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Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!

Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!

Gerard Butler is dashing while arriving for his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday (March 14) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 43-year-old Scottish actor chatted with Matt Lauer on The Today Show to promote his new film Olympus Has Fallen.

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“I went in and actually worked there one day and learned how they carve things down to like a thousandth of a millimeter as they carve out each piece. So when I look at the time, I appreciate it now,” Gerry shared about being a spokesperson for watch brand Roger DuBois.

The day before, Gerard attended an Olympus Has Fallen screening in the Big Apple.

Gerard Butler – ‘The Today Show’

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  • Where??

    It is strange that he hasn’t mentioned his GF since the HS show. Either she had a “word” with him or something has happened in paradise and his expression of “deep like” has rubbed her the wrong way.


    On THE (Capitol) HILL blog, they are quoting G as saying he is so proud of the way the President’s Secret Service works protecting “our” country. Is G trying for U.S. citizenship? Miss Margaret cannot like the idea of that. Interesting though.

  • 300

    I remember that nice structured as* from 300. I really wanted to see his whole a** at the airport.

    JJ start a 300 thread with that nice as* print of GJB to make us wonder

    I remember pausing my dvdplayer on the part with his as*…..i kid you not, i stayed looking at that still for about 15 minutes.

    I could make a good bananasplit out of that…pineapples, fudge, and strawberries…ooohhhhhhh hollar!

  • What now?

    Well to update you—she has posted “Paris” on her fb about 10mins ago. So is she letting us know where she is?

  • Totally Useless Information

    SUNKIST @ 03/15/2013 at 10:48 pm

    On THE (Capitol) HILL blog, they are quoting G as saying he is so proud of the way the President’s Secret Service works protecting “our” country. Is G trying for U.S. citizenship? Miss Margaret cannot like the idea of that. Interesting though
    I’d say he’s selling his movie. I’ve never heard GB say how he feels about the US one way or the other. Craig Ferguson told him one night he should become a citizen and GB acted as though he was very uncomfortable with the idea.

  • Violet

    One thing that I found a bit strange is Gerry uses American spelling now. There was an autograph he signed for a hat shop in NYC a few months ago, and he wrote this is my “favorite” hat shop.

  • blah blah blah blah

    @Proof: your silly posts are such a bore, I hope you know GFW to just yawn and ignore you see if you ignore trolls they can’t get off you have not figured that out after all these years on boards with nasty people

  • blah blah blah blah

    @Where??: she didn’t have a word with him his PR people did, ixnay the girlfriend talk, no one cares, and you can’t keep your lies straight

  • blah blah blah blah

    @What now?: No she knows you are reading her Facebook and sucking you in


    yeah I am in Barbados because I posted it online


  • TGIF

    @Violet: Yeah she hasn’t photobombed one single picture and surely Madra would have taken pictures of her at the after party at his club. He’s supposed to be the matchmaker right?

  • TeaCakes

    @Where??: Nothing strange about it. She’s a busy working actress and is probably back in Europe looking for roles. Unlike Gerry, she actually has possibilities ahead. He’s got nothing lined up unless you mindreaders know something the rest of us don’t know.

    Seeing as how Gerry and Maddie live in different countries, they’re always going to have time apart. It doesn’t mean they’ve broken up at all. Even if they married, they would probably spend time apart because it’s the way an acting couple lives.

  • Alina

    From an interview with HS.
    “… I’m not perfect! You want to see my hemorrhoids? ”

    Gerry, almost every day we see your “hemorrhoids” with fake lips on your ass! Hahahaha! When are you going rid of her?. Disgusting and fake it all! Ugh!

  • CeliaD

    @TeaCakes: Nice logical post in a sea of strangeness.

  • :o)

    “He’s got nothing lined up unless you mindreaders know something the rest of us don’t know.”
    Madalina has got nothing lined up, either. MG works less than Gerry does. They’re both unemployed fameho’s. It will soon be time for them to go on another vacation and some more shopping sprees, so Gerry can recover from staying in fancy hotels giving interviews and MG can recover from all her facebooking.

  • CeliaD

    @:o): And you know this how? Interesting term, “fameho”. Which working actor, model, politicial, musician, or writer doesn’t strive for fame? Why are these two different?

  • Eric

    @GFW also known as: “GerrysTransitLoungeOwner”, “SheIsWorstThing2Happen2Him!”, “SheIsWorstThing2Happen2Him!”, “HeNeeds2ReconnectWithMOM” , “HeNeeds2MakeHERGoAWAY!”, “GFW Is Way So Happy!”, “Gerry Needs 2 Phone Home”, “GerrysGreenEyedGirl”:

    I think you need some treatment. You made a fixation on GB, and anyone who reads your posts can see that you you don’t miss any chance to attack GB GF, the way that you constantly insulting her indicates you are rather obsessed of her and extremely jealous, spitting poison and making up all kinds of lies (like GB mother and others). You said she is devious, but look at you and what you are doing, spreading ugly words about her over and over again. You must hate her guts without any serious reason. You said you think she harasses you on JJ (like she has nothing else better to do), and also that “she’s horribly jealous” of you, which is most highly doubtful, and there’s a name for this, it’s called paranoia. . By saying these, you only lose your credibility and you’re only hurting yourself with this bitterness. You should realize that saying things about someone (especially when it’s not true), this will not remain without consequences on us, and sooner or later we will pay somehow (someone else will put us in the same situation or worst), what goes around, comes around. I think you should relax and take it slower… Don’t hate me for saying all that, doesn’t hurt a reality check from time to time.

