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Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Hollywood Premiere!

Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Hollywood Premiere!

Gerard Butler and Ashley Judd are all dressed up while attending the premiere of their new film Olympus Has Fallen held at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on Monday (March 18) in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined by his co-stars Angela Bassett, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, Gerry chatted with fans in an AMA on Reddit.

Check out the newly released red band clip below for Olympus Has Fallen, out in theaters on Friday (March 22)!

FYI: Angela is wearing Edmundo Castillo shoes.

Gerard Butler – ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Red Band Clip

FYI: Ashley is wearing Martin Katz jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler attending the premiere of his film Olympus Has Fallen

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gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 01
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 02
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 03
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 04
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 05
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 06
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 07
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 08
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 09
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 10
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 11
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 12
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 13
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 14
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 15
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 16
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 17

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • Loose

    Okay, can someone please answer me this.
    Why in the world does Gerard have more chemistry with Ashely Judd on the red carpet than with his own girlfriend?
    Ashley and Gerard look like a couple. This is crazy.
    I’m not saying he’s not into his GF and maybe it’s harder to look cosy with your other half on the red carpet than with your co-stars. George Clooney and Stacey look stiff at times too.
    Simply put. I do not understand Hollywood relationships at all.
    The only thing I know is that Gerard looks good. Really good.

  • Sun tracker7

    Good self tanning, Gerry. You should put it all over including bum so that it is not pale when you show it in the West Coast next time.

  • Kristen

    He’s not smiling in any of the photos. Poor man. He must miss his beautiful, young wife so much. Oh drat, I did it again. I meant girlfriend. Or did I? Maybe the parents are in town for a special occasion? Seems an awfully long way to travel just for a movie premiere.

  • Occasion besides the premiere?


    You’d think the “special reason” would be in the pictures with him and the parents then wouldnt you?

  • Loose

    Go to bed Madalina.

  • you are slow

    His parents reside part of the year in Miami you fool.

  • Hypocrite

    Madalina Ghenea posted this Charlie Chaplin quote on her FB page — “Worry more about your conscience than your reputation. Because your conscience is what you are, your reputation is what others think of you. And what others think of you is their problem.”
    Yeppers. Madalina is so much more worried about her conscious than her reputation that she’s publicly responded to the reports about her infidelity by posting about the importance of conscience over reputation ON HER PUBLIC FACEBOOK PAGE.
    I don’t care that she’s responded to the reports but don’t try to sound deep or profound while doing the exact OPPOSITE of what you’re claiming to be deep or profound about. Either say you did it or deny it.
    It’s part of the problem that people have with Madalina Ghenea. She says she doesn’t want to date famous men to get attention, but then goes and dates Leo DiCaprio, Adrien Brody, and Gerard Butler, who have been her only source of attention etc. etc. etc. She’s a hypocrite.
    He isn’t much better. The post about seeing Gerard Butler differently after all of this is unfortunately true. Maybe it shouldn’t matter who people date, but Gerard Butler has picked a public career that depends on the public liking him. The fact that all but one of the girls he’s been confirmed to be with either by him or the girl have been rather low-rent, very young models, young porn stars, or reality television people … it makes you think that he doesn’t really hold women in high esteem if he doesn’t admire more in a woman than that, if he doesn’t see the message that sends about what he values in women.
    Maybe they’ll both learn something from all of this but I’m betting not.

  • Lame troll

    I see the old “Haggis” troll has returned. I would give up on pushing this lame marriage storyline if I were you. Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough by now?

  • GFW

    I love how his parents are color-coordinated! And the power suit in navy looks incredible on Gerry!
    From today’s free Washington Post Express daily paper:
    “It’s the most powerful building in the world, and it’s the symbol and beacon of freedom.”
    ~Gerard Butler, who stars in Olympus Has Fallen, on how, even as a native of Scotland, he relates to the gravity of an attack on the White House
    ~K, hoping Butler has a hit on his hands that motivates him to give us more (eventually) after his ‘break’

  • she’s half right

    I do think a lot the bad press surrounding Madalina is only half true at best but one thing that can’t be denied is her narcissistic personality disorder.
    Sheesh, another post about how misunderstood she is?
    STOP POSTING ON FACEBOOK MADALINA and the world wouldn’t have the ammunition that is the cause of your ‘reputation’.
    People should stop reading her page because your IQ is probably going to drop.

