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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Starbucks with Sera!

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Starbucks with Sera!

Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner share a laugh as they leave a Starbucks with coffees in hand on Friday (March 22) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 40-year-old actor carried their adorable daughter Seraphina, 4, out of the coffee shop as they headed towards their car.

“I think getting enough sleep helps a great deal. It makes a huge difference in the way your skin and eyes look. I also try to drink plenty of water, it helps keep it plump and hydrated. Plus I am careful to eat a balanced diet,” Jen recently told the Huffington Post about keeping her skin healthy.

FYI: Jennifer is carrying the 3.1 Phillip Lim “Scout” bag.

10+ pictures inside of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner leaving Starbucks with Seraphina

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  • H

    They’re such a great couple and they have the cutest kids :)

  • asdafsdfasdf

    for the love of God someone please buy these two a coffee maker

  • Serena

    There are tons of coffee shops in LA with no paps. These two love having their kids photographed.

    If they did not want to be photographed everyday, they would not be.

  • jenna

    I have a coffee maker at home. Two, in fact. One a beautiful french press I brought back from a trip to Paris. But I’m still at Starbucks twice a day.

    Who else thinks Big Ben convinced Jen to go for a 4th?

  • Julia


    That’s not the point.

    Ben & Jen could easily go to a pap free Starbucks if they really wanted to.

    They are photographed everyday. It is crazy and their poor kids are so overexposed. Their kids think the paps are family!!!!

    And no one thinks they’ll have a 4th. Jen loves Ben way more then he loves her!

  • Tiffany

    @Julia: um actually Ben has said in multiple interviews that he wants a 4th baby and was trying to convince that they should try for another.

  • tammy

    Here comes the boring couple again!

  • em

    It doesn’t matter which Starbucks they go to, the Paparazzis obviously know where they live so they just follow them wherever.


    @Julia: Funny in this interveiw (as well as many others, you can search if you don’t believe me) he says that he wants a 4th baby with Jen: George: “When you stop marketing this movie, you know we had Jennifer here a few weeks ago and she said there’s a lot of pressure for the 4th baby..” Ben: “Yeah, from me! She’s like when the boss says no you know what i mean, you can tell” Oh and please stop acting like you know anything about them personally and as if you know how much he loves her and vise versa.

  • jenna

    @Julia: The kids think the paps are family?! That’s crazy. The kids tell the paps to go away. And where are the pap free starbucks, I’d like to know? The paps follow the celebs. Where they go, the paps go. Also, Tiffany is right. Ben has said several times over the last 6 months that he wants another baby.

  • Patricia J. Crowell

    just as Frederick said I didnt even know that any body can get paid $5701 in a few weeks on the internet. did you look at this site…

  • an opinion

    Such attention wh*res. Regardless what Jenna writes people w/ kids and don’t have to go to work daily don’t make a coffee almost every day.

  • no

    @Tiffany: lol maybe he should convince his p*enis to stay in his pants because a few weeks ago he was caught in a bar hitting on other women.. idiot forgot about twitter & camera phones obviously

  • no

    @jenna: actually paparazzi (98%) of the time are called by celebrities… i use to work next to a photo agency when i was a copy writer and it was a hilarious to see the actor that called earlier in the day complaining about being followed on E! news that night.. also people like jen garner and jessica alba go to these certain places because they know the paparazzi hang out there.. especially beverly hills — wake up, its 2013!!

  • Prisca

    Such a beautiful and blessed family!!!

  • rachel

    @no: Jen takes her kids to school and karate class because she knows the paps hang out there? ok. That makes sense.

  • rachel

    @no: what bar was this? I didn’t see anything.

  • wendy

    @no — sure, I believe that certain “celebs” (d-listers and wannabes) get their minions to stage photo-ops with the paps. I don’t believe Garner is in that camp, especially where her kids are concerned. Think about it – but don’t hurt yourself – if you had young children would you actually go out of your way to have them chased, hunted and persecuted by creepy p*dophiles???

  • no

    did i upset the fan girls =( oh NoooZz*~


    @wendy: lol.. yeah ok if you think it’s just d-listers that do it then i don’t think you’ve ever had a sane thought in your life :)

    also there is a petition that actors can sign to stop paparazzi taking their kids pics until they’re 18 but only salma hayek signed it.. sooooooooo……

    good luck with yourself

  • no

    @rachel: it was all over twitter a few weeks ago, he was reeeealll sloppy and got caught with some women but his PR team shut it down quick

  • no

    @rachel: you do know she can call the police if people are taking photos of her children at school right? kindly grow up now !


