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Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Hollywood Premiere!

Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Hollywood Premiere!

Gerard Butler and Ashley Judd are all dressed up while attending the premiere of their new film Olympus Has Fallen held at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on Monday (March 18) in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined by his co-stars Angela Bassett, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, Gerry chatted with fans in an AMA on Reddit.

Check out the newly released red band clip below for Olympus Has Fallen, out in theaters on Friday (March 22)!

FYI: Angela is wearing Edmundo Castillo shoes.

Gerard Butler – ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Red Band Clip

FYI: Ashley is wearing Martin Katz jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler attending the premiere of his film Olympus Has Fallen

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gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 01
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 02
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 03
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 04
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 05
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 06
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 07
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 08
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 09
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 10
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 11
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 12
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 13
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 14
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 15
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 16
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 17

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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264 Responses to “Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Hollywood Premiere!”

  1. 1
    wooooohooo!! Says:

    way to go Gerard!!

  2. 2
    Alina Says:

    Gerry, You look amazing! Hopefully, the film will be a success.I congratulate you and your parents. You did it!

  3. 3
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Just got home and couldn’t wait to turn the beast on to see. Oh wow Alina, you did good girl.
    Hey Lolita, Autumn and Joie. So proud, so happy. Hope he relaxes a little, looking for that wrinkled nose smile.
    YES, a three piece suit. Gotta love a guy in a vest and that blue suit sure makes his eyes bluer. Everyone looks lovely and think I will stay up and see what pictures pop up.
    You weren’t expecting to sleep tonight were you Alina?
    I like the look of Antoine Fuqua. Doesn’t he have the nicest eyes?
    Good grief, I sound like a nut. Carry on guys and Going to go back and find the one with mum.
    P.S. Didn’t know there was going to be another new thread so reposting this from the last, Just wanted to say hi to everybody.

  4. 4
    cupcake Says:

    Gerry is looking good.Omg.

  5. 5
    obsessed in tennessee Says:

    Congrats Gerry! Wishing you lots of luck, love and happiness!!!!

  6. 6
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Hi Cupcake, yes he sure does. Tickled to pieces for him, this oh so special evening.

  7. 7
    asdafsdfasdf Says:

    Ashley Judd for U.S. Senate!!

  8. 8
    Alina Says:

    I like it

  9. 9
    Alina Says:

  10. 10
    Pruning Says:,0,1032315.story

    If this movie goes well, bye bye Mg.

    He needed an exit plan. The 3-some pic would work.

  11. 11
    Alina Says:

    more pics from mom and dad.

  12. 12
    Amy Says:

    He went a tad overboard with the tanner, he looks really good here. I know he’s superficial when it comes to women and that doesn’t change when you clean him up, put him in a nice suit, and have him play the debonaire gentleman for the night, but it’s nice to see him look classy.
    Hopefully he’ll stay away from this –
    Not classy at all. Gerry – let Madalina go and hitch her caboose to her next ride.
    Someone mentioned Rosario Dawson in the earlier thread. JJ says she’s single again. She’s successful on her own, has her own money, is younger than he is but not too young like Madi, has the dark exotic look he likes.
    Gerard Butler + Rosario Dawson = HAWT. Make it happen Gerry!

  13. 13
    SuperficialButler Says:

    @Amy: Yes, he is superficial. He wants eye candy on his arm. According to him, no one is good enough to walk the red carpet with him unless she is engineered to be for PR or his perfect type. No one denies she is beautiful except envious fans. Depth and track record is lacking. Naive at times also.

    He does not care.

  14. 14
    Alina Says:

    video. red carpet

  15. 15
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    whoa, what’s that all about?

  16. 16
    Eric Says:

    As I said in another comment:

    On the site where was published that photo, just below are other articles with that Marco. That’s the page:
    And that’s the second article about that Marco below, with a recent photo of him.

    If you compare the photos YOU CAN EASILY SEE THAT HERE IS MUCH MORE MATURE AND FEW YEARS OLDER. That just prove the fact that the photo with MG and him and the other guy it’s an old one.

  17. 17
    Eric Says:

    @Eric: oops, that was for other thread… :)

  18. 18
    PROZAC Says:

    @Eric: Who cares !!! Tell it to Gerry.

  19. 19
    0:) Says:

    @Eric: Shut up moron

  20. 20
    SouthernBelle Says:

    Give it up, Eric or whatever your name is. You’ve called enough attention to the pic – now stop.

  21. 21
    What now? Says:


    That’s old news. We’ve already moved on to something else.

  22. 22
    dutchie Says:

  23. 23
    ?????????????????????????????? Says:

    @Eric: Are you her brother?

  24. 24
    What now? Says:


    OHHH could be Alin.

  25. 25
    What now? Says:

    @What now?:

    Nah—can’t be Alin. If she or anyone she knows reads or posts here, then they are really stupid. IMO

  26. 26
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @What now?:

    Alin or Maddie, herself.

  27. 27
    dutchie Says:

    Best to just ignore the troll… Any news re reviews or is it too early? Live in Scotland so no idea what time it is in LA.

  28. 28
    What now? Says:


    Really???? That is so hard to imagine. What does she think she will get some scoop or be able to keep track of her bf here?? If that is the case then she is immature and as stupid as we all thought she is. Not to mention jealous and not very trusting. If I had a guy like that I would dump him in a second. But of course he has deep pockets so maybe that is why she hangs in there with him. IMO

  29. 29
    claire Says:

    Needs photos of Dylan McDermott from the premiere!

  30. 30
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @dutchie: ITAWY about ignoring the troll. It’s 11:45 PM in LA. Haven’t seen any reviews, yet.

  31. 31
    dutchie Says:

    @SouthernBelle: Thanks SB, guess we’ll have to wait for a couple of hours then :) I do hope it’s a success, can’t wait to see it but it doesn’t get to cinemas here until 17 April :(

  32. 32
    exfantiredofallthebs Says:

    @Amy: too late, I believe he dated/slept with her some years ago.

  33. 33
    Good girl Says:

    @Eric: He still talking.. well your little Maddie wasn’t there for the premiere. To bad for you.

  34. 34
    WeHaveAllMovedOn Says:

    Cheering one of our famous Hollywood movie stars. We love him.
    All the Hollywood movie star guys looked classy and hot. Tip the hat off to our Hollywood movie star ladies. I love it! God Bless Everyone!

  35. 35
    C.A Says:

    Beautiful pictures … all looking so fantastic and GB looks at ease for a moment :-)

    Alina@ thanks for all your posts … :-)

  36. 36
    Gerryfan Says:


    Eric, we know it’s an old picture but the facts remain that they were seen together the other evening being “very friendly” and Italians will tell you that they are regularly seen together whenever she’s in Italy.

  37. 37
    sharingiscaring Says:

  38. 38
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    *creeps in quietly …. looks around*

    Are any of my girlies still here ?!?! ….
    Manny …. cube …. trying to figure it out ….. curious cat, et al
    Haven’t been here for years …. anything happen while I was away ?? :P

  39. 39
    Alina Says:

  40. 40
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Ashley’s amazed G’s peen hasn’t fallen off ….. YET !!!!!

  41. 41
    Alina Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: LOL: )))

  42. 42
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    His Olympus will never fall ….. :P

  43. 43
    Alina Says:

    All very beautiful!

  44. 44
    dutchie Says:

  45. 45
    :o) Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:
    Mr. Giggles!!!!!!
    SO HAPPY to see you here! You’ve been missed! ♥♥♥♥♥
    One of the old regulars. ;)

  46. 46
    Rosa Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: Lol! witty posts always encouraged. oy has that kind of humor too. Thanks!

  47. 47
    canthelpbutthink Says:

    Knowing his taste in women and seeing him pose with actresses, I can’t help but think, what he thinks of them while looking at them : to white, fat, old…. the list goes on…I don’t look at him like I did before, before I found out he is just a modelizer with add…

  48. 48
    canthelpbutthink Says:


  49. 49
    C.A Says:

    hmmm….. did you notice the remark made below the picture of AJ and GB???

    “…She returned the compliment to *bachelor Gerard, 43*, by gasping at his suave appearance in a suit and tie as they held on to each other’s arms…”

  50. 50
    Rosa Says:

    @C.A: I wouldn’t hang any hopes on anything the DM prints. They make colossal errors in their reporting.

  51. 51
    Loose Says:

    Okay, can someone please answer me this.
    Why in the world does Gerard have more chemistry with Ashely Judd on the red carpet than with his own girlfriend?
    Ashley and Gerard look like a couple. This is crazy.
    I’m not saying he’s not into his GF and maybe it’s harder to look cosy with your other half on the red carpet than with your co-stars. George Clooney and Stacey look stiff at times too.
    Simply put. I do not understand Hollywood relationships at all.
    The only thing I know is that Gerard looks good. Really good.