  • Too bad

    Y does no one get it she can’t keep frequently hence getting sponsors like the festival etc also by studying at lee Strasberg! So shel prob at the Europe premiers most likely if they still together but it’s a very weird relationship if you ask me he has no idea what she gets up to neither dies he seem possesive or care you can’t call it normal relationship no wonder Hollywood is messed up! Bradley cooper when’s led with Jennifer Laurence said she’s old enough to be his daughter who is 23 now he’s dating a 20 yr old

  • The Quote

    Trouble with her is psychopaths have no conscience nor do psychopathic liars.
    Her reputation is her own making.

  • Amen

    @The Quote:
    It’s like she’s addicted to Facebook or something. And always posting quotes suggests that she’s smart enough to google them, but not smart enough to express herself in her own words. Cryptic she ain’t.

  • One Thing Is Certain

    No one really knows what’s going on behind closed doors. A lot of fans blame Madalina for lashing out on Facebook all the time, but it’s probably just from frustration. I bet she’s on a tight leash and she can’t stand it! I’d be pretty angry if my ‘boyfriend’ likened me to a prostitute on the red carpet and then told the world that I was loose enough to bed in 4 days! I feel sorry for this girl. I think she can distract Gerard with her pretty little figure but his man is no fool. He’s running the show, you can bet on that.
    The only thing that is certain is that Mr. Butler will never have a normal relationship as long as his girlfriend insists on trying to communicate with his fans on his Facebook. She’s acting like the cat that got the canary. Don’t do a victory dance Madalina before you’ve sealed him up good and proper.

  • first review!
  • C.A

    “I wouldn’t hang any hopes on anything the DM prints. They make colossal errors in their reporting” ….
    LOL no hopes intended(or maybe just a small one though) … Just referring to the rumours going on about a possible split made on a earlier thread …

  • nice suit

    He looks great. Nice to see the folks supporting him. They look like lovely people, and he’s fortunate to have them in his life. Hope the movie is good.
    Welcome back, Mr. Giggles – you’ve been missed!

  • Tasty

    @first review!:

    “glad to see Gerard Butler leaving romantic comedies to other leading men and taking up his rightful mantle as an action hero…4 stars ”

    Den Of Geek really enjoyed it.

  • WOW

    4 stars?
    That’s really great news. I think we’ve got the old Gerard back.
    Who cares what’s going on in his personal life as long as he makes films worth watching.
    Congratulations Gerard!

  • DocP

    How do you guys know that this “new” Gerry isn’t just a PR stunt. His people probably told him to have his GF lay low due to all the negativity associated with her and his fans. Once all the hoopla about OHF has faded away then he might just resume the relationship. Sorry guys but this is Hollywood they will do anything to sell their movie. I’m hoping it does well at the box office or Gerry really will be leaving the movie scene. Many actors have done it. Hollywood and the fans are fickle. Do what they want, they love you. Try to branch out from the mold that imprisons you, and the public looses interest. Its just the way of the world.

  • WOW

    Ah, the good reviews are based not he movie itself.
    It’s got very little to do with PR.
    And he’s talked about Mads in interviews for ages.
    The ‘new’ Gerry isn’t new and it isn’t PR.
    It’s just that he’s finally made a good movie. That’s all.

  • premiere

    Beautiful pictures all around… everyone looks great! Also really enjoyed the session on Reddit…such a nice surprise to read about GB in his own words…and I learned some new things about him. :) Thumbs up!

  • GFW

    Question is. Will the positive reviews and good press lure him to seek to get back to work sooner rather than later? Might he be courted again?
    Actually, I didn’t see too much wrong with his last four films. I’m going to stay mum on what I feel they for them not making a better splash it as I feel a page has been turned and that’s great!
    What I hope by the brilliant strategy of courting different types of audiences is that he garners a new base of fans. Folks who don’t follow gossip sites but just see films and will backtrack to see more of his work!

