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Vanessa Hudgens: 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno' Appearance!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno' Appearance!

Vanessa Hudgens is a vision in yellow while making an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday (March 20) in Burbank, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress appeared to promote her new film Spring Breakers, which hits theaters in wide release this weekend.

Vanessa recently chatted with Blackbook about how she and her co-stars prepared for the robbery scenes.

“We would watch movies, and pull from robbery scenes. The robberies weren’t scripted at all,” Vanessa said. “We pulled from The Town, from The Dark Knight, and Heath Ledger‘s character. We worked on being fearless, and feeling empowered, as much as we possibly could. We had to stick with that, those feelings, throughout the whole duration of filming.”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing an alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet dress, Jerome C. Rousseau shoes, a DeMarco ring, and Dove’s earrings.

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Photos: Stacie McChesney/NBC
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  • vroomvroom

    she’s gorgeous and yellow looks good on her!

  • NotAGirl

    She has really tacky style.

  • Mandy

    She looks lovely!

  • lizzzie

    she looks gorgeous

  • thelma

    she has a nice body

  • tina

    She looks great, can’t wait to see this tonight.

  • Xo

    So effortless and beautiful <3 Can't wait to see it tonight.

  • anney

    i love when she uses bright colors, she has a beautiful color skin <3

  • Deb

    Exactly what about her style is tacky? She looks beautiful.

  • hannah

    more pictures here, she looks adorable

  • hannah

    she is wearing a beautiful dress, what are you talking about? lol

  • NotAGirl

    @Deb: All you need to do is google ‘Vanessa Hudgens festival style’ to know what I’m talking about.

  • Maria

    Yuk. I don’t care for Leno that much. Why can’t she be on Letterman instead?

  • lola

    she is so pretty, but i miss her black hair, i mean, she looks gorgeous, but her black hair makes her look more WOW idk how to explain it. lol
    I’m so in love with her dress too, the color is so beautiful.

  • hannah

    well, thats actually her “festival style” as she said a couple of times, she really enjoy dress up for the festivals and doesn’t really care about what everyone says about it, because it is a COSTUME.

  • Deb

    Ok. I googled as per your suggestion. My question remains the same. Exactly what about her style is tacky?

    I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always love each and every outfit she wears. She can’t get it right EVERY time. But I still don’t see tacky.

  • BEAN

    The cut, the color and fit of this dress is so beautiful on Vanessa. She looks so young and happy!

  • Xo

    @NotAGirl: The whole point of going to music festivals is to dress crazy. It’s fun. Lighten up.

  • caroline

    Vanessa looks so beautiful and elegant in that dress, love the color of it. I loved the orange jumpsuit and now a yellow dress, she looks so good in any color! .

  • kami

    i just posted a comment about how beautiful vanessa is and it is “awaiting moderation.” wtf????

  • maria

    Gorgeous! Love the whole look! I agree with Deb. i don’t always love everything she wears, but style and taste is all very personal. She wears what she enjoys and likes, and that’s what we all do, isn’t it?? I have to admit, she is NEVER boring or predictable. She is always trying new looks and that takes guts.

  • Melissa

    so, there’s a pic with Jay, and her hair looks like a dark blonde, I think she would look really flawless as a blonde. And i’m not exactly talking about the “spring breakers shade of blonde” but the right shade of blonde.

  • ann

    Great look and color for her. She looks better covered up!

  • LC
  • maria

    Colours! She should wear them more often. I’d like to see her in candy floss pink, lapis lazuli, turquoise, magenta, or electric blue next.

  • Okey Dokey

    That dress is nice but i was watching an interview of her yesterday and there was just something i didn’t like about her, she kind of seems really cocky like she thinks she is hot as shit or something and her confidence is kinda weird its not like calm confidence its like she wants to stand out above anyone else i dunno though just what i get from her.

  • maria

    @Okey Dokey: get over it. There is nothing in that interview to indicate that she is full of herself. She is just sharing little stories of members of her family. Talking about Cocky, you ain’t seen nothing yet, I can tell you.