  52. 52
    Sun tracker7 Says:

    Good self tanning, Gerry. You should put it all over including bum so that it is not pale when you show it in the West Coast next time.

  53. 53
    Kristen Says:

    He’s not smiling in any of the photos. Poor man. He must miss his beautiful, young wife so much. Oh drat, I did it again. I meant girlfriend. Or did I? Maybe the parents are in town for a special occasion? Seems an awfully long way to travel just for a movie premiere.

  54. 54
    Occasion besides the premiere? Says:


    You’d think the “special reason” would be in the pictures with him and the parents then wouldnt you?

  55. 55
    Loose Says:

    Go to bed Madalina.

  56. 56
    you are slow Says:

    His parents reside part of the year in Miami you fool.

  57. 57
    Hypocrite Says:

    Madalina Ghenea posted this Charlie Chaplin quote on her FB page — “Worry more about your conscience than your reputation. Because your conscience is what you are, your reputation is what others think of you. And what others think of you is their problem.”
    Yeppers. Madalina is so much more worried about her conscious than her reputation that she’s publicly responded to the reports about her infidelity by posting about the importance of conscience over reputation ON HER PUBLIC FACEBOOK PAGE.
    I don’t care that she’s responded to the reports but don’t try to sound deep or profound while doing the exact OPPOSITE of what you’re claiming to be deep or profound about. Either say you did it or deny it.
    It’s part of the problem that people have with Madalina Ghenea. She says she doesn’t want to date famous men to get attention, but then goes and dates Leo DiCaprio, Adrien Brody, and Gerard Butler, who have been her only source of attention etc. etc. etc. She’s a hypocrite.
    He isn’t much better. The post about seeing Gerard Butler differently after all of this is unfortunately true. Maybe it shouldn’t matter who people date, but Gerard Butler has picked a public career that depends on the public liking him. The fact that all but one of the girls he’s been confirmed to be with either by him or the girl have been rather low-rent, very young models, young porn stars, or reality television people … it makes you think that he doesn’t really hold women in high esteem if he doesn’t admire more in a woman than that, if he doesn’t see the message that sends about what he values in women.
    Maybe they’ll both learn something from all of this but I’m betting not.

  58. 58
    Lame troll Says:

    I see the old “Haggis” troll has returned. I would give up on pushing this lame marriage storyline if I were you. Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough by now?

  59. 59
    GFW Says:

    I love how his parents are color-coordinated! And the power suit in navy looks incredible on Gerry!
    From today’s free Washington Post Express daily paper:
    “It’s the most powerful building in the world, and it’s the symbol and beacon of freedom.”
    ~Gerard Butler, who stars in Olympus Has Fallen, on how, even as a native of Scotland, he relates to the gravity of an attack on the White House
    ~K, hoping Butler has a hit on his hands that motivates him to give us more (eventually) after his ‘break’

  60. 60
    she's half right Says:

    I do think a lot the bad press surrounding Madalina is only half true at best but one thing that can’t be denied is her narcissistic personality disorder.
    Sheesh, another post about how misunderstood she is?
    STOP POSTING ON FACEBOOK MADALINA and the world wouldn’t have the ammunition that is the cause of your ‘reputation’.
    People should stop reading her page because your IQ is probably going to drop.

  61. 61
    Too bad Says:

    Y does no one get it she can’t keep frequently hence getting sponsors like the festival etc also by studying at lee Strasberg! So shel prob at the Europe premiers most likely if they still together but it’s a very weird relationship if you ask me he has no idea what she gets up to neither dies he seem possesive or care you can’t call it normal relationship no wonder Hollywood is messed up! Bradley cooper when’s led with Jennifer Laurence said she’s old enough to be his daughter who is 23 now he’s dating a 20 yr old

  62. 62
    The Quote Says:

    Trouble with her is psychopaths have no conscience nor do psychopathic liars.
    Her reputation is her own making.

  63. 63
    Amen Says:

    @The Quote:
    It’s like she’s addicted to Facebook or something. And always posting quotes suggests that she’s smart enough to google them, but not smart enough to express herself in her own words. Cryptic she ain’t.

  64. 64
    One Thing Is Certain Says:

    No one really knows what’s going on behind closed doors. A lot of fans blame Madalina for lashing out on Facebook all the time, but it’s probably just from frustration. I bet she’s on a tight leash and she can’t stand it! I’d be pretty angry if my ‘boyfriend’ likened me to a prostitute on the red carpet and then told the world that I was loose enough to bed in 4 days! I feel sorry for this girl. I think she can distract Gerard with her pretty little figure but his man is no fool. He’s running the show, you can bet on that.
    The only thing that is certain is that Mr. Butler will never have a normal relationship as long as his girlfriend insists on trying to communicate with his fans on his Facebook. She’s acting like the cat that got the canary. Don’t do a victory dance Madalina before you’ve sealed him up good and proper.

  65. 65
    first review! Says:

  66. 66
    C.A Says:

    “I wouldn’t hang any hopes on anything the DM prints. They make colossal errors in their reporting” ….
    LOL no hopes intended(or maybe just a small one though) … Just referring to the rumours going on about a possible split made on a earlier thread …

  67. 67
    nice suit Says:

    He looks great. Nice to see the folks supporting him. They look like lovely people, and he’s fortunate to have them in his life. Hope the movie is good.
    Welcome back, Mr. Giggles – you’ve been missed!

  68. 68
    Tasty Says:

    @first review!:

    “glad to see Gerard Butler leaving romantic comedies to other leading men and taking up his rightful mantle as an action hero…4 stars ”

    Den Of Geek really enjoyed it.

  69. 69
    WOW Says:

    4 stars?
    That’s really great news. I think we’ve got the old Gerard back.
    Who cares what’s going on in his personal life as long as he makes films worth watching.
    Congratulations Gerard!

  70. 70
    DocP Says:

    How do you guys know that this “new” Gerry isn’t just a PR stunt. His people probably told him to have his GF lay low due to all the negativity associated with her and his fans. Once all the hoopla about OHF has faded away then he might just resume the relationship. Sorry guys but this is Hollywood they will do anything to sell their movie. I’m hoping it does well at the box office or Gerry really will be leaving the movie scene. Many actors have done it. Hollywood and the fans are fickle. Do what they want, they love you. Try to branch out from the mold that imprisons you, and the public looses interest. Its just the way of the world.

  71. 71
    WOW Says:

    Ah, the good reviews are based not he movie itself.
    It’s got very little to do with PR.
    And he’s talked about Mads in interviews for ages.
    The ‘new’ Gerry isn’t new and it isn’t PR.
    It’s just that he’s finally made a good movie. That’s all.

  72. 72
    premiere Says:

    Beautiful pictures all around… everyone looks great! Also really enjoyed the session on Reddit…such a nice surprise to read about GB in his own words…and I learned some new things about him. :) Thumbs up!

  73. 73
    GFW Says:

    Question is. Will the positive reviews and good press lure him to seek to get back to work sooner rather than later? Might he be courted again?
    Actually, I didn’t see too much wrong with his last four films. I’m going to stay mum on what I feel they for them not making a better splash it as I feel a page has been turned and that’s great!
    What I hope by the brilliant strategy of courting different types of audiences is that he garners a new base of fans. Folks who don’t follow gossip sites but just see films and will backtrack to see more of his work!

  74. 74
    @WOW Says:

    You can count how many times he’s mentioned her on one hand. And he’s only said her actual name once or twice. First name only.

  75. 75
    WOW Says:

    I just meant that his personal life and PR have nothing to do with the success of this movie.
    The great reviews are coming through because the movie is great!
    I don’t think that Mads has been told to lay low at all.
    Wether they are together or not is not important. This film is.

  76. 76
    Dictionary Says:

    I think you’ll find he’s always been a bachelor. He’s never been married. The DM is accurate. He IS a bachelor.

  77. 77
    Clamsie Says:

    It’s pretty funny that most of the Maddie-haters are blaming her for his movie flops BUT at the same time you’re all planning to see OHF. Obviously her presence in his life has not deterred you from supporting HIM.

    The rest of the people who will see the film don’t know who MG is or care who he’s dating. Only a few dozen or so Maddie haters think they can control his entire private and professional life.

    LOL. This is rich!!!!!!!!!! No wonder Maddie has a blast on her fb and probably does so with Gerry’s complete approval.

  78. 78
    canthelpbutthink Says:

    I totally agree with her- excessively googling quotes, she’s definitely not smart enough to write something on her own, actually the only thing she can write : best friends in the world, best birthday , best trainer – her brain literally can’t function in any other direction , what a melodramatic imbec*l.
    And when you look for a quote, you still need some IQ to find the right one … The things you think,say and do is what you are, and it also shapes your life, your carrier and what other people think about you.
    I was reading GB’s answers yesterday on AMA or something, and this man is very intelligent and deep and experienced, has a huge personality. Couldn’t help but think how is it possible he can be with her in a relationship, she literally has nothing to say, she says things that she heard from others, or someone told her she should act that way… I also agree with who ever said – your IQ can drop by the second just by reading her FB page…

  79. 79
    Quit reading Says:

    It would be nice if those of you who insist on reading whatshername’s fb page would stop. Or at least stop posting about it here. Just let her disappear into obscurity again and quit giving her attention. You’re just feeding her narcissism. That. Is. All.