  • @WOW

    You can count how many times he’s mentioned her on one hand. And he’s only said her actual name once or twice. First name only.

  • WOW

    I just meant that his personal life and PR have nothing to do with the success of this movie.
    The great reviews are coming through because the movie is great!
    I don’t think that Mads has been told to lay low at all.
    Wether they are together or not is not important. This film is.

  • Dictionary

    I think you’ll find he’s always been a bachelor. He’s never been married. The DM is accurate. He IS a bachelor.

  • Clamsie

    It’s pretty funny that most of the Maddie-haters are blaming her for his movie flops BUT at the same time you’re all planning to see OHF. Obviously her presence in his life has not deterred you from supporting HIM.

    The rest of the people who will see the film don’t know who MG is or care who he’s dating. Only a few dozen or so Maddie haters think they can control his entire private and professional life.

    LOL. This is rich!!!!!!!!!! No wonder Maddie has a blast on her fb and probably does so with Gerry’s complete approval.

  • canthelpbutthink

    I totally agree with her- excessively googling quotes, she’s definitely not smart enough to write something on her own, actually the only thing she can write : best friends in the world, best birthday , best trainer – her brain literally can’t function in any other direction , what a melodramatic imbec*l.
    And when you look for a quote, you still need some IQ to find the right one … The things you think,say and do is what you are, and it also shapes your life, your carrier and what other people think about you.
    I was reading GB’s answers yesterday on AMA or something, and this man is very intelligent and deep and experienced, has a huge personality. Couldn’t help but think how is it possible he can be with her in a relationship, she literally has nothing to say, she says things that she heard from others, or someone told her she should act that way… I also agree with who ever said – your IQ can drop by the second just by reading her FB page…

  • Quit reading

    It would be nice if those of you who insist on reading whatshername’s fb page would stop. Or at least stop posting about it here. Just let her disappear into obscurity again and quit giving her attention. You’re just feeding her narcissism. That. Is. All.

  • Sharpen Your Claws Hags

    @she’s half right: People should stop reading her page because your IQ is probably going to drop.

    I’m sure yours can not be that much higher.

  • GFW

    Timing is also a factor. We’re, for the most part, healed or not as scared but still cautious, by 9/11. Zero Dark Thirty came out as well as Argo. So it has a wide audience who are curious. I’m just dying to know what DC did? How did the Nation’s Capital handle it? Was it a one-man show like Zero Dark Thirty?
    I mean right after 9/11 we had drills on the Washington Monument grounds and colored Coding to live by. Everything is searched even at movie theaters. No bags or backpacks allowed. People had to open handbags, etc at subway stations. High alert. Armed Metro stations with SWAT type soldiers with dogs and guards everywhere, as in everywhere.
    Also the economic upswing is helping with more people going out to movies again. Hell, even I’d scaled back and I’m active movie seer.

  • Sharpen Your Claws Hags

    @canthelpbutthink: your IQ can drop by the second just by reading her FB page…

    Yours must be in the negatives.

  • Trying to figure it out

    @Mr. Giggles
    Hey, welcome back! Good to see you and Oy still posting here. I don’t post as much nowadays; tend to read and ignore most posts. I just got back from a week in the Caribbean and am catching up on the GB front; I hope OHF does well for him. I ‘m already missing the blue sky and sea – sitting looking at it snow. This winter just doesn’t want to end. You put a smile on my face this morning dear Mr. G!

  • GFW

    No, takes no talent. FB has a zillion quotes there. Some very deep and profound. Quotes are easy to find.
    “I was reading GB’s answers yesterday on AMA or something, and this man is very intelligent and deep and experienced, has a huge personality.”
    Very true. His words are my food. I’ve always loved reading and listening to him. He’s a huge source of inspiration for many. He’s overcome many obstacles and hurdles in his life and made it, his way.

  • Joie de Vivre

    @premiere: @canthelpbutthink Agreed. I love that he loves Branston pickle and Sigur Ros. Great to listen to while doing yoga. (They are performing in my area on March 24th). And first review, that is a promising report, no matter who it came from. Best wishes to all. Hi back Autumn, Ducky, lolita, cupcake.
    @C.A., it’s tough being a new fan and catching up. Many fans started to abandon ship when I first discovered him. It took me almost a year to catch up on his films and tv series. What are your favorite performances from him so far?

