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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Tears for 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Tears for 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'!

LeAnn Rimes is cute and casual while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport with her husband Eddie Cibrian on Monday (March 18) in Los Angeles.

“Loooonnnggg plane ride! Slept, bawled watching The Perks Of Being A Wallflower & laughed hysterically watching The Campaign,” the 30-year-old actress tweeted.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

The day before, LeAnn wowed the crowd while performing at the Country 2 Country Festival, where she sang “Amazing Grace” and paid tribute to Adele.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian landing home in Los Angeles…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 13
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 14
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 15
leann rimes eddie cibrian tears for perks of being a wallflower 16

Photos: Wenn
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  • Anna

    Ewww…ugly people on the outside as well as on the inside…

  • Lisa

    She really is a cutie pie. Such a sweetheart.

  • Lisa

    @Anna: Takes one to know one, sweetie.

  • Anna


    Pfff…ok, I’ll let you believe that…

  • AnoAno

    Eddie looking so much older now. And he looks so over her in pictures, annoyed. I wonder if she often thinks that his marriage, career and reputation are in tatters for her and that knows he screwed up big-time. I think LeAnn knows and she is terrified that he realizes it now.


    As always she alerted the paps and told them when they were landing.

  • Tina

    Wow… she’s so homely looking & he has definitely lost his looks since he’s been with her…

  • serenityzhere

    After watching two of her videos from the C2C concert I can see why she no longer is known for anything but her affair. I think her pr firm plants the responses saying how awesome she was because her singing sucked. You can’t understand any of her words. She doesn’t even sound good. This has been does not hold a candle to Carrie Underwood. I think it’s high time she accept that she will never again be what she once was. There are too many new ones that sound far better than she and put on a whole lot better show. Hey, at least she stood up for the C2C concert though. That is an improvement. Didn’t help her singing though. And then of course she has her hired pap waiting for her big arrival at the airport. More new beginnings. Isn’t this girl tired of spouting the same crap over and over? And what can I say about dear old Eddie? He looks like he suffers from chronic alcoholism these days and his eyes and face are empty. What a joke these two have become! And yet JJ and Daily Mail would lead you to believe this girl is at the top of her game. Yeah, right…….

  • Charles

    Her singing was terrible that night. She sounded like she was gargling.

  • gwen

    Who didn’t see this one coming? Oh look. These photos were taken by WENN. The same pap agency who Leann was waving to outside the tv station and who got photos of Leann at her hotel in London and who got photos of Leann at the radio station. It’s a staged photo-op.

    Leann is cute and casual? Well this is the same site who told us that Eddie and Leann went to the Oscar Afterparties even though they couldn’t name one party that Leann and Eddie attended and they couldn’t produce one photo of Eddie and Leann on the red carpet for any of the Oscar Parties. That isn’t cute or casual. It’s RECYCLED!!! Why is Leann recycyling her outfits?

    1) ““Loooonnnggg plane ride! Slept, bawled watching The Perks Of Being A Wallflower & laughed hysterically watching The Campaign,” the 30-year-old actress tweeted.”

    Which as we stated yesterday meant that Leann was gearing up to release a staged photo-op at LAX! What a pattern. Leann tweets it and then the internet is slammed with photos of Leann exactly where she said she would be.

    2) Eddie and Leann are not alone. Why no mention of the blond woman? Don’t you think it’s odd that Eddie won’t go anywhere with Leann alone? He always has to have someone else tag along.

    3) The day before, LeAnn wowed the crowd while performing at the Country 2 Country Festival, where she sang “Amazing Grace” and paid tribute to Adele.

    Again. This site told us that Eddie and Leann were at Oscar afterparties. Even though they couldn’t produce one photo of them on any of the red carpets or name one party that they attended. Even when pointed out that Leann and Eddie did not attend the Oscar parties this site continued to maintain that lie. So when we are told that Leann wowed the crowed we know that too is a lie.

    4) Eddie doesn’t look happy.

    5) Eddie Cibrain, the same Eddie Cibrian who has HPV?