    @no: you come on here all the time with the same BS about him supposedly hitting on women in a bar yet provide no proof, evidence, nothing because you’re a crazy liar just spreading rumors because it helps you sleep better at night. and the funny thing about twitter is anyone can tweet, but it doesnt make it true. you know how many times ive seen people tweet that they saw Ben in Boston when in fact he was papped that same day in LA? all the freakin time. get a life, youve been commenting on JJ with the same comment for weeks now and nobody believes you or even cares for that matter

  • no

    @LALALA: first time actually.. LOL

    jennifer garner, don’t you have better things to do? ‘_’

    probably not… ohhh wellllllll

  • elizabeth

    Why are they always at the same mart? I would think they would be sick of the paps.

  • Hmmm.

    elizabeth: Not positive, but I’ve read several times that Sera’s preschool is nearby… so it would make sense if they want to walk her to school and stop for breakfast and/or coffee.

  • rachel

    @no: There was ONE tweet about Ben at the Cafeteria in Boston last Feb. It’s not a bar btw, it’s a restaurant. The tweeter said Ben was at the bar and, yes, drunk – he said nothing at all about Ben hitting on women. The tweet isn’t easy to confirmnot only because htere are no pics, but because Ben was also seen in LA the same day. Either way, no accusations about Ben and another woman were made – except by you.

  • rachel

    @no: It’s hardly that easy. The school could call the police if the paps were on school grounds but they’re smart enough to stay on the street. Otherwise, the law is so vague (“personal or familial activity”) it’s near impossible to enforce.i.e. If the activity is done in public, as walking your child into ballet class clearly is, than it’s not “personal or familial.” The law was designed to protect celebs from being shot in their backyards. The Salma Hayek petition is just a story that’s been spread around. Totally not true.

  • April

    Most beautiful family in Hollyweird. I love pics of them but at the same time I feel a little guilty that they are stalked. Both of professionals and realize this is a downside to their career choices. Good thing is they know how to make their kids feel safe and protected thru it all

    I wish those who pretend to care about the kids getting photographed would just go away instead of constantly b!tching about it on every gossip site. Your silly comments only insure that there will indeed be another thread of them..

  • no

    @rachel: LOL
    yeah OOOOOOK!!!

    you took the time to spin everything i wrote.. maybe you ARE jennifer garner.. relax.. it’s your problem that you’re married to a cheater


    peas out :)

  • April

    @no: Show your cheater proof or just shut up.

    Do you really think Jen G would spend her valuable time on a stupid gossip site. Unlike you and me, she has a life and is living it to the fullest while you sit and spread your malicious venom about her husband.

    Oh, and Jen looks so chic, love her cute Chanel flats. They make a lovely couple.

  • April

    @Serena: Yes, I am sure there are tons of coffee shops but the paps prefer to follow this family because lets face it, they are money makers and thats why paps camp outside their place and follow them all day if necessary. It’s how they make a living (of course our comments helps websites like JJ and others) and pay the bills. Wise up bird brain. It’s not rocket science.

  • Baffled

    @Julia: Professing to know what their children think is quite ignorant.

    Paps are like cockroaches. One call, one tweet and… they’re there. ESPECIALLY in L.A. Ask Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock, et al. They need show restraint, rather than stalking little kids at their karate school entrance.

  • Keyring

    They look happy together. Awwww

  • rachel

    @no: I took the time to address your empty criticisms and unfounded accusations. Not surprisingly, all you can offer in response is a feeble “LOL.” I don’t care is its a gossip site or the floor of the US Senate – if you’re going to run your mouth be prepared to back it up. If you can’t do that, sit down and shut up.

  • no

    @rachel: LOL GET off your high horse.. im laughing because you sound like a moron :)

  • no

    @April: lolllll still funny

  • jujubee

    So tired of seeing these two with coffee cups in their hands. It’s easy for Ben to say that he wants a 4th child…Jenn seems to do all the work!

  • Jeannette

    he kids tell the paps to go away. And where are the pap free starbucks, I’d like to know? The paps follow the celebs. Where they go, the paps go. Also, Tiffany is right. Ben has said several times over the last 6 months that he wants another baby.