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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Date Night with a Fan!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Date Night with a Fan!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson pose for a photo with a fan while having a date night on Tuesday (March 19) at Ye Rustic Inn in Los Angeles.

Rob and Kristen were having so much fun together,” a source told E! News about the date. “They sat in the back of the bar in a booth and were laughing. At one point, they were standing at the bar and were just being normal, as any boyfriend and girlfriend would be with each other.”

“They were touchy-feely. She was holding on to his jacket and had her hand on his back. They were just cute,” the source added.

FYI: Robert is wearing a Levi’s jacket.

Bigger picture inside…

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  • an

    nice *^*

  • oh ok

    She was pretty touchy feely with that perv_director too I suppose. Rob can do so much better. All of a sudden, she needs him. Very self-serving.

  • Haha

    oh look, a douche and a w.hore…such a lovely couple…

  • Bria London

    i agree. Before she would deny him and act as if she had better things to do than talk about Rob or even acknowledge him. Now she wants the whole world to know. she has been trying to stay in the papers, which she claims to hate. yeah right.

  • amanda

    @oh ok….what do you mean now she needs him? I honestly am indifferent to them staying together or separating, but I also don’t understand the insults some people come up with….what does that even mean? wasn’t he just off shooting a movie in austrailia?

  • Lola

    She is used goods, and worst of all, she thinks she is doing us mortals a favor by appearing on screen or on a magazine. Claims to dislike the spotlight but dresses half-naked to premieres. Duh, she obviously wants, craves, and loves the attention.

    Good luck, Rob. I’d sleep with an eye open. That girl is sneaky and cannot be trusted.

  • Bunny

    yup, she is clinging to him like no tomorrow now after her trashy exploits. It’s common knowledge that she has been putting tremendous pressure on Rob.


  • cella

    i really dont understand Rob anymore. Why is he still with her?

  • JUMP

    @cella: it’s his life not yours, you dont have to understand his life choices (even if they suck)

  • Rupert Sanders

    Kristen has a nice face

  • Lili

    The stupid girl with her puppy! I just forget they still exist.

  • Fiona

    OH BOY! THE HATERS GONNA FLIP. This should be fun!

    Rob floves Kristen and all of y’all are single twats fapping to Edward posters every night. Guess what – ROB ISN’T EDWARD and he doesn’t give a damn what you think HE should do in his life. You are just $ at the box office for him, you are pointless after that. He has said so many times how crazy you all are yet you are blind to the shades he throws. It’s HILARIOUS!

  • maria

    too many misplaced nonnies that can’t accept they are together

  • Christina

    Very happy for Rob that he got through LAX undetected by paparazzi. I bet that was a HUGE relief for him.

    Cute photo :) very happy for them.

  • niagirl

    Lol,hey Rob how’s Australia isn’t that where the idiot media says you are. Idiots.


    @Fiona: you also y are hater for some other person why we should now dont have any opinion about kristen or robert if you respect whore well good for you maybe y are the same as her pffffff

  • michelle

    Shes old news, he’s on his way up.

  • Wendy

    Actually they are very private people who do their best to avoid the attention. I am pretty sure the Rupert ‘affair’ was a Hollywood stunt used to promote both films. After all, so many people who ‘do not care’ are still talking about it months later! And the website that presents the evidence of the photos being tampered with is rather impressive. Back to the couple – to withstand the fake stories so many of these crazy tabloids (Hollywood Life for example) have put out and remain together through it all, even taking into consideration that the affair was, well – REAL….. us ‘normal’ folks should be so lucky. Considering their age and what they have endured I wish them the best. Staying on the front page is just part of the profession, whether they like it or not.

  • dn

    she is just acting because she wants to clean her “image” so she is using him, and Rob is sooooo in love with her that doesn’t see that she is reeeally acting. I guess that love is Blind!

  • K

    The two biggest laughing stocks in HW lol the doormat and the half-homewrecher, Next!

  • Sweetness

    @Bria London:

    I agree with you Bria. Before her cheating scandal she was all I hate my pic being taken…she did all she could to avoid any appearance that they were dating and NOW she is all LOOK EVERYBODY WE ARE A COUPLE. Her angry don’t look at us mode has done a complete 180.

    Her career is slagging and she misses all that Twilight attention. Look at that pic he is over with being associated with Twilight..she on the other hand needs the pr.

