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Liberty Ross: I Felt 'Vulnerable' After Kristen Stewart Scandal

Liberty Ross: I Felt 'Vulnerable' After Kristen Stewart Scandal

Liberty Ross grins from ear to ear as she leaves a Dior party held at Harry’s Bar on Thursday (March 14) in London, England.

The 34-year-old model hugged a male pal goodbye as she exited the party and checked messages on her cell phone.

Liberty recently opened up about getting back on the runway for Alexander Wang after news of her estranged husband Rupert Sanders‘ cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart came to light.

“I was not in a good way at that point in my life and felt incredibly vulnerable,” Liberty told The Edit (via E! News). “Doing the show was daunting, but it was wonderful to get up there, show my strength and shine for someone who believes in me. I was very grateful.”

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52 Responses to “Liberty Ross: I Felt 'Vulnerable' After Kristen Stewart Scandal”

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  1. 1
    alex Says:

    i know people complain about kristens style but at least she doesn’t look fu**cking pissed off goose ahaha… liberty has no street style either

  2. 2
    Jonathan Davis Says:

    Please, no one actually cares. Before the scandel, Liberty was a nobody…as far as I cam concerned….still is a nobody. Not sure why anyone would consider her model material..her saggy chins in these pictures are of an old woman. I wonder if she set these scandel up so she could get some desperate media attention?

  3. 3
    jess Says:

    she moves one from creepy old man to the next but whatever makes you fake happy i guess

  4. 4
    heather Says:

    i think it’s interesting how whenever the cheating scandal is mentioned no one ever says liberty or rupert together, it’s always who ever and kristen. it’s because no one knows or cares who those two are. oh and that coat is well gross.

  5. 5
    talia Says:

    WTF is she wearing, she looks like a giant bird

  6. 6
    lynn Says:

    that coat is like her face disgusting

  7. 7
    theoldies Says:

    Go take care of your kids.

  8. 8
    L Says:

    This woman is class act(no matter how she dresses) any other person would have dragged her douche ex and kstew trashy ass through the mug, but she didn’t, so be thankful kstew fans.
    The scandal DID HAPPEN, there’re 50 of public dry humping- *** sucking Pictures to prove it. Proving a relationship that might have started during filming.
    The home wreckers’ unemployment also proves the hit their careers took, kstew has been unemployed for over a year and the two rumored projects she has under her name are still up in the air.
    So, YOU kstew fans are the ones that should Effing quit it about trashing this woman, she’s only trying to make something productive and beneficial with this mess like reviving her career, the which she putted on hold for her cheater ex.

  9. 9
    Ana Says:

    She looks like a chicken in that photo, I don’t understand why she’s talking about this again?? she’s wants fame, she’s blaming kristen instead her ex-husband, really immature. Move on, Liberty.

  10. 10
    lolo Says:


    get a life.

  11. 11
    L Says:

    LMAO nice come back, but You really should tho, uk instead of going around trashing this woman.

  12. 12
    Ana Says:

    @L: If she’s really trying to do something productive, why she’s talking about the affair again? nobody knew who she was before it happened, she’s is looking for media attention, she wants fame. She is using kristen’s name in benefit of her career.

  13. 13
    L Says:

    Why shouldn’t she talk about it, she’s in her right to say w/e she wants, she was the one who got f*ed over, be thankful she is not song writer, NOw THAT would have been awesome; adele became best seller in history by making an album about trashing her ex, and we all love her for it.
    She is just saying what was her state of mind after something life changing happened in HER life.
    So what if she was unknown before her husband cheated with Kristen Stewart. I’d bet you anything that she didn’t what to become famous for being the wife of the married director Kristen Stewart fu cked, soo she decided to make effing lemonade, BIg effing dEAl!

  14. 14
    rachel Says:

    @Ana: Pretty sure she did blam Rupert. She divorced him after all.

  15. 15
    rachel Says:

    @Ana: Liberty was known in the fashion world very well before the scandal. That’s where she works, that’s her life. And did she mention Kristen’s name in the interview? No, she didn’t. Obviously the journalist asked her about the affair – wouldn’t you have? But Liberty found a nice way to graciously skirt the issue and bring it around to a postive light. People who aren’t so obsessed with defending Kristen Stewart can appreciate Liberty’s attitude. Many women would have caved in Liberty’s position, or, worse, become another Brandi Glanville. I admire the way she’s handled the mess Rupert and Kristen made for her.

  16. 16
    Ana Says:

    @L: Ok, I agree with you in one thing, she can say whatever she wants, she’s free. But, I feel she’s blaming kristen by everything, when her ex-husband is guilty too, they both are responsable for it. So…don’t blame just the woman.

  17. 17
    L Says:

    Gurl, what are even reading??, that’s some serious reading comprehension fail right there. I’m out.

