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Katie Holmes: Tennis Pratice with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Tennis Pratice with Suri!

Katie Holmes walks hand in hand with her precious daughter Suri while heading to tennis lessons on Monday (March 11) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress’ six-year-old daughter was seen carrying her racquet in her Hello Kitty backpack.

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The day before, Katie and Suri were spotted leaving a building with a gal pal in the Big Apple.

In case you missed it, Katie‘s upcoming film Responsible Adults is currently in pre-production.

Responsible Adults is a romantic comedy revolving around “Baxter Wood (Chace Crawford), who realizes that his crush, med student Liz Quinn (Holmes), was his babysitter 15 years ago.”

FYI: Katie is carrying a CH Carolina Herrera bag.

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katie holmes tennis practice with suri 02
katie holmes tennis practice with suri 03
katie holmes tennis practice with suri 04
katie holmes tennis practice with suri 05
katie holmes tennis practice with suri 06
katie holmes tennis practice with suri 07

Credit: Jae Donnelly; Photos: INF Daily
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  • Raquel C

    Suri is very sensitive. She is not the only celebrity child who is followed by the paparazzi and won’t be the last.

  • Asdfg

    Suri’s so shy!

    Poor girl!

    The paps need to stop hounding her! Take pictures of her mother but leave Suri alone! She obviously doesn’t like to be photographed!

  • mik

    ooh poor kid :D but getting better you know.

  • Anna

    I feel very sorry for this child…it’s almost painful too watch…

  • shia

    @Raquel C:
    But, she is the only one celebrity child who was followed almost everyday by the paparazzi, and this is the so-called “normal life”.

  • Suri’s Body Double

    she’s playing a “med student”????? she’s pushing 35….WTF???

    Her mother loves being photographed….eats it up. This is EXACTLY what she wanted, LOL.

    that kid looks mildly autistic, btw……

  • Suri’s Body Double

    Looks like Suri is crying again….Mom forcing her out to the Paps…you’d think by now Suri would be used to it. It’s kind of abusive. Maybe the child psychologist told KH to keep pushing her out into the cameras and “eventually she would get accustomed to it….”LOL. This kid isn’t normal. The only other children that were showered with this much pap attention were Princes William and Harry…..they behaved well in front of the cameras. Don’t remember seeing them cry and carry on like this one does most of the time. Like I said….mildly autistic.

  • Suri’s Body Double

    @shia: Her mother pushes her into this scenario. Look to the mother and you will discover….for the father is no where to be found…….

  • Raquel C

    #5 – I know you don’t mean it literally but Suri was NOT followed everyday. We didn’t see her until months AFTER her birth when they did an exclusive with Vanity Fair. That added fuel to the fire as far as when Katie got pregnant because they claim to have met in April 2005 and two months later June 2005 were engaged and by the following April 18, 2006 they claim Suri was born. And since Cruise famously jumped on Oprah’s couch proclaiming his love for Katie, this only drew more attention to themselves. People began to follow them but didn’t actually see Suri until MONTHS after she was born in a Vanity Fair photoshoot. Many people speculate Suri is older than she is and was born in January 2006 and not April 2006, and Cruise is not the biological father. At this point, does it matter? But everything about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri has been controversial.

  • Raquel C

    Before the Internet, unless you were a devoted fan and saved your magazines you could easily forget the dates and certain pictures. But this is the age of technology and all you have to do is run an engine search with certain names or phrases and there are the photos, videos, articles or wiki information, IMDB, etc. Celebrity is big business so you know a lot of people have their personal Iphones or digital cameras have duplicated the number of paparazzi out there.

  • Aly

    @Asdfg: The paps are not interested in taking pics of Katie alone,Suri is more relevant than Katie and her boring figure.I feel for the kid,Katie forces her to do these photo ops and smiles while Suri is always crying and scared.For me,it’s abuse.Suri will never get used to the paps because for her it’s forced,not natural.Most celebrities kids don’t behave like that in public.Suri’s childhood and adolescence will never be normal.Having a talentless media-wh*re as a a mom,and a workaholic as a dad,she’s doomed for the rest of her life.
    Oh,all Katie’s movies flopped hard..with this one won’t be
    Med student…she looks at least 40 right now.They will need tons of makeup to make her look younger…lol

  • Ocean13

    I agree about the Internet added fuel to the need for pics of celebs and children. Big money and fans crave more. Look at us

  • Asdfg


    Good to know, I kind of figured that is what was going on! It’s sad! Katie could easily fade into the public yet she chooses not to! What does that say about her parenting morals? She likes all the attention!

    Both Katie and Tom are awful parents! I feel for Suri, too! :/

  • Asdfg


    If it’s in the child’s best interest I could careless about seeing pictures of celebrities children!

