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Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Screening & Q&A!

Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Screening & Q&A!

Gerard Butler looks handsome while posing at a screening of Olympus Has Fallen on Wednesday (March 13) in New York City.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor introduced his latest flick and also answered some questions from fans!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The night before, Gerard suited up to attend another Q&A for the flick with his co-stars Angela Bassett, Aaron Eckhart, and filmmaker Antoine Fuqua held at AMC Loews Georgetown 14 in Washington, D.C.

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Rogue jacket, Henley shirt, and John Varvatos pants.

Be sure to catch Olympus Has Fallen in theaters on March 22nd!

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  • Autumn

    Handsome Man as always! It makes me proud to be Scottish.


  • Lord Love a Duck

    Good girl Autumn! Nice to see you. So looking forward to seeing the movie. He does look wonderful.

  • Alina
  • Alina

    Olympus Has Fallen afte party, The Darby NYC

  • asdafsdfasdf


  • asdafsdfasdf


    The Trousers Have Fallen

  • Amy

    I can’t wait to read all the comments. GB posts are better than his movies.

  • Tasty

    @Alina: Thanks for sharing . . . not the most flattering butt angle.

  • African Girl

    Every time I see this guy’s picture, I ask myself. …what is the appeal?!!
    It is beyond comprehension how threads on him have more than 10 comments with supposedly sane women fighting over him…..Seriously when did gross and smarmy get added to the hubba hubba factor list?

  • Misery

    @Alina: Let me put a dime in the Juke Box Baby!!!Whoohoo!

  • cupcake

    Love the butt crack shot.

  • DocP

    That is not a flattering view for anyone. The guy needs to wear underwear for Pete sake. Wouldn’t that cause chafing , not wearing underwear. Ouch!!!!

  • vikki

    with or without underwear he looks good

  • Get some pride

    African Girl — “Every time I see this guy’s picture, I ask myself. …what is the appeal?!!”
    It’s not how he looks though. It’s the way he talks and acts with women.
    >Denying the Brandi Glanville then and then trying to make it seem “ok” by saying he just slept with her without bothering to learn her name? Like she was some kind of tool?
    >Talking about Madalina Ghenea’s breasts and when he did and didn’t sleep with her on Howard Stern like it’s his place to spread her business to the world because he belongs to her like an object?
    Lying about how they met to cover up the fact that Madalina shagged her way into one of Gerard Butler’s commercial spots?
    >Choosing to date women like Madalina who are HORRIBLE examples for young girls with the way she jumps from famous man to famous man, and surgically altered her lips to get an unrealistic image of beauty, like young girls don’t already struggle enough with body image and self image in the world of photoshop. Choosing to sleep with porn models like Martina who also objectify women.
    >Saying that what he loves about his girlfriend Madalina is that she digs HIM.
    Who would want to date a man like that? Women who want respect have to date men who give respect. Women who date men who don’t respect women have no respect for themselves. All I’m getting from Gerard Butler’s latest round of press is that he has low standards when it comes to women because he doesn’t have much respect for them, and Madalina Ghenea has no pride by pimping herself the way she does and letting her boyfriend talk about her like that.
    Can you imagine Daniel Craig discussing whether or not Rachel’s breasts are fake, when he did and did not touch her for the first time, or bragging about sleeping with women without knowing their names?
    Gerard Butler has made both himself and Madalina Ghenea look cheap and tawdry. Ick.

  • goodgravy

    Did toxic fungus eat off his underwear?

  • Sir Reggie


    OMG, goodgray! You’re hilarious. So glad he let us know that he’s wearing his Calvins. Which is more wrinkled his face or his bum?

    Who gives a rat’s fanny whether going commando causes chafing? Surely you can recommend something for jock itch, diaper rash, toxic fungus and/or crabs.

  • commando

    @DocP: Think about those crustypants ge wears for days on end without washing, it would be hygienically revolting! Don’t new jeans leak colour? Someone had a dyed d**k last night!

  • What now?

    @African Girl:

    You really have to stick around–then you will answer your own question.
    This guy is a hoot to follow. There are no other celebrities out there that can shock you more.

  • What now?

    @Sir Reggie:
    Wonder if he put his Calvins on in the plane, cause he didn’t have them on in the airport.

  • What now?

    Can anyone say “plummers butt”. LOL

  • Sir Reggie

    @What now?: Maybe he borrowed Alan’s —– ewwww.

  • Alina

    Entertainment News

    Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart attend Olympus Has Fallen European Premiere in London, April 3
    6:31 AM – Mar 14, 2013

  • Lyla J.

    Hope he had to take off his belt for security and that is why his pants are falling off. Wow, Gerard, nice view. That is a half-as/sed job of mooning. No bum, er, I mean, pun intended. If you’re gonna moon us, Gerard then do a proper job of mooning us. Haha. Is this to replace the one-finger salute now? Lol

  • sunny afternoon

    Interesting article…. Cindy Crawford explains how the age gap between her and Richard Gere was the cause of their divorce.
    “They divorced in 1995 after just four years of marriage. And Cindy Crawford admits that it was the large age gap – she was 25, he was 42 – that led to the demise of her marriage to Richard Gere.”

  • Breaking News

    Olympus Has Fallen is fantastic! Saw it last night. Edge of my seat the whole time. Sorry haters, you lose this round!

    BTW, he looks really good in these pics!

  • Christopher T. Hertzog

    as Dennis replied I am in shock that people can profit $4658 in four weeks on the internet. did you read this link…

  • Lyla J.