  • gwen

    Leann had too much Adderall again!

    1) “Completely in blissful nesting mode ☺😃”

    So blissfull that she had to interupt the moment by tweeting all day long? Who does that? Leann is a pathological liar. She is just trying to save face because her husband is playing house with another woman.

    2) “@CoalMinerTN noooo we’re setting up our home. I’m not going to want to leave :)”

    No she isn’t. She is tweeting. Why is Leann such a pathological liar? This is just like the time she said that she was listening to music with Eddie in a dim room only to tweet later that Eddie was in a different part of the house “picking out the floors”. Eddie probably wasn’t even in the house with Leann.

    3) @AmyElizabethG10 no, I call setting up our brand new home “nesting” no plus one in it yet”

    So tweeting=setting up new home?

    4) “@irishfern0302 omg, so amazing! Don’t have a clue where anything is yet lol”

    Well that’s obvious. She is setting up a new house yet all she has done the entire day is tweet?

    5) Leann tweeted that they are all happy. The same thing she said before she went off to rehab.

  • betty

    Gwen Most people don’t have time to tweet if they are happy or just moving. She just has a need to try and convince people how blissful life is and we know it is all pretense.

  • James A. Martin

    what April said I am inspired that people able to earn $6061 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you read this web site…

  • Bloom

    He always looks so creepy and gangster.

  • Marco

    Really Jared?! LeAnn Rimes: Every. Single. Day! Aaaargh!!!!!!!!!!

  • gwen

    Leann is a pathological liar. Why is she tweeting yet again? And it’s not 1 or 2 tweets, it’s over 20 in just 45 min. The best thing we learn from Leann’s tweets is that Eddie hates her.

    1) “Rumors are what jealous people wish were true.”

    Says the woman who told US Weekly that Brandi cheated on Eddie.

    2) Don’t just sleep, dream. Don’t just think, feel. Don’t just exist, live. #iHQ

    By live, Leann means SUE, SUE, SUE!

    3) Leann retweeted a quote that says evey sinner has a future. The Bible also says SIN NO MORE. Just because the sinner has a future it doesn’t mean to keep doing the same things that caused one to sin.

    4) Leann’s response to a person who tweeted about how Eddie and Leann were getting drunk at the bar on St Patricks Day: “@charlysalvatore lol that was too much fun! Did you know @EddieCibrian is legendary?! Lol”

    Legendary for his cheating or his STDs? Or for being so disgusted by Leann that he is drunk 24/7?

    5) “@SIRANDREWJAMES lol I’m well. Been organizing house stuff all day”

    Not according to her tweets. The only thing she is organizing is a lie.

    6) @TAngel84 @asu_juliette @karlahoffman we need to bring the boys!

    Leann setting up a staged photo-op with Brandi’s kids. But not any staged photo-op she is allowing her fans(fans who have trashed Brandi) to meet Brandi’s kids. What happened to protecting her stepsons? Why is she paying these people for bashing Brandi by allowing them to have contact with Brandi’s kids? Leann is sick.

  • Truth!

    gwenjen is a pathological liar and Leann Rimes lover.

  • Leah

    Caught an interesting psychic reading on LeAnn. The psychic says LeAnn will be pregnant soon, and although they are hoping for a girl, it will be another boy. It will be a difficult pregnancy, and she will have to give up prescription pills. There is a danger of Eddie cheating while she is pregnant. And oh yes, Eddie is supposed to still carry a torch for Brandi, who he could possibly cheat with. Hmmm let’s see how this plays out

  • Truth!

    I am a pathological liar and Ginger Hines is my lover. How stupid of me to call anyone a pathological liar when I am using someone else’s name to make comments and I am making the same stalker posts about Jennifer Row from Radaronline, the woman I stalked because I thought she was Gwen. It doesn’t matter how many different names I use you can always tell that it’s me because my obsession with Gwen gives me away. Do you know where I stole the name TRUTH! from? Celebrity Bitchy. I even stalk people from that site too!

  • Truth!

    @Leah: Eddie already cheated on Leann and is still cheating on her.

