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Ian Somerhalder: Warner Brothers Party at SXSW!

Ian Somerhalder: Warner Brothers Party at SXSW!

Ian Somerhalder poses for pictures at the Warner Brothers TV Party held during the 2013 SXSW Festival on Sunday (March 10) in Austin, Texas.

“Been an amazing day- good night y’all” the 33-year-old The Vampire Diaries actor tweeted as he wrapped up his day.

“Such huge @Is_foundation support here- thank you all so so much.I meant what I said,help us collaborate with us” Ian wrote on his Twitter that same day.

The day before, Ian hit up the Drinking Buddies after party at the festival, while his girlfriend Nina Dobrev stepped out in LA for the John Varvatos Stuart House benefit.

10+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder at the WB Party for SXSW

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ian somerhalder warner bros party at sxsw 01
ian somerhalder warner bros party at sxsw 02
ian somerhalder warner bros party at sxsw 03
ian somerhalder warner bros party at sxsw 04
ian somerhalder warner bros party at sxsw 05
ian somerhalder warner bros party at sxsw 06
ian somerhalder warner bros party at sxsw 07
ian somerhalder warner bros party at sxsw 08
ian somerhalder warner bros party at sxsw 09
ian somerhalder warner bros party at sxsw 10

Credit: Tim Mosenfelder; Photos: Getty
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  • Alaia

    He pulls the strangest faces. Male Renee Zellweger.

  • sheigh

    What’s the duck ? I can’t stop laughing!

  • jess

    GRINCH. Seriously, someone tell him to stop it.

  • connie

    So strange looking…is he out yet?

  • amy

    He looks great for 35. I had a friend with a weird smirky smile like that. Ian should stop that. Looks so silly.

  • Alison

    LOL his face. He’s become such a cartoon with all the CG tweets. Not a chance.

  • Charity

    Ian Somerhalder = hot sexy man! Love him for his charitable work! Hope he enjoyed meeting everyone in Austin and had fun collaborating with those that have his same interests. Looks like Warner Brothers went all out for him. Nothing like working and yet having fun and enjoying what you do. Way to go Ian!

  • jenna

    @Charity: I think it’s great he does stuff for the environment. But if people don’t start taking care of the homeless or poverty. The rich people will enjoy the environment and the tree’s will look pretty. I find it really funny that he’s asking his fans for money. Meanwhile he’s wearing clothes given to him free, he drives a car for free, he travels for free, eats and stays at swanky hotels free. All he has to do is mention the name of whatever and he gets it free. I’m sure ANYONE would have and do stuff for a charity if they could get and do and travel for FREE. Of the milllions of dollars he makes how much does he give? Guess that’s why the old saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  • Junie

    He always has such a weird expression on his face, especially when he smiles Dude – when they take your pic, DON’T SMILE!!

  • Staceppa

    Wig. Wig. Wig


    Butterface. Butterface. Butterface

  • Susan

    @Staceppa: you’re stupid. stupid. stupid

  • Isabella

    @jenna: I tell you what, don’t talk about his foundation if you have NO CLUE what you’re talking about!
    Ian works so hard for it, barely sleeps, every money he gets for attending those conventions goes into ISF! He would have a lot more money for himself if he wouldn’t put every dollar into his charity! Ian is amazing, and doesn’t deserve any hate! But JustJared is so messed up all the time, so much haters and trolls here…discusting! :(

    And btw, Ian is one of the hottest celebs out there…hating on him only makes you guys look stupid!

  • Salena

    His new weave looks better. Think he needs a new direction, not too much coming his way as far as opportunity.

  • MV

    Guys if you don’t like or respect Ian you shouldn’t read an article about him. I understand that everyone has an opinion but spreading hate it’s no good. Ian is really passionate about ISF and work really hard for it. He is trying to make a difference, at least he should be respected for that.
    And yes, for many of us he is hot.

  • connie

    I read articles about him to see what they can say good about such a fame whore. He is a joke!!

  • Jane

    In the 7th picture where he is “smiling” to the side, look at the back of his hair. like wtf? ran out of wigs/weaves/tupees to wear?
    And for all of you cray crays defending him, he is alway asking for something…donations…votes…
    He is a horrible actor, that is why he has not even been in one major movie for the last 5 years, and this show will be the last thing he has going for him.

