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Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!

Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!

Gerard Butler is dashing while arriving for his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday (March 14) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 43-year-old Scottish actor chatted with Matt Lauer on The Today Show to promote his new film Olympus Has Fallen.

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“I went in and actually worked there one day and learned how they carve things down to like a thousandth of a millimeter as they carve out each piece. So when I look at the time, I appreciate it now,” Gerry shared about being a spokesperson for watch brand Roger DuBois.

The day before, Gerard attended an Olympus Has Fallen screening in the Big Apple.

Gerard Butler – ‘The Today Show’

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# 1

He is looking very handsome here. The promotion of OHF seems to be going well, good.

# 2

Matt Lauer is a major tool . . . .

# 3
What now? @ 03/14/2013 at 6:01 pm


Matt Lauer has more class in his little finger than Gerry has ever had total.

# 4

good interview with Lauer

# 5
thor's day @ 03/14/2013 at 6:29 pm

@What now?: That I may have to disagree with.

# 6

As a high profile, professional television host Lauer makes ridiculous statements (from the film he confuses an entire nation as a terrorist group then tastelessly implies Kim Jong-un serious threats against the US are a clever part of the movie’s promotional package), insults his guest (you’re a producer in this too . . . are you asking views to suspend their belief system) followed by unashamed brown nosing (Gerry’s ‘spot on American’ accents). I think Gerry did well to play along . . . I suspect plenty of Lauer’s interview questions/statements are this woeful.

# 7

He has something (finally) folks want to see. Good for him.

# 8

Dear Just Jared,
Please switch out headers for Gerry? Thanking you in advance.
If anyone loves Gerry it is you. I know stuff.

# 9

Mat needs ratings. He’ll say whatever as a New Yorker. He also lived through the terrorist attacks and covered them. He’s invested. People need to stop seeing this (film) as a political ‘statement’ but more for thrills.
He wants to make more out of this then there is… like Gerry’s ‘gf’. Stop it. He is just another jealous man of Gerry. He can never be Gerry or have what he has even years into his career… and it isn’t women.
I’m glad the film is getting attention! Gerry can handle this. He sympathizes with us Washingtonians. Are you kidding?? He loves New York City. He knows. Never, ever underestimate Gerry’s feelings. They run deep as the ocean he lives in.

bystander @ 03/14/2013 at 6:47 pm

Love and semi permanent vacation are good for him. He’s been looking fantastic, happy, and relaxed on this round of promotion.

Good girl @ 03/14/2013 at 6:56 pm

Yes, he looks great and happy.. let’s hope OHF is ahit and we can see the old happy Gerry..Good Luck

He’s going to take some “time off” because he’s made “too many movies”? Really? No, his attitude reflects weariness that is bone-deep. He has lost whatever confidence he might have once had in his abilities.

You hags need to wake up! This man can’t act and he has lost the little good looks he used to have!
Now he looks like a Nevada bouncer who snorts coke out of some tired old ex model’s as*.
He fvcks around with different women, doesn’t care which hole, and he clearly doesn’t care. He even is with someone now who keeps his bed warm with no thought of you.
Fingering Aniston should have woken you up. He’s an a*shole and treats women like sh*t. He doesn’t care about his fans except when it’s $$$$ time.
Wake up and get real you stupid hags.

And he is an awful actor! A lazy actor at that.

Fingering Jen’s a*shole was his biggest career move. But he is solid C list and will soon be Z list.

@GFW: This movie will bomb and he will not be making anymore movies in Hollywood. He’ll go back to Scotland and work on some C-list Tv series. That’s all he has. He has lost his looks. Big potato nose, jowls, overbite and getting doughy.
He’s finished.

Yeah, only when to hitched to his ball and chain. Are you blind?
If he wants take “time off” to chisel out his soul or seek refuge in therapy and address the issues keeping him from what he truly wants, fine. I respect that as would anyone who recognizes his temptations and current distractions that have him unfocused. But he, frankly, hasn’t worked (acting) since last year so how can that be his “excuse”. I’m just glad Matt spared him the “relationship” questions.

@Get Real: Big potato nose, jowls, overbite and getting doughy.
He’s finished.

Geeze.You got a hair across your azz today.

Sir Reggie @ 03/14/2013 at 7:23 pm

@Get Real – glad to see someone who posts here is in touch with reality. Thank you.

Thank God for his “ball and chain”. To have someone who loves you unconditionally is a gift.

gerry you are looking great nice suit !!!!!!!

@Get Real:
Sorry I disagree with your comments about his looks. Men age much better than woman and Gerry is still attractive. What he lacks is class and character. He thinks by wearing an expensive watch that makes him classy , what’s the saying in the Bible about throwing pearls among swine? Class is in the way you treat others and the way you act. All the money in the world can’t by class or character, its something you are either born with or you learn. The butt crack picture confirms he doesn’t have it. I do think he knew what he was doing. What I don’t think he realizes is that he’s not mooning just the photographer but everyone who see’s that picture. When he does his signature finger move, he’s flipping off ever person who sees the pic. I’d say perhaps a year at finishing school would do him good but at his age its just to late.

May I point out @ 03/14/2013 at 7:59 pm


She only loves him as long as his wallets open.

@GERARD BUTLER @ 03/14/2013 at 8:07 pm

I hope there will come a time when you´ll have not enough money left from your sh/i/t/ty HW career to ever think about an overexpensive Roger DuBois watch, you N-A-S-T-Y P-I-G !!!!!!!

@May I point out: Your snide comment doesn’t make it so.

I think... @ 03/14/2013 at 8:21 pm

I think they’ve overkilled it this time. Twenty some comments? Only? Hmmm

@I think…: One can only repeat the same drivel so many times.

@tony: Oh, that was grreat!!! He gave David L. his famous one-finger salute at the end, rubbing his eye, after David threw him a little jab. Too classic! I’m sure it’s not intentional but it is such a riot now that I’ve started looking for it! hahaha He looks very sharp, but he looks a little weary imo. That suit looks very nice on him.

Calm down @ 03/14/2013 at 8:39 pm

@@GERARD BUTLER: #24 Congratulations on being the most bitter poster.

Sir Reggie @ 03/14/2013 at 9:16 pm


“To have someone who loves you unconditionally is a gift.”

Who told you that? There’s no way you have any relationship experience if you think that being a doormat for someone is a gift. You’re not a complete person if you’re enabling someone else and calling it unconditional love. Love is a joint venture that requires two adults with enough self-esteem to accept each other. What his “ball and chain” is doing is babysitting a 43 year-old teenager.

@Sir Reggie: Spoken as one who obviously hasn’t experienced unconditional love.

Sir Reggie @ 03/14/2013 at 9:25 pm

@Wesley: Not many adults do.

@Wesley: Sometimes people can confuse unconditional love and someone who just doesn’t want to complain. They let things build up until they suddenly explode. There’s only one entity that can truly offer Unconditional love and that’s God. Love itself is very fragile and can be destroyed at its early stages. in order for love to survive it requires mutual love, respect and admiration. As it grows and solidifies then it becomes stronger to withstand the more difficult things in life. But it still requires work. At least this is my view on love but I stand by my comment that unconditional love comes from God, the only other thing close is a mothers love for her children. However as society has shown us not even every woman posses this. Look at the mothers who have killed their own children.

Looking good in that suit Gerry.

There is one other entity that displays unconditional love, a dog. I’m serious I’m not saying this in a joking manner Dogs truly are mans best friend.

@Sir Reggie:
Well, what do you expect? Gerry’s phannies wrote letters to him after his rehab stay telling him they “unconditionally love” him. True story. The letters are on WO. They don’t have the faintest clue what the term actually means.

sunny afternoon @ 03/14/2013 at 9:48 pm

Any woman offering unconditional love to a man who is only “in-like” with her, is in for a world of hurt.

Juicy Lucy @ 03/14/2013 at 9:52 pm

@Get Real:

I’m not an old hag and I’ve seen Gerry for what he is years ago. I’ve often said that Gerry is the type of guy I’d like to have a bit of fun with but he isn’t someone I’d date, simply because he has no clue about how to treat women. Pierce Brosnan remains my ideal guy-he has looks, class, and talent and he knows how to treat women.

Sir Reggie @ 03/14/2013 at 9:54 pm

@Gail: Thanks for the support, Gail. The majority of the people posting here like the sound of their words and either don’t realize or don’t care that there is no meaning or understanding behind those words.

@DocP – ITAWY about dogs and other animal companions. They will love you unconditionally until the end. Humans – un uh. Unconditional love belongs on a higher plane, and certainly not in the same mention as MG and GB.

So over it. @ 03/14/2013 at 10:26 pm

Ah yes! Then there’s Roger Dubois, friend of the product! A product that only the wealthy elite could afford. And it’s a watch! It tells the freaking time! I’d have more respect for him if he promoted Timex. And who says Butler’s not pretentious? He’s just this down to Earth, approachable lad from Scotland!

@So over it.:
I wonder if its like that hour glass in the Harry Potter movie, The Prisoner of Azkaban? I’d pay out a ton of money for that one!!! It wouldn’t even have to be encased in diamonds (though that would be a plus).

Gerry has no respect for women. They are playthings and then FWBs. A man of character would not focus or discuss her body parts, treat her equal in interviews and run and cheer in her endeavors.

Maddie is dumb. But she is milking the connection. He is even more. They deserve each other.

Gerard ButlerVerified account

Don’t miss @Late_Show tonight – I’ll be talking @OlympusMovie and more!
11:30 PM on @CBS!

Keep in mind @ 03/15/2013 at 12:10 am

That BG has HPV from what I heard. Not a good thing to have. Be careful with whom you sleep with or fantasize about being with.

Howard Stern

Gerard Butler on Brandi Glanville Sex: “Yeah, That Happened.”
12:21 AM – Mar 15, 2013

Shame on YOU @ 03/15/2013 at 12:27 am

@Keep in mind: So you heard? Spreading those kind of rumors are nasty, hateful and spiteful. Think how you would feel if someone surmised that about you.
Be careful who you fantasize about being with??? So this is something you catch by fantasizing? Wow


@Cirquedusoleil #Totem was amazing!! Everyone should go see it! Plus, @GerardButler was sitting next to us! So handsome :)
11:51 PM – 14 Mar 13

sunny afternoon @ 03/15/2013 at 12:35 am

@Shame on YOU:
Brandi Glanville wrote about her HPV in her book. She’s says her ex-husband gave it to her.

Keep in mind @ 03/15/2013 at 12:51 am

@Shame on YOU:

She says it in her book you douche.

can not wait to this moview

Shame on YOU @ 03/15/2013 at 12:56 am

@Keep in mind: whoa, nice comment. Still doesn’t give you leave to spread rumors about butler. What that sleeze glanville says about herself is her business you little dirtbag.
But according to you, you better be careful you don’t catch something from fantisizing.

Ahhhh! I am so sick of this drunken, talentless scots. Go away!!!!!!,


True, but it’s what everyone is thinking!

@Shame on YOU:

She has said that her husband gave her a STD.

SeeSawSally @ 03/15/2013 at 5:43 am

The Letterman interview was good. Letterman was pretty awful in his treatment of the Pope, but Gerry was outstanding. No mention of a GF at all, he told some of his entertaining stories, including his trip to Scotland last year and how he traveled around the country, but he told it as if he were a single man, no mention of a GF with him, and how when he goes to Scotland, he goes to his parent’s house and sleeps most of the time.

Letterman set a rather bad tone for the night with his monologue, but Gerry came out and was his usual brilliant and entertaining self. He looked good and gave a very good interview.

Josefa E. Brouwer @ 03/15/2013 at 7:03 am

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” and how when he goes to Scotland, he goes to his parent’s house and sleeps most of the time.”
I love reading this. He finally feels safe enough. No wonder he stays in hotels with that tramp… the drawers are empty. He must have his laptop and phone to lock within seconds because she’d pilfer through everything. He can’t trust her or sleep a wink when she’s around.
The only time he looks at peace or happy or not worried is when she’s nowhere to be found. So his mind can rest. Again, she’s the worst thing to ever happen to him. I hope he loses her but she’s a can’t take no for an answer type and very, very dangerous. I hope his “people” who set him up with her are worried now.

bystander @ 03/15/2013 at 7:41 am

Just watched the video above. Well, there you have it, taking a break after this round of promotion. A year, two?

Make theb est of these threads folks, they’ll be the last for some time, unless his personal life takes a dramatic turn….!

get back on the stage, Gerry.


” including his trip to Scotland last year and how he traveled around the country, but he told it as if he were a single man, no mention of a GF with him”

That’s because, despite what he said on HS, she wasn’t with him. The only time she went to Scotland was for a quick visit to Glasgow and Comrie there was no staying in Castles for her.

Last year, it was obvious Butler had to clean up his act. Having a steady relationship was probably a requirement to do this movie. Look at all the PR Madalina is getting this past month. He will drop her if this movie flops.

This movie will break even. He is not that enticing in the trailer. freeman is the draw.


“No wonder he stays in hotels with that tramp…”

Well there’s no way that Margaret would allow her, on any other woman, to stay with him in the house “without benefit of clergy” as the saying goes. In other words, without being married.

May I point out @ 03/15/2013 at 8:08 am


“She has said that her husband gave her a STD.”

I was probably her who gave it to him.

@GFW: Turn the page, put on a new record, change the channel, shut the front door.

thor's day @ 03/15/2013 at 8:57 am

@Wesley: Thank God for his “ball and chain”. To have someone who loves you unconditionally is a gift.

Oh silly fool women who are out for status and money will put up with anything until they get that ring on the finger and/or a bun in the oven and a generous prenup arranged or better yet sucker the guy into marrying without one. Butler is either getting conned or all the fans that think this is serious are getting conned.

GerrysTransitLoungeOwner @ 03/15/2013 at 9:08 am

And he won’t marry her either. That’s got to be something he wants to do, not her. She’s hell-bent on wanting marriage, not a relationship. He’s downgraded this to simple dating now. All she wants is his money. She does not care if it works out or not… she’ll get a lot of money either way. She’s a predator pure and simple. No one likes her anywhere here in the states. Chicks like her are everywhere in Hollywood and with talent.
He can’t ever trust her or open up. Her track record thus far with him is bad. She’s distanced his family from him, friends and his paying audience. He’s not mentioning her because he needs this film to do well.
Leo was her original mark. He came from poverty so got her number easy and dumped her. She rebounded with Adrien and the poor man nearly went broke trying to win her heart. He didn’t have enough money but just status as an Oscar winner. Next she got pimped to poor Gerry who was ripe for the pickings. She’s got an open agenda: marriage and isn’t above any kind of entrapment to get what she wants: money. Sense he’s wised up. She’s a bed of nails not a soft place to land.
She needs to move on. Get mad at him and storm out. Find someone else but anyone reading here knows what she’s really like: horribly untrustworthy, insincere and lacking boundaries. In other words a tramp and just for ‘fun’.

GerrysTransitLoungeOwner @ 03/15/2013 at 9:09 am

@thor’s day:
Right. Her “love” is 100% CONDITIONAL.
Have a nice day.

@May I point out: Cibrian is a known cheater and dog when it comes to women and the only reason he hooked up with Rimes was to exploit her money and help his career. Men can be golddiggers too.

Of course anyone who is promiscuous will likely get HPV statistically speaking since wearing a condom alone isn’t enough to prevent its transmission. And Hollywood is nothing if not promiscuous.

Thought the interview was good. He is taking some time off. That would be good for him
Holding out for the right role. TGIF ladies.

GerrysTransitLoungeOwner @ 03/15/2013 at 9:16 am

Just watched his Matt interview again, and he was fantastic! Brilliant. See, he takes on the hue of the ‘company’ he keeps. So when with intelligent wise people that is drawn out. Loved this! He looks fantastic, composed, focused, funny but compassionate too.

I have to say, butt crack pic aside, Mr. Butler’s been looking mighty fine lately. He sure does clean up well. R-O-W-R I can’t wait for Olympus Has Fallen to open next weekend. It looks like a wild ride. :-D

@Paisley Greene: It’s because he is happy and in love. The tiredness comes from the grueling promotional tour. Blaming his girlfriend is laughable. I bet she is the only thing he wants to see right now.

GerrysTransitLoungeOwner @ 03/15/2013 at 9:47 am

“Having a steady relationship was probably a requirement to do this movie.”
Levi is known to require his actors to live a certain kind of life. There is rumor that what you say is true. Thus, the ready2rent went to rent2own quick enough. Think he liked it in the beginning playing house and having steady that, but now it is a burden and grown tiresome. He can’t trust her, can’t believe anything she says as sincere… who wants that? He thinks she’s pretty but my guess is she’s a total bore.

I think the series of unsuccessful movies is having a toll on his ego. He needs to step back and rethink his career moves IMHO . This latest movie does look good, I hope it does well at the BO. It’s got some pretty stiff competition.

GerrysTransitLoungeOwner @ 03/15/2013 at 9:49 am

See gone from his life you mean? Yes.

I need to catch up on all of GB’s interviews…haven’t had a chance to fully watch any yet. Has he decided to take a break? Seems there is a high probability that the positive word of mouth for OHF will translate to box office success…and would he want to step away from HW while on top or might that success lead to more opportunities? It will be interesting to see what happens. Sometimes I think it’s healthy to take a break and not become too overexposed…a chance to refresh the mind and rejuvenate the spirit. But he sure would be missed!

GerrysTransitLoungeOwner @ 03/15/2013 at 9:55 am

“I think the series of unsuccessful movies is having a toll on his ego.”
I agree. That and the barbing, mocking and stalking of the one he is in “like” with did a number on his fan-base and character credibility for slumming with a piece of trash. He needs to rid himself of the tick. She’s sucking the life and ambition out of him. He’s not himself and hasn’t been on her ‘watch’.

While giving media interviews I realize that celebs perhaps at times try not to reveal too much about their personal lives and often put a spin on the truth but something that interested me about one of GB’s latest interviews was when he talked about how he first met MG since it seemed to differ from an original story he gave to another media outlet. Granted, it all boils down to being his personal business and his right to say what he wants but I’d like to believe that what he says is truthful. The truth is powerful! I realize that we as the public, and this includes the media, don’t always deserve the truth but you want to believe people are sincere and there is a certain stability, respect, comfort in believing what people say and knowing it’s the truth.


“Leo was her original mark. He came from poverty so got her number easy and dumped her. She rebounded with Adrien and the poor man nearly went broke trying to win her heart. He didn’t have enough money but just status as an Oscar winner. Next she got pimped to poor Gerry who was ripe for the pickings.”

There are rumours that after Adrien and before Gerry she was with Paul haggis and I had to laugh when Gerry was telling the “story” about how he met her and she was supposed to be on the phone to PH and Gerry said to her “Oh you know Paul haggis” and I thought yes she knows him and probably in the Biblical way.

I 2nd Wesley's motion @ 03/15/2013 at 11:19 am

@GerrysTransitLoungeOwner: Who is Levi? It was Avi Lerner on that film. You spew and spew and have no idea what you are writing half the time. Do you work for the government? Can you be sequestered? I really hope you are not a gov’t employee because you are stealing from your employer every day when you sit on here typing redundant post after redundant post. Posting on a gossip site relentlessly while you are on the clock is STEALING from your employer. PLEASE shut the front door.

@SeeSawSally: I think David Letterman is one of the most funny guys and good hosts on the planet. He’s a jokester. I think the Pope himself would have laughed. Gerry, actually, was his usual rather dull, mundane self telling same story about the guy on the fourwheeler we’ve heard before and bragging about his prowess in a helicopter and then perpetuating a lie about sleeping all the time he’s in Scotland when we know he was shagging his gf all over the place, both times he was over there and lavishing her with high end clothing. I doubt they set foot in his Mum’s house. Frankly, I wouldn’t set foot in a helicopter with him at the helm!
It’s irking that he tries so hard to crawdad when he’s trying to cover something up. He sits right there on national TV, knowing his fans know the entire story and lies by omission. What a jerk!

Speaking of late night hosts, I’m wondering if Craig and Gerry had a falling out? He’s been on every other talk show but his old buddy’s. Very strange.

An eartly OHF review:

“Despite the glimmers of hope found in the performances, however, the staging and simplicity of Olympus Has Fallen secure its place next to the stacks of similarly disposable pseudo-political action movies. When the audience audibly snorts nearly a dozen times at various moments of serious dialogue, you know you have a problem.”

@GerrysTransitLoungeOwner: Leo came from poverty? Leo was acting when he was a child! You are so delusional! You make stuff up to suit your delusional belief systems! And Gerry was with her both times he was in Scotland, if you recall. There’s photos of him with her the first time, a video of them leaving a pub and one of her on a bridge in Comrie and then the second time they were in Glasgow shopping and tweets pouring in from the shop owners about him buying his beautiful gf clothing. Did you miss that? Get over this guy.

@TGIF: Let me enlighten you on HPV. Over 75% of al sexually active people, male and female, have contracted the HPV virus. There are several strains of the virus, some fairly harmless and causing nothing more then a warty outbreak and others a bit more potentially harmful. With all the strains, however, most people’s immune system will take care of the virus and set it dormat. There are various studies going on right now that point to the HPV being responsible for cancer in the prostate of males so men need not feel so smug and in the clear either. It just takes ten to twenty years to develop.

And by the way, you don’t have to be promiscuous to catch it. You can get it by a one time exposure to someone else who has it and if over 75% of the sexually active population has it, the chances are good that YOU have it in some strain and don’t know it. It does not show up on a pap smear unless your gyn orders a special test from the smear to detect it. No blood test will detect it. It’s like any other virus that you contract. It’s more common then you think.

The Big Picture @ 03/15/2013 at 11:48 am

@May I point out:

Some people should take a look at her FB what she posts there as they would see she does not love him unconditionally at all! He is to her a mean of getting free publicity for the work she obviously cannot do to get that as she has no actual talent but she has important connections to promote her.

@time: We don’t deserve the truth? What? If you want your personal life private, say “no comment”. If you want people to know parts of your private life, at least give them the respect and regard of being honest about it. Butler wants it both ways. He wants it private but he also wants everyone to know he’s nailed a hot model. He’s had girlfriends and steadies before and the only other time he was out and about in public where he knew the paps would be was with another model, Bianca. That says something about him, doesn’t it? Just like he once said about Jen Aniston when people were making a big deal about their alleged relationship. For a fact, I know they did not date because just like he said in an interview, he would have been sporting her all over the place showing her off if they had and I believe that. Butler’s all about privacy unless he wants bragging rights but then you only get part of the truth. If Butler feels he needs a showy piece on his arm to get some kind of childish approval, he’s worse off then we think. He needs to get his head out of his butt and look at himself closer in the mirror and grow the heck up before he becomes a laughing stock in HW.

The Big Picture @ 03/15/2013 at 11:53 am


She complains but not to his face! On her FB, posting comments and cryptic videos implying he’s nothing fun to live with. Basically she is making look like an old fool and to think he had a problem with Brandi Granville paying him a compliment on air! He should be so thankful that somebody his own age would pay him such a compliment as his 25-year old toy has no respect for him at all when she posts private pictures of their moment together she should keep to herself! She could make her 2 FB accounts private and choose with whom to share those pictures but she doesn’t care as to her he is a man of getting free publicity for the very little amount of work she really does.


Letterman is a total A#$. He is the rudest and least talented of the night time hosts. I thought Gerry’s appearance was really good, much better than last time where I thought he appeared intimidated How about David bringing up the midges again. What a jerk! He also implied that Gerry’s helicopter narrative is just a story, that he really doesn’t fly them. Gerry continued with little sign of irritation. You fail to realize that most people watching don’t follow Gerry’s every move as you have proven that you do. I had not heard the 4-wheeler story before. He’s promoting a movie. He is charming and engaging.

@time: In the past year some of Gerard’s dishonesty has come to light. Lying destroys a person’s credibility and integrity. It doesn’t matter who is lying and what is being lied about. It magnifies a person’s lack of character.

