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Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Hollywood Premiere!

Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Hollywood Premiere!

Gerard Butler and Ashley Judd are all dressed up while attending the premiere of their new film Olympus Has Fallen held at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on Monday (March 18) in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined by his co-stars Angela Bassett, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, Gerry chatted with fans in an AMA on Reddit.

Check out the newly released red band clip below for Olympus Has Fallen, out in theaters on Friday (March 22)!

FYI: Angela is wearing Edmundo Castillo shoes.

Gerard Butler – ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Red Band Clip

FYI: Ashley is wearing Martin Katz jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler attending the premiere of his film Olympus Has Fallen

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gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 01
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 02
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gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 04
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 05
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gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 12
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 13
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 14
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 15
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 16
gerard butler olympic has fallen hollywood premiere 17

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • GFW

    @Here it is Hugs for GB:
    Okay, this is the audio interview where he says he’s had three long-term “swirl” (interracial ‘relationships’) then adds a four including working with the director (he is terribly quick and funny) and the “joke” about what he’s given up for acting that he’s 43, loveless, childless and depressed. He’s also rich, famous, inspiring and has a bright future.

  • Alina


    Michael Strahan

    For two guys who never went to Prom, I think we look alright @GerardButler LOL @KellyandMichael

    7:30 PM – 19 Mar 13

  • Lord Love a Duck Since I seem to be on a nostalgia kick today, going down memory lane, A deleted scene from P.S. I Love you.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Lolita, no offense in post 200 okay, Ducky

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Ducky, you stinker, lol, from your lips to God’s ears. Boy will that last comment get me called some hum dinger names.

  • http://justjared lolita

    Ducky, I used to joke about shimmying up his leg, still think of that from time to time.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @lolita: Oh crap, I am sorry. Please forgive!!! I do run off at times don’t I.
    Make you feel better, stay up and watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Gerry’s going to be on.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: your a sweetie, always enjoy your posts. I’ll have to pass on Kimmel, have to get up so early for work. We are getting a snow storm so I might have to be up even earlier to dig out.

  • Trying to figure it out

    @Mr. Giggles
    I think you are referring to Manny.

  • Huh?????

    That looks like a wedding tuxedo, did he wear that on Kelly and Michael’s show? Whats the reason behind it?

  • Mr. Giggles

    @Trying to figure it out:
    Trying !! …. my old friend …… great to see you’re still here ….. I’m finding much of this “stuff” rather tiresome ….. skipping most posts ….. seen it all before …
    G’s still good for a laugh tho :) :) :)

    So … you’re back from the sunny warm Caribbean …. winter always feels colder once you return from paradise
    How was the blueberry…. or was it huckleberry …. hunt last season

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @lolita: Sorry to hear about the storm. Sure wo will have the tape of Kimmel or maybe JJ.
    Have a good evening and a careful day tomorrow okay. Will promise to be careful about my cough comments in the future…maybe. Ducky

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Let them fly. lol

  • Alina

    Gerard Butler
    2 minutes ago
    Hey guys! I’m on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, 11:30/10:30C on ABC!

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Huh?????: No, Michael and Gerry were talking about missing out on going to the prom. There is a pic of Michael with the white tux on. Gerry just put it on. They joke about being hot prom buddies.

  • Mr. Giggles

    @Trying to figure it out:
    I was avoiding using a name ….. iirc sometimes peeps like to go incog

  • Alina

    It’s just a joke, they fooled around. He asked the tux guy that was there! Hahaha..

    Michael Strahan

    LOL, wow, my ‘would-be’ Prom pic

  • Huh?????

    @lolita: Thanks, I haven’t had a chance to watch the show. I will watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

  • SeeSawSally

    I didn’t see the EXTRA interview. Did THEY mention MG, or did Gerry mention her? If they were the ones to mention her, maybe they are not aware of the latest developments, and so they just added that to the interview. If Gerry didn’t mention her himself, it’s probably nothing to be too concerned over.

  • http://deleted nic
  • For goodness sakes

    @not like she’s hard to get:

    Typical Gerard Butler fangirl post. Can’t stand the idea that he’s with a beautiful, ambitious, and intelligent woman. Just out of curiosity, how do YOU or any of you MG haters know that Maddie slept with Leo or Adrian? Your assumption or do you have solid proof? Just because a woman is seen in the company of men doesn’t mean they’re sleeping with each other.

  • Huh?????

    @For goodness sakes: Aren’t there pics of her and Leo in a hotel room and she has her “laundry” hanging over the balcony to dry?? that’s good enough for me to see they slept together. I don’t sit around in my nightgown with yesterdays undies hanging on the line in a “friends” hotel room.

  • GB’s own youtube
  • Huh?????
  • ;(((

    @For goodness sakes:
    “Just because a woman is seen in the company of men doesn’t mean they’re sleeping with each other.”

    Sure. Especially when it’s on the balcony with Leo… and with bare bo/obs. She’s just a wh/ore. Ugh!

  • SuperficialButler

    Wait! Gerry plans to take a break from acting? He did not do much for 6 months. Is this a way to say, “if OHF does not go well, I can’t be a viable leading man.”

  • ;(((

    @For goodness sakes: Ha! And even more interesting to read the comments. They are not much different from what say now.

  • SuperficialButler

    @missjude: Lying for MG? Yes Gerry is. But he dates a child so I wouldn’t call him childless. Who wouldn’t protect their “child”?