  • BBgirl

    @Leah: You believe in psychics? What a moron.

  • Truth!

    Leann Rimes has made over 56,038 tweets & has 400,000 followers. Now compare that to:

    # of tweets #of followers
    Carrie Underwood 922 1,370,000
    Jessica S 1,120 6,059,000
    Charlie Sheen 1,548 9,173,000
    Taylor Swift 1,697 25,172,000
    Britney Spears 2,272 24,860,000
    Miranda L 2,519 2,066,000
    Katy Perry 4,511 33,800,000
    Lindsay L 5,055 5,518,000
    Mel B 7,127 744,000
    Rihanna 7,540 28,873,000
    Tori S 8,098 923,000
    Guiliana R 8,453 3,027,000
    Kim Kardashian 15,126 17,520,000

    So what’s wrong with this picture? With 5X as many tweets as Kim K, Leann only has 400,000 followers(and as someone discovered 1/3 of those followers are fake). How is that even possible when Leann keeps giving interviews where she justifys tweeting by claiming that it helps her connect to her fans? Leann uses twitter like it’s a personal diary, which seems to contradict the whole point of going to rehab. How is it that all of these celebs have connected with their fans without making as many tweets as Leann? Even the trainwrecks like Charlie and Lindsay have over 1 million followers without tweeting as much as Leann does. With the exception of Taylor Swift it looks like country artists have between 1-3 million followers. Leann has 400,000(that includes teh fake accounts she bought to boost her numbers). Is Leann’s management watching? Leann spends more time tweeting than she does on her career, which explains why she paid the press to give her positive reviews on a very bad concert. Why should Leann work hard like her peers when she can pay people to say she did a good job? What was it that Brandi’s son said about going into the music business? Leann’s work ethic has rub off on this child. He sees Leann doing nothing, so he assumes it’s like that for all artists.

  • BBgirl

    It’s me, the Gwen stalker. Since I went to other thread and made yet another post about my obsession with Gwen that makes me the moron. I keep getting worse by the day. Don’t you like how I changed my name in honor of the Bitter And Proud twitter account I created with Ginger to harass Brandi’s fans?

    Leann believes in psychic, so then that makes her a moron right?

  • Selena

    I dont know whose more pathetic, Leann for making so many tweets or you Gwen for counting them. No one cares you sad stalker, they should ban you from this site and every other site you go on and obsess over Leann with your fake names. Get a job and a man Gwen.

  • Selena

    I dont know whose more pathetic, Ginger Hines for making so many tweets about Brandi or me for counting them. I care. It’s why I keep coming back each and every day sometimes at 3, 4, 5, 6 7 and 8 am to make posts about Gwen and Betty. I’m a sad stalker, they should ban me from this site and every other site I go on and obsess over Gwen, Brandi, Jezi, Kim, Jennifer Row, and many others with the fake names that I steal from other sites. But Jared E and Leann are friends, why do you think I the name hijackings started on the day that Jared E had lunch with Leann and have continued on into this week? I need to get a job and a man so that every hour I am not stealing someone’s name just so that I can obsess over Gwen. What name will I use next? In the other thread I used the name of Kim’s husband to make an obsessive post about Gwen. The same comment that I just made here when I posted as Selena, a name that I stole from another site because I thought it was Gwen.

  • Selena

    No wonder Leann is tweeting about her “5 huge meetings” and Leann sent me here to make even more obsessive posts about Gwen using all these different names(BBgirl, Sean, Truth!, Let it go already), Brandi is scheduled to do a sitdown with OK today.

  • Selena

    Yes, it is me who is on Radaronline posting as GWENHIKES. Just like I stole HI50 name and used it here to make posts

  • Selena

    What the hell are you going on about lol your so wrong i’m embarrased for you. I never comment on sites but i had the urge to comment on this one just because of how weird you are. I’m not using anyone else’s name i can assure you of that. I’m certainly no fan of Leann Rimes and i find Brandi hilarious. I’m sure that Leann does get people to come to these sites and post negative stuff abt Brandi and she 100% agree that she SWF Brandi. Infact most of what you say i agree with but you come off obsessive and that is a fact.

