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Nicole Kidman: 'Before I Go to Sleep' Set!

Nicole Kidman: 'Before I Go to Sleep' Set!

Nicole Kidman bundles up on the set of Before I Go to Sleep on Thursday (March 21) in the English countryside.

The 45-year-old actress got her make-up touched up in between filming some scenes in a covered, wooded area.

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Before I Go to Sleep is a mystery thriller about a woman who wakes up every day, remembering nothing as a result of a traumatic accident in her past. One day, new terrifying truths emerge that force her to question everyone around her. Colin Firth also stars!

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman on set…

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nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 01
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 02
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 03
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 04
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 05
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 06
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 07
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 08
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 09
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 10
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 11
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 12
nicole kidman before i go to sleep set 13

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Moh123

    She looks magnificent, each day i am loving her more and more

  • sorella

    It’s funny how she had SO much work done, yet she looks every bit her age if not older lately. It totally backfired on her.

  • Josh

    @sorella: She looks great in those pictures. Very natural and beautiful.

  • Leilani F. Contreras

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  • @@

    Much to Kidman’s relief, ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ is going to demand absolutely no emoting skills from her frozen face. Every morning, all she will be required to do is wake up with a BLANK expression – too easy.

  • Keeping faux family together!

    14 March, 2013: Keith Urban is recording an album in Nashville and doing American Idol in L.A., all while his wife, Nicole Kidman, is in London shooting a movie.
    15 March, 2013: ”My husband says, ‘You can’t buy time,’ and that’s why we always try to make decisions that mean our family is kept together because you just can’t get that back.”

  • donna

    Keith has recently been hopping a plane every Thurday night directly after IDOL and flying back to London. At leasat he’s doing his part in keeping the family together.

  • ..

    March 7, 2013: ‘Keith comes and goes’ (to fulfil his marriage contract obligations), said Nicole. ‘He’ll fly in for 24 hours just to say hello and (do some pre-arranged photo ops) give us all a hug or he might stay (in a separate hotel) for a couple of days. He’s busy over in Nashville and LA (parenting Sunday and Faith). But once I’ve finished filming (take a break from making box office flops), I’m going to be the (absent) wife by his side because it’s family (me) time’.

  • Jen

    Straight to DVD.

  • ..

    March 7, 2013: ‘I love it that he’s crazy enough (contractually obligated) to get on a plane and come over here for 24 hours. But that craziness is rooted in a love (of money) and a friendship (with the paparazzi) for each other. The friendship is just as important as the love, and it builds (a false image) over time. I know how lucky I am (to have found a willing accomplice in Keith).’

  • Kary

    OMG… this book is awesome… I can’t wait for the movie, plus… she looks gorgeous

  • Louise

    Nicole is so fortunate to be married to Keith Urban. He is one swell gentleman!!

  • @6, 8, 10….

    Wow talk about delusional conspiracy theories…

    What’s the matter are you upset that Keith & Nicole are happily married with 2 gorgeous girls???

    Is that why you make up fake stories about them to make yourself feel better???

    Jealous much???

  • More NK lies!

    March 7, 2013: While Nicole is filming ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ in London, with her two youngest children – daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret – in tow …
    March 7, 2013: Keith Urban and his daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret were spotted heading out of town, on a private plane at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. Currently a judge on American Idol, Keith and his girls were likely headed to Vegas where they are finishing up the Semi-finalist rounds.

  • simply concerned

    Yet another movie by Grannie Freeze. LOL when does she have time to breathe let alone see her wee ones.

  • Hoppy

    The girls are with their mother now and love to be on movie sets with her and in the American Idol studio with their daddy. Dads can spend time with their children just like the mother. No rules that Moms are the only parent that can have one on one time with their kids.

  • Karen10

    Aw, I love Nicole and Keith together! So cute! (Seems to be a stalker on this thread!) LOL

  • Josh

    The crazy fiction writer is here! With her multiple personalities! (of course). She posts her insane ramblings here on JJ because nobody goes to her nasty Urban Myths site anymore (a website she created to bash Nicole Kidman). Same for her board (a board she created to bash Nicole Kidman). She’s alone there, talking to herself all day long, trying to convince herself that Kidman is the devil incarnated because she’s married to Keith Urban (that woman’s fantasy boyfriend). The same crazy stories for EIGHT years. And that woman is apparently over 50 years old (older than my mother). Crazy and pathetic.

