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Carrie Underwood & LeAnn Rimes: Country 2 Country Festival!

Carrie Underwood & LeAnn Rimes: Country 2 Country Festival!

Carrie Underwood and LeAnn Rimes take the stage at day two of the Country 2 Country festival held at the O2 Arena on Sunday (March 17) in London, England.

The 30-year-old country stars performed for the packed crowd at the huge event.

“Incredible crowd tonight at @The_O2 arena tonight for the @C2Cofficial festival! All I can say is “Wow!” and “Thank you!” #amazed” Carrie wrote on her Twitter account.

“Wow, all I can say is wow!! London, I love you so much!!” LeAnn tweeted after the concert.

Check out Carrie‘s intro video and performance of “Good Girl” below, and click inside to check out LeAnn belting out her hit “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”…

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Credit: Matt Kent; Photos: WireImage, Bauergriffinonline
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145 Responses to “Carrie Underwood & LeAnn Rimes: Country 2 Country Festival!”

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  1. 51
    kami Says:

    I am losing it. I came back with 3 more different names to make even more posts about my obsession for gwen. Keep in my mind that I made the same comments about gwen before, only my name was MIMI when I did it.

    Me, the person stalking gwen is worrisome. jj needs to monitor me because it’s pretty obvious I hate anyone who doesn’t like leann so much I’m obsessed and posting using different names. you can tell by my enraged writing under different names. jj knows which comments are coming from my url address. he can block me but he probably wont because Leann will respond to him with a lawsuit.

    You can tell that Leann’s concert was a huge flop because I keep coming back with different names.

  2. 52
    Phyl Says:

    It’s me again. Yeppers, I stole another name just to obsess over Gwen. Obviously Gwen was right. Leann’s concert was a huge flop. She was drunk.

    Yes, the one posting as HI50/kami/aunt susie against Gwen is a nutcase. I know her. Because it’s me. Ginger Hines will be infamous for being a P.O.S. who is stalking Jennifer Row on Radaronline because we think it’s gwen. Even though JJ has been warned several times about me going to Radaronline and stalking their posters.

  3. 53
    Aunt Sue Says:

    Yes it’s me, the person who hijacked HI50 from Radaronline and has been using this name from two weeks now to make posts here. Becasue Jared E and Leann are BFFs and what matters most to Jared E is his loyalty to Leann!!!!!!!

    @IamNotGwen: I am afraid no one could possibly be as obsessed with gwen as I am. Just look at how I came back with 3 more names to obsess about gwen. I am WAYYYY too ugly, like Ginger Hines!

    @IamNotGwen: nu-uh. You are not gwen, We all know it. Who am I kidding? There is no we. It’s just me. What am I, 10? If not, I am pretty stupid. Don’t you love how I am using Susie Collin’s twitter name to make the same hate posts about gwen that I made when my name was HI50?

  4. 54
    gwen Says:

    Leann is tweeting like crazy yet again. Eddie is ignoring her again.

    1) “Bye London :( 😘”

    Which means that Leann set up a staged photo-op at the airports.

    2) “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” -Babe Ruth

    Which explains why Leann resorts to lawsuits and using her lawyer as a bully.

    3) “11:11😘”

    Leann is obsessed with those 1s, but then again 1 am is the time that Life and Style said that Eddie hooked up with Scheana in 2009.

    4) “Going home to a whole new house! Our first night in our new house is tonight….excited!”

    Leann is a pathological liar. Didn’t she tweet that she and Eddie had a picnic in the new house? Eddie has been living in the new house since the day that Leann annouced that she was suing Brandi’s dentist. Of course she is excited. She takes Eddie to London and now Eddie has to let her move into the house with him.

    5) “I cannot get over the amount of love from the O2 and London!!!!!”

    What love? By the looks of this site today, we know that things didn’t go the way Leann is saying. They must have hated her in London because she and her people are doing some heavy duty damage control.

    6) “Best line of last night and strangest…. “Can I Wikipedia you”

    Isn’t this an insult? If she is as popular and liked as she and her fans keep saying, wouldn’t the person already know if she had a wikipedia page? Think about it, if you have to ask to wikipedia a celeb who has just been on a major media “I slept with a married man” tour for 5 days now then that is a really big indication that London hated Leann.

    7) “Some of the best memories were made in London last night!”

