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Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Reddit AMA!

Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Reddit AMA!

Gerard Butler and his parents pose together as a family in some new pics released on his Facebook page!

The 43-year-old Scottish actor wrote, “Folks in town for the premiere. My mum loves watching me kick some ass (especially when it’s the bad guys).”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard is currently participating in an AMA on Reddit to promote his latest film Olympus Has Fallen. Don’t miss it!

“I always enjoyed the idea of studying as a lawyer and had a romantic notion of what it would be like to practice as a lawyer – but when reality hits you, and suddenly you’re in the office trying to perform as a lawyer – I realized that this is not what I wanted to spend my life doing. I didn’t want to find myself retiring and never having been brave enough to follow my dreams,” Gerry shared about his decision on not pursuing a career as a lawyer.

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  • Kristen

    Nighty night, tarts. Sweet dreams about your object of obsession making love to his hot, young, wife. I mean girlfriend. ;)

  • Alina
  • Alina
  • SouthernBelle


    Alina, enjoyed the pix. Thank you for posting them.


    @Alina: Alina you ROCK !!!!!!! Don’t leave us EVER !!!!!!!

  • cupcake

    Thanks Alina for the pics.

  • Alina
  • nic

    Alina Thanks.
    Gerry’s not that cheerful…

  • Alina
  • Alina
  • Alina
  • Lord Love a Duck

    Just got home and couldn’t wait to turn the beast on to see. Oh wow Alina, you did good girl.
    Hey Lolita, Autumn and Joie. So proud, so happy. Hope he relaxes a little, looking for that wrinkled nose smile.
    YES, a three piece suit. Gotta love a guy in a vest and that blue suit sure makes his eyes bluer. Everyone looks lovely and think I will stay up and see what pictures pop up.
    You weren’t expecting to sleep tonight were you Alina?
    I like the look of Antoine Fuqua. Doesn’t he have the nicest eyes?
    Good grief, I sound like a nut. Carry on guys and Going to go back and find the one with mum.

  • HeGrewUpLastNight

    Thanks Alina. You truly rock. Stay around. We appreciate it.

  • Eric

    @Tarty MG:

    On the site where was published that photo, just below are other articles with that Marco. That’s the page:
    And that’s the second article about that Marco below, with a recent photo of him.

    If you compare the photos YOU CAN EASILY SEE THAT HERE IS MUCH MORE MATURE AND FEW YEARS OLDER. That just prove the fact that the photo with MG and him and the other guy it’s an old one.

  • Not quite

    “She has no major designer runway appearances.
    She has no covers of flagship edition Vogue, Elle, W, or any other top fashion publication.”
    Although she wasn’t on the cover, she did had a large photo session for Vogue Italy, and also an filmed interview for them, that video, it’s on the net.

  • Not quite

    And the theme for the photo shooting was Sophia Loren, her favorite actress.

  • please

    @Not quite: Vogue Italia interviewing Madalina Ghenea because she had been photographed with Leo DiCaprio a few months prior and all the tabloids were running headlines about her being Leo DiCaprio’s girlfriend does not make Madalina Ghenea a “supermodel”. It makes her a famous man’s girlfriend and tabloid fare. It’s no different than the magazine featurettes with George Clooney’s girlfriends. They’re not supermodels either. They’ve been a famous man’s girlfriends and tabloid fare.
    And Madalina Ghenea doing a photoshoot with a Sophia Loren theme does not make Madalina Ghenea a fashion icon. It shows that Sophia Loren is a fashion icon and Madalina Ghenea can only strive to imitate her. Sophia Loren was a hell of a lot more elegant in her photoshoots by the way.
    Even if Madalina Ghenea had gotten the Vogue Italia featurette for reasons other than her connection to Leo DiCaprio, which she did and is the only reason anyone has heard of her, it still wouldn’t make her a “supermodel.” One photo spread does not make you Kate Moss.

  • she

    Lovely photos with his parents.

  • HUH?

    @Tarty MG:

    You’re an idiot! Most people don’t give a flip about who he’s dating. It’s only a few over-the-top delusional and jealous biotches on here. Get a life of your own and leave them be.

  • Margaret A. Flowers

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  • Not quite

    “Sophia Loren was a hell of a lot more elegant in her photoshoots by the way.” – I don’t think so, she was astonishing, very beautiful , but not “a lot more elegant” as you say, MG is also elegant and stylish.

