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Orlando Bloom Steps Out After Miranda Kerr's Car Accident

Orlando Bloom Steps Out After Miranda Kerr's Car Accident

Orlando Bloom keeps a low profile in a cap and zipped up sweatshirt as he leaves a store in Sunset Plaza on Friday (March 15) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor made his first appearance since his wife Miranda Kerr was involved in a car accident last week after being rear-ended on the freeway.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Miranda has been sporting a neck brace around town, but is already easing back into work.

Orly reportedly took care of his wife after the accident, according to E! News. Aw!

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  • Anon

    Orlando looks hot in the pics. He looks 6f or taller. Glad to hear that Miranda is feeling better and that Orlando has been taking care of her.

  • Jojo

    [i]loser[/i] [b]fool[/b]

  • Jojo

    (i)loser(/i) (b)fool(/b)

  • Jojo

    loser fool

  • Lonre

    Man I miss him and the rest of the LOTR cast. The time when those movies came out were fun. 2013 has awful movies.



  • lol

    I guess that this spoils the hater’s fun.
    They kept saying that Orlando was out of town, and not there taking care of Miranda.
    LOVE IT!!!
    he looks gorgeous!
    As always.

  • lol

    Having trouble there jojo?
    The only loser here is you.

  • Angel

    Orlando looks gorgeous. @lol the haters still can’t accept that Orlando loves Miranda. I am laughing that they thought he was out in town when in fact he was taking care of Miranda.

  • ha

    Love that gorgeous man!
    And I also love that the haters got proved wrong….AGAIN!

  • expert

    He wasnt taking care of Miranda- that was chris colls with this coq down her throat.

  • @11

    Is that as accurate as when you said that OB was out of town? Bunch of clowns

  • moustacheman

    where’s his hore wife? getting it on with another photographer I bet

  • @11

    Oh, our little ray of sunshine has finally arrived!
    What’s the matter sweetness? Do you get a tad upset when you are wrong?
    Hmm, you would think that you would be used to it by now.

  • @13

    And I see that sunshine brought along a sock for us to play with!
    More fun to be had by all!

  • ha!

    Oh, the haters are going to have to work overtime to spin this away.
    This should be fun!

  • He’s so hot!

    Wow, very classless posts by 11 and 13. I hope you never have a family member that is subjected to this kind of slander aimed at them.

    Meanwhile Miranda and Orlando continue to live their lives together (as witnessed in photos that show them TOGETHER) blissfully unaware of the lies and gossip. That is why I can’t get too excited about all the stuff that a few “people” make up or blogs dedicated to hate. What a sad life to live posting hate every day. I really do feel sorry for those people. Can you imagine? Maybe finding a positive cause would be a better use of time. Just saying.

  • Angel

    The haters are now criticizing about his legs now and that he shaves them. They can’t talk about him being out of town since he has been seen in LA and has been taking care of Miranda. They will never be able to deal with the fact that Orlando and Miranda are happy together.

  • uhh!!

    @lol: girl you need a hobby!!

    and how do people here know if they’re happy or unhappy? you are not in their house every day so calm down with all the speculation.. i have second-hand embarrassment for you if you believe you know what their relationship is like

  • uhh!!

    and if you find entertainment in calling her names or attacking other posters you need to find something else to do with your day.. this goes for haters and fans alike.. it’s almost funny but more sad

  • @uh!!…#20

    Oh please it’s usually ALWAYS the “haters” who FLOOD Miranda’s comment page with nasty spiteful posts about her.

    They post over & over again under different names.

    We then defend her from their lies.

    Go & check the last few articles about her & see for yourself.

    If they stayed on their “hate” site where they can post as many delusional conspiracy theories about her as they like unchallenged we then wouldn’t have to respond.

    Why should we let them come on to JJ’s site & get away with spreading those same lies???

    Their typical bullies, they like to dish it out but can’t take it in return.

    We would much rather discuss what she’s wearing, doing or saying instead of defending her from bullies like them.

  • uhh!!

    @@uh!!…#20: what do you mean ‘why should we let them’? because people can write whatever they like, that’s why.. and unless you own this site you can’t control what someone writes, thats absurd and not your right.

  • @22

    “…because people can write whatever they like, that’s why…”
    Then why do you criticize fans for posting?
    Oh, that’s right, I forgot.
    You’re a hypocrite.
    How could I forget something so basic?

  • @18

    A lot of athletic men shave their legs. Especially if they are doing something that requires wraps or leg guards of any kind.
    But I guess that none of those haters have ever been close enough to an athletic man to know this.
    Poor things.

  • uhh!!

    @@22: excuse me.. why am i a hypocrite?

