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Ashley Greene: Fire at West Hollywood Condo, Dog Dies Under Bed

Ashley Greene: Fire at West Hollywood Condo, Dog Dies Under Bed

A fire broke out at Ashley Greene‘s condo on Friday (March 22) in West Hollywood, Calif, according to TMZ.

The 26-year-old actress unfortunately lost one of her dogs in the tragic episode as he hid under a bed. Her other dog was rushed to an animal hospital.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ashley Greene

Our thoughts are with Ashley during this difficult time.

Also pictured inside: Ashley leaving the Tracy Anderson gym on Wednesday (March 20) in Studio City, Calif.

10+ pictures inside of Ashley Greene leaving the gym before her condo fire…

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  • Rocky

    This is so sad. I would die if anything happened to my dog. Hope her other dog makes it. My heart goes out to Ashley.

  • amanda

    jesus….that’s terrible

  • Lucy

    this is so sad

  • hepmoda

    It is so sad. I am really sorry for her:( And of course for the dog. I hope the other one survives.

  • Sienna

    lol *eyerolls*

  • Brian


  • kel

    That’s awful, very sorry to hear this.

  • Journalistic

    @Sienna: You’re a gross person.

    My heart sank into my stomach, that poor dog :(

  • lucy

    This is heartbreaking :’( I feel so sorry for her and for that dog, may he/she rest in peace.

  • YO


  • Kandy Floss

    The fact the dog hid under a bed, it must have felt so scared. How horrible and tragic. rip.

  • Layney

    Ryan you are a heartless asshole. Pets become like part of your family, obviously have never loved anything more than yourself. Grow up.

  • El Perro

    Pinche @ryan. You is a dick!

  • Liz

    That’s so sad. I hope that the other dog makes it. Poor Ashley.

  • Sammy

    Poor puppy :(

  • Amanda

    @ryan, no man, you are the stupid one, you should get a life. Now crawl back to the hole you came from.

  • siennagold

    Terrible. I feel bad for Ashley and the dog.

  • Reese

    Millions of people die everyday and no one gives a crap, so what’s all the hype around a dog that would’ve died at some point within the next 2-5 years when there is actual PEOPLE dying every second. Why don’t you idiots think about those people who have families instead of a celebrity’s dog?

  • amanda

    @reese….well for one, this is an entertainment/celebrity gossip website…those stories are on actual news websites like….did you get lost? for two, anytime a helpless animal dies it’s sad….but again you’re in the wrong place for the kind of news you’re talking about

  • Patricia J. Crowell

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  • Reese

    Sweetheart, there is no “wrong site” to talk about human beings dying. You think I’m “heartless” but yet when I mention an actual person dying, you seem to have zero compassion yourself by telling me to go on another website…PERSON OF THE YEAR for you, darling!!

  • broken heart

    omg so sad!
    poor dog!

  • sarah

    So sad. God Bless

  • Cate

    What an awful thing to happen. Her poor dogs. I hope she’s coping alright.

  • Susan

    Very sad news. My condolences to Ashley with the loss of her pet. For those of you being rude, please don’t. Get a life!

  • Yeppers

    :( sad

  • Yeppers


    Agreed. So sad. :*(

  • vanda

    accursed those who don’t respect the pain of others

  • amanda

    @reese…where do i pick up my award?…you missed the point with your condescension. You are in the wrong place to discuss that topic…this is a post about a dog dying in a fire, not people dying….do you understand? If this was a post about a horrible genocide people would be talking about that….people here are talking about the topic of the post….yes people dying is sad, but that is for a separate post….it’s not being heartless, it’s staying on topic….clearly your life is miserable if you have to get angry with other people for sympathizing with the loss of a pet….sorry your life sucks

  • Josephine


    Why it has to be either/or? Sensitive people feel for both humans and animals. Dogs are innocent creatures who can suffer and feel pain. This story is about the dog who died in a horrible, painful way and you say we shouldn’t feel sorry? I am sorry and I would be sorry if it was a person. You are the one who should be ashamed for being so cold-hearted. I have a rule – if a person is unable to treat dogs well I would never trust him/her or want him/her to be around me or my family. There is no friendlier, more lovable beings than dogs. If you treat them badly and don’t have compassion for them, there is a huge chance you would treat other humans who are flawed, not always innocent and not that easily likable, badly too. Years of observations proved me right.

