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Ian Somerhalder: Cree Energy Saver!

Ian Somerhalder: Cree Energy Saver!

Ian Somerhalder is handsome while posing for pics with the new Cree LED light bulb.

The 34-year-old actor helped introduce a brand new LED light bulb that is affordable, guaranteed for 10 years, and saves 84% more energy than the standard incandescent bulbs.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

As an environmental activist, Ian is no stranger to LED lighting as he is involved with Go Green Mobile Power – a maker of portable energy and illuminating devices.

Last week, Ian was dashing while attending the Natural Resources Defense Council Game Changer Awards in the Big Apple.

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Photos: Butch Hogan Photography
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  • Dee

    I USED to find him attractive, but that constant face pulling he does just makes him look douchey.

  • Anya

    I agree.

  • Bellaboo

    Yeah, is his face paralyzed like that orrrrrr?

    Just ughh… What an awkward.. campaign?

  • sarah

    Are those bulbs like those ones that when they fall and break and the mercury comes out. You have to wear gloves to pick up the glass and CUT OUT THE AREA WHERE IT BREAKS????? Give me the OLD LIGHT BULBS. I think it’s great people try and “save the environment”. BUT, why don’t people help the homeless, people needing jobs?

  • connie

    I agree what a douche bag. Is his face paralyzed like that?

  • lolsarah

    @sarah at least his doing something. How bout you? you whine online why don’t you go help the homeless and how is helping save the environment less important than helping the homeless people. I think every good deed counts.

  • nick

    Why don’t the haters try to do something useful for once and stop making nasty comments about Ian in every article,

  • Gem

    ab article that does not mention Nina..IM SHOCKED

  • Surya

    Commenting on the smirk is getting don’t like it we get it.
    Wether you like him or not, he is a wonderful person doing wonderful things for the environment.
    I’m a firm believer that there are only a few haters on this site who always fill the Ian articles with their negative comments. I feel sorry for you for feeling so bad that you have to bash someone else to make yourself feel better, kind of pathetic to be honest.

  • verox87

    exactly this!

  • Rayne

    Nice to see someone actually believe in something important! Ian is extremely passionate about the environment. Cute pictures!

  • mary

    @lolsarah, seriously how old are you? Just because someone posts a critique about an actor that you like on a message board doesn’t mean they haven’t gone out and done something good for another when they are off-line. Grow up and get a clue.

  • Miffy

    There’s nothing less attractive than a preachy underwear model.

    And, yes, that smirk is douchey.

  • A Parisian Girl

    He is gay ?

  • P-Rock

    @sarah: Sarah LED bulbs do not have mercury in them, which is why he’s promoting them and why they describe him as an environmental activist.

  • Sarah

    People have to stop to criticize him whatever he is doing.

  • Sara

    @A Parisian Girl: No. He is dating Nina Dobrev.

  • MS

    homeless and in a need of a job people have a voice and they can speak for themselves. Environment and animals can’t. Now i’m not saying that the latter is more important than people, because it’s really all very serious problems and all. I think it doesn’t matter what issue you choose to help with and address as long as you’re doing SOMETHING to make your life meaningful and not a waste. And lets be honest, you really can’t do it all. this guy tries to save environment and animals, others fight for women rights and children rights and human rights. Again, as long as you are trying to help and do something! as for his smirk… ok, so this article is about LED bulbs! but the second post is about his smirk… I mean come on… if you have nothing else to say and if you think that maybe just maybe you’re being a bit unreasonable why write at all? I get that is just people’s opinion… but it’s just getting old.

  • Sharona

    Ian just has a crooked smile, so what’s your problem, haters??? At least he is doing something for the environment. What are YOU doing for the environment? Coming here to make nasty comments ain’t it.

  • Guest

    No his not he is just noble to let fans think so , so Nina her at least few fans b/c even discussing her dresses become boring and she is nothing w/o being his rumored gf
    I like what Ian do. A lot of ppl would just spend thier paychecks from studio on fancy car and clothes (htllo Nina) but he is trying to make difference

  • AGAIN?

    and what about you get a life for a change. spreading the same hate about him in every article isn’t one. grow up.

  • Nerg

    Phony and bearding.

  • Alice E. Melancon

    my friend’s step-mother makes $81/hour on the internet. She has been out of work for 7 months but last month her income was $19684 just working on the internet for a few hours. Read more on this web site….

  • Bloom

    Ian is awesome; so what if he has an awful grin in every pic. The dude spends hundreds of hours every year helping out others. More than one can say for the usual self-obsessed HW crowd.

  • MV

    inspiring man!

  • http://@Acadiagrad FPP

    Tsk, Tsk….on the negative remarks….He’s quite the Utilitarian….Love all the good that he is doing, Bravo, for using his Celebrity status to bring about info. and awareness to all :) P.S. I am by profession a Psychological Forensics Profiler, and what I could tell you would blow you all away… Anyone can look for bad in someone if they want it bad enough, but what would be the intent, or motivation behind it….What’s important, is how many of you are willing to look at the good inside of a person, ….Just saying!!

  • Carly

    Ian is amazing. One of the most genuine celebrities out there. And one of the sexiest men on the planet, made sexier by him being as beautiful on the inside as he his on the outside.

    Haters gonna hate. They say you haven’t made it until you have haters. ;) How inferior one must feel to have so much time on their hands that they go and post negative comments repeatedly on someone they claim to have no interest in. If you don’t like how Ian looks in pics, don’t look at them or click on his articles, it’s simple as that. He has millions of fans who enjoy doing so, if you don’t, why keep clicking?