  • The sham wedding vows

    I, Keith, take you Nicker’s, to be my closeted lesbian wife, to never have and to never hold from this day forward; for better PR, not worse; for deceiving everyone to get richer, not poorer; in mental sickness and in drug and alcohol fuelled health; to pretend to love and to cherish, but definitely obey; from this day forward, until the marriage contract is terminated or death do us part.

  • continued …

    I, Nicker’s, take you Keith, to be my well paid escort, to have my money and to hold my hand from this day forward; for better red carpet promotion, not worse; for deceiving the public to get richer, not poorer; in bipolar sickness and in borderline anorexic and premature balding health; to neither love or cherish; from this day forward, until the marriage contract is terminated.

  • Gemma

    An extremely bad fiction writer!

  • SM’s pathetic obsession

    So, according to Josh, his mom (Sewer Mistress) is nearly 50 years old … interesting! Curious to know how SM’s obsession with Kidman began. One day SM took herself off to the movies. She missed her movie of choice ‘Robot Jox’, so she had to settle on ‘Days of Thunder’ starring Tom Cruise (the Gay Midget Dwarf) as NASCAR driver, Cole Trickle. Not being a particularly analytical type, SM enjoyed movies which defied logic … enter 22 year old closeted lesbian Nicole Kidman playing Dr. Claire Lewicki, the neurosurgeon love interest attending to Cole Trickle’s health. Of course, critics lampooned Kidman’s ludicrous portrayal of a practising neurosurgeon, but SM was impressed! After the movie she went home, did some research and stumbled across the following Nicole Kidman quote, “if I hadn’t been an actress, I would have been a doctor.” It didn’t matter to SM that Kidman (an average student) dropped out of high school at 15 … SM was hooked. You see, SM can relate to Kidman because she has always had delusions of grandeur herself. So now, when people ask SM “what would you be if you weren’t the author of the failed blog (skewering the skeptics)?” her straight up answer is, “I would have been a nuclear physicist.” Absurd right? Not in SM and Kidman’s world it’s not!

  • won ton

    You are making a story , Nicole is great actress , she would make good doctor , you are hater of her.

  • KU career trajectory

    . ‘American Idol’ ratings hit an All Time Low
    . ‘American Idol’ ratings drop with smallest Wednesday audience in over a decade
    . After latest ratings flop, ‘American Idol’ is in real trouble
    . ‘American Idol’ ratings plummet in Season 12

  • peggy

    At least Keith is enthusiastic and genuine on AI. Leave him alone.

  • won ton

    Keith is good judge , he try his best.

  • duh

    ”X” and her 1001 names continues to post every day accomplishing nothing, which proves she’s as self-deluded as you can get.

  • Crikey

    23 March 2013: “No one is watching American Idol, and Channel Ten (Australia) must do away with it at once.”

  • http://none liza

    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are happily married , and both a working parents , Nicole is a great actress , those are jealous and heater of Nicole and Keith Urban all you can do is type your criticism in here , while Nicole and Keith are the best parents at the same time earning their livelihood. I love you Nicole and Keith and your family , you have a wonderful two daugthers , its a blessings .

  • http://none Shasha

    Millions of people are watching American Idol , even none American are watching in the internet , Nicole and Keith Urban so in love with each other , and Nicole is a talented actress and Keith is a successful country music singer . They married successfully , with two biological children .

  • !!CRAZY!!

    Thanks for the words of wisdom … Liza/ Shasha/ Lalaine/ Surely/ Sandra/ Shane/ Cherry/ Lynn/ Jan/ Jenny/ Maymay/ Wan/ Tan/ Wonton .. same person, different thread!

  • Kary

    I’m from Venezuela (SouthAmerica) and I’m watching AI… If AI ratings aren’t good I’m sure is not because of Keith… Maybe is because the show is not what it used to be. without Simon that show is nothing

  • http://Comcast Joni

    IT is just unbelievable that this crazy bitch with all of these names hasn’t been taken away ih a straight jacket yet. The minute anything is written about Nicole Miss Crazy looks for her and starts her jealous rants using all of these different names. I can just picture her, fat and ugly.

  • Not buying it in Minnesota
  • x

    @Joni wins the award for the most predictable and BORING commenter of all time. Well done!

  • http://comcast,t Joni

    To THE CRAZY ONE: If you think my remarks are boring don’t read them. Love, love the Beabutiful Keith Urban Family !!

  • http://comcast,t Joni

    The Crazy One, What a sicko you are.