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LeAnn Rimes: ITV Studios Stop for 'Loose Women'!

LeAnn Rimes: ITV Studios Stop for 'Loose Women'!

LeAnn Rimes waves to her fans as she leaves ITV Studios with her husband Eddie Cibrian on Friday (March 15) in London, England.

The 30-year-old entertainer made an appearance on the television program Loose Women!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“Just waking up in London. Big does this time difference mess me up a bit. Looking forward to @loosewomen & a photo shoot w/ @Fabulousmag” LeAnn tweeted earlier in the day. “Had a great time on @loosewomen” she updated later in the day.

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37 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: ITV Studios Stop for 'Loose Women'!”

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  1. 1
    Melissa B Says:

    Wow she looks great!!

  2. 2
    kel Says:


  3. 3
    gwen Says:

    What fans? Unless “fans” is code for the paps Leann invited to met her outside this studio. What is odd. Several of Leann’s mouthpieces will write that she is being swarmed by fans or the paps but then in the reflection you will only see 1 or 2 people. Weren’t we told that Leann and Eddie attended Oscar Parties, so how can anyone believe what certain media outlets write about Leann?

    1) The 30-year-old entertainer made an appearance on the television program Loose Women!

    What a double standard. Leann has a problem with Brandi doing promotions for her book, yet she still won’t shut up about this album which details her affair with a married man who called her a speedbump.

    2) “Just waking up in London. Big does this time difference mess me up a bit. ”

    It’s the time difference that messes her up? It’s the Adderall and her cheating husband that messes her up.

    3)”Looking forward to @loosewomen & a photo shoot w/ @Fabulousmag” LeAnn tweeted earlier in the day.

    So what will Leann be single white femaling from Brandi in this photoshoot?

    No wonder she was looking forward to it, it was because she set up a staged photo-op with WENN.

    4) “Had a great time on @loosewomen”

    Of course Leann is having a “great time” . Another media outlet is enabling her bad behavior.

    5) You can tell that Leann isn’t having a great time in London even with her hubby there with her because instead of enjoying this time with her husband, she is tweeting like crazy. Desperately detailing her every move so that she can be papped with Eddie by one of her pap friends.

    6) “11:11 in London”

    Leann’s obsession with those 1s again and all because her hubby was hooking up with his mistress at 1 am.

    7) Who is the blond woman standing next to Eddie? Is that his new mistress?

  4. 4
    FaithHillFANatic Says:

    I wonder if the tv show she was “guest” appearing on was named after her. lol!

  5. 5
    Missy Says:

    She looks lovely as always and not a bit jet lagged! Thank you Jared for sharing with us! I’m so sick of all the haters on the other blogs and on twitter. It amazes me how grown adults can act so childish, makes me wonder what they’re like in real life.

  6. 6
    gwen Says:


    Hi Katie/Melanie/Rose/name hijacker!

    And yet you are not sick of yourself and Leann.

    Speaking of acting childish why are you using someone else’s name to make posts yet again? What does that it say about you then since you came back to this site with a name that you took from someone’s twitter account? Leann doesn’t look lovely. She looks old. Why are you thanking Jared for posting these photos for Leann? She bought him lamb for lunch.

  7. 7
    Wow. Says:

    She should disappear for two years…delete her twitter account….don’t talk about her private life…seek some professional therapy, maybe take some meds….

  8. 8
    gwen Says:

    Leann Rimes is a sociopath. She has made a sport out of lying.

    1) ‘I’m telling my story. I feel like there’s been a piece of tape over my mouth for a while,…”

    So what happened to the piece of tape over her mouth when she talked to People mag, ABC and Robin R, ABC and Katie, Ellen, Maya, Nancy and ET, GR and E, GAC, and Shape magazine?

    2) “you know growing up in this business is a weird way to grow up and you try to please everyone else”

    As Leann has demonstrated over and over, the only person she is trying to please is herself.

    3) “and this time around I feel like I’ve nothing to lose by telling the truth.”

    Leann has nothing to lose to because she isn’t telling the truth. She tweets that she is listening to music in a dim room with Eddie and then just minutes later she reveals that Eddie was never in the room with her in the first place.

    4) “One song on the LP which captures the situation between LeAnn and Brandi – who has sons Mason, nine, and five-year-old Jake with Eddie – is her track ‘Borrowed’, which discusses the not-so-’pretty’ side of the situation. ”

    Woe is Leann. She slept with a married man, but never mind the pain she caused to Brandi and Dean.

    5) ‘It was [a relief] and I’d never really actually set out to do that on the record, it’s just how it started to come out. ”

    So that explains why she single white females Brandi and taunts Brandi with her own kids? Leann has never been secure in her relationship with Eddie and she never will. Eddie is cheating on Leann and Leann will continue to cover it up.

    6) ‘My single ‘Borrowed’ is kind of takes an in-depth look into that situation and it wasn’t pretty. And I think it was so honest to that song that it kind of opened up a door. ”

    Which explains why it’s not getting airplay and isn’t ranked in the top 100 on ITunes or Amazon.

