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Miley Cyrus: Snoop Dogg Song Collaboration Coming 'Very Soon'!

Miley Cyrus: Snoop Dogg Song Collaboration Coming 'Very Soon'!

Miley Cyrus and Ryan Seacrest get real posing for a pic together at Seacrest Studios on Friday (March 22) in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old entertainer also included a pic of her “twerking,” on her Twitter account, captioning the pic “#MCTWERKTEAM”.

That day, Miley was interviewed by Ryan, where she confirmed new music is coming, including a song with Snoop Dogg!

“I did a song with Snoop and it’s coming out very, very soon…I can finally say I’m going to have a song with Snoop coming very soon.” Miley said on the air.

“I want this record to be different and a bunch of passion projects,” Miley added.

Also pictured inside: Miley posing at the Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s West Coast debut of a new multi-media broadcast center with her mom Tish and sister Noah.

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miley cyrus new music coming collaboration with snoop dogg 01
miley cyrus new music coming collaboration with snoop dogg 02
miley cyrus new music coming collaboration with snoop dogg 02a
miley cyrus new music coming collaboration with snoop dogg 03
miley cyrus new music coming collaboration with snoop dogg 05

Credit: Paul A. Hebert; Photos: Instagram, Twitter, Getty
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  • Yeah..

    The only person hyping up her album is herself. She has to pay all these high profile rappers to work with her. How sad.

  • halli

    Snoop dogg/lion whatever… that weed making him so lazy. Collaborating with these pop singers with songs that are forgotten in 2 minutes is easy money

  • dude

    And the little credibility Snoop had left vanishes down the drain. What a sellout. Miley Cyrus just won’t let the world stop caring about her. She hypes herself like crazy because no one else wants to.

  • Danae

    Her outfit choices are beginning to be a little bit disturbing…

  • Dani

    I don’t get all the issues with “hyping”. What is so wrong with being excited about the first album she has done in two years? She is just proud.

  • Lani

    Miley is only 20….

  • Justin Aniston

    22? I’m born the same year as her, and I’m 20, going 21 this year.

  • LEN

    What is she wearing????? In what world is that considered attractive? And that pose? What.

  • jayne

    Snoop dogg who?His 15 minutes expired years ago,and Miley’s 15 minutes are about to expire.She can try whatever she wants to look “cool” and distance herself from Disney,but the adults are not interested in her,most don’t even know who she is,and using these ‘rappers” to be in the media is lame.First she tries to be a fake rocker,now she works with pathetic rappers to get attention.Nice try,but the children of her fan base grew up and most people hate rap and rappers too.Adults won’t buy her album,and she lost most part of her fan base when she started acting like a wh*re in public,turned into a boy and also after doing childish things in the internet.I predict a flop in her future.Her career is over,just as her fake engagement to Liam.

  • Seriously

    Between Miley Cyrus, the Kardashian’s, and Jennifer Lawrence, I don’t know who I am more tired of seeing. Fine at first, but then overexposed and overrated for years.

  • Jessica

    @dude: I thought his credibility was already over,he was huge in the 90′s,but now he’s a hasbeen,like Miley.

  • jayne

    @Seriously: You forgot Beyonce…
    And what the he*l is she wearing?She looks like a drag queen dressed like that and with her manly looks she looks terrible..

  • Josie

    @halli: Speak for yourself! This summer, I will open up the sunroof on my Jetta and blast “California Girls” just like I did last summer, and the summer before. Snoop has to pay his bills and his rap career went down the toilet over a decade ago! Now it’s about trying to stay relevant period and if that means selling out, and providing a cameo on a couple of catchy pop tunes, so be it! I’d sell out too!

  • Yeah..

    @Dani: because, she goes into interviews like ‘omg everyone is hyping my new album up.’ When in reality, it’s just her mentioning her album every chance she gets. She is just a phoney. She said she took a break from music to become a movie star, and that the music industry was this lame place that doesn’t support artistic vision. Then her movies all flop, and here she is making sh**ty music acting like she’s some thug with mad street cred cuz she pays all these rappers to work with her.