  • Selena

    What the hell am I going on about lol I’m so wrong for showing up here using the word YOUR instead of YOU’RE because once again I just outted myself as HI50. Didn’t I make “what the hell…” posts when I was posting as Lola, another name that I stole from Radaronline? Another poster who I stalked and harassed because I thought it was Gwen?

    I’m embarrased for myself. I always comment on sites but i had the urge to comment on this one using the name that I stole from SELENA just because of how weird and obsessed I am with Gwen. I am so obsessed with Gwen that after I made a comment here I went to other thread again and made a post using another name that I stole. I am using someone else’s name i can assure you of that because once again I made the mistake of using YOUR instead of YOU’RE just like I did when I stalked Gwen as ANON and KAYLYN. I certainly am a fan of Leann Rimes and i find Brandi hilarious. I’m sure that Leann does get people to come to these sites and post negative stuff abt Brandi just look at how she recruited me, the person who can’t tell the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE and keeps making the same mistake over and over and thus exposing myself each time. That trips me up everytime. Infact most of what Gwen says i agree with but I come off as obsessive and that is a fact. If you go back to the old threads you will see that I made this very same post using the name POT. See no matter what name I use you can always tell it’s me because I just that obsessed with Gwen. Everytime you see me posting as SELENA, a name that I stole from a poster who I thought was GWEN, just remember that I am also on Radaronline using Gwen’s name to make posts.

  • Ms Cleo

    @BBgirl: I predict you’re a LeMann zombie. See psychics are real.

  • gwen

    This is what sets Leann a part from her peers. While they are working hard, she is setting up staged photo-ops with her HPV infected husband who hates her so much that he has to be drunk just to touch her and paying people to write nice things about her because she can’t handle the truth.

    1) “Success…5 meetings today! At least they were all w/ my hubby. Headed home to a glass of red wine & the sunset from our back porch. #heaven”

    Which means I was correct, she did set up a staged photo-op with WENN. That explains why it was so necessary for her to have Eddie at these meetings with her. Leann also said that she had success when she played Borrowed for the radio stations and her fans. When Leann says success what she really means is that she either bullied or paid someone off to get the results she wanted.

    Since Eddie is the assistant coach for his son shouldn’t he be at his son’s practice instead of being dragged along on his leash because Leann is trying to prove that their marriage isn’t one huge farce. Or Eddie has becomes so disliked that Leann has to set up projects and include him in on it.

    If Eddie was with her at these meetings like she claimed why was she tweeting the entire time? She has 5 huge meetings and the only thing on her mind is to tweet to her fans how nice her house looks? The 5 HUGE MEETINGS were the 5 paps she hired from WENN to take her the photos of her and Eddie.

    Why is she tweeting about wine when Marcel said that it was Brandi who tweets about drinking? With each tweet Leann displays what a sociopath she truly is. How many tweets will she make because she is on her porch enjoying wine?

  • heart2heart

    Leann Rimes ROCKS! She is so good.

  • heart2heart

    I wish she would do some cover songs from Heart. She would ROCK barracuda, straight on, damn…all of them. Love Heart!

  • gwen

    Leann took more Adderall.

    1) “@lornaw2 thx yes, we are so happy”

    Leann is a pathological liar. If she was happy there would be no need for her to use twitter to validate her marriage.

    2) “Last night’s pink sky”

    Because tweeting photos from the house will convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating on her.

  • YoJoLo

    And probably half of those 400,000 followers of Leann have only signed on to follow her on Twitter to see what stupid things she will say next! That’s the only reason I originally signed on as a “follower” so I could laugh at her stupidity. She just tweets and tweets her day away about how happy she is and in my opinion if someone is always having to say how happy they are, then they’re really miserable. I finally unfollowed her because I didn’t want her to have a high number of followers and I realized just how irrelevant she is and how inane her posts were.

    When I first saw the picture of her in the black and white photo up above I thought it was a man. She is just so manly looking.