“Gerry continued with little sign of irritation”
Except when he gave him his one-finger salute while rubbing his eye. haha. I’m still laughing about that, even though he most likely wasn’t doing it intentionally. And I agree with you about Letterman.

@hyperbole: I think a lot of the disapproval of him right now is because he presented himself as one thing and has turned out to be another. I joined a couple of fan sites myself and became a part of those communities built around him. Although I value most of the aquaintences and friendships I made there, cyberly speaking of course, he has turned out to be disappointing as both an actor and a human being to me and many of his fans. It’s not about oggling his photos, etc,. it’s about feeling betrayed and some holding out hope that they’re wrong.

There are many fans of his that are just fans because they think he’s hot. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I don’t behold someone as beautiful just because they look good on the outside. They have to be beautiful at heart. For me, and I speak only for me, when someone begins to look unattractive on the inside, their looks on the outside begin to diminish. The only way this man would redeem himself in my eyes now is to do some major changing in his life and I don’t think that’s possible because the person he lead everyone to think he was, doesn’t exist. We’ve created this ideal of him that he isn’t because of things he’s presented himself to be (not just his roles) things like “I can relate so much with my character” crap. And we fell in love with that ideal, not the real guy he really is. Make sense?

The Big Picture @ 03/15/2013 at 12:10 pm


You don’t know that! It seems his mother has met and even welcomed in her home some of his other GFS before but I guess she saw through this one what she was probably after her daughter Lynn told her how this stranger took a picture of her daughter while in her home and probably without her permission to do so. Said picture was even in MG’s picture albums on FB for strangers to see! When you’re a guest at somebody’s home for the first time, there are some rules you should respect and I would guess one of them is not to take pictures without their permission especially if you’re planning of putting those pictures for strangers to see on your very public FB accounts.

I don’t think his mother had any problems with some of his other ladies actually as some of them even seem to have gone to restaurants with him and his parents. Remember lunchgirl in 2010? Obviously Margaret had met her before thus why they were all eating together.

May I point out @ 03/15/2013 at 12:11 pm

@The Big Picture:

She has at least 8 Facebook accounts.

@The Big Picture: Maybe we should invite MG to come here and join us and all have “rag on Butler” fest! Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

The Big Picture @ 03/15/2013 at 12:20 pm

@May I point out:

I’m not a fan of Brandi Granville as such but right now she actually looks more honest and cleaner than MG does.

Brandi was happily married to Eddie having given up her modeling career for him and she did have a real modeling career as she’s not into the Zoolander pose and if you look hard enough, you’ll find some real portfolio for Brandi of her modeling days.

She was busy raising their children when out of the blue Eddie does a movie with Leann Rhyme and the next thing she knows her husband is sleeping with his leading lady! So Eddie is the cheater here, not Brandi. There is no actual record of Brandi sleeping around during her married days that we know of. The fact she now had a fling with Gerard Butler, well, she’s single, she got cheated on and publicly humiliated when her husband of many years left her for much younger Leann so why couldn’t she go and have fun for a week with a hot guy for a change? When I read they, Gerry and her, might have or not have, I was: “Finally! He’s done it with a blonde and one his own age for a change! And she’s hot too!”

To me Brandi is an improvement over MG who cannot stop tattling and posting cryptic pictures and comments on her FB about him and her making him look like an old fool while all Brandi did was pay him a compliment. Yes, she could have kept that to herself but eh, why not boast about it especially after the awful time she had finding out her husband was cheating on her with a woman she even welcomed in her home.

So sorry but I disagree with you. I doubt very much BG got that STD herself through her way of life but through her ex, not surprised it could be. And what she does now as a single woman, is her business. If it was Eddie doing those things, you would have no problem with it but because it’s her, you have a problem with that? Double standard again?

@hyperbole: Well that explains it then. The fact that I HAVE followed him maybe a bit too closely proves I “know” him a bit better then someone, like yourself, that hasn’t. That’s fine for you but allow me my opinions based on my extensive “research” of the guy. I will be the first to admit I have been totally enamoured by him, as many have and some still are, but it’s wearing thin because when you follow someone and decide to SUPPORT them as a devoted fan, you begin to look pretty silly when they turn out poor product and talk like they’re on some kind of high when interviewed. Not to mention the disrespect he even gives his girlfriend by discussing her breasts with Howard Stern. His comment there should have been to Stern “no comment” with all due respect to her (even if she doesn’t deserve it). I would be really pizzed at him for it myself!

If it isn’t obvious to you by now that he’s all about appearances, fame and fortune, you may remain comfortably in your world of delusions with your Queen, GFW. If his behavior, his lying (even by omission) and his fakeness is OK with you, please feel free but don’t call me out on my views, especially since you even said yourself that I know him better than you do.

The Big Picture @ 03/15/2013 at 12:26 pm


Oh! Yes! He wants to see her so much he has downgraded her to the level of so many others describing her the same way as he has described Jennifer Aniston!

Nice to wear pinkshades all the time! You see love when the man looks older than he did about a year ago and he has barely worked during that year btw so cannot blame that on the work. Love is supposed to make you glow and look younger btw! Not the other way around. The only time he has looked young and glowing was last May which was the beginning of the affair.

A man in love doesn’t go and chase other women when he’s happy with one woman. When he has the time to be with her and he’s away from her, he misses her so much he jumps back on a plane to be at her side when he’s done promoting his movie CM. For the record, when he was done doing that, he stayed in NYC, partied with other women. When he could have jumped on a plane to go back to her, he chose not to. A man in love doesn’t go and openly tells another woman on a talk show where she’s sitting back stage that that other woman could be her replacement in Scotland when he goes there for the Holidays.

If you think he’s a man in love, I feel sad for you as it shows you’ve never been in love as people in love cannot wait to be again around the one they love, they may tease that person but they do not humiliate them publicly. A man in love would never discuss her body parts on a talk-show and when asked if she’s the one, he would be able to say: “Yes, she’s the one!” He couldn’t even answer that question.

@May I point out: Now you know, in all fairness here, that all of those are not hers! Get real! Anyone can start up a facebook account on anything or anybody. Your dog can have a facebook account.

The Big Picture @ 03/15/2013 at 12:31 pm


2 of those 8 FB accounts are really hers! She does the actual posting there, some of her friends on her personal one are her real friends. Esmeralda Brajovic, her PR, even commented on her official page. Some of the pictures on both of those accounts a fan couldn’t get hold of as they’re too personal for that and both of those accounts had pictures of her in Scotland at a time when they wouldn’t have been easily accessible to fans.

SheIsWorstThing2Happen2Him! @ 03/15/2013 at 12:32 pm

And as many persona’s here. Deceitful, deceptive, manipulative, an a sneak thief that would steal your clothing off the line at night while you ate dinner if it would do her some good.
Don’t concern yourself with what I do for a living. I work, get it? I’m not a who_re who sells my body like this leech weasel. Why don’t you ask everyone else the same stupid question here posting as well? Why single me out?
I meant Lerner.
Blah, blah, blah. Old stuff rehashed, why? Only desperate women hold onto history like that to live in the past to keep something dead alive. It’s flattened out and she knows it. No one can love someone they do not respect, nor trust. She’s a liability not an asset. None of the major show hosts would touch the topic even they’re grossed out by the user.

@The Big Picture:

Oh yes I agree with what you are saying. Margaret herself has said hat Gerry has always brought his girlfriends home to meet his parents but being a good Christian she would never allow them to sleep with Gerry under her roof. I didn’t know that Lynn had said anything about a picture being put on MGs Facebook and I’ve never seen the picture. I’m sure Margaret sussed Mg out the first time she met her. Scots, and especially Scots women, have an uncanny knack of knowing if people are genuine or not even at a first meeting. It was Margaret’s 70th birthday and Gerry never misses her birthday and I think the fact that he never went to see her on such a big birthday, even though she was in the same country, indicates that there is still a rift because of MG. I know he mentioned her birthday on Piers Morgan and had everyone singing to her but I think that was his his way of trying to make amends. But he really needs to ditch MG and then go and apologise to his mother face to face.

I enjoyed GB on DL…he was interesting and personable! :)

Can I just ask? @ 03/15/2013 at 12:38 pm

@The Big Picture:

“A man in love doesn’t go and openly tells another woman on a talk show where she’s sitting back stage that that other woman could be her replacement in Scotland when he goes there for the Holidays.”

So when was this supposed to have happened?

SheIsWorstThing2Happen2Him! @ 03/15/2013 at 12:44 pm

“It was Margaret’s 70th birthday and Gerry never misses her birthday and I think the fact that he never went to see her on such a big birthday, even though she was in the same country, indicates that there is still a rift because of MG.”
That is the truth. She is the worst thing ever to enter his life, period. She makes Diana look like a saint.
I hope he realizes no one is worth coming between him and his mother or family. His mother knows same like any woman in here how truly bad she is for him. We sense evil. We have a 6th sense in order to raise a family.
I had no idea about this. His mom only turns 70 once. This is appalling behavior on his part! He needs to take care of this. This chick is toxic to him, his health, career, wealth and every single thing taking place in his life! At this point in his life he needs to be building bridges, not burning them.

@The Big Picture:
Have you read her book yet? Just asking, I haven’t read it yet but lately because of it Brandi has been in the news a lot more. I don’t know the whole story but from her own mouth what she said to Chelsea Handler “”We know each other, we have the same gaygent,” she added. “I made out with her lesbian friend and her assistant and her brother, so she hates me.” She makes herself look slutey , and what is this about a new ******? Why would you do that? Like I said I don’t know the whole story so if you have read her book please share.

HeNeeds2MakeHERGoAWAY! @ 03/15/2013 at 12:57 pm

@The Big Picture:
Great post!
I think “Lick” is her. She’s the only one who see “love”. It’s not love when you choose to be away from someone a month, trust me. It’s not love when you discuss your woman’s breasts on live radio. It’s not love when you drive off without her. It’s not love when you say to a press journalist on a red carpet that you picked her up off the street, joking or not.
No, love changes everything like the song says, “words mean more”. No love in his words or actions or on his face that never lies.

IwishHeCouldMakeYouGoAway @ 03/15/2013 at 1:15 pm

Don’t you have a life outside of Posting your constant cr.ap on JJ?

Whatever. @ 03/15/2013 at 1:19 pm

@hyperbole: I have to comment again on your posts, so many subjects so little time! I don’t remember Gerry ever appearing intimidated on any talk show interview. He seems the same on every one unless he’s on the hyper side. Gerry’s running out of topics and things to say now so it’s the job of the interviewer to start a topic of discussion. If Letterman was as awful as you think he is, he could have really hit below the belt but keep in mind that this was Gerry’s moment to promote his film and David is giving him that opportunity on HIS show, not the other way around. He doesn’t have to do that for him. And if you also recall, Gerry never remembers any segment of his role in the films he does, always saying “I don’t know what this is” when he’s promoting. He’s like a one trick pony. He goes in, does his thing and forgets it. He can’t even lead one in to the story line for the sake of the film! He shows lilttle enthusiasm for his work and films too.

And when David brought up the helicopter subject later, Gerry acted like he didn’t remember what they had talked about! Come on! What’s the guy on! Is his ADHD so bad his short term memory is completely shot?

Gerry’s problem is he won’t listen to anyone and take advice. He’s a loose cannon. He only hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest if it doesn’t suit him. I can imagine he’s a PR nightmare for any publicist. I hope, for his sake, he takes this time off to re-evaluate himself and take a good long look at his pattern. He’s running out of careers here. He spent a good deal of his youth studying for one career that he blew off. I admire the guy for his courage to change but sometimes I think it was more of a thing where he HAD to change and acting was his only resort.

Now he’s doing something that he allegedly really wanted to do but somehow when the going gets rough and it turns out to be hard work and it’s not always a bed of roses, he starts flaking out again. I think Gerry runs from life sometimes. You have to take the bad with the good and there will always be the bad.

Some people never change and those that are successful have a sense of who they are or better damned well develop it and I don’t think he’s ever really had that, unfortunately. He’s stuck a time warp defining himself by the women he can have and attract and his sexual prowess. Not a good thing as you go through midlife in to your golden years. He best get himself established in some form or fashion before it’s too late and he’s one of those guys drifiting around HW doing odd jobs and living on the street and featured on “Where are they now” articles. I shutter to think!

Really, I would hate to see that. At the very least, move back home, get back in touch with your roots and take some time off reflecting on how lucky he’s been so far and then come back with a new attitude. In fact, that scenario would make a good movie!

HeNeeds2ReconnectWithMOM @ 03/15/2013 at 1:26 pm

Have a nice day.

IwishHeCouldMakeYouGoAway @ 03/15/2013 at 1:31 pm

I would if you would go away :)

GFW Is Way So Happy! @ 03/15/2013 at 1:42 pm

“At the very least, move back home, get back in touch with your roots and take some time off reflecting on how lucky he’s been so far and then come back with a new attitude. In fact, that scenario would make a good movie!”
Odd what you say in your post mirrors a storyline in my new story. I have an addict who lost it all and had to live on the streets. It’s the worst-case scenario but it can happen. When people give up on themselves, their careers, family and friends all for to keep an addiction (to whatever) they are at their personal bottom.
I’m with you on this. Rebuild that bridge. No one can make him do anything, and shaming him isn’t the right way either. But it would be nice if he could reach out and mend this relationship. Easter is coming up. Mother’s Day too, well the USA Mother’s Day. He says his family means the most to him and he’d defend them with his life. He needs to man up and consider who all he’s hurting doing this: himself.
He’s lucky to have a living mother at his age. She’s healthy and his best friend. Maybe she could reach out herself? They’re both fixed signs. Both rather stubborn people!

GFW Is Going Nowhere @ 03/15/2013 at 1:44 pm

The truth stings, huh? I get to you don’t?

celebrity privacy @ 03/15/2013 at 1:53 pm

Interesting quote from Mr.Craig at the end of the article. GB did exactly what DC said one should not do in the celebrity life.

@celebrity privacy:
Well said Daniel. I agree.
And when it goes south, then everyone knows that too. I wished he’d never ‘come out’ with it but it was just another impulse I bet he wished he’d never followed.
The look of Gerry in real love… glowing from within. Healthy, at ease, safe and secure… not worried or paranoid about what kind of trouble his girl is up to or causing!

IwishHeCouldMakeYouGoAway @ 03/15/2013 at 2:09 pm

@GFW Is Going Nowhere:
Nothing you say is truthful, your just a bizarre mental fan who does nothing with the time God has given her but post her own wacky ideas and thoughts. I long for the day that JJ banned you. You are psychotic and manipulative. No wonder you have made so many enemies, you won’t shut up. It’s one thing to post a comment here and there but you post all day long while someone else is paying for you to do a job. Your paranoid and delusional. You need help and I wish JJ would get it for you.
Now there’s the truth for you.

Gerry Needs 2 Phone Home @ 03/15/2013 at 2:22 pm

What about others who post here all day? Or all night? Why just me? Just Jared reinstated my privileges because I’m good for his site. And I say a lot afraid. Say a lot others want to say but won’t. Truth, get it?
I get to you don’t I? Good. :oP
Don’t you think others post at work too? Toggle between tasks? Get real and leave me alone. You’re not qualified to judge me or what I do. Call me what you like. You don’t matter enough to upset me.

IwishHeCouldMakeYouGoAway @ 03/15/2013 at 2:32 pm

@Gerry Needs 2 Phone Home:
Hardly anyone posts but you, you don’t get that many responses to your comments because they are so bizarre.
As far as getting to me? I’m just sick of your constant insane comments. I’m not a fan of his choice for a dating partner but I don’t sit here day in and day out posting about her or what he should do. Make a comment and move on. Better yet get to work. It oes me off that you get paid to post gibberish all day long on a gossip site . The rest of us out here have to work for a living and if we posted on the Internet all day long we would be fired. My company has put a ban on Internet use due to employees posting on FB all day.
Your company needs to do the same. I’m out of here, so e of us actually have jobs where we need to work.

It seems to me @ 03/15/2013 at 2:36 pm

If fans have deluded themselves it’s their fault, not Gerard’s. Too many have him confused with his characters and just cannot get beyond them. They put him on a pedestal … he didn’t climb up there himself. He’s the same man that he always was.

Maybe he’s about to make a change in his life and vanish from the scene for a while after all the OFH promotion has died down.

Work to live … not live to work.

@time: When you get differing stories on something as simple as to how two people met you have to wonder why given the same thing happened with his last public girlfriend, Laurie Cholewa. Why make up fake stories as to how two people met unless you are hiding something, whatever that might be. Or just say no comment or nothing if you think it is private.

@Whatever.: I don’t disagree with all you said, I wasn’t trying to write a dissertation. I only quoted from the medical article I was reading. It goes without saying the more partners you have the more likely you will contract this particular STD and others which is only common sense. Just more tragic in the case of partners who are monogamous and catch these things from partners who are not so monogamous. This is why the concept of open relationships doesn’t sound so fun when you factor all this into the equation.

@HeNeeds2MakeHERGoAWAY!: you would be wrong. I think it’s laughable that you have a complete joyous melt down, every time they have a few days apart.

@hyperbole: Agreed about Letterman. Such a shame Gerry is now too good for Craig Ferguson. Would have been a much better interview.

GFWisONgbsDoNOTadmitList @ 03/15/2013 at 3:06 pm

Truth “Kathryn” I know stuff

Whatever. @ 03/15/2013 at 3:20 pm

@celebrity privacy: I don’t think his “coming out” with this one was originally his doing. I think he was pretty private about it at first and she wasn’t happy with that. Then, he couldn’t deny it any more. But I still believe he’d stick with a woman just because she was his ideal physically just to show everyone he can.

Whatever. @ 03/15/2013 at 3:24 pm

Off topic here a bit but has anyone else noticed the models doing the ads for American Apparel along the sides of the forum look extremely young? It’s creeping me out a bit. Their faces look barely fourteen on a body just going through puberty.

God Bless yoou all! @ 03/15/2013 at 3:28 pm

“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.” – Hebrews 10:24-25

MaddieQuotesBrinkley @ 03/15/2013 at 3:33 pm

David that is:

“Lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at you.” -David Brinkley

I like this girl.

How can anyone stick their **** in a desperate housewife… I can’t understand it. You would be safer sticking it in a meat grinder.

@MaddieQuotesBrinkley: expect bricks to be thrown at you if you throw bricks first,

“Nothing is more dangerous than a friend without discretion; even a prudent enemy is preferable”
Jean de La Fontaine

or loose inflated lips sink ships

including relation-ships ha ha

IwishHeCouldMakeYouGoAway @ 03/15/2013 at 3:47 pm

@just wow:
How can Brandi still be considered a Hollywood Housewife anymore? She’s not married so she’s a divorced Hollywood ?, not sure what you would call her. Whoever said she is attractive is way off base. She looks like a comic version of Joan Rivers. Maybe she was attractive when she was younger and before the surgery’ s but not anymore.

Philosopher King @ 03/15/2013 at 3:50 pm

“Jealousy contains more of self-love than of love.”
Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Philosopher King @ 03/15/2013 at 3:51 pm

He [she] that is jealous is not in love.
Saint Augustine

Kathy, why are you bringing my name into your never ending diatribe regarding Madalina. Why can’t you believe that Gerry is happy, healthy and completely in control of his life career and relationship. (as much as any man is in control of his relationship :-)
Gerry is happier than he has even been before. Why can’t you believe it?
And, yes, it is the real me. Remember the sandalwood beads and prayer book…use them.
I hope one day you can rid yourself of the demons that plaque you. And move on from your obsession with G.
I haven’t been on JJ in ages. You people make the Mothership & IMDb in 2007 seem normal.
Keep up the good work. It’s highly entertaining.

Philosopher King @ 03/15/2013 at 3:57 pm

“Women that can work a camera with ease often work men just as effortlessly for both require the same commitment to vanity and manipulation.”
― Tiffany Madison

Philosopher King @ 03/15/2013 at 3:58 pm

“It is less mortifying to believe one’s self unpopular than insignificant, and vanity prefers to assume that indifference is a latent form of unfriendliness.”
― Edith Wharton

The Noise in The Walls @ 03/15/2013 at 4:06 pm

#123 Work to live … not live to work.

That’s a great message to live by…..:)

@The Noise in The Walls: seems to be Gerry’s credo

GerrysTransitLoungeOwner @ 03/15/2013 at 4:08 pm

You mean his sandalwood beads? Yes, I still have them. Thank you. But you should have included the hand-written prayer. So if anyone can’t let go, it is you.
Question for you Ms. G a/k/a “Lick” & “Proof”: Why do you let people here insult your man? Why don’t you defend him? Why let them say God-awful things about him?

IwishHeCouldMakeYouGoAway @ 03/15/2013 at 4:09 pm

Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.-
Mark Twain

A thought... @ 03/15/2013 at 4:14 pm

Because no one is insulting their man. They are insulting Maddies man.

A thought... @ 03/15/2013 at 4:25 pm

@A thought…:
And by they I mean the rest of us.

@It seems to me: @It seems to me:I adore Gerry warts and all, though at times I’d like to slap some sense into him. He’s got more than his fair share of quirks, foibles & weaknesses and he’s got a lot of his rogueish “da” in him, too. But he’s never claimed to be nor behaved like anything other than just another flawed, fallible human being.

Okay I’m posting it again…….
As far as MG lurking here, I agreed she does come here and I think she has posted here also but not to you specifically. But if you are so sure that it was her that posted the URL to some site of yours then I challenge her to post it under her name on her official Facebook site and address you and your comments siting your initials as GFW. So Madalina if your reading this and you are deliberately taunting GFW aka Kathy then prove it and post her URL to your official Facebook site and address her accusations to your followers and others who visit your site.

However I will add this….
Madalina if you are coming here but it’s not you posting to GFW then post this quote from Gandhi–

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.
Mahatma Gandhi

Oh I’ve let go. And I have a man who G wishes he could be. But, you know …that don’t you. I’m outty. Headed your way…how’s the weather? lol
Și așa merge … si asa merge … și tu ești singurul care știe.

Wake up ppl @ 03/15/2013 at 4:51 pm

“He fvcks around with different women, doesn’t care which hole, and he clearly doesn’t care. He even is with someone now who keeps his bed warm with no thought of you.
Fingering Aniston should have woken you up. He’s an a*shole and treats women like sh*t. He doesn’t care about his fans except when it’s $$$$ time.”

@Get Real:

Isn’t that the truth. He has fooled so many women it’s mind boggling!
I was one of those silly women but now I have seen through this man.
As long as there is money to line his pocket he is game.

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/15/2013 at 4:51 pm

According to WO, this was taken yesterday after the Cirque du Soleil show in NYC:

SeeSawSally @ 03/15/2013 at 4:53 pm

Little Maddie posted a picture on her FB indicating that she was in NYC with Gerry. Definitely in NYC and looks like a current picture. Maybe she didn’t like him not mentioning her yesterday in either of his interviews and jumped the first flight back here to make sure her claim was still firmly on him. No doubt she will be with him on the red carpet on Monday night.

Wake up ppl @ 03/15/2013 at 4:55 pm


“Thank God for his “ball and chain”. To have someone who loves you unconditionally is a gift.”

The only ones who loves you unconditionally is your family at this age. Not the lingerie model gf.

Acupunture @ 03/15/2013 at 5:02 pm

The man does not have class. Yet he is quite smart. The combination of no class and street smart make him just that much unpalatable as a person. His looks is gone. That weak chin and jowl do him no favor.

littlebirdie @ 03/15/2013 at 5:06 pm


You are so full of it! His fans don’t know shite about how he spends his life or how he feels about people or anything else. It’s all conjecture based on a few bits of gossip or a moment caught on film. God forbid people should think they know YOU based on so little information out of your whole life. Especially the people who think they know how he FEELS about ANYTHHING. When you dislike a celebrity and still take the time to voice how you feel about them on a gossip site, you are proving how OBSESSED you are with him. Normal people who lose interest in or dislike a celebrity simply move on to something or someone else. So people can go on ad nauseum about what a douche he is and how sick, they’ve become of him but they are still so attracted and intrigued by the man they have to stay around.

