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Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!

Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!

Gerard Butler is dashing while arriving for his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday (March 14) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 43-year-old Scottish actor chatted with Matt Lauer on The Today Show to promote his new film Olympus Has Fallen.

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“I went in and actually worked there one day and learned how they carve things down to like a thousandth of a millimeter as they carve out each piece. So when I look at the time, I appreciate it now,” Gerry shared about being a spokesperson for watch brand Roger DuBois.

The day before, Gerard attended an Olympus Has Fallen screening in the Big Apple.

Gerard Butler – ‘The Today Show’

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726 Responses to “Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!”

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  1. 76
    Lick Says:

    @Paisley Greene: It’s because he is happy and in love. The tiredness comes from the grueling promotional tour. Blaming his girlfriend is laughable. I bet she is the only thing he wants to see right now.

  2. 77
    GerrysTransitLoungeOwner Says:

    “Having a steady relationship was probably a requirement to do this movie.”
    Levi is known to require his actors to live a certain kind of life. There is rumor that what you say is true. Thus, the ready2rent went to rent2own quick enough. Think he liked it in the beginning playing house and having steady that, but now it is a burden and grown tiresome. He can’t trust her, can’t believe anything she says as sincere… who wants that? He thinks she’s pretty but my guess is she’s a total bore.

  3. 78
    DocP Says:

    I think the series of unsuccessful movies is having a toll on his ego. He needs to step back and rethink his career moves IMHO . This latest movie does look good, I hope it does well at the BO. It’s got some pretty stiff competition.

  4. 79
    GerrysTransitLoungeOwner Says:

    See gone from his life you mean? Yes.

  5. 80
    buzz Says:

    I need to catch up on all of GB’s interviews…haven’t had a chance to fully watch any yet. Has he decided to take a break? Seems there is a high probability that the positive word of mouth for OHF will translate to box office success…and would he want to step away from HW while on top or might that success lead to more opportunities? It will be interesting to see what happens. Sometimes I think it’s healthy to take a break and not become too overexposed…a chance to refresh the mind and rejuvenate the spirit. But he sure would be missed!

  6. 81
    GerrysTransitLoungeOwner Says:

    “I think the series of unsuccessful movies is having a toll on his ego.”
    I agree. That and the barbing, mocking and stalking of the one he is in “like” with did a number on his fan-base and character credibility for slumming with a piece of trash. He needs to rid himself of the tick. She’s sucking the life and ambition out of him. He’s not himself and hasn’t been on her ‘watch’.

  7. 82
    time Says:

    While giving media interviews I realize that celebs perhaps at times try not to reveal too much about their personal lives and often put a spin on the truth but something that interested me about one of GB’s latest interviews was when he talked about how he first met MG since it seemed to differ from an original story he gave to another media outlet. Granted, it all boils down to being his personal business and his right to say what he wants but I’d like to believe that what he says is truthful. The truth is powerful! I realize that we as the public, and this includes the media, don’t always deserve the truth but you want to believe people are sincere and there is a certain stability, respect, comfort in believing what people say and knowing it’s the truth.

  8. 83
    HG Says:


    “Leo was her original mark. He came from poverty so got her number easy and dumped her. She rebounded with Adrien and the poor man nearly went broke trying to win her heart. He didn’t have enough money but just status as an Oscar winner. Next she got pimped to poor Gerry who was ripe for the pickings.”

    There are rumours that after Adrien and before Gerry she was with Paul haggis and I had to laugh when Gerry was telling the “story” about how he met her and she was supposed to be on the phone to PH and Gerry said to her “Oh you know Paul haggis” and I thought yes she knows him and probably in the Biblical way.

  9. 84
    I 2nd Wesley's motion Says:

    @GerrysTransitLoungeOwner: Who is Levi? It was Avi Lerner on that film. You spew and spew and have no idea what you are writing half the time. Do you work for the government? Can you be sequestered? I really hope you are not a gov’t employee because you are stealing from your employer every day when you sit on here typing redundant post after redundant post. Posting on a gossip site relentlessly while you are on the clock is STEALING from your employer. PLEASE shut the front door.

  10. 85
    Whatever. Says:

    @SeeSawSally: I think David Letterman is one of the most funny guys and good hosts on the planet. He’s a jokester. I think the Pope himself would have laughed. Gerry, actually, was his usual rather dull, mundane self telling same story about the guy on the fourwheeler we’ve heard before and bragging about his prowess in a helicopter and then perpetuating a lie about sleeping all the time he’s in Scotland when we know he was shagging his gf all over the place, both times he was over there and lavishing her with high end clothing. I doubt they set foot in his Mum’s house. Frankly, I wouldn’t set foot in a helicopter with him at the helm!
    It’s irking that he tries so hard to crawdad when he’s trying to cover something up. He sits right there on national TV, knowing his fans know the entire story and lies by omission. What a jerk!