  • SuperficialButler

    @Ana Bella: he said “he is taking a break from acting and Going to have fun now”.

    So what has he been doing in Cannes, florida and Thailand this year?

    Boy that was not fun.

  • Alina
  • Clamsie

    @SuperficialButler: That’s the million dollar question. I also wonder if the screenings are nothing but hype. After all, his tens of thousands of fans couldn’t save his last four or five films. Virtually no one saw them in theaters. If he had so many fans, where was the outcry? He should know by now that HE isn’t selling movies on his own and no film is seen just because he’s in it. People go to movies because they like the concept or the story and want to see it played out on-screen.

    Bruce Willis’s latest Die Hard sequel has been out a month. Took in just under $25 mil opening weekend which was very good. In a month, it’s made $65 mil. Considering it cost $92 mil to make, it’s not even breaking even but it’s a moderate hit. DVD sales might help it.

    That’s the kind of boxoffice Gerry needs but will he get it? Gerry and crew need to sell OHF to the same people who saw the Die Hard sequel.

  • Toronto

    No denying….he looks AMAZING on Kimmel. I hope the movie does REALLY well. He needs a hit. As much as I fight it…I’ll always have a soft spot for the guy…

  • SuperficialButler

    @Clamsie: They have a great cast. It will do decent. Freeman is bankable. Gerry can’t carry a film alone at all.

    I just saw him on Kimmel. He reiterated his hero story. It was funny.

  • http://deleted nic

    For SuperficialBulter
    Who knows? or OHF will be a huge hit and he does not need to worry about $….

  • Alina
  • Clamsie

    @SuperficialButler: I think you missed the point. No one can carry a film anymore. It’s not the 1950s when everyone flocked to theaters to see Bogart or Marilyn in everything. Consumers in 2013 want entertainment and a good story, regardless of who’s in a film. I bet not one person is going to see this film “because Morgan Freeman is in it”.

    People don’t go to see “an actor’s” film. They go because they heard the film is good or they are curious because of the trailer or they’ve read the book. They want the story, not the actors.

  • dargabriel

    Gerard looking very dapper, go,go,go, to the top, I believe butler will be an A lister, he shall conquer his victory. Love,dargabriel

  • Trying to figure it out

    @Mr. Giggles
    Yeah, it’s the same old, same old with the posts. Not too any of the old regulars around anymore.

    Blueberry hunt was a success again this year.

    Hi Dar, good to see you around. How is life up on Eagle?

  • Time to ask…

    @dargabriel: hi Dar, how are you?

  • dargabriel

    @Trying to figure it out: things are terrific up here, I swear I’ll never leave here, new year, new life, new job, right here. I hope all is great with you, very nice to see you. I’m bartending, first time in my life,lol, lucky break, american legion at the lake. Life is grand and I wish you a great year. Love,dar

  • Xanadu


    Who cares? The girl is a no talent gold digger. She has a horse face. Just because someone is tall and underweight it doesn’t equal beauty. She’s fake, with gross crusty lips/crooked buck teeth, and a adam’s apple. I hope Gerry moves on, he seems miserable. He deserves to be in some ways. He hits on girls nonstop, and can’t even stay faithful for a whole year.

  • May I point out


    There’s no proof he’s been unfaithful.

  • JS


    ” Did THEY mention MG, or did Gerry mention her? If they were the ones to mention her,”

    It looks like neither Gerry nor the interviewer mentioned her but that her picture was added on in the studio with a voice over mentioning her.

  • Gerryfan

    @May I point out:

    “He mentions having three long term relationships in this part”

    He has mentioned long term relationships before. they were eighteen months, two years and four years.

  • leader motors maroc

    That is just one great actor

  • Sour Grapes!

    @Xanadu: How do they taste? Why the nasty comments? I’ll bet my left arm MG is way prettier than you. I agree she may be a gold-digger. But aren’t you insulting GB by saying that? He’s loveable-even as a plumber! He’s smart, he’d have figured it out by now if she was using him. And she does not have a horse face or buck teeth! (Yeah, she could put on a few pound, granted. But she’s in her 20s. When I was that age, at 5’4′, I weighed 94 pound for the entire decade and I ate like a horse. It’s just youthful high metabolism). She’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. At least I can admit I’m jealous and would love to be in her position. And, as mean as LOL can be….she’s right. The only ones insulting MG with such vigour are jealous because they are too old and unattractive to land GB. Try relaxing and being happy for him. And find a man you CAN attain. I have a gorgeous, successful businessman. And I’m no 20 something model. It can happen girls.

  • The Worst Position

    She’s in the worst position ever: desperate, jealous and no longer in control. Can’t you smell it? The world can. Rank stifling suffocating air is out; fresh air full of hope and promise is in.

  • Sour Grapes!

    @The Worst Position: Why on earth would you think/know that? Do you know either personally? Oh, BTW, “the world” doesn’t care. Only his die-hard fans do….

  • The Worst Position

    She is in the worst position because was she invited to be beside him at his world premiere in Hollywood? No.
    Where is she? She’s in Italy publicly fornicating with ex’s trying to win him back by acts of degrading behavior just like the immature child-woman she is. That I know, you?

  • Trying to figure it out

    I have been reading your posts, but just not making any comments. Glad to know life on Eagle is great. I’m fine, just got back from a week in the Caribbean. Life is good. Take care.

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