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Ian Somerhalder Talks '50 Shades of Grey' Role

Ian Somerhalder Talks '50 Shades of Grey' Role

Ian Somerhalder gets a smooch from a fan while leaving Live! with Kelly and Michael on Wednesday (March 13) in New York City.

The 33-year-old was mobbed by his adoring fans outside the studio after making an appearance on the show, but he certainly seemed to be enjoying it!

Later that night, Ian also made an appearance on Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live where he talked about being the fan-favorite choice for the coveted role of Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey movie.

“There are so many young boys up for this role,” the actor shared. “I can’t say anything other than it’s a very interesting story.”

And when Ian was asked if he was single, he responded: “I would not say that. That’s not the case.”

Ian is currently in a relationship with his The Vampire Diaries co-star, Nina Dobrev!

FYI: Ian is wearing 3×1 jeans.

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  • Chari

    @kikki: I don’t know. Apparently all you do all day is look up articles about Ian or Nina just to spew hate. NEWFLASH: Ian and Nina have been together for three years. Accept it!

  • Guest

    In that part of the show where was asked about the desert Island Ian in the end tried to escape conclusion that he would take his lady, he started get into explanation but Andy switched topic on purpose.
    Fans see what they want to see. That is how always was.
    Ian never dated Nina, even if there was smth in between them it was nothing more than co workers with benefits. But i am friends with ians friend in Atl, and all Ian friends saying that they were never really together, they just agreed to not denay it because if fans are capable to ebd their life because of Delena imagine what fans are capable to do if they knew that Nian never existed?

  • Sherry

    @guest: The blonde is Jessica Ramsey. She is the ISF secretary and Ian’s personal assistant . Ian and Nina are a couple and have been for three years.

  • Mary Ann Lancaster

    @Guest: Give me a break! There is no way you have friends in Atlanta that are Ian’s friends and then type that kind of nonsense. Ian and Nina have never broken up or even come close to breaking up. They have been a couple since April 2010 and that is a fact.

  • GAgirl

    Really?Not again. Does fans even listened to what he said after he REFUSED to talk about his lovelife?He openly say that he would NOT SAY that because it is NOT the CASE. Only obseesed ppl would assume that this is confirmation. If he has a gf then on her place i would be upset with that answer. Sad to know that the lady is not the case.
    As for the blond girl: I dunno what video you are talking about, but here in Atl we saw him with a blond girl pretty often and it is not his ISF collegues or his assistante. We can see him with blond one regulary last few months, when we rarely ever saw Ian and Nina together, there always someone with them IF they ever were out&about
    Ianš family mebers calls Paul as a family too that doesn’t mean a single thing.
    How come they can be together for 3 years if Meghan did Thaxgiving shopping in 2010 at late autumn here in Atl?
    ian and nina is fans imagination. Soon they gonna need tissues

  • tsopo

    everyone has seen this blonde girl, and no one has a pic? come on!

  • Janet Limeman

    @So true: You are constantly on the Just Jared websites spewing your hate towards Nina and trying to give inspiration to everyone that Ian and Nina are not a couple. The truth is you are delusional and your lack of acceptance and denial regarding Ian and Nina as a couple is to the point of borderline insanity. Ian would never want to date YOU! You would have to be an idiot not to know Ian and Nina are a couple. Their own family members acknowledge them as a couple. All this ridiculous talk about Ian and a blonde is absurd, especially when everyone knows the blonde is Jessica Ramsey, who is Ian’s ISF secretary and personal assistant. The only other blonde Ian is seen with is Kim Klingler, who is the ISF Executive Director, who has a family of her own.

  • dreamiegurl

    james deen = christian grey.

  • tsopo

    you say are a fan of Ian, but you do go through a false person because if what you say is true Ian knows what fans think and he is lying.

  • tsopo

    you say are a fan of Ian, but you do pass him a false person because if what you say is true Ian knows what fans think and he is lying.

  • tsopo

    even if it were as you know that this blonde is not married or is it just a collaborator of the ISF? you have pic of them kissing? you say are a fan of Ian, but you do pass him a false person because if what you say is true Ian knows what fans think and he is lying.