    Speaking of late night hosts, I’m wondering if Craig and Gerry had a falling out? He’s been on every other talk show but his old buddy’s. Very strange.

  11. 86
    bystander Says:

    An eartly OHF review:

    “Despite the glimmers of hope found in the performances, however, the staging and simplicity of Olympus Has Fallen secure its place next to the stacks of similarly disposable pseudo-political action movies. When the audience audibly snorts nearly a dozen times at various moments of serious dialogue, you know you have a problem.”

  12. 87
    Whatever. Says:

    @GerrysTransitLoungeOwner: Leo came from poverty? Leo was acting when he was a child! You are so delusional! You make stuff up to suit your delusional belief systems! And Gerry was with her both times he was in Scotland, if you recall. There’s photos of him with her the first time, a video of them leaving a pub and one of her on a bridge in Comrie and then the second time they were in Glasgow shopping and tweets pouring in from the shop owners about him buying his beautiful gf clothing. Did you miss that? Get over this guy.

  13. 88
    Whatever. Says:

    @TGIF: Let me enlighten you on HPV. Over 75% of al sexually active people, male and female, have contracted the HPV virus. There are several strains of the virus, some fairly harmless and causing nothing more then a warty outbreak and others a bit more potentially harmful. With all the strains, however, most people’s immune system will take care of the virus and set it dormat. There are various studies going on right now that point to the HPV being responsible for cancer in the prostate of males so men need not feel so smug and in the clear either. It just takes ten to twenty years to develop.

    And by the way, you don’t have to be promiscuous to catch it. You can get it by a one time exposure to someone else who has it and if over 75% of the sexually active population has it, the chances are good that YOU have it in some strain and don’t know it. It does not show up on a pap smear unless your gyn orders a special test from the smear to detect it. No blood test will detect it. It’s like any other virus that you contract. It’s more common then you think.

  14. 89
    The Big Picture Says:

    @May I point out:

    Some people should take a look at her FB what she posts there as they would see she does not love him unconditionally at all! He is to her a mean of getting free publicity for the work she obviously cannot do to get that as she has no actual talent but she has important connections to promote her.

  15. 90
    Whatever. Says:

    @time: We don’t deserve the truth? What? If you want your personal life private, say “no comment”. If you want people to know parts of your private life, at least give them the respect and regard of being honest about it. Butler wants it both ways. He wants it private but he also wants everyone to know he’s nailed a hot model. He’s had girlfriends and steadies before and the only other time he was out and about in public where he knew the paps would be was with another model, Bianca. That says something about him, doesn’t it? Just like he once said about Jen Aniston when people were making a big deal about their alleged relationship. For a fact, I know they did not date because just like he said in an interview, he would have been sporting her all over the place showing her off if they had and I believe that. Butler’s all about privacy unless he wants bragging rights but then you only get part of the truth. If Butler feels he needs a showy piece on his arm to get some kind of childish approval, he’s worse off then we think. He needs to get his head out of his butt and look at himself closer in the mirror and grow the heck up before he becomes a laughing stock in HW.

  16. 91
    The Big Picture Says:


    She complains but not to his face! On her FB, posting comments and cryptic videos implying he’s nothing fun to live with. Basically she is making look like an old fool and to think he had a problem with Brandi Granville paying him a compliment on air! He should be so thankful that somebody his own age would pay him such a compliment as his 25-year old toy has no respect for him at all when she posts private pictures of their moment together she should keep to herself! She could make her 2 FB accounts private and choose with whom to share those pictures but she doesn’t care as to her he is a man of getting free publicity for the very little amount of work she really does.

  17. 92
    hyperbole Says:


    Letterman is a total A#$. He is the rudest and least talented of the night time hosts. I thought Gerry’s appearance was really good, much better than last time where I thought he appeared intimidated How about David bringing up the midges again. What a jerk! He also implied that Gerry’s helicopter narrative is just a story, that he really doesn’t fly them. Gerry continued with little sign of irritation. You fail to realize that most people watching don’t follow Gerry’s every move as you have proven that you do. I had not heard the 4-wheeler story before. He’s promoting a movie. He is charming and engaging.

  18. 93
    Lyla J. Says:

    @time: In the past year some of Gerard’s dishonesty has come to light. Lying destroys a person’s credibility and integrity. It doesn’t matter who is lying and what is being lied about. It magnifies a person’s lack of character.

  19. 94
    Lyla J. Says:

    “Gerry continued with little sign of irritation”
    Except when he gave him his one-finger salute while rubbing his eye. haha. I’m still laughing about that, even though he most likely wasn’t doing it intentionally. And I agree with you about Letterman.