I looked on her official FB page and it wasn’t there?

That’s a massive link to all the FB pages with her name on them . There is no picture on her official FB page just video posts and the quote from Brinkley

@celebrity privacy:

My respect for Mr. Craig just went through the roof.

Gerard Butler on the other hand constantly encourages his fans’ improper behavior invading his private life and thinking that would make loyal fans who would flood the box office of his movies. Miscalculating on Butler’s end. His “fans” can not save his bombs but more importantly it shows this man has no principles in life. Whatever goes for a buck.

Okay something is strange because that link took me to my FB page.

common sense and some @ 03/15/2013 at 5:51 pm

@Where??: mine too. Better watch it. it might be a tracer.

@common sense and some:
Can they do that on an iPad ? Not to mention I have WiFi.

@Where??: The link from #163? I tried it and it works for me, hmmm

Okay try this, go to facebook, type in madalina diana ghenea, it must be the 5th one

Which profile is it on? I can go look on her FB myself but which one? She only has 2 is it the official?

@Where??: The one that says actor/director and has 86 likes.

guyinlove @ 03/15/2013 at 6:06 pm

@Acupunture: rot! He’s looking as good as 2004. The weight, haircut and bottle shade are just right, and he has an air of vulnerablity. The aura of a man in love. How can you say that’s not an exquisitely masculine jawline? A little aging is far sexier than the effeminate blandness if youth!

Those are modelling pics from a bit back,she did some modelling in New York .She just wants you to think she is in New York…..
Remember she posted a pic of her on the Brooklyn Bridge ages ago those pics are from then.
Not new ones.

I found it, it’s the same one she is using as her header on her official page but even then I thought she looked much younger. It’s hard to tell with makeup. You can make your self look older or younger. Boy she has a done of pics of her and Gerry on that page. Hardly any on her official page. Perhaps she dedicates that page to her and Gerry only.

silly goose @ 03/15/2013 at 6:23 pm

@SeeSawSally: Old photo. Stop being taken in.

Two words why Butler will never marry this predator: community property.
California law requires that the community estate be divided equally if there is no written agreement requiring a particular division of property.
The end.
He will never handover his hard-earned fortune to her.

silly goose @ 03/15/2013 at 6:27 pm

@Where??: It’s a holy shrine don’tcha know? Maybe the new Pope can sprinkle some holy water on her lap, uh laptop.

@b: Which is circumventable via a prenuptial agreement, would it not or not living primarily in California. He hardly does now.

You are going to be serious disappointed at the end of this year.
I am laughing at the posts today.

Also, the camera never lies.
Butler is far more secure, confident and happy when this girl is nowhere in sight.
She makes everyone uncomfortable, everyone.

@silly goose: you know call it a hunch some may say its hopeful wishing but I could care less either way but they may be on a break up. A poster called him a nasty pig here yesterday and I just got a strange feeling that could have been her to him. After the HS show I would have broken up with him if he told the world all the stuff about her the way he did. I don’t know they are a strange couple so I guess time will tell.

Have to agree @ 03/15/2013 at 6:39 pm


Ain’t that the truth!

@SeeSawSally @There
That is not one of Madalina’s FB’s. That is one of her many fan pages. She did not post that photo. It’s an old photo, by the way, and the FB itself doesn’t belong to her.

My Thoughts @ 03/15/2013 at 6:41 pm


“After the HS show I would have broken up with him if he told the world all the stuff about her the way he did. I don’t know they are a strange couple so I guess time will tell.”

As long as his wallet is open she’ll never leave.

They are georgeous! I love the Cirque du Soleil. I missed the movie that came out he saw. Now why isn’t he with his “lady”??? <– sarcasm
Yes, Diana. I am the only one who knows. It was 60 here but drops down at night. Gerry said Washington is a beautiful city. It is. Lafayette I hear had a big influence in its design.
Cracking up at his "paranoid" humor. I'm glad he notices more now. We're all paranoid here in Spy Central. LOL <– not really
The No Fly Zone and (three) military bases in this area would never have not sent up something in this film. Yes, suspend belief… take it for what it is, a fun ride and Gerry is in a hit. Good on him. But he still needs to phone home. (squinting)
who knows Gerry spends a lot of time in the transit lounge ;o)

Sorry, but “working girls” don’t stand a chance.

GreenEyedGirl @ 03/15/2013 at 6:56 pm

@My Thoughts:
You know, I still have not listened to it. I do not want to hear him talk about his *****. I don’t.
No, a man in love or “deep like” would verbally trash or humiliate his woman like this man does. She’s to dumb to get it. It is nearly abusive. Everyone knows what they see and hear.
~K, Sandalwood prayer bead owner and yes, so it goes I’m the only one who knows Diana… you made me smile… know you’re not here

It seems to me @ 03/15/2013 at 7:04 pm


That seems to be a page set up by a fan.

OHF looks like another flop. I hope GB takes a very, very, very long break. Hopefully he’ll make another career change and totally disappear.

Okay …. I checked one of MG’s official pages and the New York photos were posted there today. So the source of this deception appears to be MG.
As I said, these New York photos are very old. They are from a fashion shoot MG did in September 2009.

GerrysGreenEyedGirl @ 03/15/2013 at 7:53 pm

You need to learn Ms. G. that Gerry does not take on anyone in his life that will harm it… only enhance it. You are not that. Deal with it. Like in Zero Dark Thirty, I am not your friend. I am here to break must find a new mark. Trust me, when I say this, you need to believe he will never, ever, no not ever marry you plans you have in your head or not. Gerard Butler is not stupid.
who must warn you that all you say her with your personas are shared

My Thoughts @ 03/15/2013 at 7:55 pm


“So the source of this deception appears to be MG.”

Another one of her many lies.

FB profiles @ 03/15/2013 at 7:57 pm

I rotate my profile pictures frequently. Some are old, some are new. Am I
deceptive? Maddie has been in New York this whole time.

In Words of a Crackpot @ 03/15/2013 at 8:06 pm

@GerrysGreenEyedGirl: You need to learn Ms. G. that Gerry does not take on anyone in his life that will harm it… only enhance it. You are not that. Deal with it. Like in Zero Dark Thirty, I am not your friend. I am here to break must find a new mark.

Need I say more?

Spurious Relationship @ 03/15/2013 at 8:13 pm

@GFWisONgbsDoNOTadmitList: Oh my! GerrysTransitLoungeOwner said in her post to me “seeing how you set me up”. I was trying to be subtle in my posts and here you put it in your moniker. GFW is ON gbs Do NOT admit List

Shared to Giovanni? Poor man. Bad leg. Unfaithful. Old. Not well. Does he still have black outs? He is not Gerard Butler.
And so it goes by Billy Joel. Sung at concerto to wife. Why was it written here?

GerrysGreenEyedGirl @ 03/15/2013 at 8:28 pm

Your stupid fck, Your stupidity knows no bounds. Billy dedicated to Elisabeth = and Gerry (the real one) was in attendance. You are so stupid. So.
Question, Ms Stupid Fuxk, How did you obtain the urls to betray him and my readers who are innocent victims to your endless betrayals? How to the figure in? I did not give them (the private blog addresses you shared her) to you.

GerrysGreenEyedGirl @ 03/15/2013 at 8:32 pm

@Proof: ‘
You are stupid beyond belief. You are. Dumb is being polite.
~K, we are done, get it… done same like with him… count the good times… you are so over.

I'm having fun:) @ 03/15/2013 at 9:04 pm

Not that I care, just a simple observation…
It seems to me GB didn’t take her anywhere with him while he’s promoting the movie, or at least he didn’t let her pose for the pics, so she- insecure and hungry for attention that she is, posted very old photos of her self in NY on her official FB page, to let people know she’s there with him or that she’s actually busy working? I feel sorry for this person, more and more each day…

@FB profiles:
Of course Madalina was being deceptive. Look at how some of you fell for it — proclaiming she’s in NY now based on 5 year-old photos! LOL! She got you guys good!
The fact is there hasn’t been one sighting of MG during this entire press junket. Not one. There hasn’t even been a sighting of her in the same time zone as Gerry. The last time they were confirmed to be in the same place was back in LA on March 7. After that Gerry has been seen all over NYC and DC with no girlfriend in tow.

Sally Field @ 03/15/2013 at 9:39 pm

Looks like GFW is channeling Sybil now. Kathy you’re coming unhinged now. Getting banned again is right around the corner.

It is strange that he hasn’t mentioned his GF since the HS show. Either she had a “word” with him or something has happened in paradise and his expression of “deep like” has rubbed her the wrong way.

On THE (Capitol) HILL blog, they are quoting G as saying he is so proud of the way the President’s Secret Service works protecting “our” country. Is G trying for U.S. citizenship? Miss Margaret cannot like the idea of that. Interesting though.

I remember that nice structured as* from 300. I really wanted to see his whole a** at the airport.

JJ start a 300 thread with that nice as* print of GJB to make us wonder

I remember pausing my dvdplayer on the part with his as*…..i kid you not, i stayed looking at that still for about 15 minutes.

I could make a good bananasplit out of that…pineapples, fudge, and strawberries…ooohhhhhhh hollar!

Well to update you—she has posted “Paris” on her fb about 10mins ago. So is she letting us know where she is?

Totally Useless Information @ 03/15/2013 at 11:28 pm

SUNKIST @ 03/15/2013 at 10:48 pm

On THE (Capitol) HILL blog, they are quoting G as saying he is so proud of the way the President’s Secret Service works protecting “our” country. Is G trying for U.S. citizenship? Miss Margaret cannot like the idea of that. Interesting though
I’d say he’s selling his movie. I’ve never heard GB say how he feels about the US one way or the other. Craig Ferguson told him one night he should become a citizen and GB acted as though he was very uncomfortable with the idea.

One thing that I found a bit strange is Gerry uses American spelling now. There was an autograph he signed for a hat shop in NYC a few months ago, and he wrote this is my “favorite” hat shop.

blah blah blah blah @ 03/15/2013 at 11:38 pm

@Proof: your silly posts are such a bore, I hope you know GFW to just yawn and ignore you see if you ignore trolls they can’t get off you have not figured that out after all these years on boards with nasty people

blah blah blah blah @ 03/15/2013 at 11:39 pm

@Where??: she didn’t have a word with him his PR people did, ixnay the girlfriend talk, no one cares, and you can’t keep your lies straight

blah blah blah blah @ 03/15/2013 at 11:43 pm

@What now?: No she knows you are reading her Facebook and sucking you in


yeah I am in Barbados because I posted it online


@Violet: Yeah she hasn’t photobombed one single picture and surely Madra would have taken pictures of her at the after party at his club. He’s supposed to be the matchmaker right?

@Where??: Nothing strange about it. She’s a busy working actress and is probably back in Europe looking for roles. Unlike Gerry, she actually has possibilities ahead. He’s got nothing lined up unless you mindreaders know something the rest of us don’t know.

Seeing as how Gerry and Maddie live in different countries, they’re always going to have time apart. It doesn’t mean they’ve broken up at all. Even if they married, they would probably spend time apart because it’s the way an acting couple lives.

From an interview with HS.
“… I’m not perfect! You want to see my hemorrhoids? ”

Gerry, almost every day we see your “hemorrhoids” with fake lips on your ass! Hahahaha! When are you going rid of her?. Disgusting and fake it all! Ugh!

@TeaCakes: Nice logical post in a sea of strangeness.

“He’s got nothing lined up unless you mindreaders know something the rest of us don’t know.”
Madalina has got nothing lined up, either. MG works less than Gerry does. They’re both unemployed fameho’s. It will soon be time for them to go on another vacation and some more shopping sprees, so Gerry can recover from staying in fancy hotels giving interviews and MG can recover from all her facebooking.

@:o): And you know this how? Interesting term, “fameho”. Which working actor, model, politicial, musician, or writer doesn’t strive for fame? Why are these two different?

@GFW also known as: “GerrysTransitLoungeOwner”, “SheIsWorstThing2Happen2Him!”, “SheIsWorstThing2Happen2Him!”, “HeNeeds2ReconnectWithMOM” , “HeNeeds2MakeHERGoAWAY!”, “GFW Is Way So Happy!”, “Gerry Needs 2 Phone Home”, “GerrysGreenEyedGirl”:

I think you need some treatment. You made a fixation on GB, and anyone who reads your posts can see that you you don’t miss any chance to attack GB GF, the way that you constantly insulting her indicates you are rather obsessed of her and extremely jealous, spitting poison and making up all kinds of lies (like GB mother and others). You said she is devious, but look at you and what you are doing, spreading ugly words about her over and over again. You must hate her guts without any serious reason. You said you think she harasses you on JJ (like she has nothing else better to do), and also that “she’s horribly jealous” of you, which is most highly doubtful, and there’s a name for this, it’s called paranoia. . By saying these, you only lose your credibility and you’re only hurting yourself with this bitterness. You should realize that saying things about someone (especially when it’s not true), this will not remain without consequences on us, and sooner or later we will pay somehow (someone else will put us in the same situation or worst), what goes around, comes around. I think you should relax and take it slower… Don’t hate me for saying all that, doesn’t hurt a reality check from time to time.

(P.S. Initially I posted this comm in other thread with GB, by mistake.)

Time to ask ... @ 03/16/2013 at 3:10 am

Maybe it was because I read JJ the other day that I ended up dreaming with your guy ( who ever wants to make it personal), anyway, it was so vivid that I will like to share it. I usually forget dreams almost immediately, but with this one I tried to write it down as fast as possible. One part I understand and the other not at all, so since many of you know him you might understand it better. I ‘m not a psychic, this is Not real, it’s just a silly dream.
Gerry and I were just talking, I don’t recognize the place, I remember that I asked ” how do you feel, are you ok?” he says” yes, but it’s my stomach, I need to watch what I eat, and I’m not resting enough.” I say
“you have a movie coming out, aren’t you happy?” he says, “I feel empty, I need to find peace, to organize my ideas, and then there is the legal problem” “yes, I read that you sued someone” he said “yes, but I’m also being sued!” I asked “how can I help you?” and then he showed me a place, I don’t remember if he said he is moving there or wanted to go there, but he feels peaceful there, he always wants to be in that place……it looks like a park, seating there looking at the water, maybe is a lake, there are many animals, fog, and can not see many houses, just a few. I said ” but you can’t leave, how about your job, how are you going to live?” he said “don’t worry I have invested in other things, I’ll be ok, I need to be away from Hollywood for a while, I’m a rebel sometimes and can’t keep my mouth shut when something is no right (or fair). I will be back, but it will not be the same, I’m different and old things don’t mean the same anymore, are not that important!” so I said “well, I think you should take that TV offer, I know it seems like it’s a small thing, but the people are going to like it so much that it will end up being a great success and you will be filming more (like a series??)……..That……what you do……with which you substituted your old habit with, has to stop completely until you find yourself….that’s the only way, you go from one place to the next, but you are empty, you used all your energy, and is like if having a crack or an opening were it leakes, it happened sometime ago. You need to heal it, I think you know the theory….. Ok, .I’ll help you, you have not made the right choices in how you’ve lived your life!”

Those are not the exact words, I couldn’t find a pen and forgot some things! The last part I don’t understand, it’s blurry and doesn’t make sence. What old habit, drinking? What new habit, smoking?
I must say…a very, very weird dream! LOL

PS. Good luck with OHF, it will be great!!……I believe in you!!

… (PS Initially I posted this comm in other thread with GB, by mistake.)
I think that to write something to justify MG also your mistake. No one cares about this ****! Your preaching is in vain! Everyone knows who she is. LOL!

@There: she’s in Paris according to her FB page

“Which working actor, model, politicial, musician, or writer doesn’t strive for fame?”
What an ignorant statement. There are many, many actors out there that do not strive for fame …. Daniel Day-Lewis, Guy Pearce, Viggo Mortensen, are all fiercely private, loathe the celebrity lifestyle and were never fame-seeking. They’re in it to be actors and excel at their craft.

@Time to ask …: Thanks for the fan fiction! It was interesting to read.


He won’t be looking for citizenship, “There are two types of people in the world, those who are Scots and those who want to be Scots.”

Just a thought @ 03/16/2013 at 4:07 am


“Yeah she hasn’t photobombed one single picture and surely Madra would have taken pictures of her at the after party at his club. He’s supposed to be the matchmaker right?”

Perhaps they have her tied up in a basement somewhere to stop her gatecrashing anything.

Just a thought @ 03/16/2013 at 4:09 am


“She’s a busy working actress and is probably back in Europe looking for roles.”

Is she? she’s totally talentless so who’s employing her?

Gerard Butler
about an hour ago

Screenings around the US have been amazing. Follow the hashtag #OlympusHasFallen for people’s reactions to the movie. Let me know what you think. – GB

@Just a thought: You might want to check her filmography but didn’t that actor Gerard Butler give her a bit part in OHF? And didn’t she get the part in the shaving ad? You might want to factcheck before you go off spouting accusations as to her “talent”. Gerry thinks she’s talented, that’s all you need to know.

She is from San Diego.
Vanessa Hernandez

I just met Gerard butler in down town he is an awesome actor C:
12:44 AM – 16 Mar 13

Gerry in Can Diego
Reginald Shepard

Saw @GerardButler tonight downtown san guy
4:28 AM – 16 Mar 13

Stop making things up. Madalina isn’t in OHF.
And if you think saying one line in a commercial is a grand display of talent, then you must think Kim Kardashian is an Academy Award winner.

@Alina: “I think that to write something to justify MG also your mistake. No one cares about this ****! Your preaching is in vain! ” – I do… :) I don’t preach, I just want justice to prevail, for the sake of humankind, for a better world. :)

“Everyone knows who she is.” – No, everyone THINKS he/she knows who she is. We only know she was a few weeks with LD and AB (both famous, desirable actors for ANY woman), and from what I heard, GB started this relationship with her (so she didn’t premeditate this). So these are the facts, the rest are only suppositions. She had modelling contracts since 14, so she didn’t need to do escort or other incriminating things for money. Also, I’m sure no one expects a girl or woman to meet her half with first boyfriend, most women have several relationships before meeting the one with whom will marry. But in case they are well-known actors, we are all screaming: “that’s a w*hore”, we suddenly become puritans. I think she should have stuck with her kindergarten boyfriend, and better not to be famous, otherwise “we knows who she is”… yeah, sure…

You are stupid. You do not have to explain who she is. I know a lot more than you think. Not everything can write. . If you are in her team, YOU BETTER GO TO HER FB and wrote her monogram THERE. Bye bye…

Alina, you are just a rude little girl. You say you know more? Considering how nasty your posts are already, doubtfully it could be worse. Notice I didn’t say “true”; I said worse.

guyinlove @ 03/16/2013 at 6:14 am

@CeliaD: yes, alina’s posts are nasty, little, immature. She must also be a perfect, angelic, virgin, the way she feels the right to pass judgement on others for having a dating history. She can’t seem to grasp how she belittles Gerry too, because for whatever reason, or under whatever circumstances, he likes her and has continued their relationship.
This place has gone downhill since an influx of non English speaking RU posters consumed by jealousy.

Im not rude, I’m just telling the truth, you do not want everything to know. I don’t humiliate Gerry. He knows everything about her. I’m not jealous Butler, because my father was younger. This is absurd. I just want that he should make good movies.

guy not in love LOL!!!!

@guyinlove: I could not agree more. Alina’s favorite post is “you are stupid” followed by any number of exclamation points, which of course, make HER the stupid one. She’s the most jealous of all the phannies at this site. Very bitter because Gerry has chased Maddie and won her heart.

guyinlove @ 03/16/2013 at 6:42 am

@Alina: go away and learn to write English.

You’re the biggest idiot on this site. I agree with this. PR Mada works well.. Good night to you all.

I will learn English.Но ты никогда не выучишь русский язык.. Это не для твоих куриных мозгов. Вы все тупые курицы. Hahaha

Time to ask... @ 03/16/2013 at 7:25 am

@Alina: You’re welcome!
However, it’s not fan fiction it was just a dream , and it’s not considered a Type of Genre….I am not a writer and for a fan fiction it’s too depressing!
I only hope that nothing I wrote before has anything to do with him, not even changing diet!

@Alina: I certainly enjoy Alina’s many contributions (lots of great links). Hope she stays around.

@Alina: I also enjoy what you have to say,ignore the plebs..

geraldine @ 03/16/2013 at 7:51 am

@Alina: I appreciate the links and info you post. We still enjoy freedom of speech here. Your comments are one-sided but so are many others who don’t contribute links and info.

SheIsDangerous @ 03/16/2013 at 8:29 am

@blah blah blah blah:
She is a lonely frustrated friendless jealous bore. But that’s what happens when you’re ordered to stay in your hotel room like a sex-slave, live on room service, cigarettes, coffee and Just Jared for entertainment playing cat and mouse games with posters so she doesn’t talk or be seen or run off with another richer man or pilfer through his loft looking for more Intel and evidence to use against him.
~K, officially out of here

@SheIsDangerous: Just when I think you can’t get any more crazy delusional, you surprise me!

@300: Get a freaking life! Fifteen minutes…….really?

a thought for Alina
in a previous thread ( GB & MG @ the Vanity Fair Party) wrote
in # 867 that:

” My personal life- is my personal life, and it has no place to actors like Gerry Butler ! He’s a clown and nothing more! There are more decent guys.”

she’s deeply disturbed.

grapes are sour when you can’t reach them

omg. it could have been three….who cares the point was that the man has a sexy butt. now the lovemaking scene was hotttttttt. he looked comfortable. will be glad to see him in comfort with his next relationship.

why the rage? you have some problems don’t you……

@TeaCakes: Long distance relationships never hold up and neither do marriages where their work keeps families apart.

@300: I have some problems? LMFAO! With all do respect, I’m not the one fantasizing about making an icecream sundae out of a man’s azz and staring at a photo of a buttcrack….even if it’s just three minutes!

@Can’tGetEnough: Have you noticed a “pattern” here? He seems to always get his photo taken with a lot of hot women when he and MG are apart. Too obvious!

omg. something is very wrong here. only one person acts vile like that.

thats sad.

There is a screening for OHF next week, do you think his Mum will come to this one since I think she is in Florida, which is just a hop away from California. I think Gerry would love to have his family share in this since it seems to be doing so well so far with everyone who has seen it.
I think his Mum is proud of him and what he has accomplished. I hope this movie is a big hit for him.
If he needs a break I hope it won’t be for long, he needs to focus and work. Out of sight out of mind. He is to fidgety to stay still for long.
Have a great day to all. Happy St. Patty’s Day♥

Just checking in for a minute. The ladies at WO has found a USAtoday clip which is a little longer and it has Gerry and AF in it. Maybe CGE or Alina or one of the other ladies can post it here. Looks like a great movie.
Thank you WO for the info.

