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Ian Somerhalder Talks '50 Shades of Grey' Role

Ian Somerhalder Talks '50 Shades of Grey' Role

Ian Somerhalder gets a smooch from a fan while leaving Live! with Kelly and Michael on Wednesday (March 13) in New York City.

The 33-year-old was mobbed by his adoring fans outside the studio after making an appearance on the show, but he certainly seemed to be enjoying it!

Later that night, Ian also made an appearance on Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live where he talked about being the fan-favorite choice for the coveted role of Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey movie.

“There are so many young boys up for this role,” the actor shared. “I can’t say anything other than it’s a very interesting story.”

And when Ian was asked if he was single, he responded: “I would not say that. That’s not the case.”

Ian is currently in a relationship with his The Vampire Diaries co-star, Nina Dobrev!

FYI: Ian is wearing 3×1 jeans.

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  • Alli

    LOL, what a tool! Fan favorite? LOL, among the CW crowd. Single? Bearding is so silly in 2013.

  • ab

    sorry but Matt Bomer should be Christian Grey. period

  • A

    he must be a starving actor to even consider this role. anyone who takes it is desperate.

  • Samantha

    Sorry but Ian Somerhalder is the perfect Christian Grey. There is no one else who could pull this character off like he could

  • Ken

    He is so desperate for the role it’s sad.

  • liz

    Matt Bomer = Christian Grey

  • JenniferH

    @Ken: He’s literally brought it up himself TWICE, yeah that’s it — TWO TIMES. It’s not his fault that he gets asked about it. What is he supposed to do? Ignore the question? Geesh.

  • thetis


    So is being a ignorant loser but it doesnt seem to stop you. Slander always comes back for you – be careful

  • thetis


    He gets asked about it everywhere he goes – is he supposed to be rude like you?

  • Cindy

    HA! Ian gets asked about Christian Grey every where he goes… I think he would be a fantastic Mr. Grey. Love the fact he acknowledged he is not single. Like his nephew said: “Ian is taken by Nina”. That pretty much sums it up. Ian and Nina are perfection. They have been together for 3 years and they are still going strong.

  • Kim

    Casting Matt Bomer would be the kiss of death for the makers of this movie. 99% of the people in the theatre are going to be women. Women do not want to see a man who is gay in real life doing the sex scenes. Neg me all your want but the producers need to cast a straight , hot actor. Ian, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Aaron Paul, Jude Law (although he would never take the role). They need an actor who is in the fantasies of Americas housewives, and Matt Bomer is not the man.

  • kikki

    Bit strange he says he’s not single now they have broken up! Previously he wouldn’t confirm that he was in a relationship. Jeez… guess he can’t crush all the fans dreams – can you imagine all the stalkers over at fanforum if they couldn’t ship these two? What would they do all day?



  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    This girl kissing him looks soo desperate. lol))

  • connie

    NOT a fan at all. He is creepy looking. Harry Cavill looks like Gray to me. If this guy gets the part ma and 50 friends will NOT see the movie.

  • connie

    @Ken: I agree. He has spent so much time promoting himself that he has become a big joke! Poor little man!

  • Hunger Games Fan

    Ian Sommerholder is a CW actor and that is considered a JOKE. CW actors are not taking seriously by the industry. Ian has one look and it’s SNARKY

  • Juliana

    Not sure about Christian Grey role, I mean Ian is hot as hell and an amazing actor, but not sure it would be a good career move for him. But I do think he coul pull it off. He is a very talented actor.
    Obviously Nina and Ian are still very much together, otherwise he would not have said that he is not single.
    Truth is that most women find him very attractive, get over it. All this bashing is not going to change that.

  • Caroline

    @Ken: Hi Ken. I think you need to go find yourself a woman instead of insulting someone you don’t even know. Ian is not courting publicity – he is currently very popular and obviously will get asked questions about Christian Grey. He has always said it would be an interesting role. What’s wrong with that? Stop the rudeness and get on with your life.

  • rumple

    @Kim: matt is the hottest man alive, millions of women love him, ryan g hot too. your logic would hold true then for Ian as well.

  • Christopher T. Hertzog

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  • guest

    First of all if he is asked about CG he is answering it is fans and interviews who bugs him with it, so no he is not desparate it is u reading it so!
    Second he didn’t say that he is not single, whatch the show, he said he wont talk about that topic b/c it is not the case.
    Third even if he isn’t single it still doesn’t mean he is dating Nina b/c way to muuch ppl last haklf of year sees him with the blong girl who is not Kim or Jessie from ISF

  • maryann

    maybe the show should you. he say that is not single, and he knows people who thought he was referring. he could make cleary that he was single, he didn’t.