    Like breaking into Eddie’s hotel room and finding him in bed with the waitress from the bar?

    8) “London #epic”

    An epic flop. Just look at how my stalker has been flipping out. The last time he did this it was because Borrowed flopped. How is someone asking to wikipedia Leann when she just got finished with a 5 day media tour and they would have seen her interviews?

  5. 55
    fatal Says:

    @Lauren: so true-but if you ever noticed you have to fit the blond floozy stereotype to be a female country pop star in these plastic fake days-there is no June Carter Cash or Loretta Lynn’s anymore-Fleann is pushing it with a face like a bull dog

  6. 56
    betty Says:

    You people leave Gwen alone. If Leann had a great concert more power to her but she was not the headliner only the opening act. Carrie name was the crowd draw not stop trying to downplay her.Its’ going to take more then hype to sell Leann album. Carrie can sellout concerts and has recent hits . Leann has no hits and only gets bookings in small arenas.Why is Brandi name always brought up since everyone claimed she has not moved on.?

  7. 57
    gwen Says:


    I knew that Leann’s London tour was a big flop when Leann tweeted that someone asked if they could wikipedia her. Leann has been doing interviews and just had a big huge concert with a “standing ovation” that left her in tears so if someone is asking if they can wikipedia Leann then the London tour didn’t have the impact that they had hoped and everything that is being written about Leann’s performance is just damage control.

    It’s just my stalker. When I goggle “Leann and the name he is using” the site where he stole the name comes up.

  8. 58
    Selena Says:

    OMG what are you on about Gwen you crazy lady lol….i can assure you my name is Selena not Tina or whoever you said. You seem to think all people are as obsessed as you over this non-story. Who cares if Leann is crazy, that’s her problem not yours. I’m no fan but i think she can sing. Your whole obsession is a pointless exercise, what are you trying to achieve here….

  9. 59
    serenityzhere Says:

    I don’t know how Leann’s people managed to get her name squeezed into the concert after her playing casinos the last couple of years and not having very good attendance at those. But, of course instead of being gracious and appreciative of getting to be there she immediately goes on a pap frenzy and acts like she is headlining the show. She was not the drawing card for that concert. It was Tim McGraw and Carrie Underwood. And of course only on a Leann Rimes fluff piece do you see people putting down Carrie Underwood. Carrie has a stage presence that Leann has never had and a beauty that Leann can only dream about. Along with those qualities a phenomenal voice. Leann only has the voice and does not anunciate her words in her songs any more which distracts from enjoying it. Carrie was the drawing card here not Leann Rimes. She just got lucky and somehow conned somebody into letting her do a set.

  10. 60
    Selena Says:

    OMG what am I on about ? I’m a crazy man lol….i can assure you my name is not Selena. Just ask Jared E who was sent the name of the site where I stole the name Selena from. My name is not Tina or whoever you all said, but I did steal those names too. I seem to think all people are as obsessed as I am over this non-story. Who cares if Leann is crazy, that’s my problem not yours. I am a fan but i think she can’t sing. My whole obsession with Gwen is a pointless exercise, what am I trying to achieve here….don’t you love how the post that I made as “selena” sounds just like the comment that I made as Tina? Did you hear?

    Notice the ellipses!!!!! Why is “Selena” using the same ellipses we have seen the GWEN STALKER use? Because I am the Gwen stalker. I stole the name Selena because I thought that this person was Gwen too. I am obsessed with Gwen. I am upset because Gwen was right. Leann’s concert was not very successful. People thought that Leann was drunk.

  11. 61
    Selena Says:

    Wow you really are nuts its so funny lol. You must dream about Leann, why do you care so much? You track her every move and then anyone that rightly accuses you of being obsessive (which you blatantly are) you start thinking were all stalking you. What do you do just sit in front of your computer all day, going back and forth to different sites searching out Leann stories? Do you realise what a crack pot you come off as? I personally think Leann is a bit of a twat and if them boys were my children i’d of punched her in the nostrils by now but jeeez lady you need to chill out lol….and believe me my name is Selena ok

  12. 62
    MonyMony Says:

    @Selena: Wooowwww…whoever is writing this stuff is completely insane. Gwen? You need help. You aren’t funny at all. It is sick.