  • Let it go already

    We all know gwen is the true psychopath. She would die if she never has the chance to harass Leann.

  • gwen

    And Radaronline said that Leann exhibited success following her treatment in rehab. So why has her tweeting gotten worse? She moved into a new home with her hubby, shouldn’t she be enjoying it? Eddie must be having sex with Lizzy or his new mistress again.

    1) “@TheyCallMeLuci @perezhilton yes, in due time but not yet”

    In order to get pregnant, Eddie would have to be having sex with Leann. As Leann made very clear, Eddie perfers to “pick out the floors”(aka sleep with Lizzy or one of his other sidepieces) instead of sleeping with Leann, hence why she tweets. Like she told her fan she is waiting for Eddie, but Eddie isn’t home.

    2) “@USMCWarVeteran amazingly happy”

    People who are happy don’t sit on twitter each and every day saying that they are happy. Besides, wasn’t Leann tweeting nonstop about how happy she was prior to checking into “rehab”?

    3) “@NapaValleyFam I keep looking around and smiling thinking we are so blessed”

    Why would God bless Leann when she is still doing mean and nasty things? If she was so blessed, she wouldn’t be on twitter tweeting about it. She keeps looking around because she is searching for her cheating husband.

    4) “After my spray tan I am now the same color as my Brazilian friend…. When she’s not tan lol”

    Which means she is about to tweet some photos of herself in a bikini or set up a beach photo-op. Or is she hinting that another mag made the mistake of putting her on their cover?

    And Leann fans said that Leann is natural. Why does she keep tweeting about her Brazilian friend? Is Eddie sleeping with her?

    5) “@asu_juliette I get them once a week and I’m not orange eva!!!!!”

    Why is Leann a pathological liar? She looks pale in all of her staged photo-ops, including the ones where she pimped out Eddie’s son at his baseball game. If she was getting a tan each and every week, she would have made sure that AKM-GSI or her new BFFs WENN got a photo of it. So why is she talking about tanning? Did Brandi make a tweet about tanning?

    6) Leann’s response to a fan who asked her about what the meetings were about: “@KittenLeAnn nope, not yet 😚”

    Leann can’t tell anyone what the meetings are about because she didn’t have the success she claimed. The people are not sure that they want to make these deals with Leann. Leann was putting it out there just like she put out that X Factor wanted her as judge(and then they picked Britney) and AGT wanted her as a judge(and then they picked Mel B and Heidi).

  • Let it go already

    We all know I am the true psychopath. I would die if I never have the chance to harass Gwen, Brandi, Betty, Jezi, Kim, Jennifer, Selena, Excuses, HI50, hikes, Amber, Annie, Missy, Tia, Tina, and the BBs.

  • heart2heart

    Yes, it’s me LET IT GO ALREADY. You can tell because I made another obsessive post about Gwen in the previous thread. Another indication that I wrote the comments as Heart2heart? The back to back posts that I was doing when I hijacked those names from Radaronline and Perez Hilton. Leann Rimes DOESN’T ROCK! She is not so good. I wish she wouldn’t do some cover songs from Heart. She wouldn’t ROCK barracuda, straight on, damn…all of them. Don’t Love Heart!

  • gwen

    Because Leann is such a private person and is suing a teacher for “invading” her privacy she posts even more photos of Eddie and Lizzy’s new home. Bcause posting photos will once and for all convince everyone that Eddie isn’t cheating on Leann with her “friend’.

    The living room is Leann’s favorite room because that is where she sleeps when Eddie allows her to babysit his kids. So how long before she starts tweeting photos of Eddie and Lizzy’s bedroom when these photos fail to convince everyone that all is well in her marriage? Leann thinks that tweeting photos will convince people that she is happy? Doesn’t this just hurt her lawsuit? If she is so concerned about her privacy why does she put out all of her business like this?

    And of course she just had to post photos of the other side where Eddie can be seen sitting in a chair on the deck with what appears to be another woman! Go Leann. Show us photos of her hubby and his mistress! That explains why she is posting photos and has been tweeting like crazy. Eddie is too busy with his sidepiece to pay attention to her.