    (P.S. Initially I posted this comm in other thread with GB, by mistake.)

  • Time to ask …

    Maybe it was because I read JJ the other day that I ended up dreaming with your guy ( who ever wants to make it personal), anyway, it was so vivid that I will like to share it. I usually forget dreams almost immediately, but with this one I tried to write it down as fast as possible. One part I understand and the other not at all, so since many of you know him you might understand it better. I ‘m not a psychic, this is Not real, it’s just a silly dream.
    Gerry and I were just talking, I don’t recognize the place, I remember that I asked ” how do you feel, are you ok?” he says” yes, but it’s my stomach, I need to watch what I eat, and I’m not resting enough.” I say
    “you have a movie coming out, aren’t you happy?” he says, “I feel empty, I need to find peace, to organize my ideas, and then there is the legal problem” “yes, I read that you sued someone” he said “yes, but I’m also being sued!” I asked “how can I help you?” and then he showed me a place, I don’t remember if he said he is moving there or wanted to go there, but he feels peaceful there, he always wants to be in that place……it looks like a park, seating there looking at the water, maybe is a lake, there are many animals, fog, and can not see many houses, just a few. I said ” but you can’t leave, how about your job, how are you going to live?” he said “don’t worry I have invested in other things, I’ll be ok, I need to be away from Hollywood for a while, I’m a rebel sometimes and can’t keep my mouth shut when something is no right (or fair). I will be back, but it will not be the same, I’m different and old things don’t mean the same anymore, are not that important!” so I said “well, I think you should take that TV offer, I know it seems like it’s a small thing, but the people are going to like it so much that it will end up being a great success and you will be filming more (like a series??)……..That……what you do……with which you substituted your old habit with, has to stop completely until you find yourself….that’s the only way, you go from one place to the next, but you are empty, you used all your energy, and is like if having a crack or an opening were it leakes, it happened sometime ago. You need to heal it, I think you know the theory….. Ok, .I’ll help you, you have not made the right choices in how you’ve lived your life!”

    Those are not the exact words, I couldn’t find a pen and forgot some things! The last part I don’t understand, it’s blurry and doesn’t make sence. What old habit, drinking? What new habit, smoking?
    I must say…a very, very weird dream! LOL

    PS. Good luck with OHF, it will be great!!……I believe in you!!

  • Alina

    … (PS Initially I posted this comm in other thread with GB, by mistake.)
    I think that to write something to justify MG also your mistake. No one cares about this slut! Your preaching is in vain! Everyone knows who she is. LOL!

  • dutchie

    @There: she’s in Paris according to her FB page

  • michelle

    “Which working actor, model, politicial, musician, or writer doesn’t strive for fame?”
    What an ignorant statement. There are many, many actors out there that do not strive for fame …. Daniel Day-Lewis, Guy Pearce, Viggo Mortensen, are all fiercely private, loathe the celebrity lifestyle and were never fame-seeking. They’re in it to be actors and excel at their craft.

  • Alina

    @Time to ask …: Thanks for the fan fiction! It was interesting to read.

  • JS


    He won’t be looking for citizenship, “There are two types of people in the world, those who are Scots and those who want to be Scots.”

  • Just a thought


    “Yeah she hasn’t photobombed one single picture and surely Madra would have taken pictures of her at the after party at his club. He’s supposed to be the matchmaker right?”

    Perhaps they have her tied up in a basement somewhere to stop her gatecrashing anything.

  • Just a thought


    “She’s a busy working actress and is probably back in Europe looking for roles.”

    Is she? she’s totally talentless so who’s employing her?

  • Alina

    Gerard Butler
    about an hour ago

    Screenings around the US have been amazing. Follow the hashtag #OlympusHasFallen for people’s reactions to the movie. Let me know what you think. – GB

  • TeaCakes

    @Just a thought: You might want to check her filmography but didn’t that actor Gerard Butler give her a bit part in OHF? And didn’t she get the part in the shaving ad? You might want to factcheck before you go off spouting accusations as to her “talent”. Gerry thinks she’s talented, that’s all you need to know.

