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Jennifer Garner: St. Patrick's Day Shopping with Seraphina & Samuel

Jennifer Garner: St. Patrick's Day Shopping with Seraphina & Samuel

Jennifer Garner gets in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with green pants and a scarf while out shopping on Sunday morning (March 17) in Los Angeles.

The 40-year-old actress was joined by her adorable daughter Seraphina, 4, one-year-old son Samuel, and a gal pal.

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The day before, Jennifer and her hubby Ben Affleck were spotted out shopping for a piano on Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills.

10+ pics inside of Jennifer Garner and two of her kids out shopping on St. Patrick’s Day…

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jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 01
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 02
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 03
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 04
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 05
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 06
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 07
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 08
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 09
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 10
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 11
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 12
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 13
jennifer garner st patricks day shopping with seraphina samuel 14

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  • Kara

    And the paps just happened to be there, all set up waiting for her to arrive!

    Somehow they just knew she’d be there!! hmmmm

    She sure loves having her kids photographed.

    6386 photos of Violet at Zimbio.

    312 of Samuel already at only age one!!!!!!

    In comparison only 703 Shiloh JP pics.


    Why didn’t you include the photos of Ben with Sera and Sam out today??? You really hate Ben and love making him look like an absent father, Jared.

  • sam

    Many of you Just Jared are hopelessly naive. Maybe you live in the midwest or some sleepy half forgotten town somewhere that has never seen a pap? If that’s the case, understandable. Otherwise, you’re making fools of yourself. I’ve lived most of my life in LA and NYC. Here’s how the paps operate: 1) if you’re a big enough celeb pap agencies will place a pap outside your door. They will tail you wherever you go. That’s manpower, so doesn’t happen with many, only the true A listers whose pics are guarenteed to bring in money. Right now, Affleck and Garner are in that league. 2) This happens all the time – someone from the restaurent, store, hotel, whatever is on the paps payroll and will call it in. That’s why most pap pics usually show a celeb leaving not arriving. Finally, a good rule of thumb: D listers call the paps on themselves. Not A listers.

  • Shamrock


    Agree!! We visit LA often, and go to many of the restaurants that celebs dine at for meals. Majority of the time, the celebs attempt to walk out a back door if it’s an option, next they wait it out to make sure they can walk out with a group, but the paps wait for that moment to snap their photo.

    Just experienced this with Nicolette Sheridan and it’s a very interesting situation.

    My heart goes out to the kiddos involved in this very intrusive business.
    They should be protected in some way if that is feasibly possible.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day~


  • @sam

    Please, no one cares about Jennifer Garner and your point doesn’t explain the many, many photo ops for years before the recent Oscar win. Garner is D-list.

  • Bree2344


    You are the naive one. If you do NOT want to be photographed everyday, you won’t be. Tons of A+++++ List celebs manage to live in LA and not be photographed.

    Plenty of areas in LA have NO paps.

    Jen is arriving not leaving by the way! She is also not an A-list star. She is best known for daily photo ops.

    And somehow Brad & Angelina & kids have been in LA for almost 4 months now and have been photographed a handful of times. hmmmmm..They go out, because of twitter/facebook sightings.

    They show it is possible to live in LA, go out and not have your kids photographed DAILY,.

    Paps park outside their home as well. Yet they do not want their kids photographed everyday & so attempt to avoid the paps.

  • Bree2344


    They would be protected if Ben & Jen actually tried to avoid the paps and give their kids a normal life.

    There is NOTHING normal about seeing paps everyday.

    More sought after families/kids are not seen DAILY. Those parents care. They seek out pap free places.

    It is all their fault. Their kids would not be photographed everyday if they actually cared.

  • GR

    The ultimate pimp mom again.

  • Inez

    Poor little kids eating on the go again. Maybe if Jennifer would kick her coffee habit, she could sit still long enough to cook her family a proper meal.

  • tammy

    But if she avoids the paps she won´t get the attention she loves so much.

  • Ashlee

    single mom….

  • hollywoodgirl

    By “gal pal” you mean nanny. I find it amusing that for some reason the US media always omits the nanny from the Affleck pics but the UK and international media always show the same pic with the nanny hanging out in the background. And I believe they actually have two nannies, which I’m sure most people are not aware of since they gush about how great of a mother she is.

    I don’t care that she has a nanny (I’d want one too with three kids!), but it isn’t fair for people to compare her to other celeb mothers as being better when she receives help as well.

  • jb

    sadly this is not the worst outfit she’s ever worn.

  • h2o

    garner played piano major/composer Hannah Bibb on Felicity.

  • 55vineyard

    I am sure she is a good mother and she has cute kids, but she always seems like she is in the running for “Mother of the Year” contest.
    Yes I live in a suburb of LA where the do a lot of location shooting (they did some second unit stuff in a marina near where I live, saw the Black Pearl when eating dinner at a marina restaurant).
    People need to get over the paps, if you are famous, they will be there. I agree they are very annoying.