  13. 63
    Selena Says:

    And yes Leann was definitely drunk as a badger but so what, she can still carry a tune

  14. 64
    Selena Says:

    Gwen will accuse you now of taking someone else’s name of a different site….she really is a stange one.

  15. 65
    bettyboo Says:

    @betty: No. Stop telling people what to do, hosebag.

  16. 66
    gwensascab Says:

    gwen has jumped the shark. And she ate way too much cake.

  17. 67
    MonyMony Says:

    @Selena: Wooowwww…whoever is writing this stuff is completely insane. ME? Yes it’s me, AMEJEAN. Stealing names just so that I can obsess over Gwen. Just look at the lastest batch that I just left. I need help. I’m not funny at all. It is sick. My obsession with Gwen. Stealing names just to do it. You can tell it’s me because I leave 4-5 posts every time I show up. That and every name I use to obsess over Gwen, I use the ellipses.

  18. 68
    Selena Says:

    Yeppers, I am back and I going to use even more names to make my obsessive posts about gwen.

    And yes Leann was definitely drunk as a badger but so what, she can’t still carry a tune.

    @MonyMony: Gwen will accuse you now of taking someone else’s name of a different site….which she has every right to do because I am posting as MONYMONY. Strange how MONYMONY shows up at the same time as “Selena”. Why is MONYMONY using the ellipses just like “Selena”? MONYMONY=SELENA.

    I really am a stange one. Look at how I keep obsessing about gwen using all these different names. What’s even funnier. I am too stupid to even know that people are questioning where all these “new” poster’s came from? We have never see SELENA, TINA, MONYMONY posting here? Why? Because they don’t post here, they post on other sites. I am using their names to make posts here just like I have used Gwen’s name to make posts on Radaronline and Celebrity Bitchy.

  19. 69
    gwensascab Says:

    I have jumped the shark. And Ginger Hines ate way too much cake. Now I am going to make posts using Betty and Gwen’s name? Why not? Jared E allowed me to make posts using names that I stole from Perez Hilton, Radaronline, The Dailymail, and US Weekly. I am not even subtle about it. Why are these “new” poster’s all showing up at the same time? Because it’s me? Notice I am doing the same back to back posts using Selena’s name just like I did when I posted as HI50, the name I stole from Radaronline.

    @betty: No. I need to stop telling people what to do because Leann is a hosebag. Gwen was right, Leann’s concert didn’t go the way The Dailymail reported. Leann was drunk on stage and people complained. And now I am flipping out and will continue to do so because Jared E is loyal to Leann and won’t do anything about me using other’s people’s names.

  20. 70
    gwensascab Says:

    Go ahead and climb out of Brandi’s vajayjay gwen. You are starting to smell funky.

  21. 71
    gwensascab Says:

    gwen, the one who keeps taking your usernames and posting, is a vaginal wart.

  22. 72
    Selena Says:

    I am calling betty, Bettyboo just like I did when I used to post as RACY , HAHAHAHA, malia, Yeppers, and protest2much/poorkids! I am too dumb for my own good. I make these posts thinking I am punishing Betty and Gwen and whoever doesn’t like Leann, but in the end I just confirm what these people have been saying about me all along.

    Doesn’t everyone else find it odd that these site is suddenly being slammed with “new” poster’s? A Selena, kami, HI50, Dawn, MonyMony, Psyl, and Tina have NEVER posted here on this site before? So what explains their presence? I, the Gwen stalker, stole these names from other sites.

  23. 73
    gwensascab Says:

    Go ahead and climb out of Lizzy’s vajayjay, Eddie. You are starting to smell funky.

    I, the one who keeps taking everyone’s usernames from other sites and posting with them here because I think that these people are Gwen, is a vaginal wart. Much like what Eddie had to get scrapped from himself.

    Notice that I am doing the back to back posts just like I did when I posted as HI50, the name that I stole from Radaronline?

  24. 74
    gingersascab Says:

    Leann has no problem trashing anyone & everyone who doesn’ agree with her bullying, and trashy ways. She really needs to look in the mirror & take a long hard look at herself, her behavior & her pathetic foul mouth attitude. She’s a trainwreck that seriously needs a job, a life, and a stylist that doesn’t foucus on POOR Leann. She truly has made herself out to be “low rent like”, and clearly does NOT empower woman.

  25. 75
    gwensascab Says:

    @gingersascab: You just described Brandi Glanville!

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