  80. 80
    Sharpen Your Claws Hags Says:

    @she’s half right: People should stop reading her page because your IQ is probably going to drop.

    I’m sure yours can not be that much higher.

  81. 81
    GFW Says:

    Timing is also a factor. We’re, for the most part, healed or not as scared but still cautious, by 9/11. Zero Dark Thirty came out as well as Argo. So it has a wide audience who are curious. I’m just dying to know what DC did? How did the Nation’s Capital handle it? Was it a one-man show like Zero Dark Thirty?
    I mean right after 9/11 we had drills on the Washington Monument grounds and colored Coding to live by. Everything is searched even at movie theaters. No bags or backpacks allowed. People had to open handbags, etc at subway stations. High alert. Armed Metro stations with SWAT type soldiers with dogs and guards everywhere, as in everywhere.
    Also the economic upswing is helping with more people going out to movies again. Hell, even I’d scaled back and I’m active movie seer.

  82. 82
    Sharpen Your Claws Hags Says:

    @canthelpbutthink: your IQ can drop by the second just by reading her FB page…

    Yours must be in the negatives.

  83. 83
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    @Mr. Giggles
    Hey, welcome back! Good to see you and Oy still posting here. I don’t post as much nowadays; tend to read and ignore most posts. I just got back from a week in the Caribbean and am catching up on the GB front; I hope OHF does well for him. I ‘m already missing the blue sky and sea – sitting looking at it snow. This winter just doesn’t want to end. You put a smile on my face this morning dear Mr. G!

  84. 84
    GFW Says:

    No, takes no talent. FB has a zillion quotes there. Some very deep and profound. Quotes are easy to find.
    “I was reading GB’s answers yesterday on AMA or something, and this man is very intelligent and deep and experienced, has a huge personality.”
    Very true. His words are my food. I’ve always loved reading and listening to him. He’s a huge source of inspiration for many. He’s overcome many obstacles and hurdles in his life and made it, his way.

  85. 85
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @premiere: @canthelpbutthink Agreed. I love that he loves Branston pickle and Sigur Ros. Great to listen to while doing yoga. (They are performing in my area on March 24th). And first review, that is a promising report, no matter who it came from. Best wishes to all. Hi back Autumn, Ducky, lolita, cupcake.
    @C.A., it’s tough being a new fan and catching up. Many fans started to abandon ship when I first discovered him. It took me almost a year to catch up on his films and tv series. What are your favorite performances from him so far?

  86. 86
    GFW Says:

    I just need to say his mom looks so proud and beautiful. It’s my desktop at work. Being there with his folks was good “PR” but I’m positive that wasn’t the ploy. They’re simply there to support their son. A son who has come a long, long way from start to present. Proud be them.

  87. 87
    SeeSawSally Says:

    No mentioning of the GF on Kelly and MIchael this morning. Talked about all his traveling around but no mention of her at all. Talked about the Vanity Fair party and no mention of her at all. She is either total history, out of his life, or he has just opted to not talk about her and put his concentration on his movie. I tend to lean toward the former theory, especially with her antics over the weekend. How stupid can one girl be?

  88. 88
    Who? Says:

    He has rarely mentioned her. The last time I saw him interviewed about his trip to Scotland, it sounded like he was alone. She was just a blip on the radar, much like hundreds of others. He just threw her an extra bone by allowing her to be photographed with him at the VF party.There were a ton of pics of him and Laurie at the time he was seeing her. Even a “making out” shot. Just because a couple of trolls convince this blog for months that this “relationship” means something, doesn’t make it true. His behavior speaks otherwise.

  89. 89
    Where?? Says:

    Hasn’t it been established that the pic tweeted was old and that the soccer player was injured so he would not have been able to dance? At least that’s what I got from some of the other posts. I don’t have as hopeful of an outlook as you guys. They play to many games, ill believe it he and her are not seen together after a year. Just call me a doubting Thomas .

  90. 90
    Another troll Says:

    Where?? is obviously her troll supporter, or her. Also known as Eric and countless others. What is the purpose of your post? Just to try and prove, once again, that she wasn’t out with her ex? Give it a rest. It doesn’t matter either way. This relationship doesn’t have a chance. They are apart more than together, as it is. Doesn’t matter one bit if he hits it a few more times. It’s going nowhere fast.

  91. 91
    C.A Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: Thanks so much Joie and you are so right …. I will not even try but ask … :) Best movie LAC and The Ugly Truth ..Worst Bountyhunter …..

  92. 92
    Toti Says:

    I don’t know why you all keeping secretly wishing he dumps her or she’s history he likes them types! Do you really think he’s gona settle with a girl next door type you can forget it… He obviously has no respect for himself or her so they are perfect together! He always contradicts himself and so does she! And even if she is no longer in the picture who’s up next??? Porn star, stripper, characterless woman see the patten guys he always likes to go where dirt is some ppl get a kick out of it

  93. 93
    Where?? Says:

    @Another troll:
    How do you figure I’m a troll? Because I see the truth, just because you don’t agree with what I’ve read doesn’t make me a troll, it makes you a hateful dimwit who refuses to see other people’s point of view. I’m not a Maddie supporter but I don’t trust either of these guys. They both play games so excuse me if I prefer to be cautious in my observations.

  94. 94
    Lord Love a Duck Says:
    Gerry with fans.
    No word if he went to the after party. Maybe spent time with the folks?

  95. 95
    fisheye Says:

    The seediest, nastiest por/n star/stripper/fameho would be a step up from where he’s been recently. He was scraping the bottom of the barrel with his recent choice.

  96. 96
    Where?? Says:

    Did you not watch the HS interview? The relationship was real. Personally I think if they have broken up its because of that interview. If a guy i dated talked about intimate details of our relationship on a nationally broadcasted radio or TV show, I’d dump him.

  97. 97
    Zombies Says:

    Anybody who would be a supporter of hers either hates GB or has no functioning brain cells left.

  98. 98
    Who? Says:

    Who said the relationship wasn’t real? It’s as “real” as hundreds of others he’s had and means nothing. I agree that he treats her like garbage and has no respect for her, but why should he?

  99. 99
    Bwahahahaha Says:

    I just watched Kelly & Michael. You’d think he went to the VF party alone by the way he spoke. Heh. I bet he wishes he did now.

  100. 100
    Sharpen Your Claws Hags Says:

    @Zombies: Anybody who would be a supporter of hers either hates GB or has no functioning brain cells left.

    Not supporting her just not hating her like some of you.Talking about brain cells and trolls…..your little group must be operating under one brain cell-jealously.Only trolls hate others that they are jealous of.How old are some of here attacking a 25 year old?45 to 60 range I bet.Usually bullies can’t stand alone they are cowards

  101. 101
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @C.A: The Bounty Hunter was where I first noticed him while channel surfing on a rainy day. I know, right?! Atrocious film, but he really caught my eye. LAC is good, MGP is his best in my opinion. Dear Frankie was such a praise-worthy story. The Jury showed his early compassion for acting. My husband brought home 300 the day it came out on DVD and I ended up sleeping through the entire thing. I never even saw him. I had to dig out that copy when I started to crush on, oh, I mean, follow him. LOL! I am a person who doesn’t mix business and personal. I do not care what he does in real life and with whom, unless he exhibits violence against humans. There’s no excuse for that anytime. I found him endearing and then happened upon JJ’s GB threads and this is where I catch up on him when I have time. (waiting on Mr. Appliance today). Wishing big success for OHF! Take care, CA

    @Ducky – hello you! He seemed especially joyful last night. Thanks for the link. Best to you always!

  102. 102
    Gerryfan Says:

    Gerry is good soul and would find it very hard to dump someone but he knows MG has only been with him for what she could get. He has finally found out what his mother told him at Christmas, she’s bad news. And so, because he can’t find it in his heart to dump her, he’s showing her that he doesn’t care for her any more and that his family is more important to him than she is. By doing this he knows that she’ll leave and go elsewhere. And good riddance to her.

  103. 103
    GFW Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    That’s darling of him fitting in one or two after his “cut off” by his guard. Sweet, sweet man.
    Gorgeous suit of spectacular quality and fit! The excitement vibe could be felt anyone watching. Must feel great making someone’s day like that! Make someone smile by showing his gratitude by giving back!
    Wonder if his ‘pack’ of regulars showed up? Moria,

  104. 104
    GFW Says:

    Ashley won’t be single for long! Damn, she’s beautiful. Even Gerry was wow’d by her appeal in such a power dress yet still delicate made feminine by its color.