  18. 18
    L Says:

    @L: lol typing failure right there, w/e you get what i mean. Just like Rachel said SHE didn’t mention KS at all, the interviewer did.

  19. 19
    pink Says:

    @L: so what if kristen has been unemployed for over a year, rob was unemployed for almost a year and a half.for all we know she could have a bunch of scripts to look at

    The cheating scandal does not prove a relationship started during filming, just proves kristen and rupert are both idiots for cheating(making out) in the first place.

  20. 20
    L Says:

    Lol lol lol
    Foot face has a bunch of movies in pre production ( ridiculous ik, he sucks as an actor too)
    What what?! in what world do you live in kid
    A married man doesn’t go out of his way just to kiss lmao you’re deluded if you think those two weren’t f ucking when they’re filming together for months and travel together for promo for another couple, and the scandal blowing up months after the movie was out c’mon now

  21. 21
    pink Says:

    @L: if someonbody is having an affair they don’t do it out in broad daylight where people can see them.

    how do you know they were sleeping together, nobody can prove it either way. also nobody knows the full story of what happened that day so unless either rupert or kristen come out and tell the truth, i ain’t going to believe the media or unamed sources or the sleazebag who took the pictures

  22. 22
    L Says:

    Lol k, keep living in lalaland kid

  23. 23
    Olivia Says:


    what are you talking about? kristen has 3 films coming up – how is that unemployed? They are certain, not ‘up in the air’, she’s a multi millionairess, she can take her time choosing her projects and not rush into crap just for money. You sound crazy, you have no idea if they slept together. Kristen said it was momentary and frankly nobody has offered any evidence that it wasn’t. Rob got over it so i;m not sure why you can’t! Step outside and breathe!

  24. 24
    Mattea Says:

    I had a lot of empathy for this woman when it first happened, but it’s pretty much gone now. She spoke to a tabloid 7 weeks after it happened and said she hadn’t left her house. This was a lie, she had been to a premiere, parties, was out shopping several times, getting her nails done, meeting friends for lunch… she was papped at least 3 times a week yet she tried to get sympathy by saying she was housebound! Then she went out for her birthday to a gay club and (ahem) somehow a trashy gossip site found her and allowed them to interview and film her with her friends. IN this interview she called herself ‘a very private girl’ .. yet she was speaking to tabloids? She said she wasn’t angry at Rupert yet didn’t mention Kristen. She also tweeted that lame snow white picture ‘not so pretty or pure after all’ obviously aimed at Kristen.. so she is one of these pathetic women who forgives her man while blaming the ‘other woman’. It drives her crazy that Kristen is younger, more successful and clearly very attractive to her husband. In her mind (even though she divorced him she led him astray. She got a taste of the fame and goodwill being sent her way and knew if she stayed with Rupert that wouldn’t stay as high, she was probably a bit bored (just like Rupert) as she’s been with him since she was 18. Works out best for the 2 of them and they can co-parent together. Her bitterness is aimed at Kristen and she is clingign on to her association with her because she knows that, save for a few fashion type people, the only interesting thing about is that her husband cheated on her with Kristen Stewart! Look at her acting career before it happened.. and now she is taking meetings for tv pilots and films.WHY? Did her talent or looks improve? No, she is now a tabloid fixture with name and face recognition. She made sure of it. Why is she the only one out of both couple who is papped ona regular basis? Rob and Kristen are rarely ever papped outside work and they are mega stars. They fly under the radar as much as possible. Rupert has been seen about 3 times since! His wife is posing and smiling for paparazzi whenever it suits her. You think the paps are waiting outside her house all day every day? HAAA! She and her agent are calling them and giving them opportunities. To keep her name OUT THERE! This is how Hollywood works so i don’t even judge her for that (even if it is rather desperate) it’s the ‘im so private, i don’t want all this attention’ crap she is saying in the press! She isn’t being very gracious about it at all and people are aware of it, especially since she has been seeing Jimmy Iovine since November or more! Their marriage was on it’s last legs. They didn’t even look happy together posing at the Snow white premiere, where it should have been a proud and happy night for them. She will keep talking about this because i really doubt her acting is going to take her any where!

  25. 25
    L Says:

    Hahaha yep im really out of breath! thanks so much kstew Stans for giving me the lols this cold afternoon. I never knew you people were so effing delutional.

    Her 2 projects sound like crap, with nobodies producers and directors, the best one was the one with Ben affleck who dropped it like hot potato after all the articles about if they were going to have a fling while filming.

    She’s a flop outside twishit, a tabloid fodder, more famous for her sour attitude and the people she dates, than her godawful acting abilities.
    And lbr after all the bashing after the OSCARS BY Other industry people it was clear as water. Look at her contemporaries, most of them miles ahead JenL, Saoirse, Rooney, Mia W. Now she’s promoting On The Road AGAIN lol a critical and box office flop.
    Good that she’s a millionaire, she definitely deserves it after having to deal with all her crazy stans.

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