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Miranda Kerr Splits from David Jones Brand, Replaced by Jessica Gomes

Miranda Kerr Splits from David Jones Brand, Replaced by Jessica Gomes

Miranda Kerr has stepped down from her position as the fashion ambassador for the retail giant David Jones after five years with the brand.

The 29-year-old model ended her relationship with the brand after contract negotiations reportedly fell through and she has been replaced by fellow Aussie model Jessica Gomes.

“It was a mutual decision and Miranda wishes David Jones well,” her rep told

“We will forever consider Miranda part of the David Jones family. We have loved being on this journey with Miranda and feel privileged to not only have been a part of it but to watch Miranda‘s remarkable success and growth,” David Jones CEO Paul Zahra said in a statement. “We wish Miranda every success for what will undoubtedly be a very successful future and would like to thank her wholeheartedly for her wonderful contribution to our brand.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica Gomes replacing Miranda Kerr as fashion ambassador?

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  • Camden

    I think the time had come to be honest. The problem was Miranda’s rise and rise. Some time last year she became QANTAS ambassoder, then she started promoting Lipton, plus she’d always be pimping her own make up line KORA at David Jones anyway. Like, I get it she’s a model, and she reps a lot of brands, but I felt like she was saturating the market.

    As for her replacement? I’ve never seen her before and I live in Australia. She’s an Australian model? There are so many more known Australian models…I don’t know, I’d have to wait for the print campaign to make my decision.


    Aussie for Aussie whatever…seems like a post from Jared to stir up controversy when their isn’t

  • Daleann

    What is she going to do then? Only Victoria’s Secret? Reputable high fashion brands would never hire this overexposed ~~~_@(#)!!ICONIC SUPERMODEL!!!!~~~_@(#)!!

  • Blue

    Jessica Gnomes is only up-and-coming in Australia; in Asia (S Korea) she’s a household name. She’s hot but men’s-mag-hot, not fashion model hot. She’s half Chinese/Singporean and half Anglo or something.

  • k

    a non white model for david jones? so f&%ing happy about it

  • k

    @Blue: Chinese and Portuguese.. not “anglo or something”

    @PRESIDENT-ELECT-ROMNEY: david jones is an australian brand that is not marketed in other countries which is why they chose another AUSTRALIAN to promote it.. i don’t understand your comment -_-

  • Marc

    I wonder if it’s because she joined the Mango campaign?

  • Jimmy

    The excessive demands of Miranda’s ego make her insufferable.

  • Mara


  • pen

    I am sick of seeing miranda everywhere.
    I welcome Jessica, am really happy to see a new face. good on them

  • Camden


    That could be true you know. It seems like a conflict of interest to be the “face” of so many clothes labels.

    For example I wonder if VS has a problem with Rosie Huntington-Whitely modeling lingerie for them, PLUS having her own line of lingerie “Rosie” for Autograph, a part of the Marks and Spencer brand.

  • Michie

    I’m surprised that she stayed with them this long.
    She signed with them when she was much less famous and when she didn’t have so much on her plate.
    She probably wanted time restrictions as far as her duties were concerned, and pay equal to her fame. I doubt that David Jones could afford her anymore.
    I would have thought that Samantha Harris would be the one to step in as ambassador. She is young and fresh, and she would have given them the diversity that they sorely need.

  • Tam

    Meh, David Jones’ loss.
    They probably figured that they would do just as well with a cheaper model, but Miranda gave them so much more for the dollar. With Miranda they had their name spread over every publication that followed her every move while in Oz. Free advertising every time a reporter mentioned why she was back home. Hiring a model who isn’t nearly as famous won’t get you that. Now David Jones will have to pay for every mention.
    They should have paid Miranda what she wanted, because she was worth every penny they ever spent on her.
    Budget cuts often don’t lead to good marketing decisions.

  • steph

    A Perth pulication quoted a ‘former David Jones executive’. He seemed to sum it up quite nicely.