  • Ava Marie Morgan

    @GAgirl: Meghan was not in Atlanta in November 2010. Ian had already confirmed their breakup by June 2010. Ian and Meghan were finished by March 2010. Ian and Nina started a relationship in April 2010. Ian and Nina are regularly seen together out and about in Atlanta. If you actually lived in their neighborhood you would know that, which obviously you don’t. I do live in their neighborhood and see them frequently out and about. Jessica Ramsey and her husband also live in midtown Atlanta and she is seen with Ian and Nina all the time. Only a moron would believe Ian and Nina are not a couple when it is so blatantly obvious that they are.

  • Gem

    You poor poor obsessed NIAN fans. Calling people names because they do not agree with you. One day you will find out and probably bawl your eyes out that this NIAN fantasy relationship was just that a FANTASY.

  • Marie

    If you say you want your favorite actor to be Christian Grey you’re basically saying they suck at what they do. 50 shades is horrible.

  • B

    @ab: AGREED!

  • Can’t act

    This man..yes, has beautiful eyes, but that is it. Between him and the rest of the leads on that dumb show Vampire Diaries, I can’t decide who sucks the most at acting. The Brits are good, and the dude that plays Stephan aren’t bad, but everyone else needs some intense training.

    Plus, in interviews instead of sounding like a douche when asked about CG and relationships. Simply say to the CG, “It’s something about in the air, and I’m not allowed to talk about it.” When it comes to relationships, “I may or may not be a relationship. It’s my private life, and I like to keep it as such.” Is it really that hard to say? Honestly.

  • Shannon

    While I think Ian is attractive, I do not think he would be the perfect choice for Christian Grey. I’ll be disappointed if he gets the role. I think Matt Bomer fits the description of Mr. Grey much better. I admit, I wondered if it would ruin it if the actor were gay in real life but if the guy is a good enough actor, there should be no reason why he can’t pull that role off. Please don’t pick Ian. I also don’t think Ryan Gosling would fit as he’s not really good enough looking, (in my opinion) and doesn’t fit the description either. I also wish Ian would stop making the duck face.

  • Faloola

    Ian is not being considered for CG, it’s all in his and his fans imagination. His movie career flopped years ago. He barely has a TV career and they are not going to trust a movie franchise to him. Get a grip peeps.

  • Cassie

    No, to Ian Somerhalder.

    No, to Matt Bomer. Nothing against gay people at all, but someone that seduces a woman like Christian grey needs to be played by a heterosexual.

  • Regina Hart

    @GAgirl: HA! HA! HA! I think you might want to have a talk with your friend who is friends with Ian’s friends because they are telling nothing but B/S. I was at the Optimist Restaurant in Atlanta on Valentine’s Day with my husband and saw Ian & Nina there. Ian was showering Nina with love and affection and they only had eyes for each other. There is no way Ian is spending time with a blonde chick.

  • Charity

    @guest: NO! When Ian was asked if he was single, he responded: “I would not say that. That’s not the case” , which clearly means he is NOT single. There is no other way to interpret that response. Only someone who is in denial that Ian is not a single man would want to believe otherwise. Even Ian’s 12 year old nephew asked the question “why do women ask Ian to marry them, or want him to say he loves them when he is already taken by Nina”.
    Accept it…. Ian and Nina are a couple.

  • Guest

    here is already 5dif ppl who claims that they saw the at VDay, but why only one report about it.Lol
    fans will fight teeth and nails to prove Nian existance ignoring the obvious and twist Ian’s words as they like to fit them into the theory
    But the truth is that Ian always denay one way or another as he did in Huffpost intrview today any personal connection to Nina and put her at the same line as other TVD actress

  • Riri

    @Kim: THANK YOU! Absolutely agree. Not to say that Ian is it, but Matt Bomer. . . REALLY? I forgot who is he again?

  • Get Real!

    @connie: Well, you and your “50 friends” should not see it then. Sheesh. The world does not revolve around you. Any movie will do just fine with out you or your 50 make believe friends. btw, your stuffed toys don’t count as friends…

  • Gem

    @Guest: You took the words right out of my mouth. I was actually shocked on how must he tried to Deny it with his answer lol. He did not even do his TVD is my girlfriend bit, he explained how he nina and paul and family that have good times and bad. I was kinda shocked how he said it lol. Its sad people have to put words in his mouth to prove their point. Sad sad world.

