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Jennifer Lawrence Braves the Snow on 'David O. Russell Project' Set!

Jennifer Lawrence Braves the Snow on 'David O. Russell Project' Set!

Jennifer Lawrence arrives to mounds of snow on the set of the Untitled David O. Russell/Abscam Project on Wednesday (March 20) in Boston, Mass.

The 22-year-old Oscar winning actress stepped over snow piles while laughing to get to her location on set.

The project, set to be released on Christmas Day this year, also stars her Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley Cooper!

“Working with her on set is just easy because she’s so good and she’s just won all these huge awards so congratulations to her for that,” Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer‘s The Hunger Games co-star, said in an interview. “She’s amazing.”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Burberry coat.

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jennifer lawrence braves snow on set 01
jennifer lawrence braves snow on set 02
jennifer lawrence braves snow on set 03
jennifer lawrence braves snow on set 04
jennifer lawrence braves snow on set 05
jennifer lawrence braves snow on set 06
jennifer lawrence braves snow on set 07
jennifer lawrence braves snow on set 08
jennifer lawrence braves snow on set 09

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  • goodperson

    I wouldnt wear those shoes in the snow.

  • Cate


    I was thinking the same thing. It’s weird because otherwise she’s wrapped up pretty warmly for the weather so I wonder why she picked those shoes.

  • ck

    As she’s making a movie, maybe those are the shoes her character wears?

  • Sweetness

    You Rock Jennifer!!!!

  • Whatever

    Love Jen!

  • Yeah

    I tired of seeing her everywhere. Another actress that is overexposed. While I do enjoy that she seems down-to-earth for the most part in interviews. I’m tired of seeing her face everywhere.

  • xis

    @yeah, What are you talking about? She’s been disappearing from the media after they found her in Hawaii few weeks ago.

  • kara85


    she has been pretty low key since winning the oscars, don’t know what you are talking about *rolls eyes*
    and also she has been working nonstop since and this is first pictures of her on set of her new movie

  • Rea

    I love Jen’s personality and she has good acting skills…I thought she was really good in Winters Bone and THG but she didnt deserve the Oscar. Chastain and Riva outperformed her and Im disappointed the Oscars are becoming another popularity contest influenced greatly by Harvey. SLP in general was a good movie but totally overrated…I dont know how it got so many nominations

  • lola_uk


  • emanuella

    @Yeah: maybe y seen her in y dreams lol, since last month no picture or news from her so check y mind idiot,and if y dont like here why y check this post hypocrite go read another subject

  • Toni

    Love her. Her interviews on yourtube are just addictive.

  • Tracy

    Very overrated actress. I don’t get her popularity at all, and her persona is very tryhard to be down to earth and ‘normal’

  • Emmy

    And exactly how is this her fault?? I would venture to guess she would rather NOT have people following her and taking her picture at every turn. What is your excuse for being so negative?

  • Awe

    @xis: after they found her with MJ! lol

  • maximo

    @Emmy: totally agree, she is arrived on the set just today, and people said we seen her every second what can i say about jessica alba or selena gomez or justin bieber, evey second picture in the morning, evening (take coffe, interviews,video dancing,instagram ) and jennifer didnt ahve any of that …. and for the haters we will see her so much lately on set so hope y didnt kill yourself hahahaha

  • ha ha

    @kara85: low key after “weed incident” you mean!

  • Lucy M. Baker

    my buddy’s aunt makes $63/hr on the computer. She has been laid off for six months but last month her income was $14461 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more here….

  • Pt

    She’s kind of rude but I like her! and yeah she likes a MJ!

  • sweety

    overrated! overrrated as hell. She is a bad actress. That Oscar was LAME!

  • kevin

    @Awe: well good for her, she enjoy it her life ,LOVE MJ y should try sometimes relaxing, i didnt like her before but now love her cool girl hahah

  • Fiona

    this pothead is so overexposed. The media keeps telling us that we should adore her and i’m just like …………….. NO THANKS

  • Tommy

    Over exposed ……. This is the ONLY A list actor besides the pletha of B , C and D list celebrities that isn’t on the cover of every magazine or paps photographed getting coffee, or shopping or going to opening or premiers or front row at fashion shows or parties.. ….. IN WHAT world do you live in that Jennifer Lawernce is overexposed.. Haters just have b!tch about something, she is the least exposed A list actor we’ved seen in decades.

  • Ava

    Dying to see a picture of her , knew that in Boston she couldn’t hide like other sets, haven’t see her in weeks since she won the Oscar, wonder what she thinks of Bradley’s new curls and lady love.

  • OMG

    @Ava: me too! i hope seen her more often, now i really miss her finally some pictures, hope we have more and more picture every day she is so sweet, cant wait for CATCHING FIRE and SERENA this year

  • Carie


    I agree! are these b.itches blind or something?!

  • Carie


    how is she overexposted?! she is never anywhere unless promoting a movie. She is like Charlize THeron

  • Kristen Friedland

    I love Jennifer Lawrence and cannot wait for all three of her upcoming movies! She is a fantastic actress, and she definitely deserved the Oscar for her brilliant performance in “Silver Linings Playbook!” Her future shines bright!

  • Fiona


    she’s too vanilla to pap, her PR team and her sugar daddy Weinstein hype her up to the media. You really think she would have won an oscar for that average performance without old Harvey? HA! This will be remembered as one of the worst wins since Sandra Bullock.Gwyneth Paltrow etc.