    “You get a brand a ambassador because they give your brand publicity and that’s certainly what David Jones got, a million times over with Miranda,’’ said the executive.

    “No question it is also a financial decision, with Miranda’s contract well over a million bucks and more each year, it was obviously just not as viable anymore.

    “Five years ago, Miranda was the girl who jumped from Portmans to David Jones and that was huge and the subsequent publicity for the store has been enormous. It just makes me wonder though, why they just didn’t stick with the faces they have.’’

    Going with a relative unknown is a financial decision. One that will cost them tons in free advertising. I think that if they were not going to renew Miranda’s contract, they should have at least hired a more well known name.

  • Sally

    Miranda is now one of the highest paid models in the world, it’s pretty obvious they couldn’t afford her anymore.

    Too bad for David Jones as she gave them lots of publicity. Whenever she was in Australia all the tv channels, Newspapers & magazines covered her every move.

  • Louise

    I am not Australian, but I am glad an Australian company is using an Australian model. Maybe many of the Australian movie actors/actresses should stay in Australia. They rant about their love for Australia and then come to the USA for their careers. You can go home Aussies and make room for Americans in America.

  • mel

    Models contracts end all the time with different designers and its hardly ever news worthy unless its a scandal… must be a slow news day..

  • no

    @Louise: thanks bigot

  • no

    @steph: “Going with a relative unknown is a financial decision. One that will cost them tons in free advertising. I think that if they were not going to renew Miranda’s contract, they should have at least hired a more well known name.” —- what a ridiculous comment.. david jones isn’t an un known company.. and most people who shop there are older so wouldn’t even care who the model is

    the last model was megan gale (i think) and she wasn’t known at the time, and then she wasn’t well liked by the public because of her personal life but it didn’t change a thing.

    anyway, kind of thought they’d use sam harris, altho im still happy it’s a woman of colour taking over

  • nah

    Steph’s comment no. 14 sounded way more believable and logical, and less sensationalist.

  • @20

    That’s beautiful!!


    You just keep tilting at those MK windmills, sweetie. The world is seeing her for who she really is and eventually you’ll have to clean the Kora out of your eyes and see it, too.

    She was fired. *snort* Couldn’t have happened to a better person. First the “accident” and the neck brace and now this! Poor dear… *snort!!*

  • Let’s be honest here…

    Jessica is much prettier. Good choice, DJ!

    @22 That “former DJ exec” quoted above is most likely the one she slept with to get the job in the first place. Also, DJ is going to release kind statements about her in the press rather than admit they fired her for being a brat. It’s just good business. Of course, you as a fan of hers can believe that it was mutual and blah blah blah to help you maintain your image of her. I know how much all of you want to believe that she is a better person than what she really is.

  • nah

    The world knows that this is David Jones’ loss, not Miranda’s. She gave publicity to his brand in and out of Australia, which I doubt the new girl will. And she has the Mango campaign which is way bigger than DJ, so she won’t be crying over losing this contract. But the reason why I don’t believe that story is because it says that DJ ended the contract nine months before it was due to expire, and one thing is to not sign a new one, but to break a one million dollar contract without even telling the person being “fired” would be anything but cheap.

    Anyway, what kind of person “snorts” at the thought of a stranger having an accident? What are you, some kind of psychopath?

  • No surprise

    David Jones probably didn’t want to deal with her huge over inflated ego. Since she got married to OB she’s been thinking she has it made. Her diva like behavior is well known in Hollywood and the fashion crown in NY.

  • wow

    First one misogynist loon saying she got the DJ job through sex, then another loon saying that she knows what people in Hollywood and NYC think about her. You really put an effort into making people know that everything you say is pure concentrate BS.

  • Mutual ?

    -She was terminated 9 months before her contract ended.
    -It was reported that Kerr’s team only found out this morning and were surprised by the news.
    -She had no send of like the last DJ’s ambassador.
    -Like Megan Gale who has kept friendly ties with David Jones, David Jones has already said that their will be absolutely nothing with Miranda in the future.
    -They already hired a replacement model, literally the second they dumped Miranda.

