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Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Hollywood Premiere!

Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Hollywood Premiere!

Gerard Butler and Ashley Judd are all dressed up while attending the premiere of their new film Olympus Has Fallen held at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on Monday (March 18) in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined by his co-stars Angela Bassett, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, Gerry chatted with fans in an AMA on Reddit.

Check out the newly released red band clip below for Olympus Has Fallen, out in theaters on Friday (March 22)!

FYI: Angela is wearing Edmundo Castillo shoes.

Gerard Butler – ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Red Band Clip

FYI: Ashley is wearing Martin Katz jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler attending the premiere of his film Olympus Has Fallen

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 01
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 02
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 03
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 04
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 05
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 06
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 07
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 08
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 09
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 10
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 11
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 12
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 13
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 14
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 15
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 16
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 17

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough

    ‘Olympus Has Fallen’: Gerard Butler Talks Bromance, White House Takeovers, and Silent Supervillains (EXCLUSIVE)

  • Can’tGetEnough
    W/ the charming @GerardButler @ the @OlympusMovie World Premiere in Hollywood, CA 3.18.13 #olympushasfallen #gerardbutler

  • Can’tGetEnough

    In case you missed any, ALL of the photos from last night, courtesy of GALS:

  • missjude

    We know madalina’s breasts aren’t real and so does Gerard, he would know more than anyone. So now he is having to lie about it in a public setting to defend her delusions. Or maybe to date madalina one has to be delusionsl too? My lord this is very strange. If they’re done, I bet he is relieved.

  • mardi gras

    @Lord Love a Duck: Now THAT is chemistry.

  • K&M

    #151: Aw well that just made him even more endearing if that’s even possible.

  • Starrynite

    I’m sure he wud say he lips aren’t plumped up too! I’ve seen pictures of her before the boob surgery and she was completely flat chested, I mean not even an A cup! the photos were posted on a thread on jj of her with no boobs at all and then over night she has double D’s. she possibly suffers from a spontaneous growth disorder thank god it’s her lips and boobs and not say her ears! Or feet. she really is very lucky *cough cough*

  • The Dance

    Actually that dance scene just made him über endearing! How could that scene have been deleted? Love that movie…GB was fantastic in it!

  • GFW

    Most men are naturally extremely jealous, so trying to inflame his jealousy will only backfire. Trying to use jealousy as a ploy only makes a man feel resentful and insecure… and it makes him think she is insecure. The ultimate questions is: how could making a sane man jealous possibly make him love a woman more?

  • SuperficialButler

    Butler is raising his young gf.

  • GFW

    Read/heard somewhere he used to wear tee-shirts to interviews because of nerves then change into his dress shirts he brought with him. He kind of spazzed out it appears! Too funny. Hair driers to the rescue! Good he’s nervous about this film. It’s doing well and he wants to present himself favorably.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @GFW: I would love to have been in the room and seen that. He probably cursed up a storm. LOL

  • GFW

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    Oh wow, its been ages since I saw that, “You alright?” (swooning) No, they do dance in the film but not the slow-mo thing which indicates more intimacy than the director may have wanted to establish. After all she does say that line, “Who let you in?” or something like that and he says, “You did.”
    What so many like about The Stranger (I think) is his cool reserve. He holds back and that makes him mysterious and somewhat mysterious. Who is he? What’s his past? What’s his hopes and dreams? So we, the audience, can project that here is a good man who could be holding himself in check for fears of commitment or some relationship blues but wants with all his might to be that ‘Pa’ for the kid and ends up finding a joy missing in his life. Great film! Loved him in 2004-2005 when he went to Japan and wore a lot of unbuttoned cuffs.

  • GFW

    For certain! (covering ears) Kidding. Hey, ah, its no surprise I can, ah, curse a bit too. (slinking away)

  • James A. Martin

    @wooooohooo!!: my best friend’s sister makes $84/hr on the laptop. She has been fired for 6 months but last month her pay was $16521 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Here’s the site to read more…

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • :-))
  • Can’tGetEnough

    Gerard Butler
    4 hours ago
    Did you see LIVE with Kelly and Michael this morning? I sprayed water all over my shirt before the interview. Smooth.

