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Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'Man of the World' Issue 3!

Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'Man of the World' Issue 3!

Alexander Skarsgard is smoldering on the cover of issue three of Man of the World magazine.

The 36-year-old True Blood star’s issue can be pre-ordered on the magazine’s website, which will become available on April 1! Be sure to get your copy today!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Also featured on a separate cover is model Justice Joslin, pictured below.

Alex‘s show True Blood will return this summer with all new eps – we can’t wait to check them out!

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28 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'Man of the World' Issue 3!”

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  1. 1
    Anony*mouse Says:

    Yum! ;)

  2. 2
    rada Says:

    i totally girl gooped.

  3. 3
    out Says:

    Wow, what a great suprise. Alex looks yummy :)

  4. 4
    chelle Says:

    He looks very drool worthy but why did they Photoshop his eyes? They’re beautiful the way they really are.

  5. 5
    Lucy M. Baker Says:

    like Sara explained I am taken by surprise that anyone able to profit $7335 in one month on the computer. did you see this website…

  6. 6
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: They really didn’t photoshop them much, you can in fact still see the eyebags/allergy shiners.

    This is a much more natural photo, especially compared to the Photoshop atrocities that were the GQ and Men’s Journal covers.

  7. 7
    Strange Says:

    Gorgeous & tantalizing !! Love it !

  8. 8
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: I was talking the color. His eyes are not that blue

  9. 9
    Reba Says:

    Forget Tarzan; he will make a great Frankenstein with THAT forehead!

  10. 10
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: Ah, I understand. No, they’re not that blue. But still not as bad as the blue that Details did:

  11. 11
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: true that… santress has a great picture on her tumblr site… his eyes are gorgeous!

  12. 12
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: What I like about them is they do seem to ‘change’ color depending on the color of his shirt, more greenish when he’s wearing green, blue when he’s wearing blue.

    I’m hoping that this is the first of many new photoshoots to come out in the next few months.

  13. 13
    lourdes Says:

    hot, hot hot

  14. 14
    lourdes Says:

    Hot,. He’s just too hot

  15. 15
    Itis Says:

    Poor Justin is a distant second.

  16. 16
    Cafélady Says:

    @ladybug: #12 …well, I guess I know this ‘secret’; I would say, it’s less a sensational than more a simple thing; I guess he just uses colored contact lenses…
    That would not be uncommon nowadays. Not even for a guy. I presume his true eye color is somewhat of grey/green or something, so this could be the explanation for the eyecolor ‘change’ with the color of the clothes he is wearing.

  17. 17
    jmg Says:

    Another absolutely GORGEOUS photo of Askars! He needs to have LOTS of babies and spread those BEAUTIFUL genes out into the rest of the human population!!!

  18. 18
    Disney Villainess Says:

    I just viewed the rest of the pics and he just looks so damn gorgeous, it’s too much I tell ya…..TOO MUCH!!!♥♥♥

  19. 19
    ladybug Says:

    @Cafélady:He could, but I doubt it. It’s not that uncommon, to have your eyes ‘look’ a different color based on what you’re wearing. My eyes ‘look’ more green when I’m wearing green. Or even purple.

  20. 20
    TRISH Says:

    I SERIOUSLY doubt he uses contact lenses… he just has that type of eye colour that changes depending on light/ surroundings. It’s not that uncomon actually, my mum has it but I sadly didn’t inherit the trait LOL

  21. 21
    mjb Says:

    no, this are his eyes,the light and colors of the clothes change his color apareance.but they photoshoped his forehead, if you see the hq you can see the alteration on this area, maybe want down his hairline?i like his real hairline,please no photoshop alex images, he is naturally good looking with all is defects.

  22. 22
    ladybug Says:

    @mjb: I think they did tweak the eyes a little bit, though they did a really good job if they did The forehead looks untweaked.

    Can’t find a larger one of this for comparison:

    They may have tweaked just a bit, but really they seem to have left him alone. Or at least done a minimalist job in applying the Photoshop touch.

  23. 23
    sookster Says:


    Are all the stephen moyer pages shut down? That would be a great role for stephen and he wouldn’t even need any make up ;)

  24. 24
    sookster Says:


    If you look at any good quality, HD Alex videos, old movies or HQ photos (e.g. Getty) you can see his eyes are pale blue with green spots but they seem darker, or more grey or greenish depending on his clothes, distance and lightning. In TB his eyes look sometimes grey and sometimes blue and if you have paid any attention to TB you should notice that same goes with Kristin Bauer Van Straten, Moyer and Deborah or any blue-eyed actor but only Alex “fans” are complaining about photo shopping?

    His blue eyes are also often mentioned by fans, interviewers, reporters etc and even a huge Bill/Moyer lover Alan Ball praised Alex’s “amazing blue/green eyes”. And about contact lenses: that’s total bs! Alex isn’t that vain, as anyone can see by just looking at him.

    TB/EW photographer (Muller/Mueller?) photo shopped Alex eyes plain grey in S5 photo shoot, obviously in order to make other guys more appealing to the fans? Actually all of his photographs of Eric have been horrible within the last couple of season. Just horrible!

    Speaking of photoshopping, do you guys really think that Ian Somerhalder’s eyes are THAT blue irl. His eyes aren’t that blue in TVD or LOST but only in the photo shoots and again, no one’s complaining ;)

    That said ALL the magazine photo shoots of any celebs are photo shopped but as ridiculous this “conversation” is, it’s a huge upgrade to your usual Kate Bosworth bashing and Alex’s private life stalking :)

  25. 25
    Cafélady Says:

    @sookster: #24 KB bashing?? Can you show me the comments where I did this? And private life stalking? May be you do confound JJ with some other sites/threads – where it seems like as if a few members have this habit. Unfortunately – because some of this “fans” give other usual fans/fandom obviously a bad name…

    As for the presumed lenses: I know older pics of him, and IF YOU look at it, you can see that his eyes have a fascinating (in the best sort of way) cat look, which has something to do with his pupil’s who give this look. In some newer pics, this effect lacks – so you can presume that they have done something. Either they photoshopped the pics or yeah, just something oldfashioned, simple thing like colored lenses – or even both.

    And eyes who changes the color itself – I tend more to the simple answer to that “riddle”…LoL But may be I can’t imagine this effect – because I have just very dark brown eyes who never changed the color. No matter for the light effects or clothing colors – it’s just too usual I guess, too bad…:) LoL

    As for KBvS, Moyer, Deborah A. Woll – what makes you that sure that they don’t use such a simple thing like colored lenses if a certain effect is wished? It’s more simple sometimes than to give this photoshop effort. A lot of people use lenses and also colored – even then if they usually don’t need glasses/lenses. Just for the effect.
    And I don’t claim that he will do that also in private – but remember, we talked about professional photo-shoots…
    At least it could be possible.

    And why I give no attention at such things for actors like Somerhalder etc? That’s simple – because these people aren’t my favorites (actors) so I have no interest for them as actors/actresses or whatever else. So why should I pay attention on Somerhalder’s eyes?

    “And about contact lenses: that’s total bs! Alex isn’t that vain, as anyone can see by just looking at him.”

    Are you sure (in this certain case)? ;)

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