    HTF would you know that? Pfffft

    On another note: I’m seeing OHF tomorrow and I CAN’T F**KING WAIT!

  • premiere

    Totally agree with #42. Nice pics…GB’s three-piece suit looks great…and AB looks fabulous…stunning is the perfect word to describe her.



    It sounds like “wonderful for now.”


    And why in the world would he still have Brandi G’s # to text her now? If I was his girl I’d surely mind if my guy still had some old sex partners #.

  • Tia

    I think he likes, cares for a lot deeply & there’s different types of love but he’s not in love where’s he’s possesive about her or madly in love which ppl would expect! The long distance gives them the right balance to the relationship & when asked about marrying her he didn’t seem to optimistic I don’t know if I got it wrong but seemed that way! She’s keen on being famous & he knows that! I think if he was looking for a wife he wouldve spoken diff about her maybe! They like each others company for now will have to wait n see I’m sure if she was the one he wouldve made it clear he gave a great stepping stone as ppl ate aware of who she is n got noticed so he’s done her a favour and by the way he pursues most if the women he hooks up with nothing new there!

  • http://racoonsdancinginthesunshine GFW

    “The real question is what happened to Gerard’s career?”
    It was torched with fire.
    Look at him. Does he look happy? Proud? In “deep like”? Hell no. He looks miserable, tired, angry and frustrated.
    And now he has to come up with lies to convince himself he doesn’t care his hard work and once cherished career in such a short time went up in fckin’ smoke.
    But sadly, she’s not to blame for all of it just the last nails in the coffin and she does not care. This is what happens when Hollywood taps your weakness then feeds your addictions. And his so-called his ‘friends’ do not care about him… if they did they’d intervene. It is why it is called the City of the Fallen Angel. Gerard Butler is the worst case scenario of what is all wrong with Hollywood. So many are shaking their heads wondering, “What happened to Butler? Such promise? Such “dedication”? Such drive and ambitions to do it all??”
    I hope the film does well. It’s a fantasy flick for certain and seems to have an audience! A big payday my guess because we all know the No Fly Zone would prevent such bullshi+ to ever take place. The trouble is, he’s officially unemployed now with only one voice role on the burner.
    So in the way men are, deep down, if they aren’t secure in their work earning respect from it, big decisions never take place like his little concubine is hinting at… that’s just to get you talking about her. His stupid as a box of rocks baby-girl control freak so narcissistic and pathetically insecure can deviously play with his fans, the few that come here, all she wants. She’s an embarrassment to him and we all know it. He couldn’t even look the camera in the eye when talking about her. The body never lies.
    Men don’t and can’t love women they don’t and can’t respect. And of course someone is always in the wings isn’t she? She is.



    Yeah… deep like.