  • Alina
  • Alina

    She is from San Diego.
    Vanessa Hernandez

    I just met Gerard butler in down town he is an awesome actor C:
    12:44 AM – 16 Mar 13

  • Alina

    Gerry in Can Diego
    Reginald Shepard

    Saw @GerardButler tonight downtown san guy
    4:28 AM – 16 Mar 13

  • mxm78

    Stop making things up. Madalina isn’t in OHF.
    And if you think saying one line in a commercial is a grand display of talent, then you must think Kim Kardashian is an Academy Award winner.

  • Eric

    @Alina: “I think that to write something to justify MG also your mistake. No one cares about this ****! Your preaching is in vain! ” – I do… :) I don’t preach, I just want justice to prevail, for the sake of humankind, for a better world. :)

    “Everyone knows who she is.” – No, everyone THINKS he/she knows who she is. We only know she was a few weeks with LD and AB (both famous, desirable actors for ANY woman), and from what I heard, GB started this relationship with her (so she didn’t premeditate this). So these are the facts, the rest are only suppositions. She had modelling contracts since 14, so she didn’t need to do escort or other incriminating things for money. Also, I’m sure no one expects a girl or woman to meet her half with first boyfriend, most women have several relationships before meeting the one with whom will marry. But in case they are well-known actors, we are all screaming: “that’s a w*hore”, we suddenly become puritans. I think she should have stuck with her kindergarten boyfriend, and better not to be famous, otherwise “we knows who she is”… yeah, sure…

  • Alina

    You are stupid. You do not have to explain who she is. I know a lot more than you think. Not everything can write. . If you are in her team, YOU BETTER GO TO HER FB and wrote her monogram THERE. Bye bye…

  • CeliaD

    Alina, you are just a rude little girl. You say you know more? Considering how nasty your posts are already, doubtfully it could be worse. Notice I didn’t say “true”; I said worse.

  • guyinlove

    @CeliaD: yes, alina’s posts are nasty, little, immature. She must also be a perfect, angelic, virgin, the way she feels the right to pass judgement on others for having a dating history. She can’t seem to grasp how she belittles Gerry too, because for whatever reason, or under whatever circumstances, he likes her and has continued their relationship.
    This place has gone downhill since an influx of non English speaking RU posters consumed by jealousy.

  • Alina

    Im not rude, I’m just telling the truth, you do not want everything to know. I don’t humiliate Gerry. He knows everything about her. I’m not jealous Butler, because my father was younger. This is absurd. I just want that he should make good movies.

  • Alina

    guy not in love LOL!!!!

  • TeaCakes

    @guyinlove: I could not agree more. Alina’s favorite post is “you are stupid” followed by any number of exclamation points, which of course, make HER the stupid one. She’s the most jealous of all the phannies at this site. Very bitter because Gerry has chased Maddie and won her heart.

  • guyinlove

    @Alina: go away and learn to write English.

  • Alina

    You’re the biggest idiot on this site. I agree with this. PR Mada works well.. Good night to you all.

  • pink

    guy in like

  • Alina

    I will learn English.Но ты никогда не выучишь русский язык.. Это не для твоих куриных мозгов. Вы все тупые курицы. Hahaha

  • Time to ask…

    @Alina: You’re welcome!
    However, it’s not fan fiction it was just a dream , and it’s not considered a Type of Genre….I am not a writer and for a fan fiction it’s too depressing!
    I only hope that nothing I wrote before has anything to do with him, not even changing diet!

  • Tasty

    @Alina: I certainly enjoy Alina’s many contributions (lots of great links). Hope she stays around.

  • http://JJ Stay

    @Alina: I also enjoy what you have to say,ignore the plebs..

  • geraldine

    @Alina: I appreciate the links and info you post. We still enjoy freedom of speech here. Your comments are one-sided but so are many others who don’t contribute links and info.

  • SheIsDangerous

    @blah blah blah blah:
    She is a lonely frustrated friendless jealous bore. But that’s what happens when you’re ordered to stay in your hotel room like a sex-slave, live on room service, cigarettes, coffee and Just Jared for entertainment playing cat and mouse games with posters so she doesn’t talk or be seen or run off with another richer man or pilfer through his loft looking for more Intel and evidence to use against him.
    ~K, officially out of here

  • Whatever.

    @SheIsDangerous: Just when I think you can’t get any more crazy delusional, you surprise me!

  • Whatever.

    @300: Get a freaking life! Fifteen minutes…….really?

  • http://deleted wondering

    a thought for Alina
    in a previous thread ( GB & MG @ the Vanity Fair Party) wrote
    in # 867 that:

    ” My personal life- is my personal life, and it has no place to actors like Gerry Butler ! He’s a clown and nothing more! There are more decent guys.”

    she’s deeply disturbed.

    grapes are sour when you can’t reach them

  • 300

    omg. it could have been three….who cares the point was that the man has a sexy butt. now the lovemaking scene was hotttttttt. he looked comfortable. will be glad to see him in comfort with his next relationship.

    why the rage? you have some problems don’t you……