    I did not criticize fans, i said there’s no need for anyone to tell others what to do or to have 5 people jump on one persons comment.. thats mob mentality and cruel to gang up on a person. Whether that be a fan or someone just being a jerk.. stop trying to cause drama when there is none, it’s childish.. it also makes people uncomfortable to say anything (like myself)

    my comment wasn’t even negative but you seem to make it that way

    you know, i read a few posts and there’s no point in having this conversation with you so bye.

  • @25

    Well, some people deserve to be “jumped on” because of what they post. You don’t honestly expect fans to just sit back and let lies go unchallenged, do you?
    The haters have their own sites for that. If they bring that garbage here, we will respond.
    Or do you think that we were “cruel” to “gang up” on someone who posts vulgar comments such as those in posts #11, and #13?
    It’s really simple. If the haters stopped their lies, we wouldn’t have to respond. But since they will never stop lying, we will never stop correcting them.

  • ?

    Wait. Isn’t he in England ignoring his wife in her time of need?
    At least that’s what the haters were claiming. Hmmm, guess that they were wrong.
    Funny, but after them claiming that if he loved her, he would be in LA, not in England, they are now criticizing him for NOT being in England.
    Evidently there is a fundraiser for a charity that he doesn’t openly represent going on, and the haters have decided that he is a bad person because he isn’t there to make an appearance. This of course after calling him and Miranda famewh*res for making an appearance to promote a charity for which they are both board members.
    Gotta love the haters. They are always ready with a twisted answer for any occasion.

  • what

    @?: no one is even arguing with you .. LOL LOL LOL

    no comments and the fans get bored and start arguing with themselves

    hilarious sh^t !!!!!!!!!

  • @what….#28

    I think you need to READ the post again as you’ve got it wrong.

    The poster is talking about what the “haters” are discussing on their “hate” site……….NOT other Orlando & Miranda fans.

    Google Delphi forum Orlando Bloom discussion and you will see for yourself.

    But be warned as they post the most vile horrible vulgar things about Miranda & even call little Flynn awful names, their beyond creepy.

  • Carolina D. Smith

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  • what

    @@what….#28: are you honestly not going to admit how creepy that post was? it’s a step away from crazy

  • @31

    Are you honestly going to admit that you didn’t get their sarcasm?
    They were making fun of the idiotic theories and blatant hypocrisy of the haters.
    But my guess is that you knew what they were doing, and were angry about being called out for your lies, so your defense was to attack the poster who exposed you and your cronies. Calling someone who exposes your faults “crazy” is a classic hater response.
    You’re just mad because everything that they posted was true.

  • what

    @@31: wtf are you talking about?
    called out for my lies =/ ok whatever you say. you just want to fight with someone but im not into it. she wasn’t being sarcastic, but how would you know if she was? i thought you didn’t know each other.. or are you the same person? hm.
    nvm i dont care LOL
    later crazy

  • http://pha lanadelf8cuku

    the boys and the girls they all [b]love[/b] Orlando, he gives them butterfly, bats his cartoon eyes.. he laughs, like God, his mind is like diamonds…

  • http://pha lanadelf8cuku


  • Tala

    @Anon: He wishes he was 6′!

  • @33

    How did I know that they were being sarcastic? Uhmmmm, I can read? Can you? And can you comprehend what you are reading?
    They were making fun of the lies if the haters. I thought that they were pretty spot on. Is that what made you mad?

  • Bethany

    @Tala He looks 6f or taller. He is not short. Orlando looks hot in the pics, you can tell he’s been working out.

  • @37…

    Funny how this person only ever shows up after the “haters” have been proved wrong & can’t come up with a reason to spin or twist the facts anymore.

    Then they go on about how everyone has a right post whatever they like yet always manages to defend the “haters”…..

    Mmmm…..such a coincidence, anyone would think they were a “hater” in disguise!!!

  • Kyle smith

    hey Miranda Kerr i hope your back is alright and i have a question what day are you going to publish and what is your new book about

  • Kyle smith

    hey Miranda Kerr how are you alright look i have been sending death threats on you and your family i was just wandering if you want to come to my place tomorrow night for a sleepover and and when you get the time meet me at work every second Tuesday please get back with the answer

  • Kyle smith

    i am a Miranda Kerr fan and i can make awful comments about her thank you so first she will be be bloody well divorced her marriage is over and she will never ever getting back together ever again no she will never become an pathetic ambassador for earth hour

  • @kyle the psycho

    You need serious help.
    If this what passes for humor on your pathetic little site?
    Bunch of sickos.

  • Kyle smith

    Miranda Kerr/s come and passed her innocent can never last wake her up when Miranda Kerr ends you heard me gum boot-head when Miranda Kerr ends