  • wow

    - So how much exactly is what a brand has to pay for breaking a one million dollar contract before it ends?
    - How much for breaking a one million dollar contract without telling the person you have said contract with?
    - When has DJ said that they will work with Megan but not with Miranda in the future?
    - Are we really surprised they found a replacement model that nobody knows?

    Try harder.

  • Jessie

    It may be not that they can’t afford her, but that she wanted too much for what they thought she brought to their brand. She’s all over the place, that may not necessarily be a good thing for some brands.

  • @22

    “let’s be honest here”???????
    You (and your sock @21) wouldn’t recognize “honest” if it slapped you in the face.
    And really?
    “*snort* Couldn’t have happened to a better person. First the “accident” and the neck brace and now this! Poor dear… *snort!!*”
    What kind of hateful sociopath writes something like that?
    What a sad excuse for a human being, you are.

  • ?

    DJ’s stated that it was a mutual decision. Much more believable than some rag trying to make it sound scandalous.
    They can’t afford her. Nothing wrong with that.
    It’s completely understandable.
    But I’m not crazy about their choice for the new ambassador. She’s a reality star in another country, but not that well known at home.
    She won’t bring the immediate attention, nor the name recognition that Miranda brought. If they were going with a relative why didn’t they choose Samantha? She’s gorgeous.

  • Mandy

    That’s too bad Miranda will no longer be with David Jones. I hope her Kora skincare line continues to be successful. She is one of the best models out there.

  • stupid

    David Jones is stupid, stupid, stupid.
    Native Aussie Miranda is featured in the style sections of magazines and newspapers all over the world. She attends some of the biggest red carpets, and is invited to some of the most exclusive parties.
    She is well know for her healthy lifestyle and for her devotion to her son.
    She is a great role model for women of all ages, and DJ’s LOSES HER??????
    That has to be one of the dumbest marketing moves since ‘NewCoke’.
    They should have worked with her to get her what she wanted. Whether it was less time and restrictions in Australia, or more money.
    Some bonehead will be fired next year when their sales take a nosedive.
    Miranda was perfect for them, and their reputation.
    As someone else said….their loss.

  • Consuelo C. Harper

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  • Anon

    I don’t know what David Jones was thinking. They should have kept Miranda. She is a role model for women.

  • @32

    You’re funny. This was a business decision. She decided to ask for twice the money for half the work. That must have made the decision easier.

    DJ executives decided to dump the “face” of their chain after another long slump in sales. David Jones’s latest numbers show a 15% decline in sales with Miranda as their spokesperson. She wasn’t bringing the shoppers in and that was the number one requisite of her job so they canned her. Their loss? I don’t think so. Think of it as Jessica Gomes’ gain. Maybe she can revitalize sales and bring some interest back.

  • Mutual ?
  • Mutual ?

    Not only was she not not bringing in the customers as people have mentioned with the 15% decline in sales with her as ambassador, she was also being a stuck up bitch and refusing not to do some of her duties as ambassador and only doing the VIP things.

    She wanted twice the money and to do twice as less.

    ”The money wasn’t the obstacle, it was really about how much value we would be getting and it just didn’t measure up,” explained the senior David Jones source

  • He’s so hot!

    I suppose they said this what we can offer you. She looked at it and said I’d like this or that, whatever it may be (more time off, more money, etc) and they said that’s not going to work. So she said ok. What is wrong with her negotiating for what she wanted such as more money or more time off? Isn’t that what everyone does? Call me crazy but if you don’t like what is offered you counter offer. If the company doesn’t like it then ok. I don’t get the issue people have with this.

  • Ha

    A 15% drop in sales while other retailers experienced 20-25% drops and they are letting Miranda go?
    I guess that it’s her fault that the world economies are in the toilet. Gee, I didn’t realize that she was so powerful.
    They really are stupid. They use other models all the time, why couldn’t they keep her as their official ‘face’ but not take up so much of her time?

