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Liam Hemsworth: Manila Arrival Post-Miley Cyrus Split Rumors

Liam Hemsworth: Manila Arrival Post-Miley Cyrus Split Rumors

Liam Hemsworth keeps it cool and casual as he arrives at Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Friday (March 15) in Manila, Philippines.

The 23-year-old Hunger Games actor is in town to attend a public meet-and-greet to promote Filipino clothing line Bench, which he endorses.

These are the first pictures of Liam out and about following the reports of his split from Miley Cyrus.

“[Miley and Liam] have been a bit rocky, but are not giving up,” a source revealed to E!. “They both want it to work.”

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liam hemsworth arrives in manila post miley cyrus split rumors 02
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  • 38cords

    Typo ? or is he really a she now ?

  • Monica

    Wow no crazy Miley fans posting! I’m disappointed.

  • Rose

    Welcome to Manila Liam!

  • Ladyb

    Sorry but it looks like he’s moved on but Miley is the one still fighting for the relationship to work.

  • just me

    Why can’t people say they are over? They are not working it out e! also said he was not coming back no time soon to. So they are done. Especially when he has gotten his a house in his native country.

  • Ned Kelly

    They aren’t the first pics of him since the split. There have been numerous pics published of him shot at his hideaway in Australia..

  • Kara

    I was hoping they will make it work because he seems to be a good influence on her but I don’t think they will. Miley wants to party, she’s no housewife! Btw how s.l.u.t.t.y of January to do something like this? Obviously it was his fault as well but that’s just disrespectful to Miley and January is a mom now!

  • happy1

    No one knows whether they have been talking, whether they are completely done, etc. Not E!, this site, or supposed “friends.” They will tell people what they want when they want.

  • talia

    @Kara: and what exactly did january do other than leave a party in the same car as liam?

  • Move On

    First of all what’s the big deal? These two are way to young to talk marriage. Now I will say it seems that Liam is a bit more reserved which may means he is a little more mature than your average 20 something year old man. He may have been ready but to me Miley is so not ready to settle down and be a wife. As she shouldn’t be at 19.

    They should enjoy the life they were blessed with, stay clean and date others. If later on they feel the same for one another then they can revisit the marriage talk then. Just keep it classy Miley.

  • B.

    Oh my God, Liam is a catch, he could do sooooo much better then Miley! Way better! He set the bar too down when he proposed to HER.

  • SJP

    So he’s endorsing some obscure clothing brand over in Phillipines because he can’t live rent/utility/grocery bill free in Miley’s house any more. Well, he used her up enough and got a boost in his career. He’d be in Australia on the night time soap Home and Away if it weren’t for his gold digging.

  • ann

    @SJP That “obscure” brand has had quite a few endorsers from the US, like Bruno Mars, Joe Jonas, Adam Levine, etc., and it’s been featured on ANTM, so it’s not exactly a desperate move.

    There are a lot of things you can accuse Liam of, but being a gold digger isn’t really one of them. He’s just not from that kind of family. I’m sure he enjoyed the perks of having Miley for a girlfriend, but he owes his older brother Chris just as much for getting his name out there.

  • MIAM

    haha people say whatever…The engagement is still ON…Miley said it twice on her twitter and Liam on his instagram ;D

  • Jan

    If anything being Miley’s girlfriend HARMED his career. He could have easily rode his brother’s coattails to getting the roles he’s already gotten without the need for Miley. Sorry but Chris would have way more sway in the movie business than teen has been Miley Cyrus.

    What big hollywood director wanting to cast for a serious blockbuster movie would give credibility to the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus? If anything being Miley’s boyfriend would have limited his movie roles.

  • Amy


    I agree. And I’m so sick of these spineless bulliessitting behind their computer screens bashing Miley. Both Liam and Miley like to party it seems & when you are as young as they are it’s not so unusual. So sick of all this crap about Miley’ s hair & she’s ugly – SO NOT ugly – quite the opposite – & this from the bullies behind the screen who probably are disgusting looking.; So jealous of Miley & her money & her life & so jealous of her & Liam together. It’s a shame people can’t be happy for other people’s happiness & sad if they have difficulties.

    I remember all the vultures out there waitng for the announcement of Britney Spears death when she was having her struggles in her personal life. So sad that some people are such vultures.

  • lol


    You sound like Liam’s PR people spewing this garbage. Liam’s career is just fine & it was never a problem Miley & Liam together in the early days when he was relatively unknown – it was certainly a benefit – Miley’s popularity. His “people” don’t like the fact that miley rules the red carpet when she is out – but all Miley has ever done is build Liam up in every interview and in every magazine she is in all she talks about is how great Laim is – that certainly has not hurt him.

    Maybe she has done too good a job of building him up – when that happens the male ego goes wild & other women love the thougtht of “taking” another woman’s man. Many women have no ethics when it comes to men.

    It’s obvious most of the “ugly” & “she’s not good for him” and “he could do much better” comments are made by women -jealous women & really you will never have a chance with Liam.

  • Kara

    @talia: she was making out with him!

  • MIAM

    @Amy: So true. Each of your words!!! First yes, Milley is sooo beautiful! And her new haircut means a loooot more than a new style…-too bad that almost noone knows but keeps judging her about it-. Liam himself said that he loves her new look..So noone can say that he ‘left’ her for that…And btw noone can say that he left her since he haven’t! They also have done TWO same tattoos! Which shows how they love each other…how they will always love each other! They’ve been through a lot good moments (and they are more than the bad)…..People who bullies them through their compiuters are just jealous that their lives has no interest!! Which is pathetic!
    ((i’m sorry if i have any mistakes, english are not my first language!))

  • Liam

    @lol: Couldn’t agree more!! Very well said!!!!

  • Josie


    I think you are right. People won’t want to see his movies if he is with her.

  • wow


    That picture is from a music video shoot.

    Another wanna be girl posting this – let me quote Taylor Swift – you are “never ever ever” going to get Liam so your predictions about what movie rolls Liam will or will not get if he is with Miley are LAME.

  • zanessafan

    Welcome to the Philippines, Liam. ;) Hope you had fun. :P