  • ANN


    LOL Charlize is papped almost every day with her kid! I see him more than i see my own nephew!

  • so much hate

    @Fiona: you should comment on post about your baby kristen we all know you dont like jennifer and we dont need your opinion she won an oscar since month ago and you still feel upset sorry for you but she has talent and maybe she will be nominated next year hahahah so be ready for that and dont be sad next time

  • Dummy


    You’re an idiot for calling a complete stranger an idiot. She has been overexposed, and she has been in the news since the Oscars for the record.

    Maybe not as overexposed as the Kardashians, but becoming pretty damn close. She never have won that Oscar either.

  • Fiona

    @so much hate: @so much hate:

    my baby kristen? lol what? seems you are bothered by my opinion :)

  • Seriously


    Did you just encourage suicide? J.Law fans are morons apparently.

  • Carie


    Sweetie, let me explain since you are slow:

    Lawrence was proclaimed the frontrunner for the Oscar since her movie premiered at TIFF in September. Minutes after the premiere critics proclaiming her for the Oscar, from Variety to Hollwood Reporter to NY TIMES, etc. The Harvey magic didn’t even factor until January, but the girl had the nomination wrapped up since September, before Harvey came on board. The win she did herself, and many people do actually think she was the best ( people with a brain).

    The la critics, the AMPA’S, over a dozen critics associations/groups in major metropolitan areas, the SAG, and Australian film critics, hailed her perf as the best of the year. Harvey magic can’t do that. Harvey magic only got three oscars this year, so its not there anymore. All studios play his game now.

  • Carie


    how is she overexposed you moron? she doesn’t fall out of clubs, have a high profile relationship, get photographed getting coffee or eating, she is basically the lowest press/attention seeking celebrity out there.

  • aaron

    she is the real deal .. she not fake .. most of all she down to earth .. not show diva attitude .. we love you jen ..

  • maximo

    @Seriously: hahahah so funny how old are you? im fan of any talent girl or boy who deserved im not child or kind of thos fans who is exclusive for somebody and if i dont like someone i dont comment and spent my time checking his post so get a life little fu-cker

  • Panda

    Jennifer is the real deal. She’s working with the best people. The world is watching!

  • Marsha

    Love this girl.. She will be RELEVANT in HOLLYWOOD for a very long time. So, to those haters saying she’s over exposed and over rated, you just got to live with it.. She’s been in the news because she was nominated and just won an Oscar.. Did she ask for that nomination or that win that makes makes her a pap magnet once she became one??.. And saying OVER RATED, wow she won 85% of all the CRITICS, PEOPLE’s choice and SAG/GG/ACADEMY awards she was nominated in, so who says she’s over rated now, just the HATERS i guess!! Stop the HATE and lets celebrate a TRUE TALENT when u see one!! You haters will cringe some more in the years to come.. She still has 3 THG movies till 2015, She has SERENA and that David O Russel movie she’s filmimg, The XMEN franchise, The Ends of the Earth movie adaptation plus The Glass Castle or better known as the Jeanette Walls memoirs, so i guess, she’s set for life.. Go JENNIFER!!!!

  • BLAH

    LOL at peple saying she is overexposed. That’s probably because a lot oh her old interviews have been resurfacing recently since she’s won an Oscar. But the truth is it’s been awhile since her last pap pics

  • Not a fan

    This chick is overexposed. Maybe, she is not papped everyday, but before the Oscars she was on cover and cover of magazines, as well as in others. She never should have won the Oscar. The only reason she did is because the people is a very popular book. This girl is overrated, and her days are numbered. Look at how popular Orlando Bloom was, and how much do you hear about him anymore. I prefer to see Selena and Charlize in the news, because they are actually good actress. After reading these posts, I don’t think I will ever watch a film with this chick in it. These fans are ridiculous and overprotective of someone you don’t eve know. Calling people names, because they disagree. Yet you are probably the same losers who go across the board calling other actresses and such the same thing.

    This chick is a waste of talent. Unless she makes improvements in time.

  • Yep


    These awards are no longer about talent. They’re about popularity now. Meryl should have won over her. But due to JLaws currently popularity that is why she won. Imagine the uprising of fans if she hadn’t. She still should have won, but it’s done and over.

    Look at Leo, that man can act, but due to his man whore image, he hasn’t won.

  • lol

    Yes I agree – in many cases these awards are about the hype that is drummed up about the movie & the actor or actress – Meryl is by far a much much much better actress than pretty much anyone out there today. Weinstein company pulls a lot of weight now so you know it will be one of the films he disributes & one of the actors in it that will win. This girl is a bit overrated but she did do a good job in Hunger Games. Not really a fan of hers but her work is not bad. But as far as the fans saying how real she is – that does not come across & most of Hollywoow is not “real” – very few stars are really down to earth – many let the hype go to their heads. Meryl is one that does not.

  • h

    she´s a good actress, but she´s also fat there´s no doubt about it

  • Mila

    @Not a fan:

    Selena Gomez is a good actress?! thats your idiot standard for actresses?!

    And idiot, Charlize Theron herself hired Jennifer for her breakout film role, wrote her EW write up this year for entertainer of the year, and called her one of the best actresess she has ever seen. She said her audition was the best she has seen, it made her silent and awestruck!

    dumb dumb dumb

  • Yeeeah


    Pretty sure that’s not within her control.