  • @35

    Well, you get what you pay for.
    They didn’t want to pay, or couldn’t pay, what Miranda wanted, so they went with someone cheaper.
    But to think that a near nobody will bring in the sales is ridiculous.
    They’ll have a tough road ahead.

  • wow

    Sales have declined for pretty much all businesses all over the world. I still don’t believe DJ broke the contract, that would mean having to pay a lot which is what they’re supposedly trying to avoid. The most logical thing is that both the brand and Miranda decided to end the contract because they couldn’t get to an agreement. In all likeliness she wanted to work less for them as she has new campaigns, the kid, etc and that wasn’t acceptable for them.
    Extremely unlikely that the new, unknown girl will bring better sales, but she will be cheaper and more available.

  • Uhmmm

    Sooooo, DJ’s let her go because since she has become one of the most successful models around, the average Australian couldn’t relate to her anymore? That her success is a bad thing?
    Well if the Aussies want to get rid of this particular ‘tall poppy’, we will gladly take her. Here, success is not punished, it is celebrated.

  • no

    @Uhmmm: how about you stop being a bigot a-hole?

    and stop calling it DJs lollllll

  • @43

    Hey, they were only stating the truth. We Aussies have a tendency to attack anyone who earns accolades. We like the status quo. No one special or stand out.
    It’s how it’s always been.

  • @43

    And btw, everyone calls it DJ’s.

  • steph

    DJ’s should have paid and/or given her more time off.
    An ounce of filet is better than a pound of hamburger anyday.

  • LOL!!

    I am getting such a kick out of watching Miranda’s idiot fans trying to make this look like it was bad decision on DJ’s part to cut loose the diva that was making outrageous demands and acting like she was God’s gift to modeling when she nothing but a dime a dozen catalog model.

    “…why couldn’t they keep her as their official ‘face’ but not take up so much of her time?”

    Taking up so much of HER time?? it’s what she was being paid for, honey. It was her JOB! SHE had no right to make outrageous demands from her employers. She had no right to demand that they come to her. THEY are the ones who had ever right to demand that she do her job. If she wasn’t doing her job, if she was asking for too much and not fulfilling her duties they had every right to cut her sorry diva @$$ loose and find someone who WILL do her JOB.

  • too funny!

    They were stupid for hiring her in the first place. They did research early on that told them that no one could relate to her. Once she strapped on her knee pads they threw out the research and signed her.

  • @47/48

    Outrageous demands? Huh?
    Like what? Them coming to her? Why is that so “outrageous” when they have already done just that more than once? They’ve shot the catalogue in both NY, and LA. They didn’t seem to mind then.
    And “dime a dozen”? Only a delphidiot would make a stupid claim like that about a VS angel, and HF cover girl. *eyeroll*
    And I guess that if your life changed and you became a wife and mother, you would work whatever hours your employer wanted, as long as they paid you? 12 hour night shifts would be OK, because that’s what you used to do? No, you would try to negotiate better hours for you and your family. If you couldn’t come to an agreement, then you would part ways. Why is that any different than what Miranda did?
    She did a great job for them. Over and above what they initially signed up for. They hired a successful model who went on to become even more successful and famous. She deserved a raise.
    And that “knee pad” comment again identifies you as a hater. No one else would stoop to such vulgarity.
    Your socks seem to be working overtime.

  • wow

    Great examples of what types of people are members of hate sites.
    They are happy that she ‘lost’ this contract, and they are hoping for more bad things to happen to her.
    They are hoping that VS drops her next
    That Orlando dumps her
    That her business fails
    Sociopaths. Every one of them is certifiable.
    Wanna bet that these same people would be crying foul if I said that with their bad karma they deserve to have awful things happen to them?
    The biggest hypocrites on the block.
    And they better pray that karma doesn’t come back to kick them in their fat @asses.