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/16/2013 at 11:57 am

Ashley Beal
about an hour ago near San Diego, CA via mobile
So last night your girl hung out with Gerard Butler @pcddollhouse so much fun ill post our pic later
Georgette Johnson
48 minutes ago via mobile
Gerard Butler at camp Pendleton today!!!
Rodney Jay Valencia
about an hour ago near San Diego, CA
That weekend duty… On the upside Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler, and Ashley Judd are coming to visit my ship! :)
The links that Alina gets all come from WO. All you need to do is go to the site and get them all there. CGE gives credit where it is due. That’s a good thing to do.
Appreciating the posters who do not see MG as some horrid person. I suppose the part that gets me is that she is a fellow woman who is making her way in this world the best she can. I don’t know if she loves gerry. I hope so. But doubt if she would have a problem finding someone to love her. From what i have read, she is a very nice person.
Just tired of reading all the hate toward both of them. Gets old and like a cancer that grows and spreads to all aspects of your life.
So many people, not just actors have enhancements done and the tv is full of ads for just that. But for actors, models and others in the public eye, appearance is the name of the game for occupation. Necessary to take care of their looks to stay relevant in some cases, not all, but think about being a model. That does not make you a bad person, does it.
Brings a smile to my face when I read something positive and fun and cannot go back to find, to applaud those people, but you know who you are. A BIG thank you.
I am sorry for those filled with hate and contempt that take the time to print it. A sad reflection of your lives I fear.
Proverbs 6:16-19
New International Version – UK

16 There are six things the Lord hates,
seven that are detestable to him:
17 haughty eyes,
a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
18 a heart that devises wicked schemes,
feet that are quick to rush into evil,
19 a false witness who pours out lies
and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

Good post totally agree , it’s ridiculous that posters hate a girl they don’t even know just because she is dating Gerard Butler. It’s one thing to be a fan and another to be an obsessed fan. To much hate in the world and not enough kindness and love. So sad.

Hi Lolita and CGE, Guess my name will be mud after my little outburst. Ha.
That was a very nice video. I think that butler and fugua will be at Camp Pendleton tonight. That should make the leathernecks happy.
Hope that gerry’s mom will be there on Monday too. Would be a nice to see her. Have a great weekend.

Ducky nice post, CGE thank you for link

@Where??: @tony: Good grief thank you for your post, thought I would be trashed for sure.
So looking forward to seeing the movie and wishing the man the VERY best in all aspects of his life.
So, Lolita are we going to make it to the movies on the 22nd? Have all this company coming in for holiday, but will give it my best shot.
98% on rotten tomatoes want to see it. That’s a good sign.

I'm having fun:) @ 03/16/2013 at 12:46 pm

@ Where and Ducky : you are both mental, not everything in life is black and white….

@I’m having fun:):
Sorry I don’t understand your post, Its not the hate of the Lord that I talk of, its the posters here. People do know hate, just read watch the news. Its everywhere. BTW you just proved my point. Thanks.

dargabriel @ 03/16/2013 at 1:14 pm

My bf bobby is right down the block from butler, if in fact he is in or near san diego. Butler sure gets around. Love,dar

dargabriel @ 03/16/2013 at 1:20 pm

Where is gerards love, is she or he too busy to be together? Or has it been a pr stunt from the gate? He’s not in love but he sure loves through the soul and is very loving towards many. I’m glad gerard got to work with one of my fav actor’s, morgan freeman. Eagle lake is thawing now and soon u can hear the sheets of ice cracking, God’s glory. Have a wonderful day all. Love,dargabriel

Oh yes HE does @ 03/16/2013 at 1:28 pm

@I’m having fun:): If you hold the Lord’s word and the Bible to be true, then read Proverbs 6:16-19 and you can read it for yourself.

Thanks CGE for posting the video, have a great weekend also. You are the best.
Ducky, don’t worry about the haters, you will never fall into that category.
Yes, I will be there sometime next weekend to support him because this movie does look interesting.
I only come here to chat with my cyber friends and see what news there is about Gerry and his career.
Don’t want to get involved in all the other stuff. I gotta go but thanks ladies for the chat and pics. Take care.

Just a thought @ 03/16/2013 at 2:03 pm


“it’s ridiculous that posters hate a girl they don’t even know just because she is dating Gerard Butler”

It seems to me that people dislike MG not because she is dating GB but because she seems to be using him, as she has used others before him, just to promote her career. Most people here would be only too happy for him to find a good woman who truly cares for him and doesn’t see him as a walking credit card.

Just a thought @ 03/16/2013 at 2:14 pm


Just because she has parts in films doesn’t mean she has talent. Also, I haven’t heard that she has a part in OHF and doubt she has.

Totally Useless Information @ 03/16/2013 at 2:33 pm

Wasn’t there a lawsuit filed a few months ago claiming the living arrangements of some of the girlfriends of the OHF crew were were illegally added to the budget of the movie or the girls were given non- existent jobs with pay? Anyone remember?

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/16/2013 at 2:36 pm

pcddollhouse ‏@pcddollhouse
The Dolls had a blast dancing with Spartan King Leonidas aka @GerardButler last night. HUBBA HUBBA!!!
Some nice pics from Esquire Mexico March 2013, courtesy of GALS:

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/16/2013 at 2:41 pm

Kimberly ‏@Kimberlysenser
Last night @GerardButler video taped me doing a backflip in a club. Life is great.
Ashley Beal
Me and Gerard Butler PCD DOLLHOUSE last night.. after i tackeld him in the street and forced him to come in….. lol… had so much fun with him a really great guy. YES ASHLEY 20 PTS.


“didn’t that actor Gerard Butler give her a bit part in OHF?”

Is she the hooker standing on the corner of the street as the plane comes in?

@Just a thought:
You assume she’s using him but the reality is he hasn’t helped her career at all. She may have gotten some help from AB but so far others have helped her. Gerry has done nothing but helped demean her image especially with his so called fans calling her horrible names. One might say your nothing but a gold digger yourself seeking out some actor who might help give you a better life. The door swings both ways so everything you accuse her of , well apparently it takes one to see one.


When you have shopkeepers tweeting about how much Gerry has spent on her in their shops the she is using him. I like Gerry as an actor but nothing else. I’m 24 and as far as I’m concerned he’s far too old for me. I have a gorgeous husband and have no fantasy for Gerry. My husband is 26 and he asked some of his friends in the 18-30 age group what the thought of MG and NOT ONE of them found her attractive. Three of them asked if she was a drag queen. perhaps the reason she goes after older men is because guys her own age are not interested.

Just a thought @ 03/16/2013 at 3:21 pm


I am certainly not a gold digger and have not tried seeking GB out. I don’t hate her but she doesn’t care about him and I don’t think he cares about her. She does have a reputation of using men and she is using GB.

Just a thought @ 03/16/2013 at 3:23 pm


“he asked some of his friends in the 18-30 age group what the thought of MG and NOT ONE of them found her attractive.”

That’s very interesting.

Just reading about all of these screenings for OHF…great for word of mouth. It must be incredible to actually watch the movie WITH GB…and then to participate in a Q&A session…something I’ve always wanted to do. Hope the publicity tour continues to do well!

God Bless yoou all! @ 03/16/2013 at 4:43 pm

3 His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 4 Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.
2 Peter 1 :3 &4

Time to ask... @ 03/16/2013 at 5:05 pm

Dear Gerard Butler,
This is my way of helping you … You have chosen a very special path in life, your job allows you to reach many people, its a great opportunity to touch people’s lives and make a difference. Always hold a good intention even in the toughest moments (I’m sure you already know this)
Use it well!!! Everything that comes to us in life are lessons to help us become a better person, ways to learn and overcome obstacles, practice the present, the here and now (especially at this moment) because It’s when you have the chance to connect and grow even more!

I’m very happy for you and this movie, enjoy it, I’ll be thinking of you when I see it…. Smile!!

PS. I believe in you. :-)

.. I hope GB also sees the love and caring words from many of you…

…I hope that the so-called holiday after OHF means holiday and not lack of jobs ….

I hope the path will give him som enlightment ….

Take care out there … The world is a rough place …

They are pulling out all the stops for OHF, Camp Pendleton and a tour on a ship then a free showing of OHF for the troupes and families.
Pics are starting to show up with twitters.
Maggie PU and wtf and the boys hope you are all doing well and happy.
Gerry is going to have a big hit on his hands which should bring him some good offers in the future. So happy for him.

@Just a thought,

“It seems to me that people dislike MG not because she is dating GB but because she seems to be using him, as she has used others before him, just to promote her career.”
You don’t know that, it’s just your interpretation. Following this judgement, any girl who would date Gerry would be using him, in your opinion. As like no woman could love him for what he is and not because he’s famous. And you can only offend him by saying that a model would only stay with him to use him. You miss the fact that he’s not only a great actor, but a very likable person, the man looks great, he’s attractive for any young woman, funny, inteligent. Why wouldn’t she love him? Most women addore him.
MG left AB for him, and that says something. Leo and other former boyfriends of her are not by far as masculine and cool as Gerry.

“she doesn’t care about him and I don’t think he cares about her” – How do you know that? Do you read minds? Please…

Here is what she says about him:–Vgecc


“When you have shopkeepers tweeting about how much Gerry has spent on her in their shops the she is using him.” – Now she’s using him for money… when she has a plenty of it, that really “makes sense”. Gifts are normal in any relationship couple. You could say that if he would bought her a castle, or an expensive house, not shopping… Before you making these speculations, you should put “I think that…”, don’t you think that? :)

“the reason she goes after older men is because guys her own age are not interested” – he’s not 60, and even if he’s older, he’s still looking good. As far as to “they are not interested”… that leads me to another comment: “he asked some of his friends in the 18-30 age group what the thought of MG and NOT ONE of them found her attractive. Three of them asked if she was a drag queen” – That’s because they were probably looked at the Vanity Fair photos, when she didn’t look good at all (that happens with all of us, having bad days). But, if it’s true they said that, I doubt they saw other pictures of her.
Anyway, this is your problem? That she’s not attractive and men are not interested in her? LOL, and GB’s tastes are horrible, right?

You can say anything you want, but the images speak for themselves, for example a videoshooting of her from 2012. If any guy thinks she’s not attractive, than that man has a problem.

I saw videos with her, and most comments are highly appreciative. For example: “I think I just saw the most beautiful woman ever” / “My god, she is absolutely intoxicating in the bottom 2 pics, possibly the most seductive face I’ve ever seen, so I can’t think clearly right now.” / “I couldn’t stand that much beauty next to me. Is just to… perfect. How she moves, how she looks, how she speaks, how she feels life, everything on her is perfect.”

Totally Useless Information @ 03/16/2013 at 10:02 pm

Little Maddie, ‘and he’s the kind of person with whom you can talk about anything, he’s very smart and knowledgeable.’

LMAO, he can talk to LIttle Maddie about anything because she left school at 14, she’s 25 years old now and he’s 43 years old with the equivalent of a Ph.D in law. LIttle Maddie is not the intelligent one in this situation, trust me. I don’t think she’s dumber than a rock, but she can’t can’t hold a candle to GB in the knowledge department. Of course he can talk to her about anything, he’s got almost 20 years of living experience over her too.

Just to make myself clear, I do not have a problem with Little Maddie skipping her education to start her modeling career. Some careers are only good for a short time and modeling is one. If she is made good money, invested well and is set for life, than good for her.

Was this posted? Why do you think he has a weakened sense of taste? He claims h is sense of taste is not all that great but he won’t say why. Wonder what would cause that.

@lolita: I agree with you. This is how MGP should have been handled.

Judith Ranieri @ 03/16/2013 at 10:12 pm

I am having a problem with Gerard Butler visiting these US military bases as if he belonged there!

He is not a US citizen, but should be, because the US has given him far more, in promoting his career and personal finances, than any other country.

He SHOULD be more grateful to the US, but aside for a small amount of charitable work, has been mostly on the receiving end!

I am getting hpocritical vibes, seeing him visit these military bases.

Sorry…..just feeling patriotic for my country, and dislike when foreigners take advantage and benefit.

you tube video .. two words for you .. nut case

You’re wasting your time. We’ve all seen MG’s candids, we know what she looks like without photoshop and makeup and lighting, we know what she looked like before and after her surgery, we know all about what this chick looks like without all the extra “help”. Her real looks run somewhere between cheap and meh.
We know what kind of person she is — her track record, her many lies, her hilarious lack of style, her pitiful lack of talent (we’ve heard the piano playing, we’ve seen the commercials), her incredibly flat personality (we’ve seen the interviews).
Your MG Fan Club isn’t going to work here.

I wonder if the weakened sense of taste is related to his partial deafness. He had surgery as a kid that caused nerve damage –resulting in hearing loss and some paralysis (hence the crooked smile). I wonder if the nerve damage affected his sense of taste.

@Judith Ranieri: @Judith Ranieri: That is going a little too far and beyond too deep. I am an American and love my country. I am more than certain America is precious to Gerard. In addition just as I know my love for America burns through my heart , I am sure the love of Scotland burns through his heart. How dare you say such a thing.

Remember this is America…..and we are the country that is to welcome and not to discriminate. How dare you. It is the land of opportunity. You have really pi**ed my a** off by spewing such.

I speak not only as an American but of military and from a family of military. How dare you. One of the greatest things I will say of OHF is the starring person IS NOT OF AMERICAN DESCENT but he is a representation of America and that alone will touch alot of hearts. I applaude his visit because it means he wants to know.

I had friends that participated in this filming and quietly some bothered them it had that much of a profound affect….reliving it…

To some this movie might not mean fu** but to many it will hit a special place……and by the way it was the POWs

tears to my eyes……..changing my monikker

have a nice weekend

@Judith Ranieri: Gerry lives here in the US, owns property and pays taxes. He is not a US citizen, I agree, but check out some of the pics of the military personnel he is seeing. They all seem happy to see him and the rest of the actors. This was PR for his movie but most of the tweets coming in are favorable. I had family in the marines, army and navy and air force and I know most of them don’t get these events unless the USO steps in. I love my country and I think Gerry loves it too. He is a proud Scot who loves his country and maybe some day he will have a dual citizenship. He wouldn’t have benefitted if America did not open its arms to him. I appreciate your honesty and hope my response did not offend you.

Rosa and Pink, maybe Gerry’s sense of taste is off because he is smoking again. I know when I quit that I got my sense of taste and smell back. I drove myself nuts sniffing food before I would eat it.

@300: Butler represents the USA? Since when? HE doesn’t represent us in any way. He’s an alien. I know he campaigned for an American candidate in CA recently but it’s odd considering he’s not a citizen and can’t vote. Kind of hypocritical to lobby support for someone in a foreign country.

This foreigner Butler doesn’t represent ME in any way, besides he hates our military troops. He said so some years ago in an interview where he said there were NO HEROES in Iraq. Meaning our beloved troops, the Iraqi we freed, none were heroes in his mind.

He’s not political astute in any way and he is certainly not pro-America. I’ll be shocked if anyone in the US military would see his films if they knew about his ridiculous comment.

@300: I don’t know if you ever saw the movie Tora, Tora, Tora. There is a line in it that the Japanese commander said after the bombing of Pearl Harbor that all they succeeded in doing is awakening a sleeping giant. OHF is kinda like that, it brings out the spirit of America and how we will defend our country when attacked. This movie will make us think about how easy something like this could happen and prepare so it doesn’t. I appreciate with all my heart the men and woman who take up the job of protecting us.


Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!

SouthernBelle @ 03/16/2013 at 11:22 pm

Have to agree with 300 and Lolita. I was thrilled that the military was included in the promo of OHF. There were so many tweets, FB posts and Instagrams from Naval and Marine personnel who were happy to play host to and meet Antoine Fuqua and some of the cast. My hope is that the actors will come away awed by these young people who do so much. These people help to keep the world and its citizens safe, not just Americans. Gerry can love his native land and still have an appreciation for the land where he works and lives most of the time. I doubt that many would be offended by his visiting the base.

Have you seen who Liberty Ross is dating? The guy is 60. Some women are just attracted to much older men. I’m not but to each his own apparently he wanted to spend the money on her. He propbly felt guilty after being caught in Dubai partying with a room full of women. that’s why I don’t like gifts from guys unless its a sentimental purchase. Its usually because they feel guilty about something. Not always but a lot of the time.

SouthernBelle @ 03/16/2013 at 11:26 pm

Hey, Lolita — you may very well be right about smoking dulling GB’s taste. Smoking can do a real job on both taste and smell. Of course, I didn’t realize that until I quit.

where are the pictures?

SouthernBelle @ 03/16/2013 at 11:45 pm


W/O has them. Don’t know about Gals.

Totally Useless Information @ 03/16/2013 at 11:46 pm

@ lolita @ 03/16/2013 at 11:14 pm

@300: I don’t know if you ever saw the movie Tora, Tora, Tora. There is a line in it that the Japanese commander said after the bombing of Pearl Harbor that all they succeeded in doing is awakening a sleeping giant. OHF is kinda like that, it brings out the spirit of America and how we will defend our country when attacked. This movie will make us think about how easy something like this could happen and prepare so it doesn’t. I appreciate with all my heart the men and woman who take up the job of protecting us.
Are you seriously suggesting GB and OHF will be responsible for making our defense of 9/11 like attacks better? Are you high? The Defense Department does not need a Hollywood over the top blockbuster to remind them to get ready to defend our nation.

And furthermore, there is no real evidence that Admiral Yamamoto supposedly uttered anything of the sort after Pearl Harbor. What we do know about him is he was very friendly with the United States and warned the Emperor and other Generals (Shoguns really) that Japan could never win a war against the US.

SouthernBelle @ 03/16/2013 at 11:47 pm

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all. If you celebrate, be safe.

@Totally Useless Information: Are you seriously suggesting GB and OHF will be responsible for making our defense of 9/11 like attacks better? Are you high? The Defense Department does not need a Hollywood over the top blockbuster to remind them to get ready to defend our nation.

That is pretty laughable to think that about OHF.

Maggie P.U. @ 03/17/2013 at 12:19 am

With reading what I have and being prior service Marine Corps (and CamPen MCB 1st MarDiv) was my main duty station, a former Marine wife and a dependent (Dad was a Career Marine, including 3 tours in Nam) I can definitely understand everyones opinion/s. With what Gerry said about our Military, that did hit a nerve. But at the same time does anyone remember (or know) Jane Fonda? Aka “Hanoi Jane”. She not only betrayed the American Military and its POWs but the American people by doing what she did and said……..

If the service men and women are enjoying this “break” from their duties then let them have their well earned time off…. I am sure they already know (or they will) of what he said. But, it is by embedded creed: Respect, Pride and Honor. Consider the source….. They have more important things to focus on than a mere Scots who never like Jane wore boots nor stepped on combat ground….Proove the naysayers wrong! God Bless America and her Military. And to those who say their are no heros and do their country wrong….. tickets out of the country are on sale often!



Maggie P.U. @ 03/17/2013 at 12:28 am

@307, Total

His words were per a fellow officer during the attack on MIDWAY “We have woke a sleeping tiger….” History, especially that of the Wars etc was and is my minor in school.



Bewildered @ 03/17/2013 at 1:06 am

@Maggie P.U.: Maggie, did you read that Iraq comment from Gerry? I never heard this before and wonder if he did what context was it in. Just finding it so unbelievable that he would say this. Can you find it or give me a hint where to look for it? Thanks.

Suzanne Cummings @ 03/17/2013 at 1:20 am

@TeaCakes: That’s why I left the Gerry sites. I was so upset that he dissed our troops and frankly, he dissed the Brit troops with his comment since they were supporting ours in Iraq. IIRC, it was around the time 300 came out that he made the slur against our troops. Pretty sad, if you ask me. Who’d want to defend him? Not me.

Us Scots are gorgeous. Learn to love us.

Here’s a link to Gerry’s comments about Iraq that appeared in a March/April 2007 Esquire interview, entitled, “The Start of New Film ’300′ Disses Our Troops.” It should read, “The Star of New Film ….. .”

I’m all for giving anything to our troops, even a preshowing of a movie, and I’m glad they were pleased to meet the cast. As for GB, he’s just another aszhle celeb who is paid too much for doing a subpar job.

As far as his supporting Eric Garzetti in the LA mayor’s race. Ariel Vromen had long been scheduled to speak and probably tried to get GB some face time. Gerry didn’t show.

Totally Useless Information @ 03/17/2013 at 2:08 am

I do remember a video from the 300 Comic Con where GB made a remark about the 300 against the big army and pointing to the camera he said to think about that. Or something similar. I got the distinct impression he was comparing the US to the big army or the Persians. It was not during the panel but before or after when he was giving interviews. That video disappeared and I’ve never seen it since nor talked to anyone who did see it.

here we go @ 03/17/2013 at 2:10 am

Leonado Dicaprio never been bf romanian prostitute. Just funny. Gerard Butler s so gay as Alan. He disguises himself about it.

Just wanna say, MG is a very lucky girl, and GB is f’in gorgeous, and I hope he does whatever makes him happy for his next role. But I’m glad he’s taking a break (ish) or whatever, cuz it seems he needs to find some peace. Fame seems like it’s been a real b*tch to him lately (ahem, well, the “fans” in some places anyway…). Go home (letterman interview reference here) and sleep/rest/meditate/escape until you’ve gotten your spark/spirit back is probably what I’d advise him. He deserves to be happy, and I hope he has real love with a woman soon, if he doesn’t now. Why do I care about this stranger?? I have no idea, but I enjoy his movies, (had to see all of them listed on imdb after seeing the Phantom!) and I hope he’s as healthy and loved and happy as possible. I know, I know, add nausea and all that, but I don’t care, I’m a nice person. Maybe cuz I’m a scorpio too, but I “get” that personality in a way, ha, I dunno wtf that means, but whatever. Can’t wait for OHF! (big screen Gerry time! yay!) Who cares about the hype/numbers, just looks like a fun thrill ride, although he’s waaay more talented than that, but I’ll be there 5th row back, dead center on friday! :)

*exits wondering why I’m here*

….oh yeah, cuz I hate all the hate here..but why do I care?…hmmm, must stop wasting time, must sleep….

Gerard Butler's Career @ 03/17/2013 at 2:34 am

Ugly, fat, old, jowly, HAIRY fool.

Gerard Butler's Career @ 03/17/2013 at 2:36 am

How many women HAD this man BEFORE Madalina???
So many it’s a joke. And he admitted banging that Z-Lister, Brandi (who now brags that she feels validated – a loser herself) and not even knowing her last name or caring about who she was or what she was ‘carrying.’
Such a disgrace. he is so lame no wonder he is Hollywood’s ‘Hunkiest (fat slob of a) Has-Been.’

Well, thank you for posting that. I’m kind of speechless and really appalled.
I didn’t agree with the decision to invade Iraq, but I never lost my love and respect for the brave troops who put themselves in harm’s way when their country called. I was overwhelmed by many stories of heroism from our troops. Very early in the Iraq war, I read an article about a young American soldier – only 19 years old – who threw his body on top of a grenade to save the lives of his fellow soldiers. He died, and because he died, everyone else lived. This very young man chose to die to save the lives of others. If he’s not a hero, I don’t know who the hell is.
@Totally Useless Information
I believe you …. primarily because he said that very thing in the quote Patriot just posted. He thought the Persians in 300 were the U.S.

Most people in the UK felt the same way about the Iraq war and there was constant criticism about it in the media and from politicians. That doesn’t mean that people didn’t support the troops and Gerry was the same as everyone else, didn’t agree with the war but he never said anything against the troops. When he said there were no heroes, that’s how most people in the UK felt because the only reason the country was invaded was because it has oil. If like Zimbabwe it had no oil it would never have been invaded. I had two cousins and a brother in law in Iraq and they have always said that we should never have been there and agree there were no heroes. There can never be heroes in an unjust war.

Just a thought @ 03/17/2013 at 4:19 am


So what does the video prove? If she hadn’t been proved to be a compulsive liar people might have believed it, but with her track record anything she says is just going to be taken with a pinch of salt. Once a liar, always a liar!

Good girl @ 03/17/2013 at 4:25 am

@GerardButler twitted 2h ago
Visited the San Diego Navy Base and the Marines today. AMAZING!
Made me proud to be an American!

he's'proudtobeamerican'? @ 03/17/2013 at 4:35 am

@JS: spot on. The British also have far less admiration or respect for American justice too after guatanamo bay. Land of opportunity? Land of the free? Only if your finances, face and political views fit. There are other countries that enjoy free speech, lifestyle and educational opportunity, you know. And who didn’t operate racial segregation less than a lifetime ago whilst claiming to do so.
I’m surprised Gerry made such a Twitter comment. He really will say anything for the money, won’t he! Insincere and manipulative. The USA is welcome to him.

he's'proudtobeamerican'? @ 03/17/2013 at 4:43 am

Wait ’til the Scottish press get hold of this!