  • Tess

    Okay, I don’t know whats up with all this hate directed at the one mom I actually see who spends time with her children in Los Angeles (Hilary Duff too) but what do people expect her to do? Not go out? I think she is amazing, she’s not a D list actress, she’s a mother and she happens to act in films when she finds a project she likes. It’s absolutely preposterous how comments about things from her kids eating a snack while they’re out and about to her drinking of caffeine were made here. I want you naysayers to honestly own up and tell me you never ate a snack as a child while you were on the move? And really, criticizing her for drinking caffeine? Bunch of nutsos you are. This family is adorable, I don’t think they are a facade, I think they are the real deal and I love them for it :)

  • April

    @Tess: I agree with you Tess as you seem to be one of the few posting here that speaks with intelligence. Just because you don’t like a celeb is no reason to follow them and make stupid comments about how they raise their kids. Even more insane to compare them to the Brangelina (those kids never see the light of day unless Angie and/or Brad has something to promote). Name changing and stalking a celeb to make negative comments is one way to assure that there will be tons of more pic of them. Paps know who the money makers are and it is their job to make money.

    If you are bothered by seeing this family, why do you rush to make your comments as soon as a story pops us. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just scroll past them.

  • April

    @tammy: Why is she frowning if she wants the paps’s attention? She is so gorgeous when she smiles and she has a right to spend time with her kids even though she is a celebrity. Most moms take kids to grocery store, ballet, karate, and school on daily basis (is she not allowed to do so? I applaud her for caring on regardless of invasive paparazzi following and one day her kids will thank her for not leaving them locked up at home or always being picked up by nannies. Nannies provide a necessary service for lots of moms but do not take the place of them. She is an awesome mom and her kids are lucky to have her.

    Bottom line, nobody is forced to click on thread and see pics. Exercise common sense and move past. Even teenagers should know that.

  • May

    lmao! Jennifer’s publicist has finally arrived. Can you be more obvious?

  • GR


    Paps sure make a lot of money from Garner and her kids as she is being paped on a daily basis and the pictures obviously being sold, according to this site. No one has an interest in irrelevant C-D listers like Witherspoon, Holmes or Garner unless they boost interest from paying gossip sites to post their pictures. Don’t call people stupid who are not buying into cheap PR tactics from famewhoring celebs.

  • linda


    She is an A-lister´s wife anyway. And I assume the paps are just sitting outside their mension peeing in their little stinking plast cola bottles and waiting when someone gets out, then they just chase them down to some supermarket parking and take sloppy shots there, while the family gets out of the car. That´s what we see every day in JJ, anyway.
    Very annoying, btw.

  • tryingwithanewname


  • tryingwithanewname

    That is not true. Brad and Angelina kids go to school, to extra activities like horse riding, karate etc They also go to museums, parks, stores and malls often. My friend saw Angelina and 3 kids in a Burbank mall recently.
    But Brad and Angelina do everything to escape the paparazzi that are park outside their gates. They even use fake cars as decoys.
    They also have the kids in schools and places the paparazzi can’t access.
    Jennifer and Ben don’t seem to do a thing to try and avoid getting photographed. On the contrary they keep on going to the places where paparazzi hangout.
    If they want to be photographed it’s okay, they’re adults, but i feel for their children. It’s not known what consequences and implications paparazzi have on kids. And Jennifer and Ben kids are photographed daily and more than 2 a day. I don’t recall any celebrity kids being this photographed. and it’s because obviously their parents don’t give a shit.

  • tryingwithanewname

    It’s true many big celebrities have the paparazzi parked outside their hoses. But none of them are photographed daily like Jennifer and Ben and kids. Those celebrities find ways to escape the paparazzi.
    Jennifer and Ben make the paparazzi live very easy, they don’t try to escape them and they go to paparazzi hangouts.
    Every day on Zimbio there’s 2, 3 sets of, mostly Jennifer with the kids. I don’t see that happening with any other celebrity, not even Z listers.

  • rachel

    @tryingwithanewname: One of the many differences between Jen & Ben’s and Angie & Brad’s parenting styles is that the latter have their children homeschooled. Also, they move the family around often. When you have a set routine, like Garner does, it’s that much easier for the paps to find you. So it’s simple really – You don’t see pics of Angie taking her kids to school everyday not because she’s a better mother but because they don’t go to school.

  • Meghan

    Ok so she’s shopping at Whole Foods again. Where the hell are her reusable bags. Annoying.. Get with it.

  • aimee

    Galpal? That is one of her nannies, lol

  • lizzie

    @April: i would agree with you except about Brad and Angelina only showing their kids when they have to promote something..not true. We’ve seen a handfull of pics in the past six month none around the time of any promotions both families are lucky, both sets of parents seem to be doing a great job, well brad and angie and jennifer g anyway.

  • linda


    Yeah, that´s how they “love” nosy stalkarazzi

    The main moral responcibility for this abuse is on the tabloids: if they didn´t buy stalking pics of celebrities out with kids, there wouldn´t be any paps following a-listers families to school or to supermarket = living daily life.
    As simple as that.