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Miranda Kerr: Injured From Car Crash?

Miranda Kerr: Injured From Car Crash?

Miranda Kerr tries hiding her neck brace under a scarf while out with a friend on Tuesday (March 12) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old model was reportedly involved in a serious car accident on Monday (March 11) and had to be rushed to the hospital.

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“She is in a lot of pain but really, we are just glad that it was not more serious,” Miranda‘s spokeswoman Annie Kelly told Fairfax.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr wearing a neck brace in Los Angeles…

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  • a

    ..cannot believe this sh&t made the 6 o’clock news — don’t worry about drones or the disgusting footballers who tried to abuse a woman.. nope.. let’s worry about miranda kerr!

    and if she was so hurt what is she doing walking around the next day? -_-

  • Dudley A. Brown

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  • @1

    Someone was hurt in a car accident, and that inconvenienced you in some way?
    We all know that anything involving a celeb is newsworthy. No need to whine like this is the first time this has happened.
    But why are you wasting your prescious time commenting on a gossip site? If serious news is all that you are interested in, why aren’t you on CNN? MSNBC? FOX? Or out spending your time circulating petions to stop the drones? Why are you here at all? Could it be that you are a bit disingenuous about your rage?
    Yeah, I think that’s it. Next you will be blaming Miranda herself for the news coverage.
    And BTW, if she is out of the hospital, she was cleared by the MRI. She probably has some pain, and strained muscels in her neck, maybe even whiplash, and the brace is to protect those muscles as they heal.
    Since you are so very worried about the human condition, how ’bout a tiny little bit of sympathy for this particular human? Or are you so hateful that you wish ill upon her? Come on, what type of person are you, exactly?

  • sal

    Aww, poor Miranda. I hope that she is OK.

  • a

    @@1: LOLLLL
    you want to seek help?
    and i can comment on what i want.. when i want.. so calm your ti*ts!!

  • a

    ironic coming from a mkerr fan that congregates with other fans (because you all seem to post @ the same time so don’t act like you don’t know each other on here) with people who bully others/throw around racist slurs around/insult someone and victim blame.. but no no.. “haters” are the problem -_-
    you need some new material.
    but honestly i think you just like to argue

  • a

    @@1: “Or are you so hateful that you wish ill upon her? Come on, what type of person are you, exactly?” —- here’s a nice example of a fan girl who think she’s a freakin therapist on just jared.

    btw I was disgusted with the news not her idiot

  • BlueSarah

    Wait if shes on a neck brace how tf did she put on those skinny jeans??

  • crazy

    All this fuss because she was involved in a car crash and has just a neck injury? Dont get mad please!

  • @crazy. #9

    The driver of the other car was arrested for dangerous driving after slamming into the back of her car. She was rushed to hospital for an MRI scan. She is now wearing a neckbrace because of being injured.

    Wow hate to be a member of your family or a friend if you think it’s a lot of fuss just because of a neck injury, so callus!

  • wtf

    @@crazy. #9: People are getting mad because she just has a neck injury! All this is nonsense. She’s not in a wheelchair. She still can do modeling for VS which is more important so please, dont delete my comments for speaking truth Jared or whoever. This woman can perfectly walk, talk and work.

  • Transport Mobila Bucuresti

    I work all day long with machines and automobile so I know how dangerous this cand be. So i hope she will be oky

  • an

    I hope she is ok , well she seems in pretty good shape to me . Love her shoes :)

  • Sickos….

    The Delphi “haters” are at The Daily Mail newspaper site posting the most horrible things about Miranda & her accident.

    Just shows how very very jealous they are of her that even when she’s been in an accident they still can’t stop being so spiteful & nasty.

    Shows exactly what type of people they are, beyond twisted.

  • It almost looks that some people are disappointed it wasn’t more serious. If you’re not interested, don’t comment, but at least be more civilized, or at least more human about someone having a car accident.

