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Gerard Butler: Madalina Ghenea is Amazing!

Gerard Butler: Madalina Ghenea is Amazing!

Gerard Butler suits up in Z Zegna while attending the Q&A session for his new film Olympus Has Fallen after a screening at AMC Loews Georgetown 14 on Tuesday (March 12) in Washington, DC.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined by his co-stars Angela Bassett, Aaron Eckhart, and filmmaker Antoine Fuqua.

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The day before, Gerard and Angela attended a screening in the Big Apple.

Gerry recently gushed on Extra about his new girlfriend Madalina Ghenea.

“She [Madalina]‘s amazing. I’m having fun. I’m very lucky, she’s a great girl,” Gerard shared.

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Credit: Paul Morigi; Photos: Wireimage, FameFlynet
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  • Sonya

    Madalina Ghenea is a gold digger, famewh.ore, and a wannabe.

  • Sion

    She is beautiful and they make a great couple

  • bystander

    I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing them the best. I hope their relationship is everything they both want it to be. It’s not up to anyone else to judge what that should be, it’s their relationship, not ours.
    But meanwhile, pass me the sick bucket!

  • Hanz

    Come on, he’s an old liar and she a prostitute. But are perfect for one another.

  • mxm78

    Madalina Ghenea must give “amazing” BJ’s because she has no other redeeming qualities.

  • LA nights

    Is Gerard Butler promoting OHF or MG? It’s getting hard to tell.

  • bystander

    @mxm78: how unfair based on a few tweets and photos, and a lot of fan jealousy and supposition. She’s smarter than he was at her age-she knows she needs formal training to truly enter the acting business. She has had a settling influence on his behaviour, only time will tell if its true love or just being in love. My only worry is if she’s too accepting of his misdemeanours, but in the long run he may love her enough to want to grow up. Meanwhile its his career that needs CPR. Why not show he is also smart and formalize the lull after OHF to enter RADA for a couple of years?learn how to really act, earn respect from the industry, and have the ego knocked out if him by younger more talented peers.

  • more promotion

    @LA nights:
    JJ is really helping sell MG to the masses right now. JJ justed tweeted this and made sure Gerry saw it:
    JustJared com ‏@JustJared
    Gerard Butler: Madalina Ghenea is Amazing! Check out @GerardButler gushing about his girlfriend…
    11:45 PM – Mar 12, 2013

  • oh please

    I’ll believe Madalina Ghenea is going to get formal training in acting when she actually gets off her lazy and does it. Madalina says a lot of things that aren’t true. She’s as much of a fake and a liar as her boyfriend is. No wonder they “understand” each other.

  • So

    To say he was so private it’s like one extreme to another yes we get your dating but it’s getting a bit too boring now! If he really loves her then there’s no reason why a man won’t marry you end off!

  • Posicionamiento Web

    They make a great couple!!

  • what?

    wow….pathetic, bitter and nasty fangirls…no surprise there

  • janet

    Look like JJ is trying to help do damage control for Gerry after his Howard interview made him seem like a sleeze who sleeps with someone he just met and doesn’t even know her whole name (if you believe that) That is all that is all over the net about Gerry, not his new movie coming out.
    I guess JJ thinks that pointing out he has a girlfriend who he thinks is amazing will make him look less sleezy – like the manwhoring is in the past. JJ seems to avoid stating their ages since the difference it is quite large and could be seen as sleezy and predatory by
    Butler, and she as young with a Daddy fettish. .
    I think she is just lovely and stunning. I just wish she was10 years older so that they would have more opportunity to have things in common and be at the same place in thier lives. Because I think they make a beautiful couple. But a person changes a lot between 25 and 43. They may have some common interests now that change drastically as they grow older. Gerry has almost a 20 year lead on life experience.

  • Alina

    —-”Madalina Ghenea is Amazing!”
    Gerry, your GF deshovaya disgusting wh/ore!

  • xyz

    which prostitute isnt amazing after all, now really please bear with butler, what was he supposed to say?

  • Mag

    Having fun to read… make my day…please continue…

  • Good girl

    @LA nights: exactly, why he keep talking about her in every interview he should talk about the movie..ok Gerry we get the message few months ago we know you have agirlfriend but guess what? everybody does so it’s not abig deal..
    And you sayed you are private! I don’t understand what kind of private is this? I used to be afan of Al pacino and John cusack they never hide there girlfriends although they never talked about them why? Because they are real private.

  • Robert R. Vance

    as Francisco said I didn’t even know that some one can get paid $9872 in one month on the internet. have you seen this link… http://www.snag4.ℂom

  • Maddy u makes me sick

    GB has a new movie and the big new is his girlfriend is amazing?
    Wow her PR people is better than him.LOL

  • Big yawn

    Wow, JJ sure is in GB’s pocket. Every other blog and show is talking about Brandi, but JJ comes up with this for a new thread? Pretty sad.

  • Amazing

    Anyone that follows GB knows he calls everyone and everything amazing. How is this news? It means nothing and this constant attempt to sell this person is getting annoying.

  • Mmmhmm

    Wasn’t he just going on and on about how “amazing” Jessica Biel was? LOL. i wouldn’t be feeling too special if I was the “girlfriend.”