  • Hazel Fitzsimmons

    *sigh* ..I admire him for who he is … a dedicated man , he could just sit in some penthouse or mansion somewhere living the good life ..but no .. not Ian he at least tries to make a difference to this world .I dont care who he is seeing (or not )and HELL YEAH!!! he would be the best candidate for CG , but there are more important projects for him especially with the ISF , so ian ..ignore all of the judgy small minded idiots idiots and keep doing it the right way , because you have alot of fans who are with you all the way …. xxx

  • Hazel Fitzsimmons

    oh yeah btw he actually 34 !!! duh :(

  • Deb

    I almost agree with you, but unfortunately, James Deen is only 5’8″ and CG is at least 6′ if not taller.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @A: You’re so stupid LOL I bet you make minimum wage.

  • Star

    If he gets the part, I’m not going to see the movie. He is not my Christian Grey and I don’t want to ruin my image of CG. I think the part should go to an unknown drop dead gorgeous young actor. This is our “Scarlett O’Hara” seach for our time.

  • Amairany

    Matt Bomer

  • Harryandsally

    in 2009 I thought he was the hottest man alive, if he asked me to marry him I would have seriously considered it however looking at him now Im just not attracted to him at all, like what was I thinking…I know its so mean but I no longer see why hes so popular anymore, he has sideways downward sloping eyelids and it bothers me

  • fhdsfh

    ian is not who i picture to play christian grey….pretty sure there are better options out there…plenty of them!

  • Lolly

    Ian really annoys me sometimes I don’t know if he is told to speak such cryptic shit about his relationship or he just likes to play mind games with the fans! Why the hell can’t he just say like million other actors when asked that question about being single why couldn’t he just say “iam in a relationship” there straight simple and to the point he doesn’t have to say its nina or someone else but for ffs just stop with the cryptic shit! Fans won’t love you any less Ian just because your in a relationship your a grown man your entitled to be happy regardless who it’s with! Just one thing I would like to see him abit of honesty! People are not stupid so stop treating your fan as if they were born yesterday!! I love his work with ISF his passion an what he does to make change sometimes he does dig himself a hole. Personally I really don’t care who he dates as long as he is happy if its Nina then great hope they are happy if its all a publicity stunt then whatever makes them happy but things tend to bite people in the ass and I say it’s a shame that they do this just for ratings or whatever he deal is with them two! Jessica is his PA she will always be with him everywhere, his ISF director is also known to travel with him everywhere so girls don’t read into it and if he was seeing someone other than nina I don’t think he would crap on his own doorstep and show the media! Also Ian ha said Tvd cast are like family so he probably gets on with them very well including Nina as far as I know they moved in and living together Bob his brother shows nina alot of endearment in his tweets and if try are it not dating it really doesn’t concern any of us, just take a step back and be happy for Ian he is such a lovely guy iam sure he would hate to see his fans bitch about his private life!

  • teddy boy

    Do not marvel and annoy!He will not answer this question because the answer is what you would not like fans.Also, he can not confirm or deny what does not exist.Because he does not want to answer that question.Ian is not naive and knows very well what he was doing and why.Nina is the less important.He helped her, and that’s it.He will no longer be a nanny spoiled girl.He gained enough popularity and fans that his false story with Nina no longer required.

  • LadySomerhalder

    Matt Bomer as Christian Grey? I don’t think so. Matt is obviously attractive, but there is nothing special about his look. He is not intriguing, he doesn’t capture your attention. Not like Ian does, anyway. Besides, Christian Grey is dark and mysterious. Ian does that perfectly. Matt, not so much…

  • Lina

    You people sound like a broken record, spewing the same nonsense over and over. Beating a dead horse. He was asked if he is single, and Ian responded with “NO I wouldn’t say that, that’s not the case.” Meaning that he is NOT single. He wasn’t implying that he wouldn’t talk about his personal life. He wasn’t implying that he’s single. He clearly confirmed that he is NOT single. I don’t know what part of that you didn’t understand? No one is twisting his words, or making something out of nothing. It came out of his own mouth, and some of you still chose to deny it.

  • http://@eleitaliana Ele

    A girl from Atlanta said on twitter that Yesterday she saw Ian in a restaurant with his Brother Bob and other people but no Nina Nina she wasn’t there. I don’t know if it’s true I say only what this girl tweets

  • tsopo

    @Ele: what is the name of the girl in twitter?

