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Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!

Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!

Gerard Butler is dashing while arriving for his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday (March 14) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 43-year-old Scottish actor chatted with Matt Lauer on The Today Show to promote his new film Olympus Has Fallen.

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“I went in and actually worked there one day and learned how they carve things down to like a thousandth of a millimeter as they carve out each piece. So when I look at the time, I appreciate it now,” Gerry shared about being a spokesperson for watch brand Roger DuBois.

The day before, Gerard attended an Olympus Has Fallen screening in the Big Apple.

Gerard Butler – ‘The Today Show’

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726 Responses to “Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!”

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  1. 101
    The Big Picture Says:


    Oh! Yes! He wants to see her so much he has downgraded her to the level of so many others describing her the same way as he has described Jennifer Aniston!

    Nice to wear pinkshades all the time! You see love when the man looks older than he did about a year ago and he has barely worked during that year btw so cannot blame that on the work. Love is supposed to make you glow and look younger btw! Not the other way around. The only time he has looked young and glowing was last May which was the beginning of the affair.

    A man in love doesn’t go and chase other women when he’s happy with one woman. When he has the time to be with her and he’s away from her, he misses her so much he jumps back on a plane to be at her side when he’s done promoting his movie CM. For the record, when he was done doing that, he stayed in NYC, partied with other women. When he could have jumped on a plane to go back to her, he chose not to. A man in love doesn’t go and openly tells another woman on a talk show where she’s sitting back stage that that other woman could be her replacement in Scotland when he goes there for the Holidays.

    If you think he’s a man in love, I feel sad for you as it shows you’ve never been in love as people in love cannot wait to be again around the one they love, they may tease that person but they do not humiliate them publicly. A man in love would never discuss her body parts on a talk-show and when asked if she’s the one, he would be able to say: “Yes, she’s the one!” He couldn’t even answer that question.

  2. 102
    Whatever. Says:

    @May I point out: Now you know, in all fairness here, that all of those are not hers! Get real! Anyone can start up a facebook account on anything or anybody. Your dog can have a facebook account.

  3. 103
    The Big Picture Says:


    2 of those 8 FB accounts are really hers! She does the actual posting there, some of her friends on her personal one are her real friends. Esmeralda Brajovic, her PR, even commented on her official page. Some of the pictures on both of those accounts a fan couldn’t get hold of as they’re too personal for that and both of those accounts had pictures of her in Scotland at a time when they wouldn’t have been easily accessible to fans.

  4. 104
    SheIsWorstThing2Happen2Him! Says:

    And as many persona’s here. Deceitful, deceptive, manipulative, an a sneak thief that would steal your clothing off the line at night while you ate dinner if it would do her some good.
    Don’t concern yourself with what I do for a living. I work, get it? I’m not a who_re who sells my body like this leech weasel. Why don’t you ask everyone else the same stupid question here posting as well? Why single me out?
    I meant Lerner.
    Blah, blah, blah. Old stuff rehashed, why? Only desperate women hold onto history like that to live in the past to keep something dead alive. It’s flattened out and she knows it. No one can love someone they do not respect, nor trust. She’s a liability not an asset. None of the major show hosts would touch the topic even they’re grossed out by the user.

  5. 105
    HG Says:

    @The Big Picture:

    Oh yes I agree with what you are saying. Margaret herself has said hat Gerry has always brought his girlfriends home to meet his parents but being a good Christian she would never allow them to sleep with Gerry under her roof. I didn’t know that Lynn had said anything about a picture being put on MGs Facebook and I’ve never seen the picture. I’m sure Margaret sussed Mg out the first time she met her. Scots, and especially Scots women, have an uncanny knack of knowing if people are genuine or not even at a first meeting. It was Margaret’s 70th birthday and Gerry never misses her birthday and I think the fact that he never went to see her on such a big birthday, even though she was in the same country, indicates that there is still a rift because of MG. I know he mentioned her birthday on Piers Morgan and had everyone singing to her but I think that was his his way of trying to make amends. But he really needs to ditch MG and then go and apologise to his mother face to face.

  6. 106
    DL Says:

    I enjoyed GB on DL…he was interesting and personable! :)

  7. 107
    Can I just ask? Says:

    @The Big Picture:

    “A man in love doesn’t go and openly tells another woman on a talk show where she’s sitting back stage that that other woman could be her replacement in Scotland when he goes there for the Holidays.”

    So when was this supposed to have happened?