    7) ‘Nothing is off limits on this album and it’s opened up a door for me as an artist in so many ways just to be that honest and real.’

    And yet she wants to sit on twitter and in her interviews and tell Brandi what she can and can not say or do. What door did this album open up for her? The one where she found Eddie in bed with her friend Lizzy?

    8) “And it felt very liberating.’

    Only because she is using this album to taunt Brandi.

  9. 9
    Alaia Says:

    Loose Women is the best she could get? Hahaha. That’s like the UK version of The Talk.

  10. 10
    kami Says:

    she actually looks good in these pix.

  11. 11
    Whatever Says:

    @gwen: Um…Quit stalking you come of like an idiot.

  12. 12
    Cindy M, Says:


  13. 13
    Charles Says:

    She is truly ugly. Go away has-been yodeler.

  14. 14
    Peaches Says:

    “loose women?” Yup, that would describe her and her lack of morals.

  15. 15
    Marco Says:

    #3 comment awaiting moderationn. Fu*k You Jared!!!

  16. 16
    From Paris with Love Says:

    Wow JJ you deleted one of the first comments calling you out on the lack of pics of her supposed “fans”?! not cool.

  17. 17
    Whatever Says:

    Um…I need to Qquit stalking people’s twitter accounts and stealing their names, I come off like an idiot.

    @Marco and From Paris with Love, Jared deleted your comment because I asked him to. That’s the benefit of being Leann’s friend.

  18. 18
    Danielle Says:

    I’d love to see a picture of all the fans! Thanks!

  19. 19
    Marco Says:

    @Whatever: I don’t doubt it one bit AMEJEAN. You snarky bitc*!

  20. 20
    Betty Haute Says:

    Gwen You ARE spot on. In fact I only visited this website to read your comment!

  21. 21
    Nadine Says:

    gwen was RIGHT on it!
    Nothing she stated was a lie, an exaggeration or made up, as its all true! She did cheat on her husband, she did pursue a married father of two small boys, she did blame a young girl for her being “drunk/sick/whatever” and singing off key, hanging on the girl for support as she couldn’t stand straight, she DOES fight on twitter, she does go on and on about her affair as if it was done to her instead of owning her behavior, she did harass & is suing a mother of 6 cuz the tape went viral and showed exactly who she really is, she does look fake when she sets up photo ops, as NEVER natural, always posed! She is second to the 1st wife as what else was he going to do when his wife kicked his has been butt to the curb, she has made a fool out of herself copying the 1st wife in clothes, shoes, hair, poses and she acts like her “album” all about CHEATING is going to show ppl that is she is real, raw. Oh she is really raw, transparent and in NEED of some serious help ASAP! Now if her has been truly loved her, he wouldn’t let her behave how she has, but its OBVIOUS who wears the money belt in that twisted messed up joke of a performance of what she calls “love” and she doesn’t even know truly know the meaning of “borrowed” so yeah gwen was COMPLETELY CORRECT!

  22. 22
    serenityzhere Says:

    Yeah, like she has thousands of fans waiting outside a tv studio to catch a glimpse of the superstar and her handsome husband. Does this former country singer actually believe the tales that she spins with this web site? Out of all the well known country singers that appeared at the concert in London, why is Leann the only one who is papped waving at fans? It is hilarious the vanity this woman displays. She was an opening act for the concert with Carrie Underwood and a few others being the stars of the concert. What an insult to someone that likes to claim they have been a success in the business for 20 years. LMAO. I wonder if her worthless husband is getting tired of always being in her background as she is the star. LMAO again. It is so laughable but sickening at the same time that she thinks she really matters.

  23. 23
    gwen Says:

    The sociopath that is Leann Rimes is at it again.

    1) “My body hurts from my weird positions today, but great pics “-Leann Rimes

    Isn’t this the same thing she said when she did the photoshoot for NoH8? She is just trying to get the media to notice.

    2) “Great great photo shoot @Fabulousmag ”

    She also said that the photoshoot with Shape was great and then Shape mag got slammed with complaints. Fabulous mag should be prepared for the fallout from their photoshoot with Leann. Will they too have to send an email to it’s readers apologizing for having Leann on their cover?

    Does anyone else find it funny that for 4 years Leann hasn’t had a man cover and then she has to go to London get a main cover.

    3) “Lots of great things happened today. It’s been a day of celebration!”

    Says the woman who also stated that she received good feedback for Borrowed and What Have I Done from her fans and the radio. Leann is a pathological liar. Things weren’t as great as she is claiming.

    4) In her photoshoot she is sticking her stomach out. So once again she is trying to fuel pregnancy rumors.

  24. 24
    serenityzhere Says:

    Dean Sheremet responded to a question on twitter to describe your ex with a movie title. Guess which one he chose best describes her? Mommy Dearest………lmao. That says it all about this phony woman. I can just imagine Leann screaming “no more wire hangers”. I bet he could tell some tales on this girl and her narcissistic behavior if he hadn’t been sworn to secrecy!

  25. 25
    Cat Says:

    hahahahah she has FAT FACE!!! hahahahhahah

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