Just a thought @ 03/17/2013 at 4:55 am


Also meant to say that just because she has money of her own doesn’t mean she will spend it, especially when she’s got a mug to buy things for her.

Good girl @ 03/17/2013 at 5:15 am

@he’s’proudtobeamerican’?: when he was promoting PFK , his goal for 2013 was to grow up and make afamily and having kids. Now he’s promoting OHF so he’s not ready to settle down , grow up, make family, having kids. Now he’s proud to be anAmerican! I don’t know if he become an american or not because i’m not american & have no idea have things happened in USA but why now?
Just because he promoting amovie so he have the wright to change he’s wards! I wonder what he’s next goal gonna be when he promote the next movie? Well he should be proud.. America gave him every thing he dreamed about & he should find adecent american girl to be with and made the American fans proud of him.

JJ! It’s time to start a .NEW THREAD

he's'proudtobeamerican'? @ 03/17/2013 at 5:43 am

@Good girl: sadly I don’t think Gerry will ever get what he dreams of. He doesn’t seem to know what that is from one day to another!
So restless, homeless, identity less. One year its chopra, another its spiritulism in Iceland, or thailand, or evangelism, or catholicism, or marriage , or kids, or super fitness, or doughnuts, or smoking,or hypnotism, or drugs, or proud Scot, or proud American, or working hard, or resting (although those two seem to be the same thing!!), reformed trouble maker, hardened party boy. His story changes like the wind to get the money. He thinks its charm. I think its fakery.

Bewildered @ 03/17/2013 at 5:55 am

How very pathetic. How many times does he have to say how grateful he is to be where he is and that he IS living his dream.
You are so miserable in your own lives, you can’t stand to see someone embracing life with gusto. It is his life, he is living it as he sees fit.
BTW, I do believe that article was bogus. I looked at the archives of Esquire and no articel even close, so before you all go off half cocked, maybe you better make sure your spiteful rumors are well founded. The reason you can’t find it is because it wasn’t there. Disgusted .
He made a lot of sailors and Marines happy tonight, Shame you can’t share the joyful time but always looking for the worst.

Absolutely @ 03/17/2013 at 6:05 am

@bewildered that’s the way it is. This man makes EVERYONE that he meets happy wherever he goes. There is not a single “I’ve just met Gerard Butler and he’s an absolute a**hole” comment out there. Think about that

he's'proudtobeamerican'? @ 03/17/2013 at 6:06 am

@Bewildered: I’m sure most of them were intelligent enough to realise they werejust part of a publicity stunt, and not part of any ongoing support from Gerry. Unless he makes another forces themed film that needs some free press, that is.
It’s not a case of being miserable , unhappy in our own lives, or jealous.. It’s called realism. I personally couldn’t be paid to live so superficially.

he's'proudtobeamerican'? @ 03/17/2013 at 6:13 am

@Absolutely: and that’s how he’s done in business too, telling them what they want to hear to get ahead . But it all seems to have backfired now that he can’t get work , even self produced, anywhere in HW? They’ve seen through him, in time. Fans and those meeting him for a few minutes get the charm because it fans his ego. Nothing more.

The only way you can say you’re American is if you’re a citizen. Gerard Butler must have become a U.S. citizen. I wonder what the Brits will make of this?

HeGrewUpLastNight @ 03/17/2013 at 6:43 am

@JS: Thanks for clarifying. It is simply obvious what he meant. In addition, it could probably mean there was the losing of lives in an unjust war. No heroes….could mean someone was taken from their family forever “because of an unjust war.”

UK people support that statement….our wordings and interpretations may be different….but I believe all of us want peace.

There is enough hate going on that we need to go away….let us not add fuel to the fire.

I see their visit as a respectful gesture…if we are going to make such a movie…lets give respect to those of everyday. I truly like these guys and i say it with deepness….they were showing respect…not just capitalizing and moving on…..those gentleman did the honorable thing

It was a respectful and honorable gesture. Its HW acknowledging the people who are most forgotten and protect us everyday. That man gets criticized but times ago, i remember people on this board saying one of the many things he did that touched many was “acknowledging the common man” some actors see themselves above that….acknowledging the common. It was also mentioned how his movies send a message, MGP was the same way. I like this one OHF as it says to stand up and fight for your country fir whatever you believe in.

I do not know why so many are programmed to suck on the negative when there is absolute positives in something.

All those who serve and die for their country are heroes. Shame on you.

he's'proudtobeamerican'? @ 03/17/2013 at 6:45 am

@Lisa: well I doubt the Scots will welcome him back for another premiere! Many of them already think he’s a ***.

I don’t know one single veteran who doesn’t consider the fallen to be heroes. It’s disgusting what some of you phannies will say to excuse Butler’s disrespect and ignorance.

he's'proudtobeamerican'? @ 03/17/2013 at 6:53 am

@he’s’proudtobeamerican’?: interesting censorship jj. I didn’t put in the asterisks.

HeGrewUpLastNight @ 03/17/2013 at 6:58 am

The fallen are heroes. Its not excusing, it is another’s interpretation of how it affected families. I was initially taken by it but maturely i looked at…well maybe he is looking at it from a child, father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, husband, wife, grandparent or friend lost.

No ones excusing but do not leave out ones possible interpretation.

Gerry was misunderstood. Gerry was just joking. It’s a British thing. It’s a male thing. On and on and on go the excuses.

leslie balfour @ 03/17/2013 at 7:20 am

Gerard acts like a **** at times.cannae wait to hear what the Scottish press have to say about his being an american now. many weegies already think he’s a dobber

leslie balfour @ 03/17/2013 at 7:22 am

kn/ob is not an acceptable word here

you know what????????? @ 03/17/2013 at 7:25 am

THERE ARE NO HEROES IN ANY WAR!!!!!! BECAUSE wars are created by the AMERICAN government for RESOURCES and ONLY RESOURCES from the targeted country! More CIVILIANS had died in the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars than soldiers!! Get an education you gun hoes even Spain is honest enough to be ashamed of their history! You people are SOOOOO f#kn brain washed no wonder you are the laughing stock of the world!!!!!

you know what????????? @ 03/17/2013 at 7:31 am

It is one thing to DEFEND your country and it is a completely DIFFERENT thing to totally destroy another country for GREED

Lefty loser @ 03/17/2013 at 7:36 am

@you know what?????????: Thumbs down! I suppose sending good vibes into the universe will stop all the madness.

It seems to me @ 03/17/2013 at 7:44 am


Realism? You seem to write in a cynicism vein more than anything else. Poor you.

@Time to ask …: What a nice and very detailed dream ….

geraldine @ 03/17/2013 at 7:54 am

GB is such an imbecile sometimes. Sheesh! He’s quickly climbing to the top of the douche/bag ladder.

he's'proudtobeamerican'? @ 03/17/2013 at 8:26 am

@It seems to me: Gerry is nice to fans and those he meets in transit because its good business. He says he thinks the women of (*insert whatever country he’s promoting in are amazing, because its good business. He visits sick and deprived young people and children, only with a press crew, because its good business. He’s a proud Scot when its good business for him. Now he’s a proud American because he thinks its good business for him. You have to look beyond the obvious, beyond what he wants you to see. And the clues are there in abundance, if you prefer not to be spoonfed the myth.

Gerard ButlerVerified account

Visited the San Diego Navy Base and the Marines today. AMAZING! Made me proud to be an American!
Reply Retweet Favorite More
1:49 AM – 17 Mar 13

Gerard Butler

Look what I found at a San Diego movie theater. #olympushasfallen @OlympusMovie
12:12 AM – 17 Mar 13

@Totally Useless Information: You are one of the most nasty people who come here. I did not say Gerry or this movie would lessen the horrible effects that 9/11 did to America. I was talking about a movie and how I didn’t think any of the military people who got to see this movie was upset because he wasn’t an American. You saw the reaction from 300, so many of our fine young Americans who have served there country may be able to relate to what they went through.
If you don’t like what I post just past it by or if you feel the need to be your negative self then attack away because as far as I am concerned you have no power over me and how I think. I don’t come here to belittle anyone or what they have to say but you twisted what I said to read into what was not there. You can see by our posts we will never see eye to eye on anything but that is fine with me.

Gerry doesn’t think for one minute that this movie detracts from what the horrors of war can be. Tell me why he is the only one being singled out for being there. Aaron, Rick, Antoine and others were there also, why aren’t they being blasted for the PR for this movie.
They brought some entertainment into some people’s lives and each person can take what they want from the event.
Whether it be positive or negative each person will have their own perception.
I hated the Iraq war and all the lives we are still losing all over the world, but I love my country and those who serve knowing what harm they may face.
This movie was made for entertainment, it wasn’t a documentary so I don’t understand why any of us would read more into it.
Totally useless info, sorry for the nasty remarks, you have a right to your opinion as I do, just sorry you took my comments that way.

Gerry does not have a filter and just maybe he meant the American comment to mean it was only connected to his part he portrayed in the movie. Regardless of what anyone says him and the rest of the actors and director that showed up there was for PR for the movie but it still was a nice thing to do and by the pics more people were happy they were part of it.

Butlerlikesfake @ 03/17/2013 at 9:58 am

Honestly, this girl has a nose and lip job. Maybe a boob job too?

If my comments here offend anyone that is never my intention.
I am like the rest of you who post here, I may over react to a critical response to what I post but it is up to me to handle that response and not react In a negative way because someone doesn’t see eye to eye with me.

@Just a thought: @TeaCakes:
Just because she has parts in films doesn’t mean she has talent. Also, I haven’t heard that she has a part in OHF and doubt she has.

No kidding Just a Thought, clearly Tea Cakes has not seen Lindsay Lohan in Liz and **** and she got paid a lot of money for that.

People get roles in films for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with talent.

How many actor’s girlfriends and wives get roles in movies and clearly did not deserve to be in the film, even lead roles for goodness sake. That is why people still aim to sleep their way to success because to some extent it does get you part of the way there but if you haven’t got the core talent it will be obvious soon enough. So if you are talented and sleep you way to the top less likely anyone noticed.

sunday musings @ 03/17/2013 at 10:22 am


“MG left AB for him”

Thanks Eric you pretend to be in the know so we’re going to take it as gospel that MG ditched AB for GB, bad enough she was recent sloppy seconds but you are saying she actually dumped one friend for another friend. Doesn’t say much for her or him, could she have been sleeping with both men at the same time? Silly girl thought she was upgrading, oops.

More likely AB ditched her when he realized what her agenda was because to all but Butler it is rather transparent.

PS have you seen her performances in her two movies so far? Jessica Chastain is not shaking in her boots but the girls working the ***** Cat Dollhouse, where Gerry was partying on the weekend, might be threatened.

Gee we can’t even post the name of an establishment named after a famous female singing and dancing group? you know Nicole Scherzinger’s old group. Filters gone wild.

Geez Gerry does some stupid stuff but calling himself an American is not what I’d consider one of them. Here in America embracing all of our heritage is normal. I am an American but I’m also French and every other country my ancestors are from. People have no problem with him taking American money and the Americans making him rich. Or their country taking hand outs from the US. It seems again other countries who insist they are tolerant show just how intolerant they really are.

lee strasberg @ 03/17/2013 at 10:57 am

i do not think lee strasberg theatre and film institute would take her b/c she has no presence. actor’s need presence. jmo
dunno, maybe some low-level class? they will take her -or his- money do doubt?

USA armed forces NEVER fight at their territory. Never fights for their Motherland. Only for oil, for money, for world dominion. Serbia, Irak, Afganistan and many others. Soon the USA will bomb “bloody regime” of penguins because Antarctica has oil.

@Butlerlikesfake: It was a terrible mistake having all the surgeries, she was beautiful by nature, and in the old photos she had a very beautiful aura too, she lost it….

I am wondering if the military was compensated for this event. How much money had to be paid in order to put on a free showing of a movie for all the military personnel.
If anyone knows please let me know if things like this are compensated.

You know this event had to be pre-planned and scheduled because you can’t just show up and say I want to tie up your base to show my movie. This was all approved by the powers that be and I think Gerry and the rest of the party got as much out of being there and meeting the people as they got in meeting Gerry and party. Gerry got to see and talk to the troupes and I am sure he knows the reason why they do what they do.

lee strasberg @ 03/17/2013 at 11:43 am

butler likes move-in ready with little or any work
sorry, she never had an ‘aura’
she was actually only marginally attractive and most likely still feels like that ugly little girl


@you know what?????????:
That’s a an extreme comment, have you been in a war? My grandfather was in WWI, My uncle was in WWII, My father was in the Korean War and Vietnam, and my brother was in the first Iraq war and served as a civilian in the 2nd Iraq war. To say there are no Hero’s in war is a load of cr.ap. There are many stories of heroic behavior in all wars. However War itself should not be glorified, sometimes its a necessary evil and in some cases it should never have been started. But because of men at the top ( in all countries) it does start and its not fair. However the men and women who serve our country should not be attacked for doing their job in protecting us and following the orders of their superiors’. We should all be glad that there are still many brave men and women who are willing to take on the job. Don’t judge another until you have been in there shoes, I know there are very few men who could fill my Grandfather ,Uncle ,Father, and Brothers shoes. I’m sure your not one of them.

AMERICANS? @ 03/17/2013 at 11:51 am

The only Americans are the Native Americans and we all know what the immigrants did to them. Every one else is an immigrant or a descendant of one. Get over yourselves, look at your fkn history, the country is not that old, America does not have thousands of years of culture like Europe

@lee strasberg: Everybody has an aura. Her aura was beautiful when she was a teenager, I see it in her very early photos. Now there is something very negative about her. Maybe she tells herself she´s lucky with her life as it is now, but I think she is not lucky, her eyes are so sad, almost dead on so many of her newer photos… Or maybe she´s just tired of the modeling job.
I think that her biggest wish is to become an actress, but I think she looks so artificial now, that she will have difficulties to become a serious actress one day.

SeeSawSally @ 03/17/2013 at 12:10 pm

To Butlerlikesfake: I’m not sure that’s actually Madalina in those pictures. Where is her mole. She has a VERY distinctive mole on the left side of her nose, upper part, and there is no mole in these pictures. Her face doesn’t look quite right for some reason, and her lips are all wrong. I think this is a photoshopped version of Madalina. Something is definitely off with it. It shows her far more beautiful here than she really is. Even if these are old pictures of her, before so much surgery, the mole would be there. Just saying.

It´s Madalina. You can cover the mole with make up, or it´s photoshop.

And you guys know this because you are part of the decision makers, right?? That’s a joke!! You guys don’t know anything except what the media feeds you. We fought on our own land when the British tried to take us over. We fought each other during the Civil War. Its only the recent wars that you know about. I don’t have time to go over each individual war and I don’t agree with each war such as Vietnam however you ask my friend who came from Vietnam and she is grateful that the troops were there, you ask another Vietnamese woman and she may disagree. Its a bit complicated then saying “Only for oil, for money, for world dominion. Serbia, Irak, Afganistan and many others. ” BTW I always find those who say the war was for oil domination never back up there statements with sound facts. Here’s a good fact the price of Oil has doubled since these wars began? So how exactly did we conquer these countries for their oil. Isn’t Saudi Arabia one of the largest oil producers? we haven’t gotten into a war with them.. Of course they haven’t blatantly bombed any of our ships without provocation, or killed hundreds of innocent civilians who were simply going to work. I do consider terrorism a form of war, its a war made up of cowards who choose to hurt innocent people who have done nothing. They justify their evil actions because of something they see as done to them. Only cowards attack innocent defenseless people without facing them. As far as world domination? Have we added a new state since Hawaii that I’m not aware of? We may have embassy’s and military base’s in these countries but that’s what’s called a good defensive maneuver, always know what your enemies are upto. What better way then to camp out in their backyard. They do it to us to, at least many were able to until Homeland security was developed. People don’t have to have a justified reason for hating you. Many just hate you for exiting . Remember Cain and Able, it continues today. Men always use God as a justification which is just a joke seeing how the God in the Bible and in the Koran both speak out against murder. I guess its all about man kind and original sin after all.

lee strasberg @ 03/17/2013 at 12:20 pm

imo that is just it, that dark negative edge to her isn’t appealing
i don’t see presence or an approachable vibe that actor’s need to have an chemistry draw industry people need use them for more than props
very sorry to say but she exudes evilness & manipulation imo
she was horribly insecure on the red carpet, so what makes her think she can act even in classes?
gerry knows talent and i think he lies to her if he says she has any beyond what he needs her for
gerry needs a woman closer in age imo too

Why don’t you look at the history of Germany , France, The entire Ottoman Empire. Mankind has always tried to dominant and in doing so many cultures have been developed due to the blending of other cultures. Its where the term the strongest will survive. Its no different with the evolution of cultures just like the evolution on mankind.

Just had a chance to scan to see the pics…they are excellent. Looks like it was a great day…bless the troops! I wonder if GB is completely exhausted now or if he will be out and about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.


“He visits sick and deprived young people and children, only with a press crew,”

That’s not true, I know from people who work with underprivileged and sick people that Gerry has often helped out and visited hospitals and homes without a camera or newsman in sight. He has also dug deep when financial help was needed.

NYC, WDC, PA 9/11/2001 @ 03/17/2013 at 1:10 pm

How quickly the world forgets. Victims from 90 different countries died that day. What does that tell you about that great country. America has been the hope for oppressed people for 4 centuries to find a better life. If Americans and America are so bad, then why do millions keep going there?

GB should have said he is proud to live and work in America. Frammie called him out on it, though on her twitter.

“yer Scottish ya numpty”

@Rosa: He still suffers from foot in mouth disease, yes he is a numpty.

lee strasberg @ 03/17/2013 at 1:14 pm

i do not think anyone, least of all any Americans around that day, forgets anything
why is this turning into a political battlefield?
guess it is best his visit has no new thread
the USA is still the land of opportunity, why else do you think this chick wants to be here? to make millions or take his
plain as day
to him too

LOL, they JUST changed it to “(almost) American” and deleted the original entry. Clearly, GB bitched out whomever is running his twitter account.

The ladies at WO found a pic of Gerry and Amy and they look as though they are giggling at what ever was said. Good to see he enjoyed himself too.

An observation @ 03/17/2013 at 1:34 pm


He always enjoys himself when the prostitutes not about.

ihavenoname @ 03/17/2013 at 1:41 pm

Omg Gerry, do you really think Twitter is a good idea, or are you going to keep making such a hash of it? In trying to suck up to one nation you’ve insulted another. Give it up mate, or we might learn even more about you that you don’t want us to.
Try something that needs discipline over more than a film shoot-the stage. Armed with some Just for Men and industrial strength anti wrinkle cream (!) you’d make a perfect Gaz in Simon Beaufoy’s play of The Full Monty, currently heading for a long West End run. Or Gerald, au naturelle. I appeared naked in stage in Calendar Girls , do you have the balls to?

SeeSawSally @ 03/17/2013 at 1:47 pm

He said he was tweeting while driving and that’s why he left off the “almost.” For a man with the equivlaent of a PhD, he sometimes lacks the common sense God gave a billy goat. Tweeting while driving????? He did add that he got home safely though, but that’s little consolation for a man who did something so downright stupid and UNsafe as to tweet while he was driving. Someone needs to box his ears for that.

sunday musings @ 03/17/2013 at 1:52 pm

@lolita: the military does special events for its soldiers from time to time why not and what would it cost them anything? Both OHF and the military are getting good PR out of this so they are not charging the base for the movie. They have a movie theatre already there.

Maybe Gerry should do a modern remake of Brigadoon!!! Its a Scottish movie so why not?

exfantiredofallthebs @ 03/17/2013 at 2:07 pm

Is that not illegal in the states? It is in the UK. And incredibly arrogant. How dare he place other road users in danger and joke about it.

Totally Useless Information @ 03/17/2013 at 2:08 pm


The people pointing fingers at the USA obviously know nothing of the history of Colonialism and how it effects the world even today. Granted, the US has made plenty of blunders during the Cold War, but all of Europe were riding our coat tails and cheering us on. And their governments still do behind closed doors. It’s a losing argument because people usually educate themselves and confirm their own beliefs so why bother?

By the way, the US gets most of it’s oil from the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa and Saudi…not Iraq as many believe.

blah blah @ 03/17/2013 at 2:12 pm

@AMERICANS?: Sorry babe conquer and rule is the way of the history of all mankind, Native tribes in the Americas used to fight and kill each other too before the white man ever arrived. Some tribes were more warrior like than others. The Mayans were particularly brutal. And some tribes are still holding grudges against other tribes,

The theory is that many if not all native Americans descended from people from Asia and travelled to North America at the tail end of the ice age because you could walk across the Bering Strait at the time. How far you want to go back to undo history?

blah blah @ 03/17/2013 at 2:16 pm

If that Keystone Pipeline gets passed, the US won’t even need Saudi oil, the very money that funded and probably still funds Al Queda and other Islamist extremist groups. Unfortunately more unemployed Saudis means more recruits for those very groups.

@sunday musings: Thanks for the response. Good to know that.

@Totally Useless Information:
I believe your right about the oil except I think the US government actually sells most of our oil to make a profit.

lee strasberg @ 03/17/2013 at 2:25 pm

common sense is often lacking in people with very high IQs
a better fib would have worked better with less flack

God Bless yoou all! @ 03/17/2013 at 2:36 pm

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord. —Psalm 19:14

In Psalm 12, David lamented his society in which godly, faithful people had disappeared and been replaced by those who speak deceitfully “with flattering lips and a double heart” (v.2). They had said, “With our tongue we will prevail; our lips are our own; who is lord over us?” (v.4).

The question “Who owns my lips?” is a good one to ask ourselves when we’re tempted to use insincere praise to get what we want. If my lips are my own, I can say what I please. But if the Lord owns my lips, then my speech will mirror His words, which the psalmist described as “pure words, like silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times” (v.6).

Perhaps a good way to show who owns our lips would be to begin each day with David’s prayer from another psalm: “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer” (Ps. 19:14).

A careless word may kindle strife,
A cruel word may wreck a life;
A timely word may lessen stress,
A loving word may heal and bless. —Anon.
He who guards his mouth preserves his life. —Proverbs 13:3

I love this site. Majorly fvcked up comments from majorly fvcked up people.

exfantiredofallthebs @ 03/17/2013 at 2:48 pm

@Pff: welcome to the quagmire!

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/17/2013 at 3:05 pm

@God Bless yoou all!: Thank you, as always and God bless you too.
Hi Lotita
Hope the B man gets some rest today. Busy day tomorrow. Hope everybody gets dressed up for the red carpet. Ducky

No, think it’s him.
Not that anyone cares but I’m not a candidate for Twitter. I40 characters is like making me keep my hands behind my back while talking IRL.
Looks like he’s havin’ fun with it though.

Butlerlikesfake @ 03/17/2013 at 3:27 pm

@Nana: No. Lots of interviewers like HS says she is perfect. Therefore the surgeries are successful. Gerry likes it too. Most Middle Eastern and jewish women get nose jobs. It is a norm.

I'm having fun:) @ 03/17/2013 at 3:36 pm

@Butlerlikesfake : No more that American women do…

Actually much less…

Aniston, Halle berry, Tyra, Scarlett. j. – all had nose jobs before they hit it big. It helped their careers. Their before photos are 90% average but pretty. Their after phos are very different.

Sorry untrue @ 03/17/2013 at 3:42 pm

@I’m having fun:): Sorry. 5:4 of Jewish women have nose jobs. Ask Persians, same thing. Big big big in ME countries. Other ethnicities may do other areas.

@Lisa: Gerry was misunderstood. Gerry was just joking. It’s a British thing. It’s a male thing. On and on and on go the excuses.

If I hear Gerry is just joking one more time…..

Suzanne Cummings @ 03/17/2013 at 3:55 pm

@Pff: That’s why I come here. Fun to be a part of the hysteria that makes up Butler’s gang of haters and fans combined.