  • http://JJ Bonnie

    @Joie de Vivre: I would also like to see a film of “battle of Stamford Bridge”could picture Gerard in that film.I have also had a drink and ate in The Swordsman Inn.
    I went to see James McAvoy in Macbeth in West End a few weeks ago,at first I thought I would love to see Gerard in the role of Macbeth.I thought James would be to young for it ,but he is superb he was outstanding.I loved it.
    I am sure if the opportunity of playing Rabbie Burn’s came up Gerard could have a bit of Botox and still play Rabbie.

  • nic
  • Ana Bella

    I don’t think they are broke up.
    Maybe it’s a distraction.
    He will go to Rome on 5 April.
    / I wish I was wrong /

  • Greta

    @@The Big Picture:

    My cousin says everything he purchased was for her and she just never seemed satisfied and wanted more. The impression staff got was that she was all me, me, me and came over as very greedy and immature.

  • Who Cares?

    Uhm……what you guys don’t get is that most men don’t CARE if a woman has had “work” done. As long as the end result is good. I’ve had my nose, lips and b/oobs done. NOT one man has cared about the work. What they HAVE cared about is why I was so insecure about my looks to begin with. In my case, I grew up with a father who was constantly pointing out my imperfections. “You’d be so pretty if only blah, blah , blah….”. What kind of man does that to his own child? Anyhow….we all have our reasons for what we do….

  • GFW

    That is darling… and too damn funny. So he is loving his Twitter account a great deal! Must have been tired? Da. Chicken soup can sooth your soul and make you feel so, so go good from the inside out.

  • HG

    @Who Cares?:

    Gerry was once on a woman’s program in the UK and before he came on there had been a bit about breast enlargement. he was asked if he liked big breasts and he said yes, as long as they’re natural and added that he thought that women should just be happy with what God gave them.

  • Hugs for GB

    Just saw an interview with GB and AF about OHF. When asked in what ways he’s sacrificed for the love of acting, Gerry responded: “43, and loveless, and childless, and depressed.” As a joke, mind you, but jokes always seem to be half-truths. : (

    Hope he’s in better spirits from now on, don’t like the idea of some kind of “post role” depression syndrome bothering him. This guy is so under appreciated for his work!

  • May I point out

    @Hugs for GB:

    He’s certainly not loveless, if only he knew just how many people love him.

  • Who Cares?

    @HG: Ahh….so the question is his honesty. And if he’s “gone Hollywood”…..

  • Stormy

    WHAT? I ask if you guys think GB does his own social networking (I mentioned the two he just joined by name) and my question to you posters goes to moderation? Why was that offensive to ask? LOTS of celebs have their p.r. people do it for them…

  • HG

    @Who Cares?:

    Well it just seems he prefers natural to enhanced. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Here it is Hugs for GB
  • missjude

    @Who Cares?: when he wants to have children and realises they won’t look anything like their mother…he’ll care. When he sees naturally beautiful women, he’ll care. If you are a sex object he’ll care less but any man with integrity who wanted to take thier girl seriously would care if his girlfriend is man-made especially if all her best features are fake. men prefer natural beauties over fake ones any day. Why take 2nd best?

    The real problem with mg and gb is that he is lying for her now. That I find weird.

  • Hugs for GB

    @Who Cares?:

    I’m sure he means that a HW career/lifestyle kinda eats up the time/privacy most people have to invest in a relationship…kinda just works that way I think, unless you’re perfect and have no issues with distance.

  • not like she’s hard to get

    i don’t know why you guys are surprised. This is Madalina Ghenea we’re talking about here. The obscure model who made herself notorious by jumping in the sack with Leo DiCaprio, Adrien Brody, and Gerard Butler within months of each other, all in less than a year. If she left for Europe right after a break up with Gerry in LA, she was probably putting the moves on her next mark in first class before her flight crossed the Mississippi River.
    I don’t say that with pleasure mind you there. Her reputation that she’s lamenting on Facebook is of her own creation. Only one of two things can be true. Either she knows exactly what she’s doing and uses famous men to get this kind of tacky attention, or she’s a complete and total walking brain donor moron. That makes me sad for her, because neither is something to be proud of or the stuff good self-esteem is made of. It also makes me sad for any little girl who sees MG and thinks she’s someone to look up to. It’s all just sad really.
    If Gerry hasn’t broken up with her, fact is that she’s all that he really deserves. He hasn’t shown much interest in women of substance, so why should they be interested in him?

  • Where??