  • http://@eleitaliana Ele

    @tsopo her name is Miss Ventre

  • tsopo

    @Ele: perhaps she has deleted the comment? I can not find it! curiosity, she said “other people” or “other girls”?

  • http://@eleitaliana Ele

    @tsopo I just saw now that she delete some tweets sorry but she said in those tweets that she deleted that she saw Ian in a restaurant in Atlanta Yesterday night and he was there with his Brother Bob and other people. I don’t follow this girl on twitter I saw her tweets in my TL

  • tsopo

    no problem, I think other people is Bob’s wife and BOB’s members which are in Atlanta for the weekend

  • guest

    All I have to say is if they are still dating (which is all it EVER was), they have a weird way of showing it. During President’s Day weekend, when they were all given 4 days off TVD, Nina went to Toronto for a family reunion, and Ian went to Mexico with Butch Hogan. And since March 9, Nina’s been in LA (part work but mostly play), and Ian’s been in Austin, NYC, and now Atl for Eyecon (again, not all of it has been work). Just today, Nina tweeted that she and some girls were headed for the beach which contradicts Ian’s brother tweeting to Nina that he would see her March 14 in Atl. Even Ian’s family has no clue what’s going on (or NOT going on) between them. I think they were forced by the CW to be “seen” together and eventually decided to be friends who date. It happens. But, the fans and media want to turn it into something more than it is. I met Ian in Sept 2012, and when I asked, “Why doesn’t Nina come to these events?” The response I got was, “Uh, uh, uh, um…she has a movie to promote.” She actually was in Vegas for the I <3 Radio event which had NOTHING to do with Perks of Being a Wallflower. That's not trying to stay private, that's straight up lying. And for all the ridiculous statements about them being together for 3 years…that completely overlaps him with Meghan Auld. They didn't break up til November 2011. It's not about hating Ian or Nina, but they both continuously lie to the media and fans and, apparently, their families too. Bad character when you potray yourselves to be positive role models.

  • guest

    @Regina Hart: It was also reported that they were seen at Atlanta’s Watershed Valentine’s night too. Who’s lying?? Ian tweeted from home that night. He makes it VERY clear that he does not celebrate or advocate Valentine’s day. More lies?? Which restaurant were they at that night and how come NO PICS from either? It’s a clear answer…they were not at either. Not to mention that she tweeted all night Valentine’s night, including doing her own contest. Wow! She’s quite the multi-tasker…2 restaurants, continuous tweeting throughout the night, Ian at his house, and her own contest…all at the same time!

  • Hampton

    There were no sighting or reports of them being seen at Watershed. They were seen, by numerous people, at The Optimist. Ian tweeted on Valentine’s Day at 10am, and again at 9:35pm. He tweeted numerous Valentine’s wishes/greetings to his followers, but never once said he was not celebrating, or that he was against Valentine’s day. Like many people, he feels it’s too much of a commercial thing, but never once said he wasn’t, or wouldn’t be celebrating. You’re looking for pictures from Valentine’s day? Really? Aren’t you the same one who insists that they’re a PR couple? I would expect pictures if they really were a PR couple, which clearly they’re not. Valentine’s would have been the perfect opportunity to have their picture taken, but it wasn’t. Nina wasn’t tweeting all night, and Ian had his own Valentine’s contest, not just Nina. They’re not lying, and neither are their families. Their families have lives, they’re too busy to be playing along with some supposed PR stunt. CW isn’t that big, or that important to put this much time and effort into a PR relationship. You really think their families would be OK with sharing their holidays and vacations like that? Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.? Really? Come on. You seriously expect people to believe what you say? You’re some random person, spewing nonsense on a gossip site. You know about as much as the rest of us do, you just put a ridiculous spin on it. You just are that desperate for attention, you need to invent things. Check your facts first. If your friends are really friends of Ian’s, shame on them. They are not real friends. Real friends wouldn’t break a trust like that. Ian deserves better.