  8. 108
    SheIsWorstThing2Happen2Him! Says:

    “It was Margaret’s 70th birthday and Gerry never misses her birthday and I think the fact that he never went to see her on such a big birthday, even though she was in the same country, indicates that there is still a rift because of MG.”
    That is the truth. She is the worst thing ever to enter his life, period. She makes Diana look like a saint.
    I hope he realizes no one is worth coming between him and his mother or family. His mother knows same like any woman in here how truly bad she is for him. We sense evil. We have a 6th sense in order to raise a family.
    I had no idea about this. His mom only turns 70 once. This is appalling behavior on his part! He needs to take care of this. This chick is toxic to him, his health, career, wealth and every single thing taking place in his life! At this point in his life he needs to be building bridges, not burning them.

  9. 109
    DocP Says:

    @The Big Picture:
    Have you read her book yet? Just asking, I haven’t read it yet but lately because of it Brandi has been in the news a lot more. I don’t know the whole story but from her own mouth what she said to Chelsea Handler “”We know each other, we have the same gaygent,” she added. “I made out with her lesbian friend and her assistant and her brother, so she hates me.” She makes herself look slutey , and what is this about a new ******? Why would you do that? Like I said I don’t know the whole story so if you have read her book please share.

  10. 110
    HeNeeds2MakeHERGoAWAY! Says:

    @The Big Picture:
    Great post!
    I think “Lick” is her. She’s the only one who see “love”. It’s not love when you choose to be away from someone a month, trust me. It’s not love when you discuss your woman’s breasts on live radio. It’s not love when you drive off without her. It’s not love when you say to a press journalist on a red carpet that you picked her up off the street, joking or not.
    No, love changes everything like the song says, “words mean more”. No love in his words or actions or on his face that never lies.

  11. 111
    IwishHeCouldMakeYouGoAway Says:

    Don’t you have a life outside of Posting your constant cr.ap on JJ?

  12. 112
    Whatever. Says:

    @hyperbole: I have to comment again on your posts, so many subjects so little time! I don’t remember Gerry ever appearing intimidated on any talk show interview. He seems the same on every one unless he’s on the hyper side. Gerry’s running out of topics and things to say now so it’s the job of the interviewer to start a topic of discussion. If Letterman was as awful as you think he is, he could have really hit below the belt but keep in mind that this was Gerry’s moment to promote his film and David is giving him that opportunity on HIS show, not the other way around. He doesn’t have to do that for him. And if you also recall, Gerry never remembers any segment of his role in the films he does, always saying “I don’t know what this is” when he’s promoting. He’s like a one trick pony. He goes in, does his thing and forgets it. He can’t even lead one in to the story line for the sake of the film! He shows lilttle enthusiasm for his work and films too.

    And when David brought up the helicopter subject later, Gerry acted like he didn’t remember what they had talked about! Come on! What’s the guy on! Is his ADHD so bad his short term memory is completely shot?

    Gerry’s problem is he won’t listen to anyone and take advice. He’s a loose cannon. He only hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest if it doesn’t suit him. I can imagine he’s a PR nightmare for any publicist. I hope, for his sake, he takes this time off to re-evaluate himself and take a good long look at his pattern. He’s running out of careers here. He spent a good deal of his youth studying for one career that he blew off. I admire the guy for his courage to change but sometimes I think it was more of a thing where he HAD to change and acting was his only resort.

    Now he’s doing something that he allegedly really wanted to do but somehow when the going gets rough and it turns out to be hard work and it’s not always a bed of roses, he starts flaking out again. I think Gerry runs from life sometimes. You have to take the bad with the good and there will always be the bad.

    Some people never change and those that are successful have a sense of who they are or better damned well develop it and I don’t think he’s ever really had that, unfortunately. He’s stuck a time warp defining himself by the women he can have and attract and his sexual prowess. Not a good thing as you go through midlife in to your golden years. He best get himself established in some form or fashion before it’s too late and he’s one of those guys drifiting around HW doing odd jobs and living on the street and featured on “Where are they now” articles. I shutter to think!

    Really, I would hate to see that. At the very least, move back home, get back in touch with your roots and take some time off reflecting on how lucky he’s been so far and then come back with a new attitude. In fact, that scenario would make a good movie!

  13. 113
    HeNeeds2ReconnectWithMOM Says:

    Have a nice day.