  • Jaxgirl

    My heart goes out to Ashley.. Losing a pet in this way is terrible. I hope she is alright xoxo

  • an

    it surely is sad for the dog . But you know thousands of dogs die everyday in horrible condition ! We should do something for them .

    It’s sad for her but I don’t really care , and she does not seem that sad :/

  • TheDudeAbides

    Today is Good Friday; if you are a Catholic. When even the sweetest, and the cutist, and the most nice and charming among us, have to die. Because they refused to believe in Jesus.

  • AJ

    I actually really cant stand anything Ashley Greene, but crap, I wouldnt wish this on anyone! Cant imagine the trauma of her dog dying, just thinking about something happening to mine, I would be completely catatonic…. Cant even think about that.

  • dddff

    People need to stop with their candles. They keep burning down their homes.

  • CC

    What a c*nt. She just fled the apartment without taking her dogs. Her dogs didn’t deserve to die for her stupidity.

  • DocP

    @ryan: Well we all think your dumb but we still don’t want to see you burn in a fire….then again??

  • emmaa

    I don’t even like her but this is terrible news. Those poor dogs :(

  • liz

    @emmaa: i agree. never liked her but this really breaks my heart. i hope she is okay, as well as her family and the one dog that survived.

  • sandy

    When you can’t find it in your heart to care about another soul it usually means no souls care about you. For that my sad friend, I will pray for you.
    I wish Ashley well. This is awful. I couldn’t imagine the sadness she must be consumed with. I pray for her little puppy who passed and the one who is also grieving his friends passing. :(

  • sandy


    Reese, my couch potato friend, WHAT is it you do for dying people or anyone or yourself? Nothing. Thought so.

  • lahlah

    celebrity or not she is human being and no one deserves to have this happen to them….her dogs are everything to her :(

  • Peny

    @Reese: Look, i hate it when people like you bring these kinds of argument to here!! That animal was still a creature that felt pain, and its very sad that he died!! Of course it’s heartbreaking to know that people die everyday, but it’s also very sad the way this animal died, and if you don’t think so, than you’re an a**. And by the way, here’s a idea, how about instead of being on websites complaining about it, while staying at home laying in your bed doing nothing productive, go and do something to change the situation!! HELP others! but nooooooo, you are one of those cynical douchebags who talks alot how about people don’t care but i’m not seing you doing anything to help besides being a selfish jacka**!!!Have a nice day…

  • .

    @ryan: you are stupid!!! Animals are much worthy than humans!!!!

  • Camden

    Yes, this is a sad story.
    But it’s tragic that an adult could be so careless. She must have left this candle unattended for quite some time for it to catch alight to the extent that she couldn’t even rescue her dog from the room.
    Candle 101, don’t leave unattended.

  • pricely

    this is awful and sad. They were there. Why not grab the tiny dog? Feels off. I would have to wonder did some unstable person kill (accidentally or not )the dog then set the blaze. If it started in the living room wouldn’t her bed be in the bedroom? So why did the dog die in there? Somethings not right.

  • Juyt

    Ashley Greene looks like Christopher Reeve.

  • Annie

    I feel terrible for the dog and im awfully disappointed with Ashley Greene. The woman RAN OUT OF HER HOUSE WITHOUT HER DOGS. How frikkin sad! I have two cats and u bet theyre my first priority. Theyre no differrent than babies, more vulnerable, i would say. You wouldnt leave ur baby in a burning house would u? And then suddenly remember, “oh yeah…my babys in the burning house” truly heartbreaking…i just hope the dog died before the fire got him.

    And really what in the world were they high on that they didnt realize the whole apartment had burned down and then only had time to run out? I hope they realize the damage this has caused not just them, but many other people.

  • rachel

    @Annie: Annie, she didn’t run out of the house. She wasn’t home when the fire started.

  • Annie


    Hate to break it to u, but she was. So was her brother and boyfriend…and this is info from the firefighter at the scene.