  • Charity

    @Ele: Ian just got back from a whirlwind of interviews in New York. Ian’s brother, Bob, and Ian’s sister in law, Dena, are in Atlanta for the Eyecon fan convention. They have a vendor booth set up. Ian was involved with ISF meetings Saturday afternoon and will make his Eyecon appearance on Sunday. Nina is in LA and is enjoying a bit of relaxation along with her work commitments. Nina should return to Atlanta on Sunday, or Monday. There is nothing strange about Ian enjoying a meal with his older brother and Nina not being there. …. Bob, Dena, Peyton and their dog, Deacon, come to Atlanta frequently and spend time with Ian and Nina.

  • Charity

    @tsopo: Ian was in a restaurant on Saturday his brother Bob, his sister in law, Dena, along with the ISF group that came in for a meeting, which included Kim Klingler, Jessica Ramsey, Troy Von Otnott and a few others.

  • Regina Hart

    @guest: Sorry to put a damper on the lies, but Ian and Nina were definitely at the Optimist on Valentine’s Day. My husband and I were at a table diagonal from them. Atlanta is not LA or NYC, that is why the cast enjoys living here. No paparazzi and something called Southern Hospitality. It would be rude to take pictures of someone at a restaurant, especially when they were obviously wanting to be left alone. If anyone has any doubts on whether those two are a couple, put them to rest. Ian and Nina are definitely a couple.

  • MV

    We are reading too much into this. Why can we just let them be? We are trying to prove here if they are together or not.. If they are together let them be and wish them to be happy. If they are not it’s not lying it’s business and it happens everyday in Hollywood.
    As i said before I am a Ian and DE fun, not a Nian fun, but i think it’s his job who he dates. Same goes for Nina. The ones who don’t like Ian shouldn’t take it on Nina and the other way around. Everyone has an opinion.
    His brother indeed tweeted something about seeing them in Atlanta. The fact that Nina wasn’t there means nothing. Maybe she had planed going with her friends before that. We are not in her head so we don’t know. Either way it doesn’t mean that they lied to their families. Maybe his brother thought that Nina was going to be there and he will see her and she had this beach trip or whatever with her friends planed. So what? If they are together don’t mean they have to be together 24/7. They both have lives outside of this relationship. Even married couples are not together all the time.
    Now if they aren’t together, if they are friends with benefits, if they wre together and now broke up and all the other theories doesn’t mean that they are lying. It’s all part of the business.We don’t know their contracts or anything.
    Personally i don’t know what to believe. Sometimes they seem a couple sometimes something is off. But i leave it there. Not my business.
    What does upsets me though is that people (not all) only see them as a part of this relationship. The whole Nian buzz it’s not created by them but the press and the fans. And maybe sometimes it’s a little frustrating. For example, as i said before, i get pissed when Ian talks about such as the enviroment or womens rights and the only thing you see in the comments is that Nina walked into the room. Ok she walked into the room, so what, do we have something to say for the matter he is talking about? (i don’t talk about Nina here cause i haven’t followed her much so i don;t know the cause she supports and don;t want to say something wrong).
    For the ”Watch What Happens Live 3/13/13” I found the question ”are you single”really stupid. Don’t tell me he didn’t already know the answer… He did , and he knew that all of us will be talking about it all the time and watching his show again and again. Then i again maybe it’s just me cause i found the whole show really…blah..
    For Huffpost live. Ok that was interesting. Really liked it cause Ian could talk about his causes. Didn’t like the first to question cause they took him in a really difficult possition. Why should he talk about his private life whatever that is? But his answers where really smart. He aswered without really answering.
    As for the Cristian Gray thing… He isn’t desperate to do the role. He tweeted last year that he would like to do it. The press created a nice buzz out of it and still does. Ian did saw that expressing his opinion took things out off hand (and tweeded about that too). He hasn’t said in his twitter a thing about the matter since then. Now the press (and maybe the fans in twitter or Facebook, i don’t know) still hold on to the matter and write stuff about that in the name of selling paper etc. Of course when he is asked (and he is asked a lot which is not his own fault) he answers, he can’t be impolite. I believe that he would be a perfect Cristian, but inly if the movie is more mainstream, because let’s not forget that Ian legasy is his foundation and the things he works hard for, not a role. If the movie want be maistream (and a little sexy of course cause ok it’s Cristian…) maybe it will cause problems with his young followers and their parents. I don’t know maybe i am wrong. He is smart, he knows better.
    Anyway i wrote a whole composition here..thank you for listening and i am sorry for any mistakes