  • Curious

    Some people are saying that Orlando was seen checking into a hotel earlier this week and is not even in LA. Is that true? Does anybody know where he is? Surely not back in Aspen again.

  • This

    Fake b!tch will do anything for attention. How convenient that the news and the paps ‘catching’ her come almost right after the other? This opportunist. Why is there no sighting of the accident? I thought she’s so famous the cameras followd her everywhere? Why didn’t witnesses go to social media outlets to cash in on the story first, as it is with other celebrity accidents? If it really happened or was that serious and if she’s important. And where is the car? Surely it must be damaged. Why didn’t anyone see her enter or leave the hospital? No report of a 911 call or the arrival of the police or ambulances. Just like it is with normal celebs. Prove that she’s not a standard celeb and is nothing but a cheap attention ho. ‘News’ only ever comes out when it’s convenient for her.
    What kind of woman is this?
    And if her husband was indeed spotted somewhere else? How come he’s also with her and the son? She’s so shameless. All she stands for is vanity.

  • ha

    Don’t you mean “PROOF that she’s not a standard celeb”, Jello? XD
    Why should there be a sighting of anything? Are you honestly saying that you’re angry because there aren’t any images of an accident?
    Really, you’re grasping at straws to twist things into making an accident in which she was hurt her fault. It’s a new level of crazy…

  • Joker

    Didn’t her publicist in Oz say her “husband was taking very good care of her.” How does he manage that from out of town. Maybe he hired a nurse for her, LOL!

  • Come

    We’re supposed to take her word for it? Puh-lease. Wearing braces means nothing. When Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan and Halle Berry etc etc were involved in accidents, the news could not wait for days. It broke within hours. The exact location/spot were reported and pictured. Onlookers took pictures with their cell phones. The cars were shown. Even the hospitals they were admitted to became known facts. The paps photograph her all the timeyet they missed all of that but they found her again when she went out with braces?
    You tried girl. You can do better.
    Always thought people were being unnecessarily mean to her. I guess they see more than her smile

  • ha

    The accident happened in a freeway. Not a place for paps or witnesses, if they want to be safe themselves. Check the facts before doing something as terrible as doubting something this serious

  • Mari

    oh :(( i love u Miranda! get well soon and shine the world just like before! <3

  • This

    More convenient for her that it happened on a free way. She’s a joke.
    @ha: “Don’t you mean “PROOF that she’s not a standard celeb”
    When did you drop out of school? Middle school? No more than 10th grade?

  • @19

    She also said that he was by her side. Another lie?

  • ha

    @This: I can tell the difference between a noun and a verb. You can’t. Who dropped out of what exactly?
    It’s not very convenient for you that it happened in a freeway, it exposes you as the cruel, shallow person that you are.

    And what makes people think OB is not with her?

  • Anon

    Glad that Miranda is okay. The Delphi haters have gone over the line claiming she was not in an accident and is doing this for PR. They are sick individuals.

  • Tazo

    Hehe the onyl person who would fake an injury is Kim Katrashian. We all know her pregancy is fake just like her marrige was.
    Maybe Miranda Kerr did not want this to get out. See look at these pics, she is not looking into the camera or anything.

  • terri

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

  • @28

    There ya go. A perfect example of what type of people become haters.
    What horrible examples of the human race.
    A person was hurt. Even if you don’t like them, you’re humanity should keep you from saying something so disgusting.
    Are your fellow Delphites proud? What about your more moderate ones? Sighs? Wanda? Are you proud to belong to such a great group of women? Do all of you haters feel pride when you see comments like that?
    Heah, what am I saying. Of course they are proud. If they weren’t proud, they wouldn’t be members. They’re probably saying the same thing right along with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of you said that it was a shame that she wasn’t hurt worse.
    This is almost as bad as when one of you haters wished that Flynn would get sick.
    You people disgust me.