@Pff: Majorly fvcked up comments from majorly fvcked up people.

Takes one to know one eh?

I think originally it was honest and sincere sentiment straight from his heart. He tweeted how he felt. He felt at that time like an American (in America). We all know he’s Scottish and very proud of that. Do not feel he needs any backlash for it. It was an innocent and very positive overzealous impulsive moment. The big mistake was texting while driving. [read: don't get me started]

HeGrewUpLastNight @ 03/17/2013 at 4:29 pm

True. The man sound actually overjoyed. He has been here for a while now. I am fond of Egypt. If I had been there over 10+ years and counting…..I could see myself easily letting that loose “I am proud to be an Egyptian!” I have always been “excited” about Egypt. The guy was excited.

I would not tweet anymore as the slightest said will get picked to pieces.

I would have just said Hey cannot help it if I have a love for both America and Scotland…smile and carry my butt on……

Totally Useless Information @ 03/17/2013 at 4:30 pm

DocP @ 03/17/2013 at 2:21 pm

@Totally Useless Information:
I believe your right about the oil except I think the US government actually sells most of our oil to make a profit.
True, our oil companies are not owned by the government like elsewhere, so yes, they sell to make a profit. Still, the majority of oil we use here in the USA comes directly from American oil companies.

@blah blah
I think the Saudis could sell their oil to China so they can continue to pollute to the max. The Obama administration put money in Brazil’s oil exploration so that could pay off in the end.

URreaching. @ 03/17/2013 at 4:42 pm

@SeeSawSally: Photoshop! People please. That is her. Countless ads back in 2009 and before show her true face. She got the nose done. Then the lips. I think you are only convincing yourself.

@Lord Love a Duck: Hi Ducky, I am sure they will all look great. Rick Yune has really a nice build and he looks as tall as Gerry. Rick looks as though he plays a great bad guy very well. He has gotten positive reviews on it. I looked at IMBD and it shows Thunder Run in preproduction with a date of 2015, not sure if that means it will come out in 2015 or it won’t start until then.
God Bless You all, great post, made me think, thanks to you always.

@GFW: Begging your pardon, Miss K, but G told an interviewer with THE HILL blog several days ago that he was proud of the work the Secret Service does to protect ” our ” country. Also other posters have noticed on his tweets that he is using American spelling. G is being ‘convenient’ again. Somebody read all the snit he stirred up, and now they’re trying to do damage control. More lies. Just put a muzzle on him somebody, please.

Butlerlikesfake @ 03/17/2013 at 5:06 pm

So does Howard Stern and Jerry Penacoli.

So is is better to be pretty and natural or fake and incredible? What do men prefer. Is beauty more important for Butler? The second choice, I say.

What do these men prefer as the mother of their children?

Are men like Butler ok if his children need minor adjustments when age appropriate?

@Suzanne Cummings: @exfantiredofallthebs: It’s amusing because he’s not even interesting enough to justify the level of bilious rage / fawning admiration or otherwise directed towards him. Gotta say I love reading the the conspiracy theories most of all. The insane, Alex Jones-esque nature of them is just funny as f—

I guess every time Gerry makes a mistake on his twitter an assistant is going to be blamed for it? I don’t think so. The American f-ck-up looks like Gerry’s doing to me. His usual penchant for exaggeration and hyperbole during film promos bit him in the a-ss.

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/17/2013 at 6:03 pm

@lolita: Hi Lolita, you made me curious. Hunter Killer is still on the books too and Antoine Fuqua wants to direct. So it seems that there is stuff in the pot. I read the interview with AF and like him so much. He seems to know Gerry pretty well too. He said about Gerry: hopes to work again with Gerard Butler. They may team up on the thriller Hunter Killer, but meanwhile, the filmmaker compares his Olympus Has Fallen star to Sean Connery — and not just because both are Scottish. “It’s his presence. He’s a big guy, he’s got some kid in him, he likes to crack jokes, he has a youthfulness. He’s a bit of a bad boy, in his own way. I think he’s got a lot to give that no one has tapped into.”
That was very nice to hear.
Excited to hear all about the premiere tomorrow. Sure JJ will have pictures. Hope you are having a good day Lolita.

Gerry’s follow-up tweets:
Gerard Butler ‏@GerardButler
(sorry for tweet yest guys-driving, missed a word & was trying to joke about being ALMOST an American! What a word! I’m obviously Scottish)
Gerard Butler ‏@GerardButler
p.s. got home safely ;)
Gerard Butler ‏@GerardButler
Happy St Paddys Day everybody – one of my favorite days of the year! Being ALMOST Irish ;)

He just used American spelling again in his tweet, “one of my favorite days of the year!”
People can’t blame that on an assistant, either, because I saw Gerry use American spelling in an autograph a few months ago for his “favorite” hat shop in NYC. That was in his own handwriting.

SouthernBelle @ 03/17/2013 at 6:16 pm

I made the mistake of reading here earlier today and was really offended by some things said about Americans by UK posters. Nobody expects the world to love us, but some posters were really hateful.

There are a couple of you who are so venomous that you probably cannot relate to the world in any way other than spewing hatred; however, I do have to give Gerry credit. Without even trying, he manages to polarize people and at the same time bring them together with mutual disgust of his stupid comments and his use of most everyone for his own promotion.

@Lord Love a Duck: Ducky, I think Gerry may have found the director that sees his potential and knows how to bring it out in him. I think Gerry may be able to turn Mike Banning into a franchise. I still hope he does Hunter Killer, that sounds good also. I think that Sean Connery compliment made Gerry’s day, if you want to compare him to someone that is not to shabby a comparison.
I hope your day is going well also, I’m just relaxing today.

Can I just ask? @ 03/17/2013 at 6:27 pm

@Say What:

“If I hear Gerry is just joking one more time…..”

You’re just joking, right?

@Butlerlikesfake: Madalina was very beautiful before, she didn´t need plastic surgery. I don´t think she had a nose job, but her lips are far too big now and wrinkled because of all the fillers. I don´t want to know how her lips look without lipstick on it, I have seen far worse lip augmentations, but her´s are still terrible. She will need new fillers again and again. After breast augmentation, she will need new implants after 10 years. So be it… I hate the model industry, agents, managers and doctors who talk young girls into nip tuck… sick business…. Look what´s become of Heidi Montag, she couldn´t stop and now she looks like a plastic doll….

@sunday musings:
“Thanks Eric you pretend to be in the know so we’re going to take it as gospel that MG ditched AB for GB, bad enough she was recent sloppy seconds but you are saying she actually dumped one friend for another friend.” – Actually is my mistake, I read some time ago an article, and I misunderstood that. So, in December 2011 she was seeing AB, but the relationship with him didn’t last, cause at the beginning of 2012 she was single again. She met GB few months later, in the spring of 2012. Google Translate this article:

Suzanne Cummings @ 03/17/2013 at 6:35 pm

@Pff: This place is nothing but amusement for those of us who are as you say, “tired of all the BS”. He’s nothing but a 3rd rate actor and that’s all he will ever be. I don’t think he’s good enough to be at the top with Damon, DDL, Colin Firth etc. He will never be in their company as an equal.

May I point out @ 03/17/2013 at 6:35 pm


If he’s living in the US then he is bound to use American spelling as that is what he will be seeing everyday. There just seem to be some here who look for any excuse to criticise him.

oh for fs @ 03/17/2013 at 6:39 pm

For starters, who cares if Butler calls himself an American. He spends most of his time here, has homes here, and has slept with half the citizenry, evidently. Home is where your heart is, and his is wherever his suitcase is, so nothing to get undies in a twist about. Who cares.
And another thing. As an American I am sick and tired of empty-headed jingoism. “God Bless America the greatest blah blah blah”. We are NOT the greatest country. Open your eyes. We have a boatload of problems, and as a nation we make a boatload of mistakes. If we love our people in the military, we need to bring them home. We have NO business in all the hotspots of the world. No one wants us there except people who have something to gain – financially and politically. The Afghans hate us, the Syrians hate us and on and on. Why are we spending our precious young people on nations that loathe us? Eff them, I say, Solve your own dam problems, and we need to mind our own business. And there is plenty to keep us busy. Let us stop listening to those that fear-monger us into traipsing all over the world to meddle. We need our young people, and our money, to fix our problems at home.

What the heck is the problem? Who cares? I guess the only place Gerry can feel is his place is Scotland? Sorry but I don’t get it. If an American living in Scotland said the were proud to be Scottish after living there for over a decade. I wouldn’t revoke their citizenship I’d be happy they found a place they were happy with. I guess that’s a difference in cultures

a question @ 03/17/2013 at 6:41 pm


“After breast augmentation, she will need new implants after 10 years.”

Someone said on one of the other threads that she had her implants removed and replaced by smaller ones. Is this true?


There are stories that after AB but before GB she was dating Paul Haggis.

B!itter pill @ 03/17/2013 at 6:44 pm

Does it really matter if he wants to be an American for a while It’s hardly treason is it? it no longer matters where you are from as we all live in a globalised world with free moving populations and mixed marriages. It’s time to scrap nations, borders and flags which are outdated ideas and instead grow the f up as a species.

@Eric: Eric please go to the last thread and read the last post. It is quite interesting.

What I found interesting is that GB said at Howard Stern, he could not imagine nip tuck or botox for himself, because he is not that vain and doesn´t really care about his looks, but it was alright with him to do it for the character he plays in a movie. So maybe he is alright that Madalina had plastic surgery to help her career…

@a question: I don´t know, but it looks like…..

@oh for fs: we had your philosophy before 9/11, nothing we do will be “right” with everyone. No matter if we do nothing we still will be hated because to many we are the “haves” of the world. In reality they should hate the Chinese they own most of the US.

exfantiredofallthebs @ 03/17/2013 at 6:55 pm

@oh for fs: so many in the UK would agree with you, and sa y the same about their own country.

@SouthernBelle: its not venomous, just considered opinion after weighing up the evidence. Empires inspire hatred before they fall. The British certainly have. Many societies don’t like US arrogance. You really shouldn’t be surprised or offended by now.

SouthernBelle @ 03/17/2013 at 7:02 pm


If you’re going to lecture me, at least read my comment. I said that there are a couple of posters here who are venomous. I was offended more by their presentation, than content.


Scots never feel at home anywhere but Scotland. No matter where they are, or how long they have been away the ties to the motherland are strong and unbreakable. And those ties pass down the generations even to those who have never been to Scotland. So while you have Irish Americans, Italian Americans etc. you don’t have Scots Americans, you have American Scots. My sister in law works in the National Archives of Scotland and she says they come from all over the world, every colour, every creed, hoping to prove they are Scots. Auld Scotia holds her bairns in a vice like grip that cannot be broken and those of us who are not Scots but live here soon find that that we too are taken into that grip and the love, kindness and friendship that are a hallmark of Scottish society.

The question is: Did Gerard Butler entertain the US military and their families out of love and gratitude to the US, or to promote the financial success of his new movie with a large sector of the US population?
Who provided the necessary financial backing to provide this “entertainment”? The military or the production company?

A question @ 03/17/2013 at 7:13 pm


Wonder why she had them reduced.

hyperbole @ 03/17/2013 at 7:17 pm

Oh sweet jaysus! Now we are going to dissect his tweets??!!!
What in the world is wrong with you people?

@JS: what’s your point. Its a good thing to be aware of your roots. But according to Gerry himself he was very destructive when he lived in Scotland, so is he just supposed to be lost the rest of his life because people like yourself believe he couldnt possibly be happier somewhere else. And isnt Gerrys heritage Irish? Its pretty sad he can’t call himself Irish without goofballs like Moira being offended.


His great grandfather was Irish but the Scots and the Irish are the same people. They are two of the six Celtic nations but are two that are closest to each other in culture. I didn’t say he couldn’t be happier elsewhere, what I said was that, like all Scots, he will never be at home anywhere else.

Totally Useless Information @ 03/17/2013 at 7:45 pm

@B!itter pill @ 03/17/2013 at 6:44 pm

Does it really matter if he wants to be an American for a while It’s hardly treason is it? it no longer matters where you are from as we all live in a globalised world with free moving populations and mixed marriages. It’s time to scrap nations, borders and flags which are outdated ideas and instead grow the f up as a species.
Oh yeah, that works. That’s what got us into WWI and WWII, that isolationist POV.

I don’t care if GB thinks of himself as almost American, but I find it very strange he picks now to let us know when for years he has always identified are Scottish.

Madalina Ghenea @ 03/17/2013 at 7:46 pm

On MGs FB there are a couple of comments which I would have thought she would have removed. One was a comment about a bit of foul language and said “very ladylike, but then you are no lady.” another under a picture of her and GB said “sorry but you look like father and daughter.” but the best is “You see your only getting the press because of Gerry. You’d still be a wanna bee over (actually u still are) if he wasn’t so foolish to think your actually into him for him. Do the man a kind service and let him fall for someone who can give him a family and isn’t all about them self.” That one had 8 thumbs ups.

@oh for fs:
Have you not been watching the news???Obama is bringing them home now, I know because my brother is in the national reserves and he came home last Sept. and now is being furloughed because they are finally pulling out the men out of Afghanistan
The withdrawal of American military forces from Iraq was started in June 2009 and was completed by December 2011, bringing an end to the Iraq War.. Read a newspaper once instead of reading gossip sites all the time.

@JS: how do you know? I bet there are a few (by that I mean a lot) of Scottish Americans who would prove you wrong (Craig Ferguson). The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what you think all Scots should feel its a huge generalization.

@B!itter pill:
Why don’t you tell that to North Korea’s young leader Kim Jong-Un. Maybe he’ll trash their Nuclear Missile program and go out for a beer with you.

@Madalina Ghenea @ 03/17/2013 at 8:02 pm

She will not remove the mean comments anymore, to let her fans know about the bad treatment from GB´s jealous female fans, so they know what it´s like to be treated that way, how she must feel and what she´s going through….

@Madalina Ghenea @ 03/17/2013 at 8:06 pm

@@Madalina Ghenea: … for sympathy………………….


JS is correct. The Scots do see themselves as different from other people and there is a great bond that unites them all. It’s almost as if they are a family and Craig Ferguson may be a US citizen but in his heart he’ll never be anything else but Scots.

@@Madalina Ghenea:

My heart bleeds for her!

@GH: I usually don’t get involved in this about MG but I would like to know how she plans on handling the latest press release from the last thread, the last post.

Oh poor Madalina! Enduring the suffering of Job!

@GH: Apparently you have a lot of extra blood. LOL!

I guess it’s a need for people to feel unique, but its nothing I havent heard from any nationality.But guess what? It is a generalization and I have met many who prove your ‘fact’nothing more than a generalization. I could say the same for America and would have the fact of 500 million people living here as my argument but I actually like the idea of free will and would hope people would want to make their own choices. So whether Gerry Butler sees himself as a martian doesn’t change my opinion of him. I would get the outrage if Gerry said something bad about the scottish people but to freak out if he says he’s american is stupid.

Here's an idea @ 03/17/2013 at 8:24 pm

@@Madalina Ghenea: She could make her fb private. But she won’t. She loves to play games on fb and uses them for attention, negative or positive.

@Violet: That is the one. If she is playing the whoa is me card, this will be interesting. I wonder if this drama will ever end.

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/17/2013 at 8:43 pm

Hi Lolita, hope you are still hanging around. Took me this long to find and translate that post. Well, wonder how all this is going to spin. I have tried to stay out of the fray too, but this is interesting. Guess we won’t be seeing them togeher on the red carpet. Well, you have posted twice about it and don’t think anyone has gotten it yet. I do remember seeing the tweet but honestly didn’t think anything of it since most fans are/can be just as forceful. Ha, here we go…..

JS Totally enjoyed your post. It was beautiful and so true. Thenk ye.

SouthernBelle @ 03/17/2013 at 8:46 pm


Looks like the contract has expired and the GB/MG camps are using the Romanian rag to smooth the way. The people who right this garbage are her good buddies.

SouthernBelle @ 03/17/2013 at 8:49 pm


Sorry meant write not right.

@Lord Love a Duck: I wish he would get back to work. If Brandi was a talker, this one beats her. He needs to take his trouser worm on a sabbatical.

HeGrewUpLastNight @ 03/17/2013 at 8:52 pm

Thank you God. I love reading that……..someone who sees that untapped potential. Come on AF. I also believe Butler and Yun will work together again.

@SouthernBelle: Somebody had to feed them this, because I didn’t think it got any press here.


I don’t know about Paul Haggis, I only know from a russian article that she worked with him and I saw a picture with MG and him, at a movie fest, that’s all, the rest I think is rumor.


Thanks! The one with the strip club… I think that dancer only only wanted to boast about it, will be stupid to end a relationship for that (and he is not married yet).

“I’m not sure that’s actually Madalina in those pictures.” – Yes, is her.


Agree with you regarding MG useless plastic surgery. She looked much more better before.
“I have seen far worse lip augmentations, but her´s are still terrible. She will need new fillers again and again.” – that can be easly solved, there are “antidotes” which injected can
dissolve fillers (Kenalog for fat/silicone, Hyaluronidase for HA), and lips will be thinner, or return to their original shape. I know this from a colleague of mine who had this intervention.


“Honestly, this girl has a nose and lip job” – not the nose (in that pictures is the same nose). Here is Madalina Ghenea when she was a teenager, at the age of 14 or 15:

@lee strasberg,
“she was actually only marginally attractive and most likely still feels like that ugly little girl” – are you saying that this woman (MG) is “marginally attractive”?

@lee strasberg,
And also this MG is “marginally attractive”, right? :)

She most definetly feels like that ugly little girl…

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/17/2013 at 9:06 pm

@lolita: I think he did say that he was going to take time off. Frankly after all this promo and other things, I think he needs and deserves some time. Planning this promo was no easy task and he isn’t finished yet. Europe, Mexico, TV.
Did read an interviewer from Mexico and it was interrupted by a phone call from mum. Hope she will be there tomorrow.
I don’t think there will be a problem with her. For one thing too public and Gerry has gone out of his way to promote her “work”. Boy, hope I’m right about that one. Glad it hasn’t hit the rags here…yet.

@Eric: Eric, are you in love with MG, because it really seems like it. It just sounds like you are more than a fan.

Hi ladies. I hope you had a good weekend. Gerry will be in rome april is the link http:/

Hi ladies.. Gerry will be in rome april is the link http:/

Eric you don’t have to answer me I had no right to ask that of you. I just know by your posts your very fond of her.

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/17/2013 at 9:30 pm

Lolita, my post went into moderation. Wish I knew what the rules are.

@Lord Love a Duck: Ducky it is hard to say, we don’t usually cuss so it has to be something we are not aware of.

Ducky, I remember the tweet from the dancer not a big thing but some one wants it out there and like Southern Belle said it is coming from her neck of the woods.

Maggie P.U. @ 03/17/2013 at 9:42 pm

@481, Me too Ducky. 4 outta 5 of mine have been moderated, yet with what all I’ve read some should be moderated aren’t. And mine were and are nothing like what has allowed to be posted. So, definitely what’s ok, what’s not. My fav is a thread where all I said it was a red book, not a notebook. It was deleted.



@lolita: Not even a fan. I happened to see more of her photo on a forum, then I saw some videos, I saw how she is trashed here and and I don’t think she deserve that, there is lot of envy. I believe she wasn’t a saint before GB, but also not like some people say on JJ, I think she is a normal person who wants to progress in her career and she don’t refuse an opportunity like establish relationships with a known-actor, especially if she likes him (what woman would refuse that) . With GB she shoots two birds with one stone. And not the least, I think she is stunning (although in the last months she didn’t look so good, probably she’s tired or loss weight), that’s why I posted comments on that matter, because I think it’s at least unfair, and yes, I like her, but that’s all there is to it.

@Maggie P.U.: How are you feeling, how is the leg coming along?

*she doesn’t (change my ideas and forgot to check the phrase), sorry.

blah blah @ 03/17/2013 at 9:49 pm

@Eric: Except dear Eric she was gushing about Brody mere days before she hooked up with Butler, in an interview that was taped. So I guess you are not so in the know?

@Eric: Sorry if I got to nosy, sometimes I forget that I am talking to strangers and I just get carried away with the comments.

This is my last comment of the GB/Mg saga. Do you think she planted this story so he would deny it and claim how much he cares for her or have they split and he is letting her save face. Time will tell.

blah blah @ 03/17/2013 at 9:57 pm

@blah blah: Or Eric the woman of your dreams is a manipulative liar. Yeah it happens. Our dreams get crushed, Maddy fans, Gerry fans. All a part of life. Disappointment.

Wake up G! @ 03/17/2013 at 9:57 pm

Just watched Chasing Mavericks, enjoyed it…But it feels like it’s not his caliber… Just like his personal life at this moment… It just feels , it’s not his caliber …

SouthernBelle @ 03/17/2013 at 9:58 pm

Here is an Italian article with pic that basically acuses MG of cheating with an old boyfriend. With the exception of VF, the press about the relationship of GB/MG has been from Romania and Italy. It just seems a bit more than coincidence that articles from both countries appeared within hours of each other. The Romanians could have picked up info from here or any fansite and written their article, but the following article just seems to come out of nowhere. Hope you can link and that it translates.

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/17/2013 at 9:59 pm

Well, give it another shot. Thanks Eric for your forthright posts and links. Lolita do you mean that someone wants the tweet gone or public?
Hey Maggie, thanks for confirming that I am not the only one. Did you have surgery on the other knee yet?

Here's an idea @ 03/17/2013 at 10:09 pm

@Eric: No. I don’t think she’s even marginally attractive. I think she looks like a guy in drag. JMO.

Ducky someone wanted this dancer girl tweet published and if what Southern Belle found it looks like she has been with someone else and so has he. Who knows, but someone posted a while back that she had a boyfriend in Italy that she was still seeing. I think the first link wanted him to look bad and the second link did the same for her. Southern Belle is right when she says this is to much of a set up.

the circus is still in town @ 03/17/2013 at 10:15 pm

@SouthernBelle: I wonder if the US Tabloids will get a hold of this, people retweeting this to GB multiple times? What a way to ruin St. Patrick’s Day.

Well we all knew time would come for Maddie to move on to a new target er man, and this is an old boyfriend, hotter, richer, younger, but just as bad in the womanizing department. Other guy looks hot too, what a threesome.

Maggie P.U. @ 03/17/2013 at 10:15 pm

@loli and Ducky….. got cleared for the replacement, waiting for parts to get in and the 2 surgeons have same availability. Thanks!



@blah blah,
“the woman of your dreams is a manipulative liar”, yeah, but also depends on the lie, there are lies, and there are lies.

@@lolita: No problemo.
” Do you think she planted this story so he would deny it and claim how much he cares for her or have they split and he is letting her save face. ” – that’s an interesting supposition. Maybe both agreed to fabricate this story in order to split up.

In that article, the photo is an old one. She looks a little bit younger, and the hair color is lighter, like she had it a couple of years ago. Nowadays she has black hair. Marco Borriello is her former boyfriend from Italy.
” It just seems a bit more than coincidence that articles from both countries appeared within hours of each other” – that’s indeed really strange…

@Here’s an idea: Make sense. Your a girl. :)

@Maggie P.U.: Magie my dear you sound like you are going to become the bionic woman. Good luck and God Bless you always.

I have to go now, have a good night everyone and thanks for the chat.

Here’s the original source of the photo of MG and her ex-BF.
I find it interesting that MG isn’t named in the photo. So how did the Italian paper find out about it? It must have come from a link. Either MG is trying to make GB jealous, or someone in her circle of friends knows something and is calling MG out in the Italian press.

I meant to write, the story must have come from a deliberate “leak” (not link) to the paper.
If MG isn’t named in the photo, I don’t think the tab would have found the picture on their own. Who was the leak — MG or someone “in the know”?