  • Angeliina

    Every single picture has a headline saying “Gerard Butler: MG is amazing” and they are all about OHF and are posted to AE, AB and GB … Embarrasing GB …. Shame on JJ …. This should be about the film and NOT all GBs BS about this gf….

  • hmmm…very cosy
  • hmmm…very cosy
  • Hohoho

    Whoops, I forgot to change my moniker from Xmas time.

  • xyz


    u need glasses or neurons or both

  • xyz


    shes even less than that

  • xyz


  • she’s amazing…

    Yeah, she’s an amazing sl-uu–t. What a ho butler is….and this girl is just a flea, jumps from on head to the next head

  • was on Leo’s balconey

    now she’s on gerry’s balconey! ho ho ho

  • Good girl

    @hmmm…very cosy: nice photos!!!!!
    Come on let’s give little Maddie some tips… I’ve got one if she wants to knock Brandi out she must do something unexpectable like cheeting on Gerry then the whole media will talk about the hot super model who cheeted on Gerry when he was madly in love with her. Admit this is avery interesting subject… then we gonna have the one who got away, and the one who cheeted on him.
    But if she really loves him please give him achild … let him grow up.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    More photos from Washington D.C., courtesy of the Russian GB site:

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Blechhh

    Please stop writing about this chick. Can’t you see no one wants to hear about her? Wake me up when she does something worthy of a blog entry.

  • Aussie

    I think they make a wonderful couple and i’m very happy for both of them.Madalina is an exceptional woman on all accounts!

  • Heh

    Here comes the Aussie/LOL cheerleader trolls. So predictable.


    @Blechhh: This is so childish , who are his PR the Little Rascals !! She musta threw a pissy fit ! Waaaa , they/re talking about Brandi and not Me ! Waaaa
    GB what did you do call jj and tell them to start a new thread ? Next call you make after your movie fails , should be to DrPhil to help you get your balls out of your Funbag gf mouth.

  • So

    Lol I find it hilarious she keeps digging at me lol in other words strokes his ego telling him how fantastic he is & is okay with him flirting with xy& z that’s y she’s amazing! But bear in mind he says that about every woman co star he’s worked with so nothing exclusive their what a doormat and it’s always about him how selfish she gets me, digs me, lol accommodates me all about him as usual he doesn’t want a real lady who’d tell him how it is & give him a reality check

  • It seems to me

    Isn’t it time you all moved on?

  • totheclueless

    @Good girl:

    I was at the D.C. Q an A. It was 98% about the movie, you moron. Stop guessing, gossiping, and showing your low I.Q.
    The movie was a thrill ride. Everyone in the audience was having a ball.
    And Gerry could not have been nicer afterwards. He approached his fans, took pictures and was simply charming.

    What a load of crappolla here. Goodbye and good luck with your “I know everything because I read it on an internet gossip site.”

    I thought I’d stop by here since I found both Gerard and the movie amazing. Carry on with your ridiculousness.

  • DocP

    I don’t know why you guys are surprised. We all know she reads the comments here. No doubt she’s upset and went to Gerry complaining about his fans and how so many don’t think there relationship is real. Of course he is going to defend her and support her. They are dating guys, you would expect your boyfriend to do the same for all of you. She has more power over Gerry guys than his fans, that’s just common sense. If you don’t like her, that’s fine you don’t have to sleep with her. Just don’t talk about her, if this is a deal breaker in being a fan of Gerry’s then guess what? You don’t have to be a fan or better yet you don’t have to talk about his personal life. Just move on ……..

  • Pass the Torch

    What a load of crappolla here. Goodbye and good luck with your “I know everything because I read it on an internet gossip site.”
    I thought I’d stop by here since I found both Gerard and the movie amazing. Carry on with your ridiculousness.

    Yet Butler obtrudes the gossip since his movies can’t do it anymore.

  • was on Leo’s balconey

    @DocP: why dont u move on biiiii tch

  • Reminder

    DocP, it isn’t necessary for people to be fans to post here. It’s a gossip site, and as long as they are shoving her out there for public consumption, people are going to comment. She is not well liked, and that’s just tough luck. Besides, if people “move on” as you say, what will you do all day?

  • Control freak

    Quit trying to control what everyone else does, DocP. Worry about your own posts, and leave everyone else alone.

  • Pass the Torch

    @DocP: You don’t have to be a fan or better yet you don’t have to talk about his personal life. Just move on ……..

    Gerry would sh*t a brick if fans did just that.Not be a fan and move on.

  • DocP

    @was on Leo’s balconey:
    Fine don’t move on become a frustrated lonely old maid who will never accept that your idol is into a Romanian Model/actress. You hurt no one but yourself. He’s not going to break up with her because of a few crazed fans who can’t accept the truth. Stay stare at the car wreck, that way you won’t see the car coming up behind you to ram you in the

  • P for Peabrain

    Maybe if GB, and especially his barnacle, via her fb page, kept their business to themselves, then people wouldn’t have anything to talk about. I think you’re forgetting he was just on HS talking about his junk and an old hookup. Classy and private, lol.

  • Toto

    I think she’s partly popular because you lot give her far too much importance and make her popular it will kill her of we stopped taking about her! She defo reads here as she’s done things blatantly obvious in reaction to some of the comments & he only started mentioning n saying nicer things when she put him under pressure! Pictures posing Wyeth rings to tip ppl off! Y do u check her FB it’s sad!