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Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!

Gerard Butler: I Worked at Roger DuBois!

Gerard Butler is dashing while arriving for his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday (March 14) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 43-year-old Scottish actor chatted with Matt Lauer on The Today Show to promote his new film Olympus Has Fallen.

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“I went in and actually worked there one day and learned how they carve things down to like a thousandth of a millimeter as they carve out each piece. So when I look at the time, I appreciate it now,” Gerry shared about being a spokesperson for watch brand Roger DuBois.

The day before, Gerard attended an Olympus Has Fallen screening in the Big Apple.

Gerard Butler – ‘The Today Show’

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  • lee strasberg

    common sense is often lacking in people with very high IQs
    a better fib would have worked better with less flack

  • God Bless yoou all!

    Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord. —Psalm 19:14

    In Psalm 12, David lamented his society in which godly, faithful people had disappeared and been replaced by those who speak deceitfully “with flattering lips and a double heart” (v.2). They had said, “With our tongue we will prevail; our lips are our own; who is lord over us?” (v.4).

    The question “Who owns my lips?” is a good one to ask ourselves when we’re tempted to use insincere praise to get what we want. If my lips are my own, I can say what I please. But if the Lord owns my lips, then my speech will mirror His words, which the psalmist described as “pure words, like silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times” (v.6).

    Perhaps a good way to show who owns our lips would be to begin each day with David’s prayer from another psalm: “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer” (Ps. 19:14).

    A careless word may kindle strife,
    A cruel word may wreck a life;
    A timely word may lessen stress,
    A loving word may heal and bless. —Anon.
    He who guards his mouth preserves his life. —Proverbs 13:3

  • Pff

    I love this site. Majorly fvcked up comments from majorly fvcked up people.

  • exfantiredofallthebs

    @Pff: welcome to the quagmire!

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @God Bless yoou all!: Thank you, as always and God bless you too.
    Hi Lotita
    Hope the B man gets some rest today. Busy day tomorrow. Hope everybody gets dressed up for the red carpet. Ducky

  • GFW

    No, think it’s him.
    Not that anyone cares but I’m not a candidate for Twitter. I40 characters is like making me keep my hands behind my back while talking IRL.
    Looks like he’s havin’ fun with it though.

  • Butlerlikesfake

    @Nana: No. Lots of interviewers like HS says she is perfect. Therefore the surgeries are successful. Gerry likes it too. Most Middle Eastern and jewish women get nose jobs. It is a norm.

  • I’m having fun:)

    @Butlerlikesfake : No more that American women do…

    Actually much less…

  • Nosey

    Aniston, Halle berry, Tyra, Scarlett. j. – all had nose jobs before they hit it big. It helped their careers. Their before photos are 90% average but pretty. Their after phos are very different.

  • Sorry untrue

    @I’m having fun:): Sorry. 5:4 of Jewish women have nose jobs. Ask Persians, same thing. Big big big in ME countries. Other ethnicities may do other areas.

  • Say What

    @Lisa: Gerry was misunderstood. Gerry was just joking. It’s a British thing. It’s a male thing. On and on and on go the excuses.

    If I hear Gerry is just joking one more time…..

  • Suzanne Cummings

    @Pff: That’s why I come here. Fun to be a part of the hysteria that makes up Butler’s gang of haters and fans combined.

  • Say What

    @Pff: Majorly fvcked up comments from majorly fvcked up people.

    Takes one to know one eh?

  • GFW

    I think originally it was honest and sincere sentiment straight from his heart. He tweeted how he felt. He felt at that time like an American (in America). We all know he’s Scottish and very proud of that. Do not feel he needs any backlash for it. It was an innocent and very positive overzealous impulsive moment. The big mistake was texting while driving. [read: don't get me started]

  • HeGrewUpLastNight

    True. The man sound actually overjoyed. He has been here for a while now. I am fond of Egypt. If I had been there over 10+ years and counting…..I could see myself easily letting that loose “I am proud to be an Egyptian!” I have always been “excited” about Egypt. The guy was excited.