    @Breaking News: Overall, I think his fans would like nothing more than for him to have a movie do well at this time. Sounds like the majority of the reviews so far have been favorable. Looking forward to seeing it. Not hard to get the husband out for this one. And yes, I agree, he does look good here.

  • DocP

    Gives new meaning to the term blue ba.lls :)))))

  • Rosa

    @Lyla J.: He’s giving us the vertical grin, aka the backeye slice. Lol. GB, you’ve got a little butt cleavage going there. This is fun… Hope OHF is a hit for all involved!

  • fan no more

    Even I have to admit he looks good here. He cleaned up well for this event, and the clothes look good on him. But I’m sad to hear he’s smoking again. Bleh.

  • http://hookersmakeyoulookundesireable GFW

    He’s got a film that could be a hit! I hope he gets his acting bug back. Talent is a terrible thing to waste. He seems to have lost all his drive and ambition and isn’t inspired by those physically closest to him. They let him roll over when he should be getting out and hustling.

  • I think…

    Oh, this one’s going slowly.
    Do they have a contract with this site? Can’t believe there’s a new thread every other day!
    That butt crack shot is not something nice to look at, seriously.

  • easy easy
  • easy easy

    “The drama between Glanville, 40, and Handler, 38, was ignited last week, when the Chelsea Lately host dissed Bravo’s Real Housewives during an appearance on the Watch What Happens Live After Show with Andy Cohen. “I think that franchise is kind of a terrible thing,” she told Bravo executive Cohen, who helped bring the Housewives series to fruition. “Women shouldn’t be making money off of the fact that they have fake boobs, and a fake vagina, and a fake whatever. I actually don’t support that.”

    Gee maybe Chelsea can bring that up to GB next week on the show.

  • I think…

    I don’t love Brandi, she can be really rude and nasty, but I admire her honesty, she is real.
    Two things she should worry about: her kids and turning people in this business against her. If she’s ever blacklisted that will be the end of her 5 mins of fame.
    Just sayin’

  • DocP

    @easy easy:
    Did you read what Brandi tweeted regarding her sleeping with chandlers lesbian friend and a few others. This women seriously needs to have her mouth sown shut, she does not help her PR. Then again maybe all she cares is trying to sell her book and she doesn’t care about the long term ramifications.

  • Paisley Greene

    I’m so excited for Mr. Butler. All the buzz from advance screenings so far suggest that Olympus Has Fallen will do very, VERY well at the box-office. I’m sure that comes as a disappointment to those who get malicious pleasure from the misguided notion that his career is on the skids due to a few questionable role choices.

  • easy easy

    Well Chelsea is no better really. She seems to think her drinking problems are funny.

  • oh chelsea

    Yeah if CH hates fake chicks and many of us do might she mention to GB like come on Gerry what is with you banging fake chicks. Oh that almost sounds like trannies don’t it?

  • http://hookersmakeyoulookundesireable GFW

    A new bus riding friend said she watched 300 so many times she lost count. We got to talking about his acting in that and I was saying how he breathed life into a graphic character taking it from flat to form. He acted like his life depends on it.

    Did he rest on his laurels in a few films thinking offers and scripts would never dry up? I wonder what he’s offered or hasn’t been lately?

    What I hope is this rekindles his acting bug so he can do it all. Surely there is roles he’d like to do? I don’t like his being turned into a personality by the way things are going. Make sense?

  • oh chelsea

    @Paisley Greene: Wasn’t there similar buzz coming from the advanced screenings of his last 3 movies? You know before the critics released their reviews. Didn’t someone tweet they had to sign a confidentiality agreement at one of the screenings?

  • http://hookersmakeyoulookundesireable GFW

    Another thought is if he and Antonio director do well, he could find his “go to” guy for future projects? I’ve always, since my days wanted after 300 for him to work with the best directors. I feel for whatever reason his choices of films were great but the directors were not. That the films had potential story-wise but the directing/editing, whatever ruined them. Not him. He is always the best in all his films.

  • http://hookersmakeyoulookundesireable GerrysTransitLoungeOwner

    I think Cindy was way smarter than Richard too. So many things, people don’t realize, need to line up to make relationships work.

  • DocP

    @easy easy:
    At least she has some funny moments, I just feel bad for Brandi. They had a clip on Condensed Soup about this and she looked bad, of course it was on the E channel same station as the Chelsea Handler show.

  • http://hookersmakeyoulookundesireable GerrysTransitLoungeOwner

    @oh chelsea:
    For once, this isn’t a film for reviewers. Hard to explain. It’s an action thriller, period. It’s for fun and that’s needed these days. Take the stuff from 9/11 away and just roll with it.

  • So over it.

    @Get some pride: Thank you!

  • So over it.

    @What now?: Yeah, he’s like a train wreck. You wanna look away but just can’t.

  • http://hookersmakeyoulookundesireable GerrysTransitLoungeOwner

    Brandi is disparate and wants to sell her book. She even publicly thanked Butler for saying he had a single tryst with her… that it meant a lot to her. Yet, this isn’t the kind of press I like Gerry getting ‘known’ for. I’d hate to see him fall into the trap of being famous for once being famous. Or being famous for his personal life rather than his amazing acting abilities.

  • So over it.

    Pants on the floor, pants on the floor…….don’t you all see he’s “mooning” you? Wake up!

  • So over it.

    @Breaking News: He better make a good flick and soon.