  • Seriously


    Yes, I knew I forgot Beyonce. Thank you, and others I can’t think of right now. Thanks.

    Their style is……………………yeah, I don’t even know how to explain it.

  • lol


    Pay them? really? & you “know” this how? I get if you don’t like the girl, but to make up $hit is just wrong – grow up!

  • wow


    What is so “distrurbing” about her outfit? Nothing showing that shiouldn’t be showing? She has a great body and nothing wrong with the outfit.

  • Kanye

    Nice nose job Mommmy!!! Not

  • Yeah..

    @lol: ummm.. Because I know how the music industry works. Are you an idiot? Do you think snoop dog works for free? No, he gets paid to collaborate with artists who need him to add his rap vocals to the track.

  • cam


    Yes I’m seriously sick of Beyonce & the Kardashians for sure – all of them. I have a soft spot in my heart for Miley & I want to see her make it. She may sound a little full of herself but she has a great heart & she loves deeply – she’s lived in a grown up world since she was 12 & really all the crap people say & write about her since then is very harsh – really bullying becaue the stuff they say is very personal – not like just critiqing her work but really cutting & of all those you listed ahe probably is the nicest one. She is not always showing off all the “stuff” her money can buy but her dogs and family.

    Yup – I want her to succeed in all areas of her life. I’m ready for those who disagree – I can take it – it’s just my opinion. PS I’m not one of her “younger” fans, but an older person who admires Miey & her talent & work ethic, but mostly the good sweet heart that she has – saw it first hand at her concerts.

  • cam

    @Yeah..: No I believe you are the idiot – you are practically the only one over & over on this article spewing your stuff here like a big know it all & spewing your cr-p opinions about this kid – no YOU are the idiot!

  • cam

    sorry @lol I answerd for you – It my not be your opinion of @yeah’s comments but it sure is mine.

  • Yeah..

    @cam: Sowwy, did I make you cry. Everything I mentioned was a fact. Seriously, you think snoop dog and wiz Khalifa work for free? I have met people in the industry and know a lot more than you sweetie. The fact remains that when you create an album, it’s very costly for studio time, finding producers (Pharrel), and having people collaborate on your tracks (wiz and snoop). She paid them all–it’s a fact. Now go wipe those tears away and hit the gym up!

  • lol

    The black & white striped jumpsuit that Miley wore today was from Chanel’s Spring 2013 collection! (pretty expensive for a “disturbing” outfit)

  • lol


    ha ha – thanks!

  • cam


    LOL – you are still an id–t – trying to impress people? Do you really think anyone believes you are in the music industry? Ha ha.

  • Yeah..

    @cam: wowwww damn I feel like I’m talking to the village idiot. I said I have met people in the music industry, not that I’m a part of it. Learn to read. You sound like a psycho 12 year old fan girl who knows nothing of how the world works.

  • lala

    of course its snoop no one else in their right mind will sign her shes not as famous as before.

  • Consuelo C. Harper

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  • see

    is that the new way of giving the finger, miley?

  • Seriously


    I wasn’t trying to bully if I did. It just there are so many things. I would love to see her come of her own, but she’s doing it the wrong way. I hope she finds the right way. I feel sad that people are always calling her bad names, and saying things that aren’t true. Ultimately though, she is in an adult world and will be treated as such even though she’s barely an adult. Sadly.

  • Lyn31

    That is QUITE an unfortunate looking group

  • Warren

    Miley is beautiful and sexy. Noah is looking good. I want new Miley music, but I’m not liking that there may be a lot of rap on it. A little rap goes a long way.

  • Warren

    @cam: I agree. Miley is a caring person and beautiful. I love her personality.

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    Why would any self-respecting person do ANYTHING with Snoop Dogg the a$$wipe? He is such a slime ball – how gross. Oh, that’s right, Miley has no self-respect!

  • MxGirl

    Miley’s musical career is over , she has no audience now that she does not sing to 10 year old girls …. and now she is desperate with all this crap ol la … the girl is lost !

  • kris

    She is AMAZING!!! Love her :D

  • anna

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