  • maryann

    if he is not with Nina it suits them to believe that it is so

  • guest

    He answered – i would not say that it is not the case – which means that he won’t talk about it because it is not their business.
    Andy was the one who intrrupt him that moment and sums that he is not single. Ian reffered to smth different.
    And in the pap video from NY where he was surrounded by fans he was getting into the car to a blond chick waiting for him and it was not Jessie or his agent.

  • Lara

    is jessica your assistant … guys Ian and Nina are couple, so please stop the drama and accept the fact he never date you. let Nian in peace, they’re private. They’re fine

  • Lara

    and jessica is married, and she is assist by Ian and friend Nina …. Ian is busy bc the ryot and ISF and Nina Conan and Power Stylists, so please stopped rumors they’re fine

  • maryann

    I repeat, he could make cleary that he was single, he didn’t. Ian knows that people would think he was referring to Nina.

  • maryann

    ok guest, if you say that you know everything… ahahah

  • Monica

    Ian’s nice looking and that vampire show is good. I think it’s really sad that he feels pressured by fans to say he and Nina are still together. They’ve recently broken up. Nina should have known better though. When they started their affair he was with Meghan and had a reputation of dating his costars. The publicity of them dating helped the show’s ratting’s. Now they have to continue the pretend relationship. Ian is has and will always be a player. As for the 50 shades role. Sorry he’s nice looking but too old for the role.

  • Lara

    they’re together and you is a bitch Monica bc Ian never date you … Ian referring to Nina

  • Guest

    how fans can be sure that hi was reffering to Nina? though the sad prat that they twist his words the way they want, not the way he said. He has an excelent interview and that is the only part which u saw?That part where he was cut off buy Andy so Andy would get a sensation for press? watch the show Ian started to talk further to make it clear he is single, Andy cut him off and sum his words like he is not.
    And btw about pap video. Jessica was beside Ian, the blond girl was waiting in the car. Even if Ian isn’t single that doesn’t mean he is with Nina. They never were more than just friends.

  • ashley
  • ashley

    please is kim the assistant the Ian she help jessica … stop Guest … they’re together and nothing you say has logic .kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    you stupid

  • MV

    From the whole interview the only thing that fans talk about is his relationship (or lack of it) with Nina. And the press makes this worse. That is sad. Both of them have lives outside this relationship.
    Ian works really hard with Ryot and ISF, he is trying to make a difference. Too bad that press promotes his relationship more that things that actually matter.

  • So true

    as was said here STOP take Ian’s words out of context and twist them the way u want! Saying that he is not intendent to talk about if he is single or not is not the same as saying that he is not single. Reffering that his co start can kick his ass during shooting doesn’t mean that he is in love with her.
    Fans prefer to see what they want and ignore reports from Atl and other places which they do not like. To many ppl are saying that Ian and Nina are over even IF they ever been together at all.
    have u thought how hard was for Ian to hide his ex till 2011 when they broke up, so fans wont attack her, how hard is for him to find another girl if fans are screaming that he is dating Nina.
    Even if Ian is dating someone he never ever said it was Nina, refference to Nina is just fans wishfull thinking.
    Poor guy fans hate him even more than haters.

  • MV

    @So true:
    Well said! And why do we care if he dates or does not date Nina? It’s his life! Leave the guy alone…

  • So true

    I am sorry if i was too harsh here. But it pissmeoff when the only thing what fans see is the line they twisted. The show was great, Ian rocked it. He is amazing person. They took a line out of context and made headline from it.
    How many people here really did watch the show to know how ian answered and what was before and after that line?how many of them noticed that Andy cut him off to have a hot news. How many of those who are screaming that he admitted he is not single are US folks?He would say – I wouldn’t say SO if he is reffering to not being single, that is how we americans talk. If we want to politely shut somebody we will say – I would not say THAT, which means that we wont discuss the topic. Ian even added that it is not the case, but who heard him?
    Ian is so much more that imaginary role of perfect boyfriend. I do understand that if u want to get what he is saying in his interviews u should have brains because that man is incredibly clever but fans are to lazy to try to understand him so they picture him as a bf for a girl who can’t even proprly tweet, her fans barely understands what she is saying in her tweets.
    There is no smoke with ou a fire, repeatedly during years folks were trying to say that they are not together but fans ignore that.
    As for Ian personally i am very proud that in our country is such an amzazing person who is able to make positive impact all over the world!