    I would not tweet anymore as the slightest said will get picked to pieces.

    I would have just said Hey cannot help it if I have a love for both America and Scotland…smile and carry my butt on……

  • Totally Useless Information

    DocP @ 03/17/2013 at 2:21 pm

    @Totally Useless Information:
    I believe your right about the oil except I think the US government actually sells most of our oil to make a profit.
    True, our oil companies are not owned by the government like elsewhere, so yes, they sell to make a profit. Still, the majority of oil we use here in the USA comes directly from American oil companies.

    @blah blah
    I think the Saudis could sell their oil to China so they can continue to pollute to the max. The Obama administration put money in Brazil’s oil exploration so that could pay off in the end.

  • URreaching.

    @SeeSawSally: Photoshop! People please. That is her. Countless ads back in 2009 and before show her true face. She got the nose done. Then the lips. I think you are only convincing yourself.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hi Ducky, I am sure they will all look great. Rick Yune has really a nice build and he looks as tall as Gerry. Rick looks as though he plays a great bad guy very well. He has gotten positive reviews on it. I looked at IMBD and it shows Thunder Run in preproduction with a date of 2015, not sure if that means it will come out in 2015 or it won’t start until then.
    God Bless You all, great post, made me think, thanks to you always.


    @GFW: Begging your pardon, Miss K, but G told an interviewer with THE HILL blog several days ago that he was proud of the work the Secret Service does to protect ” our ” country. Also other posters have noticed on his tweets that he is using American spelling. G is being ‘convenient’ again. Somebody read all the snit he stirred up, and now they’re trying to do damage control. More lies. Just put a muzzle on him somebody, please.

  • Butlerlikesfake

    So does Howard Stern and Jerry Penacoli.

    So is is better to be pretty and natural or fake and incredible? What do men prefer. Is beauty more important for Butler? The second choice, I say.

    What do these men prefer as the mother of their children?

    Are men like Butler ok if his children need minor adjustments when age appropriate?

  • Pff

    @Suzanne Cummings: @exfantiredofallthebs: It’s amusing because he’s not even interesting enough to justify the level of bilious rage / fawning admiration or otherwise directed towards him. Gotta say I love reading the the conspiracy theories most of all. The insane, Alex Jones-esque nature of them is just funny as f—

  • Violet

    I guess every time Gerry makes a mistake on his twitter an assistant is going to be blamed for it? I don’t think so. The American f-ck-up looks like Gerry’s doing to me. His usual penchant for exaggeration and hyperbole during film promos bit him in the a-ss.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @lolita: Hi Lolita, you made me curious. Hunter Killer is still on the books too and Antoine Fuqua wants to direct. So it seems that there is stuff in the pot. I read the interview with AF and like him so much. He seems to know Gerry pretty well too. He said about Gerry: hopes to work again with Gerard Butler. They may team up on the thriller Hunter Killer, but meanwhile, the filmmaker compares his Olympus Has Fallen star to Sean Connery — and not just because both are Scottish. “It’s his presence. He’s a big guy, he’s got some kid in him, he likes to crack jokes, he has a youthfulness. He’s a bit of a bad boy, in his own way. I think he’s got a lot to give that no one has tapped into.”
    That was very nice to hear.
    Excited to hear all about the premiere tomorrow. Sure JJ will have pictures. Hope you are having a good day Lolita.

  • Violet

    Gerry’s follow-up tweets:
    Gerard Butler ‏@GerardButler
    (sorry for tweet yest guys-driving, missed a word & was trying to joke about being ALMOST an American! What a word! I’m obviously Scottish)
    Gerard Butler ‏@GerardButler
    p.s. got home safely ;)
    Gerard Butler ‏@GerardButler
    Happy St Paddys Day everybody – one of my favorite days of the year! Being ALMOST Irish ;)

  • Violet

    He just used American spelling again in his tweet, “one of my favorite days of the year!”
    People can’t blame that on an assistant, either, because I saw Gerry use American spelling in an autograph a few months ago for his “favorite” hat shop in NYC. That was in his own handwriting.