  105. 105
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    Hey GFW, curious what you thought of PFK?

  106. 106
    GFW Says:

    If I had my way he would have turned down Howard Stern flat out with a no. Think he did it for the demographics, the range feeling he needed to step up his promo tour this time. And with the proper backing this will be the hit all the others should have been too!

  107. 107
    GFW Says:

    @Joie de Vivre:
    I’ll type something up at lunch? Liked it enough though cringed at the women being out-right stereotypes. I hear it was heavily edited which cut into the story a bit. He looked good as I have a fondness for the longer hair.
    Had chemistry with Noah, who shows up in Safe Haven. Connected with Jessica and thought the story relevant today especially. Her guy was a mouse but that’s what she thought she wanted, the opposite of him. His u-turning at the end was well done by him. His acting was terrific, as always. Dennis was way over-the-top as was Uma and Catherine too.
    Loved the question, “Do you ever wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t mucked it all up?”
    More later…
    whose biggest complaint was I don’t think the directer ever stepped foot in Northern Virginia as we have no huge lakes or boathouses and cares are required, for the most part, to display license plates… details matter!

  108. 108
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Hi Joie and GFW, I loved that video, esp. when the girl said it was her birthday. How special is he.
    Heard he sent 10 bouquet of flowers to his mum for her birthday in that reddit thingy. I have no idea what that is but want to find out.
    I am such a stick in the mud and holding out for him to do Burns, still, yet and even. Would settle for a period film but think he might be tied down to action films for a while. Seems that’s what everyone wants to see him in. Still adore his passion in POTO.
    Well Joie have fun waiting for Mr. Appliance. Did they give you a 4 hr. window? Hate that lol. Ducky

  109. 109
    Toti Says:

    If he really cared for her & loved her he wouldn’t act like an idiot when he was on Howard if that was my bf i would dump him Howard was disrespectful and that amount of hate MG gets on the Internet if he cared he wouldve addressed it saying like hope his fans can support him etc hes said or done nothing to raise her respect or make her likeable & I think that’s y he has had relationship probs in past I don’t think he would support his woman & defend her it’s all about him! He thinks prob anyone should be just grateful to be with him! That says a lot about a man! And madalina darling no good writing quotes about your reputation, image is everything and you will get labeled on your actions if you want to be taken seriously then act upon what you say rather than contradicting yourself all the time

  110. 110
    Clamsie Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Burns is never going to be. He said they couldn’t raise enough money for it and the whole project fell apart a few years ago. It’s the only kind of movie I’d like to see him doing. Gerry is also too old to play the role of Rabbie.

  111. 111
    C.A Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: Thanks Joie …. so new I won’t try … better read all the comments in here and watch the FB page lol
    Best film must be Law Abiding Citizen and The Ugly Truth … Worst Bountyhunter …. But only seen recent ones begining with Tombraider(did not even know it was GB) Thanks for asking :)

  112. 112
    Can I just ask? Says:

    Diana, tell us, what happened to MG last night? Gerry told you that she would be there but she wasn’t. Don’t tell me the guy has been lying to you. I would never talk to him again as he’s obviously just trying to make a fool of you. Don’t have anything more to do with him and if he asks you to dinner again then just refuse, or better still, ask the doctor for stronger medication.

  113. 113
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @GFW: LOL! I laughed so hard at the restaurant scene where they are eating crabs. Not quite how it’s done, but creative license wins out. I agree it wasn’t Dennis Quaid’s best performance. He was so good in Something to Talk About. I’m so shallow in this way: I enjoyed looking at him and listening to his accent. Eye and ear candy is all I got! LOL! The story was so cliche and I did not care for the its depiction of women. My husband bought it for me (so sweet) but I’ll bet it sits in the DVD rack for a long, long time. Once was enough for me.

  114. 114
    Bwahahahaha Says:

    @Can I just ask?
    I hope your post is a joke, because anyone that believed what that troll Diane was saying is a complete idiot. Diane is a psycho troll who gets off on riling up the phannies. Do you really think an “insider” of any sort would post real information on here? LOL

  115. 115
    Greta Says:


    He doesn’t care for her and she doesn’t care for her. The whole relationship is just a stunt and unfortunately for Gerard he found out it was a very expensive stunt as she was bleeding him dry. She just uses people for her own ends and just saw GB as a walking credit card. My cousin works in a top London store and GB and MG were in one day last year and he spent hundreds on her and she still wanted more. In the end GB just walked out of the store and she wasn’t happy.

  116. 116
    Belle de Jour Says:

    Where is his romanian circus horse?

  117. 117
    Can I just ask? Says:


    Yes it is a joke. I’m daft but I’m not that daft as to believe her stories.

  118. 118
    GFW Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    “I am such a stick in the mud and holding out for him to do Burns, still, yet and even. Would settle for a period film but think he might be tied down to action films for a while. Seems that’s what everyone wants to see him in. Still adore his passion in POTO.”
    In the Phantom of the Opera he acted as if his life depended on it. Not only that but he knew he was a risk and challenged himself. Editing was thief there too. It also was like watching a long MTV video. I think that’s how I first described it. The magical dress change by her. The raising of the chandelier.
    He might not be tied down to action films exclusively. Just feel many like to see their guy in these types of ‘kick ass’ films who emit a certain masculine on-film appeal. Off-film he shows (to me) no signs of a he-man, just the opposite really. It’s his sensitive side or vulnerable appeal I’m drawn to. A little of both would be fun.
    Just feel he’s kind of in a (possibly) too much too late with tinge of resentment or bitter taste in his mouth after his last for films should have been promoted better? An exasperation of sorts? Hope not. His talent isn’t his. It’s his gift. But let’s take a wait and see stance. A break might do his soul good. Then again someone could make him an offer he can’t refuse and he’d start working next month for all we know!
    But the best part is folks will take a loot at his film history (action) and buy or rent Coriolanus, GAMER, Machine Gun Preacher and Chasing Mavericks all ‘action’ packed. Win-win!
    who would love for Burns to get made too

  119. 119
    Belle du Jour Says:

    Where is his romanian circus horse?

  120. 120
    Just a thought Says:

    @Can I just ask?:

    Perhaps she’s been sectioned and is under lock and key.

  121. 121
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @C.A: It’s fun talking about the filmography. Of course it’s all personal opinion, but there are some good ones and some lame ones. Mrs. Brown was good, imo, The Game of Their Lives was good. Of course he puts the rock and roll into the Phantom’s voice. I personally really liked Beowulf and Grendel and Attila. P.S. I Love You was good but Holly wore on me, she was so whiny and acquisitive. Anyway, fandom here is a roller coaster ride sometimes. Enjoy exploring, CA!

  122. 122
    GFW Says:

    @Joie de Vivre:
    I know. They didn’t visit Maryland either. LOL I agree overall only I could see it again. The Bounty Hunter was a once is enough film for me even though I loved the story. Seeing Gerry a slob was hard on the eyes. Kind of wished it was reversed, know what I mean?

  123. 123
    Just a thought Says:

    @Belle du Jour:

    Someone’s riding her in Italy.

  124. 124
    Belle du Jour Says:

    @Just a thought: That´s a good one… LOL

  125. 125
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: 6-hour window. Which means at 2:02 pm someone will show up or worse yet, call to say it could be another 4 hours. YIKES!!! Mr. Appliance is holding me hostage. I need Mike Banning to come and save me!!! Ah, my hero….LOL! Take care, Ducks! Always good to catch you here. (Btw, JJ said I was posting too quickly and to slow down and that post diappeared).

  126. 126
    Sharpen Your Claws Hags Says:

    @Just a thought: Someone’s riding her in Italy.

    I think you are underlaid.

  127. 127
    Just a thought Says:

    @Belle du Jour:

    Oh I have my moments!

  128. 128
    GFW Says:

    @Joie de Vivre:
    “Holly wore on me, she was so whiny and acquisitive.”
    Holly was so into herself and most likely was spoiled and married too young to know how good she had it. That “tiny” apartment was incredible.
    And don’t forget RockNRolla! Dynamite film. Dark, edgy, funny, interesting.

  129. 129
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    Since being a fan I have wanted him to play Burns. Unfortunately, I’m thinking that ship may have sailed for him. Burns died at 37 yrs old. I can see James McAvoy doing that bit. Did I just refer to Butler as being too old for a role….shame…LOL! As a history buff, I would love to see someone do a film about the Battle of Stamford Bridge between the English and the Vikings (c. 1066). I think it’s a great story. The Swordsman who floats under the bridge and takes out a Viking with an axe to save the English….I think his name was Mike Banning…LOL! I was there once and had a meal and a few pints in the pub there called (appropriately) The Swordsman.