  20. 95
    Whatever. Says:

    @hyperbole: I think a lot of the disapproval of him right now is because he presented himself as one thing and has turned out to be another. I joined a couple of fan sites myself and became a part of those communities built around him. Although I value most of the aquaintences and friendships I made there, cyberly speaking of course, he has turned out to be disappointing as both an actor and a human being to me and many of his fans. It’s not about oggling his photos, etc,. it’s about feeling betrayed and some holding out hope that they’re wrong.

    There are many fans of his that are just fans because they think he’s hot. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I don’t behold someone as beautiful just because they look good on the outside. They have to be beautiful at heart. For me, and I speak only for me, when someone begins to look unattractive on the inside, their looks on the outside begin to diminish. The only way this man would redeem himself in my eyes now is to do some major changing in his life and I don’t think that’s possible because the person he lead everyone to think he was, doesn’t exist. We’ve created this ideal of him that he isn’t because of things he’s presented himself to be (not just his roles) things like “I can relate so much with my character” crap. And we fell in love with that ideal, not the real guy he really is. Make sense?

  21. 96
    The Big Picture Says:


    You don’t know that! It seems his mother has met and even welcomed in her home some of his other GFS before but I guess she saw through this one what she was probably after her daughter Lynn told her how this stranger took a picture of her daughter while in her home and probably without her permission to do so. Said picture was even in MG’s picture albums on FB for strangers to see! When you’re a guest at somebody’s home for the first time, there are some rules you should respect and I would guess one of them is not to take pictures without their permission especially if you’re planning of putting those pictures for strangers to see on your very public FB accounts.

    I don’t think his mother had any problems with some of his other ladies actually as some of them even seem to have gone to restaurants with him and his parents. Remember lunchgirl in 2010? Obviously Margaret had met her before thus why they were all eating together.

  22. 97
    May I point out Says:

    @The Big Picture:

    She has at least 8 Facebook accounts.

  23. 98
    Whatever. Says:

    @The Big Picture: Maybe we should invite MG to come here and join us and all have “rag on Butler” fest! Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

  24. 99
    The Big Picture Says:

    @May I point out:

    I’m not a fan of Brandi Granville as such but right now she actually looks more honest and cleaner than MG does.

    Brandi was happily married to Eddie having given up her modeling career for him and she did have a real modeling career as she’s not into the Zoolander pose and if you look hard enough, you’ll find some real portfolio for Brandi of her modeling days.

    She was busy raising their children when out of the blue Eddie does a movie with Leann Rhyme and the next thing she knows her husband is sleeping with his leading lady! So Eddie is the cheater here, not Brandi. There is no actual record of Brandi sleeping around during her married days that we know of. The fact she now had a fling with Gerard Butler, well, she’s single, she got cheated on and publicly humiliated when her husband of many years left her for much younger Leann so why couldn’t she go and have fun for a week with a hot guy for a change? When I read they, Gerry and her, might have or not have, I was: “Finally! He’s done it with a blonde and one his own age for a change! And she’s hot too!”

    To me Brandi is an improvement over MG who cannot stop tattling and posting cryptic pictures and comments on her FB about him and her making him look like an old fool while all Brandi did was pay him a compliment. Yes, she could have kept that to herself but eh, why not boast about it especially after the awful time she had finding out her husband was cheating on her with a woman she even welcomed in her home.

    So sorry but I disagree with you. I doubt very much BG got that STD herself through her way of life but through her ex, not surprised it could be. And what she does now as a single woman, is her business. If it was Eddie doing those things, you would have no problem with it but because it’s her, you have a problem with that? Double standard again?

  25. 100
    Whatever. Says:

    @hyperbole: Well that explains it then. The fact that I HAVE followed him maybe a bit too closely proves I “know” him a bit better then someone, like yourself, that hasn’t. That’s fine for you but allow me my opinions based on my extensive “research” of the guy. I will be the first to admit I have been totally enamoured by him, as many have and some still are, but it’s wearing thin because when you follow someone and decide to SUPPORT them as a devoted fan, you begin to look pretty silly when they turn out poor product and talk like they’re on some kind of high when interviewed. Not to mention the disrespect he even gives his girlfriend by discussing her breasts with Howard Stern. His comment there should have been to Stern “no comment” with all due respect to her (even if she doesn’t deserve it). I would be really pizzed at him for it myself!

    If it isn’t obvious to you by now that he’s all about appearances, fame and fortune, you may remain comfortably in your world of delusions with your Queen, GFW. If his behavior, his lying (even by omission) and his fakeness is OK with you, please feel free but don’t call me out on my views, especially since you even said yourself that I know him better than you do.

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