  • GFW

    I just need to say his mom looks so proud and beautiful. It’s my desktop at work. Being there with his folks was good “PR” but I’m positive that wasn’t the ploy. They’re simply there to support their son. A son who has come a long, long way from start to present. Proud be them.

  • SeeSawSally

    No mentioning of the GF on Kelly and MIchael this morning. Talked about all his traveling around but no mention of her at all. Talked about the Vanity Fair party and no mention of her at all. She is either total history, out of his life, or he has just opted to not talk about her and put his concentration on his movie. I tend to lean toward the former theory, especially with her antics over the weekend. How stupid can one girl be?

  • Who?

    He has rarely mentioned her. The last time I saw him interviewed about his trip to Scotland, it sounded like he was alone. She was just a blip on the radar, much like hundreds of others. He just threw her an extra bone by allowing her to be photographed with him at the VF party.There were a ton of pics of him and Laurie at the time he was seeing her. Even a “making out” shot. Just because a couple of trolls convince this blog for months that this “relationship” means something, doesn’t make it true. His behavior speaks otherwise.

  • Where??

    Hasn’t it been established that the pic tweeted was old and that the soccer player was injured so he would not have been able to dance? At least that’s what I got from some of the other posts. I don’t have as hopeful of an outlook as you guys. They play to many games, ill believe it he and her are not seen together after a year. Just call me a doubting Thomas .

  • Another troll

    Where?? is obviously her troll supporter, or her. Also known as Eric and countless others. What is the purpose of your post? Just to try and prove, once again, that she wasn’t out with her ex? Give it a rest. It doesn’t matter either way. This relationship doesn’t have a chance. They are apart more than together, as it is. Doesn’t matter one bit if he hits it a few more times. It’s going nowhere fast.

  • C.A

    @Joie de Vivre: Thanks so much Joie and you are so right …. I will not even try but ask … :) Best movie LAC and The Ugly Truth ..Worst Bountyhunter …..

  • Toti

    I don’t know why you all keeping secretly wishing he dumps her or she’s history he likes them types! Do you really think he’s gona settle with a girl next door type you can forget it… He obviously has no respect for himself or her so they are perfect together! He always contradicts himself and so does she! And even if she is no longer in the picture who’s up next??? Porn star, stripper, characterless woman see the patten guys he always likes to go where dirt is some ppl get a kick out of it

  • Where??

    @Another troll:
    How do you figure I’m a troll? Because I see the truth, just because you don’t agree with what I’ve read doesn’t make me a troll, it makes you a hateful dimwit who refuses to see other people’s point of view. I’m not a Maddie supporter but I don’t trust either of these guys. They both play games so excuse me if I prefer to be cautious in my observations.

  • Lord Love a Duck
    Gerry with fans.
    No word if he went to the after party. Maybe spent time with the folks?

  • fisheye

    The seediest, nastiest por/n star/stripper/fameho would be a step up from where he’s been recently. He was scraping the bottom of the barrel with his recent choice.

  • Where??

    Did you not watch the HS interview? The relationship was real. Personally I think if they have broken up its because of that interview. If a guy i dated talked about intimate details of our relationship on a nationally broadcasted radio or TV show, I’d dump him.

  • Zombies

    Anybody who would be a supporter of hers either hates GB or has no functioning brain cells left.

  • Who?

    Who said the relationship wasn’t real? It’s as “real” as hundreds of others he’s had and means nothing. I agree that he treats her like garbage and has no respect for her, but why should he?

  • Bwahahahaha

    I just watched Kelly & Michael. You’d think he went to the VF party alone by the way he spoke. Heh. I bet he wishes he did now.

  • Sharpen Your Claws Hags

    @Zombies: Anybody who would be a supporter of hers either hates GB or has no functioning brain cells left.

    Not supporting her just not hating her like some of you.Talking about brain cells and trolls…..your little group must be operating under one brain cell-jealously.Only trolls hate others that they are jealous of.How old are some of here attacking a 25 year old?45 to 60 range I bet.Usually bullies can’t stand alone they are cowards