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Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: Batting Cages Duo!

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: Batting Cages Duo!

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner stop to take a picture with some fans while visiting a batting cage on Tuesday (March 12) in Los Angeles in this brand new pic posted to Imgur.

The 22-year-old actress and 21-year-old actor were joined by a third pal, who each took turns watching each other hit some baseballs.

Last week, Kristen and Taylor were spotted taking in a concert together at the Troubadour with a group of pals.

Meanwhile, Kristen‘s beau Robert Pattinson is busy filming The Rover down in Australia.

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
kristen stewart taylor lautner batting cages duo 01

Photos: Imgur
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  • julie

    Love it!

  • Anne

    Beautiful <3

  • MacKenzie

    It’s nice to see them hanging out and having fun!!

  • Gia



    I love them! They’re awesome. Haters are probably going to make up stories that now they’re together. Just like what they said about Kristen and Tamra. So lame. But nice to see them out and about :) :) :)

  • lucy__

    it’s nice to see them take the time to take pix with fans. gotta love them!

  • BB

    I LOVE KRISTEN AND TAYLOR!!! Love how laid back they are!

  • maria

    They were with their friends CJ and Scout too! I love Kristen’s style!!!

  • Marie

    They look great together. I’m glad to see them having fun. I love them..!

  • Ana

    Love them! it is nice to see them hanging out together.

  • mallory_b

    Love this!!! :)

  • Zee

    The famewhore is whoring for the last publicity she can get.

  • monique

    Luv Taylor Lautner, sexy boy!! Glad that they are real friends.

  • mallory_b

    @Zee: this is a fan picture that JJ has posted. she’s taking pictures with her fans. she didn’t tell JJ to post this on his website. LOL

  • Ashanta


  • ok

    let’s all thank Jennifer Lawrence for this new and improved I can smile and appear likable Stewart. I suspect all those young HW actresses who had that angst and angry demeanor realize that in HW being pleasant and not taking yourself so serious makes EVERYONE adore from press to studio heads.

  • Karmarama

    Unemployed birds of a feather flock together. In the meantime Rob is in Oz living his dream

  • foul

    bet K-ho hit many home runs ,,,she does that

  • holden mikok

    i guess taylor is the little gay pal in that relationship

  • fur shur

    Trampire took a couple balls on the chin.

  • dn

    She is playng nice because she wants to get sympathy from the twililight fans that used to like her! don’t let her full you all.

  • Ana

    I like her, I don’t care what she did or what the people say about her. I love her attitude and style, she’s great. Kristen and Taylor look great together, I like to see them happy.

  • talia

    @dn: she has always been nice to her fans and always will. media just like the paint this image of her being miserable when she is not.nobody has a smile plastered across their face 24/7.

    @ok: as for jennifer lawrence, she will get fed up with the papz constantly following her around. wonder if people will start calling her miserable when she is not smiling.

    on a side note, love that taylor and kristen are such good friends even after twilight has finished.

  • faithful

    I see all the creepy haters are out in full force. FOAD.

  • k

    she is so desperate haha Rob dumped her for good and all she can do now is hanging out with Taylor hahahaha so pathetic, talentless famewhores haha she should get back together with her LOVE RUPERT hope her 15 minutes is up

  • aquarius64

    NOW this is looking suspect. These two have been accused of sneaking behind Rob’s back in the past. After the Mini-Cooper mess you’d think she learned. Before you Robsten fans rail “they’re just friends”; so was Kristen and Liberty Ross. Fifty pics on the internet is proof she doesn’t respect boundaries (“momentary indiscretion” my foot). If these two are getting cozy “Robsten” better be permanently broken and Taylor better be done with the Clippers girl he’s alledgedly dating. Another cheating scandal will bring BOTH of them down.

  • cella

    somebody needs an attention.