  14. 114
    truth Says:

    MG’s surgery

  15. 115
    IwishHeCouldMakeYouGoAway Says:

    I would if you would go away :)

  16. 116
    GFW Is Way So Happy! Says:

    “At the very least, move back home, get back in touch with your roots and take some time off reflecting on how lucky he’s been so far and then come back with a new attitude. In fact, that scenario would make a good movie!”
    Odd what you say in your post mirrors a storyline in my new story. I have an addict who lost it all and had to live on the streets. It’s the worst-case scenario but it can happen. When people give up on themselves, their careers, family and friends all for to keep an addiction (to whatever) they are at their personal bottom.
    I’m with you on this. Rebuild that bridge. No one can make him do anything, and shaming him isn’t the right way either. But it would be nice if he could reach out and mend this relationship. Easter is coming up. Mother’s Day too, well the USA Mother’s Day. He says his family means the most to him and he’d defend them with his life. He needs to man up and consider who all he’s hurting doing this: himself.
    He’s lucky to have a living mother at his age. She’s healthy and his best friend. Maybe she could reach out herself? They’re both fixed signs. Both rather stubborn people!

  17. 117
    GFW Is Going Nowhere Says:

    The truth stings, huh? I get to you don’t?

  18. 118
    celebrity privacy Says:

    Interesting quote from Mr.Craig at the end of the article. GB did exactly what DC said one should not do in the celebrity life.

  19. 119
    GFW Says:

    @celebrity privacy:
    Well said Daniel. I agree.
    And when it goes south, then everyone knows that too. I wished he’d never ‘come out’ with it but it was just another impulse I bet he wished he’d never followed.
    The look of Gerry in real love… glowing from within. Healthy, at ease, safe and secure… not worried or paranoid about what kind of trouble his girl is up to or causing!

  20. 120
    IwishHeCouldMakeYouGoAway Says:

    @GFW Is Going Nowhere:
    Nothing you say is truthful, your just a bizarre mental fan who does nothing with the time God has given her but post her own wacky ideas and thoughts. I long for the day that JJ banned you. You are psychotic and manipulative. No wonder you have made so many enemies, you won’t shut up. It’s one thing to post a comment here and there but you post all day long while someone else is paying for you to do a job. Your paranoid and delusional. You need help and I wish JJ would get it for you.
    Now there’s the truth for you.

  21. 121
    Gerry Needs 2 Phone Home Says:

    What about others who post here all day? Or all night? Why just me? Just Jared reinstated my privileges because I’m good for his site. And I say a lot afraid. Say a lot others want to say but won’t. Truth, get it?
    I get to you don’t I? Good. :oP
    Don’t you think others post at work too? Toggle between tasks? Get real and leave me alone. You’re not qualified to judge me or what I do. Call me what you like. You don’t matter enough to upset me.

  22. 122
    IwishHeCouldMakeYouGoAway Says:

    @Gerry Needs 2 Phone Home:
    Hardly anyone posts but you, you don’t get that many responses to your comments because they are so bizarre.
    As far as getting to me? I’m just sick of your constant insane comments. I’m not a fan of his choice for a dating partner but I don’t sit here day in and day out posting about her or what he should do. Make a comment and move on. Better yet get to work. It oes me off that you get paid to post gibberish all day long on a gossip site . The rest of us out here have to work for a living and if we posted on the Internet all day long we would be fired. My company has put a ban on Internet use due to employees posting on FB all day.
    Your company needs to do the same. I’m out of here, so e of us actually have jobs where we need to work.

  23. 123
    It seems to me Says:

    If fans have deluded themselves it’s their fault, not Gerard’s. Too many have him confused with his characters and just cannot get beyond them. They put him on a pedestal … he didn’t climb up there himself. He’s the same man that he always was.

    Maybe he’s about to make a change in his life and vanish from the scene for a while after all the OFH promotion has died down.

    Work to live … not live to work.

  24. 124
    TGIF Says:

    @time: When you get differing stories on something as simple as to how two people met you have to wonder why given the same thing happened with his last public girlfriend, Laurie Cholewa. Why make up fake stories as to how two people met unless you are hiding something, whatever that might be. Or just say no comment or nothing if you think it is private.

  25. 125
    TGIF Says:

    @Whatever.: I don’t disagree with all you said, I wasn’t trying to write a dissertation. I only quoted from the medical article I was reading. It goes without saying the more partners you have the more likely you will contract this particular STD and others which is only common sense. Just more tragic in the case of partners who are monogamous and catch these things from partners who are not so monogamous. This is why the concept of open relationships doesn’t sound so fun when you factor all this into the equation.

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