  • maria

    From SXSW Film Festival…. Very nice!

    Best Narrative Feature : 4. Spring Breakers

    Biggest Surprise : 1. Spring Breakers

    Best Scene : 1. Spring Breakers

    Best Director : 5. Harmony Korine, Spring Breakers

    Best Ensemble : 3. Spring Breakers

    Best Supporting Performance : 1. James Franco, Spring Breakers

    Top Films and Performances of SXSW 2013 | Filmmakers, Film Industry, Film Festivals, Awards & Movie Reviews | Indiewire

  • Haters Suck!

    Awesome. That’s wonderful news

  • kami

    why are all my totally non controversial comments awaiting moderation???? does jj only want comments that say bad things about vanessa????

  • Rene

    So unfortunate looking :S

  • Chelles

    @maria: Thanks so much Maria. I’m really happy for Vanessa and the cast. I’m most happy actually for Harmony. He’s very talented so glad to see him back..he kind of disappeared for a bit. As for Vanessa, she looks great..I think she gets inspired when it comes to fashion and right now her inspiration is color. She looks her.

  • Pithy

    Wow, look at those ears. She could give Dumbo the elephant a run for his money

  • Haters Suck!

    U get that comment from a 1st grader?

  • georgina

    she is gorgeous

  • Deb

    Nice article. Thanks for the link.
    You know, I don’t know what people expect from her. Did they think that she was gonna stay a teenager forever? People grow up. They mature. It’s only logical that she will start taking more grown up and mature roles.

  • Deb

    There is not a color on this earth that wouldn’t look good on her. :-)

  • IMO

    Flawless and Wow!!! So gorgeous! Thank for the Blackbook link that was a great review and interview. I loved it, and FFINALLY!!!!!

  • Vic

    Ugh Vanessa, you are killing me with all these hotness.

  • florence

    I was all ready to agree with you, and then I watched her on the Tonight show. She’s got a long way to go towards maturity. She may be 24, but she was speaking and acting like a 16 year old. And if she said “I mean” one more time……..

  • lola

    At the Kimmel interview she kept making gestures with her hands just so she can show off those hideous nails she has. It was getting obvious and it was funny.

  • Ann

    @lola: She ALWAYS makes gestures with her hands. Look at her past interviews & you’d know that. It’s kind of something a person does when they’re telling a story. I do the exact same thing.

  • Christy

    @florence: Is that because she’s bubbly & energetic? I’m sorry she’s one of the only people in Hollywood who isn’t a stuck up snob. If she wasn’t the way she was you’d probably claim she was ‘boring’ & needed to ‘lighten up’. Just because she’s not afriad to have fun & she likes being happy doesn’t mean she ‘has a long way to maturity’. It’s not like Vanessa’s all of a sudden like this. She’s always been extremely bubbly & had a lot of energy. Look at interviews of her from 2006/2007 & you’d see she’s the exact same person & she hasn’t changed. It’s part of her personality. Get used to it.

  • MxGirl

    Their future children will be proud to see what pigs their mothers had become. Hollywood is filled with little other than pigs.

  • Haters Suck!

    Your mothers so dumb she got hit by a parked car.

  • MxGirl

    @Haters Suck!:

    Wow you are very brave come to my face and say that coward ! I made a commentary on a public site if you don’t like it f a w k off … coward

  • Nightwish

    Same F…KING SPAMMING IDIOT on page one. You think you’re fooling people into thinking that a lot of different people are gangbusting this post as soon as it hits? Vanessa is such a retard, telling everyone she had to get inspiration to pull off a simply acted robbery scene with a bunch of second rate cast in a desperately lame film. I actually like these rare opportunities when hudgens goes on a talk show and demonstrates how lame and dumb she really is to a half a million people on tv ROFLMAO

  • Haters Suck!

    Yeah u made a comment on a public site. As did I. U don’t like it well I could give a $hit.