  130. 130
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @GFW: Oh how could I forget One-Two! Another great performance, C.A. His publicist said at the time that the character was like a mirror of Butler. She said it was like watching Butler up there for two hours.

  131. 131
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Want to go down memory lane with the deleted scene from Dear Frankie?

  132. 132
    canthelpbutthink Says:

    @Sharpen Your Claws Hags: Bite me you trained monkey….
    Not many people hate her, but many think she’s stupid, shallow, insecure, narcissistic, etc.
    I’m amongst people who don’t hate her, I simply stated my opinion of her- and I don’t hate stupid people… I don’t hate anyone… There are so many different emotions between love and hate, but being a trained monkey that you are, you wouldn’t know…

  133. 133
    GFW Says:

    @Joie de Vivre:
    I’d heard that too. That it was the realist him to date on film. Then we need to ask ourselves, myself included, why do we get shocked at some of the stuff he says in interviews? He’s just being him. And we all know we can’t stop being somebody. I’m sure his mom winces and cringes at times but all-in-all he’s harmless. It is just (maybe) here in the prudes rule America our culture is more restrictive of being yourself than over there where they don’t blink? Make sense? Acceptance and understanding (of him) is vital in his being loved, liked.
    That said, I do recall years ago he lost sleep and worried about his image (public one) to a point of losing sleep. It seems he took the (extreme) opposite approach a few years later and that hasn’t fared well. Could he be reconsidering a return to a more private, stealthy Gerry?
    who wrote about his humor nailing it 100% in my first story so I’m not the prude I just concern myself for him… hard to explain…

  134. 134
    Lord Love a Duck Says:
    Let me try this again.

  135. 135
    dutchie Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Aww Ducky, Dear Frankie is one of my favourite Gerry movies! Have seen it so many times…. Have all movies except 1 and am waiting for CM and PFK to be released. hanks for taking me back on Memory Lane :) *mwah*

  136. 136
    A little bit of sunshine Says:

    Good self tanning, Gerry. You should put it all over including bum so that it is not pale when you show it in the West Coast next time.

  137. 137
    C.A Says:

    omg I just LUV JJ and all you in here :-)

  138. 138
    self tanning king Says:

    Good self tanning, Gerry. You should put it all over including bum so that it is not pale when you show it in the West Coast next time.

  139. 139
    Kristen Says:

    You sad old fatties are so amusing! Teehee

  140. 140
    dutchie Says:

    @Kristen: Who da you think you are insulting all people here by calling them fatties? crawl back underneath the rock you came from, troll!

  141. 141
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Know the God of your father, and serve Him with a loyal heart and with a willing mind. —1 Chronicles 28:9

    Remember, God can be known. He is a Person, not a logical or theological concept. He thinks, wills, enjoys, feels, loves, and desires as any person does. A. W. Tozer writes, “He is a person and can be known in increasing degrees of intimacy as we prepare our hearts for the wonder of it.” Ah, there’s the rub: We must “prepare our hearts.”

    The Lord is not playing hard to know; those who want to know Him can. He will not foist His love on us, but He does wait patiently, for He wants to be known by you. Knowing Him is the first thing in life.

    He walks with me, and He talks with me,
    And He tells me I am His own;
    And the joys we share as we tarry there
    None other has ever known. —C. Austin Miles
    The thought of God staggers the mind but to know Him satisfies the heart.

  142. 142
    canthelpbutthink Says:

    This between him and her and both promoting them selves – it’s becoming a circus…
    Someone wrote on her page how she unliked his page and now she is a free woman and she can be with whom ever she wants..a circus nothing else.. If this is one more PR stunt for his movie and it’s very possible it is, along with visiting the marines and talking about 9/11, i’m sorry but this is to much for me, soon he’ll be kissing someones ****, oh wait- he’s already doing that…

  143. 143
    Not good Says:

    Well, it looks like it is over between gb and mg. I don’t think he should take her back. They couldn’t of been over for more than a few days before she was “hanging out” with her ex. not the actions of a girl in love or of any class or dignity. he is well rid. This girl can’t help but jump from man to man. Gross. I’m not saying he is a saint but her being with her ex days after sitting with gb is not a class act as she tries to portray. But she did this last year days after splitting with Adrien Brody. She is ******. It wouldn’t surprise me if she got a better offer and will be seen with another A-B list sucker in a few days.

  144. 144
    The Big Picture Says:


    And not even the full first name at that. I heard she prefers being called Lina and he has never called her that.

  145. 145
    The Big Picture Says:


    You mean the interview where he talks about her breasts being real, she getting him while never saying her name not even once and where clearly we hear him tell HS “Nah! Not going to marry her! You know me!”?

    Must have missed something as nowhere in there did I hear him say about her she had been the right one, the one he thought was the love of his life. I got more the impression that for him she had the one for a moment he thought he could have fun with.

    He did run up and see other women while with her and at that time he could have run back to her if he was in love with her. I got more the impression that this was a relationship built on lust and not love.

    When asked if she was the right one, he goes and says she’s amazing, nice, that he’s lucky and he was as she has dropped things to be with him and when he had the time to rush and support her, he didn’t do it, choosing to be elsewhere instead. He also said he was having fun and you can have fun even if you’re not in love. What kind of an answer is that to such a question as “Is she the one?” The right answer would have either been “Yes, she’s the one!” or “No, she’s not” or “I don’t know”.

  146. 146
    The Big Picture Says:


    So your cousin works at Cookie’s? I don’t even know why he took MG shopping there as she didn’t need a warm coat for Scotland. She had one very warm expensive coat she was wearing in a picture she herself posted on her FB. He did well to put the credit card back in his wallet and to leave. She has Millions of Euros from what I told so let her spend a bit of her own money for a change!

  147. 147
    GFW Says:

    I think the like Gerry said on Twitter that the CP military base visit deeply touched him to bring some joy into their lives. I also believe he saw the enormity of their honor and responsibilities in serving and that will serve him well in coming roles. That it was also a humbling experience, fun, but humbling.

  148. 148
    @The Big Picture Says:

    Funny that you assume that just because he/they were shopping it was to buy for her. May gifts for other family/friends?

  149. 149
    It wouldn't surprise me.... Says:

    if MG is preggo. A gossip blind alluded to it a few days ago. George/Stacey and Gerard/Madelina were to top guesses. Also, so what if he spends $$$ on her? He’s a millionaire. People with money spend it. Don’t get me wrong….I’m NO fan of this girl (don’t hate her, either), but don’t make something out of nothing.

  150. 150
    stupidity is irritating Says:

    @Where??: Sure as real as Rock Hudson’s marriage.

  151. 151
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Poor Gerry soaked himself before the Kelly and Michael show:

  152. 152
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    ‘Olympus Has Fallen’: Gerard Butler Talks Bromance, White House Takeovers, and Silent Supervillains (EXCLUSIVE)

  153. 153
    Can'tGetEnough Says:
    W/ the charming @GerardButler @ the @OlympusMovie World Premiere in Hollywood, CA 3.18.13 #olympushasfallen #gerardbutler

  154. 154
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    In case you missed any, ALL of the photos from last night, courtesy of GALS:

  155. 155
    missjude Says:

    We know madalina’s breasts aren’t real and so does Gerard, he would know more than anyone. So now he is having to lie about it in a public setting to defend her delusions. Or maybe to date madalina one has to be delusionsl too? My lord this is very strange. If they’re done, I bet he is relieved.

  156. 156
    mardi gras Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Now THAT is chemistry.

  157. 157
    K&M Says:

    #151: Aw well that just made him even more endearing if that’s even possible.

  158. 158
    Starrynite Says:

    I’m sure he wud say he lips aren’t plumped up too! I’ve seen pictures of her before the boob surgery and she was completely flat chested, I mean not even an A cup! the photos were posted on a thread on jj of her with no boobs at all and then over night she has double D’s. she possibly suffers from a spontaneous growth disorder thank god it’s her lips and boobs and not say her ears! Or feet. she really is very lucky *cough cough*

  159. 159
    The Dance Says:

    Actually that dance scene just made him über endearing! How could that scene have been deleted? Love that movie…GB was fantastic in it!

  160. 160
    GFW Says:

    Most men are naturally extremely jealous, so trying to inflame his jealousy will only backfire. Trying to use jealousy as a ploy only makes a man feel resentful and insecure… and it makes him think she is insecure. The ultimate questions is: how could making a sane man jealous possibly make him love a woman more?

  161. 161
    SuperficialButler Says:

    Butler is raising his young gf.

  162. 162
    GFW Says:

    Read/heard somewhere he used to wear tee-shirts to interviews because of nerves then change into his dress shirts he brought with him. He kind of spazzed out it appears! Too funny. Hair driers to the rescue! Good he’s nervous about this film. It’s doing well and he wants to present himself favorably.