  • @6

    Still calling us bullies because we don’t let you get away with cr*p like that?
    And we won’t let you spread your lies and filth without responding?
    Poor little haters.
    *wipes crocodile tear*

  • @17

    Soooooo, now she’s a famewh*re because she wasn’t photographed????
    You people are HILARIOUS!
    Ony a hater’s mind could be that twisted!

  • @23

    You’re still trying to teach English to native speakers?
    I guess that you didn’t make a big enough fool of yourself last time.
    Not only hateful and ignorant, but dumb as well.
    Pathetic little hater.

  • tbc

    The words “retributive justice” came to mind.

  • boo hoo

    Miranda Kerrdashian has an ouchie. Poor baby. Far worse things happen to much better people every day and no one cries for them. Why should anyone give a rat’s @$$ about a panty model in a neck brace?

  • Scary…

    You guys should read what the Delphi “haters’ are saying over at the Daily Mail, full on conspiracy theories.

    The comment from “Terry, NYC” on the DM site and “terrie” # 28 on here is obviously CallieM3 from Delphi.

    At least on the Daily Mail site there are now people calling them out & saying their from Delphi and they don’t like it one little bit. Usual bullies, they like to dish it out but don’t like it in return.

    The more people who post on the DM site & let people know just how twisted these women are the better.

  • LOL


    You know what’s scary? You.

  • @boo hoo….#34

    Miranda has a car accident is taken to hospital for MRI scans & has to wear a neck brace because of being injured. The driver of the other car is arrested for dangerous driving & YOU think all this is funny.

    Wow that speaks volumes about what type of person you are, I’d be worried about Karma if I was you, shameful!!!

  • boo hoo

    @@boo hoo….#34:

    Karma is a myth for idiots. I’m not worried. AND I am STILL laughing. The scarf over the neck brace…hilarious.

  • call the waaaahmbulance!!

    @@boo hoo….#34:

    I had an MRI last week after a fall at work. Do you care? No? That’s okay because you shouldn’t. And no one should care about this fake wannabe pseudo-celeb either. In 100 years no one will remember her name any more than they will remember mine. The point of #34, and #1 for that matter, is that there are real atrocities happening in this world and the minor (seriously, this is so minor it’s truly pathetic) injuries of a model really (really) are not that important.

  • @39

    So it would have been ok if after your fall, all of your friends said ‘who cares’.
    Gosh you must live a horrible life.

  • @39

    Real atrocities are covered by the real news.
    Celebs are covered by entertainment news.
    Why are you here complaining about common sense?

  • @35

    You’re balking at conspiracy theories and yet listen to yourself. “A person on site A made a comment I don’t like and a person on site B made a comment I don’t like so they must be the SAME person and that person MUST be this other person on site C that makes comments that I don’t like!!” You are the bat-crazy pot calling the kettle looney, you know that don’t you, sweetheart?

  • but…


    Are you this model’s friend? Do you know her personally? You are missing the point. I think it’s you who lives a horrible life because you obviously have nothing between your ears but Kora. I feel sorry for you, you brainwashed nitwit.

  • derp


    She’s a model. Models have nothing to do with entertainment. Models should not be covered by entertainment news. Models are clothes hangers. Perhaps her “injury” should be covered on a clothes hanger news site. Or perhaps it just shouldn’t be covered at all.

  • @43/44

    You think that models aren’t celebrities? What rock have you been living under?
    Brain dead idiot.

  • zippy

    Somebody hand her a Band-Aid and tell her to get over it.

  • @45

    The rock that knows that models are talentless and worthless and don’t deserve the attention they get. Moron.

  • Anon

    I am glad that Miranda is okay. It could have been a lot worse.

  • @47

    A lot of celebrities “don’t deserve attention”. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t celebrities.
    After all, you’re here paying attention to her. What does that tell you?

  • @39

    You’re not going to read anything about atrocities on JJ, not on MK’s articles or any other celebrities’. If you want to discuss those things, this is not the place. Be a little coherent and go to other sites if you really want to talk about serious matters. I hope you don’t though, as you have the humanity and sensitivity of a cucumber.