    Eddie and Lizzy’s house looks so bland. Like it was decorated for a bachelor. She even put a photo of alcohol on the wall. The only thing I learned from Leann’s photos of her house is that just as we suspected, Eddie has been living there by himself for quite some time.

    Leann is having another manic phase on twitter again. Why? Eddie must be having sex with Lizzy again.

    1) “Sitting w/ my sweet nail man @RedCarpetMan and we’re trying our a spring trend of one nail a different color than the rest. Cute!”

    How she is tweeting if the nail guy is painting her nails? Pathological liar.

    2) “@Deelaney31 thx yes it’s our’s and undo proud of it. It’s really feeling like home”

    If it were feeling like home, she would be enjoying it instead of making tweets about it. She can’t enjoy it because it’s not hers. It’s why she is suing the teacher and Brandi’s dentist.

    3) “@Nance_E I play around but I have tons of friends who do and my bonus sons love to jam on it. Tons of songs have been written on it :)”

    More tweets about Brandi’s kids? Who is surprised? Eddie is with Lizzy and Leann is uspset. Tons of friends? Just like Eddie was listening to music with her in the dim room but then after making 30 tweets she finally tells her fans that Eddie isn’t actually in the same room with her? Leann doesn’t have friends. She has people who tell her what she wants to hear because she bullies them or pays them off.

    3) What Leann needs for Eddie and Lizzy’s backyard is a fence to yap her so that she doesn’t trepass when Lizzy and Eddie haven’t invited her over.

    4) “@Notebook: When the past calls, let it go to voicemail. It has nothing new to say.” This rocks

    This was quite nasty. Is this Leann’s response to Brandi’s interview about how she wants to work things out with Eddie and Leann?

    But not in Eddie’s case. Leann is constantly taunting Brandi and making passive aggressive digs so we know that Eddie doesn’t want let the past go to voicemail.

    5) “@kygirl270 @redcarpetman guess I’m just now being adventurous lol”

    She slept with a married man who had a history of HPV.

    6) “@kygirl270 @redcarpetman guess I’m just now being adventurous lol”

    Leann doesn’t even make sure her nails are try before she starts tweeting like crazy.

    7) Leann’s response to fan who gave her compliment on her “I slept with a married man” anthem: “@sivad_alegna broke mine to write”

    Leann didn’t write Borrowed. She hijacked that song from Etta James.

    8) “@OKMagazine never EVER the whole story told #typical”

    Leann once again being a hypocrite. Brandi is telling the whole story, it’s why Leann is on twitter taunting Brandi with her own kids. Why is it okay for Leann to go on Loose Women and talk about Borrowed, but she has a problem with Brandi telling her story?

    9) “@K_Lady2012 agreed, just saying.”

    Leann encouraging her fans to stalk and harass Brandi.

    10) Leann tweeted that she is sending love and support to NoH8. How so? She is tweeting about Brandi’s kids out of spite and she is making more passive aggressive digs at Brandi. It’s funny that Leann is so worried about Brandi’s interview instead of her new house.

  • gwen

    Leann is still tweeting.

    1) “Now listening to “Tony” by Patti Griffin

    What else is she going to do while her hubby is having sex with Lizzy?

    Why is she pretending to be an advocate for NoH8 when she tweeted those things about Brandi today? I find it funny that she is referencing these songs when she tweets to a man every day who makes derogatory comments about lesbians.

    2) “@HertelSara if you break down I’ll drive out and find you- love you”

    Because Eddie is too busy having sex with Lizzy.

    3) Leann is sick. Why did Leann move the release day for Spitfire in the UK from April 1 to April 15? Everyone knows what April 15 is right? It’s Brandi’s son’s birthday. So this is Leann’s response to Brandi’s OK interview? Place the release of her album on the same day that Brandi’s son will be celebrating his birthday? Sick. Leann is evil. Didn’t she tweet that she wasn’t answering the calls from the past? Do what does it say when she uses Brandi’s son’s birthday as the release date for her album?

  • gwen

    What a sociopath. Is this why Leann changed the release date to 4/15?

    LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville Celebrate Son Jake’s Birthday!(April 16, 2012): “LeAnn Rimes steps out of Chuck E. Cheese’s on Sunday (April 15) in Los Angeles. The 29-year-old singer was joined by her husband Eddie Cibrian‘s ex, Brandi Glanville, as they celebrated son Jake‘s fifth birthday.”-Just Jared

  • smearcampaign

    @Let it go already: It has been her entire life for 4 YEARS.

  • smearcampaign

    @Let it go already: Gwen, Brandi, Betty, Jezi, Kim, and Jennifer have been MY entire life for 4 YEARS. Yes it’s me, LET IT GO ALREADY. I have to reply to myself because I can’t get people to agree with me.

  • brandisWART

    @Gwen: Those are some serious run on sentences. You shouldn’t talk about anyone, you aren’t very smart yourself. We can tell all these posts are by Jennifer. You’re such a monkey buttocks!

  • brandisWART

    @gwen: I am so glad she is suing that teacher. It is time the authorities checked on those adopted meal tickets. She is a bad person and shouldn’t have any children much less someone elses.
    I think Jennifer should have let her tardo son live with her awhile.

  • brandisWART

    Gwen called it. Leann did set up a staged photo-op of herself out and about LA getting a tan yesterday. She paid The Dailymail to write a fluffpiece about it.

  • brandisWART

    @gwen: Those are some serious run on sentences that I made when I posted as SELEANA, . I shouldn’t talk about anyone, I’m not very smart yourself. You can tell all these posts that obsess about Jennifer are from me. I’m such a monkey buttocks!

    I am so glad she is suing that teacher, Leann needs the money to pay for her house because she is going broke trying to keep Eddie happy. It is time the authorities checked on those adopted meal tickets that Ginger and Stace all their kids. I am a bad person and shouldn’t have any children much less someone elses.

    I think Jennifer should report me for making these nasty comments about her child, especially when Leann is claiming to be an advocate for NoH8!

  • gwen

    Wouldn’t leann’s therapist advise against tweeting since it caused her so much stress? But then again Eddie is cheating on Leann, so she has no other choice but to use twitter to make herself feel better about is infidelity.

    1) “Jet lag has officially kicked my ass! That and moving…. Bad combo! Looking forward to somewhat relaxing this weekend. Happy Friday!!”-Leann Rimes

    It’s not the jet lag that kicked her ass. It’s finding out that even after taking Eddie to London, Eddie still won’t be faithful to her.

    What a pathological liar. How come when Leann goes to Cabo she doesn’t have jet lag? Leann claims that moving made her tired, yet she where was this tiredness when she make over 100 tweets from Sunday to now (including while she claimed to be setting up the house?) or to invite the paps to get photos of her at the tanning facility yesterday?

    Of course she is looking forward to this weekend. She gets to exploit Brandi’s son yet again because she missed out on it for two weeks in a row.

    2) Why is the founder of Friend’s Movement tweeting to Leann when she doesn’t even respresent anything they stand for? Unless of course the Friend’s Movement is saying that they condone bullying because that is what Leann does when she gets on twitter and tweets about Brandi’s kids and she falsely sues people.

    3) “@JJayCrossley more like a Brazilian BBQ that I’m not cooking!!! :) swimming and sun”

    Wow, another staged photo-op? I knew she was gearing up to set up a staged bikini photo-op when she tweeted about going tanning each week. So what does she have planned? Sticking out her belly to generate pregnancy rumors? Having Eddie feel her stomach like Megan Fox and Brian AG did?

    This is why Leann had to pay The Dailymail to write that fluffpiece about her concert in London. She spends more time tweeting and setting up staged photo-ops than she does her career.

  • Melissa

    Why is LeAnn’s new album delayed AGAIN? Does anyone know? She has been promoting it for months and months and the first singles came out three or four months ago. The delay isn’t a good sign. It isn’t even available for pre-order anywhere, anymore. She and her producer have been talking about it constantly for ages and now, nothing. What the heck happened?