  163. 163
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @GFW: I would love to have been in the room and seen that. He probably cursed up a storm. LOL

  164. 164
    GFW Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    Oh wow, its been ages since I saw that, “You alright?” (swooning) No, they do dance in the film but not the slow-mo thing which indicates more intimacy than the director may have wanted to establish. After all she does say that line, “Who let you in?” or something like that and he says, “You did.”
    What so many like about The Stranger (I think) is his cool reserve. He holds back and that makes him mysterious and somewhat mysterious. Who is he? What’s his past? What’s his hopes and dreams? So we, the audience, can project that here is a good man who could be holding himself in check for fears of commitment or some relationship blues but wants with all his might to be that ‘Pa’ for the kid and ends up finding a joy missing in his life. Great film! Loved him in 2004-2005 when he went to Japan and wore a lot of unbuttoned cuffs.

  165. 165
    GFW Says:

    For certain! (covering ears) Kidding. Hey, ah, its no surprise I can, ah, curse a bit too. (slinking away)

  166. 166
    James A. Martin Says:

    @wooooohooo!!: my best friend’s sister makes $84/hr on the laptop. She has been fired for 6 months but last month her pay was $16521 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Here’s the site to read more…

  167. 167
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Awww poor baby, he’s exhausted!

  168. 168
    :-)) Says:

  169. 169
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Gerard Butler
    4 hours ago
    Did you see LIVE with Kelly and Michael this morning? I sprayed water all over my shirt before the interview. Smooth.

  170. 170
    Bonnie Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: I would also like to see a film of “battle of Stamford Bridge”could picture Gerard in that film.I have also had a drink and ate in The Swordsman Inn.
    I went to see James McAvoy in Macbeth in West End a few weeks ago,at first I thought I would love to see Gerard in the role of Macbeth.I thought James would be to young for it ,but he is superb he was outstanding.I loved it.
    I am sure if the opportunity of playing Rabbie Burn’s came up Gerard could have a bit of Botox and still play Rabbie.

  171. 171
    nic Says:


  172. 172
    Ana Bella Says:

    I don’t think they are broke up.
    Maybe it’s a distraction.
    He will go to Rome on 5 April.
    / I wish I was wrong /

  173. 173
    Greta Says:

    @@The Big Picture:

    My cousin says everything he purchased was for her and she just never seemed satisfied and wanted more. The impression staff got was that she was all me, me, me and came over as very greedy and immature.

  174. 174
    Who Cares? Says:

    Uhm……what you guys don’t get is that most men don’t CARE if a woman has had “work” done. As long as the end result is good. I’ve had my nose, lips and b/oobs done. NOT one man has cared about the work. What they HAVE cared about is why I was so insecure about my looks to begin with. In my case, I grew up with a father who was constantly pointing out my imperfections. “You’d be so pretty if only blah, blah , blah….”. What kind of man does that to his own child? Anyhow….we all have our reasons for what we do….

  175. 175
    GFW Says:

    That is darling… and too damn funny. So he is loving his Twitter account a great deal! Must have been tired? Da. Chicken soup can sooth your soul and make you feel so, so go good from the inside out.

  176. 176
    HG Says:

    @Who Cares?:

    Gerry was once on a woman’s program in the UK and before he came on there had been a bit about breast enlargement. he was asked if he liked big breasts and he said yes, as long as they’re natural and added that he thought that women should just be happy with what God gave them.

  177. 177
    Hugs for GB Says:

    Just saw an interview with GB and AF about OHF. When asked in what ways he’s sacrificed for the love of acting, Gerry responded: “43, and loveless, and childless, and depressed.” As a joke, mind you, but jokes always seem to be half-truths. : (

    Hope he’s in better spirits from now on, don’t like the idea of some kind of “post role” depression syndrome bothering him. This guy is so under appreciated for his work!

  178. 178
    May I point out Says:

    @Hugs for GB:

    He’s certainly not loveless, if only he knew just how many people love him.

  179. 179
    Who Cares? Says:

    @HG: Ahh….so the question is his honesty. And if he’s “gone Hollywood”…..

  180. 180
    Stormy Says:

    WHAT? I ask if you guys think GB does his own social networking (I mentioned the two he just joined by name) and my question to you posters goes to moderation? Why was that offensive to ask? LOTS of celebs have their p.r. people do it for them…

  181. 181
    HG Says:

    @Who Cares?:

    Well it just seems he prefers natural to enhanced. Nothing wrong with that.

  182. 182
    Here it is Hugs for GB Says:

  183. 183
    missjude Says:

    @Who Cares?: when he wants to have children and realises they won’t look anything like their mother…he’ll care. When he sees naturally beautiful women, he’ll care. If you are a sex object he’ll care less but any man with integrity who wanted to take thier girl seriously would care if his girlfriend is man-made especially if all her best features are fake. men prefer natural beauties over fake ones any day. Why take 2nd best?

    The real problem with mg and gb is that he is lying for her now. That I find weird.

  184. 184
    Hugs for GB Says:

    @Who Cares?:

    I’m sure he means that a HW career/lifestyle kinda eats up the time/privacy most people have to invest in a relationship…kinda just works that way I think, unless you’re perfect and have no issues with distance.

  185. 185
    not like she's hard to get Says:

    i don’t know why you guys are surprised. This is Madalina Ghenea we’re talking about here. The obscure model who made herself notorious by jumping in the sack with Leo DiCaprio, Adrien Brody, and Gerard Butler within months of each other, all in less than a year. If she left for Europe right after a break up with Gerry in LA, she was probably putting the moves on her next mark in first class before her flight crossed the Mississippi River.
    I don’t say that with pleasure mind you there. Her reputation that she’s lamenting on Facebook is of her own creation. Only one of two things can be true. Either she knows exactly what she’s doing and uses famous men to get this kind of tacky attention, or she’s a complete and total walking brain donor moron. That makes me sad for her, because neither is something to be proud of or the stuff good self-esteem is made of. It also makes me sad for any little girl who sees MG and thinks she’s someone to look up to. It’s all just sad really.
    If Gerry hasn’t broken up with her, fact is that she’s all that he really deserves. He hasn’t shown much interest in women of substance, so why should they be interested in him?

  186. 186
    Where?? Says:

    @stupidity is irritating:
    Something tells me you have first hand knowledge of stupid. Probably an everyday occurrence in your life.

  187. 187
    vs Says:

    Just saw the “Extra” interview from the red carpet. They mentioned MG and even showed the picture from the VF party, Ugh!

  188. 188
    May I point out Says:

    @not like she’s hard to get:

    “The obscure model who made herself notorious by jumping in the sack with Leo DiCaprio, Adrien Brody, and Gerard Butler within months of each other”

    There are stories that she was with Paul Haggis after Adrien and before Gerard.

  189. 189
    Who Cares? Says:

    @missjude: Please don’t insult me. I’ve finally learned that my boyfriends have loved me for ME; not what I look like. It’s who you are as a human being that makes you first or second rate. Having had surgery doesn’t make me 2nd best. I was fine to begin with, but led to believe, by an a/sshole, that my B cups and average sized lips weren’t pretty enough. But I’m still completetly recognizable…so I’m not worried about if my kids look like pre-surgery me… :)
    And as for GB lying for his girlfriend….what kind of jerk asks a man what “work” his woman has had? What was GB supposed to do…put on the spot? “Yeah, my Maddie is man-made”…..She would have killed him…!!!

  190. 190
    Hugs for GB Says:

    What would a thread without speculative judgements and insults look like???? Hhhmmm, a SANE one!

    No one here knows the guy (or girl), so how bout people just shut it unless they have something non-toxic to mention. Btw, GB’s got more substance in his recent movies than a LOT of actors out there, and that’s what can be judged, if anything.

    Haters – respect yourself and others by silencing your rants against strangers (judge not lest you be judged anyone?…).


  191. 191
    Heidi Fleiss Says:

    Check this out, go to Madalina’s facebook page (not her personal profile) anyway it’s hard to distinguish them because both are so public. She gave a “like” to Gerard Butler fb page a couple of days ago and now she unliked the page…why? aha

  192. 192
    3 Says:

    #168: Ok so we now have the endearing trifecta…too cute! :)

  193. 193
    Just read Says:

    I don’t know if it means anything, but I just read from one of her fans that MG ”unliked” GB from her FB pg. BUT, she does still have him under that he joined FB and a friend/actress posted a pic of them together at the VF party and that they were happy is still posted – sooooo….

  194. 194
    May I point out Says:

    @Here it is Hugs for GB:

    He mentions having three long term relationships in this part.

  195. 195
    @May I point out Says:

    He lies , when will you get it????

  196. 196
    Lord Love a Duck Says: If you have time, go to Gerry’s facebook page and read some of the comments. Not all but a lot are just hysterical, from gals offering to make him soup to accusing the waitress of date rape drugs to people wanting to tuck him in. And the wet shirt comments as well. Very funny.