    What are you doing is called disinformation, you are having no clue of what you are saying, just making bad suppositions in order to minimize her. For instance, you said that:
    “MG has only appeared in hardly challenging roles (model? stripper?) in small Romanian films, some eastern euro version of Dancing With the Stars”
    Oh, is that so? It’s a very known fact that she left Romania at the age of 15, she lived only in Italy since than, became an italian citizen, and those films are italian “Il Soli Idioti”, with a significant role, and “Razza Bastarda” where she has the lead role!

    “the promos for her have her stripping off her stockings” – You haven’t seen the whole movie, that scene was promote for audience, to sell the film.
    Also that TV show was not Romanian, but the italian version of “Dancing with the Stars” named “Ballando Con Le Stelle” –

    “a ton of pictures where she’s wearing nothing but underwear or bikinis, most of which don’t seem to have been published anywhere other than her Facebook pages.” –
    Sorry to ask you, but are you nut? She had contracts with companies for lingerie promotion, or did you think those are her bikinis and bath suit??? For what do you think she earned over a million euros?? Why don’t you put your neuron at work, before coming up with these non-sense?

    And regarding the fact that she isn’t such a supermodel like Kate Moss, this is not just about her, but also depends by the ability of her agency to promote her, making contracts with fashion houses or contracting important commercials…

    You said that:
    “She has no major designer runway appearances.” – that’s because MG is a (photo) fashion model, not a catwalk model. Maybe that’s why she isn’t so famous. Only following to her participation at “Dancing with the stars” , she made herself remarked and then appeared in a video clip with Eros Ramazzotti and had the opportunity to play in two Italian films, and that responds to your question:

    “But then suddenly ……… after sleeping with Leo D., Adrien B., and Gerard B. ……… out of nowhere, she gets a role in a film with Jude Law” – as you can see, not at all suddenly. And if she had a rich man behind her, it would be suddenly, but it’s not.
    And she does have contracts with well-kown italian companies, she did a video spot for New Yorker Magazine, is not at all like you suggesting that she is such an unknown and unimportant model…
    These are few of the companies with whom she made contracts with:
    La Perla, Primadonna, Lovable, Lise Charmel, Peroni, New Yorker, Borghetti Liquore, Gioelliamo, Sloggi, Grimaldimare, Max Well, Lormar, Quelle, Amarea Quelle, Margherita Mazzei, Lascana, Von Dutch, Parah, Lepel, Hunkermoller. She’s the image of phone company Tre-Italia, Mille Miglia roud rally, Deha Sportsware and recently, Love and Republic.

  • Not quite

    And I forgot to mention she appeared on the cover of two Italian magazines (Linea Intima and Lady Sposa). I just googled that, maybe there are more.

  • GFW

    @Not quite:
    Face it. Her “appearance” at the Italian (being a Slovakian) showed what she could handle under pressure. “I’m Italian.” Ah, no she’s not. She spend all day here stalking me and did not prepare. Read: immaturity or she’s a dolt. I think she is both.
    Jude’s film will never see the big screen. She’s a print model where take after take after take they can find something.Her rep is awful and while Gerry’s isn’t stellar the double standard still exits. Deal with it ladies! It isn’t her outer ‘beauty’ that the problem, it is she lacks inner beauty. Ah, totally. Even her clingy poses come off insincere.

  • Not quite

    @GFW: That is not what I’m saying, if she’s a good or bad actress.
    “I’m Italian.” Ah, no she’s not. ” – She is born in Romania but she’s also Italian citizen. Never mind. I wonder they are still together, since she wasn’t at the premiere.

  • Jim

    What strikes me in the pic with is mom is “NOT GOOD GENES!!”.

    Why would Madalina stick with this guy when she could choose from so many passionate, Italian guys? She looks so alive, so different from the frozen face Hollywood “beauties”.

    As for sleeping around for roles, ask Gerard, and for that matter a large portion of the actress and actors in Hollywood.

    Gerry, was it good to kiss that old Oscar-winning director?

  • Luca

    I understand where he gets the heavy set body, despite desperate workouts. He looks soooo much like his mom.

  • ann

    Perhaps the family rift has been over a certain lady in GBs life Gerards Mother is of Irish stock, and although She is Scottish,no disrespect, Irish Mothers dote on their Sons, daughters go in line after that, its an Irish thing.However I have a funny feeling that Mum has made up her mind up concerning Gs partner, I as an observer,have misgivings about it too, but then again Im Irish,married , no family,but ones instinct kick in by the few observations seen,Gerry,!dont like seen your life been played out in public at the best of times,but You need to be more selective about the roles you take and the Women you choose.You have a great relationship with your Mum , dont jeprodise it ,love can be very blind, trust a Mothers instinct on this one. Best Wishes ,from a Fan.

  • Rosaline

    Lovely family photo! The best of times are those spent with FAMILY and friends.