Time to ask ... @ 03/17/2013 at 11:00 pm

@C.A: In what way do you think the dream is nice? I’m confused because I don’t think so, not for one minute, wish for him to feel that way!
The only reason I told it is because it’s not a fact.
……unless you know something different….and if that is the case, then please, I would rather Not know!….Thank you.

In case anyone is interested …. from Wiki
Marco Borriello is an Italian footballer who plays striker for Serie A club Genoa. He has previously played for other Italian clubs, including Milan, Sampdoria, Treviso, Reggina, Empoli, Triestina, Juventus, and Roma.

Maggie P.U. @ 03/17/2013 at 11:06 pm

@502, loli…LMAO! That is EXACTLY what I told my Attorneys asst. when she said the delay was due to waiting for parts. I said “What am I, the next Bionic Woman?” And thank you. Same as always to you also <3



Lord Love a Duck @ 03/17/2013 at 11:10 pm

@lolita: Oh Good Grief, *** for tat. Personally I don’t think that gb has any more time for this and what kind of future would there be. Love shouldn’t be this way, not even deep like for crying out loud. To much hard work and drama.
Lolita it was nice talking with you today. Have a good day at work tomorrow. BTW, found her tweet on wo and the address is gone. Thank goodness. Why is it that every good thing he does, there is always something going down. Can’t tame the wild child.
Maggie, keep us up to date when you get cleared for surgery okay.

Yeah Gerry, you’re the biggest id/iot in the world!


Marco Borriello si struscia con la Ghenea, e Butler? (FOTO)
10:18 PM – 17 Mar 13

At the very least Madalina doesn’t seem to know how to behave in public when dating a high profile person — especially, one who is currently promoting a movie and doesn’t need this c.rap right now.
This is indicative of her young age, I’m afraid. If Gerry was going to go public with an official girlfriend, he needed a person with the maturity to show better judgment — posing for sl.utty photos with your ex-BF is the worst thing to do when your current boyfriend is on a press junket.

HeGrewUpLastNight @ 03/17/2013 at 11:25 pm

@SouthernBelle: Too much gameplaying. She is soooooooo far from being a family woman. The pic looks creepy. As always said, he is toooo old for such nonsense.

He is not ready for seriousness…He is……but identified not with this….this all is nothing but low level trashy games. I am not imposing double standard but obviously ….no more its all sick.

Gerard find you a stable woman. This girl wasn’t anything but two-bit trash from the get go. I am an older male and believe me my feelings would in no way be hurt mg…..because you are not much and i prefer a woman of substance…whoever that is can have you…here let me help push her toward you guys

If anything Gerard your self-esteem should soar as this one was a bring downer. You sure have been looking and presenting electrifyingly…..magnificently

We are more happy for you so happy for you. Trust me she does not embarrass you in the least way.

Man – i want you in a relationship, a healthy one. I believe any playboy ways you have will change…..but it has to be the right one/woman

That picture illustrates like trickery/danger. Not nice

I hope this is true. Gerard please move on blessings await you.

HeGrewUpLastNight @ 03/17/2013 at 11:29 pm

@Lord Love a Duck: I agree. This is sick. There is too much “important” stuff going on in the world. All goodnight.

SouthernBelle @ 03/17/2013 at 11:47 pm


Hey, Alina. She’s stupid if she thinks she can make GB jealous. I’ve never thought that the relationship was anything more than a contractural agreement between them for who knows what reason. So, I think the appearance of both the Romanian article and the Italian article on the same day is just a way to end it. The Italian article said that the news had been sent all over Europe in just hours. Then TeleradioNews tweets the pic. Somebody really wanted the news out there.

They’re probably doing this before the premier of OHF in London, Moscow and Rome, where she’ll show up with him. Hope not, but wouldn’t put anything past either of them.

Gerry, apparently Mada loves threesome for s.e.x.You gotta take off your rose-colored glasses and see at last the real facts.

dried up hags @ 03/17/2013 at 11:53 pm

@Madalina Ghenea:you woman are b<tches.Madalina is a human being.Gerard Butler would spit in your face and not want you as fans.Leave her alone already.

Butlerlikesfake @ 03/17/2013 at 11:59 pm

They need a decent breakup story where Gerry comes out smelling like roses. Part of the PR campaign after OHF. He was displayed as a serious man. She got her many minutes of fame.

Youwillprunesooner @ 03/18/2013 at 12:02 am

@dried up hags: Hi Maddie! Love to see you in ten years.

@dried up hags:
You probably very hate GB, if you want so near to him was a woman like this wh/ore Mada.

SouthernBelle @ 03/18/2013 at 12:13 am

@dried up hags: @Madalina Ghenea:

“you woman are b<tches.Madalina is a human being.Gerard Butler would spit in your face and not want you as fans.Leave her alone already."

Why are you killing the messenger? That Instagram was leaked to news outlets all over Europe in hours. The woman was in a back room of a popular Milan restaurant. We're not doing anything to her.

The article about Gerry's partying in San Diego that was carried in Romanian and Italian rags was posted here and you didn't tell us to leave him alone.

Love it or hate it – this is a gossip site – nothing more nothing less.

Learn how to write in ENGLISH before posting non-sense

@tony: Да пошла ты на х**… ну сама знаешь куда!!


Да пошла ты на х**… ну сама знаешь куда!!

translation from russian:
Yes I went to the x ** … Mr. itself you know where to!!

Another non-sense…. your eloquence escapes me….

@tony: you! Now you understand? LOL
There is another pic of Maddie with friends (forth one) that indicate the “threesome pic” (she’s pushing her tush right into old boyfriend’s groin) was taken 17 March.

Time to ask ... @ 03/18/2013 at 1:01 am

Dear Gerard Butler,
I don’t really know what news or gossip are true or not, I’m sorry that your private life has become so public, it should have never been so. Either way, tomorrow or today (depending on time zone) is such a great day don’t let anything spoil it for you!
Sleep, be still…..the most rested, the less vulnerable you’ll be.
So, my favorite Scott, OHF…this is it…, long hours of work, such a great cast, among other things will make the day just perfect. Surround yourself with people that care for you, Love really does wonders!
Have a good night!

PS. I believe in you!

Don’t let the trolls get to you, Alina. I really appreciate the links you bring here. I also think it’s wonderful that we have posters from all over the world. I can understand your English perfectly. :)

It’s highly probably to be an old photo, when this Marco was her boyfriend. Otherwise, why would she do something like that, when she already dumped this guy, a few years ago, without looking back? Because it’s easy to suppose that she cares for her image, especially now, when she wants a future movie career. It would have been easy to suppose that some photos at that party will go to press and she knows that. I wonder if it would it be possible for her to get angry of GB for what happened at that strip club (and for that to release this photo with Marco), but I don’t think that happened … It would be stupid to believe that story anyway.

SouthernBelle @ 03/18/2013 at 1:14 am


It was from last night (March 17) according to the comments on the Instagram. You can believe as you like, but according to the person who took the pics, they were taken last night in a private room in a popular restaurant in Milan. She is friends with the people she was with and either trusted them not to leak the photos or leaked them herself for any number of reasons.

I agree with you, some people enjoy the drama specially all the old hags,
drooling for any picture that reflect negative on MG.

OMG! In Russian it’s called “gangbang” ( групповуха )

Time to ask ... @ 03/18/2013 at 1:15 am

@Alina: Thank you Alina.
Have a good night!

takes one to know one

Well…if anything it all now truly defines her

**** from the get go as known
Bringdowner…why Leo and AB gave the bi*** her meal ticket
Confirmation that all she would do is bring a real HW star down….meaning she is not a HW star….trash that was picked up and made up

Threesome….did she not say she was a virgin……..Thats the fastest moving virgin i ever saw…..from virgin to H*O* in 2 days

……and if her lips and ti**ies start sagging….we know the money has ran out….

See Brandi you have class over this this…tsk tsk

Those fingers of hers are long and creepy

I believe she fu**ed herself…..”class” baby is an ingredient to reign in HW…like that first world introduction of u with your pu** out…….people are going to match this pic and just confirm..”we knew she was a who** all along. Dear ….1 more thing Supermodels do not act like that….you Fuc*** yourself in so many ways until its is funny

@Alina: omg. are you saying that they are saying this is what went on with her…..

hmmmmph, cinderella got gangbanged (nodding of the head…shameful…shameful)


“It was from last night (March 17) according to the comments on the Instagram. You can believe as you like, but according to the person who took the pics, they were taken last night in a private room in a popular restaurant in Milan.”

That photo wasn’t from last night, it was uploaded last night on the site (it’s a free photo store, like imageshack), and that doesn’t mean nothing. ANYONE who enter in the possession of that photo could have post it on the net yesterday. And do I mention that party most probably took place some years ago, and that photo is an old photo? There is no proof that that photo was taken these days, only that had been posted/uploaded yesterday. I myself posted some photos (that have been taken years ago) on the net few hours ago… That doesn’t mean they were taken yesterday. Dhaaa…


Wow, what a sick minded…

Immaturity @ 03/18/2013 at 2:16 am

Too much immaturity. No matter how long ago it was or what…

Someone going to detach themselves completely if not already. Too much immaturity

People can defend all they want – too much immaturity
Just like the LA lookalikes – none of the actors had ever done such immaturity…….lands in Cali bringing that immaturity

Just sit back and place your hand on the Bible……..


You unbelieving Thoma! You simply convenient to believe it. But it’s your problem. Enough here to prove something, no one believes but you. Simple naive …

Read the article. There were witnesses who saw Madalina and Mario at that restaurant last night.

Am I really the only one who thinks that getting together with a bunch of old friends when one is not in town often is not a big deal? When my friends get together for dinner, dancing, drinking, there is a great time and affection for all. It doesn’t mean anyone is cheating on their significants.

and you’re simply POS learn english s….t

Comment # 542 was for Alina —F& ck You

SouthernBelle @ 03/18/2013 at 2:38 am


Eric — whatever makes you happy.

Google Madalina Ghenea and Marco Borriello. You will find at least 3 sites referring to articles about their being together last night, the name of the woman who first tweeted about them. You can even go to her twitter account and find the tweet. Because you want the situation to be different doesn’t make it so. There’s no point in arguing about it. It is what it is.



It’s very sound and simple. Yes, it could be taken yesterday, but also it could be taken decades ago. This is no proof at all. It’s hard to prove when a photo/video was taken.

ALSO, and that’s an important clue: I search with Exif view (all the pictures taken with smart phones have this information) to see when it was taken, but guess what, that picture doesn’t have exif data. And I’m asking you, WHY? Isn’t that because that is an old photo, or was edited not to appear this information?


Those sites have bitten that bait… some of the press would post anything without checking first if a news is true or false.

You can believe what you want. Your right. You better be on her fb.

and you’re simply POS learn english s….t. speading lies

“unbelieving Thoma” LOL
adica Toma necredinciosul……..vaca proasta.

F&ck YOU


Actually, I think you are the one who is unbelievable, not want to recognize a logical explanation. If I had an old photo of you and a former friend of yours, and post it yesterday from my mobile phone to (after I copied it on my phone), did you believe that was taken yesterday? Or what would you feel if people would say that you were with your former yesterday (supposing you would have another relationship now)?

Good girl @ 03/18/2013 at 3:12 am

@Tasty: wooow, the girls wanna have FUN.. indeed.. i guess Gerry know exactly the meaning of fun. What ashame! This is your AMAZING gf Gerry.

Read SouthernBelle’s post:
Google Madalina Ghenea and Marco Borriello. You will find at least 3 sites referring to articles about their being together last night, the name of the woman who first tweeted about them. You can even go to her twitter account and find the tweet. Because you want the situation to be different doesn’t make it so.

@Eric: I can assume that this was done on purpose. For what purpose? Not hard to guess.

Wild Lucarelli @ stanzaselvaggia
The people of Plastic does nothing but talk about Madalina Ghenea and Borriello close last night in privè. Ho found the photo
19 hours ago

check out the Andrew guy the original pic was tagged to with Marco. He;s the one she was biting (or pretend, of course) go to his photos and you will see photos posted from the same night on the same day with Marco looking the same with the same clothes. OR it could all be a conspiracy. Which I think not……. the journo who tweeted it hints that she “found” PHOTOS which means more than one, which means she may have bought them, which means data has been deleted before publishing so it can’t be traced. Prego…..

Here is PROOF:

What is the date of the last photo uploaded? (up-left)
Was it 18 March 2013, or not? Is that an old photo or not?

I made my point.
(A photo is never o proof for being at a specific date somewhere or with someone)

thanks WO
Caitlin Doughty
2 hours ago via mobile
Eating dinner in Los Feliz with Kristen Stewart for Shannon Cwikla’s birthday. Gerard Butler is here too, but generally far less exciting.

for Eric
Eric the reference made by Alina “unbelieving Thoma” it’s a biblical one,
meaning Doubting Thomas, the one who does not believe …. .her twisted english distorted the connotation….but I agree with you she’s unbelievable
stupid and mean.

@@Eric: “go to his photos and you will see photos posted from the same night on the same day with Marco looking the same with the same clothes. OR it could all be a conspiracy. Which I think not……. the journo who tweeted it hints that she “found” PHOTOS which means more than one” – I have the same answer as before, check the link I just gave, there are also posted like a journal…

The same clothes, means that those photos are form the same party, and that were uploaded at the same time.

She’s not stupid, she only acts like she were…


because she’s a bottom feeder.

Constance @ 03/18/2013 at 3:56 am

The fact that you refuse to admit the photo is new makes it obvious Madalina’s behaviour last night has upset you. It’s one of the dangers of being an over-invested fan. If you idolise someone too much they are bound to disappoint you. In the end, you’re disappointment is your own fault. If you hadn’t put MG on a pedestal to begin with, there would be none for her to fall off of.

In the 4th photo from the left, you can see a photo with MG with other girls at that party, and she is looking few years younger, not like she is looking these days. These photos are taken when she was Marco’s girlfriend, and also that was just a party, the photo with Marco and the other guy (that she pretended to bite) was just a joke, she was playing a vampire while she sat on her boyfriend’s lap, they were all having fun, big deal. So, no need to jump and scream: “gangbang”, “threesome sex”, or other BS.

Actually I don’t know what is it – old pic or new pic. May be it’s a provocation for Butler’s fans and MG’s haters. But I see she is a real w/hore. This pic clearly shows it.

Regardless of when this photo was taken there are reports of the two of them being together last night. An Italian friend told me that rumours in Italy are that they never really split up. They are regularly seen together and always act like a couple. It all seems to prove that the whole thing about GB andMG was false from the start.

“The fact that you refuse to admit the photo is new…” – I just proved the photo it’s not new, or you didn’t even bother to read? Let me ask you a question (because I see you don’t get it, though I was as clear as I could be):
I mean, any online photo (as long as it hasn’t got Exif date, the only parameter that could reveal the date when a photo was taken is missing, I even post links with this. Any mobile phone has this information, that photos haven’t got that, that means those photos were not taken with a smartphone or they are older).

If you can’t give an answer to this question, better don’t say anything any more, because you cannot prove that you are right and those photos are new.

May I point out @ 03/18/2013 at 4:30 am


Exactly, could be that no pictures were taken last night and that on old picture of the two of them was used. On one of the previous threads somebody posted saying that she still had a boyfriend in Italy.

@GH: I heard that too. Marco Borriello is young, rich and famous. This is what she wants. Poor Butler!

@Tip Top: “But I see she is a real w/hore.” – No, she is just sitting on her boyfriend’s lap and makes a joke,
imitating a scene from a vampire movie, Dracula or something (especially she was born in Dracula’s country, so the joke make sense)
Your interpretation is in accordance with your bad opinion about her, so you are inclined to see only bad stuff on her. But if you were really sincere with your self, you could see the other photos, and make a correlation, everyone is having fun and pose silly as they are having much fun. Is she and her other girls dressed decently or not? So, what are we talking about?
Often the shamelessness is only in the eye of the beholder.

what is this moderation .
said nothing wrong

Your logic make sense but the haters can’t accept it.
I hope GB and MG ‘s relationship will work out… we shall see disappointments then…big time

@Eric: “If you can’t give an answer to this question, better don’t say anything any more, because you cannot prove that you are right and those photos are new.”
But you too cannot prove that you are right and those photos are old. Hahaha

For those who haven’t got the link to all photos:

@Eric: LOL. A-lie-na and the senior citizens at WO are at it again. Desperately trying to create drama where none exists. Anyone with a brain can see this is an old piccie of Maddie, taken back when she was with the athlete. It’s meaningless. It looks like the Italian dood who had the old pic posted it again since he now knows she’s with Butler. He’s trying to get PR for himself or at least a “wow you saw Maddie way back when”.

How many old piccies have been floating around with Gerry and his old gfs?


Oh I don’t know, I think he’ll probably be relieved and his wallet won’t be so empty.

@Eric: The discussion doesn’t make sense more…


Doesn’t prove anything. Gerry is always willing to let fans take a picture. It doesn’t mean anything happened.

And another mention: the guy who posted that photos on instagram, on his user account is Giampaolo Sgura, a milan FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER who appear in the photos. Maybe she put her to pose like that in that photo. So these are/were her co-workers at that time.

*maybe HE put her to pose

@TeaCakes: ” It looks like the Italian dood who had the old pic posted it again since he now knows she’s with Butler. ” – No, the one who posted the picture is the photograph himself, the one I just mentioned (a fashion photographer), who is in those pictures and maybe he was the host. Perhaps, he gave the link to that magazine, wanted to make publicity for him (but I doubt that he needed), or others who saw the photos on instagram and made comments…

…”Maybe she put her to pose like that in that photo. So these are/were her co-workers at that time.”
You’re sick or possessed MG? Your thoughts are fantastic! LOL!

No, your wickedness is sick. I just proved by now, and not one single proof. That account belongs to Giampaolo Sgura, a Milan fashion photographer, check the links with his site and his photos, he is in those pictures, what is the matter with you that you don’t get it, are you blind or something? I repeat: she lived at Milan and work as a model, the one who posted that photos is fashion photographer in Milan. What is not to understand? Or better, you are ignoring the evidence and preferring to lying to yourself, that’s the real sick.

blah- blah -blah…

Once and for all: PROOFS that those photos are old:

1. “Exif date” – the only parameter which can inform about when a photo was taken is missing (I gave the link to Exit viewer, an online checker for photo details, like this parameter), WITHOUT “Exit date” NO ONE CAN PROOF A PHOTO IS NEW
2. She looks younger in that photos, where she is with other girls, 4th picture
3. ANYONE CAN POST ONLINE AN OLD PHOTO (on instagram, or other photo store site), that means that is not necessary a photo posted yesterday to be a recent one, and I made an example with old pictures of Audrey Hepbrun posted on instagram yesterday:
4. The one who posted that photos is her fashion photographer (I gave the link)
5. The photo with MG means nothing, she is posing like she is used to pose, playing a vampire, big deal. It’s an art photo made by joke by her fashion photographer, what is not clear? Photographers often puts you in strange positions to make art pictures or funny ones, like that one.

Most important thing that cancel the “evidence” of her being with Marco these days, is that it does necessary to post new photos on instagram. INSTAGRAM is only a picture store site, photo files uploaded on that site don’t have to be new.

Pfff, stubborn people…

It seems to me @ 03/18/2013 at 6:09 am


You’re trying too hard.

@Eric: the pics are new not old. are you insane? it’s obvious and she doesn’t look younger at all in them. they are recent photos. my lord

@Eric: I can’t help wondering who is behind “Eric” …. ???? Spending so much time on proof and talking as if knowing the true story behind …??

Well ppl is he gonna walk the carpet alone or ??!!??

check out photos on google for marco and recent ones. His hair! The photo is a new one not old.

@Eric: Eric is right, completely right. He sounds like a lawyer making his case. I am in total agreement.

The pic means nothing. If Gerry can grab a boob somewhere or pose with other women, why can’t Maddie pose years ago with another man? Or a coworker? They weren’t having sex or kissing…


Hey Eric, maybe the photo’s were taken in madalina’s previous life? do you believe in reincarnation? or maybe madalina was hypnotised and instructed to pose like that? if you look closely, perhaps someone had a gun to her head? poor maddie, huh?

seriously, denying the photo’s are recent is silly but insinuating that someone else PUT her in that tacky pose is ridiculous and proves you to be A) WORKING FOR MADALINA or B) DELUSIONAL AND OBSESSED.

Arguing that mg is not a man is fair enough – that she isn’t a goldigger, passable.. but your recent denials about these photos are crazy and in vain.

If I was his client I would be going down,Lawyer.haha

@TeaCakes: regardless of how appropriate/inappropriate these photos are, denying how and when they came about is stupid. it shows it’s Eric who is in denial about her behaviour in these pics and therefore it is him who is disgusted. I think they’re tacky pics but I don’t think it’s outrageous behaviour tbh. it’s just a stance in a quick photo. Madalina is hardly “wild”, she may have a questionable past in regards to sleeping around but she doesn’t strike me as a party girl and to be fair, she doesn’t seem that much fun.

They are both class apart if you ask me GB boinks Brandi who is just a shameless woman & her resume isn’t exactly tasteful they’re both great role models if they have any kids in life! There is nothing attractive about a man that talks about his gfs t!ts on chat show or flirts with models on her absence they are hardly Romeo & Juliet and most likely have an open relationship!

Good girl @ 03/18/2013 at 7:43 am

@@Eric: no body listening…. keep talking

the circus is still in town @ 03/18/2013 at 7:46 am

@Alina: Gerry, apparently Mada loves threesome for s.e.x.

I am sure that was one of the things that attracted him to her, come on.

the circus is still in town @ 03/18/2013 at 7:48 am

Wow Eric you seem to be Maddies’ GFW. In total denial.

the circus is still in town @ 03/18/2013 at 7:52 am

@Eric: Didn’t the caption with the photo say it was taken in a VIP private room and it says this was the talk of Plastic, which happens to be a nightclub in Milan?

monday monday @ 03/18/2013 at 7:52 am

@C.A: I predict with his mother or alone.

@Eric: For all your rhetoric I can’t help but laugh each time you type “dood”. . . it’s DUDE ;)

monday monday @ 03/18/2013 at 7:57 am

@TeaCakes: Even if the photo means nothing and Eric seems to be wrong on some of his points the fact the photo is out there and the timing is enough to wonder either she is trying to make him jealous, she has enemies who wanted to make her look bad or they are broken up and/or she is jonesing for attention. There were rumors that she either had a fling with the soccer player or left another boyfriend for the soccer player. Maybe the soccer player wants to get her in trouble again because he is in on the tweet.

That's HIM!! @ 03/18/2013 at 8:18 am

OMG ERIC! Guess your MG support for innocence has just been proven misled by @italian soccor fan’s pic

Gerry! Be above it all.

Madalina Ghenea notte brava con Marco Borriello, è finita già con Gerard Butler?: Aria di…

6:57 AM – 18 Mar 13

Just a thought @ 03/18/2013 at 9:18 am


“They weren’t having sex or kissing…”

Maybe he couldn’t afford her prices.

GerryLovesHisTransitLounge @ 03/18/2013 at 9:19 am

Trying to make a man jealous always backfires.
Good way to start the day! Gerry has his premiere today!

bad stench @ 03/18/2013 at 9:22 am

Seems more a stunt to get the attention back on her, perhaps because she’s not been invited to the premiere. Note I say perhaps. Anything than can happen with this wildcard. She has tons of friends in the media in Romania and Italy, male and female, so she can manipulate things quite easily. It was someone who claims to be a freelance media person who leaked this photo with the suggestion she and the ex were doing more than posing for photos and that people in Milan were all gossiping about it. Would be more fun if we all ignored it because that is exactly what she doesn’t want.

screening @ 03/18/2013 at 9:22 am

I wonder how it’s determined where they will hold these screenings and Q&A sessions. Very cool…but so disappointing they are never near my city.

Best of luck to all at the OHF premiere!