  197. 197
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G eats soup thru his nose ….
    Well … god knows he’s put everything else up there

  198. 198
    GFW Says:

    The ‘gf’ is so not being discussed in any of the reviews and interviews I’ve been reading catching up, and that’s a lot. He mentions how he relaxes with travel then goes on to mention all the places he went but failed to say he took her along.
    The usual is there that he’s been linked to this and that famous person but not to the ‘gf’ he was just with.
    The the “joke” answer above (I haven’t stumbled across yet) where he’s those four things. In my best estimation Butler needs to start with one thing fairly quickly, and that’s appreciating what he has and being grateful for amazing reviews for a film that’s seemed to lift some curse. He’s waited for years to hear these kinds of praises I’m finding.

  199. 199
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Are you the one whom I helped out years ago with some personal probs ??? …. provided some helpful links for you ??

    I think it is …. how’s my sweet girl ??? ….. life’s treating you well, I hope.

  200. 200
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    I don’t know, but thinking that from now on, there won’t be any mention of gf or not. Be it this one or another. He is going to be so busy traveling world wide with stops in Rome as well, but bet there won’t be any pap news whether he sees her or not. All this negative stuff going on can’t be easy for him to take. Todays interview, imo is the beginning. Doubt he will allow questions about that to be asked.
    @May I point out:
    He knows that he is adored by his fans, but that isn’t something you can take home and cuddle with and Lolita [meaning the dog, not OUR Lolita} and the affection she gives is not the same as a help meet in this life. Someone he can confide in and more importantly trust with his very life. I dearly want that for him and hope he finds it soon. He isn't getting any younger and think with each action packed movie he does, that realization will be made very clear. He did say that he has everything he needs, but love from one woman not so.
    So, Ha Lolita, on second thought [not the pug]….what are you doing for the rest of your life. Only kidding…maybe.

  201. 201
    GFW Says:

    @Here it is Hugs for GB:
    Okay, this is the audio interview where he says he’s had three long-term “swirl” (interracial ‘relationships’) then adds a four including working with the director (he is terribly quick and funny) and the “joke” about what he’s given up for acting that he’s 43, loveless, childless and depressed. He’s also rich, famous, inspiring and has a bright future.

  202. 202
    Alina Says:


    Michael Strahan

    For two guys who never went to Prom, I think we look alright @GerardButler LOL @KellyandMichael

    7:30 PM – 19 Mar 13

  203. 203
    Lord Love a Duck Says: Since I seem to be on a nostalgia kick today, going down memory lane, A deleted scene from P.S. I Love you.

  204. 204
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Lolita, no offense in post 200 okay, Ducky

  205. 205
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Ducky, you stinker, lol, from your lips to God’s ears. Boy will that last comment get me called some hum dinger names.

  206. 206
    lolita Says:

    Ducky, I used to joke about shimmying up his leg, still think of that from time to time.

  207. 207
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @lolita: Oh crap, I am sorry. Please forgive!!! I do run off at times don’t I.
    Make you feel better, stay up and watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Gerry’s going to be on.

  208. 208
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: your a sweetie, always enjoy your posts. I’ll have to pass on Kimmel, have to get up so early for work. We are getting a snow storm so I might have to be up even earlier to dig out.

  209. 209
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    @Mr. Giggles
    I think you are referring to Manny.

  210. 210
    Huh????? Says:

    That looks like a wedding tuxedo, did he wear that on Kelly and Michael’s show? Whats the reason behind it?

  211. 211
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    @Trying to figure it out:
    Trying !! …. my old friend …… great to see you’re still here ….. I’m finding much of this “stuff” rather tiresome ….. skipping most posts ….. seen it all before …
    G’s still good for a laugh tho :) :) :)

    So … you’re back from the sunny warm Caribbean …. winter always feels colder once you return from paradise
    How was the blueberry…. or was it huckleberry …. hunt last season

  212. 212
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @lolita: Sorry to hear about the storm. Sure wo will have the tape of Kimmel or maybe JJ.
    Have a good evening and a careful day tomorrow okay. Will promise to be careful about my cough comments in the future…maybe. Ducky

  213. 213
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Let them fly. lol

  214. 214
    Alina Says:

    Gerard Butler
    2 minutes ago
    Hey guys! I’m on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, 11:30/10:30C on ABC!

  215. 215
    lolita Says:

    @Huh?????: No, Michael and Gerry were talking about missing out on going to the prom. There is a pic of Michael with the white tux on. Gerry just put it on. They joke about being hot prom buddies.

  216. 216
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    @Trying to figure it out:
    I was avoiding using a name ….. iirc sometimes peeps like to go incog

  217. 217
    Alina Says:

    It’s just a joke, they fooled around. He asked the tux guy that was there! Hahaha..

    Michael Strahan

    LOL, wow, my ‘would-be’ Prom pic

  218. 218
    Huh????? Says:

    @lolita: Thanks, I haven’t had a chance to watch the show. I will watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

  219. 219
    SeeSawSally Says:

    I didn’t see the EXTRA interview. Did THEY mention MG, or did Gerry mention her? If they were the ones to mention her, maybe they are not aware of the latest developments, and so they just added that to the interview. If Gerry didn’t mention her himself, it’s probably nothing to be too concerned over.

  220. 220
    nic Says:

    Interview (Extra)

  221. 221
    For goodness sakes Says:

    @not like she’s hard to get:

    Typical Gerard Butler fangirl post. Can’t stand the idea that he’s with a beautiful, ambitious, and intelligent woman. Just out of curiosity, how do YOU or any of you MG haters know that Maddie slept with Leo or Adrian? Your assumption or do you have solid proof? Just because a woman is seen in the company of men doesn’t mean they’re sleeping with each other.

  222. 222
    Huh????? Says:

    @For goodness sakes: Aren’t there pics of her and Leo in a hotel room and she has her “laundry” hanging over the balcony to dry?? that’s good enough for me to see they slept together. I don’t sit around in my nightgown with yesterdays undies hanging on the line in a “friends” hotel room.

  223. 223
    GB's own youtube Says:

    thanking Reddit!

  224. 224
    Huh????? Says:

    Heres the link.

  225. 225
    ;((( Says:

    @For goodness sakes:
    “Just because a woman is seen in the company of men doesn’t mean they’re sleeping with each other.”

    Sure. Especially when it’s on the balcony with Leo… and with bare bo/obs. She’s just a wh/ore. Ugh!

  226. 226
    SuperficialButler Says:

    Wait! Gerry plans to take a break from acting? He did not do much for 6 months. Is this a way to say, “if OHF does not go well, I can’t be a viable leading man.”

  227. 227
    ;((( Says:

    @For goodness sakes: Ha! And even more interesting to read the comments. They are not much different from what say now.

  228. 228
    SuperficialButler Says:

    @missjude: Lying for MG? Yes Gerry is. But he dates a child so I wouldn’t call him childless. Who wouldn’t protect their “child”?

  229. 229
    SuperficialButler Says:

    @Ana Bella: he said “he is taking a break from acting and Going to have fun now”.

    So what has he been doing in Cannes, florida and Thailand this year?

    Boy that was not fun.

  230. 230
    Alina Says:

    thanks WO

  231. 231
    Clamsie Says:

    @SuperficialButler: That’s the million dollar question. I also wonder if the screenings are nothing but hype. After all, his tens of thousands of fans couldn’t save his last four or five films. Virtually no one saw them in theaters. If he had so many fans, where was the outcry? He should know by now that HE isn’t selling movies on his own and no film is seen just because he’s in it. People go to movies because they like the concept or the story and want to see it played out on-screen.

    Bruce Willis’s latest Die Hard sequel has been out a month. Took in just under $25 mil opening weekend which was very good. In a month, it’s made $65 mil. Considering it cost $92 mil to make, it’s not even breaking even but it’s a moderate hit. DVD sales might help it.

    That’s the kind of boxoffice Gerry needs but will he get it? Gerry and crew need to sell OHF to the same people who saw the Die Hard sequel.

  232. 232
    Toronto Says:

    No denying….he looks AMAZING on Kimmel. I hope the movie does REALLY well. He needs a hit. As much as I fight it…I’ll always have a soft spot for the guy…

  233. 233
    SuperficialButler Says:

    @Clamsie: They have a great cast. It will do decent. Freeman is bankable. Gerry can’t carry a film alone at all.

    I just saw him on Kimmel. He reiterated his hero story. It was funny.

  234. 234
    nic Says:

    For SuperficialBulter
    Who knows? or OHF will be a huge hit and he does not need to worry about $….

  235. 235
    Alina Says:

    new Thread

  236. 236
    Clamsie Says:

    @SuperficialButler: I think you missed the point. No one can carry a film anymore. It’s not the 1950s when everyone flocked to theaters to see Bogart or Marilyn in everything. Consumers in 2013 want entertainment and a good story, regardless of who’s in a film. I bet not one person is going to see this film “because Morgan Freeman is in it”.