  • Raquel C

    #11 – I agree with you about the paps not being interested in Katie. Its not a matter of opinion its a fact. If you look at the pictures posted they are focusing more on Suri than Katie. When its Suri and Katie the comments jump, but even now it’s low compared to the glory days of Cruise, Katie, and Suri from 2007 through early 2010. I think that was their peak. That’s when shopping at Barneys and going to premieres dressed to the Nines with her husband Tom Cruise was still a thril. Afterwards the paps still followed them but there were too many times when you just saw Katie and Suri walking around. And that was because Cruise was working trying hard to run the studio he co bought United Artists, preparing to film several movies to resurrect his frailing his image and career. Things turned around for him with Mission Impossible 4 but he had to lobby hard to be in the picture. Paramount Pictures’ Sumner Redstone didn’t want him in that movie. I think Katie knew the movies Cruise had scheduled back to back and he was not letting up, he was going to get busier and busier and her career was on a downward spiral and who knows what else was happening with Suri, but one thing for sure the fact that Suri was already six years old and possibly in need of some medical treatment or therapy was not lost on Katie. But like the New York Times newspaper said after they reviewed the play Dead Accounts, maybe Katie Holmes is really just a pretty girl from Toledo, Ohio.

  • kayla

    I’m shocked to see this child with a coat and leggings on because usually she’s wearing no coat and her legs are bare in freezing weather!

  • annie

    All over the net , there are pics of Katie without Suri, the paps followed her to and from the theatre every single day, I have yet to see a pic of Scarlet Jo H, she’s a bigger star than Katie, the paps know exactly where her theatre is, but they don’t seem interested.
    Why shouldn’t she take her daughter to tennis, or gym, or ballet., or outings with her friends, are the paps going to dictate how they live their lives?
    Most of you are the same person posting over and over, and some of you go all over the place bagging Katie, the same people.
    Brad Pitt used to have 100′s of comments, now not so much, , you mean his popularity depends on comments from places like JJ.
    Oh please!
    Look at the comment #16…..the child has been dressed in tights, scarves coats all winter with hundreds of pics to prove it, but she carries on with nonsense anyway.
    I’ m telling you… guys are loopy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At least I’m a fan, from way back, but what are you?

  • Question

    Why does JJ continue to report on Responsible Adults as though it will actually get made. It obviously got the red light. Films are not in preproduction for three years unless it’s Godfather II or something epic. This was just a cheap rom-com arranged to keep her out of Tom’s hair while they were married.

  • Tiff

    @Suri’s Body Double: I think
    you’re more than mildly autistic!

  • Hoppy

    If Scarlett Jo wanted to be photographed like Katie does, trust me she would be. Celebs know if they put themselves out there to be seen, they will be. The ones that want their privacy keep a low profile and then the paps lose interests and move on. Katie wants us to know that Suri is taking Tennis lessons. Katie wants Suri to be an actress. She said that on Letterman. It would be great if Suri wants to do that she said. No celeb parent says that. She and Tom are the worse parents. Tom said the paps get some great photos of Suri. Is he nuts! Suri hates the paps. And that idiot Tom loves the photos they get of her. Poor child.

  • Raquel C

    #17 – Agree with you. Scarlett Johanson’s play on Broadway is selling tickets so she doesn’t have to be walking outside drumming up attention to be photographed. Katie is so transparent. Aside from once seeing her photographed at a Lakers game with Tom Cruise I’ve never seen her at a pro basketball game. One always sees Jack Nickloson, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the Kardashians (for Odom), etc. Not too long ago we saw Katie with her new agent walking in during the half time and sat right in the front. Why? To get her picture taken because she is being thought of as someone that is always carrying her almost 7 year old daughter. This is from someone that calls her so intelligent, magical, amazing, etc. Actress Anne Hatheway always makes fun of her on Saturday Night Live and the Ellen Show.

  • Raquel C

    At this point of Katie’s career, that movie Responsible Adults, and the other one she made that is untitled are dragging to be released because they are going straight to DVD (if they ever get released). Whether you like Katie or not, she has been involved in too many projects that were NOT successful. And she has lost her major backup of influence, Tom Cruise which means she got a lot of her gigs because she was married to him and his influence helped her get jobs & start a fashion line. No, the comments on this site don’t necessarily mean you have fans or not but I find it incredibly dumb for someone to compare Brad Pitt and Katie Holmes in the same ball park. First of all, last year according to Forbes Brad Pitt made 24 million dollars, secondly, you do NOT see him walking outside everyday courting the paparrazi. You usually see Brad Pitt at the airport but rarely walking outside going for a long stroll. A year or two ago he was nominated for Best Actor for Moneyball. Brad Pitt doesn’t need this website to keep him in the celebrity blogs, Katie Holmes does.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Is Suri still going to that school? Those leggings of hers look like something she wears to sleep.

  • rubyz

    This little girl has been taught absolutely NO coping skills. In order to keep her mother relevant, the paparazzi will continue to be part of her life, for better or for worse. If Holmes is willing to offer up her daughter for public consumption on a daily basis, she should be willing to TEACH HER CHILD TO COPE!! (or move the h-ll out of NYC and give the child some privacy — she won’t do this, because she needs to be where the paps are). Holmes ought to be ashamed of herself.