Amanda132 @ 03/18/2013 at 9:23 am

Hoping Gerry spends some quality time with his Mum and his family.

I hope he gets rid of Maddie because she is a toxic person and not good for him at all.

Amanda132 @ 03/18/2013 at 9:26 am

Wishing Gerry all the best with Olympus Has Fallen!!!!!

Go for it Gerry… hoping it is a success which I am sure it will be.

Amanda132 @ 03/18/2013 at 9:29 am

I thought Gerry looked handsome and dapper when he was on the Letterman show. Good job Gerry!

Nomatterwhat @ 03/18/2013 at 9:30 am

He has a legion of fans and friends around the world who love him and OHF looks like being a success. In my opinion he is the winner.

Amanda132 @ 03/18/2013 at 9:32 am

Yep he is on a winner with this one for sure.

Go Gerry!!!!!!!! Wishing you all the success in the world….

Listen Up @ 03/18/2013 at 9:45 am

If OHF craps out,quit blaming his girlfriend.His other movies didn’t do well because…
1)Bad or boring script
2)recycled movie
3)should have been promoting new film instead of all night parties
4)Lies nonstop about promoting movies,fans tired of it.

How threatened some of you are of her is quite astonishing.Here are the reasons…
1)He has never been so opened before about a girlfriend
2)None of his girlfriends were this stunning
3)He is talking more and more about family and settling down
4)Gerry knows and allows her to post,show pictures of them together on Facebook
5)Your threatened because there is a shot she’s the one.

Gerry’s career is in his own hands not hers.He knows the name of the game in Hollywood.He was taken off guard like many actors who think it will never happen to them.It happens to the best actors.If Gerry really cares about his career,he has to put in the effort and focus on it.If Gerry chooses to be lazy it’s his own fault not his girlfriend.

Listen Up @ 03/18/2013 at 9:47 am

@GerryLovesHisTransitLounge: Trying to make a man jealous always backfires.

You know nothing about men.

Just a thought @ 03/18/2013 at 10:12 am

@Listen Up:

“1)He has never been so opened before about a girlfriend
2)None of his girlfriends were this stunning
3)He is talking more and more about family and settling down
4)Gerry knows and allows her to post,show pictures of them together on Facebook”

1. He’s not very open about her as he never uses her name and what has he really said about her? Oh yes, he “deeply likes her.”
2. He has had far more attractive girlfriends who have never had to resort to plastic surgery.
3. He’s only said that a few times not more and more and he’ll only settle down when he meets the right woman.
4. She posts what she wants on her Facebook and doesn’t care what Gerry thinks.

Gerry is a heart @ 03/18/2013 at 10:15 am

I don’t know why but when ever an Italian or Romanian article about her shows up on the internet, I have a feeling it’s her deed, the info came from her…

An observation @ 03/18/2013 at 10:16 am

@Gerry is a heart:

She’s a despicable person.

GerryLovesHisTransitLounge @ 03/18/2013 at 10:28 am

@Listen Up:
More than you think! I know that does not work. More once I’m home. Busy today. Just trust me it always fails. The reason why later.
It’s the worst method of trying to get a man who has let you go back. She’s been let go and knows it. And when a man says no, he means no.

GerryLovesHisTransitLounge @ 03/18/2013 at 10:32 am

@An observation:
“She’s a despicable person.”
The world concurs. They why’s have been obvious from the start.
I wished Howard Stern had got around to fan reaction of his ‘relationship’. He knows, even Howard knows. Hotels to keep it just business, temporary… all so obvious.

GerryLovesHisTransitLounge @ 03/18/2013 at 10:33 am

@An observation:
“She’s a despicable person.”
The world concurs. They why’s have been obvious from the start.
I wished Howard Stern had got around to fan reaction of his ‘relationship’.

GerryLovesHisTransitLounge @ 03/18/2013 at 10:35 am

Sorry, rushing. That should read, “The why has always been obvious from the start.”
She’s milking it now over there desperate for attention. She just needs to start partying and find some new sugar daddy is all.

An observation @ 03/18/2013 at 10:45 am


” Hotels to keep it just business, temporary… all so obvious.”

Yes, and I’m beginning to think it was separate rooms too, the whole thing has just been a business arrangement. That’s why he thought her boobs were real, he’s never actually seen them.

GerryLovesHisTransitLounge @ 03/18/2013 at 11:04 am

@An observation:
And also stayed in hotels so she does not pilfer through his personal space such as his loft. Can you imagine if left her alone or at any of his private residences? Like I said he had to put everything on p/w protection at 3 seconds! It was something I noticed straightaway… the hotel to hotel. Kept on the move too.
Oh, I think they slept together (too soon as usual) and at first he attempted something smitten but now sees her for what’s gone down and does not need the bed of nails. Last Friday sealed her coffin shut. Now that he knows her (more) he does not like her. Men rarely go back.

Madalina Ghenea @ 03/18/2013 at 11:09 am


“Last Friday sealed her coffin shut. ”

Sorry, have I missed something, what happened on Friday?

An observation @ 03/18/2013 at 11:11 am


Yes, I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her so there’s no way I’d leave her alone in my house.

Gerry'sGotTalent @ 03/18/2013 at 11:18 am

It’s all here, read.
@An observation:
Exactly! And your heart-partner must be able to be trusted, like, totally.
Here’s to hoping Gerry has a hit on his hands! That this revives his career and ambition to share his talents with us making more movies. And more good scripts come his way and directors want to use him. Gerry’s got talent!

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/18/2013 at 11:23 am

GB’s parents are in town for the premiere! Awww yay!! Glad for him!
Gerard Butler
Folks in town for the premiere. My mum loves watching me kick some ass (especially when it’s the bad guys).

Gerry'sGotTalent @ 03/18/2013 at 11:26 am

O.M.G. That just made my DAY! That is THE best new ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gerry'sGotTalent @ 03/18/2013 at 11:29 am

Best news ever. Lord, need to slow down. This means he’s reached out and mended the bridge and reconnected! Wow, I’m so happy! He looks so happy. Can’t wait for the tux photos to come. Hope every gets all fancied up and all.

An observation @ 03/18/2013 at 11:29 am


Well it looks like the rift has been healed, thank God!. A sign that you know who is out of the picture?

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/18/2013 at 11:30 am

@Gerry’sGotTalent: You’re welcome. I think it’s a fantastic picture and I’m glad they came to support him.

Madalina Ghenea @ 03/18/2013 at 11:32 am

Can someone please tell me what happened on Friday?

I hate to burst your bubble GFW…but I am sure you know that while he was in town we went to dinner and contrary to your assumptions…the man is head over heals in love with Madalina. I feel comfortable in telling the world that this woman is IT for him. He says she will be at the premiere and I even cancelled my trip to attend. Maybe I will post some pictures so you can have proof they are still together. Although I’d probably get bi!chslapped by him for it. LOL N and D are coming with me too. Not sure about his mum.
btw – she does not stay in a hotel… She LIVES with him. She moved in about 3 weeks after they met…so your hotel theory is absolutely wrong.
From all evidence I have personally witnessed…she is a very nice young woman who it not dealing with the publicity of her relationship as well as she probably could. She takes the fans nasty remarks personally…as all of you would if you were in her position.
Ok…enough blabbing by me.
GFW …eventually you are going to have to accept (as I have) that Gerry is going to marry Madalina and have some seriously gorgeous babies. I’ve never seen him so happy and content. And Gerry…I know you are reading so I will STFU right now. lmao

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/18/2013 at 11:33 am

Sorry CGE. Should have known you were on top of it. lol Hope tonight is a happy and wonderful time.

#633: Great picture…beautiful…wishing a lovely evening to all! I cannot wait to see this movie…hoping once GB’s promotional tour is complete he does what’s best for him…whether it’s taking time off or continuing on…who is still hoping to see him at a Q&A somewhere, sometime, someway.

Glad to see his mum is coming! He wasn’t sure she could attend. She’s had some health issues…

@Diana: how lovely of you to tell everybody.

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/18/2013 at 11:42 am

Who is Diana?

My Thoughts @ 03/18/2013 at 11:43 am


MG was the cause of her health issues.

There were NEVER any problems between Gerry and his mum. Who the hell fed you that bit of nonsense?? Nothing and no one will come between them. Do you really believe Gerry would pick a girlfriend over his mother? Please. Margaret loves Madalina.

My Thoughts @ 03/18/2013 at 11:44 am

@Lord Love a Duck:

A nutter by the sounds of it!

An observation @ 03/18/2013 at 11:45 am

@Lord Love a Duck:

MG by the sounds of it.

Well is that not lovely … we have a “MG” and a “Diana” to spill the beans for GB …. Now THAT is hilarious …

What happened betweeen GB and his mum??

I blabbed with permission…hon. Madalina isn’t the only one who is absolutely revolted of the fans nasty remarks.
Why do you think Gerry has been so open about Madalina? If you supposedly loyal fans would pull your heads out of your collective arsses…you’d find the answer.

@Diana: Okay, so let’s get this straight. Butler is on Howard Stern’s show last week and tells Howard he is in deep like and when Howard asks if he will marry, he says nah, you know me Howard for whatever reason, maybe because he doesn’t want the world to know how he really feels about MG and then you, as a personal friend of Butler’s who supposedly had dinner with him, feels comfortable going over his head and contradicting what he says by coming on a gossip site and telling everyone his personal true feelings AND how his mother feels too??????
Yea, I think trying to burst GFW’s bubble is all you really wanted to do here. Go back under your rock.


How can you say that? there were too many reports of a falling out for it not to be true. Gerry left Comrie early when he was supposed to celebrate New Year with his mum and dad because Margaret made known her feelings about MG . Scottish posters also said that there were reports in Scotland that things were not well.

bad stench @ 03/18/2013 at 11:52 am

@Diana: What a phony and a bad one. Brooke have you come back in a new coronation? Nah at least Brooke kept up with all the news and gossip so she could sound plausible at first till you started poking holes or noting her timing.

Hi there. Well it looks like gerrry’s folks are in town for the premier. See his fb page

@Diana: ok hon, now tell us what size underwear does gerry wear? and has he had the flu jab this year?? i await your timely response…

Oh wait wasn’t Brooke’s favorite expression hun or hon?

@Get Real:
GFW knows who I am. And yes…I am trying to burst her bubble. Reality has never been her friend. A strong dose of it will do her good.
I’m out. And yes…I am a nutter. NO doubt about that. hahaha


“What happened betweeen GB and his mum??”

There are reports that his family don’t approve of her and that this was made known when he was there at New Year. He was supposed to celebrate with his parents in Comrie and go to Edinburgh for
dinner with his Brother#s family on New Years Day. He even told the parish priest on Christmas day that he would see him on Sunday (30th) but left suddenly on the 28th apparently not too happy at what Margaret had to say.

i can’t get over “deep like..” i’ve never heard that one before. i cannot believe the comments he makes in regards to her. i wonder if when she tells him she loves him, he says “thank you”? it’s like a comedy sketch.

Madalina Ghenea @ 03/18/2013 at 12:02 pm

Will somebody PLEASE put me out of my misery and tell me what happened on Friday? PLEASE!

contradition @ 03/18/2013 at 12:02 pm

If you had dinner with him then why it is a surprise his mum will be there?
How can a mum like someone like that sleazy human who hovers here posting in here tormenting his fans? Maybe she is the cause of fans not liking her from the start?
Moving in after 3 weeks? Whoa.

the circus is still in town @ 03/18/2013 at 12:05 pm

@Diana: PR baby PR. Like Gerry gives a straight answer on any subject. And I bet you believe he went to rehab to prevent an addiction problem. Can’t believe Howard left that bs unprobed. Pull your head out of your ar/se.

the circus is still in town @ 03/18/2013 at 12:07 pm

@Madalina Ghenea: Gerry went to a nightclub in San Diego call the ***** Cat Dolls Dollhouse on Friday night and had a good time, and for some reason the Romanian press took some photos of Gerry posing with one of the staffers I think and stated he spent the night with that girl.

May I point out @ 03/18/2013 at 12:08 pm


Wow, your dreams are so vivid aren’t they?

@Madalina Ghenea: Nothing happened on Friday. It’s all conjecture like everything else on this site. Please stop begging.
I think it’s great his folks are attending the premier. This will be a happier one than that tense, unfriendly mess that was the PFK launch. I predict Mads and Freddie will both be there, sitting on Margaret’s lap. There I said it.

Madalina Ghenea @ 03/18/2013 at 12:12 pm

@the circus is still in town:

Oh that! Well as somebody else said just because he is photographed with a girl doesn’t mean he spent the night with her. I thought it was something MG had done as the poster said it had sealed her coffin shut.

@Madalina Ghenea LOOK AT POST #665

Madalina Ghenea @ 03/18/2013 at 12:16 pm

@oh for fs:

Oh I know nothing happened as Gerry only has to be photographed with a girl and the stories are he’s sleeping with her. But I hope your wrong about MG being there. She’s no good for him and after the reports of her with her Italian Boyfriend Gerry would be a fool to take her back.

@Diana: You are a nut. Gerard Butler didn’t give you permission to blab about his personal life. He certainly doesn’t need YOU telling his fans how he really feels about MG. He was asked plenty of times about her last week and if he wanted everyone to know how in love he was or that he was going to marry her someday, he’d have no problem saying it himself.

Madalina Ghenea @ 03/18/2013 at 12:19 pm


That was supposed to yesterday not Friday.

Madalina Ghenea @ 03/18/2013 at 12:23 pm

@Madalina Ghenea:

Sorry that should say that was meant to be yesterday, not Friday. Us Romanians, what would you do with us?

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/18/2013 at 12:24 pm

Freddie should be at the premiere. He’s in OHF.
So is GFW going to tell us who Diane is? Not a nice person, obviously.
Loved the picture of the family. Wonder if the rest of the family will be there as well. So looking forward to pictures. Hope JJ gets some good ones.

May I point out @ 03/18/2013 at 12:31 pm

@Lord Love a Duck:

Don’t think the rest of the family will be there as the girls will be at school as it’s term time so not on holiday.

@Lord Love a Duck: I think it’s the Diane that is the web mistress of weirdly obsessive.

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/18/2013 at 12:38 pm

@May I point out: Well that’s okay, at the very best mum and step-dad will be perfect for Gerry. Good grief girls, cannot believe how excited I am about tonight. ha He has worked so hard with all the promos he has done and more to go. A fine feather in his cap for sure.
Hope you all have a good day and will see you all on the red carpet tonight. Ducky

May I point out @ 03/18/2013 at 12:38 pm


I thought she had an intense dislike of MG.

@May I point out: I’ve had a look at her website and she’s stated she was not gonna slag MG off anymore, can’t exactly remember the reason why. This was after she said that she had good reason to believe they’d broken up and was no longer going to mention her and would delete comments made about her on WO but then she showed up at the Oscars.

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/18/2013 at 12:44 pm

@dutchie: No, that would be Dianne and she wouldn’t stoop so low to post anything like that.
Expecting GFW to set us straight when she gets around to it.

Diane is someone that is just pulling everyone’s chain. You guys should just ignore someone that post like this. She isn’t saying anything new, just taking what info there is and making it sound like it’s true.

How about this “I had dinner with Margaret and she loves MG and is at the red carpet to make sure her son and MG has her support.” Now do you believe that you will believe anything.
Think about it, this Diane comes on here says a few things to get you riled and then has to leave because she is affraid she is giving away to much.

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/18/2013 at 12:48 pm

@dutchie: Not Oscars, but Vanity Fair after party.

@Lord Love a Duck: That’s the one I meant Ducky, having a migraine so have no brain ATM :(
Thanks for the name thing, you’re right it’s with 2 Ns.

monday monday @ 03/18/2013 at 1:08 pm

@dutchie: Dianne is from WO and in her hometown far away from LA. Diana is Madalina’s middle name. I think Diana is our old friend Proof.

@monday monday: Yeah, that could be right. Anyhoo, it’s a troll so I’m not going to respond to her.

Lord Love a Duck @ 03/18/2013 at 1:14 pm

@dutchie: Oh boy, migraine. Take care of yourself girl.
Dianne took a lot of heat for cutting off the posts about MG, but she did the right thing and since it is her site, she can do anything she wants. I believe her main point was to focus on Gerry and not MG since it is a fan site for the B man.
Feel better.

What now? @ 03/18/2013 at 1:19 pm


I think the only ones slamming MG is here and now the Romanian tabs. So why is she reading here? Because she likes the attention but can’t take the heat.
Her bf Gerry hasn’t been the kindest to her all the time either.

May I point out @ 03/18/2013 at 1:25 pm

Someone posted on MGs FB accusing her of cheating on Gerry because of the story of her and the footballer and saying GB should dump her. It didn’t stay there for long though.

@Lord Love a Duck: Thanks Ducky, I’m glad my working day has finished, am now in my bed after taking my meds. It is her website so indeed her prerogative, it is a GB fan site and not one for MG.

Sharpen Your Claws Hags @ 03/18/2013 at 1:34 pm

So…Madalina has no family really, no mother figure and came from poverty.Where is the compassion for another human being?How would you like it if people treated your daughter,sister,niece this way?You hags know exactly how to attack and bring someone to their knees don’t you?Why would Gerard Butler want you as fans?No wonder why he flips the bird or moon his a-s.That is for you.I shudder the thought how you treat your own family.Hopefully none of you have sons.Their wives will be in for a really treat.

@Sharpen Your Claws Hags: her mother is a vet and her father works for a construction company. she does not come from poverty. according to her, she had ballet and piano lessons when she was a child, hardly poor huh? she is also, according to her, very close to her mother and brother. don’t try with the sob story please. the girl had it easy.

May I point out @ 03/18/2013 at 1:48 pm

@Sharpen Your Claws Hags:

Where do you get the impression she has no family or that she came from poverty? He mother is a doctor and her father was a professional footballer so they were hardly poor. Despite MG claiming her father was dead he is very much alive and she has a brother and, I think, a sister and also two grandmothers and one grandfather. Also, if you look n her Facebook page you will see she has lots of cousins. Gerry deserves better than someone who has admitted sleeping with a married man when she was only 14.

Sharpen Your Claws Hags @ 03/18/2013 at 1:56 pm

@May I point out: someone who has admitted sleeping with a married man when she was only 14.

So she was molested.Age 14 is not consent sex with a married man.

Sharpen Your Brain Troll @ 03/18/2013 at 1:58 pm

@Sharpen Your Claws Hags: Before you sharpened your claws did not figure out yet this isn’t a fan site but a gossip site. You got haters to the indifferent to the phannies. You want to lecture people here you have so come to the wrong place. Don’t break YOUR claws on the keyboard.

Sharpen Your Brain Troll @ 03/18/2013 at 1:59 pm

@Sharpen Your Claws Hags: Not doing your friend any favors. Quit while you are behind,

May I point out @ 03/18/2013 at 2:00 pm

@Sharpen Your Claws Hags:

No she was not molested. She has admitted having sex with married men and said she was 14 the first time this happened.

Sharpen Your Claws Hags @ 03/18/2013 at 2:01 pm

@violins: don’t try with the sob story please. the girl had it easy.

You have no idea what she’s been through.Wouldn’t matter to you though.Your bent on hating her no matter what.

Sharpen Your Claws Hags @ 03/18/2013 at 2:02 pm

@Sharpen Your Brain Troll: Lol.I’m a troll?I guess you don’t own a mirror.

Sharpen Your Brain Troll @ 03/18/2013 at 2:04 pm

@Sharpen Your Claws Hags: I will freely admit it then will you?

Sharpen Your Claws Hags @ 03/18/2013 at 2:05 pm

@May I point out: At 14 years old is not consensual sex with an older married man.What planet are you from?

Sharpen Your Brain Troll @ 03/18/2013 at 2:06 pm

@Sharpen Your Claws Hags: Seriously hon, LOL, take some prozac, and step away from the computer before you have a meltdown.

@Sharpen Your Claws Hags: Legal consent is not the same as actual consent. Remember the name of Gerry’s pug Lolita. Read that book sometime.

Sharpen Your Claws Hags @ 03/18/2013 at 2:08 pm

@Sharpen Your Brain Troll: Seriously hon, LOL, take some prozac, and step away from the computer before you have a meltdown.

I’m sure you got

Sharpen Your Claws Hags @ 03/18/2013 at 2:09 pm

I guess I stirred a hornet’s nest.

Sharpen Your Brain Troll @ 03/18/2013 at 2:10 pm

@Sharpen Your Claws Hags: I don’t need any.

I am perfectly calm.

You apparently are not. But go ahead, keep posting and embarrass the person you seek to “defend”. Let those sleazy Romanian tabloids pick up even some more dirt.

Sharpen Your Brain Troll @ 03/18/2013 at 2:12 pm

@Sharpen Your Claws Hags: Watch out, hornets will turn on the stirrer. Well go ahead, we are used to meltdowns on this site.

@DARTH: Thank you for the details… It makes sense that Margaret would not like this kind of relationship … She is 70 now and probably just want to see her son happy and well …. She must have seen something else ….

@oh dear: okay. This tells me that unfortunately nothing has changed and people are still archaic. 14 is not a consent and you can beat the woman down but you phannies are what is wrong with the world. You say Gerry deserves better because sheslept with a married man at 14 . She was legally raped at 14 by a married man consent or no consent. What’s Gerrys excuse for sleeping with a married woman when he was in his 40s

I think ppl are absolutely nuts for posting things on her FB one thing is being a fan bit that’s a whole new level….if he/she or cheating or dancing or flying to the moon it’s no ones business they are grown adults & can sort it out themselves I don’t understand y ppl need to take t Inge as their duty in interfering in ppls life! This is y I don’t understand y celebs have FB & twitter as the amount of abuse you get I can’t understand why they would put themselves out there. GB is no baby that needs looking after he’s grown middle aged man he doesn’t give two flying fu.cks what his fans & phannies think! So ppl should stop it as its embarrassing & deamining

Power Positivity Prosperity @ 03/18/2013 at 2:33 pm

Go get’em Gerard! God and family! God and family!

Beautiful photo! Blessings to OHF!

South Africa! @ 03/18/2013 at 2:41 pm

Says alot about this man. Powerful individual. I have an ongoing collection of his movies. MGP was my favorite. He also appears to be a lover of the Shakespearean age. Phantom of the Opera….POW….I could not believe that was him. He is a talented individual.

It seems to me @ 03/18/2013 at 2:42 pm


You’re so wrong.

HeGrewUpLastNight @ 03/18/2013 at 3:09 pm

Go get’em buddy. Hey man Best Wishes to you at your premiere tonight.

Always a fan of yours bud! Beautiful family man….actually had developed a teensy tear to my eye……Hey, cannot help it , I am big on family.

Keep’em close Gerard. They are all we’ve got. Man….you are making me call my parents and I just got off the phone with them. Take care bro.

God Bless yoou all! @ 03/18/2013 at 3:35 pm

“My beloved spoke and said to me, ‘Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone.’” Song of Songs 2:10-11
Winter, that gloomy season that should pass. But what if it lingers? What if one bad-for-us choice turns into 100 that beat us to our own Skid Row? What if mistakes convince us we don’t deserve another shot?

Been there? Me too. But letting the Light of truth in to our hearts turns our winter of doubt into a spring of hope.

What we’ve done doesn’t dictate who we are. The truth is, what He’s done makes us who we are: forgiven, hopeful and worthy of another chance. We may not believe we deserve a second shot. But Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and our gift of a new life through His death gives us one. When we ask for forgiveness and turn from our sins, our past is covered by God’s mercy and grace.

Never doubt, He’ll always lead us past the bully of shame to the front of the line for so much more than eggs and water. —

Just to say @ 03/18/2013 at 6:26 pm

@Sharpen Your Claws Hags:

“At 14 years old is not consensual sex with an older married man.What planet are you from?”

Well she must have consented to it and remember that she is Roma Gypsy stock and they marry at 13/14. It’s not recognised by the state but they do it anyway.