  • SouthernBelle

    I made the mistake of reading here earlier today and was really offended by some things said about Americans by UK posters. Nobody expects the world to love us, but some posters were really hateful.

    There are a couple of you who are so venomous that you probably cannot relate to the world in any way other than spewing hatred; however, I do have to give Gerry credit. Without even trying, he manages to polarize people and at the same time bring them together with mutual disgust of his stupid comments and his use of most everyone for his own promotion.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Ducky, I think Gerry may have found the director that sees his potential and knows how to bring it out in him. I think Gerry may be able to turn Mike Banning into a franchise. I still hope he does Hunter Killer, that sounds good also. I think that Sean Connery compliment made Gerry’s day, if you want to compare him to someone that is not to shabby a comparison.
    I hope your day is going well also, I’m just relaxing today.

  • Can I just ask?

    @Say What:

    “If I hear Gerry is just joking one more time…..”

    You’re just joking, right?

  • Nana

    @Butlerlikesfake: Madalina was very beautiful before, she didn´t need plastic surgery. I don´t think she had a nose job, but her lips are far too big now and wrinkled because of all the fillers. I don´t want to know how her lips look without lipstick on it, I have seen far worse lip augmentations, but her´s are still terrible. She will need new fillers again and again. After breast augmentation, she will need new implants after 10 years. So be it… I hate the model industry, agents, managers and doctors who talk young girls into nip tuck… sick business…. Look what´s become of Heidi Montag, she couldn´t stop and now she looks like a plastic doll….

  • Eric

    @sunday musings:
    “Thanks Eric you pretend to be in the know so we’re going to take it as gospel that MG ditched AB for GB, bad enough she was recent sloppy seconds but you are saying she actually dumped one friend for another friend.” – Actually is my mistake, I read some time ago an article, and I misunderstood that. So, in December 2011 she was seeing AB, but the relationship with him didn’t last, cause at the beginning of 2012 she was single again. She met GB few months later, in the spring of 2012. Google Translate this article:

  • Suzanne Cummings

    @Pff: This place is nothing but amusement for those of us who are as you say, “tired of all the BS”. He’s nothing but a 3rd rate actor and that’s all he will ever be. I don’t think he’s good enough to be at the top with Damon, DDL, Colin Firth etc. He will never be in their company as an equal.

  • May I point out


    If he’s living in the US then he is bound to use American spelling as that is what he will be seeing everyday. There just seem to be some here who look for any excuse to criticise him.

  • oh for fs

    For starters, who cares if Butler calls himself an American. He spends most of his time here, has homes here, and has slept with half the citizenry, evidently. Home is where your heart is, and his is wherever his suitcase is, so nothing to get undies in a twist about. Who cares.
    And another thing. As an American I am sick and tired of empty-headed jingoism. “God Bless America the greatest blah blah blah”. We are NOT the greatest country. Open your eyes. We have a boatload of problems, and as a nation we make a boatload of mistakes. If we love our people in the military, we need to bring them home. We have NO business in all the hotspots of the world. No one wants us there except people who have something to gain – financially and politically. The Afghans hate us, the Syrians hate us and on and on. Why are we spending our precious young people on nations that loathe us? Eff them, I say, Solve your own dam problems, and we need to mind our own business. And there is plenty to keep us busy. Let us stop listening to those that fear-monger us into traipsing all over the world to meddle. We need our young people, and our money, to fix our problems at home.

  • PsychoB

    What the heck is the problem? Who cares? I guess the only place Gerry can feel is his place is Scotland? Sorry but I don’t get it. If an American living in Scotland said the were proud to be Scottish after living there for over a decade. I wouldn’t revoke their citizenship I’d be happy they found a place they were happy with. I guess that’s a difference in cultures

  • a question


    “After breast augmentation, she will need new implants after 10 years.”