  • Never See Suri Reading

    Scanning through the Central Park photos….Suri has that blank look on her face….starring into the distance the whole time KH is playing with her hair, talking to her….and no response from Suri….Katie is smiling and making stupid happy faces….the big smile TommyGirl smile….no response from Suri…just the blankness….if that whole outting doesn’t scream autistic or ausbergers, I don’t know what does……

    check them out at zimbio dot com

  • annie

    Why don’t you go and scan the pics from the Melbourne park, with Suri and TC when Katie was filming DBAOTD instead. Or the park in Canada where TC was fiming K night and Day, with Suri running through the park chased by her mother, and by the water with her dad.
    You see a beautiful happy playful child, full of life, unaware that the paps were in the distance.
    You see what you want to see.
    Didn’t sream anything, but adorable child to me.
    Go check that on Zimbio, and everywhere else.
    The child doesn’t like the paps , get over it, and leave your nastiness in the loo, where it belongs.
    By the way a loo is a toilet!

  • Norma a Suri Supporter

    Here is the video that goes with these pictures. Suri is afraid of the paps and at one point looks like she going to start running.

  • Never See Suri Reading

    @Norma a Suri Supporter: Why is she still “afraid” of the paps when the occasional times other children are with her, those children are not “afraid”??????????????? Same age children as Suri, and NOT afraid of the cameras. And those children have not had cameras in their face since they were 3 months old.

    The public is not stupid….this kid so obviously has some type of developmental disability. Many who have autistic or aspergers children can see it plain as day in this child. KH isn’t fooling anyone and neither is TommyGirl….the absentee father. It is somewhat common for fathers of developmentally challenged children to abandon them. High functioning autism.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Someone mentioned the park in Melbourne? LMAO! Thank you for reminding people the heist of the shamarriage! Suri was an innocent extra there, playing for the paps with her pimp momma and her gay boss.

  • Stimming
  • Norma a Suri Supporter

    In the last recent pictures we see Suri has become very sensitive and baby like, having a meltdown while getting off the van last week and this week, walking into the Museum and suddenly crying. The only thing can be is IF she did indeed visit with Cruise as it was recently reported, he coddled her, spoiled her and she had the full attention of her nannies and his sisters and she wants that life back. Which child wouldn’t? Only a parent that loves her child would love and discipline her.

  • Norma a Suri Supporter

    A few weeks ago Suri was doing so well. She was going to school, seen wearing different jackets and coats, stockings, enjoying wearing hair accessories, seen with Katie and other children walking, going to her dance and gym classes, going to see Sleeping Beauty at the Lincoln Center, etc. And now Suri is having meltdowns and being very emotional and sensitive. Something changed. Good luck to you Suri.

  • @norma

    Katie’s seems a mess too. Three weeks of the worst herpes breakout since Tomkat and now she just looks rough.

  • vps

    Hi! I really love this blog. Tell me please – from where do you have information for ths post?

  • Never See Suri Reading

    @@norma: She’s pushing 35 and still carries herself like a 15 year old from Dawson’s Creek…I mean….she had access to the best in the business in acting lessons, speech lessons, modeling lessons, dance lessons and she is just soooooooooo unsophisticated. She’s the face of Bobbi Brown and she always looks unfinished and a mess. She looked unhappy with Cruise as time went by, but she carried herself better with him (except the last 3 months or so being married). Too much sugar, caffeine and cigarettes are wearing on her…..oh and a failed clothing line and no real job prospects.

    i think both her and her daughter are on mood medication.

  • Never See Suri Reading

    @Norma a Suri Supporter: It’s called pervasive developmental disorder. Suri is 7 and is having temper tantrums of a 2 or 3 year old. She has been in school and among her peers for almost 6 months now. It is not normal for her to be “afraid” of the paps, hiding her face, wanting to be carried or throwing these frequent tantrums and crying jags at least once a week that we can tell. It isn’t just “being spoiled”…..something if off with her.

  • Bella

    It’s fair to conclude that Suri’s school does not have an underground or back entrance. Right? Isn’t it then fair to conclude that Tom has NEVER been there? I think you guys may be right about him being against her education. He has had free time to go on vacation to Croatia and we know he doesn’t shoot everyday. Why not see your kid’s school? Then again, maybe he saw it over the phone.

  • Womb For Sale
  • st…st…st….stimming
  • st…st…st….stimming

    I mean….WTF???? Who has the audacity to argue there is not a developmental disorder here:

  • Fiona

    Suri is ONLY a spoiled child.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Never See Suri Reading: she also looks like 90% of other 6-7 y/o’s. if u watch her with other children, Suri is very engaging. That does NOT scream autism or Aspergerger’s. shame on u for labeling a child!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Suri’s Body Double: Attention getting- NOT autism. Must u forget that she is the child of recently divorced parents.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @st…st…st….stimming: u guys r nuts