    @stupidity is irritating:
    Something tells me you have first hand knowledge of stupid. Probably an everyday occurrence in your life.

  • vs

    Just saw the “Extra” interview from the red carpet. They mentioned MG and even showed the picture from the VF party, Ugh!

  • May I point out

    @not like she’s hard to get:

    “The obscure model who made herself notorious by jumping in the sack with Leo DiCaprio, Adrien Brody, and Gerard Butler within months of each other”

    There are stories that she was with Paul Haggis after Adrien and before Gerard.

  • Who Cares?

    @missjude: Please don’t insult me. I’ve finally learned that my boyfriends have loved me for ME; not what I look like. It’s who you are as a human being that makes you first or second rate. Having had surgery doesn’t make me 2nd best. I was fine to begin with, but led to believe, by an a/sshole, that my B cups and average sized lips weren’t pretty enough. But I’m still completetly recognizable…so I’m not worried about if my kids look like pre-surgery me… :)
    And as for GB lying for his girlfriend….what kind of jerk asks a man what “work” his woman has had? What was GB supposed to do…put on the spot? “Yeah, my Maddie is man-made”…..She would have killed him…!!!

  • Hugs for GB

    What would a thread without speculative judgements and insults look like???? Hhhmmm, a SANE one!

    No one here knows the guy (or girl), so how bout people just shut it unless they have something non-toxic to mention. Btw, GB’s got more substance in his recent movies than a LOT of actors out there, and that’s what can be judged, if anything.

    Haters – respect yourself and others by silencing your rants against strangers (judge not lest you be judged anyone?…).


  • Heidi Fleiss

    Check this out, go to Madalina’s facebook page (not her personal profile) anyway it’s hard to distinguish them because both are so public. She gave a “like” to Gerard Butler fb page a couple of days ago and now she unliked the page…why? aha

  • 3

    #168: Ok so we now have the endearing trifecta…too cute! :)

  • Just read

    I don’t know if it means anything, but I just read from one of her fans that MG ”unliked” GB from her FB pg. BUT, she does still have him under that he joined FB and a friend/actress posted a pic of them together at the VF party and that they were happy is still posted – sooooo….

  • May I point out

    @Here it is Hugs for GB:

    He mentions having three long term relationships in this part.

  • @May I point out

    He lies , when will you get it????

  • Lord Love a Duck If you have time, go to Gerry’s facebook page and read some of the comments. Not all but a lot are just hysterical, from gals offering to make him soup to accusing the waitress of date rape drugs to people wanting to tuck him in. And the wet shirt comments as well. Very funny.

  • Mr. Giggles

    G eats soup thru his nose ….
    Well … god knows he’s put everything else up there

  • GFW

    The ‘gf’ is so not being discussed in any of the reviews and interviews I’ve been reading catching up, and that’s a lot. He mentions how he relaxes with travel then goes on to mention all the places he went but failed to say he took her along.
    The usual is there that he’s been linked to this and that famous person but not to the ‘gf’ he was just with.
    The the “joke” answer above (I haven’t stumbled across yet) where he’s those four things. In my best estimation Butler needs to start with one thing fairly quickly, and that’s appreciating what he has and being grateful for amazing reviews for a film that’s seemed to lift some curse. He’s waited for years to hear these kinds of praises I’m finding.

  • Mr. Giggles

    Are you the one whom I helped out years ago with some personal probs ??? …. provided some helpful links for you ??

    I think it is …. how’s my sweet girl ??? ….. life’s treating you well, I hope.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    I don’t know, but thinking that from now on, there won’t be any mention of gf or not. Be it this one or another. He is going to be so busy traveling world wide with stops in Rome as well, but bet there won’t be any pap news whether he sees her or not. All this negative stuff going on can’t be easy for him to take. Todays interview, imo is the beginning. Doubt he will allow questions about that to be asked.
    @May I point out:
    He knows that he is adored by his fans, but that isn’t something you can take home and cuddle with and Lolita [meaning the dog, not OUR Lolita} and the affection she gives is not the same as a help meet in this life. Someone he can confide in and more importantly trust with his very life. I dearly want that for him and hope he finds it soon. He isn't getting any younger and think with each action packed movie he does, that realization will be made very clear. He did say that he has everything he needs, but love from one woman not so.
    So, Ha Lolita, on second thought [not the pug]….what are you doing for the rest of your life. Only kidding…maybe.