    Someone said on one of the other threads that she had her implants removed and replaced by smaller ones. Is this true?

  • GH


    There are stories that after AB but before GB she was dating Paul Haggis.

  • B!itter pill

    Does it really matter if he wants to be an American for a while It’s hardly treason is it? it no longer matters where you are from as we all live in a globalised world with free moving populations and mixed marriages. It’s time to scrap nations, borders and flags which are outdated ideas and instead grow the f up as a species.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Eric: Eric please go to the last thread and read the last post. It is quite interesting.

  • Nana

    What I found interesting is that GB said at Howard Stern, he could not imagine nip tuck or botox for himself, because he is not that vain and doesn´t really care about his looks, but it was alright with him to do it for the character he plays in a movie. So maybe he is alright that Madalina had plastic surgery to help her career…

  • Nana

    @a question: I don´t know, but it looks like…..

  • PsychoB

    @oh for fs: we had your philosophy before 9/11, nothing we do will be “right” with everyone. No matter if we do nothing we still will be hated because to many we are the “haves” of the world. In reality they should hate the Chinese they own most of the US.

  • exfantiredofallthebs

    @oh for fs: so many in the UK would agree with you, and sa y the same about their own country.

    @SouthernBelle: its not venomous, just considered opinion after weighing up the evidence. Empires inspire hatred before they fall. The British certainly have. Many societies don’t like US arrogance. You really shouldn’t be surprised or offended by now.

  • SouthernBelle


    If you’re going to lecture me, at least read my comment. I said that there are a couple of posters here who are venomous. I was offended more by their presentation, than content.

  • JS


    Scots never feel at home anywhere but Scotland. No matter where they are, or how long they have been away the ties to the motherland are strong and unbreakable. And those ties pass down the generations even to those who have never been to Scotland. So while you have Irish Americans, Italian Americans etc. you don’t have Scots Americans, you have American Scots. My sister in law works in the National Archives of Scotland and she says they come from all over the world, every colour, every creed, hoping to prove they are Scots. Auld Scotia holds her bairns in a vice like grip that cannot be broken and those of us who are not Scots but live here soon find that that we too are taken into that grip and the love, kindness and friendship that are a hallmark of Scottish society.

  • Laruj

    The question is: Did Gerard Butler entertain the US military and their families out of love and gratitude to the US, or to promote the financial success of his new movie with a large sector of the US population?
    Who provided the necessary financial backing to provide this “entertainment”? The military or the production company?

  • A question


    Wonder why she had them reduced.

  • hyperbole

    Oh sweet jaysus! Now we are going to dissect his tweets??!!!
    What in the world is wrong with you people?

  • PsychoB

    @JS: what’s your point. Its a good thing to be aware of your roots. But according to Gerry himself he was very destructive when he lived in Scotland, so is he just supposed to be lost the rest of his life because people like yourself believe he couldnt possibly be happier somewhere else. And isnt Gerrys heritage Irish? Its pretty sad he can’t call himself Irish without goofballs like Moira being offended.

  • JS


    His great grandfather was Irish but the Scots and the Irish are the same people. They are two of the six Celtic nations but are two that are closest to each other in culture. I didn’t say he couldn’t be happier elsewhere, what I said was that, like all Scots, he will never be at home anywhere else.

  • Totally Useless Information

    @B!itter pill @ 03/17/2013 at 6:44 pm

    Does it really matter if he wants to be an American for a while It’s hardly treason is it? it no longer matters where you are from as we all live in a globalised world with free moving populations and mixed marriages. It’s time to scrap nations, borders and flags which are outdated ideas and instead grow the f up as a species.
    Oh yeah, that works. That’s what got us into WWI and WWII, that isolationist POV.

    I don’t care if GB thinks of himself as almost American, but I find it very strange he picks now to let us know when for years he has always identified are Scottish.