    People don’t go to see “an actor’s” film. They go because they heard the film is good or they are curious because of the trailer or they’ve read the book. They want the story, not the actors.

  237. 237
    dargabriel Says:

    Gerard looking very dapper, go,go,go, to the top, I believe butler will be an A lister, he shall conquer his victory. Love,dargabriel

  238. 238
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    @Mr. Giggles
    Yeah, it’s the same old, same old with the posts. Not too any of the old regulars around anymore.

    Blueberry hunt was a success again this year.

    Hi Dar, good to see you around. How is life up on Eagle?

  239. 239
    Time to ask... Says:

    @dargabriel: hi Dar, how are you?

  240. 240
    dargabriel Says:

    @Trying to figure it out: things are terrific up here, I swear I’ll never leave here, new year, new life, new job, right here. I hope all is great with you, very nice to see you. I’m bartending, first time in my life,lol, lucky break, american legion at the lake. Life is grand and I wish you a great year. Love,dar

  241. 241
    Xanadu Says:


    Who cares? The girl is a no talent gold digger. She has a horse face. Just because someone is tall and underweight it doesn’t equal beauty. She’s fake, with gross crusty lips/crooked buck teeth, and a adam’s apple. I hope Gerry moves on, he seems miserable. He deserves to be in some ways. He hits on girls nonstop, and can’t even stay faithful for a whole year.

  242. 242
    May I point out Says:


    There’s no proof he’s been unfaithful.

  243. 243
    JS Says:


    ” Did THEY mention MG, or did Gerry mention her? If they were the ones to mention her,”

    It looks like neither Gerry nor the interviewer mentioned her but that her picture was added on in the studio with a voice over mentioning her.

  244. 244
    Gerryfan Says:

    @May I point out:

    “He mentions having three long term relationships in this part”

    He has mentioned long term relationships before. they were eighteen months, two years and four years.

  245. 245
    leader motors maroc Says:

    That is just one great actor

  246. 246
    Sour Grapes! Says:

    @Xanadu: How do they taste? Why the nasty comments? I’ll bet my left arm MG is way prettier than you. I agree she may be a gold-digger. But aren’t you insulting GB by saying that? He’s loveable-even as a plumber! He’s smart, he’d have figured it out by now if she was using him. And she does not have a horse face or buck teeth! (Yeah, she could put on a few pound, granted. But she’s in her 20s. When I was that age, at 5’4′, I weighed 94 pound for the entire decade and I ate like a horse. It’s just youthful high metabolism). She’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. At least I can admit I’m jealous and would love to be in her position. And, as mean as LOL can be….she’s right. The only ones insulting MG with such vigour are jealous because they are too old and unattractive to land GB. Try relaxing and being happy for him. And find a man you CAN attain. I have a gorgeous, successful businessman. And I’m no 20 something model. It can happen girls.

  247. 247
    The Worst Position Says:

    She’s in the worst position ever: desperate, jealous and no longer in control. Can’t you smell it? The world can. Rank stifling suffocating air is out; fresh air full of hope and promise is in.

  248. 248
    Sour Grapes! Says:

    @The Worst Position: Why on earth would you think/know that? Do you know either personally? Oh, BTW, “the world” doesn’t care. Only his die-hard fans do….

  249. 249
    The Worst Position Says:

    She is in the worst position because was she invited to be beside him at his world premiere in Hollywood? No.
    Where is she? She’s in Italy publicly fornicating with ex’s trying to win him back by acts of degrading behavior just like the immature child-woman she is. That I know, you?

  250. 250
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    I have been reading your posts, but just not making any comments. Glad to know life on Eagle is great. I’m fine, just got back from a week in the Caribbean. Life is good. Take care.

  251. 251
    mardi gras Says:

    @Bonnie: I too would love to see this Stamford Bridge movie, my cup of tea, if Butler wants to produce do Burns with McAvoy as Burns, with the right director the money will come

  252. 252
    mardi gras Says:

    @Who Cares?: You mean the men attracted to you don’t care because yes some men care and other don’t, Gerry pretended that he preferred natural looking women and most of the women in his life have been exactly that, not the Hollywood standard prototype. Since he loves models most models don’t mess with their face if they are already successful, more get boob jobs but even then they keep it on the small size, boobs that are too big are a no no in high fashion at least so far. The supermodels back in the day were more voluptuous but the LA porn star look no.

  253. 253
    inaccuracy is irritating Says:

    @May I point out: “There are stories that she was with Paul Haggis after Adrien and before Gerard.”

    Wrong before Leo up until Leo ish. Wink.

  254. 254
    GFW Says:

    @mardi gras:
    “if Butler wants to produce do Burns with McAvoy as Burns, with the right director the money will come”
    I concur. Let’s hope ‘they’ are reading. But I say put Butler in it somehow as it’s his ‘baby’ and pet project he’s wanted for ions to make or Richard Armitage (Thorin in The Hobbit) in if James can’t make it. Men aged differently back then. I see 37 YOs now and they look 45.

  255. 255
    inaccuracy is irritating Says:

    @;(((: @For goodness sakes:
    “Just because a woman is seen in the company of men doesn’t mean they’re sleeping with each other.”
    Sure. Especially when it’s on the balcony with Leo… and with bare bo/obs. She’s just a wh/ore. Ugh!

    Not only that she admitted to being in a relationship with Leo in interviews and was invited to his birthday party in NYC in November 2011, a few weeks after the balcony show, right before he dumped her and all the other models he was using in Australia for his entertainment, for Erin Heatherton.

    so is she a liar then?

    Leo doesn’t do platonic unless you prescribe to the Leo is gay theory in which case he only does beards.

  256. 256
    Lord Love a Duck Says: Hey guys, did you know we are on a new thread. Come on over.

  257. 257
    box office mojo Says:

    @Clamsie: One of the movie sites was predicting similar numbers to Good Day to Die Hard, A few reviewers are saying OHF is better than Good Day to Die Hard.

    What you forgot is the overseas numbers which is why Gerard and Aaron Eckhart are going on a mini tour of the world to promote the film. With the overseas box office, Good Day to Die Hard will make money.

  258. 258
    Why Not? Says:

    Gerry could do worse then to ask Ashley out! They look great together and she’s used to the ways of the Scottish male! Not to mention she’s smart, she’s an activist (for real), she’s newly single, she’ll probably run for political office someday and I’d vote for her, and she’s hot, hot, hot! This woman is what he needs, a mature, directed and down to Earth gal. Gerry get on the stick and ask her out! She’d keep him in line!

  259. 259
    Why Not? Says:

    @mardi gras: Real runway and print models are not supposed to be big boobed. One designer put it well by saying that they are meant to be “human clothes hangers” so the thinner and flatter the better. And back in the day, they were NOT more voluptuous. Remember Twiggy?

  260. 260
    What now? Says:

    @Why Not?:

    AJ wouldn’t want a man like him. She has big plans for herself and his reputation would ruin her career.

  261. 261
    Eric Says:

    If you are a women, I bet you would kill to look like her. But supposing you are right and she’s ugly, so what? A person is not only defined by her looks, and besides, no one is perfect, even you are not perfect. Would you like someone laughing at you for what your face look like, or if you are too tall / short / crooked? I wonder if you have the same sarcastic reaction when you look into the mirror… No, I bet you don’t. We pretend high standards only form others.

    @Not good:
    “I don’t think he should take her back. They couldn’t of been over for more than a few days before she was “hanging out” with her ex. ”
    If you referring to that photo with her ex, anyone who compare that with other recent photos of him can see he is now looking much older.
    It’s so obvious that it’s an old photo. If there are other rumors besides that photo, that she was seeing him last weekend, we still don’t know if it’s true, because there’s no proof for that yet. Anyway, it’s stupid to judge a person only by a rumor that may prove to be false. We say that she’s not intelligent for putting quotes on her FB page (although she graduated her college with an average of 9,56), but we prove to be far from intelligent when we jump to conclusions based only on rumors.

    P.S. Don’t need to be her relative to support her. I saw few of her interviews and seems she’s a nice person, who doesn’t deserved to be insulted like that. It grieves me to see so much hatred and superficiality in judging people.

  262. 262
    For goodness sakes Says:


    I see no bared breasts. She’s still clothed. Where’s the proof that she was sleeping with him? Again just because a female is in the company of a man does not mean she is sleeping with him. Again, assumptions from a bunch of rabid crazy fangirls jealous over a guy who they will NEVER ever get. Be happy he actually found someone.

  263. 263
    May I point out Says:

    @inaccuracy is irritating:

    Well whatever, but we are agreed that PH has been there too?

  264. 264
    dch Says:

    @Here it is Hugs for GB: Love it.

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