  • Maria

    I’m so happy for them, they deserve to be happy..! Some people are really annoying, they can do whatever they want, they are adults and can take their own decisions, doesn’t matter what the others think.

  • Sm

    Hey Robert Pattinson and you are still a pussy,only these Robsten stans respect you….so sad,you had potential and now you’re just Ktramp boyfriend.Look at your life,look at your choices

  • sweety

    crazy fans around here! lol

  • srb

    @Sm: I seriously doubt Rob or Kristen really gives a rats azz what anyone thinks,it’s their life all they want from you is to watch their movies.And if you can’t accept that well then time to move onto another actor to worship.

  • clover

    she made a mistake.
    he forgave her.
    she’s a lucky duck.
    theyre cute in the photo, glad to see some people in the world are happy.

  • bobbi

    She made a mistake?

    Yes. Well, that’s a HUGE “mistake” to make. Sanders is guilty as well but this “mistake” cost two innocent children a family.

  • green

    Poor Rob… Look at his face and look at ksl*t face. She’s so happy because she can again use rob to clean her image. She’s so selfish and manipulative. Poor Rob :(

  • Taylor

    @green: Ok, you are pathetic..! You don’t know them, you don’t know anything about their relationship, stop with the drama.

  • guest

    When is this robsten bs going to end?I believe they are friends now and kristen is using him.

  • green

    @Taylor: You’re the pathetic one dear…!!! Do you know anything about their real relationship?I bet not. You tell yourself and your idol to stop the drama.

  • faithful

    It is amazing all the fat, ugly, pathetic white trash hatred that continues to be hurled at our lovely Kristen. If Rob loves her thats OK, if he does not then it will be all for the best.

  • see

    they’re just friends, that’s all they ever were, it was all for publicity, still is

  • Lillian

    They are so perfect together. I hope they see that too and not let outside hype about them destroy that. Who cares about how they met or how crazy their life is. In private, nothing outside should matter. Just tune everything out except what matters. The two of them. Go Robsten

  • guest

    robsten fans are so gullible…LOL. Rob and kwh**e are just friends.

  • jen

    All of you who are blaming kris for breaking up a family…it must NOT have been too strong of a commitment to begin with. Mommy is jumping in every bed she can now, and I have NOT see her with her kids.

  • P

    Why can’t people accept the fact that this two people are none of their business .. This is getting to be beyond ridiculous ! They are not losing any sleep over your comments .. So why are you ?? They are kicking their lives some people should do the same !

  • KissThis

    Are you kidding me?? Why Rob? Where is your self-respect? Pathetic.

  • lu

    You know I just want to let you know that Rob doesn’t want you. You can call Kristen all the names in the book. He loves her and there’s nothing you can do about it. So just crawl back into the cave you came out of because really…no one cares what you think LOL!

  • bex

    I’m a HUGE Rob fan, but honestly if he’s still with her I’m moving onto liking another actor. I can’t have respect for someone, even professionally when they obviously don’t respect themselves.

  • Jenny

    So many haters! So many people who have never made mistakes and made decisions of their own! Used goods? Shut up.

  • peace yo!

    @oh ok: BS comment. I bet she just fine with/without Rob. The fact is they still loving each other and Rob don’t want let her go so haters just get a life:)

  • peace yo!

    @maria: agree with you. Lol they still angry with this couple and bla..blaa..blaa…Don’t bother about it there are so many people always support and happy for this couple.

  • funny

    @dn: Nice try and please try hard more. This joke not work at all.

  • Juliana

    It’s nice that they are happy together and don’t let the haters bother their relationship.

  • Calvin

    Stewart’s a has been dude. Insofar Pattinson it’s a cool dude, credible Actor with good projects

  • pink

    Ruth has work these days. You know, the homewrecker needs to stay relevant: the Razzie, her reputation… She is an asshole. This PR is pathetic.

  • Bob

    @Wendy: If it was a PR stunt, Liberty Ross files for divorce from Rupert Sanders after affair?

  • Honey

    He is waiting for her to cheat again.Now that’s what I call a good BF LOL He is a sore loser & DESERVES to be cheated on again. Don’t let me down,Kristen.

  • pink

    The affair was real. Rob and kristen’s relationship after the affair is the fake one.