  • MV


    As we say in Greece: μην κρίνεις εξ ιδίων τα αλλότρια.. Probably you will not understand what i am saying cause it’s in ancient greek, the language that speaks about POLITISM, something you don’t know about.

  • Ted

    Ian you are so Hot!!! Like you best without that lopsided grin…

  • Daniel R. Duffy

    just as Jack explained I didnt even know that anyone can earn $9677 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you read this page… http://www.snag4.ℂom

  • jenna

    @Isabella: Get a clue. He’s a millionaire and gets so many freebee’s. I’m sure anyone you know would give up their real job to live his freebee life.

  • aashy

    What a bunch of haters…and spending more than 2 minutes of precious life on him,way to go Ian!do what u want,have fun!and good luck with ur work!

  • Peaceman300

    Follow me @This_Is_Eddy on Instagram!

  • ash

    Get back on the air already! Can’t wait for next week!

  • guest

    OMG teenage girl who thinks that Ian shadows their beige princess started hater comments.LOL
    Grew up kids. He is mature,talented man. He is hot and intellegent but not vein.
    Whats the point to mention Nina in each and every Ian article?what to post only about her not enough comments under?

  • Juliana

    You know the saying if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything all? The Ian hate on this site is ridiculous. If you don’t like him, why are you reading an article about him and looking at his pictures? Plus the gay comments are getting kind of old. He is not gay. Period.
    And people actually think that the Nina/Ian relationship is a publicity stunt? LOL. Wouldnt’ they flaunt it then? instead they keep their personal lives private, as they should be.It has been clear for at least 2 years that they are very much together. I understand why they don’t want to confirm anything, if they would then that would be the only thing they would ever get asked about. Instead they are professionals. I think what Ian is doing for the environment and so on is wonderful, not many people would do as much as he is doing.
    I just don’t get all the hate, there’s no point to it. And bashing how he looks? He is one of the best looking men in the world, get over it.

  • sania

    Go Ian,you rock :):) & since when did your haters start spending time looking at your pics and spend their precious time dissecting you..?Amazing …it’s so much easier not to open and an article about someone u don’t give a damn about..but I guess you got enough of lovers and haters too Ian,that’s what you get with fame..;) keep smiling gorgeous, and let nothing come between your love for what you do& your happy smiles…it’s always good to smile even it’s a smirk or anything it works as long as u know that you are smiling…even if your face brings on a ton of volatile attacks at you don’t stop smirking ,it’s such a happy smirk :)

  • Sandy

    WOW Ian is sooo awesome that even haters can’t stop talking about him! Woot you go Ian >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Haters!!!!!!!!!!

    @Jane: its part of the haircut you bitch! Gosh how old are you? Go get a life!

  • Sandy

    Ian is super awesome and if you can’t see it you’re either jealous or just plain stupid!

    I have a feeling its always the same bunch of people who come here and spread hate….I actually pity you guys!

  • Isabella

    @jenna: I work with ISF and obviously its YOU who has no clue! Do you even know how much it costs to build a Animal Sanctuary? Its more than you can ever imagine!

  • Isabella

    @jenna: he worked hard for everything he achieved! You sound a little bit jealous, aren’t you?

    One more thing.. Ian can not, and I repeat this CAN NOT bear the costs for this animal Sanctuary alone! ( he already does give so much into this project) … I will never understand how someone can hate him! You don’t need to donate money if you don’t want to…Ian doesn’t force anyone!

  • Sasha

    Ian is amazing! Rare person will use his fame for benefit of another, but Ian did.He didn’t use his fame to attend fancy restaraunts for free he used it to make this world a little better. Not mention he is really talented actor and handsome but down to earth man! So shut up haters

  • Jos


    You must be following a fake Twitter account then. Because Ian doesn’t tweet about the CG role. If you look at his Twitter account, it’s all about his foundation and other interests. Check your facts before you post things you obviously have no clue about.

  • http://@eleitaliana Ele

    I love the friendship between Ian and Kat Graham I believe that their friendship is real, genuine and sincere