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Liam Hemsworth Lands in Los Angeles, Miley Cyrus Twerks

Liam Hemsworth Lands in Los Angeles, Miley Cyrus Twerks

Liam Hemsworth keeps a low profile behind shades and a hoodie while exiting LAX Airport on Wednesday (March 20) after landing in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actor is back in the states after spending the past week in the Philippines doing some promotional work.

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Earlier that day, Liam‘s fiancee Miley Cyrus released a video of herself doing a two minute twerk dance in a unicorn costume. Check out the video below!

Miley Cyrus – Twerk Video

10+ pictures inside of Liam Hemsworth at the airport…

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liam hemsworth lands in los angeles miley cyrus twerks 01
liam hemsworth lands in los angeles miley cyrus twerks 02
liam hemsworth lands in los angeles miley cyrus twerks 03
liam hemsworth lands in los angeles miley cyrus twerks 04
liam hemsworth lands in los angeles miley cyrus twerks 05
liam hemsworth lands in los angeles miley cyrus twerks 06
liam hemsworth lands in los angeles miley cyrus twerks 07
liam hemsworth lands in los angeles miley cyrus twerks 08
liam hemsworth lands in los angeles miley cyrus twerks 09
liam hemsworth lands in los angeles miley cyrus twerks 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Oh Yeah!!!

    White Girls can’t dance. That includes Miley!

  • ana

    Keep being a famewhore, Miley.

  • sarah

    I feel bad for him. She really seems messed up.

  • Mia

    They are like beauty and the beast, but the beast in this case is Miley

  • Camden

    I like it. I think the dance is funky.
    I like that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, unlike some other child
    singers like Bieber who appear to be having a melt down.

  • Sol

    Okay…. seriously…. sense on humor people?!?! girl is havin fun

  • KissThis

    Unicorn costume? lol. WTF???

  • Estructuras de madera

    Grow up Liam…

  • r&b mom

    I like her spunk. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. The public shouldn’t either. To each their own.

  • Rebecca

    Instead of doing the unicorn dance and posting it she could have been at the airport to meet her supposed boyfriend and supposed future husband. Instead she’s doing that. She is such a fame whore and really needs to grow up. Her behavior reminds me of how Spears acted before she was put under guardianship with her father.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Good for you, Liam … good for you. lol

  • Dorothy J. Pearce

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  • luvlfe

    Awww she was awesome even cute Id rather see that then her acting all skankeeeee. Keep luvin the animals/protecting the animals 2!

  • B.

    Liam is just so centered and Miley is just such a child yet. Poor Liam! This is not gonna take too long

  • evie

    she’s embarassing

  • trent

    what a coinsidense she’s got an album coming out. and they ask him to come back. wow they got him by the balls. arrange relationships end bad at the end. dude liam bail out man.

  • sorella

    I wonder if he is just annoyed at himself now how he got engaged to a child and is wondering how to get out of it. If this is her way of winning him back and showing him she’s serious about them, she is going about it the wrong way, very immature.

  • Vivian

    Damnnnnnnnn girl can shake it! :D

  • Steph


  • http://justjared anymouse

    you people thrive on drama! i don’t care for miley, and the dance is so corny, but if what they have works, good for both of them. miley is so worried about “growing up,” that she just looks silly. her behavior is what’s making her still seem like a child.

  • realist

    All of you Negative Nellies wish you could do what Miley did.
    Your jealousy is apparent.

  • Seriously


    She’s still considered a child in my eyes. The ways she acts says that. She is not ready for marriage. Either is Liam. They both remind me of spoiled teenagers. Given I have only seen a few interviews, but out of the ones I have seen that’s how I feel.

  • realist

    @anymouse: #20

    Why do you think dancing is childish? Adults dance all the time.
    Have you been living on another planet?
    I have been an adult for a long time, and I dance as much as possible.

  • Jem

    Wow this is sad. Liam get out of there while you can or else you’ll be a has-been at 20 like Miley. Seriously if her claim to fame is that she had a TV when she was 16 and now post videos of her acting like a spazz with a bald ass head then that’s pretty sad for young Hollywood.

  • @Jem…..#24

    Oh please Miley is worth MILLIONS, working on her new record, is engaged to a gorgeous hot actor and is having fun enjoying her life.

    While your sitting at your computer WHINGING about her…..Blah Blah Blah……do you really think she cares about what YOU think???……lol.

  • Ely

    @@Jem…..#24: She cares more than you think,remember?She’s always complaining about “haters” and gossips about her personal life and fake love life.I thought you knew that her “engagement” to Liam is fake,a contract,right?He didn’t know where he was getting into,but he “dated” her for publicity.Now he’s stuck with a spoiled girl with the mental age of a 10 year old girl.,while she’s turning into a boy,little by little.That engagement is fake,ok?IF they marry one day,it will be for publicity too.Liam is in trouble,and i doubt Miley will let him go so easily,she’s too desperate to get attention.She’s too immature to marry any guy,and he’s too adult and mature for her.If they didn’t break up yet,they will do it soon.Liam doesn’t want to “be” with her anymore.He met her while she looked like a girl,now she’s looking like a man.Any man in his situation would run away from her too.I really hope he gets out this contract,or he’ll have to marry her by force.Poor Liam.

  • Hemsworth Hog

    Liam is the sexiest. Ever.

  • Viper

    That is NOT a wife that’s a baby sister.

  • Riri

    I guess that’s what happens when all you do is make millions on a delusional basis, have not lived through any form of real tragedy, hopped on the Disney money train in your formative years, and have so much spare time you have no clue what to do with yourself. Hey Miley, do us all a favor and get an actual life, one that consists of substance, intellect and anything other than fame-famish.

  • Warren

    @Oh Yeah!!!: What a racist statement. And Miley does just fine. She is a singer and an actress anyway, not a pro dancer.

  • Jessie

    No one knows if Miley is having fun or the beginnings of a nervous breakdown. Nor does anyone know if she’s happy in life in general. Money and fame do not equal happiness.

  • Daniel MmMmMm.

    someone needs to tell her she isnt hood…

  • Love The Shoes

    I like her again! That was great! The girl can dance. WHOO HOO GO MILEY GET YO TWERK ON!

  • Love The Shoes

    @Oh Yeah!!!: Shut up stupid. Let’s see what YOU got. I dare ya.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Daniel MmMmMm.: Someone needs to tell you to cease with the stereotyping. What? You gotta be black and living in the ghetto first or something?

  • tammy

    Poor Liam????This jerk goes after the skankiest “celebrity” in HW (January Jones),shows bad behaviour fighting in bars,is reported to hit girls in nightclubs and it is Miley fault???Show some character boy and if you don´t want to be engaged anymore call it quits and stop acting like an imature dbag. and a stupid moron.

  • tammy

    And he is so mature that he fled to Australia when he realized he made a mess.Miley is the one who has to run away from him,she can do a lot better. And i hope she kiks his ass so hard that when he notices he is back in Australia.Or Phillipnes.

  • Did Liam do January

    So, did he do January Jones, I mean she is hot, I would pass on Miley as well to do one night with JJ, she is a woman and who wants a tweeting girl when you can have a grown up woman?

  • Did Liam do January


    Jessie who actually cares except the people that Miley is sending a paycheck to each week?

  • chitta

    One day Liam gonna regret why he dated one of spoilt brats in H.W!

  • xx

    Run Liam, RUN …

  • WTFtider

    She is acting like a child and she is doing this to get attention.. its pretty sad really.

  • ronnie

    They sooo LOVE each other! Get over it jealous haters!!!….Unbroken MIAM<3 Love them both!