  • aashy

    Let him be,all you is his life.he will do what he pleases.what he wants.he is happy and good when single.hope he is.and 50 shades of grey is not “star wars” so he’s not gonna die if he doesn’t get to do bdsm,good luck n have fun in life beautiful Ian!

  • justsayyesorno

    Why can’t he just say yes or no so people can move on? Wait!! that would be less interesting so instead he answered in a way to keep “are they or aren’t they dating” game. Physically Nina and Ian look insanely beautiful together but other than that the age gap and Nina just starting her career will soon catch up and they would break up (if they still haven’t). I think we can only guess if they truly are together after the show ends.

  • MV

    @So true:
    You were not harsh at all. You just spoke the truth. I myself don’t care at all who he dates, i believe it’s his personal life. I am not American, i am from Greece but even i understood that he didn’t want to talk about his personal life so he shut the other guy off. I really admire Ian for his work with nature, ISF and now RYOT. It really pisses me of that people don’t admire him for these things and they only care about what he does or doesn’t do with Nina. He is much more than that.

  • jessi

    maybe Ian could tell his brother to stop appoint Nina as “family.” obviously he’s okay!

  • kc

    To be fair the rumors would not have started if Nina and Ian haven’t been photograph kissing and cuddling. It’s hollywood people! the show needs offscreen drama to promote it and keep viewers even more invested and she can’t date Paul cause he’s in a serious relationship so why not Ian they make a very good looking people. I bet they would not last a year after the show ends or if Ian get’s Christian Grey role he would suddenly date her new co-star and leave Nina.

  • Yeah


    He was popular during Lost too, but we didn’t see him promote himself as much as now. He is pretty much everywhere. Frankly, I liked him before VD. Now, I can barely stand to see his face. Same goes for Nina and everyone else on VD. That show is overpromoted, and has runs it course, and should be taken off air. That show has become a joke, as are the actors and actresses on there.

    I cannot bare to watch VD, because of the joke of the being acting. They can’t act to save their lives. The only ones doing a good job are the Brits. Everyone else, to be frank, suck, and shouldn’t be actors/actresses.

  • teddy boy

    @So true:
    I totally agree with you.The sad thing is that fans will not hear what you are, but what they want.It is also sad that the whole of the interview discussing just this part.
    I mentioned the blonde who secretly followed him for some time, but I was attacked by fans.Of course they are not married women working for ISF, and it’s so stupid to think.When I wrote about the blonde, I knew exactly what I write. but obsessed fans have accused me that I am jealous of Nina.This time I do not want nothing to add except that it is so obvious that things are changing.A yet to be changed. ‘ll see.

  • somat

    in the car I see only Jessica..

  • http://@eleitaliana Ele

    I don’t know if are a couple or not because I’m italian and I live in Italy but for me they aren’t a couple I have this vibe from some months, for me they seemed a couple until last spring/summer but I believe that we will see and we will have Coachella so we will see if they will go there and if they will kiss like last year but for me they aren’t a couple. My rant it’s not hate

  • Nikki

    The book and this movie (will be) a joke. The main character is psycho possessive and abusive and it glorifies that and makes that behavior “okay” because he is rich and hot. I have personally met women who’s BF/Husbands have acted in similar fashion to Grey but these women ended up in the hospital. That’s reality. I don’t get why people think it is okay. Not prude, have read erotica and with S&M, but these books are horrible and as women you shouldn’t condone this behavior( even if its from pop culture). Shame on you.

  • Susan Rice

    @guest: Yes, that was definitely Jessica Ramsey in the car with Ian. She is his ISF secretary and his personal assistant. Ian officiated her wedding. Nina was also at her wedding. Jessica Ramsey is married to Paul Olivier. Ian & Nina and Jessica & Paul are very good friends. Ian and Nina are a couple and have been for three years. The rumors of a break up came from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, which is hardly known for accuracy. Their job is to spread rumors. Ian has officially confirmed he is NOT a single man. Ian’s nephew has said “Ian is taken by Nina”. Both their families recognize their relationship, which has bonded the two families together.

  • Cherry

    @ab: UGH! NO! just NO! Matt Bomer is certainly not Christian Grey.