  • k

    @aquarius64: she is back stabbing loser, Rob dumped her so she is using Taylor now, how anyone can be friends with her she is cold, selfish bitch

  • Jessie

    Ana @ 03/14/2013 at 3:56 pm
    You’d care if it were your husband or boyfriend she played around with. If you were a friend of hers, you’d be suspect about her sending time with YOUR man since as someone said, she doesn’t respect boundaries. Bad behavior is bad behavior and no one should get a pat on the back for it. She has to pay dues like anyone else in that circumstance, she doesn’t get a pass.
    I don’t know why JJ insists on calling Pattinson her beau, it’s obvious that he’s done with her. They haven’t been photographed together since they finished the campaign the final Twilight movie. I know her fans will say he’s working, but guess what, that doesn’t preclude him from spending time with her if he wanted or her from visiting him if they were together. I don’t believe she has a job at this time.

  • pink

    @aquarius64: liberty and kristen have never been friends
    @Jessie: it’s not unusual for rob and kristen not to be photographed together for a long period of time, that’s normal for them.

  • pink

    @Jessie: maybe JJ keeps calling rob her beau due to the fact that he might know they are still together as he probably talked to rob when he saw him at one of the golden globe after parties were he also had his picture taken with rob

  • pink

    @pink: *where he

  • pricely

    She’s gross. I hope Taylor isn’t lowering himself by being w/this street gal. Makes me have neg feelings for him.

  • http://Yahoo Sadie

    Kristen Stewart knows that she has lost the love of Robert Pattinson so now she is spreading herself around to another member of the “Twilight” family. I hope that she treats Taylor better than she did Robert. Taylor is young and seems to be a fine young man; I hope that she will not screw around on Taylor with her directors. Gosh, Kristen turned out to be such a slut!

  • aquarius64

    @pricely: What makes me have negative feelings for him is that he is currently with his high school girlfriend, the Clippers cheerleader (that’s the story now.) He cheated on and dumped her for starlets before, so I can imagine stories of her guy keeping company with the reknown Trampire is not sitting too well with her. Some of these articles are going up to the line, implying they are involved. You would think out of respect for their significant others they would go on the record and state there’s nothing going on. I would not be surprised if mags go on the hunt for a Kristen/Taylor hook-up. Catching these two in the act would be a bigger scoop than proving Kristen and Rupert did have sex.

  • Ben

    She is Kim K type celebrity. No talent but a whole lot of personal drama to sell tabloid magazines.

  • Ryan

    Pathetic famewhore.

  • reem

    Guys please calm down that is all for publicity and that’s very clear , who is the blind who take that seriously and start making a rumors about it ?!!!!
    since when taylor is hanging out with kristen ? he did since BD 2 dvd release!! didn’t he ?
    if you saw the all pictures of this day that they hanged out you will see clearly they don’t even talking or smile and they walk apart of` each other unhappy just like rob and kris after cheating story!! when they forced to be a couple again
    i knew they are friends and always be happy together when they were at press junket or on promotion their movies ,but they aren’t hanging out like that or call the pap to capture them without twilight stuff!!!

    he just play rob’s role for 4 years ago and cause rob working now summit paid taylor for this role to promote their movie.
    taylor has a completely different friends and has different activities
    he dosen’t go to bar or night club like rob and kris at all

  • Courtney

    She’s so nasty. Can’t stand that girl. Untalented sIut who just got lucky with a silly franchise.

  • R

    The new Mark Hammill and Carrie Fisher, calling the paps and performing for the cameras, tsk tsk

  • moon

    They are out and about to promote BD2 DVD as they did every years before since 2009 , not a big deal

  • funnygirl

    @k: lame. i know haters will make up stories like this. Why you still care about her. The fact is people like you sometimes really obsessed with kristen more than her fans.

  • http://Facebbok Marivic

    I love Kristen and Tailor you are so nice person. and that pattinson go get lost…Hope your not happy forever .Hope that you realized your wrong, and that time Kristen will laugh at you back!

  • http://Facebbok Marivic

    Kristen, go show to the world that you are great ang full of talent. Just to show to them ( Gossipers) that you are unique and excellent. That big mouth people go go go away in Kristen life…

  • http://Facebbok Marivic

    She is not desperate,,,she is looking great ang beautiful.. You just only jealous to Kristen because you know it very well that she is more beautiful than you are! Go ahead shout to the world..WE LOVE KRISTEN en HATE that PATTINSON!!!!!